daxle myth 990630
clundicus A finger is needed to point at the moon,
but once the moon is recognized,
the finger is no longer necessary.
Q of things thought impossible
even just earlier
amy if God gets a capital G, then Creation gets a capital C, dammit. 000131
Sol nothing is created without something being destroyed. any idea hurts before it relieves, any dream collapses before it rises. 010422
kx21 The_truth:-

The Beauty of Creation:-

Everything is created from Nothing...

The Beauty of destruction:-

Nothing is created without something being destroyed.
Sol hey, you want to not seal my lines? 010507
angie beautiful 020110
cube "Had I been present at the creation, I would have given some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe."
Alfonso X (the Wise) (1221-1284)

I'm sure the whole problem with believing that God created the earth and the heavens etcetera, is the concept of time. To modern physicists, time is malleable. It can be stretched or compressed - into a little ball if need be.

Assuming God has a better than reasonable understanding of physics (!), is it not fair to assume he can use these properties of time to do something in (what might appear to us) an extremely short period?
eternalflame God's whisper of love to man. 020225
Rickster A gift? A cure? A curse? A fear? Perhaps we are never to know, perhaps that is what it was meant to be. Maybe we are something without understanding, is this how we shall come to see? Life is but a question, not a thing. You come to learn over time that we can appreciate most everything. Your hate is but a flaw, among us humans in the end its only going to be a draw. So much pain to endure, it seems like sometimes its not worth fighting for. Yet something can always hold you back, you think, you stumble, upon the blade. You eye your wrist with a deadly intent, you try to muster up everything you have ever come to resent. You try it once but you know it wasn't enough, you cry, you think, this is my punishment. You torment yourself for no cause, the end to your life should be after it is lived long. Creation is but a question, a dream so real it is. 021227
celestias_shadow the moment when fire was not fire, when stars came together, when the universe was shaken to its very center, when everything turned upside-down, when black was white, and when time began. 030220
River Why are we here? To complete a task? No. To complete many, and face many trials. Thus the Lord has said, thus it remains as fact today. We are created to face trials, and to overcome them. 030923
misstree when i sew, i
begin with an outline, a hunk of fabric
and sculpt and tuck and drape and revise
and only cut cautiously and often too much
but somehow, it all comes together in the end,
with the sigh of release after birthing art,
once i have found the clothes inside the cloth.
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Emptyness Alive words 060522
hsg symbols hmmm KMFDM anyone? 060811
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