daxle I'm not sure if you're anything apart from my brain 990516
r3 has very little to do with colour and all to do with passion 990528
Drennan Lookin’ for to save ma, save ma soul
Lookin’ in the places where no flowers grow
Lookin’ for to fill that god shaped hole

Mother, mother sucking rock and roll

Holy dunc spacejunk commin’ in for the splash
White dopes on punk staring into the flash
Lookin’ for baby Jesus under the trash

Mother mother suckin’ rock and roll
Mother (scat singing) rock and roll

Mother am I still your son, you know I’ve waited so long to hear you say so
Mother you left and made me someone
Now I’m still a child but no one tells me no

ricmariem eternal part of life of a human being whatever anyone is made of 991118
dusty the essence of passion and everything that is felt within the emptiness of the flesh. 991121
spikey-ho (feeling morbid) You're brain makes you act, your mind makes you think and your soul makes you feel. I can't feel anymore. 991216
marjorie don't sell it. remember faust. we protect what we love. 991217
camille is what encapsulates who we are,
before we were,
primitive drum that beats within our chests,
the heat of the sun within before it began to burn,
the twinkle of the furthest star within before it sang,
the monument of being within....atom
mareberry i used to say that you were my soul. that somehow we would be joined in time. but you keep killing me, and you don't even realize the impact of your words, your life. please, i can't take anymore. i'm so tired of trying, failing, stumbling to the ground. i'm all alone in my pain. i can't bring you into my hell. and if my tears cut through my soul again, i'll bleed the angry blood of a lost and frightened soul until i take my last breath. i give up. i don't want to fight for you anymore. i just want to fall away from it all. leave me to weep alone. leave me to die alone. 000115
camille Foundation

This foundation that shifts

I can only imagine the forsight and shoji that went into the thought
the very concept of your breath

You move me like a home pulled
from it's foundation
i am enchanted with the idea of being your fascination

open my illusion of windows and blow your breath
the breath that fogs me within

curtains brush cheek and lip
as i am moved to write with my fingertip
upon this fogged window which shifts to mirror blue

i realize i am only but a piece of this suffering part of you

this foundation that shifts...
Shar James Brown had it.

Too bad he also beat his wife, isn't it?
MollyGoLightly It's there, allright. And it's not as important as you think. 000322
Brad Roberta Flack... the essence of it. Bill Withers... wrote and sang all the songs in the genre that you love but just can't remember who sang them. Truly personified, however, by Stax Records. 000322
Beastiekid I got more soul than yo mama's combat boots!! 000501
Brad White boys can have it too, but only if they don't try to fake it. 000524
dnastrand a neat little parcel wrapped for eternity 000627
jen ever your permanent marker touch forever stains my heart. the way you made me love you simply tears my soul apart 000714
Glory Box Do you remember that episode of the "Simpsons" where Bart sold his soul to Milhouse? And how miserable and broken he was until Lisa bought it back for him? I almost did that to myself. Two years ago the class bully, my former enemy, the nightmare of my past and the tense, uncomfortable presence in my future, offered to buy my soul. Five dollars. Four chocolate bars. I came so near to giving this boy, this child with a hard-on for hurting things, I almost gave him my soul for candy. Before, why care? There was no God, there was only me, and my problems, and the slim possibility of Ryan's favor. Besides, I really wanted that chocolate. But what stopped me? What kept me from handing over my immortal remains, the leftover me? The small perception of something out there bigger than me, and, believe it or not, Bart's saga. Yes, the Simpson's do have some socially and morally redeeming values. Now that my understanding of the world around me has changed, I'm so thankful that something kept me from writing those three fateful words onto a piece of torn notebook paper and handing my life over to that boy. "Kristin Tinge's Soul". Your property, my suffering. 000718
Glory Box Do you remember that episode of the "Simpsons" where Bart sold his soul to Milhouse? And how miserable and broken he was until Lisa bought it back for him? I almost did that to myself. Two years ago the class bully, my former enemy, the nightmare of my past and the tense, uncomfortable presence in my future, offered to buy my soul. For five dollars. Four chocolate bars. I came so near to giving this boy, this child with a hard-on for hurting things, I almost gave him my soul for candy. Before, why care? There was no God, there was only me, and my problems, and the slim possibility of Ryan's favor. Besides, I really wanted that chocolate. But what stopped me? What kept me from handing over my immortal remains, the leftover me? The small perception of something out there bigger than me, and, believe it or not, Bart's saga. Yes, the Simpsons do have some socially and morally redeeming values. Now that my understanding of the world around me has changed I'm so thankful that something kept me from writing those three fateful words onto a piece of torn notebook paper and handing my life over to that boy. "Kristin Tinge's Soul". Your property, my suffering. 000718
Glory Box Do you remember that episode of the "Simpsons" where Bart sold his soul to Milhouse? And how miserable and broken he was until Lisa bought it back for him? I almost did that to myself. Two years ago the class bully, my former enemy, the nightmare of my past and the tense, uncomfortable presence in my future, offered to buy my soul. For five dollars. Four chocolate bars. I came so near to giving this boy, this child with a hard-on for hurting things, I almost gave him my soul for candy. Before, why care? There was no God, there was only me, and my problems, and the slim possibility of Ryan's favor. Besides, I really wanted that chocolate. But what stopped me? What kept me from handing over my immortal remains, the leftover me? The small perception of something out there bigger than me, and, believe it or not, Bart's saga. Yes, the Simpsons do have some socially and morally redeeming values. Now that my understanding of the world around me has changed I'm so thankful that something kept me from writing those four fateful words onto a piece of torn notebook paper and handing my life over to that boy. "Here Lies My Soul". Your property, my suffering. 000718
stan Al Green 000802
ubliss ***ubliss: The Ultimate Bliss***

