charley Why do people hurt me? Do they even know? Why is it so fucking easy to get hurt by people?? Sometimes I think it best not to interact with people (of course I know better) less chance of getting hurt.. Computers are so much easier. Less misunderstanding. And then comes the embarrassment of even thinking that I might be hurt by something so utterly silly. Computers are definitely easier. 980906
Pacia reminds us that we are still alive. 981107
Dallis Its done. Do it back and get it again. Just avoid it. I doubt it is worth it. But somehow it always is. 981118
Dallis It will end. Like it or not. 981118
amy i know.
i'm sorry.
adam you did. again and again and again and again and i will never ever ever ever ever forgive you. 990218
jordan is like a gift everyone gives and recieves it and it comes in many different ways,somtimes hidden behind beauty and somtimes you get it with all its ugliness 990709
jennifer I threw my best friend away. I decided to tell him how I really felt and I
took it too far. I threw him away. The main problem is that we had grown so close in the
last two years, that now that he's gone, it feels like a part of me has died. I feel so hollow
inside. I go through my daily routine and my mind constantly drifts back to him. And what
kills me the most is that I know, I know that the relationship we had will never be as strong
as it once was. I can't do anything without somehow being reminded of him. And that hurts
so bad. I still don't know why I had to fuck up the best thing I had going for me. But I am
sorry, and he has no idea how much pain I am in. And that kills me.
unrighteous1 the aftermath of pain 000112
amy so silly of me, crying for four days straight (time out to teach classes!)... but then i said it...
haha... there's nothing like laughing and making fun of yourself while saying extreme things and crying like there's no tomorrow.
amy uhh... actually that was last year... last century, even. 000409
daxle listening to this song
I don't know what to think
if I am here again
I haven't gone anywhere
and I want to die
MollyGoLightly These entries--pain, hurt, loneliness, etc...seems like most posters write about being on the recieving end.
Or maybe I'm the only one here who ever hurts people. I doubt that.
Free Yes Molly, I agree. It seems like all the focus is on the self. And it is this same selfishness that is the cause of the Hurt, the Pain, the Sarrow. 000411
The Schleiffen Man i bring to the table a vicious cycle of hurt. i broke up with a girlfriend who hurt me, but she says that when she hurts me that she feels bad and hurts. but i hurt to know that she hurts. and so it begins. we may get back together someday but it'll never be soon enough to end the hurt i feel right now 000518
birdmad cognitive dissonance hurts.

the life i have built for myself is a million miles from where i started and further from where i thought i would be

and the thing that makes me laugh on one hand and cringe on the other is the knowledge that, even if it isn't what i aspired to, either's still better than i deserve
emily my hurt fills me up until there's nothing left of the original me,
i just hurt all the time
Tiffa i cry and i dont know why
its the hurt inside me
it burns like fire
and yet the tears scorch worse
reasons undefined i can not say
take my breath away
and bring me close to death
weak i am so weak
its the hurt that burns inside me
its the love i can not seem to share
its the love that is the hurt
painful love
take my breath away
and bring me close to death
aschool What we all must live with, why is it so?

Why must we hurt others to survive? You can't tell me that you have never hurt another.

The world is such a hurtfull place
waiting i would rather hurt and not know why than knowing i only hurt because of you 000524
apotheotatic_me It is a scary concept to me that, as a humna, I have the ability to hurt another human being. I mean, I could just kill someone at any given moment. I could say something that makes you die inside and not even know what I've done wrong. Chalk one up to God and irony. 000529
NIN I hurt myself today,
to see if I still feel.
focus on the pain,
The only thing that's real.
kim it's better to feel hurt
than to feel nothing at all
it's better to have a heart
than to have no heart at all
deadman are you really so sure? 000713
kim yes 000713
deb i'm more scared of
hurting you
than being hurt myself -
misstree i knew a boy, once... he was a fairytale prince, a chainmail cowboy, with swords and spurs, and noble eyes that spoke of faraway skies and a pain older than him, and when i saw him i fell in love... not with the person, but the concept of him... i made myself what i needed to be for him to want me, went from wicked witch to fragile princess, and sure enough it worked... within a month, we were due to be married... i knew this wasn't right, that the spell would wear off eventually and i would be me again, but the prince was so young and tender, so undefended, and he had laid his heart in my right hand even seeing the dagger in my left... so i did the only humane thing. i threw his heart down and stomped on it. did a joyless jig. i didn't enjoy breaking him, but our relationship was a horse with four broken legs, and it was quick and brutal or slow and painful... and i like to think that, aside from making him more bitter and jaded, because it was quick and brutal, maybe next time, he'll see the dragon holding the princess puppet, or at least carry a shield... 000804
pasp Knwoing that everyone else hurts makes my hurt most comforting 000813
somebody everybody thinks they are the only one 000915
DJAshton somthing all of us have gone through or are going through, 000918
Tank i could wobble off the end of the world right now... for all the loyalty i give, show, prove, they give none in return. i quit my dream job for them. and when that same position is available internally, they give it to another. they employ someone over me, never even asked me if i would want it. what's the point? damn, i'm wobbling away... 000922
deb your words hurt last night
stung. but it was today
that they pierced the
purpled flesh of this fragile heart-
you said you'd been dating
this other girl, sorta,
and, at first it didn't bother me.
but i've been in those shoes before

