Sensuality The "ie" is important. I will tell you a storie. By the way all stories contain adult content.

Sensuality Voyuer

She walked into the room unbuttoning her shirt. Her nimble fingers darted down the row of buttons as she made her way towards the center of the room. She pulled the shirt away from her exposing fawn colored skin. Her breasts were enveloped in lace cups. He held his breath. She hadn’t seen him yet. She tossed the shirt into the laundry and placing her hands on her hips took a look at herself in the mirror. She hugged herself and trailed her fingers along her flat stomach. With one hand she reached behind her to unclasp her bra her other pulled the straps away from her shoulders. Then she inspected herself topless in the mirror. She stared down at her breasts and stroked them once with her fingers. Her finger traced a circle around her nipple. She pinched it. His head was pounding with a need for oxygen. He took a short slow breath trying to slow down his heart. Her hands proceeded to do the same to her other breast. Pinching and caressing till that nipple was erect. She once a gain stopped to examine the reflection in the mirror. Apparently satisfied she reached for the button on her pants. He was about to speak when she swiftly discarded her pants. His breath caught in his throat. A thong. She examined her self, her hands brushing over her front, gently rubbing the front of her underwear. The lace front was sheer and he could see in the mirror that there was no hair underneath the underwear. She turned around. He closed his eyes. Silence, he opened his eyes. She was looking over her shoulder at her ass. And he could see the front of her in all its glory. He rose and walked to her, holding her against him. She spasmed, her head whipping around. Her eyes opened wide and she opened her mouth, but he pressed his lips to her open ones, holding her tight against his front. She struggled briefly, only briefly as her body gave in to his lip’s demand. She opened her mouth and her lips moved passionately against his. He was soon as much her captive as she had been his. His body was hard against hers and she gave into it, fitting her curves to match his. He walked backward dragging her with him until his calves bumped the bed and he fell on to it pulling her onto him. No words were spoken as she tugged off his shirt and began to undo his pants. She covered his body in kisses, trailing her fingers over his skin as if it was brail. His boxers were finally gone and he lay beneath her fully nude and hard. He placed his hands on the waistband of her underwear and began to lower them. She moved so that he could get them completely off and laid on top of him. He kissed her hard. Her mouth was soft against his and he could feel her body begin to move against him. He ignored her soft moans, though each one brought him closer to the brink of insanity. His hands moved over her body tickling those secret places and making her skin burn. His lips did the same, worshiping her skin until her body ground against his in a frenzy. He moved his hand to her warmth and discovered her wet and open. He pushed a finger inside her and a gasping moan escaped her lips. She rocked herself over his hand eyes glazed mouth open and incoherent moans escaping on each breath. She pushed herself upward and closer to her goal. Her breath hitched once and he felt her begin to pulse around him. She closed her eyes and sank to the bed. He then lowered himself over her and plunged into her. He filled her completely. Her eyes flew open only to close again as he thrust into her. She gripped him tight her nails digging into his back and ass. He thrust into her repeatedly her hips arching up to meet his every time. She wrapped her legs around him and he pounded himself into her, driving her to the brink. He saw her eyes go dark as the expression on her face became rapturous. He felt her wet heat pulse around him and gave into the whim of her body. He poured into her emptying himself completely, her name escaping shakily from between his lips. His arms went around her as he fell to the bed. Her legs were twined in his and her warm body was still pressed against him. He watched her eyes close as the heaving of her chest subsided. He kissed her forehead softly and lay down beside her. He awoke the next morning to kisses. She hovered above him, smiling. “Good Morning. Just out of curiosity, why were you in my room?”
Sensuality The phone rang, jarring her awake. She grabbed at it still hazy from sleep, “Hello?” “Open the door.” The line went dead and she stared at the phone, before rising to stumble to the door. In her grogginess she failed to realize she was nude. Her room mate had gone on some sort of trip this week and she had taken to sleeping naked again. She opened the door and stared at the figure in the hall. “Well, hello!” It was then she realized her nudity and scrambled to cover it. He laughed quietly. She stood up straight still nude, but with her face calm again, “Well, come in.” She pulled him through the door and closed it behind her. He looked at her. She looked the same. Her hair was a bit shorter and her breasts were a little bigger. He reached for her and she backed away. Her eyes were still a little wild and not completely focused. He moved towards her purposefully now she backed away until her knees hit the bed and she sat on it. He stood over her and reached out and stroked her breast. She didn’t flinch she didn’t move, but her eyes glazed in a way that suggested she hadn’t been touched in awhile. He sat next to her holding her in his arms. She rested her head on his shoulder and lay like that until her body became aware of his. A boy, a man now she supposed, was on her bed, at night and she was nude. She began to unbutton his shirt. He said nothing. When she finished she touched his chest. It was as she remembered it, perhaps a tad more muscular and tan, but the same. She looked up into his eyes and hesitantly kissed it. She felt the temperature between her legs begin to rise. She placed her hands on his shoulders and he laid back Her hands reached for his zipper and undid it with a skill she had forgotten. She began to hurry tugging down his pants. Soon he was as naked as she and lovely as she had remembered him, the smooth skin, the trail of light brown hair leading to his glorious cock. She touched him, he was hard. She pressed her lips gently to his and he exploded in a flurry of movement. Soon she was beneath him, his body hard and heavy on hers, his lips moved over her roughly, scouring every inch of her exposed skin. She had been right when she told him she smelled like oranges. His nostrils were filled with the smell, sweeter then a real orange and elusive. He remembered the stories they used to tell each other and looked down at her dazed expression, “I’m going to tell you a storie.”

He kissed her skin, every inch,” His lips covered her foot touching on her toes and working their way up to her calves. He moved up her thighs and skipped to her neck and shoulders. He covered her with kisses. Her body writhed under his and her hands grasped at him, she panted his name. “His tongue began to explore the sweet warm depths of her pussy,” He breathed the warm air of his last word onto her and she gasped. She felt his tongue on her and began to move faster begging him to fill her. “He tortured her, until she could take it no longer.” “Oh please, now, pleasepleaseplease…” He rose above her and she opened her eyes. He watched them widen as he spoke the next words, “He thrust deep inside of her.” He watched them flutter closed as he filled her. Her nails dug into his back as he began to fuck her. Teasing her with slow shallow thrusts and driving her to the brink with sudden deep ones. She moved under him as he had known she would. He drove himself to the edge and stayed there gasping for breath. She felt him tense and knew what it meant. She began to move her body quickly under his. She felt her orgasm overtake her and soon she was helpless. She closed around him just as he came flooding into her. She pulsed with him as he emptied himself into her. They came together in a rage of passion and then lay still. They held each other and slept that way. Waking slowly to find him beside her she smiled as memories of last night filled her head. She kissed him awake, “You didn’t come all the way out here to tell me a storie did you?”
Sensuality The slowly rising sun shines through the window lighting on the sheets that are tangled around our bodies. I am awake and propped up on one elbow watching you breathe. I’m watching something else too, with a smile on my face. While you were asleep your erection had tented the sheet and was rising and falling in time with your breathing. Watching you carefully I slowly raised the sheet trying not to disturb your sleep when your erect cock was exposed I lay the sheets down and checked that you were still sleeping. Your eyes were closed so I lowered my head over you making sure that my lips didn’t touch you at all. Then slowly I closed my lips around that hard musky warmth and began to stroke you slowly. I’m not sure when you woke up because with in a few seconds the steady rhythm of loving you had become all that I knew. My head bobbed up and down hovering above your pelvis with a mindlessness that was pure sensual pleasure. By the time your sweet liquid gushed between my swollen lips my hips were bobbing in time with my head. Smiling you raised your head and said, “Now that’s what I call a wake up call,” as you pulled me into your arms and kissed me into submission. Your hands explored my body with the same abandon I had thrown my self into a few minutes ago. Trailing down my back and across my stomach your fingertips slowly traced the out line of my ribs. Your hands moved up my sides to where the curves of my breasts swelled under my arms. The came around and caressed my nipples tracing circles around them until they puckered and hardened with the pounding of my pulse. The heat from between my thighs was growing unbearable and my hips began to grind against you moving with a will of their own. Keeping one of your hands on my breasts you trailed single finger down past my navel on to the smooth surface of my crotch and your finger lightly explored the edges of my lips. Submerging your finger between my lips you found the wet heat that said I was ready. And with in a few moments my desperate moans had you ready as well. I could feel your throbbing cock swell against my back and became almost limp with desire. Lifting my body you placed me over you. I covered you and held you tight inside me. Your one hand was still on my breasts and your other was slowly tracing circles at the point of my V. My hips began to arch the way a girl will when she has been pushed to the limits of passion and can take no more. I move in a slow steady grind almost completely rising off of you only to drive you back into me deeper then before. I am moaning and sighing softly my body heavy with desire and love. I can feel the swollen lips of my vagina throbbing in welcome. With each thrust onto you the muscles inside me contract squeezing you tighter and milking your body of every drop that you can give. Soon my steady rhythm is abandon and my hips move faster and faster rocking over you at high rates of speed. My gasps become louder and more frequent as I feel the pressure build inside me. I feel the steady pulse of your liquid heat rushing into me and I let go of reality. The world shatters around me and my body vibrates ecstatically. I feel your name burst from my lips and my head falls back on your shoulders your arms close around me holding my limp and unmoving body to you. You bury your face in my neck raining kisses and words of love on my warm damp skin. 030914
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Sensuality Firsts