Subject: SOUL & Love

Source Of Unspeakable Love (SOUL)

Copyright 2000.
kx21 Soul in the COSMOS
BODY in the Earth.
Rat Bait It has nothing to do with God.

You think some make believe power from above created the only thing that is truely your own?

We go beyond the flesh, but fuck, its nothing to do with that.

Soul is what makes you keep going. Lose it and you might as well kiss it all goodbye.

Share it and everything was worth anything it took to get there. It is what makes the point worth while.

What point? Come touch it and you will see. (oh careful, it has a few rips in it.)
camille 010224
aimee My soul is empty
My soul is useless
My soul is annoyed
My soul is melancholy
My soul is dejected
My soul is me
kx21 The singularity of Being... 010225
kx21 The special product/ by-product of The Big Bang / The creator of U. It is probably invariant over times, independent of the Body and closely associated with the_power_of_creativity... 010227
p. can't live without it, defines who we are. no hard evidence that it exists, yet we plave unlimited faith in it... 010227
vampers passion, you are your soul 010325
Tim!!! where can i get one? 010411
nocturnal can't exist. makes no sense. I mean, define a soul. you can't. people say it's what makes you who you are, but that's all in your head. everything about you is in your head, your brain. if anyone can logically prove otherwise, I'd love to hear it. 010411
kx21 MAN's Soul is as to EVERYTHING's Nothing... 010412
phil It doesn't matter how we act, what we konw, how deep feelings travel. Who believes us, how smart we sound. You don't have to be truthful to yourself or live up to your word. Anyone everywhere, anytime, has a soul. Feels the soul, creates a soul. A soul is what you know it is. It doesn't matter how you say it, we all see it no matter. 010424
Jen Let the soul be free and fly to its utmost heights! 010523
The Truth A (Human's) Soul is housed within our subconsious minds. It is a collection of organized energy that transcends several dimensions. It goes on living once the host body is dead. It attaches itself through a baby's first nostril breath. It is invisible. Also referred to as a ghost, spirit, inner-self. It is far more beautiful than we could ever imagine. It needs food and exercise just like the body and mind. The soul is alien to this planet. It longs to return home when it is set free. 010523
nocturnal I have two things to say. First of all, you specified that you were discussing a human's soul. Do you believe that animals and other living beings also have souls? And if so, how is a human soul different from the others? If not, what makes you believe we are the only species that have a soul?
Secondly, I suggest you read John Perry's "A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality" if you have not done so already.
The Truth There are certain animals that may have souls. I think the soul is a main component in our relationships. There are a few animals that Mankind has a relationship with: Whales, Cattle, Dogs, Cats, Pigs, etc. I think these animals have souls, but not eternal souls.