i know how it burns at your soul
when you find out the one
you thought was yours
belongs to someone else now-

i feel like you lied to me,
really, by not mentioning it before-
i'd almost like to call her,
say i'm so sorry, i didn't know,
but what's the use?

more than anything,
it hurts to know
you're capable of that...

you're not that guy
who tore my world apart, no,
for a flicker of a moment,
i saw a piece of him in you
-and that hurt-

don't be that guy...

Jon is purly a mental thing, but we all feel it.
It's just an impulse in the brain, but we cry for it.
Hurt is pain, anger and heart ache
It's gone when your there.
me ... is an underrated form of salvation/salivation for the masses 001217
hypocrite Sometimes it isn't worth it to chew through the restraints, so go ahead. Drink from my veins a little longer. I haven't got much left. 001218
Rhin My stomach feels like it is in my throat. I keep trying to swallow it down, but it remains. If I can swallow my own screams, then why can't I swallow this? 010101
... i can't let you bring me pain. i can't let you get to me. no you can't see what i feel. you never will. all you do is bring misery. i'm telling you now, i wont be your company. i can't take it. i wont take it. i need to feel again. you have made me numb. you have made me shut down. you have brought upon these thoughts. it's not about you though. you think it's always about you. this time it's not. IT'S NOT. it's about ME. what about me? that's probably what you think. oh wait. you don't think. that's why i don't feel. 010121
marissa i am.
you say so many things to me they hurt.
rlzp Angry that I feel this way. Especially for my reasons. It's justified, yet not and I can't find a rhyme or reason. 010331
Chrity go to:
psychobabe this feeling that i feel is hurting. Its not from a man, not from a woman, not from any thing, except myself. My emotions getting in the way of my life, trying to forget, trying to let go, but cant. The hurt just keeps going and going, until it bursts! everything shows and you now hurt others. Its like a disease that spreads uncontrolably, salvaging on other peoples feelings....

i sit and here and try to realize this world i live in, not wanted people to feel sorry for me. Thats the worst feeling. Haveing people feel sorry for you. I write in here to express myself, not to have someone whos reading this say awe poor chick. well fuck that, i'm not trying to have this bad ass attitude, but its true. do you write in here for yourself? or to have people feel sorry for you?

makes you think. which also hurts, lol.its such an extreme word, but i guess not one person can really defy it.

