eric remember yellow. the warmth and light of the sun is reflcted in the glow of the human spirit, radiating in infinite direction of self-realizing potential. self realization is realization of All. 980903
charley Breaking the agreement to forget. Do I know you? 980906
oromulo real thing is here...kill now! 981108
[marissa] the smell of castle walls in
scotland. i was only six, but
their musty, ruined smell i

remember. the timid grandeur
of their charcoal history, drawn
in thin lines on the overgrown grass,
in the walls built stone by stone,
in the pathway to the gate,
opening like a wooden mouth yawning,
or maybe screaming. swallowing me.

remember. the scot who played the
bagpipes. my sister and i listened
on the floor. to look up and see
beneath his kilt. those scots don't wear underwear. we ran to mom and told her, giddy in our secret, shushed discovery.

an induction into the mysteries of sex.
[Sher] Love everyone ... Serve everyone ... Remember God ... Thank you Ram Dass 990312
daxle remember when we used to 990421
Zed and we might
and we might remember
or as the little one says, maybe not
allie the night when you saw me cumpled on the floor like a rag doll, crying, and you laid there with me without saying a word then finally i told you my mom was dying and you said you knew 990501
megan me, because i'll never forget you 990901
ricmariem what a word.
sometimes i just want to forget about the whole thing in it and start all over again.
if only...
valis me, i always just member it right in the first place.

i was gonna say something different, but i forget.
deb ...remember when the world was small and nothing stood in your way? how have things changed so quickly?
its not as simple as it once seemed, i suppose..
marjorie We found
A little home away
Where the people laughed
And it isnít because they are happy.
They donít understand happiness.
We donít either
But we can dance
And fall backwards in each otherís arms
Laughing at toes stepped on
And our memories
Not always remembering what we used to be able to do
But if there comes a time when we need it,
We will remember somewhere along the line forgetting
And as long as we dance
Weíll never grow old
camille to remember is ... to forget's enemy 000103
oodles ...talking on the phone to John every night through David Letterman and Jerry Springer and him telling me that my chewing ice was a sign of sexual frustration
...Chris coming to first hour every day stoned off of darvicet
...laying in the blazing tent giggling with Kelly and Erica and realizing just how much they mean to me
...seeing Greg over Thanksgiving after missing him so much it hurt
...Justin's hug at the end of Christmas break
...Twinkie breaking out in dance in the middle of class
...Scott's beautiful eyes and adorable smile and the way he looked in his football jersey
...the warmth of the sun and hoots from the boys while decorating cars with Nehley after school
...sitting down by Nathan in the cemetary
...the smiling and tear-streaked faces in the crowd--all these people that I had known for so long--as I related to them what I got out of high school
...Sometimes I really miss it.
jennifer try to dismember your mom in december...

I told greg that he should fool around during the overture so I would have a chance to throw a shoe at him, or to at least yell... he did nothing during the overture, but he screwed up the words to "try to remember" and both my hands were locked on the light board so I had to let it go
t not-remembering is what you were doing in the dream you're trying to remember. 000508
amorfus Be Here Now 000509
mungo I went back into a small building that was in the middle of a dark forest. There were bright orange lamps in the parking lot that lit the black asphalt and put my shadow in all directions. I walked out of the building with a brown paper bag in my arms. I donít remember what I did in the building and I didnít know what was in the bag. 000513
smed When you have moved on and can't quite recall my face, just remember the day that we were in heaven 000515
. how can i forget to remember my breath?
how can i forget to remember what i'm trying not to forget?
Wayne Remember when pop bottles amassed a fortune? Quickly to the grocery store; licorice, marshmallow strawberries, salt 'n vinegar chips and Orange Crush, all placed into your hands. After that, wandering the beach, searching for shells -- dead, living, lost -- and crabs, scampering from under their exposed rock houses. Spending absorbed hours catching tadpoles in plastic cups and ice cream buckets.

Remember fights with your sisters? Bullies in laced blouses, three against one, mean pleasure. Remember socks that wanted to droop below the ankles, and dress shoes made for ice sliding?

Remember cherry trees full of fruit, apples, pears, peaches, plums, expectantly calling from the back yard? Remember the view onto the ocean, friendly islands, the ferries huffing to the wharf?

The Sea Fair and outdoor water color paintings, the free hot dogs?

