distorted tendencies 1. I have someone and yet I'm alone.
2. My mom always tells me that I listen to the most depressing music on the face of this planet.
3. We have a pet. It's a stupid dog.
4. I hate most domesticated animals, unless they are feline.
5. I don't believe in God, but I do believe that there are things beyond our understanding.
6. I'm obssessed with always losing weight. My mom says I need to stop or I'll look like a holocaust survivor.
7. I'm constantly depressed.
8. I chain smoke when I get the chance, usually cloves or menthols.
9. I love rain.
10. I'm obssessed with glitter.
11. I do better online than in reality. see: The_Wired .
12. I'm currently unemployed and terribly want to find a job.
13. I live in Colorado and I absolutely hate it, it's inland.
14. I'm in love with every aspect of the sea.
15. People always tell me I'm beautiful, I either don't believe them, or become even more jaded than I already am.
16. I admit, I am sometimes two-faced.
17. I'm a very cynical person, although I tend to supress it sometimes.
18. I turn pathetic when I see something or someone absolutely beautiful.
19. I have a great dislike of being outside for too long, unless it's nightfall.
20. I read a lot of books.
21. I horde my money, constantly scared that I'll be broke and homeless when the time comes to move out.
22. I almost always have some sort of a physical ailment, I'm not very healthy.
23. I don't eat very much at all.
24. I have to have chapstick or else I'll end up chewing on my lips until they bleed.
25. I'm a very sadistic person, that's supressed also.
26. I get sickly amused and turned on when the one person I love just starts yelling at me.
27. When someone tells me there's something wrong with me, I don't doubt it.
28. I've cheated twice in my life, one with a girl, the other with an ex-boyfriend which i am currently with.
29. I am honestly attracted to girls, but I really like men better.
30. My best friend is gay, and I absolutely adore him.
31. I cry myself to sleep.
32. I am a truly unhappy person.
33. I'm going into arts&media when I get to college.
34. I am very talented in the area of art and graphic design.
35. I love drawing nudes.
36. I am annoyed by religious fanatics, extremely annoyed.
37. I listen to my mother most of the time, I know she's right.
38. I'm a free spirit, one day I'll be there, the next I'll won't.
39. I can't be in malls or crowded areas for long period of time, I have Social Anxiety.
40. I've had professional help, people honestly don't know what they're talking about.
41. I am a minimalist.
42. I'm a left-liberal.
43. Edward Scissorhands makes me cry everytime I see it, I relate to it and the music. Edward is in almost every aspect, Me.
44. I love Great Expectations, the music, everything.
45. I hate being alone, and yet I love it.
46. I apologize to myself constantly.
47. I'm always thinking about dying.
48. I love Japanese Anime.
49. I'm very judgemental although I try not to be.
50. I'm not confused, I know what I want.
silentbob. ok. 100 is a lot. Name fifty things you know about me. I'll correct you if you're wrong. Go ahead. I'm very curious to see what you'll put. 020425
bryanfrbs 50 facts about bobby:

1. bobby only has one fact about him and that's that he only has one fact :)
sweetheart of the song tra bong Just to break bryanfrbs rule and be difficult

2. Bobby tends to fall in love in the springtime.
Dafremen 3. Bobby cannot be forced to do anything and only occasionally coaxed. He can be reasoned with, but only if he's in the mood to be reasoned with.

4. He doesn't like folks knowing all of his secrets. Especially not 50 of em.
Daria Deeep.

(ok, now i can take the caps lock off)
3) I was born in Pitt, PA
4)I lived in Pitt, CA
5) I live in San fran
6) (ok, this is getting boring)

I hope some people have more exciting lives than me.
silentbob no, daria, you're supposed to do fifty facts about ME! enough about you. 020426
Daria Ok, let me try