He pulled his car to a stop in the lot and they opened their doors. She put her hand in his and they walked into the park. He had on his vans t-shirt, with black pants. She wore a pair of khaki pants and a beige and plaid button up shirt. They followed the path laughing and talking. They sat in the gazebo and he glanced down at the entwined hearts etched in the cement and smiled. He was so glad to be here with her. He had missed her. She smiled at him and they stood. They walked toward the giant twin slides and laughed together. At the top of the steps there was a tower room with a great view of the sky. It was a hazy evening and the sun wasn’t visible through the dense clouds, but the sky was beautiful. The clouds were orange with a blue steel outlines and the steam from Limerick was lit from the bottom, a giant glowing column rising into the sky. He took her in his arms and kissed her. She responded her arms coming around him. She had missed him as well. He made her happy. They held each other, lips firmly pressed together, tongues slowly exploring each others mouths. His hands traveled over her back making her skin tingle with pleasure. She held him tighter. She could feel him hard against her and a spurt of pleasure shot through her knowing she could do that to him. She wondered what it would feel like to touch it or what it would look like, but not for long, his lips captured her attention once more and he sent her thoughts swirling away. His hands brushed against her breasts and the slight touch sent ripples through her body. He grew bolder and he began to massage her breasts while his lips and tongue teased her mouth. She felt the area between her legs grow warm and wet. His hand brushed the front of her pants and she sighed. His hand moved to the buttons of her shirt and he looked at her. Her eyes were wide and her lips were still parted and swollen with his kisses. He began to undo them one by one, his fingers brushing lightly over her skin. Her skin sent little ripples of pleasure shooting to her center. He opened her shirt and reached around her with a hand to open her bra. Her breasts were beautiful and he touched them gently oblivious of what he was doing to her. When he took her nipple is his mouth she moaned once and the closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around him and let her self drown in the pleasure. His tongue flicked over her nipples, causing pangs of pleasure to shoot through her. His lips caressed her breasts gently drawing her nipple erect. Then he proceeded to the next one and with the same skill of lips and tongue began to pleasure her. Her face was flushed with heat and passion. He stepped back and let her recover herself. She looked at him through eyes dark with passion and smiled. He placed a hand on the fly of her jeans and her mouth opened but no words came out, just a slow exhalation of air. He began to undo her zipper and she watched with a vague fascination as though she had never seen a zipper before. When his fingers brushed the front of her underwear he felt her breath on his face. He kissed her. Letting her forget for a moment and drown in his kisses. Then he knelt before her, lowering her pants and kissed the front of her underwear. He did not lower them, but instead slipped a finger inside. She was wet and warm. He dipped a finger into her warm liquid and began to trace her lips. He wanted to taste her, but he refrained and slowly began to push his finger inside her. He watched her face as her eyes closed and she swayed slightly. He held her tight and began to move inside of her. He moved along the rippled walls of her vagina firmly stroking her. She moved into his touch seeking after the pleasure he brought. He placed a second finger inside her and with steady strokes began to thrust in and out. She followed his hand, moving in to accept the thrust of his fingers. He felt her body tense and he knew what was coming before she did. Her body arched and she cried out in shock and pleasure as she came. He felt her close around his fingers and pressed his lips once more to the front of her underwear. Spent she lowered herself to the floor beside him and they held each other. He kissed her hair and whispered just under his breath, “I love you.”
Sensuality Shit!” He turned the key in the ignition. Nothing. The engine didn’t even turn over. He began to fumble in the mess on his passenger seat looking for his cell phone. BEEEEP!!! He glanced up to see an angry motorist gesturing to him. He sighed; this was going to be a bad day. He put on his flashers and began digging for his phone again. “Yes!… damn.” It was dead. This was going to be a really bad day. “Hey buddy. Need some help?” The voice came from beside him and he brought his head up quickly. It was a feminine voice. He couldn’t see her face because the sun was behind her but her hair was long and it looked blonde. He smiled ruefully, “Maybe a little.” She laughed, “Put up your hood.” She walked to the front of his car and lifted the latches. She bent over and began to look at his connections. He had gotten out of the car and was standing behind her. She had on red leather high heeled boots and tight fitting jeans that flared out at her ankles. She had on a wide red leather belt and tan suede shirt. She was gorgeous. “Know something about cars, then?” “I used to date a mechanic.” She turned around and smiled at him, but her smile quickly faded. His jaw dropped. “Hello.” “Hey. Long time, no see.” He closed his mouth. “You look good.” “Yeah? Thanks, though you always thought so. How’d things work out with what’s her name?” “Uh, Cheryl, sheshe left me.” “Oh, jeez, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that.” He stared at her. It had been so long since he had seen her. She was an adult now, not some laughing teenager. She sure looked the same though; she had always known how to dress. She smiled at him, he had the same look in his eyes now as he did when she first kissed him; it was then she realized she still loved him. She blinked. Could it be? She hadn’t seen him since her freshman year at college, but there it was, the desire to make everything all better. She bent over the engine again and began fiddling with some wires. How could she do this to him? He didn’t love her; he had told himself this time and again, but now he found himself wondering how she would feel against him. She fiddled with his fuses for a few minutes before pulling out a bobby pin and placing it in the hole. “You blew a fuse. They sell them at any auto store.” He stared at her before quickly saying, “Thanks.” She looked at him; this was going to get awkward. She leaned in and kissed him before pulling back and walking towards her car. “Wait.” She turned. He stepped towards her and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her, it was the kiss of a man who knew what he wanted, not the kiss of a teenager. She kissed him back with all the passion she had. She kissed him with everything in her that still loved him. She whispered in his ear, “Howbout the back seat?” He smiled at her, remembering, and opened the door for her. Her hands moved over him with an easy familiarity. She stroked him and kissed him removing his clothes. In turn he fondled her and caressed her, tracing her curves and kissing her flesh. Their lips were hot and both were ready. They needed each other in a primal way. They moved around awkwardly in the small back seat, searching for a comfortable position. His lips went around her nipples and she arched towards him, her body opening for him. He moved into her, his erection pressed firmly against her opening. He slid into her holding her tight against him. They began to move together in a rhythm they knew well. Their bodies danced an age old dance that they had perfected a long time ago. She pleasured him with her whole self and he took her to the place few others could reach. He watched as her eyes went dark, knowing she was his at this moment anything he wanted could be his for the asking, but he was silent as always. He thrust into her one last time and she clenched around him. Her body writhed and her vagina squeezed him. He came, spurting into her and she welcomed him. They held each other quietly after their tremors subsided. “We always did fit well. I missed you.” “And I you.” 030916
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See that?