I do.
tourist I remember entering through a keyhole,
Into a place where all sorts of interesting toys lay all around.
I remember a boy and a girl.
The girl was playing with one of the toys, and then the boy came and took it away from her.
I wake up crying, I am very young.
I had this dream several times.
It is one of my oldest memories.
Barrett Could you take my picture?
Caus I won't remember
Barrett Could you take my picture?
Caus I won't remember
joy division grendel i_remember_nothing 001103
Barrett I remember Redwood trees
and wolverines
HEY HOMER ITS ME!!!!!!!!!!!! hey homer it's me! jon!
remember when mrs. henderson talked to craig preece about "expelling gas" in front of our 6th grade class. remember when she made fun of andy hooker for bringing in that sound effects machine. remember when he threw the book at papa choochoo? remember when they found his list of who he wanted to kill at vinson?
remember yr. t-shirt that said "dazed and confused"? you were out in the rain, and yr sleeves were about 3 feet long? "lickin' lightnin'? remember the king's island trip when pam whatshername took my watch and i followed her around like a hypnotized retard?
claw losing your glasses in a snow bank

art classes and the bottle of rubber cement

shooting peas through the basketball hoop during lunch and getting caught

climbing up on the elementary school building's roof and finding an unlocked door

your first girlfriends bra, and those damn hooks...those damn hooks

reading poetry in front of your Graphic Design class while standing on a table?

stupid phrases we used to say? "Fucking's fucking tank!"

when you first admitted that you masturbated

first true love

car accidents

pissing drunk on the rootbeer stand in celebration of a job

kari, aspen, nicole (and how she scared the shit out of you), genelle, becky, jen, amy, jennifer, audrey

Do you remember? Do you remember all those things that make you?
mottman when you take the time to close your eyes and think back on those once insignificant events in your childhood, you are able to completely rewind and relive your life... if this is how you remember, then the first time you experienced those events you must have been membering 001204
chanaka have i remembered this before? it seems so familiar....the cycle of life continues. maybe i am remembering this from a past life. maybe you and i have always been together, and always will be, in every life. hopefully i will remember this tomorrow. 001204
Rhin I remember...

Sneaking in to watch you in the lab. The mad scientist at work...beakers falling out of your pockets, your headphones on your head, jamming to Pink Floyd. Then you would feel my eyes on you, and you would look up, and give me that smile - the one that was only meant for me.

We use to take the boat out to the lake, after midnight. We would stretch out on the deck, drinks in hand...watching for meteors, but missing the best ones, because we chose to explore each other's bodies instead.

As I use to watch you paint, or study, I would be mesmerized by the deep expression on your face, that under any other circumstances, was so soft.

I use to lay on the bank of Lasinda, and read to you, while you fished. Occasionally you would stop, and turn to me, your eyebrows raised in question, at why I had stopped. I was watching your muscles flex, and you knew this. You would then bite your lower lip (teasing me of what was to come later), before you resumed fishing again.

When I sat down beside you on the sofa, to watch a movie, you instinctively raised your arm, so that I could settle down on your chest. You would kiss my forehead, without looking away from the film, and then a smile would form across your lips, as I would fidget around, trying to get comfortable.

The countless number of times, that we would take the big scope, out to the football field, and for hours would watch the moon, or a planet. You became so animated discussing astronomy, that I let you go on for hours, and would ask you endless questions, which thrilled you to answer.

I can remember lots of things...
danielle i think i remember too much. pain. hate. sorrow. abuse... rape.
i cant stop remembering.
when i do forget they creep up to me in my dreams and breathe on my neck.
something that wont go away... my fucking memories....
Budrozatva I remember when things made sense
Somewhere before the christmas when i found there was no santa
Before girls were objects
Before my penis took over
I remember love
Standing on the brink of insanity staring at love
Being just beyond reach but still untouchable
I remember community
Before I had to keep up with the jones'
When things were easy
When yesterday was gone before bedtime
And when I couldn't remember at all
cover.. I remeber those days on the bus trying hard not to look coz I knew you were looking, and I was thinking about you as I looked innocently out the window, I knew I loved someone. What I didn't know is that that same love would save both of us from ending our existance on this earth and that we can only exist together because I also remember the secrets. 010204
tara remember that time when we...? 010208
jennifer ...that time in venice?"

no one understands that anymore but me
shawna marie beitler 3-18-01 i tink god has geaven each and everyoen of us good things to be speshial and i think him for that if we were all the same we wouldnt know who was who/love niggers/loves wiggers/+jiggers we are all the same differently in side but the same sweet love child god made us thank you shawna marie beitler 010318
shawna marie beitler 3-18-01 i tink god has geaven each and everyone of us good things to be spechial and i think him for that if we were all the same we wouldnt know who was who/love niggers/loves wiggers/+jiggers we are all the same differently in side but the same sweet love child god made us thank you 010318
Chrity go to:
cali j When...we cuddled on my couch and watched movies together. 010512
forever i cna't remember anything. i cna remember this and that. but if you ever asked what i learned I would say i don't know. i don't evern remember what i learned last year. But i can sure tell you that i remember everyhting about my frineds just nothgin about school. so which is more important 010613
JessieLee Remember that time that I cried?