Their soul dies when the blood dries.

A human soul is immortal. That is the biggest difference. But the difference also lies in our body's ability to communicate with the soul, I.E. our brain's ability to interpret soulful information (hypothalamus, hypercortex). A dog's brain doesn't have as well designed features in it's brain when compared to humans.

(These are my own speculations, not based on anything God's told me.)
nocturnal "their soul dies when the blood dries"
why is this true with animals and not us? and why do you only believe that animals with which we have a "relationship" have souls?
The Truth See Morality_experiment... 010523
nocturnal alright, it was difficult for me to get through, but I read it. I'm going to try to make my response as polite and respectful as I possibly can.

it made me question how old you are. it made me feel you have a lot of learning to do about the earth and its inhabitants. it made me rather frustrated that there are people out there as delusional as you appear to be.
The Truth Well, thank you for reading it! You are right about it being a lot to go through. I am unaffected by your attempted insults, but if it makes you feel better, go right ahead.
I am not yet 30, But even when I'm 90 years old, I hope I still feel like I have a lot to learn about humanity. To feel otherwise would be foolish.
One man's wisdom is another man's delusion. You may find it difficult to understand, but interestingly enough there are many who think it makes Perfect Sense.
nocturnal I'm very sorry if it seemed like I was attempting to insult you. I honestly was not. I meant it when I said I was trying to make it as polite and respectful as possible. Apparently I failed. I simply said what I thought. Again, I an extent. 010524
The Truth Hey, it's cool! No apology is necessary. Don't be so frustrated. Lighten up! It may help you to see more clearly. 010524
User24 It eats at the id while the ego tries to make it more acceptable, but in the end your soul must always find an exit. 010524
Ditto yes especially if you hate yourself.
sometimes you think you love someone then you realise after all these years that maybe their whole life was one big lie. sorry for that, it's just very sad.
god yep. 010524
PLEASE HELP ME .OVER AND OUT. I'm loosing my soul

I'm loosing my soul

I'm loosing my soul

I'm loosing my soul

I'm lost

I'm lost

can you show me the way to the Andes mountains, I'm looking for someone.

can YOU HELP me

can YOU HELP me

can YOU HELP me

can YOU HELP me

can YOu HELP me

can YOU HELP me

can YOU hElp me

can YOU hELP ME?

I am looking for someone.
Would India be the right trail?
I know the Andes are in Peru but India is pulling me closer.

Can you help me?
black-dyed gel product Nope, I can't help. Oh wait, that was probably a rhetorical question. My bad. Carry on. 010621
Ishtitoon What happens when a lonely soul meets the other?

Solution! i guess so.

:: i am my own truth ::
The entire world speaking in unison Self worship is so passe, though! 010808
Dafremen Au contraire, these days self worship is the defacto standard.

To be selfless is to appear naive or backwards.

Don't believe me? Just look at the state of parenting these days.
Rather than sacrifice time and aspirations in order to raise our children, we prefer to pay a complete stranger a pittance to do the job.

We see OUR career and OUR lifestyle and OUR fulfillment as our gods and we follow them wherever they may lead us OR our society.

Meanwhile anyone whose job involves helping to raise and educate children (teachers, daycare, babysitters, school administrators)
is underpaid, overworked and underappreciated. If you TELL people that you're planning on a career in one of those fields, their reactions are invariably lukewarm to cold.

No we are a society of self worshipping, self indulgent, self centered children playing adult roles.

No big surprise there..tell me...who raised us? Our parents? Or the television? Our parents? Or strangers?
Our parents? Or friends?

Like I big surprise, make way for our children, the NEXT wave of self-indulgent apathy.

Or should I say, make way for the CONSEQUENCES of our OWN irresponsibility.
The Truth Speak for yourself.
There is a new movement going on right now, and you are right, it hasn't hit mainstream yet, there is a lot of competition with television programming us to be selfish, and greedy, lustful, robots. But the few that are involved are stronger than the many who are weak.

And weak people follow strong people.

Anyone with an IQ of more than 70 knows that people who think "selflessness is naive" are ignorant. They are already robots.

You don't have to do a thing. Just watch as it all unfolds.
Dafremen "Speak for yourself."

