misstree WARNING: this might offend you. it's about sex. it goes into some level of detail. you have been WARNED.

so, here's the story. there's a few people who live vicariously through me (hey, who am i to say no when people ask for stories?), and i end up writing quite a bit of the more, ah, lascivious details of my life out for them in emails... i figgered i might as well share here as well... starting off with these, may or may not post more... fair warning darling 'skites, this is not for the easily offended... had an exceedingly interesting new year's.... four days of excesses and debauchery... quite a spot of fun... this is long as hell, but it's only two of the four days... tough nuts if you want the rest of the story, and yes, the two days i left out were just as interesting (if not more) than the ones i left in... and things have been edited to make them anonymous, while the chances of people who would wish me trouble over here on the other side of the interaolwebnet.com are slim, well, it's for the protection of others more than myself... identities have been changed to protect the guilty... on with the show...

okay, whew, still piecing things together... forgive if some of the details get scattered, if i'm a bit dijointed... this covers the past two days, and dammit they've been a little rough on the whole remembering things bits of my brain.

also, i need to wave to my invisible audience, i told three people i would start sending them sordid tales, so i'm basically going to write as if this were just going to sarah and then send it out to a few others, um, yeah. if any of y'all are easily offended or just not in the mood to hear about my, um, slightly miscreant new year's (not many laws broken, so not too bad), well, delete this or save it for later, i care not. y'all asked for it. and my darling Rain, you're the only person that knows any of these people, but, well, you're on the other side of the country and i know you won't be blabbing this inappropriately, but you know me and disclaimers.

zo. i think new year's really started on tuesday night after midnight, so technically around 1ish am on new year's eve. that was goth night, that was caesar and i bringing my little darling christmas present back to my place after collecting her from a party, that was me getting two and a half hours of sleep before work, that was a lousy summation but it's my only courtesy for those coming into the story late. ;P on the 31st proper i stumbled in to work, managed not to pass out all day, came home, and took a nap, expecting my phone to wake me up in about two hours.

yeah. don't trust anything to wake me up when i really need my sleep. my roommate summoned the memory of him coming into my room to tell me that my phone had been ringing for a while, and i answered him, and still didn't gain consciousness. until 11:00. i called helen, a refugee from springfield that i've been wanting to play with for a long time, and she came and collected me and spirited me off to a party full of swordfighters, my long lost pirates and thugs. on the way out the door i grabbed my bottle of voudka... pirates don't drink rum, they drink whiskey, but i'll be damned if vodka isn't the drink of damn near every gypsy i've known.

it pulled at my heart strings more than a little, knowing this would probably be the last time i partied with them, these darlings that have ten times more style than anyone i know when falling down, puking, or passing out. (yeah, well, now you know why i ain't Lady Tree, and Miss even feels like kind of a joke.) we got there about quarter to midnight, and by the time the bell tolled i had secluded myself on a porch with two of the boys whose friendship i've enjoyed more than average. the bell tolled and the kissing began.

now, i spent two and a half years around these boys, many of them not so good with the standard type girlies, and there's a helluva lotofem that i've wanted to kiss this entire time... welp, i got to kiss most of them. i won't go through the list, but it was one that makes me happy. most exceptional bit of meatplay at that particular party was a backrub from spart.

(description of spart edited out, he's pretty damn unique)

so spart gives me a backrub... he started off rubbing nice and deep, which no one does; my back relaxes very quickly, but all the tension goes deeper rather than leaving. yummy yummy, a few times having to force myself to relax against muscles really being ground into rather than tensing up, because if i tensed it would hurt infinitely worse. after working on my back with both hands for a while, spart put an arm under my chin so's he could do a little more on the shoulders/neck. is none too gentle about putting my head down on it. purr. it's the little things that make happy moments. he rubbed a while, switched arms, and was distictly forceful with the hand that was briefly tangled in the back of my hair, thrusting my head against his arm, putting just a little pressure on my neck. of course, i, um, didn't bother to move to relieve the pressure on the neck, but it's all good. we went along these lines for a few minutes, and one or the other of us got distracted and wandered off.

i wandered into the backyard and was set upon by jacob, whom i think i may have kissed on before that night. either way, he's a rather unassuming looking fellow, but like most of the swordfighters, when called upon has reserves of passion you wouldn't expect. i was just getting bored of mashing myself against him when i got another call from caesar, the boy that i've taken a rather liking to sleeping with, the one i shared my pirate girl with and who i was planning to run off to when i lost interest in the swordfighters, which was about night. a few minutes of phone tag between him and emily, and i made my last goodbyes and went to play over at nargile.