I can't either.
Casey I remember when I was in kindergarden. We went to the apple orchard and I threw up. 010625
paste! i remember when i fell down into a well and was on national TV for a few days. that really fucked me up. not being in the well, but how the press pronounced my last name wrong over and over again. dumbishes! 010625
terrymae That you would never leave my life unless I asked you too.

Well, please leave my life.

Do not write, IM, or call me anymore.
Katie Rose I remember everything that happens to me and around me. Sometimes that really sucks. 010927
Inanna Be Here Now 011002
Aimee remember when mom used to tell us magic bed stories... we always went to the land of make believe... I always pictured it kinda like mars... I miss that bed... I used to really believe it existed and that if I was good enough the bed would really take me there... I remember that time in my life and it makes me want to cry at how perfect it was... we were all together, now I'm in iowa, you're in WI, paul's in CT and mom's in MI.... whatever happened to us? 011009
Seed Is it just me, or do people usually symbolize memories with a broken mirror?

I don't get that.
whoknows dont take a picture. remember this in your heart. 011126
ClairE is so hard to do.

It is a difficult and tiring activity.

Then why can't we stop?

whoknows thats a damn good question 011130
girl_jane I've been using this word a lot tonight- talking to an ex-boyfriend. I have to be honest with him- let him know that I don't remember as much as he does. But I do remember some things. I remember a lot of things. But I know many things are in my future, and many of those things don't involve him. 020214
bethany be here now was a good book

remember when that i will remember you song came out, with the brother's mcmullan movie. i liked the fighting fitzgerald's family better and both movies much better than that song.
Toxic_Kisses Do you remember a time
when we were young and innocent
pure of heart and mind?
Days filled with sunshine
hours of endless laughter
so many thoughts and dreams
we were chasing after
A time when love was new
a flower just unfolding
not quite old enough to grasp
the feelings we were holding
A special, bonding friendship
we prayed would never end
any hurts that fell upon us
together we could mend
Remember all the sunny days
times of merry chase
That was all so long ago
a different time and place
Thoughts of you would bring a smile
and though you could not be there
I held your memory deep inside
It goes with me every where


dedicated to Jason
somedaysam remember to clean the withered leaves
off my grave
and replace the faded plastic poinsettias
with plastic red roses
that will fade
real or plastic
all flowers fade
don't forget me when you move on
when you love someone new
remember not to let me fade from your
like the plastic flowers on my grave
the lady I don't want to remember what I did to you, but I do....

