alyssa are you so blind? 990629
jared_d Why? Good question. Wish I knew. Tell me if you find the answer. 990923
deb * * * * *

"I can't believe the nerve of that guy! Asking you to prom right in front of me! As if he didn't know you were going with me-" Scott Morton fumed as she and Diana walked down the hall together.
"Scott-" Diana tried to interrupt, but was unsuccessful, so she said his name louder and stopped in her tracks.
"Calm down! It's not a big deal. I'm not going with him, so just don't worry about it, OK? It's no big deal."
"NO BIG DEAL? Did you say it was NO BIG DEAL?? I'll show him he doesn't want to mess with me... I'll-"
"Scott! Forget about it. He's an idiot. He can never take me away from you. I don't see why you're so upset. I told him I was going with you. He said OK. It's over. Deal with it." Diana was frustrated after listening to Scott's whining during the last period.
The fight continued on down the hall, Cynthia and Jeremy whispered as they passed by, and Abbie laughed with Nate Lake at her locker.
Michelle stood with her back against her locker and she hugged her books to her chest as she watched the scene. The crown slowly dispersed but Michelle just stood, her cloudy eyes fixed on a locker across the hall, her mind hovering in some unknown atmosphere. The bell rang and suddenly, she was alone.
Michelle's small frame slouched limply against the locker, she let herself slide to the ground, her books scattering on the floor around her. She took a jagged breath, drew her knees to her body, buried her face in her hands, and began to sob, the empty hall echoing with the sounds of her muffled weeping and gasping for breath. The sound was that of a heart breaking; of a soul in the deepest turmoil.
Sometime later that hour, she knelt on the ground and vacantly began to gather her books. She stood silently, ran a shaking hand through her hair, and she smoothed her rumpled clothing. She slowly walked to her locker, grabbed her bag and ditched her books, then slowly, deliberately walked to the bathroom where she would wash her red face and swollen eyes. Michelle disappeared into the bathroom and stayed there until the final bell rang.
Just seconds after the bell rang again, Cynthia burst into the bathroom and she found Michelle standing at a mirror reapplying her Gothic make-up.
"There you are. Where were you during study hall? Abbie and I were looking for you."
She pursed her lips together, capped her black lipstick, and then turned toward Cynthia. "You must not have looked hard enough." Her tone was pure ice, her voice hollow, and her eyes filled with anger. The shade she chose for the day fit her mood perfectly.
She took her things, pushed past Cynthia, began to open the door, then stopped. She turned around and looked at Cynthia's hurt face, started to say something, decided not to, then changed her mind again.
"I gotta go, and I won't have time to fill out a questionnaire, so if you really want to talk to me, you'll have to look for me later." Michelle smiled with mock sweetness, then left Cynthia in the bathroom, alone.
Michelle walked to her locker and snatched her jacket, then put it on. As she was stuffing a book or two in to her bag, Abbie walked up from behind, touched her on the shoulder and asked, "What's wrong?"
She pulled away from Abbie and snapped, "Don't touch me. Nothing's wrong. Can't someone just have a bad day without the whole world having to know?" She looked at Cynthia who had walked up and was now standing behind Abbie. "I have to go." With that, Michelle walked away and didn't look back.
"Any idea? Why's she being like this?" Cynthia's face was full of concern. Abbie just shook her head.
"I'm not sure, but she'll tell me. She always tells me eventually. I'll find out..." And the two girls wandered out of the school in silence, hopped into Cynthia's car, and drove away.

