from one sucker to another...

where do i begin...

the first and most important rule of all is that the female must actually enjoy giving head. if you are going to do it, then give 100%. be the best that you can be! if you are doing it out of necessity, then your heart is just not in it, and well your guy would be better off wrapping a piece of salami around his winky and wacking away. if you don't actually like it, but perform anyway for your guy, well that is great. the question then becomes why don't you like it?. get in touch with your sexuality. the male form is absolutely intoxicating, and you have no idea what you are missing.

first - do not just take his cock into your mouth. take it into your hands. memorize every inch of his cock with your fingers before you even begin to ummmmmm perform. do it gently, and remember that the moment fore-play begins, nothing else matters.

secondly - tease him. bring your tongue and/or lips as close to his cock as he can stand. make him think you are going to take it all, but then back off and just let him feel your warm breath. look at his face, his eyes. smile and/or wink as you tease him. when he leasts expects it, slide your tongue out of your mouth and gently lick any area of his cock. slide your lips along the smooth skin of the shaft. slide your tongue along the underside of the head, and glide it along the veins running up and down his cock. the basic idea here is that you are now memorizing his cock with your tongue (also, don't forget about his balls! same rules apply.).
continue teasing him, and when his eyes are closed and you know that he is not expecting it...

thirdly - ...wrap your lips around the head of his cock and begin sucking gently (use your tongue also by sweeping it across the small opening while you are sucking). at this point he may have already tried or is now beginning to slide his fingers through your hair (grabbing your head) in the attempt to bring your mouth down onto his cock. whether or not you want to allow him this, is up to you. you can pull away and tease him further, or you can let him have his way. if you choose to continuing teasing, then refer back to the second act. if you decide to continue on, then you can either slowly take him into your mouth, or for the initial 'swallowing' you can do just that...take it all in...remembering the most important rule of all. never, ever let your teeth glide along his cock. sucking is all in the lip muscles. you may use your teeth if you know what it is that you are doing, which means that you will not hurt him (by using teeth, i mean to playfully nibble).

continuing... don't suck him in a monotonous motion. vary the speed at which you take his cock. short, quick bursts or slow, deep sucks. develop your own rhythm, but make each one count. remember to breathe while you are sucking or you will not last as long. if your jaws become tired or you become short of breath, try not to stop, just slow it down a bit. relax & compose yourself and then come back strong. now, swallowing an entire cock is an acquired skill and if you are not experienced you will gag yourself every time. the muscles in the throat that control the gag reflex is all mind over matter. relax! if you do this, then your muscles will relax. however, if his cock is huge, then play it by ear. you know how much you can take. if you can take it all, let him feel the back of your throat. make it feel to him as if you are really swallowing it...as if he is actually fucking your mouth. once you gain experience, at the moment his cock is buried in your throat, slide your tongue out under his shaft, and gently lick his balls. your tongue should be busy regardless...licking his cock while inside your mouth. what else? just continue on. don't forget to listen to him. he knows what really feels good, and make him feel comfortable telling you when something does not. if he does this, it does not mean that you are not performing correctly. it just means that he knows his cock well, and he wants you to also. this will help you perfect it!

when orgasm arrives, there are many, many options. if you enjoy the taste of his cum, then by all means allow him to cum inside of your mouth...either by cumming on your tongue, or shot-gunning while deep in your throat. just remember to swallow quickly. if you do not enjoy the taste of cum, learn to! feed him peppermint all day long. anything minty or citrus. it really does make a difference. have him avoid anything tangy, sour or spicy. altoids are great! now, if he chooses to cum outside of your mouth, give him full rein. let him ejaculate on your breasts, on your lips and/or entire face, or just anywhere. you can always take a shower. remember, when he begins to cum, do not just pull away with the thought that your job is done. all his orgasm means is that you need to suck harder or swallow deeper. intensify it! he will try to pull away, because at this point, his cock usually becomes ultra-sensitive. don't let him! just hang in there, and feel it with him!

ok, ummmmmm i think that is about it. i'm sure there are lots of other small details that i have forgotten, but this should get you off to a good start!