and a note for rain, who knows oh so very well just what level of delectability this was... gabriel was there. (big hugs!) gabriel was shirtless for a piece. drooldrooldrool... when i went to leave, gabriel was bent over the couch and... well, i just couldn't stop myself from puttin' my hands on his hips and giving him a good old-fashioned humping. he was docile for the whole of it, too, very yum. on the way out to the car, emily asked if he was gay. i told her distinctly no. she said he was just far too pretty to be straight. that's a common mistake. that's gabriel.

emily and the boy she was with decided against joining me in meeting caesar at the bar, as it was only scheduled to be open for another 45 minutes. caesar snuck me in the downstairs side door, skipping the $25 cover. i secured a drink, and caesar handed me..... *edited for me own reasons, mofos* (um, that was edited for work, he handed me an adderol when i showed up, and we split a roll not much later) ..... and i finally started dancing not too long before they closed.

yeah. about that. i have to take a moment to explain the atmosphere, and this is as good a time as any. this is about the closest i've come to poking at a traditional club scene, complete with drum n' bass and techno music and shite. the crowd is ostensibly very friendly, which is enhanced by certain chemicals that tend to be present, though drama lurks pretty thick beneath the surface. but that's fine. i think my bullshit shields are strong enough i might even be able to play and have some serious fun before people start to figure out who i am. not doing a very good job of not being memorable so far though, and i do know a few people, but damn if i'm not going to milk this new honeyed land for all it's worth.

i'm debating the extent of details to give you about playing at the club; but as this is already dragging on and i haven't even gotten to the good bits, i'll keep it somewhat trim. caesar makes an excellent tour guide, and he and i have very well-attuned brainspaces, so much of the night (both at the bar and at the house party after) was him introducing me to someone, me poking at their brain in that special tree kind of way, and then bouncing on to the next attraction. good few people i met without the formal introduction, as i told him, i can make my way just fine in most bars, no need to be babysat. one gent of particular note commented that i had impressive cleavage (which i did, rain and lisa, i was wearing that shirt that i had on when i was over last)... somehow i mentioned i was pierced, and he asked to see them... i directed him to a corner, showed him. he showed me his, 16 guages. he had on a very pettable shirt. he offered to lick m' nipples, and i told him he could lick mine if i could lick his. we each wandered off, distracted, before the actual licking occurred, but i didn't think much of it. not too long afterwards caesar found me again, and somehow managed to lure me into the boy's bathroom... (this time it *is* edited for my own reasons, mofos, and only doar holds the key... but if he tells, i will keel him...)

hmm... two things i need to explain, caesar and dancing. i'll start with dancing.

i dance at goth clubs all the time. i lurve it. it's what i was raised to. on several occasions i've found that i actually rather like dancing to some strains of techno, especially drum n' bass, especially if i'm slightly intoxicated. the trance state translates well. so, near the end of the night, i perched myself in a corner, danced, and waited for caesar to shmooze and determine afterhours. a boy whom i'm pretty sure was gay came up and danced with me, very respectful, i got to keep my space, but it was one of the little things that made me happy. after a bit, caesar collected me, i retrieved the vodka i had stashed outside, and we went to the afterhours.

okay. caesar. i know i said i was going to write this as if it were just going to sarah, but she's heard all of my sordid tales as of late, and so knows what certain beings are like, things like that, and i think it's yummy and pertinent enough to explain.

lessee. caesar and i had talked a few times at goth night, he and his friend julius were two of the people i most liked to plop down next to and bs with to step away from the games inherent in that place. one particular week when i was determined to be a good girl (didn't even bite anyone!), i headbutted caesar as i went by (a sign of affection). he reached behind him and pinched me... now, it's hard to explain, but the manner in which he did it sent up several flags that indicated that he had a much more interesting brainspace than i had originally supposed, and let me tell you, my darlings, that impression has been reinforced tenfold. i didn't play with him that tuesday (i was a good girl, dammit!), but the following friday we went out and had a very good time indeed. he claimed to be a top, and well, i'm sub by nature, but a damn difficult one, and more often than not i have to be dom just becuase my conquests are a few steps behind me in personal evolution. not meaning to sound cocky, but, well, all y'all know me well enough to know what i'm talking about. yeah. caesar actually has enough of a hold over me that i'll let him hold the coveted title of top. rare fun for me, and so much fun indeed. caesar is also bi, gloriousness, i lurve me some bi boys, and his mentality re the hunt is nearly the same as mine. he's damn intelligent and a similar breed of sensate as myself, though i'm still pushing envelopes with him, so i'm not sure exactly to what extent he and i are headmatched.