That's a very interesting statement.

One that leads me to wonder, first of all, where you learned English.

Last time I checked the words 'we','our' and 'us' ALWAYS mean that the author is including himself.
Which means I DID speak for myself.

Secondly, I tend to wonder who you would have speak for the 'robots'?
Or would you rather the robots didn't have any voice at all so that the 'strong' people will have less to contend with on their way to becoming leaders or 'robot masters' if you will?

Thirdly, I wonder when exactly this 'movement' started, who is involved and what the plan of attack is?
If it's been going on for awhile, why hasn't it worked yet? If it's just starting, what's different this time and how long do you think it's going to take?
Does it involve 'free thinking', 'independent' 'individuals' like yourself?
(Speaking of which, how does religious brainwashing compare to societal brainwashing? Are robots the end result in either case?)
How exactly ARE you going to counter the media? The government? Big business?
They've all got a VESTED interested in maintaining the status quo. Irresponsible robots buy what you tell them they WANT to buy.

They give up their rights in the name of governmental protection easier, they're easier to tax and control as a result.

Irresponsible robots also like to be entertained. They believe what they see and read(when they read) and their responses are predictable. When you're a news outlet looking for ratings and advertisers, a predictable audience is a PLUS.

Do you see all of THESE entities as 'weak'? Do you feel that the few 'strong' individuals are stronger than big business, the government and the media combined?

Fourthly, I wonder if 'the strong' aren't as self-indulgent as they claim NOT to be?
You seem disturbed that I would bring up the problem, as if I wasn't supposed to mention it.
Since the first step in problem solving is identifying and defining the problem, I'm puzzled by your reaction.

Would you have rathered that the problem NOT be presented? Would your strong people RATHER have the 'weak robots' with 'IQs below 70' remain robots? Would you rather have them follow YOUR set of 'strong' 'leaders' than the one's that they already follow?
Why would you want this to remain hidden? Why would you want it to go unmentioned? Why would you care ANYTHING for a society that you apparently are NOT a part of? (I was speaking for myself, not you...remember?)

Finally, I tend to wonder if this isn't just another example of ignorance combined with imagination popping off in the form of arrogant wishful thinking.

I applaud any efforts to fix our current societal dilemmas, however I find this to be a case of transparent self righteous ego stroking.

Such self-indulgence is tedious and unproductive and leads me to believe that your "movement" is less a breath of fresh air than it is of hot air.
Teenage Jesus There is nothing wrong with being hopeful. You are in attack mode today. (Although I must say, your point by point style makes for a good read.)

I never agree with the truth, but today I have found his blathers to be the only ones that aren't making me wretch.

Yeah, the "movement" thing is a bit pollyana-ish; but isn't where the heart is what matters most?
kx21 Given that Soul is somehow Associated with God...

What are the possible / practical ways to find or reach your soul, specifically Unify with your soul?

Copyright 2001.
Dafremen Hope is one thing, misplaced narcissism disguising itself as hopefulness is quite another.

P.S. Glad you enjoyed the read. You're too kind.
The Truth Your soul is unified with you already.

Your soul is the "I" when you say "I".

When you talk about your self, you are not talking about you the body, or you the mind, or you the spirit.

When someone asks you "who are you?" You don't say, "well I am 178 pounds and My IQ is 136. I am a from Heaven." That is not who you are, those are discriptions of your mental/physical/spiritual attributes.

Your soul is the house of your permanent experiences and memories that you will take with you when you exit your body. Your soul is your sentience, your consciousness, your illumined being.

Sting said it best: "We are spirits in the material world."
kx21 Can you explain why many people got problem to speak up their mind? 010808
The Truth fear, kx21, people are afraid to speak their mind. Afraid of criticism, attacks, confirmations, doubts. 010809
Teenage Jesus OK- now "truth" is making me wretch. Whew, things are back to normal.

Fear "truth," really? Gee, it's a shame folks aren't as open minded as you. You are a freaking hypocrite of the first order. "I don't know what SLACK is, so I'd better lash out against it."

You are a pink one, and I cast you out, false prophet.

The Police were very good, and Sting was a good singer- but the band was as good as it was because of Summers and Copeland.