* * * * *

In her bedroom, Michelle walked over to her wall, unhooked her phone and locked her door. She pulled an old shoebox out from beneath her bed and set it on the floor in front of her, carefully lifted the lid and set it aside, then looked at the contents of the box.
She lifted her pink and white diary that she kept when she was small, out into the light for the first time in years. Michelle tried the lock, but she had locked it again, like she should, so she set the book down to retrieve the key, stood up, and walked to the window. She fished around in the windowsill until she felt something, then pulled the small silver key out into the light.
Michelle sat and opened her diary and half laughed when she saw the bright pink ink displayed in sloppy handwriting upon the page. She carefully turned to a certain page where the writing was worse than usual. The entry went on for pages.
Michelle began to read, and as she read, she smiled once but then she gasped and covered her open mouth with her had as she read on. Her lower lip began to quiver and her eyes became misty and threatened to overflow. Still, she continued to read through the warped splotches on the paper, showing she had either been crying as she wrote, or cried over the entry later. She couldn't remember which. Probably both.
As she read, the further into her diary she got; the more she shook; the more she remembered; the harder she cried. Michelle set the diary down again and locked it, then hid the key. Then, she lay down on her bed and sobbed for hours.
When she got up and wiped her face dry, the sun had gone down and Michelle was sitting in the dark. She got up, hooked her phone up again, turned her light on, hid the shoebox, and then decided she needed to eat. Michelle left the room, ate dinner, and went strait to bed.

* * * * *
valis most folks can have their drive classified into one of the five questions of journalism, if you think about it.

most people are "hows". maybe nearly as many "whats".

there are, however, not nearly enough "whys".
Rob can't I ever escape the cycle? It's all cycles, but this is rediculous. Once again trapped in a situation where I just want to crawl up and escape going in. 000113
cares why not? 000216
::: im gone for less than 12 hours and he is already in my best friend's bed. he promised to always be faithful to me and she swore that she would never go after him. in one action they both broke their promises. 000326
WoNDERGIRL because I can 000520
Tiffa This question is the only one i ever have. It makes me cry. The infinite is so hard to grasp and the answer always leads to another why? I suggest revoking the word and forgetting it. It causes such pain. 000521
evi is the hardest question I have to ask you 000919
blleep why , is she a Nagual? 001005
someday*sam do you love me
when i am with him
and not with you
and far away
am i here
and not with you
and not
far away from
and constantly
you love me still
closer than you think You are far away, because your with him 001125
Tratti if the world ends with a question, could it be why? 010103
kx21 ...And WHY NOT!!! 010103
ade why do you want to be friends with me, why do you tell me i'm pretty, why do you tell me you love me, why did you pick me over her, why do you ever want to hang out with me, why do you let yourself be associated with me, why do you want me to be happy, why do you want me to never move, why do you want me to come back, why would it be fun if i went to college near you, why would you care if you never saw me again...

the only reason i've come up with is that they feel bad for me.
Agent008 cant i be a kid forever 010118
MullinSkiDerry all of a sudden-I am weak
out of a broken bottle I can
Not my salad, unless u kiss ass 2 ur
And now you must die Mr. Bond
fallen hero Never means nothing
Never means everything
Never means you and me
Never means we can't be
Never may never come
Never may never be
Never may be forever
katie a thunder call
above a mountain high

a fire ball
is lighting up the sky

a voodoo doll
is singing songs of why

some echoes (some echoes)
never stop arriving

some echoes (some echoes)
never stop arriving

again, i wonder why, i wonder why, again

i again wonder why i again wonder

i wonder why, you wander by
i wonder why you wander by

string passing through
passing through you
13lue why do people put such a label on cutting and people who do it? 010409
ladybird I don't think there is a why.
I think that's half the fun.

Walk home in the warm rain at 3am just cuz - then you'll understand.
forever why do you love her when you know nothing is going to happen. Why do you still hope. I am giving you my love and i don't know why. but you don't want it, you don't want me to love you, you want her, you don't even know that i love you but i do 010531
idiot boy when i knew you wouldn't come back
when i knew it was over