Mallory I feel it take hold as you walk through the door
I thought it was gone
I was wrong
The darkness sets in and I cannot see
Someone please rescue me
From this oblivion of pain
I can't take it anymore
I'm writhing and dying on the floor
I tried to stop loving
I tried so hard
But it always came back
This has pushed me so far
I'm on the edge
I'm falling off
Please save me
Keep me aloft
Teach me to fly
Teach me to soar
I'm running through your bedroom door
Tearing through your house
Trying to get away
Away from this life
Away from this day
I don't want to live
I don't want to die
I just want this pain to go away.
Casey when a loved one punches you and tells you you are hated 010415
unique butterfly psycho babe, you go girl!!!! hehe 010418
Gillian Gillian is 010608
Gillian jillian is not because she is not on Gillian's end 010608
dark for fear of failure Just the other day someone told me that I was ugly right to my face. Did he have to do it in my face? Couldn't he just have said it behind my back? That night, after I hung up the phone, I cried myself to sleep. I cry. I did, didn't I? It always hurts... But then.. when my boyfriend told me how beautiful I am, I smiled. 010608
kinkazoid where do i start?
things that hurt me:
my mom remarried some guy i didnt know on my real dad's (who killed himself)birthday....
after she married him, she made me move an hour away from my whole life right before i entered high school, i thought i would never find a friend...
i found some friends, they all turned into assholes, every friend i have had here stabbed me in the back somehow...
my best friend from here moved away last week about 3 states away...
my ex boyfriend fucked another girl, and told me all about it bragging with gross details....
my really good friend that is a boy said something really mean to me so i got mad at him and he never tried to appologize or get me to not be mad, its like he doesnt even care about me...
my new boyfriend who i love so much :) is at ozzfest, which i was supposed to go to with my friend but couldnt go cuz i didnt have a ride, anyways...yeah he is gone all day so i havent seen him but i went to the mall and found his colonge and sprayed it on a peice of paper and drew a little stick figure guy on it...i keep smelling it :( ....
my mom isnt home and my friend just left so i have nothing to do and im really fucking bored....
i think thats it for now
Lisa hurting 010619
GrayWolf breaking_up 010723
confused 4 yrs ago, i fell for a guy who unfortunately would never luv me. 4 yrs later, when i finally started to feel some peace back in my heart, i realised i've fallen for a fren, whom i've known for than 8 yrs! right now, i'm in between the path of telling him or not telling him that i like him. i'm scared...i can feel the hurt in my heart.....i'm not scared of rejection 'cos i expect it anyway..i want to tell him in case one day i regret i didn't + after telling him, i'll have the reason to put everythg to a stop and try to treat him juz like old times but on the other hand, i'm scared...cos i'm not sure i can live up to wat i said--"I like you"...'cos my heart is full of hurt...i've lost confidence in myself, and my ability to like someone. and foreseeably, this wil hurt my frenship wif him...i don't know why thgs like this always have to happen to me. what have i done wrong???
why nobody told me that loving someone also brings hurt too?? if i know, i wil never want to grow heart is crying..i dk how to help myself.......
boymansonbowie1 when does hurt turn to numb? which one hurts more? which one kills faster? 010923
melvinwang even if i'm perfect, it might still happen.

i wish i was special.
Sonya We always say the same bullshit to each other. "I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to lie. I'm sorry." Do we ever really mean any of it? No. Our words are so interchangeable that they no longer hold the meaning they're supposed to. They only have meaning for the brief moment they are expressed in, and after that they lose their meaning. People find it incredibly easy to hurt me, but perhaps it's because I let them? I think I'm numb now. I'm too numb to feel anything. I didn't do anything to deserve this. Some days I wish I were dead. The futility of it all sinks in every now and again. It manages to cut into my optimism. It's incredibly painful to be hurt by someone you once fully believed in and loved. And unfortunately the pain not only lingers but it totally transforms your way of thinking. I hurt. I hurt more than you know or ever will know. 011025
Aaron to be in love, or to be loved... i would have never thought to be pain. but it hurts, not to be loved... and more to be in love... my pain runs deep, and thoes words hurt me, more than you would know... my body chills, hair stands on end, these simple words run through my head... "won't you hold me". do you now understand my pain, i think not... it's far to simple.. yet all consuming. its a chill night for me, my fear like a fever breaks... i would run to you, if i know who you are. 011111
Sidekick It's a feeling that no matter how hard one tries to warm up, it remains frozen and cold. 011204
ClairE For a word always in the past tense,

it is ever riding with us.

Keep the windows up, boys and girls.

Do not feed the animals.
Annie111 Sometimes I wish you would just hurt me.
So I would have an excuse to forget you.
And love him instead.
ClairE All we do is hurt each other with kindness. At best. 011210
kitten on drugs i hurt him. i broke his heart and shattered his world so that i could save you. i took away his dreams -the wedding, the house, the kids- so that i could share those dreams with you. i've always done the hurting...but not with you, my love. i won't hurt're been thru too much. but it makes me very sad; i know that you'll be the first one to hurt me. 020101
syncratick numbness sets in sooner or later...i promise. 020217
blown cherry I haven't hit numbness yet. Ho wlong does it usually take to arrive? It must have missed the last 50 trains cause I think it's well overdue by now.