I don't want to anymore.
december that walk down the aisle... 020807
kama the love, the hate, the good, the bad, the pain, the joy, the ups, the downs, the tears, the laughter, the slow, the fast, the first, the last, remember all the tings inbetween, for they last forever 020822
LIL CHRIS I remember the time that you came over here 2 weeks before you left for Austin. We kicked it outside but I didn't mind as long as I was with you I was coo'. I remember the way we use to talk for hours about our problems or how our day was. I remember the night when you came over and brought me that was so sweet. I remember everything that you told me and I alwayz kept your words with me. I also remember the day we stopped talkin to each other and the pain I felt afterwards but i guess everything happens for a reason. But I'll still remember you no matter what. 020913
stacey I remember yesterday was brighter than today
I remember those splendid moments long ago
For yesterday, I remember the glistening clouds in the sky
I am feeling those tender strokes of the gentle winds
I remember yesterday as the essence lingers in my heart
I remember yesterday's peaceful melodies whispered in my ear
For today and tomorrow will again be as I remember yesterday
For all will be remembered and never forgotten, For lost love is always with you
Syrope remember my eyes? wait, probably not, you were stoned. remember taking me home? asking if i was *sure* i was a virgin? i was. not for long. remember my birthday? this time maybe? remember the rain? on your tin roof? i remember the stab of pain, and the flood of relief and goodness. remember my acceptance letter? the talk? no long distance relationships. so nevermind. remember valentine's day balloons? proms? december 3 when sarah rang the doorbell? my tears...where are they now? i worked so hard because i was so happy to be leaving that i didn't want to cry but pulled thought it would "help" us? what the fuck? the night i spent at your house? i dont think you remember any more! and then my cd's, and that night before the wake. why don't you remember!? if you remembered you'd care!! but you dont.. 020929
~gez~ and if your feeling down
remember me how i was that night
or that day should i say
though it was dark
so i will refer to it as night
poetic onslaught i get trapped in trances of remembrance. reality gets pushed away and im overtaken by a sort of bliss as i reminisce. only its not really bliss because soon after that i get mad because i notice ways that i couldve made these moments better. but then i realize; if i could do it over again, in the end, i would just be left with more things that i'd wanna do over again. i could experience the same moment 100 times consecutively and still find ways to make it better, or id realize that it just wouldnt be possible to fit so many things into one moment. so instead of wishing i could make those moments better, im trying to find ways to make these things happen now. then i will cherish these moments with more of an appreciation. anywayz; "without the bitter, the sweet isnt as sweet" (quote from vanilla sky) 020930
gay gizmo how it felt to be 10, lying on my back...looking up at the aniaml clouds. With nothing to care for, but nothing to live for. Remember how it felt to touched for that first time. When you got shivers just from being close to someone. When you've loved a friend so much and cried. 021001
*silent screams I struggle to remember, no memory could ever be as sweet. I close my eyes, and try to imagine being where i once once, yet nothing comes. Am i trying to save myself from the pain of knowing where i once was and can never be agian, or do inot want to remember? I now need what i once so goes the sad story of my life... 021207
Bizzar I still recall the taste of your kiss
and the scent of your skin that lingered on mine
after spending the night together
I can still see
the sparkle in your eyes as you laughed
-or when youd look at me
These things still sit within my head
When I see you now with her
Do you remember me?
The way I remember you?
Was I really just nothing to you like you like to pretend?
Because youre in my thoughts every day
jester _______________________________________
remember peace in times like this
Mercury Shy of the gatepost
we turned for the stars,
Leapfrogged transgressions
over Saturn and Mars,
Trapped all our worries,
laughed them asleep,
poured false conversation
down drains in the street.
Climb the sterile biscuit moon!
Inflate the carnival baloon!
Remember when we'd just begun?
Remember when we rode the sun?

-Paul Barber
scuzz remember me if you forget the songs we sang. 030509
Lacey I remember when I'd stay up all night laughing with my closest friends. We were so innocent. We'd turn the music up as loud it would go and run around the house singing to the music that symbolized what was most important to us. Boys, friendship, being young. I remember keeping all the girls awake crying with a broken heart. I broke down in front of them, and I've seen them all at their worst. I remember when I lost one of my closest friends too. I think she forgot the things we swore we'd always remember. She forgot us. I still remember you though. 030601
micky jo i'm leaving from all i've known a month from yesterday and i don't think i'll be remembered
i can't myself remember why i had friends in the first place if they all forget me for conivence sake
blown cherry I remember it as a time when I was happy. A time that I had everything I wanted, and I knew it too. Money was always a bit short, but that will always be a worthwhile comprimise. A time when I can only distincly recall crying twice, once from exhaustion, and once when I got the news of my cat's passing. Maybe I hit the top too early,
does it have to be downhill from there?
endless desire the music
i turn
on brings
back memories
of times
that still
haunt. it
is strange
how such
things take
you back
to where
you were
then and
there is
no stopping
it even
if i
tried. you
see, i
don't want
to listen
to that
music anymore.
it brings
back too
much. i
don't want
you to
become that.
the reminder
of bad
times. i
will not
be the
pregnant girl
that leaves.
i will
not be
haunted by
bad memories.
i promised
you i
wouldn't. i
just don't
want to
remember when
i feel
so much
better. save
me. or
don't. i
need to
save myself
now. i
shouldn't have
ever depended
on you.
everyone was
right. i
was wrong.
i hate
being wrong.
jane um...

i forgot what i was gonna say
Fire&Roses I could never remember what was so important. Those first kisses. The first touch. The first time. And everytime after. I wish i could remember every detail. Every line on your face. But all I recall is the sensation of drowning... 030708
ItGirl I want to forget you. Everything you are to me. So I don't hurt. But I remember...

the way you carried me up the stairs and i fell... so hard. But you never saw. the way your eyes go all serious when you're aroused. the way you arouse me.