i asked you why
i did everything else on your terms

i deserved at least to know
forever why do you have to hurt her like you are. Can't you see what you are missing. can't you see what you are giving up and only becuase you don't want to hurt the other one. but which one would you rather hurt. becuse no matter what you are hurting one of them 010613
nocturnal at work why is no one around whenever I'm on? this is getting old, people! 010614
jackie adam why is it like this?
why when i finally find someone, he is uninterested in me. why? because life sucks like that.
kingsuperspecial because nobody told me not too. 010615
fallenhero why does it keep hurting? why do i let it tear me apart? salt to the wound, that's you. over and over, i must be stupid. i let you return, welcome you with open arms, and parties with baloons and streamers and confetti. why do i subject myself to the evils of your heart? 010617
im nobody who r u r u nobody 2 ? why do I love him when he's a stupid idiot who doesn't care about me and tells me lies? just because. well i've stopped communicating with him so he can just go fish. or something. 010730
Inanna Why did I paint a picture of three azure shadows wading in a flowing river ? 010831
thedunator Why can't I just stop feeling this way. It's stupid and does not make any sense. I just want this to stop. I want to be over everything. 010923
wounded yes,why?
guess all those years must
have only been lies...?

I cried.
Now I'll try
to live life...
venetian blinds because people keep poking me in the eyes, that's why 011003
NeLoRa why the fuck does she hate me so goddamn much?! she doesn't say anything directly, but it's so painfully obvious that she can't even stand to be in my presence. maybe it was the Turret's Syndrome comment. How the hell was I supposed to know she had it?! but if that's not it, then why? dumb californian bitch. 011003
Toxic_Kisses The one question my parents dreaded hearing when I was younger... even now its still my fave. question 011009
tottaly numb Why?

Why did you hurt me,
When you said
You loved me?
Is this how you treat the ones
You love?
It shouldn't bruise but could you promise me
You won't do it again?

When you are mad
You are a furious storm
That consumes my happiness and
Love for you.
Then you become a white knight
That sweeps me off my feet.
You are truly two facedÖ but why can't I stop
Loving you?

I feel I have come to an impasse,
I can no longer
Love you
You hurt me, but you pay no notice.
Only when I cry a giant sea,
Will you take notice and say that you're sorry,
"I didn't mean to."
But I still hurt inside.
Why do you do this?

Why can't I leave?
I feel trapped,
You can't love,
I want out,
But I just don't know howÖ.

Why me?

Inspired by:
"Call if your boyfriend broke you heart,
Call if your boyfriends broke your jaw."
kx21 Its problem:-

Virgin or Virginity of more Whys...
Norm Don't ask. 011022
bliss why can't you just take me
into your arms
and tell me i'm beautiful
why can't you kiss me
and feel irrisistible bliss
that i surely know you'd feel
please, feel me now
i live and love
in something halfway between
pain and pleasure
with the thought of you
and how you pretend
not to see me look at you
so incredibly longingly
torus Somehow, it occurs to me that there is no purpose here. Just a sliding effect caused by the undue administration of an untested elbow enhancement product. But why would that be even slightly of interest to you now? With your sophisticated airs about you, you are virtually impregnable and any careless tides that I may wish to bring to your notice are unlikely to be given even a cursory appraisal. It's not like I raided your fridge in the dead of night and spirited away your dog or your wife to an uninhabited Island. It's even less relevant when you stop considering it. The catch is that it leaves behind an obscure residue, that no matter what you may think, is a hundred percent open to new ideas. I think that you will find no credit in your heart for this memory, though the vistas of the future loom wide and unexplored. The only thing that I want you to bring with you is that rustic courage that someone's grandmother packed away for you just so that you may muster it forth on an occasion such as this, these and those. I love you. Make it count. 011027
nemo why not 011105
timmeeaaay why not?
because it hurts someone else you stupid fuck!
ClairE Why? Eh, why not?

Are the two questions equal?
anonymer Why do i
allow myself
each time, you begin
your games
to be drawn.
Your rules
Whisper sweet
well-thought verses
into my ears
And slash your wrists
so that i can taste
that sweetness
ClairE Sometimes I really feel like I am being punished.

