florescent light the bus driver flirted with me....
I made friends with a blind girl...
The store clerk said my jacket was nice...
I had lunch with a good friend - and it was delicious.
I wore my sparkley sneakers.
I helped my friend edit her grad school admission essay.
I saw Ed.
pat sajak i died 010206
florescent light the bus driver (a different one) stopped en route to pick me up when he saw I was running late for the bus.

I found a really great place, Morris Hall, on campus, where you can get the best salads.

my new sneakers were hurting my feet, and upon my request, my roommate brought to campus my old sneakers, and he took the new pair off my hands by carrying them in his bookbag.
florescent light The director of my internship said he appreciated the comments I had made at the staff meeting 010207
dreary we got out of school early
i saw a hot girl in leather pants
i got gas money
my internet friends that are girls are so sweet, i love them
i hung out with my dear friends
i went to happy chef and saw waitresses
i watched Orgazmo
birdmad retrieved important stuff from crashed computer

edited most of the continuity problems out of my novel

revised the design for the ankh tattoos i want to get on my forearms

found out that Katrina is coming to visit this week

found ny first earring after it had been missing for months
kx21 getting more closer to the STAR(s) and moving further away from the SHIT(s)... 010208
Sintina The sun was shining, the air was clean, it was a beautiful day for a walk.
People laughed at my Audio project (I meant for them to laugh).
I got an e-mail from a good friend.
Matt and me were just chipper and happy and huggy.
My Audio Professor liked my idea.
He said it could maybe go on the JSU radio station sometime.
I'm wearing clothes that are new and look better than the ones I wore yesterday.
My hair is pretty today.
There's noone watching me at work, so I can be online.
FALLing into place the part of me, that I thought I would never let go ... you ... finally heard the news. It was almost a relief to me, after my face turned beat red. But it was out. and Im glad you know, it was a burden taken off of my shoulders. and now you and I can flirt childishly, and no feelings will be hurt. I am so very happy that we reconnected our "friendship bond," if you will. And even though you are now in Chicago, I still love you. I am ever so pleased that you stopped by on your last night in Roch. 010209
florescant light

Bus drivers are still great....
Salads are still salivating my salivatory glands
chanaka a stranger smiled at me 010212
florescent light bus driver who flirts with me invited me out to lunch. 010213
Joana. Inquired on a stranger's life
And have become friends with her
He lulled me back to sleep
And I am shielded by nice dreams again
Good day, yes :-)
stranger i smiled at a freak today 010213
raechel It rained.
I got to see Brad even if it was only for 2 minutes tops.
I am home by myself.
School seemed to go by fast.
Not much else.
I'm cynical.
G_wiz13 I got a pic from my girlfreind mmmmmmm... 010213
pat sajaks ghost Collected Lyrics of Roger Keith 'Syd' Barrett
Harvest Records, SHSP 4007, November 1970
Baby Lemonade
Love Song
It Is Obvious
Gigolo Aunt
Waving My Arms in the Air
I Never Lied to You
Wined and Dined
Effervescing Elephant
In the sad town
cold iron hands clap
the party of clowns outside
rain falls in gray far away
please, please, Baby Lemonade

In the evening sun going down
when the earth streams in, in the morning
send a cage through the post
make your name like a ghost
please, please, Baby Lemonade

I'm screaming, I met you this way
you're nice to me like ice
in the clock they sent through a washing machine
come around, make it soon, so alone...
please, please, Baby Lemonade

In the sad town
cold iron hands clap
the party of clowns outside
rain falls in gray far away
please, please, Baby Lemonade

In the evening sun going down
when the earth streams in, in the morning
send a cage through the post
make your name like a ghost
please, please, Baby Lemonade
peyton_&_rhin My head nearly exploded talking on the phone..

The world started to spin.. and I could barely remember where I was or who was with me..

My God it was great..

Rhin & Peyton + one. 010220
Dafremen I woke up and saw that my wife and kids were still alive and I was too.

My son smiled at me and said "Good Morning Dad!"

I had a good conversation on SysOpt and blathered a bit.

My wife picked out some nice clothes for me this morning then patted my ass and called me her "Cochinadito Peludo".

She made me a banana and Chocolate Milkshake, then later she made me some breakfast.

Katie Couric finally realized how haggard she's been looking and got herself made over. I was glad for her, she's been slipping since her husband died.

My kids all gave me a hug and a kiss on the way out the door to catch the bus.

My wife showed me a test my son (he's in first grade) brought home the night before and it was a perfect grade in spelling. I was so proud!

I got to work and everything was great. I even found a 50 dollar bill in my wallet.(My wife is so wonderful to me!)

Did I mention I woke up again this morning? Life is wonderful.