I remember everynight in those midnight fantasies that will never coem true... I don't want to remember.
Seyah "Such good memories we have..." He said.
"yeah... :)"
"Sector 34." That had been a couple of days ago.
"No, before that." She said, slightly surprised, but not exactly.
He didn't nod but she knew that he did.
"You used to be orange and I used to be green. Now we're both orange :)!"
They used to go for midnight walks where they used to live earlier. Across a hystorical battlefield they didn't even know the name of, to a bus stand. They would pretend it's benches and pillars were a train. They'd race to get the "engine". A long row of neon orange street lights--it was a straight road with no traffic...Their dad used to buy them lollypops. She always chose orange, and he always chose green...
It'd been long since they'd gone into a bus stand. The pillar was black just like it used to be. They were eating ice cream. Both had mango bars, both colored orange.
ashmanzhou i remember now doth thee
find in the place a world to echo thee
and thy feelings i derive
a hatred for thee and thou doth dream
of some other feeling waking being
apart and the same as me
therefore we in finding thee
doth find ourselves
and whatever pain this doth bring
we only remember it now
nick ... remember that you just are... remember that things that are calming and pleasing deserve more reflective thought than those which are upsetting or disrupting in your quest for some inner peace and outer comfort...

Molly All that comes to mind is that cheesy Spock line. 031203
Dawn of Death and Gore fuck remembering

drugs are far better
and so are false beliefs

and prayers to gods that never hear
but the equivalent of imaginary friends

i see but you don't

she won't hold on until the end
and these soft words will never suffice
to satisfy the hunger in her soul....ouch
amanda I remember the first time I saw him. It was magical and he wanted me just as much as I wanted him...its a shame it couldnt last forever. He was so understanding and a gentleman compared to so many of the guys today. I wish there was a way I could tell him I'm sorry for hurting him so. But I can't. All I can do is remember that moment everytime I see him. 040115
somedaysam me?
i used to share
deep meaningful words with you
it's been nearly two years
but i still want to lick
jenny enny dots Remember 9/11/01. The pain their loved ones feel has not gone away. Say a prayer for them. 040128
micky jo remember silly_songs_from_childhood
like Chicken_Lips
...solely from memory just now
urs I remember..... - life is great 040205
urs remember when they broke your heart? why would you ever let anyone do it again? we remember the warmth over the pain. 040205
Kiki what was I going to say? 040209
Lemon_Soda not much

i actually try not to
Webley memories become names, names become people, people become images, images become memories, 040212
chemical everything i can remember and everything i cannot is what made me the fucked up little girl i am today. 040219
minnesota_chris quit making excuses, be the best person you can be. 040226
ambermoon ME 040226
x twisted x there are some things you can never forget. and its funny how most of the things i remember are the things id rather not remember at all. 040412
penelope meeting.
you were beautiful.
i watched you from across the classroom and missed the lecture.

our adventures.
we ended up on the school roof and the cheerleaders caught us.
i sang to you:
"beautiful freak" by the eels.
i wish there were more just like you.

your hurt.
i wasn't prepared for you.

these days
i wonder if you're still around.
i wonder if you made it to college.
i wonder if you're happy.
i wonder why you never called and why you never gave me an address to find you and why you never sent me letters and whether or not you will ever find another girl to take you out for ice cream or to the park to look at the prarie dogs because you say they bring you joy and whether or not you know how much i care and whether or not you know how often i pray for you.
i wonder how you can still make me cry after being gone for so long.

i remember you, but where are you for me?
... Echoes 040413
illusionary_reality my memory plays strange tricks on me. i don't remember anymore, perhaps never did. maybe my mind just invented memories...
to bridge the gaps
and left me with this sudden calm before a storm. something will happen. deja vou. that is all i remember.
pete remember those walks through the woods? you stopped transfixed by the river, unable to move. i climbed the tree to get a better look at the stars. the night shone upon us in that sleepy way that it does. a few bats flittered between the trees, and soon i climbed down to stand beside you. we stared into the river together, not knowing that our hands had found eachother. 040613
Lint Lover I've forgotten to remember all the reasons I wanted to forget you in the first place

Oh,I remember!