Goosebumps. . .
Sensuality Gate C is now boarding Flight 412 to ParisHe glanced up at the people that suddenly swarmed the gate. Might as well wait. He glanced around at the faces Old women and young girls, men in suits, women in suits, couples, no single men not wearing a suit. None like him, no one else was running away. His life had taken a turn for the worse when he lost his job last summer. His wife of three years had left him, hisfriendshad abandon him. He decided to go away and start over. He chose Paris because he had long ago mastered the French language and the city had always intrigued him.
She watched him through her hair. The brown curls fell in front of her eyes shielding her face, which was a shame really, because it was a beautiful face. Her nose was small and round, her lips were full and red. Her deep brown eyes were wide and ringed with long lashes. He looked lost and a little sad. When he rose and moved toward the gate, she followed at a safe distance watching him. She had on a pair of army green pants that hung loosely on her long legs. She wore big black leather boots and a matching leather jacket. A green beret topped the swirling mass of curls. Their seats were close hers slightly behind him. She tossed her satchel under the seat and settled in to the aisle seat. She hated the trip home, but she had just thought of a way to cheer it up. She picked up her bag and stood.
Bonjour.” “What? Oh, hello. Bonjour.” “You speak French,” She asked him. “Oui, ces’t vrai. That’s why I’m visiting Paris, moving there to be exact.” He was dazzled, by her looks and her accent. He wondered why she was talking to him, flirting with him. “Moving to Paris? I live there. Ces’t une belle ville.” She settled in to the seat next to him stowing her bag under the seat. They began talking. He told her of his life, leaving out the bad bits and his decision to move to Paris. She told him of her home and her visits to the United States. “You are so open, but you think sex is so dirty. It is very strange.” They laughed together and she leaned on him. He was quiet. “Kiss meHe looked over at her and he kissed her. She was so soft and vital. Her lips were warm and passionate on his. Her arms came around him and he lost him self in her. The subtle smell of her perfume mingled with the scent of her hair. Her curls on his cheek and her delicate hands on his back . She was marvelous. She whispered in French, hot sweet words skimming over his neck. “I am yours, take me.” And he wanted to. He wanted to pull her against him and kiss her scented flesh and let her fulfill his fantasies. He wanted to hold her and be worthy of her passion. He pressed her to him his lips warm against her swollen ones, he fumbled for a moment before breathing out the word, “Where?” She led him to the bathroom checking to make sure no flight attendants were in evidence and she pulled him inside. Her hands were on him again racing over his body with abandon. He held her close and ran his hand through her glorious curls. She began to undress him slowly kissing his body. Running her hands over him and letting her tongue flick over his skin. When he was in his boxers he pulled her to him slipping her caot down ff her shoulders and untying her halter top. Her bare breasts swayed before him and he slipped his lips over her nipples closing around them. His lips suckled and his tongue flicked over her breasts while his hands began to work on her zipper. Her pants fell around her ankles and she stepped out of them clad in only her underwear. He sat on the toilet and she straddled him, impaling her self on his erection. They began to move together, quietly, their bodies responding to instinct. She moved him in and out of her and he stroked her firmly. She felt him tense and knew he could not wait much longer. She let the pressure build inside her. He could contain himself no longer and he burst into her. She continued moving over him until her own orgasm took her. She let out one muffled moan and leaned on him until she regained her composure. They stayed like that for awhile, quiet, holding each other. And she whispered to him her accent tickling his ear, “Welcome to the Mile High Club.”
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about std's, unwanted pregnancies, aborted fetuses, and paternity suits
Sensuality The candles flickered gently inn the dark casting shadows across the sheet spread on the floor. The storm raged outside the wind whipping braches against the house. Lightning changed the deep black sky to daylight and the thunder roared and crashed. Inside it was quiet. The white noise that usually hummed in the background had faded and the only sound was the gentle murmur of low voices and quiet bursts of laughter. Out side the smell of electricity and pelting rain filled the air, but inside the only smell was the light scent of body odor and vanilla. Rain smashed on windows that sounded as if they were about to shatter but the people inside were oblivious to the power of the storm. They were interested only in each other.
She stroked his cheek and smiled at him, distracting him so that she could steal back the pillow. She waved it triumphantly in the air laughing aloud. Her laughter was silenced as he reared over her tossing her to the floor and snatching the pillow from her grasp. They twisted and turned violating each others most private spaces with abandon as they tugged on the pillow. She hugged it to her body crouching low over it and his hands darted in worming between her arms and her breasts and using his considerable strength to yank the pillow from her grasp. Finally she shoved him down using her whole body to anchor him to the floor, her legs straddled over his body pinning him down. She pushed his hands to the floor behind his head leaning low over him and she took the pillow. She smiled down at him from her position of victory. “I win!” “Not from where I’m sitting.” She laughed and in her mirth released her grip. He quickly had her off of him and pinned her to the ground. She looked up at him still smiling, “Then does this mean I win?” She stopped smiling when he kissed her, she knew it was coming, but it took her by surprise anyway. He was such a marvelous kisser. He knew just when to tease, lowering his lips to her mouth but backing away slowly when she leaned into him, nibbling gently on her bottom lip, his tongue gently tracing the outline of her lips. Her hands came around him tracing the contours of his strong back. He felt the goose bumps rise on his arms and he shivered a bit. Her hands buried themselves in his hair them twirling the short strands between her long fingers. The teased and taunted each other, gently touching those sensitive spots through clothes. He moved to the hem of her shirt and gently lifted it over her head, caressing and stroking the bare skin. He pressed his lips to her navel and let the tip of his tongue make love to it for a moment. She reached for his shirt and tugged it over his head, pushing him backwards so she could kiss his chest. Her fingers lightly scratched the expanse, her lips closing briefly around his nipples and her teeth gently scraping over the puckered skin. She kissed his chest following the trail of hair to the edge of his pants where she let her tongue slip under the waist of his pants for a second. She began to undo the button, tugging the zipper down. When he was in his boxers he pulled her to him and lay her across his lap. She smiled up at him inhaling sharply when his lips grazed her skin. His teeth sought her zipper and his hands had already unsnapped her button. He dragged the zipper open with his teeth using his hands to unclasp her bra. He had some trouble but soon they were both clad only in their underwear. They both stood removing the last garment themselves. He lay her down on the sheet and covered her body with his. Letting his lips taste her skin and his eyes follow the terrain of her body. His tongue probed the wet lips of her pussy he covered her with a kiss and moved his lips over the bead of her clitoris. His tongue touched her and massaged her sweet heat until her moans turned into cries of passion. He moved over her and watched her as he entered her. The look of rapture on her face as he filled her. He felt her pulsing around him and moved in her as she came. She held him and cried his name. She had barely finished when a second one took her. Still thrusting into her ha had driven her to the brink again, but when she came this time she took him with her and they fell together into a raging storm all their own.
Sensuality Do all the odd problems on page 118.” She sighed. Why couldn’t he just lay off the homework for one night? It was Friday, and he was laying on the homework. She began shoving her books in her school bag and finished just as the bell rang. “We’ll be having a test on Tuesday, don’t forget to study.” Joy, just what she needed. Thank God for Fridays. She headed down the hall towards English to meet her friends.