But that is thinking too much of myself.
Mateo This question is taking up so much space in my mind right now: Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? 020222
kill rhythm why doesn't slips_and_tangles work?? 020422
KOLSH Disinterested with the woes of another i lie. Nothing is like the time you spend with me. Ever so kindly your confusing the one you felt the need to phone at the end of ones darkened day. Slowy downward you bring me. A brief period of time painfully breezes by. Almost as quick as you came into my difficult existence, the knife has been placed...not in the heart nor in the back, but the calf. My feelings not put to rest forever just stabbing to emobilize the inaudible feelings. Puzzled by what has struck my life, I sit in mute. The world spins as I stand still. Any step i'd take would be wrong..so why take any steps at all when I can stand? If i could only say sorry for the wrongs you delt me. As always its my inability to complete this task that drives me to tears. 020424
p1mperator get out of me i have no room for you
why papua new guinea
i asked the london bridge man
TK wont u go to sleep already? 020521
Toxic_Kisses ... I don't wear shorts.

Ok take a mas-key-toe filled romm add 9 ppl and me, and than guess who would end up w/ the most mas-key-toe bites

I'll give you a hint

chiefnewo why?
i don't know, we've yet to establish motive
but we have a good lead on how and when
white light why_do_you_blather?
white light Why do happliy leave me so?
unsatified yet bearing this glorious taste in my mouth to savour till this sweetness reigns again.
Out the window so far down is this face.. i watch it down there and i slowly start to fall.

Not the people in their taxi cabs can find me here :)
logan I ask myself that every day... why am I here, why am I alone, why isint life simple, why do I care...fuck if I know why... does anyone? 020711
yummychuckle why don't you write me anymore?

I mailed you another letter.
phil today 020729
Liz .... is it today...? 020822
stacey You said you loved me
You said you chose me
You said you need me
how dumb can i be?
I said "I love you"
I said "i chose you"
I said "i need you"
I believed it too!
you were my soul
that fell on hot coal
you are my broken heart
that you planned from the start
i was the start
you were the finish
its over
Perspective_Of_Soul This world is one of devine ideals tortured by the cesspool of reality. 021021
p2 the more why's you ask
the more wise you get
*nat* does it have to be like this, we live a town apart, and yet i feel like im missions away.
oh well, as i keep saying, 1 day twill not be this way.
Casey Why do I always come here when I am feeling negative emotion? I should come here when I'm happy and try to help people and be kind. 021026
Toxic_Kisses arnt theese sleeping pills working?? 021126
Nathan88 do the most exhilirating emotional highs always accompany a plethera of woes all at once? is it some sort of sick balancing act to equal everything out?...why does everything come across so analytically? can i not just accept past experiences? or am i just jealous i lack them of my own? many times come close but nothing...why can we not accept the emptyness? why were we always taught to share when we want to keep everything to ourselves? why is it so easy to speak about someone you dont really care for but fumble your words with someone you deeply care for? 021127
me ?
im sure theres already a billion posts under this, but heres my two cents.

i wish i had an answer to all my questions. i wish i wasnt feeling so depressed right now. it might be because im sick. it could also be because im seeing a different side of me. lol, all you people should be proud, you might have changed me. for the better i think. but im still depressed. and im getting depressed more and more often.
me i love your story deb. is there more? 021201
*silent screams ...why do i cry when everythings perfect...smile when my world comes crashing down... 021229
ali why do we even bother
to keep finding another
only to find out
that were not good for each other
we feed our addiction
and fathom the contradiction
why do we let ourselves fall
in a hole so deep
and tell ourselves not to weep
maybe someday
we can find a way.
Bizzar The one word I find repeating most in my head:
Why is it I find I only write when Im bored now, when inspiration used to come so frequently?
Why is it the pain in my side is so clearly there, and no doctor can figure out why its there?
Why is my head so full at night that it keeps me from sleeping?
Why can you fall asleep right away? Thats doesnt seem fair.
Why does he only kiss me like that when he THINKS Im sleeping?
Why is he only sweet when were alone? Is he afraid to let other know how he feels about me?
Why do I continue to do the things I know I cant stand about myself?
Why cant I stop?
Why does my computer screen taunt me?
Dustin Why is it that sometimes I feel as though I would rather sleep forever, than deal with each day. Sometimes, I lay in my bed and think of what it would be like to wake up to a day where everything was alright.....a day where you could feel as though it was okay to actually say what you are thinking and feeling. I want someone to tell me that everything will be alright, that everything is not as bad as it seems....* why...* 030509
starjewel Sometimes I just want to know
That's all
me three letters, one question mark 030711
patterns Why do you feel so opposite of me? Strange, I'm usually not one to be surprised. 030713
ItGirl "question"


"why me?"