1. You love Daria
2. You want to fuck daria
3. You eat dogs
4. You have boring fashion taste
5. Daria loves you nonetheless
6. You are short
7. You are a cop
8. You like pizza
9. You hate it when Daria starts to make stuff up about you
10.You are single.
11. You like orgy.
12. You own a dog.
13. You look good in fondue
14. You are getting tiered of Daria's obsession with fondue.
15. You sleep in a very large mailbox.
16. Your ass is white.
17. You are albino.
18. You are celtic.
19. You live in Taiwan.
20. You humped a duck in a loincloth.
21. You should be getting bored with my facts, can someone come up with the rest?
daxle 22 hearts alkaline trio
23 dashboard emo confessional
24 you dye your hair black
25 your other name is kitten
26 you want to keep me
27 you live in iowa
28 you think mixtapes are the greatest
29 you hang out with jerks
30 you're damaged
bethany these are ll just assumptions as...
1.i 've never actually talked to you
2.you like orgies
3.you live in one of those big midweatern states new englanders hardly ever talk about
4.you like your computer
5.live with parents
8.your aim name is alkalinesingular
9.you like alkaline trio
10.you like black
11.your hair "is" black
12.you're in college
13.you like to laugh
i'll just leave it at 13

no onto me
go on everyone, anyone... go on
silentbob 1. you are obsessed with webcams
2. you used to be a drug addict
3. your dad is a cop
4. you like kinky monkey sex with daxle, daria, and silentbob
5. a conversation with you is like a stream of consciousness rant involved with maniacal laughter.
6. you don't like dashboard emo confessional
7. you do like other bands
8. your name is jean
9. but everyone calls you shawna
10. but i call you bethany in my mind
11. you did something gross to your hand and took a picture of it.
12. you took a picture of yourself holding up a sign that said, "Hey Bobby"
13. Or something like that

i too will leave it at thirteen
BrotherDB 1) I am a man
2) I am Italian
3) I am 21
4) I am a Lambda Chi Alpha
5) I love women of all shapes and sizes
6) I am a photography major
7) I have been in love twice in my life
8) Les seuls vries paradis sont les paradis perdus~Proust
9) I am a dirtball (or so I am told)
10) I love fucking with peoples heads
11) I have almost died 11 times
12) I am in physical pain every morning when I wake up(See: #11)
13) I got an older brother(we don't get along, but I still love him)
14) I am a movie buff
15) I love Captin's
16) Loving another person is the hardest thing you can ever put yourself through.
17) The only person you have to please in life is yourself.
18) I love Florence, I hate Venice
19) The godfather (1 and 2) are hands down the best movies ever made.
20) I hate being called an artist( i take pictures, come on it isn't that hard)
21) I lost a good friend from high school in the attack on the pentagon.
(Rest In Peace Romeo)
22) I love to drive by myself at night with the radio blaring and the top off my car.
23) I go to college in West Virginia(yes, everything you heard is true)
24) Watching your parents cry is tougher then watching anyone else cry.
25) I was goth in high school, and got my ass beat everyday because of it.

25 is enough, I may do another 25 later
kill rhythm this is gonna be hard but im gonna try it anyway

1. i am in love with this guy and it is killing me
2. i need to stop loving him and everyone knows it
3. i am a jock
4. i love music
5. my favorite band is the weakerthans i think
6. if not it is jimmy eat world
7. i also like the catherine wheel
8. and dashboard confessional
9. and any other song that says my feelings for me
10. i live in crappy sharon pennsylvania
11. the guy i love has a band and i like to go see them play, especially when i meet other blatherers at the shows ;)
12. i like to play music too..i play bass guitar and piano
13. anyone who wishes to collaborate should get ahold of me
14. i play BASEketball because its fun and my friends have a league
15. i am a very fun person once you get to know me because i am very wild
16. you probably cant tell that by reading this, you would think its just the opposite
17. i am 17 years old, my birthday is december 31
18. i speak french, i wish i could speak fluently, but i cant
19. i am pretty smart, according to my grades
20. a picture of me is at http://www.geocities.com/jamokaremo/me.html
21. i am psychic and i can tell you are getting bored with this so ill think of more fun stuff later :)