anyhow. caesar and i went over to this new year's eve party. when the two of us get alone, especially when we're under the influence of certain things, x-rated things happen, and now especially is where you should stop reading if you're easily offended.

i went down on caesar while we drove to the party, again he is very much a fun playmate, very responsive and oh so much fun to suck. we got there and parked a little ways down the road, then slipped into a minor alley next to a church before we went in. it was about five feet wide, dead ended in a brick wall, and had a chain link fence opposite the wall of the church. i think in that first visit to that particular alley all we did was screw for a little bit, until i got off at least, as again due to particular influences caesar was in it for the long haul. i love being a girl; substances don't interfere with my enjoyment at all. we sidled into the party, and the touristing continued.

time line gets a little weird here. lots of things happened, no particular order. pretty girl with a nose ring scheduled to get a backrub from caesar and i. we were minorly hunting for a sweetmeat to bring home with us, but weren't too terribly concerned. the boy who had offered to lick my nipples earlier introduced himself, didn't remember meeting me. i sent a nice little tranquilizer dart into his ego. met a guy named *****, our vibes were complimentary, spent a few moments talking to him. listened to a few people speak foreign languages while smoking, erm, smoking. got offered lines by a gorgeous asian boy named *** who was wearing (edit). even just his aura was yummy. in that same room, met a guy named ***** who produces porn movies in *****. again someone i instantly hit it off with, he was very energetic but laid back. he commented on my cleavage, i responded with something friendly, and he plunged his face in and zerbeted it. /me gigglefits. i lifted m'shirt so he could do it proper. /me more gigglefits. those moments had all sorts of grinning characteristics.

there were more people and places and conversations and things, but they've been mostly lost in the crush. i know that caesar and i took the bathroom for a little bit, and endured some glares when we came out (we weren't in there long, no guilt on my part). we ducked over to the alleyway by the church again.

nothing has quite the same atmosphere as having one hand tangled in a chain link fence and another gripping onto a brick wall, one foot propped on a windowsill, in the alley next to a church. especially when there's a gorgeous boy on his knees in front of you, applying his tongue in a most skillful manner. happy fucking new years to me.

once i had crested and damn near collapsed, we determined that we'd rather just head straight back over to my place, which indeed we did. this has traditionally been when we get into a breif religous/philosophical discussion, but we'd already debated epicureanism versus sensate at either the bar or the party (that whole memory thing), so instead my mouth was otherwise occupied...

i'll spare you the terribly nitty gritty details of when we got back to my place, but i would say that for two people who were pretty bruised and battered already from the night before (neither of our knees will ever forgive us), we made quite a good showing of ourselves. we got back to my place at around 4, and aside from one cig break and two or three brief water breaks, we were going until 8 am. only two major comments; one, i love it when boys talk, and two, certain chemicals are just not meant to be mixed with sex in certain regards, which is ironic, because in other regards they're perfect for it. well, at least for boys they cause complications, like taking a very very long time to, um, achieve. yeah. i like this boy. he's verymuchfun, and the feeling is reciprocated. i want no attachments, and that as well is reciprocated. again with the complimentary headspace.

when he left at 8, i was laughing because another person, the only other boy i really have any desire to sleep with, was supposed to be coming into town at noon. that compounded with the fact that i had helen coming back to my place at some indeterminate time, and we still hadn't played together... yeah. i got my sleep while i could.

end part one, i need to go process some foocking claims.

greets again, darlings, kinda lost interest in doing claims, i want to get the rest of this out while it's still in my mind.

so, yes. i slept. i slept like the fooking dead. h____ called eventually, he's recovering from illness and broke, so he was undecided whether to come up or not. yeah, i'm pretty convincing. so i rose after five hours of sleep... i had showered before sleeping (no way i was letting that level of stickiness coating touch my bed), so i sat around and played video games unil h____ showed up. he and puppycrusher and i laid about at my house for a while, then went to get food.