good luck! ;)
Dafremen Congratualtions! You have just given half of the blather-reading world an erection that probably won't quit until we either whack it away, or do what I'm about to do, which is go home and bang the everloving piss out of the missus. (Normally I'd make love to her...this is not one of those occasions. I'm imagining that she'll enjoy it anyhow, and that if she doesn't, she'll forgive me by tomorrow.) Thank you. Your work here is done and please don't do it again. This one blather should suffice for some time to come. (Pardon the terrible play on words.) 021011
Dafremen You'll notice the first word is misspelled. It's hard typing one handed.
Thank you again. You really shouldn't have...no I mean that, you have no idea what you have unleashed here. Ok, NOW I leave the cybercafe. (I can finally walk normally and the blood is returning to my brain.)
eddie wow 021026
gay gizmo Roommate Says "A lesson that is truely practical"

Friend exclaims "Bloody BRILLIANT"

This computers owner states "Best Blather of the Year award is a lock for this witty, easy-to-use guide to shinin the knob!"
. . 021027
p2 i wonder if a blather
can win a pulitzer
embarrassed sucker what possessed me to write that?! it's now haunting me. ummmmmm guys, this blathe is now closed. go home. 021028
p2 are you kidding?
i'm gonna print out a few copies
and laminate them
p2 hmmm, the pulitzer?
too insignificant
where do i submit
nobel prize applicants?
bethany i was told to always remember the ball lift
at his big moment
stork daddy well guys like to see you make eye contact with them. the reason behind that is they like you to be able to see them losing respect for you as it happens. nah...that's not true...not all guys lose respect for you...some guys never had respect to begin with. am i going to get the talkin to for this or what? 021122
stork daddy oh and another thing...no one will admit this...but go ahead and stick a finger in his cornhole. 021122
the sucker ummmmmmm, well i would give you a tongue lashing if i thought that would help. this topic is not titled 'dick sucking for ho's'. this topic specifically & technically covers the fine art of 'giving the best head that you possibly can your first time out & then some'. it does not in anyway define the would be sexual habits of a female.

'finger in his cornhole'? that was definitely an overshare!
stork daddy and what exactly is wrong with being a ho? 021122
phil being a dirty ho 021122
stork daddy oh and who are you to judge? what if i like being a dirty ho? 021122
phil nothing. 021122
bethany he scares easily
it makes him so angry
at me
then his head spins around
just like the exorcist
and i
find it ever so hard
to resist his cries
there's nothing more sadistic than an infant waving his pistol in my face
he wants me right down on my knees crumbling in disgrace
but he
underestimates my mind
i know he's messing with my head
my only weakness is
i cant beleive the guy could be entirely dead


makkaa you know what, 'overshare' or not, guys DIG the finger on the prostate... go on, slip it in there - don't drive it in, or you'll freak the shit out of him. Just wet it up a bit (you should be pretty wet by now from the hot cock-licking you're treating him to, or you shouldn't be treating him at all), with some of your own juices or some KY and slide it on in - niiice and slow. If you guys haven't been this open yet, don't ask, but play with his anus a little and keep getting deeper and deeper... if he says no - it means no, and move on to something else. If he's giving you the greenlight, diddle away! With the prevelence of diseases, be in a committed/tested couple before you use your own female lubrication, otherwise purchase a lubricant at the same time you buy condoms, and keep it handy by your bed, like in the nightstand. If you're someplace degrading like the backseat of his buddy's car, or a friend's back yard pool party, get a good spit and lick your finger. Once it's been in there, don't lick it again. It's not only a bit gross, but there's a bacteria factor to that. If buying condoms/KY is embarrassing, then you asren't supposed to be doing this AT ALL.

Now, while you're over there, take a little time to tickle the skin between his balls and his bum. It's called a perennium. I call it a cusiffit - 'cause if it wasn't there...
Anyway, they really love it. You'll get bonus points if you use your tongue, or lubricate your fingers first.

Basically there's only one rule involving all kinds of sex:


Don't forget to take a little pleasure yourself by partaking in a 69. if you ask him not to come until you suggest it's an appropriate time, (don't worry, he'll thank you for making him wait for you - believe me), it'll be mind-blowing if you both come together, especially (I cannot stress this enough) if you both continue the pleaseure WHILE you're coming.