whew that was tough
kill rhythm and i need to start learning to automatically put underscores in places like the_catherine_wheel and dashboard_confessional and jimmy_eat_world 020506
pralines&cream 1/2 of 100_facts_about_me 020506
phil 50 things that I have eaten
34.cap'n crunch
squint 1. my first name is the same as kill rhythym's
2. one of my favorite movies is also one of her favorites.
3. I just ate gluten, my favorite food (its this vegetarian stuff).
4.I am planning on staying single for two years or until I move closer to my love ;)...
5.i have been tested: yesterday three guys and one GIRL asked me out.
6. i have a boyfriend that i 'need' to dump.
7. I am fifteen
8. my 'love' is 24 years old.
9. if i ever had a pet squirrel, I would name him joshua, but call him "spiffy" for short.
10. when I die, i think it would be really funny to get myself preserved and stuffed, so i can stay in my loved one's homes. (heh heh heh.)
11. I came up with that last one off the top of my head.
12. I've been smoking too much weed.
13. I love rainy days.
14. I am listening to "just like heaven" by the cure.
15. I like crying.
16. i have on chipped black nailpolish
17. Golf sucks.
18. i tried on beer goggles today.
19. i bite my knuckles.
20. I bite a lot of things.
21. I have braces.
22. I hate braces.
23. I prefer baths to showers.
24. i am yummyC
25. but I am not, so don;t bother to point out the obvious, ok?
26. YummyC is attatched to too much negativity.
27. Squint is at the bottom, and is thankful she isnt up on that goddamn blather_social_ladder.
28. I don't know why i chose the name squint.
29. I think it has to do with my middle name.
30. maybe it doesn'tr.
31. my middle name is Akeao.
32. It means "to yearn for the light of day"
33. I've said this before.
34.I am downloading marilyn mansons version of tainted love.
35. I am wasting my time until Joshua gets online.
36. I think about johnny and i feel like dying.
37. I feel selfish for talking about josh.
38. i want to get a calling card so i can call johnny and make sure he isn't dead or affected by me at all.
39. in all honesty, i think it was more the idea of me than anything that johnnny liked.
40. i didn't JUST like the idea of him.
41. i never know how to..NOT...hurt him.
42. My little sister can't go to sleep without this ladybug stuffed animal i gave her last christmas.
43. channel 43 is comedy central for me.
44. all the power went out last night, and it came back on as soon as I got some candles lit.
45. I can't have my alarm clock set for a number like 5 00 or 5 30, or even 5 46. I have to feel like its a completely random number, like 5 41
47.I need a massage.
48. I need silence inside, noise outside, not vice versa.
49. I want to skydive
50. metaphorically as well as literally...
FNP90 please omit/replace 17, 24, 26, 30, and possibly #50 020514
squint 17.My therapist broke his tooth today and left me waiting in his office. didn't get to talk. frustrated. tore myself apart in front of the bathroom mirror.
24. I have things in black ink written all over my arm.

and as for the other few:
~i dont know why i must replace the one that says that I am YummyC because i am and it is a fact about me.
~I dont like golf
~i hate everything.
phil ok, then I didn't understand 25

everythung else is satisfactory
phil ok, the smoke must be begining to clear away...ah I see, so...you are yummy c...but you aren't becuase you are not squint, I c I c...just doesn't make it all the way down there, but I think I got it. 020514
SPAG you people couldn't come up with 50 facts about me...i couldn't even do that! 020515
freakizh this feels more like a personal post rather than 'oh please know about me'.