Address me never again. You sicken me- you ARE the liar/ everyone deserves a second chance- and whoever called you the blather preacher was right in the since that most preachers are pathetic self-serving profiteers. You want to be seen as positive and a breath of fresh air and helpful. You are none of those things. Arrogant and irritating- those are the adjectives that suit you better.
we love us you know, I'm really feeling the love here. the compliments, the's just wonderful! keep it up, people. 010809
The Truth haha...thanks teenage haysoos, I needed the laughs... 010809
La Simcoecita He's looking for someone who won't see with her eyes, but with her soul.

But the soul has much better vision...

And he looked okay to me.
Dafremen I rest my case T.J. 010810
Teenage Jesus if only "truth" would rest as well...
thanx Daf
Inanna It has been scientifically proven that humans have souls. Terminally ill patients were weighed seconds before their death. They weighed 1/2 pound to 1 pound less after death. So I guess that is how much a soul weighs (unless there were other factors involved like the emptying bowels). Learn to listen to you soul, or it may go away, but it can come back. 010811
The Truth I've heard that too, but I don't know if I believe it or not. It usually takes several reworkings of "scientific findings" before they are true and accurate. Not that I have anything against science, I love science and condsider myself an amatuer scientist. But lets face it, less than a hundred years ago they used to treat toothaches with heroin. Social Power seems to be the prevailing force in scientific pathways, even if it means fudging the facts to gain a buck, or sway an opinion.

I do however believe that we are not too far off from being able to scientifically detect our souls. Even though they are invisible, they are still energy, and energy can be quantified and measured. Even if they are beyond light.

And silly us, the moment we first measure them we will automatically assume we understand souls and the dynamics of manipulating them, so they'll try to clone ghosts and alter souls and so it will begin an entirely new chapter in the book of spiritual_warfare.
girl this morning my boyfriend and i got into an argument about the existance of souls. he doesnt believe in them and i do. he is all into science and logic and proof and physics and thusly he is a hardcore athiest.
no soul
no god
no afterlife
no ghosts or spirits
which would make countless other things also nonexistant.
i dont believe in god either but i do think we have a soul. i think we are just made that way. that we have the ability to live on several planes of existance at a given time. i believe in reincarnation. a soul is kind of necessary for that sort of thing.
well he was really mean and intolerant of it. he says that people invented the idea of a soul to help them with their fear of death. he says as long as i have my particular beliefs i'll always be living in denial and will never be able to overcome this fear of death that i supposedly have. he was so cold about it. he is so sure of everything and now i feel like maybe less of a person because of the ridicule and i think that its the stupidest thing in the world that i should this way in my own home around the people i love.
now im wondering which is worse my beliefs as they are or giving in and telling him "oh yeah well i thought about what u said and youre right. what was i thinking? of course theres no such thing as a soul. silly me!"
kx21 Do you know what is the temperature of Soul? 010821
terry I sold my soul for smokes. Then wondered why I didn't feel sad. No sense of loss, no regret. Just a pack of marlboros and no matches. 010821
teresa mae Next I sell my heart for a zippo. 010821
brent sometimes i remember about a soul, theyre not literally real though. So how could I forget just to remember something not real...forget about it, souls are all to confusing. I should just wait until there's one on my plate. 010927
Kati every living person must have a soul. otherwise, wouldn't they be dead inside? 011115
noire The new De La Soul cd is bumpin as I type 011205
shhiva What's the soul?
I really don't know.
I believe she exists... but it's just a belief...

I like to see the soul as a strange mixture of all my feelings, memories, desires, passions, madnesses, thoughts, words and even the things I paint or write...everything that I create, everything that borns inside of me...
unhinged today i was comfortable with myself
in my skin again
a little shrunken with age
but feeling again
my old self
and i was feeling
the black layer around my heart
my new house
i had built for myself
over these years
but i had finally come back to it
while i watched from afar
the building of it
i am back inside myself today
left so long with out an exoskeleton
while the gulls
picked at my soft back from above
the relentless sun beating me raw
waves pounding in the salt
i have finally again
found my skin
kx21 Soul is the manifestation of Free will & Fire ( Passion ) ... 020106
kx21 Soul is the manifestation of Free_will & Fire ( Passion ) ... 020106
Becky I asked you if you believed that you had a soul today.. You said no.. I was almost hurt.. How can you be my soul mate if you don't have a soul to join mine with? 020106
kx21 Seed of Creation... 020107
SuicidalAngel I think My_Soul_Mate_Was_A_Victim_of_Abortion 020107
kx21 Seed for physical, logical, emotional & spiritual interaction(s)among Particle(s) / Matter(s) ... 020108
kx21 Soul: Seed of Engagement / Interaction / Action / Reaction and thus Evolution, which is hidden in the Sense(s) / Sensor(s) of Everything (e.g. String, particle, matter, human, etc).