now, h____ is a much different creature than caesar, but between the two of them they own pretty much exclusive rights as far as playing with boys goes. like i said, really don't feel like sleeping with many boys, though i'll kiss them by the dozen. h____ is not particularly dominant, and in fact tends to be rather laid back, but he is one of the most effective teases i've ever known, incredibly good manual dexterity, and there are occasions when he'll tell me no. no one tells me no. it's a glorious change. ("noscratchingnobiting" is enough to make me blush these days. the boy just doesn't put up with my abuse.) combine that with the fact that he's been a friend for a good long while, he's hellafun to hang out with, and he's as anti-drama as i am, and well, a rather fun playmate.

anyhow, h____ and puppycrusher and i went out to dinner, drank coffee, good times. went back to my place, and h____ and i were chit chatting and just starting to get into some interesting subjects when helen called. i get a little flippy when life is quite this chaotic, so i was contemplating thinking of a way to just have a quiet night alone with h____, but i had her come back to the house anyway; she is rather cool, and if it came down to it i knew she'd leave if i wanted her to. heh. not friggin' neccesary.

before helen came over, i set up my nest. some of you haven't seen how i decorate. heh. think pretty shiny things, dead things, jewel tones, lush fabrics, and more pillows than you could shake a stick at. the word "gypsy" comes into association with me most often when peope are talking about my decor. setting up a nest involves taking huge clumps of couch pillows and piling them in an appropriate manner to support three people (or more) in whatever which way they wish to lounge. it's quite decadent. i'm good with decadent.

helen arrived, and we spent a goodly amount of time sitting around bullshitting, h____ and helen catching up from the two and a half years they haven't seen eachother, things like that; i'll spare you most of the details. the conversation ranged to sex, and amusing tales were told, and a few that h____ or i told were about the other person; he really is fun on occasion, and relatively memorable for the most part. meanwhile there was just the general kind of light petting one would expect from three sensates who aren't sure what a night will develop into. h____ started venturing a little closer to home with me, and, well, i squirm easily and against my will, what can i say? of course there was the little matter of nobitingnoclawing, so i was running my hand over helen's legs, occasionally squeezing as h____ teased over something particularly effectively... i know that they were both watching me the first time my back arched and i rocked against h____'s fingers and came like a damn banshee, and helen was beginning to do a little bit of heavy breathing. i was afraid i would be too tuckered from the previous two night's activities to be capable of such things, but here's to endurance, and somehow i managed to survive... this kind of minor play continued for a bit, with me the focal point both because of how we were laying and because i was the link between the two, and thus the safest island for beginning debaucheries.

caesar called, at some point when things were about middlin' distracting. he was out at a bar, bored, and though it was a delicious thought to invite him back to my place, the brainspaces involved were just notsomuch compatible. he knew what my plans for the day were, so he was asking little questions to get a sense for just how good my night was going, as even a bit of vicarious enjoyment can be delicious at times, especially in situations like ours. lovers? don't even let those four letters near me. partners in crime, a hunting pair, that's getting a little closer to caesar and i. (forgive if i babble about him, but as my newest sweetmeat i feel i must parade a bit.) while i was trying to make caesar and i's conversation sound innocuous from my end, helen took h____'s place in causing me pleasure... i held out for a surprising amount of time, letting the little man run my mouth while the rest of my brainpower went speeding to processing pleasure, but even the little man was sent stuttering after a while. i recovered, made plans to go out the next night, and ended the conversation. (doar, i think you called a little bit before things got quite that interesting... heh... sorry about that...)