i don't know why i need to do this

1. radiohead is my life
2. i'm an art and movie fan
3. voyeurism is the key to understanding
4. i like boys and girls
5. i used to play guitar, i'm getting back to it
6. i used to be extremely catholic, then something explode
7. i've seen like 11 or more john malkovich movies
8. i fell in love with someone i met on the internet, two years ago
9. i tried suicide a couple of times
10. i started writing when i was 12
11. i still write everyday
12. i used to have a nice voice to sing
13. i love musicals and conceptual albums
14. i started on radiohead almost 6 years ago
15. my daddy gets drunk everyday
16. my mom is one of my best friends
17. i judge people by their musical likes
18. i don't believe in politics nor capitalism
19. i like to draw women
20. i'm in love with angelina jolie
21. some of my favorite movies are natural born killers, fight club and american beauty
22. i started to like rush because my best friends did (ever dumbening, how about that?)
23. i have math skills
24. i'll study something related to literature
25. i use to be cruel and sarcastic. right now, i'm more into analitical thinking.
26. i'm turning 18 next month
27. i'm cancer
28. i believe in astrology. not horoscopes, ASTROLOGY.
29. i believe scorpios are hot
30. i'm too sentimental
31. i have good grades
32. i usually wear 5 silver rings. 4 on the left, 1 on the right.
33. i'm right handed.
34. i'm left handed when shooting with shotguns.
35. i need to war glasses and i don't.
36. i practice pingpong three times a week, since two weeks ago.
37. i like tart flavors and chocolates.
38. when i was kid, i spent my free hours alone, or with the teachers. i had very few friends.
39. in this 3 years of high school, i had over 4 "bestfriends" that ended up in total break up.
40. i don't like promiscuity.
41. i don't masturbate. people believe it's weird.
42. i want to have over 5 kids.
43. i do believe in love.
44. 4 is my favorite number.
45. i'm a website designer since i was 12. and i meant for real. hired, and stuff.
46. when i was young, i slided 33 times in the "starflight" (an installation in a aquatic amusement park).
47. i broke my arm when i was 5, and a week later, a dog bited me in the same arm.
48. i made a bruise in my hand with scissors, because of anxiety. it still can be seen.
49. i believe that life is surrealist: things are arranged in a way coincidentally so they always look magical and beautiful. people often miss that.
50. i can tell how a person looks naked and how he/she is when having sex.