Do you remember me?
Cuz I can't forget you
I remember..
sometimes I made it difficult
for you to love me

I remember..
sometimes I made it hard
for you to know me

I remember you
...never letting go
dubh to forget. 040629
lou_la_belle remember the day
the sun
the sky
how the rain fell
in pieces to the ground
remember how it felt
when we smiled and laughed
feeling free and happy
remember the time i took your hand
and told you how much i loved you?
how the moment was perfect
and heavens beamed approval
sending little gifts
of butterflies to tickle our faces
do you remember?
i don't.

it never happened.
and every day,
i wish it had.
Caxton when summer fills the air, and we all become somebody else.
I hope you can remember those days.
I hope you can remember the snowmen in the backyard, and the ice on the car.
I think you can remember the hot chocolate that was left on my desk when we'd roll into my bed late at night and hold eachother forever.
I hope you can remember that I still love you.
And if you don't remember these things come winter, I'll take your hand and remake everything over again.
I'll give you hope so you can fly
I'll never let you fall.
So even the air is warm, and the skies are blue.. I'm always going to remember you..
zanna i remember when things were so much easier. is there a way to ever get back there? 040810
bum bum olivia i really live by remembering things and getting all nostalgic.

the present is overrated.

actually yanno, screw that. i'm in the present right now. haha.
mike remember, remember, remember, remember
is what I always say
because they are usually only using only a corner of their mind
and have forgotten so many details
we should talk less
we would remember more
you should always keep with you the lessons of past lives
and keep remembering
if you learn to remember all those lessons
scrunched up inside you
perhaps you can remember all of eternity
remember, remember, remember, remember
emmi i can recall the day down to the minutest details. i can re-live the scenes in technicolor in my head. i can smell the air we breathed, i can write the words we said, i'll even squint cause i remember how the sun burned into my eyes while yours burned into me. 040906
pete remember death
and how it grows
beneath my slowly
walking feet

remember life
and laugh
at its impermance
and return to death


and i consider that a positive message.. oh pete!
Asai many things, a first smile , a friends laugh. later, helping work the ropes. the insane jobs, oppressing superiors. i remember, a room empty, white and safe. you and I, only one word between us, then i held you. a carefree happiness that i never noticed. your eyes were lighter when they looked at me.

later, midnight on the runway, staggering drunkenly as we sang, moon looked down on us. we were happy still, unknowing of ourselves. a tangle of our own making prepared for the future. that curved road so gravel and i could walk it with my eyes closed.

your troubles. it was none of my business but you were my business then. no. that one wasnt, you never wanted him to be. i still remember. your red hair. i followed. a surprise, your scream. a handcuff on my wrist, biting my flesh. so you want to see what i do? what i do? i didnt but he was beyond it. i remember. a shotgun barrel to the back of my throat. it was cold, and i could taste the metal. you were crying. i didnt ever want to see you cry.

later. perplexed by me, you write. i never thought of it, but you could never tell me. not till orleans. i remember that too. the train mostly, sitting next to you, listening to you breathe as you slept on my shoulder. long nights, on those streets, laughter, but it was muted, subdued somehow. i thought of it as i slept in the bed, unaware of your torment across the room. i never knew until that night again lit by the moon, you let the gate of your soul open to me

later. the night wind of the city winding through the buildings, that fountain, serenity, peace. nothing could have taken it away from me. we stayed there until we could stand no more. i remember. The walk home, your silence. the door clicks and we are home. we speak. not the word we wish to say, but the words that are meaningless. it hits. at the same time, our eyes say what our mouths cannot.

i remember your soft hair, and your smooth skin. the lips that met with mine. all of the thoughts that we could never express with words were so fluently woven by our bodies into a symphony. the notes of our passion and desire were creating the phrases that harmonized our hearts. you said 'im yours' and you were. we were one.

I look back now and think of what horrors we were thrown to, the winds battering us against the rocks, before we had yet left port. your heart i know, is shattered. mine is similarly cleaved. but perhaps, thinking back to the times when the sun shone brightest, smiling at us, together where we were laughing under azure sky, we can take our weathered and cracked pieces and, with each other, make a whole.
god i belong to the pepsi generation and i can take it or leave it each time. 041010
In The Dark Remeber The Time When We Danced The Night Away? Remember When You Told Me You Loved Me? Remember The Night We Were Told,"'Til Death Do Us Part"? Remeber The Date? March 25th? Remeber The First Kiss? Remember The Last Dance? Remember The Drive Home?