And so I told her that it’s not my fault she couldn’t get laid.” The group burst out laughing just as she arrived. “What’s up guys? Guess what. Jenkins gave us six tons of homework again. I could kill that man.” They laughed. “Hey. We heard that he wants to get in your pants.” She blushed. “He’s just a friend. We talk.” “Sure.” And the girls began to giggle again. “So who’s going to the game tonight? I can give rides.” She said. “I might, Andy said he might come over, so I don’t know.” “Now what was that you said? Who wants in who’s pants?” She spied him standing by the water fountain and turned to her friends, “Hey guys, I gotta go. I’ll see you tonight.” “Have fun!!!” They replied laughingly.
She looked good today. Those blue jeans with red side stripes looked good on her and with that tight red tee shirt, she was adorable. She smiled and waved at him. Yeah she sure was cute. He wished she stop thinking of him as a friend. It was worse then the seventh level of hell. He smiled back, “Hey. How’s it going? You like Jenkins’s homework? That man has a heart of stone.” “Yeah, and a Tuesday test. I think he’s trying to kill us.” They began to head towards her car. He lived right down the street from her and since he didn’t have a car she gave him rides. He turned to her, “Hey I need to go upstairs and get a lab paper from Mr. K. You wanna come?” “Sure.” They headed for the stairs. They walked close to each other unmindful of the difference in their sexes. He paused and turned to her, “There’s something I wanted to tell you.” He kissed her. His lips were closed and he didn’t try to put his tongue in her mouth, but she got the message. “Oh,” her eyes were wide. He kissed her again, mouth open this time, his lips firm and sure against hers. She was still for a moment, but then she responded and it was more then he ever could have hoped for. She was passionate and warm. Her lips were soft and opened against his, her tongue darted in and she teased him with it. They held each other tightly in a kind of shock. This is what they wanted. She moved her hands over him, feeling the contours of his body through his clothes and he pressed his hands to her back. He moved his palm around under her arm pit, just brushing her breast. She smiled at him. His hand moved to the front of her shirt, massaging the soft flesh. She leaned in and kissed his neck as he moved his hands over her. He gently pushed her shirt up and let his hands play over the silky skin. Her breasts were perfect not too bi, but not small either and perky. Her nipples were already erect against his palms. He applied a little pressure and dragged his callused hands across the sensitive buds. He smiled down at her as she looked up at him. Without warning she was down on her knees, her hands were on his fly. He looked down in surprise as she began to undo the button. When that was done she moved to the zipper. Slowly pulling down his pants she held his erection in her hands. She held it gently looking up quickly and then sliding him deep into her mouth. He gasped as she took him inside her mouth. He felt her tongue gently sliding along his shaft and closed his eyes. Her lips moved over him, her tongue swirling around. Her lips slid up and down along him and he tensed. Her lips caressed him and he came, spurting warm on her tongue. And she swallowed pulling him deeper. She smiled up at him, “You wanted to tell me you don’t want to be friends any more.” He simply nodded.
look over there Seeing as how you've "run out of material" I'm going to make a suggestion. Have you ever tried to write a story about either being dominated by a dominatrix thus being from the slaves view or for an interesting twist bc you’re the one writing it, from the dominatrix point of view of dominating a slave. 030920
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LongNLost Or how about one of a lost love in your life getting back together with you, wink wink 030922
Sensuality The room was dark, but it flickered in candlelight it flashed over bare skin giving it that amber glow. Just as quickly however it flicked away shrouding the room in darkness. Her clothes were scattered on the floor where she had left them. He had gone through the opposite door and returned completely nude. Staring at him in awe she had been caught by surprise when he threw her to the bed. Covering his body with hers he quickly handcuffed her hands to the bed. Surprised and confused she stared up at him. He smiled down at her moving his hands across her abdomen in a way that made her arch towards him. He then tied her legs to the footboard and disappeared. She lifted her head from the bed, tugging at the restraints on her wrists. The handcuffs bit into her skin as she strained upwards, scanning the dark for a sign of movement. There by the door was that him. She pushed her hips higher arching towards the slight change in the shadows. Suddenly he was on her. His body bored down over her his teeth nipping at her skin. His nails dragging over her taught skin. She struggled against him swearing at him. His hands created a pleasure on her body that she hadn’t known only hands could bring and she cursed him for tying her down. His lips moved over her skin kissing her flesh in hard bruising ways. His tongue ravaged her scouring her breasts. Her nipples were beads in his mouth and he closed his teeth over them roughly. She moaned and her writhing became more frenzied as her body built to a fevered pitch. He did things to her body that made her scream in pleasure and pain. She moved over her with the quick graceful stealth of a jungle cat. He took her sweet wetness into his mouth and gently held it there. His tongue moved through the mysterious folds like a snake through the grass and he brought her to a raging climax. Her body held tight and tense off the bed pressed against his face she came with an intensity she had never felt and when the tremors subsided she felt his hands on her again, taking her back to the edge. This tim his body covered hers and his lips kissed hers, gently pressing sweet kisses on her bruised and swollen lips. She moaned a soft moan that was muffled by his mouth and kissed him with ardor. Her hands strained against the cuffs once more, but he made no move to unshackle her. He traced delicate patterns on her body this time, moving slowly, towards his goal. When he entered her she was open and waiting. She closed around him as he filled her. She was tighter then any girl he had known before and the first sound he had made all night escaped his lips, a soft sigh of ecstasy. He slid into her deeply kissing her as he filled her. She tried to move under him, desperate to slide herself along his hard shaft, but he weighed her down, holding her still, making her keep his agonizingly slow pace. And he began to fuck her. Thrusting steadily he carried her slowly to climax. He moved in and out of her watching as her body arched under his. His arms holding her as she came and still he held back, but his body demanded more. He began to pound himself into her quickly and thoughtlessly, the savagery exciting her blood and filling her with passion. Her exhausted body protested, but she moved against him in time with his forceful strokes. They met in a clash of skin and sweat and retreated again each content in the knowledge that they had found their match. Their bodies raging hunger had to be filled and they took from each other. Her wrists rubbed raw and her ankles chafing, He anchored her down one last time, thrusting with the last of his strength and emptied himself into her in a raging torrent as she pulsed around him. They moaned each others names, crying out to the faceless gods of pleasure. They came fast and hot with all the force of an erupting volcano and then they were still. 030922
Sensuality They closed the door behind them latching it firmly. She began to strip. Her fingers flickered over the buttons on her shirt and it fell from her shoulders, silently to the floor. She stood in her bra and began to remove her pants, bending gracefully to tug them to the floor. Her head brushed his knee, but he was silent as he watched. When her pants were gone she raised her head slowing her ascent when her head was level with his crotch. There was a slight bulge and she stood smiling mischievously at him. She pulled on the copper colored pants admiring the way they hugged her legs in the full length mirror. She ran her hands over them checking to be sure they were tight in all the proper places. Then she slipped the sleeveless sweater over her head and looked in the mirror once more. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw him still watching her and smiled to herself. She slid her palms over her chest admiring the way the shirt enhanced her breasts. Then crossing her arms in front of her she grabbed the sides of the shirt and pulled it over her head. She looked over at him and smiled, before brushing her lips over his neck and scraping her teeth gently over the skin. Then she moved on to the pants she removed them and reaching over his head towards the hangers she brushed her half nude body along his. Then she undid the clasp on her bra letting the cups fall apart and shrugging it to the floor. She took the denim jump suit off it’s hanger and slid her body into it. It fit her perfectly, like a second skin. She arched upwards, watching her reflection, bending backwards her hands lightly on the ground her head just in front of him. She smiled up at him before standing again. She undid one strap letting it fall to her side and moved towards him. She watched his face as she undid the second strap, but it was clam. Her body was touching his now and she swayed slowly rubbing against him. She lifted one arm to his shoulder and used her other to lower the side zipper to her waist. The top half of the jumper fell. Her nipples were erect with excitement and from rubbing against the rough material. She pressed against him running a line of kisses around his collar. While her lips were busy her hands moved downward brushing against the front of his pants on their way to the waist band of hers. He reached fro her but she moved away. She slipped her thumbs inside the jump suit and began to push, dragging her under wear and the suit slowly towards the floor. Inch by inch she revealed more and more skin slowing until the suit hovered just above her mound and she looked at him smiling still. She pressed to him and he pulled her against him making the final move himself, he quickly shoved the pants to the ground and pulled her nude body against him. His lips found her and he gripped her ass firmly pressing her to him. Her arms were around him and she was kissing him passionately. Her nude body against his clothed one was driving him crazy and he suspected she knew, because she was moving against him slowly she smiled up at him questioningly, with her hand over his fly. His hands were beneath hers in a flash his erection spilled out of his pants and she gazed down at it with awe and arousal. She held it in her hands and stroked it gently. She knelt a moment sliding her lips around it, loving the hot musky taste. Then he pulled her up lifting her against him and held her as she settled over his erection. She smiled once more moving her body over his sliding him deep inside her. They moved against each other slowly and quietly. They muffled their moans of passion with kisses. She worked over him pulling away from him before sliding down over him again slowly at first, but her pace quickened as her climax neared. Her eyes began to glaze, but she brought herself back, trying to control her body. She would not make a sound. Her hips were moving thoughtlessly now, pounding over his hard cock, her nails were buried in his shoulder and his hands were gripping her ass with almost inhuman strength. Her eyes were open when she came her lip clamped ruthlessly between her teeth, the only noise she made was muffled when she pressed her face into his shirt. As she closed around him he felt his climax join hers, but like her he was silent. They held each other in the grip of their intense silent passion their bodies screaming what they could not. And slowly their bodies grew calm and quiet. He lowered her to the ground holding her upright as she regained her balance and they held each other close. They kissed once quietly, “I think I’ll buy the jumpsuit,” she whispered.” “If you want, but I guarantee you won’t spend much time wearing it.” 031030
Sensuality They remembered the comfort of each others arms. They had held each other close against the cold, bending the rules only slightly, for warmth, they said. But they had leaned into each other and rubbed their hands along the planes of each others bodies, friction, they claimed, would keep them warm. She tried to ignore the pleasure that spread from where his hand touched and he tried to ignore the increased blood flow to his middle. They warmed each other in ways that had nothing to do with the temperature of the air. But it was warm now, snuggled against pillows on opposite ends of the bed. They stared raptly at the movie, pretending they didn't occasionally glace at the figure by their side. Once or twice however their gazes caught and held only to dart back to the TV at the least sign of weakening. They were laying the boundaries.