I bet the afternoon will be too!
silentbob i saw her and she smiled 010220
unhinged right
good things....
i sat in a lecture about sonata form, ummm..oops, i mean sonata process this morning.
that's pretty pathetic when that's all i can find good in my day.
florescent light (today & yesterday)

got to wear my new sunglasses
bought double chocolate fudge brownie ice cream
bought fudge cake
made an appointment to highlight my hair
went out with new friends

going out with old friends
met a college radio DJ on the bus, who gave me a shout out, and then asked me on a date.
had a good lunch, from which my body is still humming.
it's a crisp, clear night, the stars beautiful.
inferiority_complex did the mall rat thing with people i liked

we all got along

even though there was a like discrepancy
twiggie i got pizza and played pictionary in math (oh so fun!).
i have no work to worry about over vacation! AHHH happy happy happy
i'm going to make my room a nice place to come back to from montana
i got to watch blues clues!
d walked slowly while it was snowing and
snowflakes were caught on my apple.

drank 3 cups of goood coffee and felt my eyeballs buzz in their sockets for a bit.
mike i didn't see you!!!! 010222
twiggie something very good...put me in such a wonderful mood...although i don't have anyone to share my wonderful mood with. if i could elaborate, i would, but it's a secret.
i like secrets sometimes. this is one of those times.
florescent light blah...... 010304
florescent light Life sucks...

I'm not even gonna try
k&aj we went to school and they told us to go home as soon as we got there.
we rented 6 movies and watched 2. and now we have enough to last us the rest of the night.
we snuggled with our snow day buddy. and another good friend.
we made cinnamon buns and tater tots.
it's going to snow forever and we still will graduate on june 10.
we're going to romp in the snow later.
and play with pictures.
we have someone to spend our snowed-in week with.
Im sorry sometimes I just cant help myself I know well, today in my lovely home town of San Diego, I released a little of the tension that's been building up. it may have been at the price of two young lives, but man do I feel like a weight has been lifted! 010305
florescent light I had a snow day today too.
Classes are canceled today, and all day tomorrow.
I am psyched cause I had an exam and hadn't studied.

About to go out now to celebrate our snow days.

Hope not to be buried alive by the monsoons.
birdmad since i overslept and wouldn't have time to walk to work i needed to call a cab, the cab was right at my gate thirty seconds after i stepped out the door

two emails from Katrina, i'm glad things are going well for her where she is know, but damn, i miss her

at this rate i might make it to payday with cash left over

i got most of the continutity issues from my manuscript ironed out

figured out that i've lost another two pounds (need to lose a few more)
mikey i woke up.
i finally started blathering! been putting it off now i wish i had started long ago. hmmm other good things....hmm hmm i blathered all night and i feel alot better about things now then i did last night.
Tank you said we... 010306
mikey Tank thats always a great moment isnt it? 010306
blue star One of my guy friends called me and was hanging all over me in school today(I think he likes me but I don't like him like that but it's flattering anyway)

Another guy has been obsessed w/ me for a week(I don't like him either, but it's still flattering)

Both of these things are very unusual... for me especially. So I though they were worth noting.
mikey im the touchy feely type!

you must not know people like me!
Peyton & Chocolate!
startfires since the airports always almost always empty this time of the year we went and played on the baggage carosel. and we set our watches forward like we were just arriving here from a place we left and a past we knew so well. hold on to the corners of today. 010307
startfires i didnt actually do that.

i went to get my $39 alignment done and found out my car needs $724 worth of work for me to be able to safely drive to minneapolis this weekend. and im not gonna fix it and im gonna go anyways.
nocturnal slept through chemistry, but turns out we did nothing and half the class didn't show up. so, since I had some extra time before my next class, I decided to get some wendy's. that always makes me happy. then, I went to the campus store and they were playing A New Found Glory, one of my favourite bands. that made me very happy because they usually play crap. then we had a quiz in calculus, but cormac (the TA) left the answers on the board for us, I love that guy! and now all I have to do is wait to go home tomorrow!!! 010308
ubliss Found a proven way to Heaven for Everything... 010308
twiggie i caught up with some friends i haven't talked to in months.
i smiled.
i got to talk to you.
i have a big candy cane!
there was a couch sleepover in photography first hour.
Dafremen I woke up again this morning and took a deep breath....ALIVE!

I went to kiss my wife on the forehead before I went to my PC, but she was sleeping so peacefully and looked so much like an angel that I just smiled and touched her hair instead.

I finally made my point on a message board I like. Not only on the Gun Control issue, but the ADD issue as well.

I downloaded the song "Thank U" off of Napster, it had been playing in my head all night and I can't get a song out of my head until I hear it.

I used Napster and it still works!!!(For now!)

My daughter Leti came up the stairs and said "Good Morning." That was nice.

I played a few games of Quake2 and I didn't have to deal with any of those little twerps that like to call people fag and stuff. I like a good clean skillz game.

My daughter Carmen came upstairs and gave me a hug. That was really nice too.

My daughter Stefanie came up and listened to Thank U with me.(I had already played it about 50 times in a row.) Then we listened to the Cranberries for awhile, then I broke the Megadeth CD back out and played some more Q2.

I hugged my son David sooooo hard, then we listened to Tears In Heaven.(He likes that song, ever since I told him the story of what happened to Eric Clapton's son.)

I cried. It was nice. Only music can do it to me, and only a few songs, but boy when it comes, it just GUSHES all over the place. Good for the soul.

I kissed and hugged all of my children and watched them run to catch the bus to school.

I hugged my wife VERY hard this morning too. I had just imagined what life would be like for her if I were to die and leave her broke with 4 kids. She's so brave to have teamed up with me. She deserved at LEAST a big hug.

I blathered with you the way did I mention?