To take advantage of this position without having to sound like a cheese-ball, "wanna do a 69?", Just take him by surprise. I'm hoping you'll be smooching first, so get good and naked at this stage, then kiss him all over his body - don't forget the belly button! Lick the inside of his hip-bone soooo softly, and return to his lips in the same, agonizingly slow fashion, making a pit-stop at the nipples for a little suck, lick & tickle. Then work your way back down the same path, but try to mix it up a bit - you don't want to be stuck in a "routine". try nibbling the skin under his armpit, and the sides of his chest. kiss the underside of his elbows, and places he's never expect you to go, because let's face it - we always neglect the rest of the body in our haste to wrap our lips around his throbbing action.

When you're going back down, pivot at the waist - this means, don't bring your body lower, swing it around so you're at his side with your head pointing in the direction of his feet - lying perpendicular, or adjacent to him - then mid-way, you can lie beside him, and open up - he'll know what you're doing and he'll love it that you're this frisky.

All the advice in the first blathe up there is pretty solid. Teeth are just a no-no, unless you're doing it right, which is hard to guage unless you've been sleeping with the same guy a LOT and he's let you try pretty much anything on his cock, so just avoid it altogether if you're not sure how much is too much biting. Wrap your lips under your teeth, then you're free to use this up and down his shaft, but gently, as your teeth are sharp and your lips are thin. Even the slightest amount of pressure will hurt him verily. Also, wet up - you don't want to give him a friction burn - it's very very sensitive, and the slightest dry rub will feel like your face would if it were being dragged aross a dirt road.

The best way to avoid this is drink PLENTY OF WATER before, and during foreplay, and lick those lips frequently. If you apply some high-quality chapstick (try Labello) licking your lips will not cause any "chapping" And there's no shame in needing a little break every now and then, how do you think people can really last all night? Foreplay can last for HOURS if you're really enjoying it. Try blow job in the shower - casue it's already very wet in there.

There are also really great flavoured lubricants available that are a lot of fun, and taste like candy, so go to your local toy store and try a few out. You won't look slutty if you have a treat handy - just be discreet about it, but keeping it out of general sight (next to the KY?), and using it sparingly.

You can also use your tonge to slide it into the opening of his urethra, this is a commonly overlooked pleasure as well. The tip of his penis should already have some of his body's natural lubrication seeping out - though it's not nearly enough to wet US down, it's a nice accompaniment to what your saliva is doing while your tongue dips in & out on this SUPER sensitive area. The underside of his shaft, just belpw the head is alse extrememly tender - if you have a barbell in your tongue, here's where it's appreciated most. If he is un-circumcized, I wouldn't get too much under the foreskin unless you know it's totally clean. But like I mentioned above - a shower is the best way to start off any sex session, not only for the wet factor, butit will leave you both feeling fresh, invigorated, clean and good-smelling all over. knowing ou're freshly clean is excellent in the confidence department, keeping your attention focused on the task at hand, not "what doesn my bum smell like right now?"

I suggest the entire time your mouth is on his dick, your hands should be ANYWHERE on his body. Don't just stay in the testicle/bum area, sice you're in the 69 position, you're facing the right way to do all kids of things to his skin with your nails (lightly...), that will drive him wild. under the knees, along his quads, whatever - just keep touching him. Try soft circles, around his pubic hair area, down the back of his legs, and pretty much anywhere on his abdomen. Dip your finger into (dip, don't POKE) his bellybutton and gentlypress it inside - he'll get a pang of delight. Try it on your own - it's the same feeling for both of you. You should WANT to be touching him - you should be unable to resist fondling his body, otherwise, why are you sucking his cock?

On liking giving head: You have to be right into it. Don't think of it as pleasuring him - think of it as pleasuring your both - you get to explore his whole body right now - this should be making you wetter than a hurricane, so just forget about pleasing him only - you do what interests you in your tender, seductive exploration, and it will naturally make him happy. Yes, take his suggestions, in fact be sure right after you FRIST introduction to his penis with your lips, you say "Tell me how you like it at any time..." He won't argue to that - it's HOT. And unless you're doing something painful, you'll hear grunts and squeals of delight from him.