The only light in the room emanated from the TV. It flickered, dark then light, as the scenes danced across the screen. Their bodies barely touched, straining to find a reason to reach out for each other. Her fingers trailed over his skin, gently scraping. His traced up and down her calf, and she felt her body tense, the pulsing heat between her legs intensified. She remained silent, but sat up moving closer to him. She noticed the bulge in his pants and stared at, a low moan escaping her lips. She looked up at him and his eyes were on hers. Out of the corner of her eyes she noticed his hand move and she galnced down in time to see him remove his hard cock from his boxers. She closed her eyes as her body shuddered, she was making this too easy. She watched as he moved his hand over himself. He moved it slowly up and down his shaft, she knew he was teasing her, but she loved every second. Her eyes followed his hands imagining how it would feel to hold his cock, so hard and thick. She imagined taking it between her lips, the way it would feel shoving into the wet heat betweeen her thighs. Her hand reached between her thighs pressing against the hot damp skin. She rocked against it, her body aching with each rough movement. He had noticed her movement and his pace quickened, but only slightly. They knew that ultimately this was only an elaborate tease. A dangeous game they had created together.

Only they had the skill, it seemed, to draw each other out. They watched, marking down handicaps, honsetly and without fear. They noted the unspoken boundaries, they would not touch, they would not break the heavy restraint placed upon their physical contact. They knew the rules, though they were niether written or carved. Flirting was fine and encouraged, the verbal sparring they engaged in was a cornerstone of their relationship, teasing was approved of, in moderation and with taste. It must appear to be almost accidental, unless a war was on. And tonight it seemed they had pulled out the heavy artillery.

They spoke of their want and their hands occasionally darted out to squeeze or poke. She would poke his thigh and he would poke her side. They continued for a time always careful, but each pushing the limits of their self restraint. He would claim his hand was stuck to his chest and she would pry it away and place it where it belonged, he would move it to her knee and she would move it back, he reached for her chest, but she blocked him, grabbing his hand before it reached her. It was a dangerous game, but they played it well. It was also a promise. One of the few set rules was a tease could not go unfullfilled indefinately. Eventually they would engage in a full on battle and these skirmishes would only add to the final outcome.

Their bodies responded almost immeadiatly to the other's touch, the slightest tease, was a dare. They would carry out their game and ultimately test it, before parting ways again. And part they must, for though they fit, they did not belong together. They would hug goodbye, they could do nothing else. It was the ultimate test, the last step, before a full on battle. And they always stopped just short...

He spread his arms and, knowing full well that the hug would not be as chaste as it should have been, she stepped between them wrapping her arms around him. He felt good agianst her, but she did not dwell on that, or the hard bulge that was pushing against her. She leaned back into him and they held each other, neither quite willing to let go, each knowing that they must. She lifted her arms pausing once to look up into the face she was leaving. She knew immeadiatly that it was a mistake, he was looking at her and their eyes met. She froze only for a heart beat as she felt the need to kiss him begin to rise and she backed away quickly. But he had seen, had caught the momentary flicker of longing and want. She looked away, when he mentioned it. It would violate the rules to kiss her, but to deny that he wanted to would also violate these unspolen rules. So he did, possibly aiming for her cheek, but her head was turned and it landed amidst the hair that obscured her face and they seperated, absolved momentarily of her mistake. They hugged quickly once more and parted ways.

She would see him again and, though she would not admit it, she longed for the day. They would spring together like magnets that are suddenly brought within reach. They would test the boundries again and someday they would reach beyond them. They both knew the pleasure that breaking the rules would bring, for they had broken them once before. But the recrimination was not worth it, so they waited, playing their game, teasing each other everyway they could. One day he would reach for her and she would come willingly gratefully into his arms and a kiss would be allowed them both. They would give and take from each other as the pleasure that each elaborate tease engendered was brought to light and allowed to blossom. Their game had no winner and no loser. They had discovered once before that they were equal matches for each other. The ultimate conclusion of the game would be a war of passion where both would emerge beaten and exhausted, perhaps bloodied and bruised, but victorious.
Sensuality She sat up and and moved over next to him on the bed. Ignoring his protests she pushed him down and pressed her lips to his. He resisted, his lips remaining firm and ungiving, but as she could feel his cock hard against her belly, bare where her shirt had pushed upward. Her tongue traced his lips as she held his hands away from her. Her tongue dipped into his mouth as he opened it to speak, "I'll scream rape" She smiled micheviously at him thrusting her middle against his. Her smile dissappeared as his hands moved from under hers and he began trying to escape. She struggled against him grabbing at his hands and moving her body hard over his trying to pin him to the bed. When they were finished both were breathing hard and he had her pinned to the bed. His hands were holding her wrists frimly above her head and he straddled her. She looked up at him waiting for the realization to hit him.