I'm ALIVE!!!!
mikey that was good reading. that was very good reading.

ive played Quake. then played Unreal tournament. now im playing Half_life: Counter Strike
monadh my brothers play those games ('cept Quake)
they make levels for Unreal
I have only played a bit
dB I didn't have a heart attack. 010313
monadh that was good reading
forgot to mention it Dafreman
monadh it rained
is still raining
we need a lot of rain
dB Dafremen, so you feel better today? Good shit. 010313
twiggie my likkle sister is enjoying her birthday.
i'm eating thin mints! (although results of eating cookies won't be good in the end. but i don't care!)
i got my SAT and ACT packets and i'm going to fill them out by Monday.
i had a good lunch, except for the topics being discussed.
my kitty did his little purr/meow thing when i came in the room. it was cute.
they are going to make my hair blue in my school photo for the yearbook with photoshop!!
monadh blue hair is too wicked
wish I was born with it
and blue skin and lips too
that would be wonderful
monadh found a deeper understanding
for a song I am learning on my fiddle
solved a problem I was having
designing a site
had a wonderful supper
yummy home-made fries
and I didn't have to cook them
jem i found the hair shampoo that smells really good
i borrowed a monty python movie from a friend
i talked to my ex bf and said some things ive been meaning to say
a friend said i was cute
i finally found the bach sonatta i was looking for, and it wasnt too expensive
i woke up with my dog licking my nose
i bought the At The Drive In album
i ate a banana
the cute punk guy on my bus winked at me... again!
twiggie emily gave me a labyrinth soundtrack tape she stole. 010314
mikey which monty python movie? i watched the Holy Grail last night on my computer on DvD heehee 010314
twiggie my mom took me out to eat for breakfast before school and i had a waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. 010314
twiggie my hair was blue, in the front, but it didn't last very long because it wasn't bleached enough. it was a gorgeous colour blue too.
now it's faded and rather sad looking.
i wish i could have deep midnight blue hair.
blue skin and lips would be nice too...i just painted a girl with frost blue skin. and i found a picture of deep blue lips.
jem my hair was purple for a while... well just the ends. and it made my white school uniform shirt purple on the collar. it faded fast though. ive been meaning to dye it again but i need a job first, and i have to look kinda normal for that. blue is such a pretty colour... so is red
it was the quest for the holy grail. i love this movie!
she turned me into a newt!
a newt?
...i got better.....
alkalinepixie i spoke to you. we talked fer hours. 010314
johnny west I screamed for the first time in a long time. It felt fantastic. 010314
monadh I had such a wonderful day
felt like giving
the whole world
a great big hug
nocturnal I found out Nick, one of my favouritest people in the world might be transferring to my school next year. I really think he'd like it better than where he is now, plus I just think he's cool and want him to go to school w/ me. I'm so excited!!! 010314
mikey i got the job ive been trying for! =o) 010315
florescent light I bought a new pair of black pants for work. 010315
johnny west I got no sleep and was pleasantly disoriented all day. 010316
jem congrats mikey! 010316
florescent light I didn't die 010316
chanaka i got chocolate covered espresso beans. for free. i guess that's my payment for working my ass off and getting 4.85 and hour. 010317
ysbeidiau-heulog I did nothing.
It was nice.
jem i went to the clinic to find that i DONT have to get my tonsils out
i only have strep throat

i finished a book i was reading
i finally got a hold of a friend to wish her happy birthday
i bought the fragile by nin
i slept in till 10
pipergirl I did two weeks worth of laundry
I rode my horse today and she whinnied "hi!" when I drove up
I looked in the mirror and saw I'm still beautiful even tho I need to lose 5 pounds
I painted my toes pink
I saw a bunch of brite yellow Daffodils
I played Chutes & Ladders with my little sister

Yay for life!
florescent light I gave them all hugs. 010319
stupidpunkgirl evan called (even though i think it was because he was bored)
rich made me a mix tape
mike c. said he'd jump off the roof of my house (it's high) for my photo project.
evan and bobby might come up to visit this weekend.
i finally got my poetry paper turned in (only 3 weeks late i think?)
twiggie i watch the my little ponies movie.
i went shopping and got shiny things from the jewelry store, lotion and lip gloss, yummy food, and lots of stuff at the art supply store!
today was a very good day.
chanaka i went to see a fucking awesome movie
i want to make out with jude law. a lot
Justin I had some chicken salad that Mom made. 010408
mmm i talked the prime minester of canada out of wanting to invading mexico.. i told him there was nothin for him to gain from mexico... and it would be hard to make it through america w/ out loosin quite a few troops to our warmer climate 010408
Photophobe I didn't wake up with a hangover.
I wasn't late for anything.
I remembered to do my wshing.
I didn't think of her too much.
I blnked back all my tears before going out.
I managed to fool everyone (for thier benefit, not mine).
My friend called just to say hi, and check I'm ok.
I had chips with gravy, all for me.
I accepted the fact that I live beyond my means.
I found a way to pay my debts.
I still haven't cried.(today)
I still haven't called her.(today)
I blathed.
Casey I sat, relaxed, and made 40 bucks doing it. 010705
silentbob whatd you do casey? 010706
yummyC i just realized how great hawaii is and how wonderful life can be and how much fun I had with Erica and everyone this year...and I can't wait to see everyone and I wan to see all my friends and oh my god I am so happy and I don't know why or how this came about....
i think hearing all those good things made me happy....
life is wonderful, please don't let me commit suicide...
nocturnal I read something that made me think even LESS of our prez. ya know, I bet the W in George W. really stands for wise. 010709
yummychuckle i like this page.
~florescent light confirmed that she will see me tomorrow!
~i got my photos! two rolls, baby, and pictures of me and logan and uh...other people...
~had a good convo with my dads g/f
~I sang along even though my voice isnt great, and no one had to hear me.
~i wrote letters to friends I had almost forgotten, and people I havent spoken to in a very long time.
~a friend who i havent heard from in a while wrote me, asking what was wrong. How did she know I would be upset at the time i opened the email? nuts...
~I realized how cute my baby sister is.
~I took a walk in the pretty forest.

