dafremen Today I finally did what I've been planning on doing for weeks now: printed out a sign, pasted it to a box and stood at a busy intersection holding it up for everyone to see.

It was a simple message, but one that the stony expressions on many of the faces I'd seen all around me seemed to cry out for:


I stood there for 4 hours, trying to show as many people as I could that there was indeed someone out here...a stranger..a brother...who loves them.

The response was touching. More often than not, the blank expressions turned to smiles. Even the "too cool" among them couldn't help but shift the corners of their mouths a bit. Some waved, others threw up peace signs..some rolled down their windows and yelled "YOU ARE TOO!"

Perhaps the most touching of all was a woman who, while stopped at the light, made a gesture as if to hug me. Not romantic, but familiar...sisterly. And I sent a hug back her way..unabashed, unashamed..moved. Here we were at a safe distance..both providing a sort of validation to the other..that perhaps the world isn't as full of cold, apathetic robots or villainous psychopaths as we might be inclined to believe.

There were a few dubious shouts of "WHO LOVES ME?" as if they were waiting for me to respond "Jesus loves you!" Instead, I'd say "I DO! I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!" Then they'd smile and throw a thumbs up.."THAT'S COOL" one said.

And some broke out their cameras and snapped a shot. One even stopped and asked me to pose. How could I not oblige?

And the cops drove by 3 times. I waved and pointed to the sign. "YOU ARE LOVED" Then I'd move over by a group of Election signs stuck in the ground case one thought perhaps I was creating a distraction for drivers with my own.

And there was the car full of nuns that honked and waved. And the jogger with his son. And the crazy teen with the flower painted on her cheek that stuck her head out of the window and shouted a loong drawn out.."I Loooovvvvee YOOOUUUU TOOOOOO!!!"

And a skater showed up and joined in. "Hey! We love you!" he yelled at the passing cars, while I just held up my sign and grinned. "YOu are LOVED! It's TRUE! We Love you!" he continued.

When his ride came, I told him to keep it real..and they honked their horn and smiled. "I'll be making a sign and going over to Van Dyke", he said, "that was fun!" And who knows? Maybe he will.

The old Army Vet showed up and tried to press me about Jesus and Heaven.

"Do you know if you're going to heaven when you die?"

"Well, gee chief..I'm too busy enjoying life to worry about dying."

"But do you know? Do you know who made heaven possible for you?", he evangelized.

"Do tell me brother, I'm happy to learn what you know.." was my response.

And he went on to explain Jesus and all manner of things I'd heard before, then pressed some booklets in my hand, for which I thanked him.

And I wished him a beautiful day. And told him once again, how much I loved him and appreciated him stopping by.

And he smiled. Very satisfied to have shared what was important to him. It didn't matter that I was completely focused on the moment, not the message.

"What church are you from?" the limo driver asked? (The previous limo's occupant had stuck his head out of the sunroof to tell me to keep it up...and that he loved me too.)

"No church at all! Just the church of Brotherly Love! I want everyone to know how much I love them." was my reply. And he nodded and smiled. Then gave me a thumbs up.

The day drew on. And through the weariness of the workday, they still found their smiles. And they still found enough energy to toot the horn or risk a wave at a stranger. And I'd wave back, or throw them a peace sign..and smile.

Lots of smiles.

Of all of the people that passed me today there was only ONE negative response. Some kids making a left turn yelled "And YOU are a homo!"

I just threw them a peace sign and turned my attention elsewhere.

There was no need to worry. They were outnumbered by the young and the eldery, the black, white, asian and latino. They were outnumbered by the well-to-do and the poor alike. They were outnumbered by the truckers and the bikers and the gangstas and the yuppies who all seemed to appreciate the fact that someone out there loved them, and had taken the time to say so.

I'll be going out again tomorrow.
In_Bloom "We love the All the All of You"

*Right fucking on!*
unhinged urban_bodhisattva

that's a beautiful idea daf
hsg :-) 081019
daxle I have to admit I am rather surprised that there is no hidden agenda here, seemingly no hidden negativity. I imagine the ego may still be involved but I think it's safe to say you did as much for them as they did for you.
A thumbs up from over here, too.
dafremen Day two..and still no protest. Just one negative comment. "Eat a dick!" Just flashed him a piece sign, and thumped my fist over my heart to let him know that even if he was refusing the love, it would be here for him when he needed it.

There were the little kids..ahhh the little ones, so close to having the idealism stomped out of them, who inspired me the most. They threw up their peace signs, and I would toss one back at them. They smiled. I smiled. Lots of smiles. Lots of honks of approval and "I love you too"s.

With deep bass booming gangsta rap from the gawd-only-knows how many kilo-watt speakers of their Escalade, the gangstas rolled up to make a right hand turn.

"What are you advertising?"

"Nothing. Just want people to know that someone out here cares..instead of all of the bullshit we hear all the time."

"I know that's right. You're all right man."