Is Soul subject to change or evolve?

Copyright 2002
justmeagain^3 The soul must contain some extreme source of higher purpose if the words of the Bible should be so interested in guarding the carriage of it through life. We are not alive now. We are dead now, awaiting birth- a new horizon.

We exist in time and in space to preserve orderthe original prime directive of the Genesis story. Not only to name and to characterize, but to preserve order. The preservation of order on our plane affects all planes adjacent to our own.
kx21 Specifically,

Is Soul exchangeable?
kx21 Ripples of the Universe / Nature? 020117
kx21 The substantial form of any Matter, sspecifically the human being? 020117
The substantial form of any Matter, specifically the human being?
optic discretion The one part of you that will live on for the rest of eternity. The drive and determination which is behind your every motivation. Your sould is that which defines who you are, and the thing that separates you from all others.

What a complex yet simple thing the soul is! A doctor had once weighed the soul out to be 36 ounces ... so small ... yet so powerful ...

That without which no one would be complete ... to be souless is the greatest tragedy that could ever happen ... for without a soul, there is no love, and no perception of happiness ...
kx21 g42) God's Creation

Given God's Very Words & that
'Evil' is probably not a sensible / desirable stuff / Spice originated from God...

What are the types of Stuff in the universe / nature which are actually created / designed by God?
a) Nothing / Space
b) Chaos / The Big Bang from 'Nothing'
c) Order / The Laws or M-theory of Nature
d) Light / Spectrum
e) Fire / Temperature
f) Charge / Spark
g) Soul / Conciousness
h) Energy / Matter
i) Strings / Particles
j) Something else (please specify)

Any good_point(s) or References?
Lora Journaling is the window from the soul 020528
god any decent expression should be, in my book 020528
Soulbird something that enaminates from you, like an odor, but more pleasant. your essence,your whole bieng, YOU! an invisible you, you without you. you without your body, just there bieng,enaminating, transparently. 020604
Soulbird invisisble energy,confined within the bounds of your body,trapped within your beating heart.seeping out,to touch when the beating stops..... 020604
HairThief Some people who have lost an arm still imagine it is still there, they can feel it and sense pain. Extend that idea to losing your entire body, if you could still sense your body. Is that a soul? the mere feeling of a body that isn't there. 020831
devalis what of you that goes to heaven or hell, but can still be rationed out to others as an act of love, voluntary or not. 020901
god harry belafonte started the austrailian civil war. 021009
Destination? "To sell your soul is the easiestthing in the world. That is what everybody does every hour of his life. If i asked you to keep your soul woul dyou understand why that is much harder?
-Howard Roark
Plastic Jesus Searching among the stars for some answers,
Questioning existence and pondering life,
A smile drew upon my face as I think about what I have,
The friends I have keep me here and that makes me glad,
Sometimes we lose site of the things hidden in the dark,
These things we put behind us and it emcumbers our embark,
We lose touch with the things that are good in life,
It's all a mirage to create our own strife,
Many forget that happiness is easily found,
It's not in material things nor just lying around,
Only within yourself can happiness stay,
You make the decision every day,
It's knowing how to accept what you have,
Looking into the mirror to see no reflection show,
The smile on your face so fake when everyone knows,
We hide the truth behind the reflection of ourselves,
A place where no one see's or can tell,
Looking to others for this answer seems to be our goal,
All along it was always waiting for you to unlock that door,
Question yourself about what makes you content,
Ask yourself why you feel the need to resent,
The answer was always there for you to explore,
Confide in yourself and there is no ends to what can be in store.
ishtitoon It cannot be chained.
Try in vain to...
User24 ok.

can we / do we have a soul?