~I accepted my insane sanity.
florescent light I went to Greenwhich Villiage with my friend Kathy whom I've known since I was 8. 010714
lost I realized I love my boyfriend and today im one day closer to being able to see him again.
I got a visit from a little friend after i was FREAKING out over something that would suck if it happened.
Ashley came to see me at home unexpectedly and I cheered her up after the breakup.
Im alive
Aimee I woke up in the arms of the most wonderful man alive. I went to class and understood counterpoint. I went to work and they told me to go to sleep and I went home and laid down next to him again. He woke me up with a kiss, and then we went to lunch... he walked me to class. I was asked to become a piano tutor. I came back to my room... i got free chocolate... and earned a dollar at dinner(didn't even have to table dance)... that's about it. 011011
barbiturate i had some guy i don't know yell at me and call me a filthy, good-for-nothing liar about 50 times in a row. it was pretty funny. 011011
sheryl terrorists didn't release biological/nuclear warefare onto my workplace.
I finally found Jose Lorenzo's chart.
Fallen Hero i had a bloddy nose bleed. three of them actually. Pun intended 011012
niki i woke up...seems pretty good right now 011012
Toxic_Kisses I woke up w/ Fido (my cat) snuggling agents me az the new_acdc_song played on the radio ("For those about to fight")
I read all the good_things_that_happenedto_me_today and am now in an even better mood
Toxic_Kisses Sex after-glow
Taking a shower w/ Him
Eating toast and eggs I didnít have to make
Delish home made plum jelly
Snuggling b4 he had to go
And I think Stars wished me a good morning ^.^
I'm just positively glowing w/ happiness!
yummychuckle my clothes are comfy
the baby is asleep
im going to mail a mexican jumping bean to kingsuperspecial
i haven't heard from zack yet, whew
tonight i can escape to ericas house and sleep.
mark (moms b/f) is gone
its quiet.
my birthday is soon

what was that noise????
soul Didn't fall over at ice skating lessons.

Got new socks.

My cuts on my ankles are healing.

got these cool rings at paddington market. They rock!

Me and my boyfriend got back together, although more sex obsessed than before, and i do not mind one bit.

Had some fun on the wheely chairs and laughed at the shittalker.
yummyC woke up from a wonderful dream, made henna tattoos with best friend,
i'm just happy.
only_tuesday rich called me at work.
went over to his house.
sat on the couch and watched the simpsons
while we drank boone's and a 40.
Toxic_Kisses Got wished Good_Morning cleaned out an old E-mail account oh and I almost forgot Sex! ^.^ 011218
ClairE I read this list.

I'm alive.

That in itself is more than anything I could write.

I'm listening to Patti_Smith.

Someone misses me.

I didn't have to get dressed.

I did anyway.

My friends are trying to help me out. I love them for it.

Eh, I am planning on doing my work. That is usually good.

I am out of form. I used to make a "happy_list" at the end of every day. Too bad I haven't been keeping a journal lately.

Oh, and I found out sphinxradio got into NYU. And whoknows gave me chocolate during our fire_drill (that lasted 45 minutes).
Annie111 (Another) bus driver dropped me off where I was supposed to be to catch the right bus.

I didn't go to school (that is also a bad thing)

I was in NYC

I didn't have to see two people who I need a break from at the moment.

I_fell_in_love with winter

I had a cinnamon roll...ooh, it was good.
cube what i want to know is, what happened to the bus driver? did you go out when he asked you? you didn't say
Toxic_Kisses little "fuck-mes" whip master has offerd to spank me ^.^
hydrochloric puppy reconized the movie I was talking about (SOYLENT GREEN)
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge is suposedly here(is_anyone_here_and_awake)
just your average blatherskite said my name in blathes_youd_like_to_see
Oh GtG! BBL!
yummyC i had a dream with this sexy BoY in it... wrote a nice poem...listened to kittie...ate cinnamon rolls...this stupid guy i used to like is trying to make conversation with me (ah, the tables have turned)...i'm talking to johnny west (that sexy bitch), god liked my noises. 011227
lady lunchbox *my kitty gave me kisses this morning
*i went shopping with my cousin
*that stupid old lady in the parking lot didn't hit my car (but she almost did)
*i bought twister (the game)
*i played twister with my mom, and i let her win
*i took a bubble bath that lasted fOrEvEr
*i baked some cookies for lorenzo
*lorenzo came home safely
*he called, and now i can go to bed and dream some good dreams
ClairE Two words: naked_pics. Oh, yes. 020104
lady lunchbox ok, yesterday:
~ he told me he's falling in love with me
~ i ate taco bell food
~ he ate dinner with me and my family, and they liked him alot
~ my momma told me she loved me
~ i didn't hit that herd of deer that was crossing the road
~ renz didn't rear-end me when i slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting said deer
~ i listened to my cake cd twice ;)
~ i came back to school (also on the "bad things" list)
~ first day of graphic design class lasted for 20 minutes. oh, yeah. :P
~ my poor, old, sick fish finally went to the fishy heaven in the sky. he's in a better place where his fins won't fall off anymore. may he rest in peace.
lady lunchbox good things on january 9, 2002:
(a day that i will never forget)