A strange look came over his face as he released her hands. She lay still still breathing heavlity wondering what was wrong. She realized her shirt had come up in the struggle and was now bunched over her chest, one breast exposed. It's nipple was erect and she felt his finger move over the tip. Her skin shuddered at the touch but she remained silent. The aching heat between her legs grew as he leaned over her body his erection fitting into the space of her crotch. She knew if she looked she would see it bare in all it's glory haivng long since escaped his boxers, but she didn't dare. She arched slighty as his head bowed over her chest. His lips grazed the skin of her bare breast and her muscles clenched her teeth clamping over her lip as she struggled to remain silent. His lips closed over her nipple, his tongue swirling over the pink bud expertly. She moaned deep in her throat and offered her body to him with that single utterance. He sat up eyes open staring at her in horror. She closed her eyes, sighing heavily, "I'm sorry."

She knew he was looking at her and he still had not moved from his perch atop her. She felt his weight pressing down on her and tried not to think about it as she uncrossed her wrists, where they had remained since he had let go. She reached down was just about to replace her shirt when she felt his hand on her arm, "Don't," he whispered. She opened her eyes, staring at him. She opened her mouth but said nothing not trusting her self to speak. He took her wrist in his and placed her hand over her bare breast. Then reaching up he took her other hand and placed it on her bare stomach. Her skin was hot and her nipple pushed insistently againt the palm of her hand, unconsciously she pinched it. Then she gasped slighty as she felt his hands on her waistband. He tugged the loose pajama bottoms over her hips and past her freshly shaved mound. He looked at it in suprise and she blushed, unwilling to admit she had shaved that morning. Then he took his cock in his hands. The thick shaft completely filling his fist. He began to move his hands over his shaft and she felt her body shudder. His eyes were on hers as her hand dipped between the wet lips of her pussy and she began to stroke herself. She watched his hand slide slowly over his erection and her eyes followed it imagining him sheathed in her liquid heat. She pressed a finger tip against the opening and it slid in readily. She arched against her hand eyes still on him. He watched her hands, her left one kneading her breasts and her right one slowly thrusting against her swollen lips. He imagined filling that tight pussy and his fist squeezed around his cock as he moved over it more quickly. As his movements sped up her motion became frantic, inserting a second finger she thrust it into her self violently her hips rising to meet it every time. Her eyes glazed over as he watched, her breath coming in gasps through parted lips. He heard her utter his name once in suprise and watched as her hand clenched against the smooth mound. He watched as her body jerked spasmodically against her hand and heard his name once more as she sighed it and fell exhausted to the bed. He watched her as she came imagined her arching against him her nails in his back and he felt his cock begin to throb.

Warm cum spurted over her still quivering stomach, spattering over her breasts and her eyes fluttered open to watch him come. He moaned slightly with each fresh spurt and she reveled in the feeling of his hot cum on her body. He opened his eyes and they said nothing to each other. He watched as she began to gather his semen on a finger tip and slowly suck it off. He watched her as she cleaned her self off one fingerful at a time. Taking each finger gently between her lips to the back of her throat before sucking it clean. When she finished she sat up and her shirt fell down across her stomach and she pulled her pants up over her hips. She took his limp cock in her hands and before he could prostest slipped it inside his boxers. She smiled apologetically at him. Before lifting her eyes to the TV where the movie still flickered across the screen, unaware of what had just happened.
anon. I'm hard. 031220
megan there was once a boy and a girl.
end of storie.
somebody Sensuality,

You haunt the depths of my mind. I wish I had nurtured and encouraged you more, I miss you and sill hold out lingering hope that you'll come back someday.
Sensuality Her eyes flickered over the house numbers. Counting them out... the address still firm in her mind, she paused and flipped on the turn signal. The drive was still trecherous... sharp steep curves. She didn't even have to think as her hands and feet guided her up the slope. She turned into the parking spot that she used to call her own. The familiar sounds of dogs barking filled her ears. He came out of the garage, his sweat pants covered and the loose holey T shirt spattered with black grease. He watched as she climbed out of the Jeep... she flipped her hair back with a confidence she didn't feel and gave the waist band of her baggy cargos a tug. She turned toward him smiling, "Hey Big Boy. How's it hanging?" "Hi." She held out the battered blue and black life vest, "I've got an excuse." She grinned up at him. And finally he smiled. Just like she remembered. She followed him up into the house. They stood awkwardly at the top of the stairs until she went to the couch and sat down. He followed her and they began to talk. He asked about school and she asked about life and they talked about movies and friends and music. He went to put on some music and she followed him he sat down at the computer and began to play songs and she danced. Unselfconsciously swaying her hips to the beat of the music, unaware that he watched her. The dark baggy pants swaying around her legs, the soft cotton shirt clinging to the smoothness of her belly and the mounds of her breasts and the soft dark hair falling over her face. She looked older, more confident and he wanted her. She smiled at him like she used to forgetting for a moment that they both had changed and swayed her body low over his the curve of her ass just brushing over his lap. Without thinking he pulled her down to him. They both sat for a minute stunned... she could feel him hard against her and she knew despite all the promises she had made that she wanted him. He was the only person who had ever satisfied her. His lips pressed against her neck and she stiffened for a moment before falling back against him. She arched into him and responded. Slowly she turned to face him her lips never leaving his and moved her body against his aligning their bodies carefully. Her hands grasping at his back she tore his shirt off in moments, as his hands slid up under her shirt and swiftly undid her bra. She stood for a moment and pulled him up after her... she admired his erection momentarily before tugging the sweats to his ankles. She kissed the tip of his swollen cock and enveloped him with her mouth. She heard him gasp as he filled her mouth and she rose again smiling. His reached for the button of her pants and as soon as he pulled downt eh sipper the pants fell around her ankles. She leaned into him pressing their bodies together. They kissed hungrily and soon they were twined together on the floor. She sat up and gazed down at his bare skin smiling visciously and swiftly impaled herself on his hard cock. And they began to fuck, moving with a unison that comes only with practice and chemistry... they had both. She rode over him eyes closed in mindless passion holding onto him as she leaned low over him unable to support herself and his hips rose and fell under her as he slid roughly between the wet swollen lips of her pussy. They came together... he was the only person that had ever done this with her and as she squeezed around his pulsing dick she sighed out his name falling onto him as their lips gently mated. "I missed you," he said, "I'm glad you're back." "I never left." 040602
now get out of my head *L* So I take it you never left, you've been here all along, watching and waiting for some one to say they missed and apresheated this part of you. I cant properly express in words just how exstatic I am that you never left and that you’re still willing to tell us your stories after all this time.

Oddly enough the storie you told above is nearly just like the dream I had lastnight, how disappointed I was when I woke up this morning to realize it was only just a dream.