=To Have So Many Great Memories.=
And To Forget In A Blink Of An Eye.
tyler g i wish i could erase my memories of you, when i saw you walking down the hall with the sun behind you, you used to be an angel to me, now satan. when you and i walked around for hours at school, both of us waiting for me to ask you out. when we spent long nights on the phone, you obviously crying, me, not so much. when we went on the hike at outdoor ed, and we met, the halloween skating party where everybody thought we liked each other(that night i realized that i did, and i think you told me that you did too). the last time i saw your face, and a day later when we talked on the phone, this time i was the only one crying, you were sad beyond tears. I wish you had never come into my life, yet the experience has helped me to help friends with anger and feeliings of helplessness, my parents can and will never understand, and so many friends that are closer to me than i am to them because i know that they will either tell me to seek help or they will seek help for me. the pain you have caused me to change myself incredibly, i hang out with different people, talk differently, never say phrases you used to say, such as,"hows life?" and i change my body to make room for visible scars and invisible self hate. The world seems to leave me to be alone, yet i know that if you ever return, i will not be able to contain my emotions and it will only make healing harder and make all the healing so far worthless. I cried because you cried andi couldnt standto see you sad. i never really knew why you had to move, but i suspect it had to do with your parents' jobs. fuck them. they were so fucking selfish. i wish we could switch parents so that you could live a better life here with friends and i could hate your parents and verbally bash them whenever i pleased and to their assugly faces. I contemplated suicide, thought about the most mentally damaging things, i got drunk every other day because i could forget you while drunk and while hung over. i have tried to get my hands on some pot, but cant find anyone at school who could supply it. I want two yous so that i can kill one and love the other because that is how i feel about you. i am angry that you kissed the other tyler at the end of school party while we were still going out. i know you liked him and were bored with me, but given more freedom and summer, we could have had a blast. i wish that i could move to your new school and leave all my asshole friends behind. because you would be the one person that i know at the school, you would be my first friend. i want so badly to be able to change history, just one chance, but i know it is impossible. i try to make the best of life as it is but cant becuase of my mind. i think thoughts like, if humans live to continue their existance, then what is the point?, and many other suicidal thougths. i want life to include you me, and nothingness. fuck i miss you 050419
tyler g im better, but i realized while i was writing here, that i might never get better and that i need to get used to this pain. im ok, its just harder for me to mentally survive than others 050420
almost doesnt count Do you remember the time we went to flushing
and i got mad at you
because we missed the bus?

Do you remember the time you tried to cake my nose
but you missed and got my hair?

Do you remember the way you hugged me from behind
and i would turn my head back to kiss you?

Do you remember?
it's 3 a.m.
and I remember.
when darkness falls unearthing distant memories of a troubled bond, i most assuredly think of the day we met. the random circumstance that would turn into a loving co-existence. i remember all the good times; i don't remember the bad times. i don't want to remember the bad times. like you always said to me, think happy thoughts.... god i miss you... sometimes more, sometimes so bad that i want to scream off the top of my lungs that i want you back... i now, more than ever realize how much of a mistake it was letting you go... letting you disappear from my life 050710
jamie tyler i read what you wrote, i dont think you know, but i went trough all the things you went through

its been a long time but i hope i can see you sometime

and your a lier about you trying to get your hands on some pot and that i was bored with you

you're the best sex iv had and you were a blast

im very sorry about my parents

call me please, you know the fuckin number just like i know yours off the top of my head

take it easy on the pot when im in town okay?
! i wish you could remember the good things
and forget the bad things
who i am doesnt matter anymore i started to remember the things i have forgotten. as if i was thinking back on a past life. it all seemed as if i was looking in on someone else's life, are you sure that was me? i dont remember her, and i cant put a picture of her face in my mind. i dont remember walking in those shoes, and i cant remember what it felt like. as the years go by i begin to remember less. it begins to scare me, the thought of not remembering who i used to be. i think i liked her, i miss her strength, her joy, her laughter. when i remember her, i feel as if im dead now. what happend? i cant remember. 051225
sherrila do you remember when i was shaped like you? 060204
viator i cant remember my blather names, at least i remember my own name. oh wait. damn. no i cant. remember the good old days? 060321
kalgy remember dream memory, lost darkness relapse. falling, dancing eternally. wake-up, remember. 060321
Caerdia When I'm dead will you remember all the things I've tried to say? 060322
bradderz Maybe. 060322
falling_alone i suppose i give people the impression that i have a short term memory
i become more and more like leonard from memento every day, post it notes, writing on every inch of my hand, strings around my finger that i only forget what they are for, a tattoo is even planned so i never forget a certain period in my life.
funny how i can remember all the little things, though, that everyone else seems to forget.
Twist9 Me on beach with sand,
there we sat hand in hand
Never did we stop to think
of all that is on the brink
of time and place
in rhyme and space
we sit and come to find our place.