*my throat didn't hurt too much
*bowling class was cancelled ;)
*i found out that i had class with wolverine again this semester!
*lorenzo decided to stay in my room from now on (sorta)
*he asked me to move in with him!!!!
*he told me he loves me!!!!!!!!

life is very, very good
ClairE Life. 020111
kelli crane my boyfriend rubbed my forhead and put me to sleep. 020112
kelli crane my boyfriend rubbed my forhead and put me to sleep 020112
Casey I watched MST3K, it was the one with the movie Final Sacrifice. Then I hug out, then I met some friends at pizza hut. Then I went to Erica's house and we played 500, and Dirty Words. Then we talked about college and our art teachers super sperm. 020112
lady lunchbox *renz fixed me up a bowl of cereal while i was in the shower ;)
*i got all nice and dirty when we did pen and ink in drawing class
*we stole a quickie before my roomie came back from class
*i got a good parking spot right outside the dorm
*i had a great english class, and i finally decided to just speak my mind whenever i have something to say, instead of being so shy
lady lunchbox * i bought a new monitor for my puter....
* i'm gonna play a game of quake3 to try out my new monitor ;)
* i washed my car all by myself, and there aren't any waterspots on the car!!
* my daddy paid for the gas i put into my car
* i ate dinner with a new friend
* i'm gonna get drunk with another new friend :)
* renz is gonna come sleep in my bed after he's done getting drunk and stupid :-D
Arwyn I found the perfect wedding dress.

I found out I may be able to buy my perfect wedding dress from the designer.

I got my violin back

I spent an hour gazing into my husband-to-be's eyes... mmmm
lady lunchbox first of all, congrats on the impending nuptuals, arwyn!! :-)

now for my good things:
*last nite, he told me something i had really, really been wanting to hear
*graphic design class only lasted for twenty minutes, so i got to climb back in bed with lorenzo for an hour and a half. life is good.
*renz brought me lunch....ham and cheese is yummy!!
*i've been to two formal rush meetings, and i'm making all kinds of friends. now, the question is, do i go with delta zeta or alpha sigma tau?? help!!
Teenage Jesus two_words: free hydrocodone
(10mg, no less!!)
little wonder i just have this nice feeling of contentment.

i'm going to get my scholarship applications in on time.

everything is just looking so nice for the near future...
lady lunchbox * i sat thru three classes and my tummy didn't growl once
*i got an e-mail saying that my new mac is being shipped tomorrow!
*i did a good drawing in art class today
no reason found out that i'm a number 7
then a number 4
then a number 7
skipped my pointless lecture
saw a friend i haven't seen in awhile
she makes me feel good
saw another friend who i've seen more recently
i like being around her
decided i can do shooters instead of shots
but i still don't like broken down golf cart
optic discretion nothing at all ... 020129
good people i stole some goggles from the chemistry room... hehehehe 020130
little idiot no more metal in my mouth.
letters from distant friends.
confidence rose.
lady lunchbox *i am now officially pledging for delta zeta!!! yay!! i'm gonna be a sorority chick!! :o)
*i slept in and missed my drawing class...cuz i have no discipline (sorry, inside joke)
*oh, yeah...they had tacos at the dining hall for dinner
lady lunchbox *i'm drunk. vodka is my friend.
*my boyfriend got drunk somewhere else, but he still came home to me.
*i went to sheetz (mildly drunk) to get lorenzo a schmagel at 2 in the morning, and i didn't get pulled over by the cops. hey, it was only 2 blocks.
*i bought candyland at walmart for $6. enough said.
lady lunchbox * i set up my new mac yeseterday...and it's really awesome. ok, that was yesterday.
* he told me a bunch of really nice things that made me feel better about life
* i got a B on my foundations of design project!! yay!!
pushpins i JUST realized that i thought my weekend would be boring, but my schedule is packed with A party, a BLOCK party, and some private partying with jaysen.

i found a guy i REALLY like. i mean he is funny, smart, funny, smart, and has collarbones to die for. plus hes not an asshole. at all.

i just got half of a peice of pizzzaaa.

eve drew a really funny picture on the board (im at school)

tyson almost hugged me and he NEVER hugs. it was more of a lean though.

i just snapped the BEST photo of my friends in their natural state.

i didnt think about nick at all today until just now. which i guess isnt all that much since its only about 12 or something.