You never did answer me...
ferret why_else 030714
pobodys nerfect A word that is firmly ingrained into a child's mind..and (i believe)is often used by children in an attempt to make adults lose their mind. Or at least get them really frusterated sometimes. ;) 030714
god why do birds suddenly appear?

karen carpenter *singing* cause just like me, they long to be, close to youuuuu..... :) 030714
nomme isn't how 030729
Cathexis Why not? 030801
grrblah wow clever... like that hadn't already been said 5+ times in this blathe... 030801
Kitten Lost in a Dream?


Eye of Storm?
Ni so simple
yet so unanswerable
perhaps this is because its meaning is forever changing
the chameleon question?
why shall never be answered
at least not satisfactorily
something so complex cannot be answered and certainly not with words
just as words cannot describe why, they cannot answer why
why this is, i do not know...
reue the only word that has been reverberating in my mind 030929
god is anyone doing this? 031015
chiefnewo forty-two 031107
skye why did i spend all those days waiting, when there was nothing to wait for. 031108
tori i got stronger?
because u left me.
because friends dumped me.
because no one noticed me.
i lost trust. i got smarter.
- its all because of you.
im thanking you.
i'll never go back.
jake why is life what it is to me.
i wish that i could look at my life and never have to ask 'why.'
a girl with nothing to say why did they make blather purple why not black and white? or yellow and black or red and grey? 031123
852456 it's blue. 031209
phil Some people get a little weird about this word why, HEY! there are a lot of question_words, and they are all this hard to answer! 031211
starjewel couldn't find the page 040123
. . 040224
pheather there is a blatherskite of the male variety who would make a woman so happy. in fact there a quite a few here. if he is so wonderful,

Why hasn't he found Ms. Right?
jake Whyd is it?
can u tell me please?
this question bounces in my mind
like a dog with fleas
i want to know why
please tell me now
tell me why i did it and tell me how
jake why is evil
why is good
why is now
why is later
all i know
is why
mungo why the f**k do we all give up to conformity so easily?
does it help?
does it make ya feel good?
does it give u the strength to be the real you?
does it make you feel grey or4 cardboard
or empty breathless?
does it make you laugh at things that aren't funny just because THEY did?
Which came 1st? the chicken or........
oh who gives a f**k.


do what you think for a change and FUCK everyone else!+
Truthseeker Sometimes I ask myself why. I ask why things have to turn out the way they do. I failed my driving test last week. I tried not to cry. I failed even in that.

People look at me when I am alone. They stare for so long. Why? What is it that they want to see? Do they want me to get up and rejoice that they've seen me in despair? I can't remove their eyes from my mind.

Why should I get up in the morning? Every day I wake up to the Sun in my eyes but it's not shining for me. It never has before, why should it start now? I turn on my mobile and wait beside it. Why do I wait for something that I know won't come? Why do I wait at all?

I tried so hard for you, to make you love me, but you just turned away. Why do I still look up when you enter the room? Why do I still care when I know who you are? I gave you everything i had and offered you my heart and you took one look at it and walked away. You never cared for me, so why did I ever care for you? Why is everything in the world so dark when the world is covered in light all day? I hate you.
ethereal Because HATE exists. 040410
Truthseeker I looked out the window the other day. People were running and laughing in the Sun. Why can't I live like them?

I can't get her off of my mind. She's in there for all the wrong reasons and yet I can't banish her from the only sanctuary I have. She let me crumble at her feet. Why did I come back to her?