DO NOT EVER allow a guy to "lead" you to his crotch by touching/pushing your head. Even if you are already there. If he wants to touch your head while your down there, like circle a finger through your hair, or caress your face and he's tender about it, fine - that's sweet, let him be sweet. But using your ears as hummer-handles is unaaceptable. Unless you're really dejected and you like that kind of objectifying experience. This is somethign you're doing for HIM. he should not be hammering your head up and down. Also, it's just me, but when a guy ASKS for a blowjob, that's usually the last time he'll see me, unless we've already been at this before. For instance - the guy you've been getting with lately comes over to "watch a movie", you're making out and he suggests he might enjoy a little wet kiss in "right there" - be happy to oblige, if you're interested and take no offense if you're not, just be nice and say not today. However, first date guy, at the movies guy, just met him now guy, or drunk & making out in the bathroom at a keg party guy - NO! Do Not give any of these guys blowjobs, ESPECIALLY if they ask. You may be tempted, you may get close. You may already get your mouth on his dick - biut stop yourself and just say you don't feel like it - cause you'll feel like shit the next day if you do. You may already be stroking his rock hard, with cum dripping from your fingers, but Do NOT practice your skills here. Stick with the hand job.

Tiring out is trouble - so it's best to not really suck. Just remove the air from your mouth and keep it out. This will form a vaccuum, consequently, every time you move your tongue around his cock while it's in there, it will feel like you're sucking. esecially if it's nice & wet.

For you more adventurous teenage lovers (I assume anyone who doesn't know how to suck a cock is a teenager, am I right?) You can heat it up a bit by saving some of his ejaculatory fluids (be sure you're really close, or have discussed this) and share it with him in a soft, wet kiss. This is called snow-balling, and the boys in here will all go "eeeewww grooooosss!!" but I know that you all masterbate, and you've all tasted it. Anyone who hasn't is not telling the truth. And there's no shame in it. It's your own body, hell you used to all pick your nose and put THAT in your mouth when you were kids... Trut is, sharing each others fluids can be very sensual, if you're bot in on it, mind you.

His cum, if he's a vegetarian, will taste sweet, almost almond-y. If he's a meat eater, it will be more bitter. I've never heard of the peppermint thing working, but give it a whirl, if you think it'll matter. I know I'm going to try it out - and in all these years of reading cosmo, I've never herad of that. Mmmm Minty!
Just think of it as what it is, it's his semen. You're licking and sucking his penis, and he will ejaculate, and that should be enough for you to like it, because it's sexy. It's not honey, but it's not awful. You can get past this. Things to be cautious of are "yeasty" odors, which you will notice right away (that's right, men can get yeast infections from other women they've slept with. It's a sure indication if he's a cheater too - cause we KNOW if we've had one - YEOW!And I don't know what kind of Ho can feel comfortable fornicating with an incomfortable infection, but anyway... ) or anything a little TOO freaky - guage this by what your own body smells like when it's clean. No one should smell fishy anywhere, at any time. That's your cue to hit the door.

And I guess now you know all you can do to please your man. Just keep it safe, simple and fun.

Oh yeah - don't look a man in the eyes while you're blowing him, unless you're both on the same page - it'll feel magical to you, and if he's not your boyfriend, you'll stand a chance of being hurt by making an emotional connection with meaningless sex.

Last Tips:

If you're not all reading cosmo, you're missing out. Can't afford it/can't subscribe? go to your local library - they have a subscription. You'll have to read it there though, but trust me you'll remember everything. There are loads of great sex tips which girls under 18 should not be reading about or performing, but there's some good advice for you.

As well, you'll want to practice some of these moves out. If you don't have a wonderful friend-boy that comes over to "watch movies" with you on occaision, A) get one - a cute next-door neighbor with a crush on you is fine, just be sure he knows you're using him, and he probably won't care about that anyway, or B) just practice in your room at night, in the dark when no one is there. This sounds funny to you, but if you're alone, you'll have to go it alone. It's all about confidence. Consider the way you dance in the mirror while you're trying on clothes before a school dance or whatever you do on a friday night - the point is, practice your moves, cause you don't want to look like you're following a manual, you want to feel free with our body.

And boys reading this, read Cosmo. The sex tips for women will blow your mind better than any porn you've ever encountered, because you can picture whomever you like doing these things Cosmo describes in detail, to you as you pull it.
cube That clinches it! I'm subscribing to Cosmo in the morning :-)

I just love the woman's perspective on matters of the heart, or sex...
Teenage Jesus Here Here!
This page just made this bishop kick out a stained-glass window!
ClairE 1. I don't HAVE to let my boyfriend come anywhere on my body he likes. In fact, I don't HAVE to do anything.