I had a zillion dreams last night, and NONE of them incorporated a zombie. unless i forgot about which case its still all good. (see: zombies)

my friends are fighting. but ONLY about how rikitikitembo and how its spelled. and then i realized that its from that story where a boy falls in a well and almost dies because his name is too long for this kid to recite to the dudes parents. ahahhahaahaha!!!!!

my teacher is ranting about another teacher using the intercom and its hilarious.

i've written too much. and this i ime its a GOOD thinG!!!!!!!


i love johnny
sabbie november moved in this morning.
becclebee is comming over later this afternoon and we are dying her hair and then unpacking her bbq picnic basket. shes bought lots of yummy things for tea.

and its only midday yet...
like rain. we rode in her car, windows down and smoke filling up the static air in between. we laughed, smoking, hayley in her pretty sweater, ten thousand hours ahead of us before the consummation of a friday.

there were pep rallies and shortened classes, and you flinging your hair over your shoulder in between, and i tried to pretend that i hadn't been looking.

it was just us on the right home, and we both felt its urgency in her car on the way to your dad's office, and when we were sitting side beside in your green expedition, we just listened to the music.

you told me to call tonight, so i did, and we were down seventeen (you took your sweater off in the car). we sauntered down the aisles of harris teeter with boxes of cereal under our arms, smiled at the cashiers and lit the bowl in the parking lot.

i'll see you tomorrow, in the woods around a bonfire, holding plastic cups and huddling around the keg. i'll see you tomorrow, and i don't know what songs it will bring.

my ears are pricked and ready to listen.
lady lunchbox yesterday:
*i got what i wanted, although it took a bit too much bitching
*i went to a formal ball in my prom dress from junior year and it still fit me!!
*at said ball, i got my picture taken with three of my sorority sisters
*also at said ball, i danced for like the first time ever!! i sucked, but it's ok!
*i drank some boone's that i didn't have to pay for!!

*it wasn't cold when i got out of bed
*renz and i disrupted yet another campus tour
*i drank a coke
*i went to borders and found an awesome graphic design book
*we went to dinner with his parents at a very very nice restaurant
*his dad told me that i'm like part of the family
*i blathered for almost 3 hours. time for bed.
ilovepatsajak a hippy told me i was beautiful and i shouldn't go sticking things through my skin 020217
lady lunchbox wow, haven't good things been happening to people lately???

well, i've been away. good things have happened, but i won't bore everyone. no one cares.

today i:
* saw my keyboarding teacher from 7th grade, and she remembered me
*went shopping and got some cool shit
*bought my bathroom stuff for my new apartment!!! yay!!
*ate some nasty greasy long john silver's food and i didn't get sick
yummyC 1. my moms boyfriend wasn't an asshole.

that is all.
kerry **won a soccer game, did a cool trick and my friends go, "whoa, kerry! take her to school!"


**hmm... oh, and listened to midtown and veruca salt and get up kids for about an hour. that makes a good day i guess.
lady lunchbox *he called me!! yay!!!
*i went to another baby shower, and i didn't cry at this one!
*i put in an application for a blather_husband.

jon_dog played basketball
mitch picked me up for creative writing and then bought me a coffee because he felt sorry for me not having any money
talked to dad on the phone
got a bank loan so i have money now
listened to my new CD called trains of winnipeg
it snowed
it was warm outside
ilikefood I listened to They Might Be Giants.
I drove with the windows down.
I cemented plans for Friday.
I got lots of compliments on my photography.
I wore my cool blue pants and my green sneakers which make me happy.
My lucky charms watch still works.
I didn't mess up my solo.
I got a phone call.
I ate a banana.
I lived through today... that's good enough for me.
Ariadani finally home from chicago, so i got to sleep in my own room last night.

i had singing rehersal all day, so i didnt have school. Not only that, but i got to sing!

i talked to a friend of mine who i havnt talked to in a while, since he's going to school in michigan, and he's going to have a joint birthday party with another friend of mine when he comes to visit in a month.

i got to spend lots of time with the person i would prefer to spend time the most with right now. And enjoyed every moment of it. Well, except for being sprayed with cold water from a spray bottle, that was not nice.

i had a wonderful evening.

i got to eat sushi. mmm~!

i got to dig in a bunch of dirt, and transplant baby basil.

i kissed, and was kissed a lot.

i got to talk a lot about cooking, which is somthing i enjoy immensely.

i am content with life.
cheryl brown Damian came to see me.
He stayed while I let in my cinema.
He stayed while I watched the last 1/2 hour with him.
He stayed while I cleaned the cinema.
He stayed while I let in the next session.

He stayed and talked for 5 hours last week.

For once he stayed.

Maybe now he's learnt how.
unhinged i didn't smoke any pot

lady lunchbox ok, yesterday:
**i didn't have any work to do
**lorenzo took me to a movie...he hasn't done that in a long time
**i sold back my books....$58.25, baby!!
**i packed up most of my shit, and i'm almost ready to go home
**renz gave me a serious card for no reason...he never gives me serious cards

**my roomie finally went home!! joy joy joy!!
**i'm going to get drunk in a few hours. yay!!
CRO Finished all my assignments.
recieved marks:
Got 100% again in last week's assignments.
Got 75% for last week's mid-session exam

accepted the fact that I'm a useless geek with no life, or future and realised that it doesn't matter - as long as I'm enjoying myself!
and to follow on from that, i realised i AM allowed to say a big fuck you to the rest of the world - and by doing so, i become a normal human being. just like everybody else.