I don't think I've ever felt a hurt like I did the day I left him. Knowing what I was doing to him, knowing I was completely ruining his world, irrepairably tearing his heart to pieces. I've never cried like that before, I might never again, maybe when my parents die.

I hated me for hurting him, but the next day I felt free-er than I'd ever felt in all my life. It was so amazing, and I felt do guilty for feeling so good.

But it was ok. The free feeling was soon replaced by pain brought about by someone else.
Them inadvertently hurting me this time, like I deserved.

...she'll hurt you, you'll hurt me,
I'll pass the pain along
But the agony is sweet,
it's the rest of the world that's wrong...
Arwyn is all I've ever caused you..... yet you always blame yourself. 020218
Logan I've hurt just as much... 020219
Liz a poem a friend of mine wrote...

For the poem to be the writer must see,
all the words that they know
so its magic will show.
We write about life and death with its pain,
how we all find the courage
to go on once again.
The poem can be short, tender, and sweet,
sending shivers of joy straight to your feet.
It can also be cruel, cutting straight to the heart,
with each word written playing its part.
It may reveal all the wonders and the beauty of love,
two destiny's chosen by the good Lord above.
For the poem is a part of the person inside,
a piece of ourselves we choose not to hide.
So enjoy every word as it leaps from the page,
for the paper will soon fade showing signs of its age.
Watching a child, watching the fights,
crying my sleep during the screams of the night.
Nestled in pillows, overtaken by tears,
she'd never realize this would effect her over the years.
So afraid of this monster, one that I hate,
it comes from the anger so the pain it makes.
If only a mirror could save it to see,
This child is hurting,
this child is me.
So scared to fall in love, but tired of being alone,
I remember all those tears,
and the pain they have shone.
Now no longer with youth,
but old enough to say,
I can't ignore these memories I live with,
I live with them everyday.

I wish I could help him... I wish so badly I could...
TK fuck it, I'm tired of honesty, lie to me god damit!
LIE and tell me *I* look "hot" and or how elce was it you described her while needing to be blatently honest? oh yes thats right "beond beauty itself"
why did you suddinly feel the need to be so blatedntly honest w/ me any how? here it was you built me up, made me atualy feel good, witch isent to say I was feeling bad b4, just faceing up to reality, after all every one knows all I'll ever be is almost pretty, never really quite makeing it any ferther than that, and yet you inflated my baloon olny to oh so "innocently" pop it, why? is it some kind of controll angle, does it make you feel good to know you can hurt me? and the funny thing is you -acted- like you never even realized you had done it and wanted to screw around not 2 hours later.
I'm not much to look @, and for the most part I've excepted this but I don't need you or any once elce putting a mirror up to my face and pointing it out to me eather.


If you don't have anything nice to say, than don't say it @ all

PS. please forgive any spelling mistakes, Word is on defunk @ the time being
chiefnewo i hurt
i cry
i blubber
i beg
i pray
i stop
i deal
i get up
i get on with it
i hurt
but it doesn't stop me
Carnby Hurt is what i feel every time she looks at me and i think no way i can be good enoguh for her. Hurt is the pain of being crushed by the thought of being lonely all my life with nothing but a cat. Hurt I am all the time. 020616
poeticmisfit hurt.
why is there hurt? why do i have to feel hurt? why do ppl hurt? why do i hurt ppl?
sometimes it hurts so bad that you feel like you could never add anymore to the pile...but then somehow it gets bigger, and it hurts more. and did anyone ever teach us how to handle the hurt? did anyone ever show us what to do with it?
they said they did, but why do i handle it so wrong? and who makes the blood wrong?
fucked once too often You used to really enjoy hurting me,
so why are you having so much trouble now?
Blake with matt finished eyes It comes naturally, regardless of what I intend, apparently. 020818
sloth like being kicked in the stomach.

that's what it felt like when i heard. my heart sank, my stomach dropped, and my throat closed.

and i was never the same.
Strideo time heals all wounds. . .