i could go on, forever.
somedaysam 50.I don't like whiny babygoths
49.I don't like whiny gerigoths
48.I'm really NOT goth
47.I am a student
46.I think The Cure is passe
45.I hate cats, I am owned by two
44.I got suspended in 8th grade for having beer at school
43.I judge a guy by his shoes
42.I hate shoes without a thick sole
41.My favourite drink is an Amaretto Sour, no ice
40.I can bowl very well
39.I am related to Senator Joseph McCarthy, but I think Communism has it's good points, in theory
38.I enjoy Questions to the Parliment(sp?)
37.My three favourite NHL teams-Rangers, Avalanche, Blues
36.I like honey on my cheeseburgers
35.I stole my ex's Reggae on Red Stripe t-shirt
34.I'm French-Irish
33.The beginning of All In the Family makes me homesick
32.My favourite vacation destination is Mo Bay(Jamaica)
31.I love MST3K
30.I hate Marilyn Manson and the way he butchered "Tainted Love"
29.I like Punk, Ska, Hardcore and a little "Goth" music
28.I am a Yankees fan even when they DON'T win a World Series
27.I love Chinese food
26.I'm a Happy Heathen
25.I hate Spongebob Squarepants
24.I love Mojo Jojo
23.Rudy Guiliani is a sexy bitch
22.I love Goodwill
21.I have tattoos and piercings
20.Yes, that is my natural colour, and I can prove it(I'm a redhead)
19.I covet a 67 Camaro SS, pearly/glittery baby pink with black racing stripes
18.My favourite meat is bacon
17.somedaysam was the name of my imaginary friend as a kid
16.I hate kids on bikes in our skate park
15.If ya got a skateboard, use it. DON'T carry it around just to look cool
14.My favourite season is Autumn
13.I have a whole room for my clothes
12.I like Kenny Rogers
11.My first concert was Cyndi Lauper, when I was about 9
10.I am artistic and creative
9.Blather is interesting
8.My favourite authors are Patricia Cornwell and John Sanford
7.I enjoy working with the elderly
6.I am 26, I feel 80, I have the spirit of a child
5.I one sister, my parents are divorced, my mom is a lesbian and lives with her girlfriend, and my dad has a very nice girlfriend too
4.My favourite movie is "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
3.I only smoke Djarum Blacks
2.I have three children, boys
1.I love my husband
girl_jane Pick 1/2 of the 100_facts_about_me list of mine for this blathe. 020526
pansy 1. the fact is that i do not consider the knowlegde about myself as a fact but only presumption
2. i often astonish myself
3. i'm a kind of dreamer with my head in the cloud
4. i use 'pansy' as a literal pseudo
5. sometimes i write poems, or just write down my thoughts
6. emily dickinson - one of my favourite poets
7. 'lady of the lake' is my second name
8. nimue is my third name
9. my first name is the name of the first woman
10. i adore cats
11. i adore dogs
12. but i do not consider either dogs or cats to be the best friend of people
13. i love rain and getting wet - it's in some way metaphisical, purifying experience
14. i just love having wet hair and dancing [also in the rain]
15. i've got long brown hair
16. my cat's name is 'nightingale'
17. i adore butterflies
18. i have my room decorated with butterflies
19. i have a lot of dreams
20. i would like to see polar lights
21. that is why my next name is pansyaurora
22. i refer myself to two flowers - rose and pansy
23. my colours are black and red
24. i love Andersen's fairy tales
25. i believe that life is like a fairy tale - you suffer, but then you may live happily ever after
26. although oscar wilde's fairy tales don't have a happy ending i am fascinated with them
27. i like green tea
a) also black tea - without sugar or milk
28. my dog's name is 'bary'
29. at night i light my candles
30. there are many candles in my room
31. i couldn't live in a place where there would be no forest
32. i can't live without water meaning rain, lake, river, sea or ocean
33. water is my second nature
34. i do not like pumpkin
35. i would like to go to iceland
36. i enjoy playing with words, playing cards and other games
37. there are precisely 149 butterflies on the walls and the ceiling of my room
38. i have my own world in which i live, sometimes i allow some people to enter into it - those are my soul mates
39. i haven't got analitycal mind
40. i follow ideals and rulse of my world
41. my friends consider me as being nonconformist
42. i like embroidering
43. in songs music has to be the one with words, both words and music have to be ambitious - i'm choosy as it goes to the music
44. i don't give simple answers to the questions
45. all my kids say that i do not behave like a traditional teacher
a) yes, i am a teacher since september 2003
b) i've always dreamt about becoming a teacher
c) i love my job!
46. above all i like apples
47. little things make me happy
48. i'm addicted to watching sunsets and/or sinrises
49. all my soul mates stand firmly on the gound - i'm grateful that i had a chance of meeting them, casue thanks to them i still exist in reality
50. sometimes people refuse to take an apple from me... i think they are just too cautious
50' i would like to be buried in a long white dress with flowers in my hair, and i would like someone to sing 'amazing grace' - i'm not afraid of death. the only thing i should fear is that my life will not begin, that i would only breathe not live
a) i try to live my life
skinny ..i just feel like doing this. you don't have to read it its ok.