I've never been happier. ever. no bullshit or sarcasm this time.
Sailor Jupiter I drove home from work driving 70 mph on the highway, windows down in the sunny wonderful 65 degree weather, belting out Oldies tunes. 020510
Toxic_Kisses I got to blath!! You know when your able to do this on a daily basis you take it for granted, but now that my computers gone haywire and the only time I'm allowed on a computer is when I trek to the library it some how seems so much more magical and wonderful ^.^
*Sigh* too bad I have to be going soonish
kerry the thunder

it's friday

11 days left of school and counting

i'm over him!!! yessss!

going to see spiderman tonight

my friend said i was slinkster-cool
poetic_onslaught nothing really good has happened to me for the last couple of years. i mean sure ive enjoyed a few little things here and there like....well i dont know some things like getting pussy when i get it. but nothing that really matters. everything i ever really loved is gone. its all gone and it hurts. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. i hate thinkin about this shit. damn it. aww fuck it i knew id be back in the zone again. it always comes back. its never gonna go away. my soul is scarred. 020510
Toxic_Kisses I got my internet back (but olny for this month)aaaaaand my Grandma bought me 3 new dresses and 2 new pair of dressy high hill sandles (one pair black one pair white) guess this means I'll have to start painting my toe nails from now on 020516
kerry +he said i was cool
+i'm invited to James's party
+i picked strawberries out of Jackie's garden
+Johanna said she loved me
+my english teacher was absent (mwahahahahah0
+we took pictures today on our walk
+emily wants to hang out with me
+people are being nicer than usual
+6 days of school left
+tomorrow is friday
+i got a weezer tshirt and a braid cd in the mail
CRO I woke up late, but still made it to class on time.
I understood what the lecturer was talking about.
A friend bought me a coffee.
My heart beat regularly for 3 hours straight this morning.
I stopped thinking about her after only 5 minutes or so. Not as long as normal.
My heart has been beating well ever since =)
CRO I almost ran a cop off the road, and after he pulled me over he just told me to take it easy. 020517
yiasku It got dark in the park and i disappeared with one of my male friends. Everyone thought we were fucking but we were just playing on the swings.
And talking about Thailand.
angie Geoff came to my open house and I didn't even expect him to be there! I got a lot of money as well...but the Geoff thing just put this day into the "good" category :)
Hell Yes.
angie I found a matching bra and underwear at the Victoria's secret semi-annual sale. As some will know it is IMPOSSIBLE to find matching sets cuz it is so chaotic in the store. I was very happy about that.
I got some new capris that arent too long! YES!
cheryl brown I woke up to the sound of your voice, again. 020903
GirlNamedLover Ricky gave me a lolly pop.
but he also sat on me.
and it hurt.
but thats ok.
Freak the ONLY good thing that happened to me today was that I made this cute little pot with a handle on it in ceramics today. My ceramics teacher said that I was a natural:o) 020904
~gez~ i walked into class late, and everyone was talking about me 020905
curious toys first day of school.
for some odd reason...i had a wonderful day.
*LB* I'm glad some people had a good day because mine was the worst day ever and I want it to end!! 020905
*nat* nothin realy, ooooohhhh i suppose this is good, vanessa carlton a thousand miles, reminds me of a certain someone, which is not a good thing that happened to me today, but a good thing that happened to me. end of story. 020905
~gez~ twas sunny
nat asked me to go to the prom with her
its months away
thats about it really
Nathan88 i saw you and you didnt know...unless u saw me first hahahah, looked busy so i didnt stop just wanted more yogurt... i miss you!!! 030116
jen i was able to resist eating junk food
i rollerbladed 10 miles in 35 minutes
i helped someone with a problem someone had and they said i was the best
i took my first and last defense class
i ate spagetti
the fall i fell down
and the sun shone in my eyes
megan - i woke up late.
- i exercised with friends.
- i went shopping. :)
- i hung out with a very dear friend.
- i'm talking to you.
bethany .i

i am only waiting for that moment to be free
Ariadani 2 things:
i made truffles this morning
i got to watch one of my chefs get another chef in the face with a plate of whipped cream.

that is all. the rest of my day sucked. why do i even bother living on days like this?
ferret i've had this great feeling all day. i found something on this site that can help my friend. i laughed really hard at the stupidest joke in the world and can't remember what it was. found a great band 030117
angie i got to lay on your new comfy bed 030127
ClairE I read blather and it made me happy. I had many good conversations with many people. Although I had problems with it, I did get enough work done today. I stayed up all night for the first time in a long time. Annie told me, "If I die anytime soon, I would want you to read my eulogy."

I'm totally happy about life and not worrying. I feel I can be of some help to my friends.

Reminiscing is sometimes the best.
Freak well lets see................well there was...wait, no there wasn't.........then, not that either.......think....think....think........oh I know!

Absolutely nothing
pipedream i wore yellow, and a friend told me my hair smelled good.
people smiled at my bobbled sandals.
i didn't mess up my anthropology quiz.
i had lunch with my friends, and laughed a lot.
it was a breezy day.
i prayed.
i saw him today.
i ate cereal and the milk was really cold.
tomorrow and day after are holidays, so four-day weekend (does that count for today? :D)
angie i got to sleep in till 11:30
work went by fast
i got to see my bebe at work :)
thinking about my new flip flops just makes me happy
TK Snuggling w/ my guy this morning ^.^
I made friends w/ an old mule
I'm barefoot
I cleared out a good portion of my e-mail
Death of a Rose I slept in. Read some of the AA bible.