Looking out the window gives me hope. I know that I am stuck inside but to simply peer out the window and to see that there are people outside of where I am who are actually happy gives me the smallest hope that I might be like them one day too. Why can't I let her go and join them outside?

I'm stuck in here alone. Why? Because she said no.

Hate is such a strong word. It can mean so much but also so little. Osama bin Laden says he hates America with every fibre of his being every day he is alive. A child says she hates her parents for telling her she can't go to get icecream. The child hates her parents but she loves them even more than she could ever hate them. Osama bin Laden hates America more than he could ever love them. I hate Kaitlyn for what she did. But which one of the hates do I feel?
I_never_knew I don't understand why it hurts so much 040411
I_thought_you_wanted_what_I_wanted Why? Because shit happens, that's why. 040411
I_never_knew why does nothing ever work out? 040412
anitsirk24 Why did you lead me to believe you wanted something with me? Why did you make me believe I was special, and that you cared about me? Why was it that all you cared about was getting into my bed? 040412
anitsirk24 Why did you lead me to believe you wanted something with me? Why did you make me believe I was special, and that you cared about me? Why was it that all you cared about was getting into my bed? 040412
anitsirk24 Why did you lead me to believe you wanted something with me? Why did you make me believe I was special, and that you cared about me? Why was it that all you cared about was getting into my bed? 040412
kx21 Why_NOT? 040412
me You people are weird 040413
Dustin* does everything at the moment feel so strange. I'm not capable of all the complications. If only someone could tell you what to do......I con't feel like making any decisions right now. I just want to sleep and not have to deal with everything at the moment. 040414
me I dunno 040509
Emily Am I happy being sad
(Iím different form them and that difference allows me to think myself different from them)
Am I a coward?
(if I were brave Iíd give it all away and I wouldnít be able to hate myself anymore)
Do I take this
(I want to fit in! despite of everything I still want to fit in despite who I am)
Donít I run
(Iím a coward why would I do something that would make me happy)
Canít I find the answers?
(I never asked the questions that are answerable)
Why donít I suicide
(the scarsd on my arms are to prove I exist not free myself from that same existence)
elisabeth42 I say "High", you say "Low".
You say "Why?" And I say "I don't know".
scorpion heart do i procrastinate? 040530
marq Why do I have to deal with this.
It's been almost 4 years.
I can't handle this.
I thought I was strong but I'm not.
Everyday I cry.
I break down and think of you!
I don't know how to live life each day with out you being in it.
Please let someone take this pain away.
Hold me and let it rush from my body.
Take it away forever.
I want to fall in love again, but with you in my mind, there's not really any room for someone else.
Yes there is.
I can love again.
I have loved since you.
I want to love him.
Please let me.
Please let me quite thinking of you.
I want my life to be simple.
No one my age should have to deal with things like this.
No one at all.
No one of ANY age.
Things like this shouldn't happen to good people.
Things like this just shouldn't happen at all.
Quit reminding me of him.
I don't want to be reminded anymore.
I don't want to cry anymore.
I don't have anymore tears for you.
Why do I get angry at you?
I loved you so much and you left me.
I still love you.
I always will.
But it's time for me to move on.
I want to love another.
nonlucid kids ask, the neverending question, finally answered with 'because!' impatiently by those who have better things to do (or don't know the answer to deep philosophical questions like why the moon turns orange sometimes)

deemed the most likely to yield the meaning_of_life

but maybe the impatients are right and it just is
clementine don't we just fuck and get it over?