1. i pop my nuckles and grind my teeth a lot from anxiety and stuff
2. i dont watch tv often except for king of the hill
3. i am obsessively obsessed with the band "modest mouse." a lot.
4. i am a guy
5. i am 16
6. 90% of my blathes are stupid.
7. i have been on this site for a year this spring.
9. i started hallucinating once and never told anyone about it.
10. then i started taking prozac and it never happened again.
11. i've stopped taking prozac.
12. i can be either very attractive or very ugly on any given day.
13. im not a virgin
14. sometimes i make friends
15. i lose them very quickly
16. i can rarely say "i have friends."
17. i've missed out on a lot.
18. sometimes when im in my house i feel like my house is inside a fish tank.
19. it's snowing. or more like iceing.
20. i live in georgia.
21. ihate a lot of people and i wish i could stop.
22.i'm not going to college.
23. other stuff
24. i give homeless people all my money when i go to the city.
25. then im like damnit why did i do that.
26. s like me at first and then they try to have a conversation with me and that's the last i see of them.
27. i love electronic music. aphex twin, boards of canada, oval, amon tobin etc
28. i like mountains.
29. and cold weather.
30. libra if that means anything
31. i can't match or pick out clothes.
32. because i dont know what i should wear.
33. my mom, dad, grandma, and grandfather and i have all at one point taken some form of antidepressant.
34. i am not sad.
35. i am not depressed.
36. im not worried about my future.
37. im not well adjusted
38. i have had several friends but i have never hit on a before.
39. i clash with nearly everyone
40. ()
41. jack white is hot
42. i don't have a favorite anything (animal, color, etc)
43. i can't think of things to talk about. i know they're there but i just can't say them.
44. i try to be nice
45. i cut
46. lithium is not a creative .
47. i don't know anybody on this site.
48. i can only remember one time in my life when i didn't want to die.
49.i suck
50. i wish i smoked
stork daddy i'm never sure if they're facts or not. 050129
dandy 1. it's 1 am and I'm still awake
2. i never had trouble sleeping before a couple months ago
3. I used to kink out anytime anywhere
4. I'm typing in the dark
5 #3 should have read "konk"
6 kinks is for another post entirely.
7. or maybe not.
8 stay tuned
9 like a harpsicord.
10 I have a few white hairs but some men in my family are at least half bald by my age
11 I swore thru childhood I would never dye my hair for religious reasons: "grey is an early crown of glory."
12 now I'm not so sure about god or grey.
13. I'm sure of chocolate. I buy $50 of it a month.
14. not including if I buy something in a restaurant
14 it's my vice. can you tell?
16 I used to smoke
17 and drink
18 siphoning off rye from my dad's bottles
19 he noticed
20 he looked me right in the eye, smacked his lips and said, they sure don't make this as strong as they used to
21 I never siphoned from him again
22 I pilphered from my landlord's the next year
23 and let her son get hell for it
24 she never considered it could be anyone else but him who did it
25 I overheard her paddle him for it
26 he was 11
27 still feel guilty about that
28 someone want to retroactively shine my behind red in penance now?
29 she used to paddle him over anything
30 she made him sleep in her bed, massage her feet, and take the stick on his butt so he wouldn't become gay
31 rest assured that makes as little sense to me as it does to you
32 I've rebounded to fearlessness because of that memory of teenage cowardice of not protecting that boy
33 I've committed a lot of energy towards forgiving that mofo of a messed up mom
34 not quite there yet evidently
35 lalalala. I've worked as a farm hand, book store clerk,
36 I generally get totally absorbed in whatever I do
37 tend to be intense but my interest in fleeting
38 maybe I should work for a shipping company
39 ba-da-bing
40 I type dif than I talk irl
41 I snore, talk, sing, kick and punch in my sleep
42 my partner has the bruises to show for it some mornings
43 his ears are bruised from my singing mostly
44 but I know it only by report. I sleep like a log
45 I work in 7 hours
46 no one I know is online now
47 I'm starting to bore myself to sleep
48 if I post I could do social good and put some other insomniac to sleep
49 what more could one ask for?
50 g'night
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl 1) I should really be revising right now. I have mocks going on so really i'll be fucked tomorrow.
2) I mix using capital and lower case 'i's.
3) I have a really unusual name.
4) I'm a fan of Scissor Sisters. They fucking rule!
5) I have the coolest best mates. I have a witty, glamourous and funky one who's a girl, and i have, in superficial terms, the best accessory friend ever. A gay best mate. But that's really fucking derogatory and i won't refer to him that way.
He's an electroqueer.
They're both fucking fab and will both probably see this page at some point. Hi guys.
6) I don't really know what religion I am, i'm sticking with Wicca for now, but like everything else it will doubtless change.
7) I believe in magick and i've seen shit that really fucked up my mind. Both good and bad. Very bad.
8) I'm currently recovering/relapsing/continuing my eating disorder.
9) I'm listening to Filthy_Gorgeous (the Paper Faces Mix) right now. And if filthy gorgeous isn't underlined then that's my next post.
10) I am very kinky.
11) I am probably going to be a dominatrix, even if it's just for a laugh.
12) I want a tongue piercing, and i plan to get one with or without parental consent.
13) 13 is my lucky number. It never ceases to be lucky. See under 13 on here for more info if you care.
14) I am going clubbing in a couple of weeks and according to my parents it's only a one off. Deluded fools. Lol.
15) I am a professional liar. Meaning that i can fool many people and not forget what lies i've told. Very useful skill.
16) I feel retared writing out these posts.
17) I am currently taking a mix of Norethisterone, Sudafed, Vitamin C, Nurofen, Pro Plus, Nytol and some more that I can't remember right now. Shit. Must be the amnesiarone.
18) I'm sorry. To everyone and anyone. I'm sorry for what was, i'm sorry for what i did and i'm sorry for things that never were.
19) Getting pissed and making out is fun and if you don't think so, you're either old, bitter and/or impotent. Can't get it up.
20) Woo i'm *calculates* 2/5 of the way through.
21) Ok, that was a cheat. I have Ferry Corsten playing now.
22) I may be going to the Leeds festival this year.
23) I want to live in Germany, Brighton (gay capital of, like, the world), New York and York. And then move on.
24) I want to own and dance in my own gay bar. Or maybe it'll be a club with a gay night. However, it's going to be outrageous and there are going to be lots of opportunities to dance in cages. if you're interested, email me. You sound like my kind of freak.
25) I like Party Monster. I'm going to set up the Club Kids but i don't really want to end up like Michael Alig. Macauley Culkin eat your heart out. Drugs, sex and glamour is fine. Or to be more precise;
26) 'We are living in the age in which the pursuit of all values other than Money, Success, Fame, Glamour has either been discredited, or destroyed.'
27) Tracy Chapman makes me cry.
28) I just got framed for blather crushing on someone who will remain nameless. *looks amused* Yo uncle smu...
29) In 2004 i was the happiest ever, and the most depressed.
30) I'm going for a blood test in a couple of weeks, and then counselling.
31) I'm scared.
32) I thought 50 would be too much, but i think that it's too little.....odd.
33) I look at this blue screen with the invisible readers and the fake people. Because i don't really see anybody else as being real here. Actually, i don't feel very real here, but in some respects i'm more real in these blue words than in my own body.
34) I'm currently ignoring my glamourous friend on msn as i type here.
35) Don't make me manwhore bitch slap you.