I'm hoping that I can abstain from it today.

Did my bit as a consumer, shopped at walmart.

Now I'm at work again, trying to work and stay away from Blather.
TK These are a bit mundane but sometimes you have to actively search for "good" otherwise you (meaning I) begin to flowder in the Sea of Bad Crud and Negativity.

I started my period!! First time in nearly 6 or 7 months, I kept taking pregnancy test every month to make sure but they all came back negative, but then again when does that mean anything? Deb knew some one who got pregnant and even though the test and doctors told her she wasnít - 9 months later she was giveing birth to a baby girl (now every one coo "awwwww") so it's DeFiNaTeLy good news that I started my period

According to the mirror and my measuring tape (I don't have a scale) I've lost a few inches in my waist! Yea for starvation!!

Oh and I have no split ends in my hair, I cant remember a time in witch I didnít have split ends so this is definitely a first ^.^
lady lunchbox .::work was great!::.
::.i had a cheese sandwich when i got home.::
.::i've listened to incubus songs for the last 2 hours!::.
::.i came back to blatherworld.::
white_wave 1. Five Tonkinese kittens in a Louie Vitton bag
2. Good Hair Day
3. One day closer to Friday
4. It's snowing in New_Jersey and much sunnier here.
5. Made it home alive.
6. They haven't driven me insane, YET!
eskimos friend 1. i was asleep at midnight!
2. i had chocolate cake for breakfast.
3. i got a text and she really likes the stuff i sent her.
4. i'm gonna do something nice to surprise a good friend today.
5. i've not done any work yet...

but i've gotta do two essays today around celebrating my dad's birthday, which is a pain. i like writing good essays though, so while i'm in a good mood, i'm gonna count the essays as a good thing.
anne-girl one word: ice cream :)

TK I went for a pre-interview and it went great she even said thay'ed be calling me back next week to set up a real interview and then hopefull be hired! Whoot! 040807
lucky woke up with forever about five or six times... 040807
witchesrequiem I woke up...that's about it. 040808
spiffy i saw my friend who i hadn't seen in a year.

i came home to the two greatest dogs in the world.

i found a song i was looking for.

that's all i can think of.
spiffy i was home alone, even though it was just for about an hour.

i sat on the front porch and played with all my cats for a while.

i got a new fan. now i have two, one for my computer that keeps over heating, and one for me. it used to be just the computer got the fan and i went without.

i still have the two greatest dogs in the world.
TK I woke up this morning to his voice on the phone it enveloped me like a warm hug on a cold, damp and drizzling day *happy sigh* I so love him, and I suppose it truly is as simple and complicated as that.

He said that he'd be by later on today/night, I'm really looking forward to it, I'm still planning out the details but I know how that usually goes, *snickers* I'll probably get all dressed up so we can stay in his car and talk while in a Stop 'N Go parkinglot - some times (most times) I wonder why I even try... Although I suppose I shouldnít get ahead of myself, just bc every other time I've ever planed any thing for us tends to go down the loo w/ the wiz doesent necessarily mean it'll happin this time, I really am hanging on to the hope that we'll enjoy ourselves tonight.
stork daddy well the event of not being eaten alive by tigers was one of many highlights 040811
Doar finding the spare keys in a little known crevice of the sectional couch was good.

Also finding the remote to the stereo right beside the keys was also good. And the personalized lighter I received as a x-mas gift was also in that mess.


Oh and I'm finishing up the motorcycle licensing tonight.
kookaburra i came back to neopets and found an old password that i have been missing for years.
ha ha ha ha
burnt3 is back!!!!
Borealis I had a nap between jobs.
it DID take away all feeling in my right arm...but it was still a very nice nap.
anne-girl i walked in the rain 051129
benny profane thought about people from the past.

shared a cigarette with a homeless man.

discovered the underground music community in central park.
nobody cool 070925
Isaou The guy in the toy shop had a cute accent.
That was about it
minnesota_chris OMG THE KIDS LEARNED

they learned a lot. I wanted to jump up and down and howl.
dafremen I watched zeitgeist the movie. It changed my world...even though I'd heard and known about most of it for a long time. To see the actual evidence assembled..was something else.

I talked to my son. It was a long conversation. The sort we used to have on long walk before I left.

I left the band..and I feel good about the decision. Anyone that wants to use the fact that they are providing practice space as an excuse to force their wife's mediocre singing on us just because she nags him to death is not someone I want to jam with.

I was contacted by a poet who is looking to partner up. Although I'd do it for free..gas isn't cheap, so $10 an hour to read poetry has its advantages.

I'm very much in love still. It doesn't get any better than being understood with no strings attached. I'm perfectly capable of staying attached. I don't need strings.

I made $25/hour yesterday and met a really cool guy. He released an album through Capitol Records in 1974..but decided that he'd have more fun with Bluegrass. Props to that kind of living.

This beer is cold.
unhinged the lady i talked to at the electric company to get my name on the bill here was very appreciative and sweet when i thanked her

she must have to deal with irate customers a lot. i think i made her day. she made mine. good for both of us.
Lemon_Soda I realised it ain't that bad. 080812
Soma I was told I was a good thing.

I woke up next to a good guy.

I exchanged goodbyes with a friend.

I saw someone do something good and kind.

I recieved a hug.
what's it to you?
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