I think so, but I don't think it's a prt of us, more, we are a part of it; I don't think our personality, memories, etc are part of our soul, our soul is the life energy behind us. When I die, I will cease to exist, I won't be able to float around the ether, saying, wow, look at me, I'm dead; everything that make me me will have gone, there may be something that was in me that continues, my atoms, for one, but as far as a consciousness goes, I don't think I'm eternal.
jane you are eternal

do you know why?
niska i've added it to my collection. 030523
User24 well, I'm eternal here because long after I die, even if blather's gone, you'll all (hopefully) remember me 030527
jane well, yes

but i was referring more to the transition of your particles after you die
User24 yeah, I agree, that's the only physical eternality I believe in; in a mental way, I can make myself last after my death in memories, and by my actions, of course, nothing lasts forever. 030529
jane and the way you affect people...they pass it on...and those people pass it on..... 030530
blown cherry To rough, to imperfect for anyone elses eyes to see. Too ugly to ever bring to light. 030608
a sweet girl i believe my soul is a form of energy that reacts with others in the same way, and will continue to do so, long after this person is gone.

the things that have happened to me, good or bad will not affect this soul, rather this soul affects how i move through life and it's all beyond my control, save for chossing from the options i'm presented with, due to where this energy carries me.
endless desire soul.
i always imagined a soul to look quite a lot like a small purple organ. half way between a liver and a heart.
and overused word with little meaning to me. i don't refer to any of my actions or emotions as ones affected or as a result of a feeling, whisper, colour of my soul at all. maybe i should and i have just overlooked it all.
like cold water pouring down the insides of your spine, you feel the chill. brainfreeze of the emotions. numbing pain, it'll leave you soon.
saved by faith. in anything. and in nothing. abundant tears, rollercoaster of emotions, up down. up down. oh here comes the loop. put in your hands in the air and scream. is this fun?
he kicked me and my knees broke. i struggled to get up again. don't you see? i want to hang onto something that won't fall apart. but everything has left me alone.
there is nothing worse than being alone.
i don't know what my soul is or how it feels or what it means to me. people talk about nourishing the soul. i personally like soul food or music.
why am i still talking if i have nothing say?

aren't_we_all (?)
karl the weed his conscience asked his soul a question. his soul dodged it and he felt no mercy, and killed them all. 030706
The Truth The Soul consists of your Mind, your Will and your Emotions.

I once believed that soul and spirit were the same thing. But now I know otherwise. Our Spirit being is much, much more amazing and powerful than our physical mind.
ferret truthie? have you come back? 030717
ferret or are you yet another lie in this world of imposters? 030717
The Truth It's the real me, ferret... However, someone did impersonate me in the wazyersign and non_christians_only blathes. Oh well... I don't think anyone was fooled.

But no, I'm not back... just checking to see what's become of old blather over the years. Seems much the same only bigger. I'll come and check it out every so often, if I have time.

Hope there are still some Good Seed planters here.
just here saying hi tonight.. i feel as simple as soul 031106
Darkness Remains 4 Chris only Oh that is so perfect and beautiful I agree with it all the way down through the depths of my heart and soul.

Thank you for being so articulate. Peace and love to you all brothers.