36) *whe-CHI*. It's a great noise to make when you look at someone menacingly. It works! really it does! Watch crappy B-movie 'The New Guy' and you'll see it work! Yeah.
37) I think that you should really live and enjoy life while you're young. Parents restrict you, and then when you're older you'll wish you did more in your youth. My opinion, anyway. My parents are trying to stop me do a variety of things. Piercings, sleeping over at my mate's and going to see said friend at Uni. They have a shock coming.
38) Whoa. I'm writing shitloads.
39) I love Soulwax E talking.
40) I plan to take several drugs in the next year.
41) I HATE the word 'inevitable'.
42) Sometimes I feel i know my friends, and sometimes i really don't.
43) My best (girl) mate and I bought the same blank books (intentionally) and we are writing in them for each other. Interesting, no?
44) I have decided that at some point i will bore you all some more when i post under the 100 facts page.
45) I really am insecure, even if i don't appear it sometimes. Words on here are sometimes tentatively expressed, and although that makes me sound shy and retiring (which i'm not) it means that blather can hurt.
46) I'm not in love.
47) Sometimes that makes me feel happy.
48) Sometimes that makes me feel sad.
49) At this number, i feel close to disappearing, dropping off the edge fo a cliff, as if this is the penultimate step. Times like these i get sad that things have to end.
50) Sometimes you have to accept that things end.
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