not really, but it can take a sharp pain and make into a dull ache.
Gho$t every one i know, goes away in the end 030125
blown cherry I want to feel my skin burning so I can forget about this pain on the inside. 030211
plest yaaa you don't 030212
plumbrook why can't we burn ourselves on something besides stoves?
why are people stoves?
you know the one, she hung back until they had encircled her like a ritualistic bonfire.
then there was that sliver of flamelike time when she had to look up, hoping for a way out of it that didn't cost anything, caged.
you were in the wrong space to get out of it unscathed when her eyes were meeting yours.
they were dark and wide and working up a speech to prove that they weren't pleading.
because you are not the hero, not even old enough to scream while beating them off.
maybe you were only made to be hurt. maybe you are the one who has to make up for all the times she almost felt nagged into regretting some of this for the first time and then didn't. don't you like hot things? things that make your face feel as bloody as a living halloween corpse that's barely alive.
you can speak about as well as it can, too.
Dustin we are all hurting.....whether we want to believe it or not. 030523
mo there is not a day in my life when i have not hurt at least one person, be it from takng their toy or telling them i hated them or by getting to that killer parking space first. I'm sorry, I'm sorry to everyone i made feel pain 030614
imposter Sometimes, so many people in this world are all hurting, and so much at once, and in so many ways, and I just want to help them so badly, to ease their suffering.

And there is nothing I can do.

Well, nothing but love them even more.

But then the question is, where do you draw the line with love, before your love becomes too attached to their pain, and you start to hurt, too?

The answer is, you don't. . .

Because you love them.
welcometohel its like this pain in your heart like your lungs and ribs are caving in and your heart just wants to squeeze through and escape and all you can do swallow the lump in your throat.

or maybe its something you ate.
Afro Why does it still hurt after this fucking long? Its been a fucking year and you are still in my dreams and you are still in my head. I dont want to do this anymore. I dont want to wake up thinking about you. You're gone, and it hurts. And I just want to move on with my life. 030925
Wyred My heart and my pride. 031001
Cherry_Springwater Two sides to every coin. This is just the one we hope doesn't come up.

But don't despair.

You can always flip the coin again.
scorpion heart makes the heart stronger 031116
Syrope i can be a manipulative bitch. i really can. i've hurt people on purpose before, but most of the time it's accidental.

"life's no story book, love's an excuse to get hurt. and to hurt. do you like to hurt? i do, i do, so hurt me"
~bright eyes

and now, i've been feeling so rotten because of all the ways you've hurt me in the time we've known each other. it's been particularly gnawing at me the past few weeks. and then suddenly i have this chance to hurt you, and what do i do? i feel even worse. i don't see this as a way to move on with my life, a way to seal off what i used to be...what i used to put up with. i see this as me hurting you, and suddenly all the hurt you've inflicted on me doesn't matter any more.
vengeful it's astonishing how well they are at intentionally hurting us without a second thought and/or feelings of guilt and regret, and yet when we try to exzact revenge on them for causing us so much painfull hurt they somehow are able to turn it around makeing us hurt even more then befor... It's truly does amaze me how good they are at that, as though they practise it until prefected... 031224
Mysticfire Hurt is a matter of perspective. Hurt can be self indulgent. If you hurt, understand the real reasons why. What is it that you expect? Did you expect someone to be something they never could be? Did you expect something to happen that never could happen? Why do you hurt? Change your perspective, change your expectations, look to yourself for the love you need and want and then you won't hurt...well, even if you do it won't be a big deal cuz you'll be able to handle it. Here's a poem I wrote about pain:

"My Old Friend (copy right 2001, Janice Harter)

So, my old friend
Here you are back at my door
I've no choice but to let you in
To embrace you instead of running away

It seems I've run from you for so long
But now that I stopped, I know that I can run no longer
I wish you weren't here but at the same time, I'm glad you are

I know I have to face the fact that
To live life, I must welcome you
Because, only through you
Can I begin to heal and to walk in the light

I'm beginning to understand your presence
And why you've come to visit
I feel your vast depths and intensity
But, as frightening as your are to me I really think I'm ready for you this time.

You see, I've learned how to face you
After all of these years
To acknowledge you, to feel you completely

I know the only way I can survive is if I embrace you
Hold you close and let your intensity overwhelm me
Because, when you are through with me
I will pain will be gone
And I will again be happy."