You can’t read my mind and you probably wrote this storie before I even fell asleep if not long before lastnight yet it's still freaky strange beyond words that you would post this here and that w/o reading it that this is what I dreamt lastnight. You amaze me.
Sensuality The car was silent... except of course for the CD... "Who is this?" She paused and the hand that had been trying very hard to rest nonchalantly on the shift knob reached down and pulled at the yellow case. "88 Finger Louie" "Sometimes you amaze me." She glanced over at him, a questioning look on her face. Saying without words, "What the hell are you talking about?" "You know every word to that song, the pauses, everything. And you don't know who sings it. Do you know the name of the song?" She scanned the back of the case once more, "100 Proof" The car fell silent again. His voice rose again and in a manner that suggested the utmost casualness, "Would you like to fool around?" She was silent. Her head was moving at full tilt but her body was still. Quite often she was like that... body still, brain moving... or just as often... body moving, brain still. "Why?" she asked already fairly certain of his answer. "Kicks." he would say. (once she had asked for a definition of this word, because after looking it up in the dictionary she didn't feel that the way he used it fit contextually with the definition) But he suprised her, "I don't know. But it's not a hard question, yes or no will be just fine." The image of his face as he concentrated fully on making her say yes flashed behind her eyes... and she knew that while she could make him beg... she was just as much his. Her head was very firmly shouting no as her hand became if possible more nonchalant as it violently gripped the shifter. "Where do we get off if we do this properly?" "The usual spot," he replied. she Looked at him. "Oh, I see. The third exit up." The car fell silent again retaining it's deathly quiet even as the Weakerthans began Confessions of a Futon Revolutionist and then there was a slight squeal of tires as the emergency brake was pulled with an amazing amount of nonchalant force. They got out of the car and he held her. He was vary good at holding... that was (rather unfortunately, in her eyes) her last coherent comment for quite a while. His hard cock was grinding against her... even the bit of cynicism was drowned out by the flash of hot pride that he was always hard when she was around. And the way he moved against her soon had her groping blindly at his shirt... muttering vaguely and quite desprately... her body tingled or melted or burned and she couldn't think of what she wanted except that he must give it to her now... the now burned bright in her eyes in large capitalized flames and she began to tug at him collapsing gently as her feet realized her body wasn't resting on them... she must be floating or falling. And his lips were on her back... little explosions occured... small zaps of bright red... and she stopped trying to take... her arms dangled limply around his neck her nails making vague bloody trails across his back... her legs with the kind of ingenuity that was born in girls legs everywhere had clamped themselves around his ass. She sighed his name somewhere aginst his neck... it was a wonderful neck... her lips moved against it... kisses or whisperings spouted against his neck in warm bursts of moist air. A hot moist "Take me..." landed on the slope of his cheek and gently rolled towards his ears. He pressed his swollen dick to her and she moved instinctively so it would press just exactly where she wanted it. She felt his hard part meet all those soft squishy parts and the noise that escaped her was of the sort heard only in very good (or very bad) pornographic videos. He took her. It wasn't something either of then asked about. He did not pause, give her a few moments to recover her senses and then ask if she would mind if he slid his hard cock inside her. He just did it... she did not stop and condsider what damage the vise grip of her legs and the nails on her fingers were doing to him and she moved against the firm bulging penis. She wanted... he wanted... and they took... "Don't move" he whispered... "make it last" he said... her body screamed at her as her brain began to exert force on it... it said you must... take him... show him... make him fill you... I know what to do. And it began to move..."don't squirm" he ordered and she nodded... she stilled again as he thrust into her. holding her body as he pounded... and her head began to realize that thinking about what he was doing to her did not help the not moving... but she did not move (alot at any rate) as his lips rained the burning kisses on her back and her shoulders and her neck... and he began to move faster... her body screamed and screeched and raged her head silently chanting don't move with no knowledge of the words pouring from her mouth... words like yes and god... a supplicant at the alter of pleasure... and the NOW returned... brighter and more forceful and her head and her mouth agreed... NOW. and she began to move... feeling him fill her and again and again so much so much so fast so Hard... his legs were shaking and she cried out over and over as his name filled her head, his voice, his smell and he filled her and her body shuddered at the same time that his stopped and soon they were both still. I'm going to come out now... she nodded mutely her body still her brain gone on holiday somewhere (somewhere with lots of cold water she suspected) and she fell as he slid out... boneless now that his was gone. He caught her and she sat staring blindly at him... in another place and time he would have kissed her... but here and now he simply said, "Was it ok?" She grinned (it was a grin she reserved for that moment when a grin would say it best) and shakily raised both her fists in the air... after a moment she moved her thumbs upward and presented this to him. "All I get is a thumbs up?" Her brain returned from it's vaction long enough to give the lungs a good kick. She inhaled deeply and on one sigh of breath, "It was wonderful." And they dressed and she took him home and as she lay in her bed with the feeling of him inside her remembered in some torturous way by the thing he had been inside... and she felt the soreness begin, the slow burn of pleasure filled her and she sighed... there would be no dreams on a night like this. 040616
Connecting..the.dots.. *frowns*
You can do better
This might as well read
Guy: I'm horny, wanna screw?
Girl: *pause thinking it over* eh *Shrugz* why not, aint got nuttin better to do
And thus they fuck.
You can do better, I've seen you do better, even though their wasn’t even a real beginning to One Night it was tons better then what you wrote above, granted I don’t think One Night really needed much of a beginning it's fabulous on its own but none the less I hope you understand what I'm getting at. Why don’t you try writing something other then sex you’re so good at that it’s almost as if you don’t even have to try. Perhaps something that maybe has to do with the relationship between a woman and a man, something with substance, something different then this, I still love the second one you told in tell_me_a_story it's always been my absolute fave, maybe I shouldn’t write you when I'm so sleepy, maybe, I don’t know something about a guy whose depressed w/ a no where life coming home from grabbing food from Krogers or some such and gets on the elevator to get to his floor and theirs a chick in their but he doesn’t pay her much mind bc he's so into his own head w/ his problems and worries and what not and the elevator freezes and their stuck in their and they end up talking for however long but during that time she manages to change his perspective/out look on life? I don’t know this is just off the top of my head, your the writer, I just tend to stand on the side lines and admire you and what you create usually w/o words bc I feel that mine just aren’t adequate enough to express what I want and my complements tend to sound fake for some reason any how. Like I said though I know you can do better bc I've read what you've done in the past.
Sensuality And in the car she holds the gently lighted screen with its bright flowers to her eyes and she reads a name she knows. And if she was the kind of girl whose eyes lit up, hers would have doen so, but she merely smiled in the fading daylight. and pushed yes.

And the ringing of a phone made her heart pound in the quiet of the dead car. And a voice on the other end spoke and she knew that it was time. And she reached out and stroked the face on the other end of the phone with words that were at once a promise and a threat.

And she knocked. Not because she expected the door to open and a warm pair of arms to greet her, but because she had been taught that you should knock. She pushed hard on the door because a casual post-it in the back of her mind read, "This door sticks." And the whump of the door closing blotted out the come... "on in..." And she strolled through the gray in comfort, because she was breaking no rules. Here she made her own rules.

And there was a greeting that spoke of the past and of the now and of the future as surely as if it had been written in stone. And there was a touch that may have been the beginnings of a scouting mission or a top secret geurilla assualt. And later as his arm slide across her throat she knew that it had been a tacical move designed to test her defences.

And the words echoed in the lighted room. They were a nuclear warhead sitting unregarded in the living room. They were the family member you pretend does not exist. They sat there in broad daylight... I'm yours... defying every rule made and broken on this sacred ground.

Silence reigned forever... for a moment... and life reasserted it's force on the room. And they moved together to a place where life did not hold sway... where the rules did not exist... only honesty. And she moved to her favorite place... fingers resting lightly on the skin of his waist. And he studiously ignored her. She shifted gradually as they spoke... and it was the odd stilted conversation of a person who has seen a man with his foot on fire and ignored it because surely he must know. And should she have mentioned it, the answer would have undoubtedly been a mild reproof..."Is it?"

And the tidal force of passionate violence as his teeth sink into her neck and the flame is extiguished. "I tried..." and they follow each other down in a spiral twist of non-love.

And each movement brings a realization of his greeting... as she makes good on her threats... and keeps all her promises. And they do not sink into the passion filled fog of half hazy love. But rise... like shining diamond fire through the passion to the other side. Something so like passionate love as to be it's opposite.

And there in the darkness and the glaring unflickering fire they mate. Not the slick heated mating of animals, or the soft giving union of lovers, but somewhere in between. She comes to him willingly with the air of one who has no choice and he takes desprately, as if he was resisting this action with his whole being.

And here in this moment their laughter resolves into dying gasps and their words become illiterate and these two individuals, become for a moment... one unyeilding force.