but then our relationship of sexual tension would be blown. but- couldn't we replace the tension with actual sex? if anyone could make that work we could i think.
Palm Why_not? 040703
chrysalid rhetorical
why does thinking of him give me a funny feeling inside, that smiles because it thinks he's cute and cries because he doesn't like me
why do i persist in thinking (without telling myself) that he's mine when he's not
why am I so jealous of anyone who he talks to
why does he look at everyone like that
why could he still break my heart any moment, if he wanted to
why doesn't he know
i don't want him to
why am I happy when i'm not around him
and sad when i am
but i still say he intoxicates me
because sometimes he does
and sometimes i look at him and think there's no reason in the world why i should like him at all, no reason at all, he's not even good-looking, just another guy
and then i look again and remember why i cry myself to sleep
and then i think i'm an idiot for doing this to myself
and remember that I got over him last week
and wonder why it didn't last
and remember that I told myself that it was easy to get out of this vicious circle
and see that I'm driving myself back into it
if I could separate myself from it I'd be okay
and I can still be happy
I can get yesterday back
I can. Ditch sorrow and despair, hold my head high
I can do this
love & hate Why does this pain continue to haunt me? Why do these eyes of mine cry? Why do i have the urge to pick up that knife and drag it across my flesh? Why do i feel so alone without you? Why do i keep hopeing that one day you will come back to me? Why do i continue to long for you to be with me? Why do i constantly have you on my mind? Why wont these tears cease from staining my skin? Why do i keep waking up every morning? Why do i still love you and believe that you love me too? Why do i always stick up for you even now, even to my own parents? Why dont i stop crying? Why doesnt my heart stop beating? Why cant i release this pain from within me? Why wont anything make it better? Why wont you forgive me? Why cant i forgive myself? Why am i still lying in bed without you by my side? Why are you always in my thoughts? Why are you always in my dreams? Why dont i just give up and move on? Why dont i let it all out and hate you too? Why dont you love me anymore? Why are you so afraid of what we had? Why do you bitch about me behind my back, even now that i left the country to give you space? Why do i still believe that one day, we will, once again, be together? Why do i believe in eternity? Why do i constantly wear the ring you gave me without taking it off? Why do i forgive you for hurting me so badly? Why does this pain torment me night and day? Why does my stomach feel knotted up when i think of you? Why do i constantly feel sad and alone? Why wont you come back to me? Why wont you realise what we had? Why wont you let me give you eternity? Why wont you let me make you happy? Why do you continue to ignore me? Why does this feel like the end of the world? Why wont you love me as you used to? Why cant we be together again? Why does it have to be like this? Why do i still believe in you, in me and in us? Please tell me why... 040729
misstree it's the fierce tearing its way out of my skin. it's blood pumping from a joyously opened moment. it's the heat in breath, it's howls at the moon, with no purpose other than themselves. it's tingling uplifting, remembering being alive, it's haleluiah time at the old meat ranch. it's the bark of my species, it's the confetti thrown as it all winds down the street, colors and noise and waving smiles. it's the scarlet drip drop that every moment is a slip away from. it's irreverent and fierce and alive and kicking and biting and laughing, and it is its own why.

"all art is completely useless." -wilde
witchesreqiuem Why?
Because they fucking said so!
Sorry if you don't like it,...... see...."life is not fair!"
I don't like it either ...but that is how it is.
Why does everyone torture themselves?
And then why do they blame it on the person who is least able to help?

But the important word isn't why- it's the words that come after it.
belle de jour I whisper to no one, walking somewhere after a house party where Isabella was dying and didn't know it. The dizzying novocaine of the screwdrivers was lifting but still somehow kept my spike heeled boots moving along the pavement. 4 o'clock a.m. in the summer and its like I'm the only person alive, which in this city I guess I am, although barely. Gliding across the grass, ignoring the sprinklers, glitter running down my face and mascara stinging my eyes, I climb the goal post and and just sit there, silently saying all I need to. One of my earrings falls but I let it lie. After a moment I take out the other one and throw it as far as I can. I'm 14 and for once forever really seems like forever. And even though I know it can't and won't last, I almost smile knowing that sometimes you do get what you wish for.

... you might just turn into something I like...
Ant "'Jame' is over and 'jame' is gone.."

Why Do I still give a shit?
Why Do I still care,

Your over and done and I've tryed all I could to save everything, anything between us, but.. now I'm done.

I can't do it alone, and your not worth it. Goodbye Jame, goodbye.
Ant "'Jame' is over and 'jame' is gone.."