Don't hurt - Heal!!!
poones eat 040101
x the obsession with one of the most endulgent forms of self-flattering 040101
x fark! would never spell indulgence wrong. i know it so well ;) 040101
Anja makes me horny

hurt_consumer Whats done is Done .... Whats said is said love is a lie & life is a game Hurt is the olny real thing left in my tainted life but yet there is no Tear to Shed ... the olny thing left to do is .. Live.. 040116
lost & confuzed The first time I saw you, I knew it was true~That I'd love you forever and that's what I'll do~You don't know what you do to me~You don't have a clue~You don't know what it's like to be me lookin at you 040116
hurt_consumer Nothings new nothings fine
you played with this anguished heart of mine
I love you and hate you at the same time
the guilty live and the innocence die
i'll make you bleed and i'll make you cry
nothings fine nothings new
i would bleed eternally for you
but who knew it would be so soon?
we went together so perfectly
until you went and betrayed me
I know for sure I don't need you
I'm over it and over you
there's nothing left to say or do
but goodbye ;
but remember nothings new and nothings fine even tho you stepped outta the line
Josh I feel the pain from my mistakes. I've lost my love, my heart, my soul, my everything. I miss her more than anything, and theres nothing I can do to get her back. I would do anything to have back those good times. I know what my mistakes were and I've changed, I know what to do....but it's to late...Then what do we do? I sit here and cry....missing you, not able to see you. I'm sorry for the acusations, not trusting you. I should've opened my eyes, but coulda woula shoulda's doesn't change anything. I just want you here.....I want 1 more matter how much I want it....I fucked up. 040119
Hurt_Consumer Broken & dismal I hate the whole world- people, places so many fucking faces, look here we go now round & round till the cold cold end : you say this, I hate that, Fake is your emotion*~*Phony is your game, What a pity for how far we've come & how much I've grown & you still can't get over it*~*
You mind Fuck the world & then you Hide&shun the love!~* You are a bad person I can't be with people like you I hate people like you. But yet I go on I've been going on now for 5yrz :* Lost in theory, broken in rage, raped in lies & full of shame*~* I can't be with people like you, You can't be loved*~* I can't be with people like you, You taint thingz
Your Face Familiar * Your heart black * Depart from me:I Do Not Ever Want You Back~*~!
mike i know how you feel i feel the same way 040130
rarebit i spent a long time believing if i didn't care i couldn't get hurt and i'm right but it is an empty life 040213
rarebit i spent a long time believing if i didn't care i couldn't get hurt and i'm right but it is an empty life 040213
xXShadow_GoddessXx the hurt...this pain...the immortal abyss...clouding memories of days past gone...the pain amplified by the shadows that are echoing within my sordid soul...I want to let it all go and just lie down in the fields of my past and die there...but then...I see light...and I don't feel as alone as I used to...and I am able to smile...a new smile...a fresh beginning awaits within the morning mists...and a new hope is born within the Shadow Realm...of my past. 040214
Shadow Goddess the hurt...this pain...the immortal abyss...clouding memories of days past gone...the pain amplified by the shadows that are echoing within my sordid soul...I want to let it all go and just lie down in the fields of my past and die there...but then...I see light...and I don't feel as alone as I used to...and I am able to smile...a new smile...a fresh beginning awaits within the morning mists...and a new hope is born within the Shadow Realm...of my past. 040214
her royal highness the quirk this kind of hurt doesn't go away
it follows me everywhere
the squirrels on campus make me hurt
my walls make me hurt
my cosmos make me hurt
my movies make me hurt
x i guess i should be glad that i'm functioning well. 040216
I don't know why I'm still here, in this place where you left me.

I've moved on. I have a good life.

I don't want you.

We shared so much, so many things were new with you, that maybe I mistake that freshness for "you".

I know you are a monster.

I know you were wrong.

I know I should hate you.

Somehow, though, even with all this time that has passed, I cannot understand how you and he could be the same person.

You cried to me.

I was there.

The quiet shouldn't be able to lie . . .

and why can't I believe it's over?

He loves me, I love him.
We are happy.