He awoke from his rememberances and_he_lives
kalgy Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder, treason and plot,
I see of no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
gja i cant 061221
Vendetta remember remember the 5th of November. the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be
four 4, four 070122
sword yar !

thats a sing song... guess which one
did that time we rode the roller coaster at six flags? it was that one time where I didn't care whether you liked me or not. well maybe a little bit. ok a lot. I wanted to you too. I still want you to. that was what two years ago? pitifulsorta. but someday... either you'll move toward me or I'll move on. 070520
kuffsleeve how about one flag for one planet ?

or do you want to be more intelligent ?

For example: put a fence up and block out the people that have nothing, corner people, make people hate each other, use people, put a value on a diamond and then tell me how much it is to buy happiness.

hate breads hate... hate makes death and unhappiness to the living.

what else ?
you want to read another book, another sick newspaper? an aricle about a gay boy being beaten by 3 homophobic male wankers?
whatever turns you on.
personally i would prefer not to fund negativity.

and you can tell me that i am thick also, i'm not intelligent enough to have a tank.
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backflip heello there, dat is my name, is it your intention to be unoriginal or something?

backflip heello there, dat is my name, is it your intention to be unoriginal or something?

backflip heello there, dat is my name, is it your intention to be unoriginal or something?

backflip heello there, dat is my name, is it your intention to be unoriginal or something?

no reason remembering you and wondering 071019

why do people have to pay to borrow money ?
why do people have to even borrow money ?
where does value come from ?
if you like the idea of money why can't you just print more of it and just simply give it to people, what is the difference whether you are borrowing or not ?
You CAN NOT put a value on life so why value anything else ?

people have always ridiculed me for being unrealistic, but somehow i never understood how i AM unrealistic. You don't need to go to the inns and outs of politics to see simple truths. I just don't understand how this world operates, i never have.

at the same time why do people waste their TIME in a factory producing fake flowers and leaves when they could just simply be outside in a REAL garden, talking to REAL flowers. CALL ME TWISTED, if you think time has value then don't fucking do stupid things like produce 100 different brands of coke.

this is a SADIST planet because why ?
maybe because people are afraid to change, maybe because people are greedy, maybe because people are blind, maybe because it's.....
CATCH 22 - CRISS CROSS fucked up merr merr i've got a certificate to prove it planet.

i feel like pulling my eyeballs out and screaming until i have no voice left.
?!? what does that rant have to do with "Remember"? 071108
ZERO remember its not your fault you live in SADIST planet, its no ones fault, therefore no one should do anything about it. 071109
up yours excwuse me, why is almost all money signs crossed out ? like $ for example, it's not a solution is it ! 071109
hsg dead_friends


love_serve_and_remember too... to.. love_serve_and_remember do_you_remember one_spirit
In_Bloom How can I forget and why would I want to? 081004
blown cherry I can't remember being as happy as I was in those photos taken barely 2 days ago. I can't imagine every being so happy again. This panicked sadness is engulfing me totally. 090526
*P Nick

*I remember

enough to know

I could not stay

even tho I wanted to

it hurt SO MUCH

seeing You with



maybe God

can tell You?


I miss You too

Doar Remember me when I am gone away.
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you planned:
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray.

Yet if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
For if the darkness and corruption leave
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad.

Christina Rossetti (1830 - 1894)

Jerome Oh boy, do I remember. I remember the night when instead of spooning her, which I did every night, I instead rolled over and put my back to hers. My final stand at having her initiate tonight's affections. 5 more minutes and I'll cave. 2 more minutes and I'll cave...but I was exhausted and fell asleep. When I awoke, we lay unmoved. And now, a year and a half after parting ways, I still remember that night in her bed. A wasted opportunity smoosh my stomach into her warm back, run my hand up and down her tan thigh, to smell her hair. I remember old nights all throughout new nights and it hurts. When I roll over, she's still not there, but I like to imagine she is. 110218
flowerock every_day_is_a_good_day

my dad says this. I always liked it. It makes sense to say this everyday. the best response to "how was your day?" or "how are you?" kind of questions.
what's it to you?
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