now, this night was considerably more laid back than the previous, and h____ and helen were still a bit wary of eachother, so insert all over the place times of us just sitting around and petting and talking... again, with me taking the brunt of things, oh my poor abused soul (HEH)... the next big thing that i remember was that h____ ducked out to sit in the chair (my traditional perch when i want to take a time out and just watch), and i scooted over to snuggle next to helen... i'm normally pretty skittish and shy with girls, but if i just tell myself to get the fuck over it and seduce them the way i do boys, i can usually manage... so i was kind of rubbing helen in some very affectionate ways... teasing just a little bit, as h____ had reminded me of its power... somehow i managed to bring helen over to my side in the "undies are evil!" cause... helen is rather full-figured, and has accordingly well-sized breasts, and wonderful nipples atop them, which i visited with while my hands were a bit further south... i love making girls squirm and moan.... and boys normally being the greedy little shits that they are, i don't often get the chance... h____ did join us back in the nest for a little bit, but he just laid behind me, to which my body reacted against my will, grinding against him as i moaned against helen's breast... after helen gasped and squealed and clenched, then recovered for a moment, i went entirely further south... now, one of the unfortunate quirks of my sex life is that it's even more rare for me to have an opportunity to go down on a girl than to finger one... so i assume that i am notsoskilled at it... well, what they say about people with the same plumbing playing well must be true, because miss helen was quite enthused with my technique... and she was both freshly shaved and very yummy... h____ had again sat back and watched the goingson... while we were basking in a bit of helen's afterglow, i giggled at the one thought that wouldn't leave my head, and h____ asked me about it... i answered honestly... i told him that since i tasted girl, i wanted to taste boy... i do quite enjoy such activities, on both sides... h____ allowed me my whims... it is a tough call whether i like to hear girls or boys moan more... girls are a rarer treat for me, but boys are usually more silent, so the moans are worth more... whichever way it was, h____ did quite his fair share of moaning... and when i decided that i wanted to ride him and stepped off to fetch a condom, helen graciously took over for me... i let them play for a while, then risked my knees and hips (both of which aren't so good with taking abuse in the first place) for some delicious time on top of h____... he always laughs, because with the nobitingnoclawing rule, i end up nearly tearing his shirt off of him, my fists needig to clench viciously around something... but the times that this makes him laugh, i am pretty much intent on a single purpose... and after a few visits with that purpose, my left hip went out of socket, and let me tell you, the halt that that can bring doesn't even have time to be screeching. ow. let me say it again; ow. so, i backed off to recover for a moment, and once again helen followed my example. from her movements and moans and grins for the next piece of however long, she enjoyed him nearly as much as i did; and me? i doso verymuch enjoy such a view. i was laying next to h____, occasionally kissing him, occasionally just meeting his wicked fuckin' gaze, all the while with my hand between my legs; what use is there in letting such a view go to waste? h____ managed to contain himself through the ordeal (though there were a few times when it took serious willpower from him), and, ah, asked if i wanted to engage in one of our flavorite pastimes, as helen wasn't so big on the idea... i was all for it, but i wasn't sure if it would be possible... the previous night, caesar and i had tried, and, well, caesar is considerably more endowed than h____, and things did not go well... we did indeed try, and we did indeed fail... but really, though i pride myself on my extremes of gluttony, i was about at the point where i was ready to get back to some serious slothing... so, as h____ hadn't gotten far at all in his efforts, i told him he had a choice... he could find another condom and screw me until he came... or he could come in my mouth... his eyes lit up... the boy spent the past 3 years rather unenthused by oral sex, and when i first asked him if i could go down on him, kinda blew it off... until the next time we got together, he let me, and consequently reversed his decision... is it wrong for me to take pride in my work? i do so enjoy it... h____ sat back in my armchair, which is coincidentally perfectly angled and built for such things, and it didn't take long at all before we had three very sated people, lounging about and talking... we chit chatted for another hour or two, helen fell asleep, and h____ and i moved over to the bed to sleep... we talked there for a little while as well, though i couldn't tell you what about, as i have no fucking clue... i just know that i got to sleep cuddled up to someone warm and comfy that i'm relatively fond of, and thus conclude a good night in a good way.

and that is where this particular leg of the story ends... for those just joining me, i apologize that you missed out on the tales of the birthday_orgy and all the chaos that has stormed down upon me since, but this kind of thing is not too terribly atypical of how life is going... if you don't want to hear any more of these kinds of stories, well, if you tell me so i promise i won't give you crap for reading all the way down to here... and if you do want to hear more, well, ya gotta let me know, because otherwise i'm just going to send this shtuff to the people that ask for it...

one way or another, every muscle in my body hurts, my knees are bruised to hell, and claims are calling... and i need time to reset my brain and prepare for going out to the bar with caesar and maybe helen tonight... ta......
minnesota_chris never mind, never mind 040105
misstree dammit chris,
surest way to pique my curiosity
is to tell me to nevermind.
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I wIlL bE fOrCeD tO wOnDeR
misstree wonder away, wondering is the birth of mystery and imagination. i gotta keep something for myself and the people i speak to with my very own voice. (though it does tend to do doubletime when i'm telling stories, trying to fit an hour's worth into fifteen minutes.) 040106
misstree when i write these it's almost always while hung over and smelling funny... so it's all i can do to remember each moment in line, that's part of why i write these, because i have one of the shittiest memories known to man, always have... but going back over it gives me a change to, ah, apply that tree special touch... and again, this is a moment out of time, a single night surrounded by many more...