So why am I still writing to you?

a silient scream I'm tired of having the good things ripped away from me...first my friends and family. What else does this world have to take away from me? I mean I know nice guys finish last but what the fuck?! I mean I know I've done many wrongs...but it can't equal to this. You know what though just gotta keep goin on day to day living it my way. All of the people who I take care of, and then act like I'm nothing.....get someone else to deal with your problems like yourself, I'm through. As to the love of my happy I'm always here and I'm waiting for you to balance out the good...and if it never happens...I can do it I really don't need anyone I just miss you.....I miss the times lost...but hey smile for today and the love for tomorrow 040318
Tired of it All ooo...there are times when all is lost and then found.....Everyone always has to get in the way and cause drama....drama drama drama, is all high school is and I'm fucking tired of it all. All I want is to be left alone, I haven't done shit to alot of these people and the only thing they do is tear me down...why? What have I done other than be there for them? I'm tired of being walked over, tired of being used, tired of being hurt....Damn when does it all go away....I mean I know what I want, and what I need and one of those things is to be left alone in ways. Lets just drop everything and just go out and have some fun, instead of arguing, instead of making lives a living hell....Especially mine I've had enough to deal with. I've lost my best friend, the love of my life...atleast the most I've cared for someone has left me, my family slowly fades away, and all this in less than 4 months and you want to try and bring me down farther? Fuck you all 040321
Pinknana A world were nothing seems to matter but the pain.
Hurt of love.
hurt of happiness
hurt of sadness
hurt of loss
No matter where you turn it ends
ofsuch only good hurt please

no more bad hurt
Raw i sit here biting my fingernails even closer to the bit where they start. even though it hurts like hell, i can't stop. Mum told me today that there are certain energies in this part of your hand/fingers, so when you bite your nails, you're trying to get to that energy...consume it . So i guess i'm just low on energy right now...emotional, spiritual...probably all of it 040625
Miss Kaycie Rose I love you. I would never do this to you. So please, please never do this to me either. 040707
insane_child you have no idea what you have done to me. 041105
me oblivion can hurt so bad
i am not oblivious
but i'm afraid you'd hurt me
so i deny
can't help it
flexible I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real
The needle tears a hold
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

I wear this crown of thorns
Upon my liar's chair
Full of broken thoughts
I cannot repair
Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
I am still right here

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

If I could start again
A million miles away
I would keep myself
I would find a way
Death/Love To forget the feelings those whom your heart touched 050502
Death/Love To forget the feelings those whom your heart touched 050502

Its amazing how bad I feel;
you were the one that I hurt.

In an 'I should have been there for you' sort of way
you/me We must all

find some release here
typing words that mean nothing
trying to make the
go away.

pretty mean renditions of
pink! so i gave my heart to him
and i forgot to tell him about it
and he broke it

knocked it off a shelf in the middle of the night
i guess i should have known better
pink! "do i ever hurt you?"

yes you do
megan why didn't you call me tonight like you said you would
i'm sure there's a reason
but i just wish you'd remember sometimes

that's what reassures me you care
peyton so much
it bleeds through the skin
and makes me ugly
because i am
so ugly
i'm not pretty
or beautiful
you wouldn't remark me as you passed by
you wouldn't love me on a waterfall
or touch me and sigh
i'm just a roach on your shoe
a fly on your windshield
i could suffocate
and you would be disgusted at my corpse
wouldnt you
boboramma I know it doesnt help to say im sorry. no matterhow much i am 050930
*Amy* the hurt you cause me is the most painful and withering feeling I`ve ever had. and you know it and still you are saying that you are interested in me, but you only continue hurting me. 051001
.......... "You hurt a lot of people." he said
red rimmed eyes staring
with a loss I could never fathom

I'm suppoesd to feel sorry

but if I could do it all again I'd rip their hearts out with a steel hook,
and watch the black blood drip down for hours

I'd stare straight into their eyes while the shock of everything beautiful they've ever believed in crumbles to the ground, leaving only monsters in the dark.

I'd suck the life out of everythig that gave them hope, if only to see them drown, betrayed and alone.

"How could you do this to me?" he'd say.

If you loved me you'd know....

(and the world was a little bit colder)
Erin Lee it hurt to hurt him. but i couldnt hurt any longer just trying to avoid a greater hurt. 060630
Roaul Duke GOOD NIN SONG 060701
Jordan I love him
I love him
I love him
I love him
i Love him
i Love him
i Love him
i love Him
i love Him
i love Him
I Love Him

and it hurts to bad

but it feels so good
Risen The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.

Bob Marley

Now THAT is a quotation I can get behind.
what's it to you?
who go