And then reality returns and the lights fade up... que farewell music... "And I won't ever be lonely again no, no, no, no, no, but until that time I think I had better find
some disbelief to suspend, cause I don't want to feel like this again"

but somewhere a phone is ringing. And a girl whose eyes never learned to light is smiling into it and on the other end a boy who has forgotten how to love is discovering a whole new kind of need...

and somewhere they are being.
.. but that's just lust. 051202
Sensuality The truth is that love, whatever it means to you, is, in the end, just a word to signify what you want.

She really loved Taco Bell's Grilled Stuft Burrito. She loved springtime. She loved him.

And that's the truth.

She's got a tattoo on her hip that says, "Yes." One word, a quarter of an inch high. If you met her, you'd never ask what it meant, because it means her.

It's the way that she looks when she grins through her bangs. It's the words that she uses to describe the world she sees. It's the answer that she gives when he asks her.

The one on her back reads "Invictus". and his lips always land there before he slides her pants off. She drags her nails down his side just to listen to him giggle.

The truth is that this is all inevitable.

She says no with a grin on her face and her hands slipping inside his boxers. His lips are pressed against her breast.

He loses his mocking grin in her arms. She loses her permanent smile. She'd laugh at the passion in his face if she could, but she is too busy just now.

Her body jumps and shudders at his touch and she curses the weakness in the same moment she revels in the pleasure.

They're fighting and fucking and loving. And it's all they really know to do. They've never been apart, but they've never really been together.

This one night she lays beside him as his arm curls around her and his eyes close. He is sleeping, as she drifts off, his breath warm and moist on her neck.
Sensuality She flops onto her bed in full view of an indifferent city. The sunlight filters through the clouds to light her bare skin. Her eyes are closed. She is trying not to think of him.

Not of his voice saying goodbye, not of his body on top of hers. It has been more than a month. It has been hard. She has never been one for celibacy and her body burns with desire.

She refuses to give in. Still, she is not made of stone. Her hands move over the bare skin of her stomach. One hand dipping to press against the wet heat between her legs. Her lips part in a sigh. It's been so long.

She thinks of him hard inside her and knows that there can never be that kind of release again. Yet her fingers slip inside her, moving gently as she arches back against the bed. The ball of her hand presses against her bare mound and her fingers drive slowly into the depths of her.

She thinks of his teeth on her throat. Of his gasping breath in her ears as her fingers slide in and out of the slick heat that is all she can feel at this moment. She remembers the strength of him driving into her, the pounding force of his need and she gasps as her body starts to respond recklessly.

Her hand is frantic now as she tries desperately to fuck herself. Her other hand holding tight to the white comforter. Her lips part at the height of her ecstasy and his name escapes. Despite everything, she still wants him.

She wonders if she always will.
Sensuality It was well past midnight when she came home, a shadowy figure leaned up against the door to her building. As she approached she got nervous. She tensed with each step towards the mysterious stranger. He didn't move as she reached the door. She quickly fumbled with her keys, but before she knew it he was right next to her.
"So you going to invite me up?" he said. She recognized the voice instantly, and began to get damp.
"When did you get here?" she said as she turned to him.
"Just now," he said as he put his hands on her hips.
"What makes you think you can just come back here and touch me like that?"
"Because you want me to."
She couldn’t deny it any longer. She did want him to. She always wanted him. Then and now and always. She grabbed him by the neck and pulled him into her, kissing him with no regard for either of their safety.
I need you" she said as she quickly unlocked the door. She grabbed him by the hand and led him to the elevator at a near run. They made it to the elevator with no time to spare. He thrust her up against the wall of the elevator. She blindly reached out and fumbled for the button to her floor as he kissed his way down her neck. He only had a few quick floors. He knew he had no time to waste. He dropped to his knees lifting her short skirt. He grabbed the crotch of her underwear and tore them free of her with one effortless motion. She leaned into the corner of the elevator, bracing herself for what was coming to her.

She took his hat from his head and placed it on her own as he slid his tongue into her. She let out a soft whimper. Just this simple thrust had already brought her close to climax. Her body was helpless against the skill of his mouth. She ran her fingers thru his hair as his tongue darted up and down. He dragged his teeth across gently her clit as he worked her entire mound with his tongue and beard. He looked up at the numbers counting away... only three floors to go. He slid his tongue inside her and then licked upwards flicking his tongue over her clit. She pulled hard at his hair as she cametwo floors to go. He pulled back and wiped his face, licking her off his lips. He dived in one last time and kissed her softly on the thigh, then gently bit down... one floor to go. He stood up and kissed her gently on the lips.
"What now?" he said.
The door slid open and another couple walked on to the elevator as they were walking off. As the door closed behind them they giggled to each other, wandering if they knew what they'd just barely missed. She led him down the hall to her apartment door. She looked over her shoulder to catch his eye as she expertly slid the key into the lock, letting out a soft "oooh" noise as it clicked into place and he knew exactly what she wanted next. She took him by the hand and led him inside. Now they were on her ground, and she was going on the attack. No sooner had he eased the door shut that she slammed him up against it. Her hand moved to flick his belt open. The button and zipper came with ease. She pulled down, and he stepped out of them with ease. He was already erect. He thought to himself that he always seemed bigger with her. Then he stopped thinking. She was already halfway down his shaft moving her lips back and forth over his shaft so furiously that he almost lost his balance. He braced himself against the door as she continued to gobble up her prize. She pulled back and licked down the side, and gently tongued his balls as she looked him in the eye.

He couldn't take any more. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to his, kissing her deeply.
"Slow down, darlin" he said, his lips barely parted from hers.
she smiled and turned away as she walked into the next room. She pulled away her clothes in such a manner that it almost seemed like they were stripping themselves. He stood there for a moment admiring everything that was her. Even after she was gone from sight he thought about the magnifigance of what he'd just seen. From the other room a soft voice called out to him.
He followed stripping his shirt and coat off on the way. His manner was much less graceful than hers, but grace was the farthest thing from his mind. He wanted her. He needed her. He could feel her heat from across the room. She lay on her bed, smiling at him. He wanted to hold back, to tease her. He wanted to make her wait until she couldn't wait any longer, but he didn't have it in him. He crawled on top of her. For a short moment he looked her in the eye, then kissed her passionately. His fingers ran thru her hair as hers made their way to his. He pulled back putting a hand on her cheek, he looked her in the eye.
"I came here for a reason you know."
"oh? And what reason was that?"
"To tell you I love you," he said.
She smiled. "I know."
With that he could wait no longer. He slid himself into her waiting body. She was wetter now than she had been in the elevator. He effortlessly stroked back and forth as they locked eyes. She moaned his name and pulled him in close, wrapping her arms around him.
"Yes" she cried to his ear. He kissed her neck as he worked himself in and out of her. Each thrust taking him deeper and deeper. She dug her nails into his back, gasping with every thrust. He swelled inside her. He tried to send his mind awaytried to think of anything but how lucky he was to be inside this beautiful woman. He had to make this last as long as he could. It was then that she grabbed him, and with all of her might rolled him onto his back.
"My turn," she said as she braced herself against his chest. She pumped herself up and down on his cock, slow at first, but faster and faster as she got into it. He slapped her hard on the ass, and she let out a small cry of pleasure. She raised her arms in the air as she pumped herself onto him. He reached up and pulled her hair, her back arching as her head tilted. She rolled her neck from side to side, moving her hips against his. He couldn't hold back anymore. She was too much for him. He looked up at her and said, "I'm going to cum."
"Cum inside me" she said as she leaned in close and kissed him. It was more than he could take. He coated her inside with everything he had, draining himself into her. She collapsed exhausted on top of him. They rolled to the side, but he stayed inside her, her legs wrapped around him. He kissed her, and smiled as they looked into each others faces.
"Stay the night?" she said to him. He wrapped his arms around her.
"I'm not going anywhere."
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