regardless, for the past couple of weeks, this boy caesar and i have been getting together... put two of my type together and buildings burn, systems crumble... this particular night, which would be last friday, we started off at oasis, which is his usual haunt on weekends, and home to the crowd i'm slowly integrating with... we ran into a small handful of people there, but it was pretty dead... we did come across this gent named john, a yumminess i had met on new year's, twice... first time was in the bar, we compared piercings and offered to lick eachother's nipples... second time was about an hour later, and he didn't remember me... much entertainment was had by me... third time, that friday at oasis, we exchanged names and he said "good to meet you." i grinned like hell and didn't bother to correct him; caesar did, eventually, and he apogozed profusely until i explained how entertained it made me... harrump... regardless, on with the show...

okay.... so, yeah, went over to loungetastic after oasis... it was packed, but we managed to find a centralized corner to stash ourselves in... playing 80's hip hop and suchnot, much fun... two different guys came and danced on me, caesar had beautiful timing, coming over just as i was growing bored with the meat toys... ogled many a boobie and butt over there... 'twas a yummy crowd, and fangs and claws had come out at oasis, and suddenly found a whole mob to sip from... on occasion kinda stood more in the aisle than i needed to in order to rub up on passerby... john was hitting on me, the nipple licker... he's a delicious dish, absolutely beautiful and just cocky enough that i want to be mean to him... anyhow, loungetastic closed down, went back over to oasis to rouse a party, found eyeball (an old friend), talked him out of a swig of his drink by talking dirty to him... and i mean dirty... low voices and breath against his ear... asking him, would he like me to tell him the details of when helen and i went home, went slightly in-depth with that... of the christmas present, more tantalizing details... eventually simply eased the glass from his hand... gathering the forces, caesar had john and i kiss before we left the bar... he kisses well, just soft enough... went over to this guy ed's place, which was the second time that night that i had access to coke and didn't do it (not a big fan, i'll leave it for those who are)... caesar and i ducked into the bathroom, had a bit of fun... this was after, of course, me going down on him on the way there... i truly do enjoy certain things... yes, caesar and i played, and a little bit later john dragged me back to the bathroom... nipples were indeed licked... he was quite taken by my rack... he claimed he had a big cock, so i dropped my hand a little... it was indeed quite a healthy size... not quite as long as caesar but wider, huge head, and the most delicious curve, pointing straight up at the sky... sucked him for just a little bit, there in the bathroom minutes after i had been doing the same to caesar... now, my darling boys are going to inflate my ego out of control, especially regarding my skill at blow jobs, because as soon as i wrapped my lips around him, i had john solidly in my claws... and i was not nice... oh no, my darling, i was so very not nice... after a small amount of time someone came knocking, i left while john pretended to piss (he needed to originally, i made sure it would take a while)... went out as if nothing had happened... though caesar knew, and was grinning grinning grinning... we all sat over there for a bit, attempting to procure more goodies and ultimately failing... i "talked" eyeball out of a few more swigs.... ducked back to the bathroom with the boys once or twice more apiece... a number of times that night i didn't even get a chance to leave the bathroom between them... dunno for sure why i didn't just bring them both in... for one reason or another ended up showing my boobies to the assembled... this was after caesar had noticed that the bruise on my tit was fading, and chomped the hell out of it to create a new one... the people who hadn't seen the comp looked at it and said "holy shit! what's that!" and those who did (and saw the immediate deep teeth prints) were awed... he stopped before i said ow... but just barely... now that's a flavor of yum that i miss... i was kind of hoping for just the flavors that indeed came out last night... also got to bite this ohsobeautiful girl, i apologized to her because i can't truly chomp the shit out of girls the way i do boys... bit the hell out of her boyfriend, though... and caesar kept pinching and twisting the fresh bruise... it wasn't nasty looking enough quick enough, apparently... now *that* i said ow to... hurt like a sonofabitch... and we slapped eachother at some point at the party... oh such a nostalgic stress relief game... my ear rung afterwards... darlin', this is the kind of delicious that i dream of.... one theme throughout the night that entertained me was caesar trotting me around like a show pony... "bite this person"... "show him your piercings"... a shrug and a grin later, i become a tad bit more unforgettabe and more entertained... regardless, we left that party, which was in your neck of the woods, and went to this place in urbana... john rode in the car with us, hopped in the back seat with me... i sucked him