2. It's possible for women, as well as men, to have yeast infections without the itching or burning symptoms, or in some cases without any noticeable symptoms at all. If your guy seems to have one, it's entirely possible you gave it to him.
Bizzar Wow... this has made me want to drive all the way to my boyfriend's work and give it to him! Hehe.

I have heard many girls say giving head is gross and I dont understand how. Even if I didnt like the physical doing so... the facial expressions and noises I get from him are enough to make me love it. I would do it to him anytime, anywhere!
a sweet girl that's the point of giving.

it is always far better to give than to receive.

it's true of christmas, and it's tru in love.

giving him pleasure makes me feel good.
and he will give it back, making me feel better.
...... sighs.. I wish she would 030622
erect monkey vocalization can add a lot. A simple "mmmmmm" will turn him on so much. 030622
Bloodhound Gang Yummy down on yummy down on this down on
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Ouch it won't reach my mouth
If I could do it myself I'd probably never leave the house
But I can't so here's where you come in
Giving it "Diff'rent Strokes" just like Arnold Drummond
Hummin' hmm hmm good like Campbell's
And you'll handle the sack like the quarterback Randall
Cunningham like Joanie loves Chachi
They call him Ralph Mouth 'cause he's down on Potsie
Rocky chasing the chicken
Watch the plot thicken with the cock when your lickin'
Me like Apollo your Creed my Mission
You go down for the count I countdown ignition
Blast off you're a rocket scientist
A genius what I mean is you suck at this
So escargot 'cause my snail needs Frenchin'
You must be five stars cause my staff's at full attention

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You can fondle but it's kind of like McDonald's realize it's
Just a Happy Meal so you can't Super Size it
Told to hold the pickle then you went and blew it
Gherkin off and the Special Sauce comes included
But you knew it did so concentrate like Tropicana
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If you were a Hindu I could aim for the dot

Yummy down on this
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Yummy down on this throbbing pole of hot man chicken.
And feel free to wiggledunk those purple bulldog cheeks.
* excise this blather page 030709
Novice Wow! Let me go try this on my boyfriend 030803
phil bloodhound gang sound a lot like crap 030803
fun snacks Hmmm...now I have a big craving for PENIS!

I know what I'm gonna have for lunch...

time to make a booty call.
finally found him You know...I've gone down on only a few guys-because I hated doing it. I absolutely didn't like it-so I just didn't do it anymore.

Then I started dating a new guy-and I was feeling a bit more adventurous than usual-so I let my mouth travel...and I enjoyed it.

I can't get enough of him.
carlita same thing for me... i HATED giving my exboyfriend blowjobs, and he'd have to beg me to do it. now, i LOVE doing it for my boyfriend, and i find myself craving it. 030804
celestias shadow why look, it's like christmas in august! 030831
nomatter this makes me want to stab myself in the eye with any necessary object. 030921
marked . 031104
misstree i can't believe i hadn't read this before. bad tree. bad, bad tree. go to your room, and no playing with your toys.

a few questions, for anyone who cares to answer: i know that with "cornhole moves", fingernails can be an absolutely terrible archnemesis. even people who chew them down to stubs will frequently have just enough of an edge to cause unhappiness. any good ways to avoid it? also, i know that humming and moaning in the right tone can produce very pleasent vibrations in the back of the throat; i usually try to time things properly so that the moans coincide with deepest penetration, and it seems to work well; any advice or insights on that aspect?

and i want to poke 'skite brain re 69ing, but i'll do that in a bit and on a different page, possibly maybe.
. lightly nibble and suck your fingernails first, that should get rid of any rough edges 031115
mathmatiks umm, anyone need some practice?

but i don't know about that whole
finger in behind thing.
in fact i'm sure about it.
don't want it.
better never happen.

i'm more adventerous than most but
thats just... no.
typical x exactly how are you adventurous? 031116
mathmatiks not that way thats for sure.

but how am i adventerous?
i'm like a salior
did you know all saliors are tri-sexual?
yeah, they'll try anything as long
as its sexual.