Why Do I still give a shit?
Why Do I still care,

Your over and done and I've tryed all I could to save everything, anything between us, but.. now I'm done.

I can't do it alone, and your not worth it. Goodbye Jame, goodbye.
Ant "'Jame' is over and 'jame' is gone.."

Why Do I still give a shit?
Why Do I still care,

Your over and done and I've tryed all I could to save everything, anything between us, but.. now I'm done.

I can't do it alone, and your not worth it. Goodbye Jame, goodbye.
yourangel love is a feelin of contentment. It is the security of knowing that you are cared for no matter how bad u fuck up.
It has a sense of belonging in it. Its a comfort to you when you find yourself alone. It is not butterflies in your tummy and its not to be used as a parachute when you want to escape from the world. Love should be your ally you strong hold, let it be your backbone. You can use it as a shield against the hate in the world. Dont be shy about it.Be proud , bost that you have it. Its a glorious thing. Love does conquer all.
so the question is.....
Why don't i have love?
trox why is love it is painful so why are we not like other creatures and only mate not love 050411
intensebeet It's always the question... 050426
Rx why must my friends do this to me . . . i have no clue why they wont just tell me what they think of me. . . i have no clue *tear* they r talking behind my back and i have no clue why, but one thing that they dont know is that i know what they r talking about . .. lets say a little birdie told me . . . all i know is what they think is true is not true . . .I am not GAY! (no offence to plple who r) 050506
ask why doesn't acceptance become easier for her? 050506
on the road can't we blathe on the topic "."? 050522
love is staged the question he will never answer 050910
Indonesia cannot ban the JI (Jemaah Islamiyah)? 051009
how 1092005 - Indonesian Vice President Yusuf Kalla:

"If we have never recognized the existence of that organisation,
can we disband it?,"
m did you do that? 051214
crawls upon floor bleeding have you done this to me? 051214
krea why are people so stupid?!?! 070206
maybe why, i'm stupid..

i guess .. i thought... "thats wierd" too many times...
... didn't rteally think it could possibly be...
you know, "U" only maybe.
maybe why, i'm stupid..

i guess .. i thought... "thats wierd" too many times...
... didn't really think it could possibly be...
you know, "U" only maybe.
indeed i will dig on your wound.

why ?

merm.mer me mere mere

uppss.. sorry...
phil is this not the question? 070516
yes why ? why ? why ? 070516
:p can you think of a metaphor for a metaphor? 080107
hah? no, I'm too tangled up in my sheets! 080107
compop mmmm.... yum cashmere! 080107
anythingbutcryptic 'dan... why?' she says softly, and he notices that her face is not pale as it should be (like in the movies, the books...) but orange, the fake orange tan she always insisted on applying. it used to dirty the sheets. he used to humour it, but now it strikes him as utterly ridiculous, unneeded, shallow; it strikes him with anger and he glares at her, foccusing everything onto her. its her fault. its her fault. is it? does it matter? and another question: 080126
remscape why does why sound so whyish? 080829
why does it hurt like this? 110810
heartfeltsuperego powerhouse word
this word drives me
it is the bane of my existence
but I never want it to stop

I'm choking on all the 'whys'
and I'm looking for some 'because'
Why did I think this chapter of my life was going to be any different? Why on earth did I think my life might actually get better? Clearly I was living in a bubble of what might happen if things actually went according to plan.

Why does every new hurt break my heart into a million tiny pieces all over again? Why is it that I feel like I have to give everything up to find myself again? Why can't I just be happy, normal, and okay again?
heartfeltsuperego is my baseline feeling the one of misery?
I feel I am slightly acidic.
a cancer.
my body is exhausted
from lovelorn effort
or am I misunderstanding?
Iren3_adler "New name, fresh start, must be nice"

A reminder so strong it was a kick in the teeth.

Pull yourself together you idiot.
f there are other places to go for Iost people
these days
they can find each other
in other places
this isn't healthy
what's it to you?
who go