---I'm so glad to be living on this planet.
Loki that part of you that you are when you don't care if anyone is watching. Who you truly are, not the mask you wear for society, but the you beneath you. 040111
myriadmoods The soul is the part God is concerned about, when the majority of humans are concerned with their bodies, let all souls know they are loved by the one who created the soul, to willingly love that which is unseen, and many times doubted, as God is not talking to us anymore people, he reaches us through the spirit jesus left us. let your soul rejoice in the Lord, then it will be purified and made strong, and will see things you can never imagine here on this earth, and even in your soul, although many souls are touched by god every moment, or sadly many souls deny the one who loves them more than anyone on earth. 040112
pansy I try to hold on
to keep my soul together
to fix it
and put together my heart
but I’m still parting,
I’m still separating myself
from the world
pansy drink me
and I will fill
your body with
my self
breathe me and
I will give you life
Walk on my path
And it will lead you
To my soul
In the earth’s core
Down inside
It is time
pansy overcast I feel numb
not able to tough anything
my soul bumps into everything
it is all in bruises and
it feels sick, hardly
having any strength to
pick herself up from
the floor, feeling lonely
but not alone
she gives up and falls down
crushing into 1000 pieces
funnyberry can be sold when you give yourself up to anyone and everything and refuse to think or care anymore. 040129
c.cowan spread the legs of justice
to find your beauty
the pale moon of your soul
slowly becomes a light
to guide me on my journey
to the center of life
to find you there
legs apart
would be to nice
Substance Reincarnation confuses me. I've done the maths and it doesn't seem to work out. There are 6 billion people in the world, more than there has ever been, so how are we all reincarnated.
Surely there must be new souls. I would prefer to be a new soul, fresh and innocent. Sometime I really do think that ignorance is bliss, life would be so much easier. But no. I over complicate things, I have to believe in something, I have to know love and I have to one day die.
souless wanderer . 040331
oldephebe i was watching the simpsons the other know the one where bart sells a heretofore hapless millhouse his soul for $5. Besides being a provocative renovation/reversal(in a sense) of the whole bart vs millhouse power dynamic (which of course i'm saying there is none except for barts heartless exploitation of millhouses all but eroded sel-esteem and millhouses pathetic eagerness to wallow in hero worship of bart and you know the side-kick role thing) lisa waxes rather passionately about the meaning, the conceptualization of the soul and it's not to be bartered away for anything neccessity...and yes bart undergoes a transformation..he becomes living death w/o his soul...lisa buys it back for him...she said.or rather the writer of that episode said it way bettr than i could...
oE rather? why am i modifying things with "rather"? how typically anachronistically anglophilic of me... 040402
yeah abhorrently anglophilac 040402
story of eau -sick. today, anyway.
nervous breakdown? perhaps.
Megan Can ones soul ever really be saved. I have a really hard time believing a person can save what is never really his. 040420
tr today my soul told me to take better care of it... i laughed and just missed maybe the point to find that my soul was serious... not only hearts can break i guess... 040603
What is the "Shape" of Soul?
kx21 ***
* M_Theories: Shape of Soul

It's a "M" function of Man_'talk' / Woman_'nag', specifically One's Frame_of_Mind and Wing_of_Thought...

Copyright 2004
freric there is no soul
only in the crevasse of your mind
chaos creates

question everything
for there is nothing
no soul
only a creature
succumbing to dust
direwolf "I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul."
i am who i leave behind an inner being, controlling an outer being subconsciously. 050309
frodobaggins the soul of me is never satisfied with what i have to offer and to give.
a soul is good for your afterlife and the life it lives is its own.
concha feeling slightly crushed by entirely expected news, or, alternately, makes me want to jump in a hot tub with james brown.

take it as you will.
KAnji if a person was deprived of all his/her senses from before conception and then was birthed, kept alive till he/she was 18, and then given all of a sudden all his senses would this person be the perfect expression of what a soul would be, because what other sensory data could a person possibly recieve other than possibly an epiphany from some higher power or possibly would be a theoretical nirvana(oneness of mind,body and soul) that people search for in this thing we call life or however you want to see it 050516
sugar and i find myself running through the woods thick with myself. if its in circles i must be wrong because the only way i will get there is to climb to the place where i am not. there i will have my peace to understand what i am. 050918
Olivia I don't think soul is so much moods as soul just IS. Your soul is the fabric of you. 060305
Unnaturallovely deaf and blind it is, but feels the painful rythms of your cries and the feels the liquid sadness of your heart 060428
whsiperingshadows Sticks and stones only brake bones,
words can shader the soul.
./../../../../../. if there is a soul within each of us, would we even be able to detect it? perhaps it is a casual observer, merely watching through our body. but do we really expect to find it within an organ? are we expecting some sort of mist, or cloud, shrouding the brain? it seems that any ethereal attachments would be essentially invisible, except to the experiencer. 060928
dessiahs_song who was the first to bind up your soul?

'tied up and twisted the way i'd like to be'

who was the first to let it spill (the lovely bones float far out to to the sea)?

i really worry about myself sometimes.
PLEASE HELP ME . OVER AND OUT . that was where i was, did you know that ?
when did you know that ?
raspberryribbles It feels like her soul
and mine

are exactly the same shade
what's it to you?
who go