for a little bit, and caesar said "go ahead and try to make her cum"... john was being cocky all night, all the "i'll break you"s and "you couldn't handle me"s, and each time both caesar and i just laughed... we knew that if i set upon him proper i would tear him to little bits... making it all the more fun... regardless, yes, john fingered me in the back seat for a while, giving caesar bum directions to prolong the car ride... he had a lot of technical prowess but not so much on the style... but that's okay, enough style points for more than enough entertainment, what with this boy being so cleverly used, and caesar grinning in the front seat and making me move any time i so much as touched his seat... my grin could have illiuminated a warehouse... came twice before we got there... we parked, caesar grabbed my multiple rabbit balls and led me by the throat.. again with the yum... went into the party, sat about talking with people for a while, had to run out to the car for money... coming back, john was going outside... tried to get me to go with him... i said no, i needed to run the money in... he had tried to get me into the bathroom at the last party a number of times that i simply didn't follow, i know it was driving him batshit, he kept asking me... oh, such a pretty little dish... anyway, el was there .. he apologized if his zerbeting my cleaving on new year's offended me... i told him it was quite the contrary, i was very entertained... once again, someone asked to see the piercings, and before i could even respond, caesar said "show them." heh. how could i say no? (not that i would in the first place, but the interplay between he and i last night was delicious... little wrestling games, sticky hands to be specific, he was very much flaunting his ability to be dom, and i was very much flaunting my ability to be sub without actually being submissive... just grinning grinning grinning... he picked up the habit of smacking me in the forehead that night, just a little palmstrike... i am ohsoentertained at how effective it is... just enough agression, just enough shock... at one point he did it when i was gesturing wildly and in the middle of a story... apparently this look crossed my face, a frown like a cat laying back its ears, and as i was sitting on the floor in front of him, i just turned and chomped the shit out of his inner thigh... i told him, i'm bottom but i'm a challenge... he has a bruise there that's nearly as bad as the one on my right breast)... anyhow, twice more while we were there i ducked into the bathroom with john... he wanted to screw me really badly, but neither of us had a condom, so i wouldn't let him... every time, i would go into the bathroom for a bit and blow him, then get bored and mosy back out... or caesar would have perfect timing with knocking on the door... beautiful... the last time i went in there with john, i was going to suck him until he came, but when he was probably about a minute or less from coming, caesar knocked on the door... john pretended to be pissing, i ducked out... marucs whispered in my ear, "let's go back to your place and fuck." i grinned, grabbed my coat, and we made a quick escape... left john stranded... and not knowing where we ran off to... he's going to be pist... heh... he's going to be pist at caesar, specifically, and possibly me as well, though i think i can do a decent job of placating him... so caesar and i went back to my place, and indeed we did screw like bunnies... very very mean bunnies... it was some of the better sex i've gotten from him, other influences notwithstanding... very very very good shit... he knocked me straight out of my skin a few times... lost ability to move, think coherently, anything... became an inert meatsac until i could dial in again and reconnect... had to take what little breaks i could to try to get back into my skin... did a meteoker job of it as well... but really, i can't complain when things are that damn entertaining... nor can i complain when i'm able to make someone who's under a decent amount of influence cum twice... now that is something i'm proud of... i know that for a few minutes we passed out on the floor... i was freezing, i had opened a window earlier because i was overheating... half passed out and he still had me going down on him... brain on serious autopilot...

and i'm pretty much on autopilot right now, so if i think of any more yummy details i'll share, but for now, yeah, that is why, as promised, i'm coming in here hung over, no sleep, and smelling funny... at least i brushed my teeth this morning...
minnesota_chris it's like hearing a 10 year old boy bragging about how many hot dogs he ate 040112
misstree i like feeling like a 10 year old boy. 040112
minnesota_chris you say that like you want a response. A question disguised as a self assured statement.

I'm genuinely happy that you are happy.
misstree it's amazing how much plain text can remove from a conversation.

i originally took your comment as insult, then realized it was true, and relatively entertaining. it tied in to the misinterpretations that i think made me dislike you when i first came here.

wasn't meant as a question, meant as a grinning statement, all the more grinning 'cause you pointed that out.

's good to be poked at at times, many licks to you.
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