and, oh yeah
i had a knife pulled on me
when i lost my virginity
misstree well, considering that you have such a strong opinoin against even the minorest penetration, that in itself would boot you out of the trisexual category... and i somehow think that there's a whole lot more that you wouldn't try... homosexual relations? necrophilia? rape, from either perspective? bestiality? how about severe body mod, and pain games? we're not talking about biting and slapping, we're talking about nailing your scrotal sac to a two-by four. still willing to try anything? 031116
grindmath i'm open

thats all i said.

if you think i should try something.
sure i'll try it.
or at the very least i'll seriously
consider it.
i belive that alone qualifies me as more
open than most.
(most being the generall population
not the blather populace, whom i'm sure
is very open indeeed. or else this
probably wouldn't be their thing)

oh and for those of us with sticks
or other phallic obejects up their
respective waste orifices?

"tri-sexual" is a joke. get it? haha.

now i'm sure you have more important
things to do rather than nitpick
at some silly comments on some
glorified bbs on the fucking net.
misstree ya got me. i was being a nitpicky bitch. i'm a bit sensitized to people trying to flaunt what a freak they are, then getting squeamish when actually put to even the minorest test. so many times i've been presented with evidence that there may be a brain present that i could pick about the more unusual areas of such matters, but nearly every time i find that i was wrong, that "deviant" means minor bondage. so many teasing disappointments have left me a bit snippy. my deepest apologies. 031117
mathmatiks no i should be apologizing to you
i got a little harsher than
i meant to in that last post
and i usually don't lash out like
that (i leave that to the wolf usually)

and it seems to me that you are a fan
of the perverse arts
(i mean that with all due respect)
and i fully understand how it could
annoy you when people claiming to
be "hardcore" turn out to be mere
"scensters" as it were.

i myself streched a bit i will admit
though i will consider almost anything
and try quite a bit i usually don't
get any rauchier then your basic
rough sex.

once again, sorry for blowing up on you.
misstree no worries on blowing up on me, i need to get smacked upside the head once in a while so's i actually curb my bitch once in a while, and i was, indeed, being snippy.

now, i'm going to take a moment to talk about "hardcore" and "scenesters," and if you're already groaning then fuck right off and go read something else.

there's always a split, a denied elitism no matter where you go, between the people who are "hardcore" and the people who are "newbies." example, lots of goths rant about how they like people who aren't goth and welcome them to their clubs and shite, but when i go there, there's all this posturing, and gother than thou, and shite like that. i can see it from both perspectives; some little twat who just learned how to apply eyeliner is taking up my dancing space and pretending to be something that i have been for godknowshowlong, and it gets my back up a bit. but at the same time, once i was that same little twat, and because i was lucky in my timing of when i hit the scene hereabouts, there were lots of wonderful, genuinely open people.

you see it in every subculture, the "harder core than thou but i'm not judgemental" attitude, though sometimes people are quite open about being judgemental, and at times will even admit that they don't care that they're limiting the people that they associate with and don't care. (there's a lot of that in the old swordfighting group.)

and that's fine. i practice elitism at times. in nero, for example, though i'm a very new character, roleplaying is old hat, and i'd rather sit around and bullshit with friends than engage in inanities with Luxamilliona the Dark Elf Lord of All Things Awe Inspiring. tough, luxy, i'm a fargin' gypsy, gotta have better than that.

but, i also keep the little twat fresh in my mind, remind myself that if i am in any way "hard_core" in anything i do now, it wasn't that way once. even rough_sex was new territory to me once (though that didn't last long, but that's another_story that won't likely be told), much less the plethora of deviations i like to chew on.

/end rant. so yeah, don't be sorry, it was a snap that i really needed, 'cause i was drifting off center in me brainbox. thankee. :)
O_A try it sideways... like corn on the cob but with no teeth... use your tongue to stroke his urethra all the way from top to bottom and wrap your lips around him... apply a bit of pressure and move your mouth up and down along his shaft occasionally switch it up with the standard... I don't know if it's for everyone, but I've had some really positive reposnses. 050304
Em try it upside down - i find that a lot of the guys like the way the roof of my mouth rubs the base, and i find i can get it deeper this way 050304
meta meta 060103
. meta's for poop heads 100227
TCMT whoa..... 131114
what's it to you?
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