I nodded my head, thumped my chest over my heart..and gave a half grin. And he gave me the too-cool fo' da streets nod, merging the motion with the beat of the music, while two of his passengers flashed raised fists of solidarity.

They drove on. Bah-Boom-boom-Bah-Boom Bah-Boom-boom-Bah-boom

Three people stopped at the gas station behind me at various times throughout this latest shift.

"Hey! Awesome! I'm a Christian too!" said one.

"Hey, glad it makes you happy" came the reply.

Then he started to sing me a hymn. It ended with the line.."yooou aree loooooved."

"That was beautiful man, thank you."

"You have a great day", he responded. Then he got in his car and drove off beaming. It really was beautiful. There was no reason to tell him that I'm not a Christian or affiliated with any religion in particular.

Later, the baby boomer in the beamer pulled up.

"So is this a Christian thing or what? I mean is it just you? Or are you with a group?"

"It's just me. I turned forty last Tuesday and decided I wanted to do something to counter the negativity we're all dealing with every day."

"That's beautiful man. Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks so much. Have the best day you've ever had, brother. And I mean that."

One of the patrons pulled out from the pump and slowly drove over to where I was standing.

"So is it just YOU that loves me?"

"Well, I love you all. Yes."

"But what about God?"

"Oh I believe God loves us all too. But this isn't a Christian thing unless you want it to be. And if you're a Buddhist, then I guess it's a Buddhist thing. And if you're a gangsta...I guess it could be a gangsta thing too."

"That's cool. So what made you decide to do this?"

And I explained to him about turning 40 and wanting to do my part to bring a positive message to the people around me. To somehow let them know..that there really and sincerely is someone out here who thinks about and cares for them.

He smiled and shook my hand. And I couldn't have asked for a greater reward than a smile and a handshake. Didn't even need that. Just seeing them smile. Seeing them hear each other honk and wave. Just knowing that they'd left the preoccupation of their daily routine and their stress-filled schedules if only for a moment was enough.
auburn Don't let it stop. 081020
Lemon_Soda You are good. 081021
minnesota_chris that's pretty awesome. You should have someone take a picture. 081023
dafremen DAY THREE

Things went well. 3 hours on that corner. If anything, the responses have accelerated. More honks. More "I LOVE YOU TOO"s. More smiles. Lots of smiles.

And more visitors. People stopping by to find out what I was doing and why. I repeated the message; that I was here to do my part to fight the negativity that we're drowning in.

An invite to Church. "I'll think about it, thank you."

An offer of money. "That's ok. Keep the money. Just talking to you was thanks enough."

An offer of Taco Bell. "That's ok. I appreciate it very much. But I'm not hungry or homeless. I just want people to be happy and know that they are loved."


"I've just got to shake your hand. Most people wouldn't have the balls to do what you're doing."

"I guess I'll just have to keep doing it for as long as I have the balls to then. Thanks so much for taking the time."

Even the voices of the haters have toned down (although their numbers have 2.)

One flipped me off. One honked the horn of his tow truck and silently mouthed the words "You're crazy" while twirling his finger beside his ear.

Just a peace sign for them. And a peaceful sign to let them know where they can go when they're feeling unloved.

Maybe I am crazy...who knows? But I'm left to wonder if they believe that there is some reason that they shouldn't be loved, and can't imagine what could be so crazy about loving them.
Lemon_Soda Would you be offended if I did this, or a version of this, too?

Or is that a stupid question?

I had this thought about whenever it was raining, grabbing a bag of umbrellas and passing them out to people who didn't have them...
jane i hate umbrellas. people always poke me in the eye. 081024
dafremen Whatever we are each willing to do, in our own way, is a good thing. If you wanted to carry a sign that said "YOU ARE LOVED", I would be honored and touched. If you wanted to give out umbrellas on rainy days, I would be grateful and touched.

If we each just did SOMETHING, it could mean everything and we might all be moved.
HairThief any random act of kindness is always worthwhile. The smallest gesture that may make someone else smile is a fantastic gift even if they don't know who gave it to them. 081025
dafremen DAY FOUR

"My girlfriend and I were talking about you last night. I couldn't sleep trying to figure out what it is that you're doing."

"I'm just trying to let people know that I care about them. I wanted to put out a message to fight the negativity that we're always hearing."

"And what made you decide to do THIS?"

"I was watching TV one day and realized that everything we are seeing was either negative, had negative connotations or wanted something from us. They either want our money, they want us to change or they want us to believe in something that we may or may not want to. I just want people to know that I think they are perfect just the way they are."

"Do you know something that we don't?"

"I don't think so. I mean, you love the people in your inner circle..your family..your friends. Why not everyone else too? It should be obvious that we all want to be loved, and that most of us could use more love in our lives."

"So this isn't a Christian thing?"

"Not unless you want it to be. It can be whatever you want, whatever makes you happy."

"That's pretty cool man. I hope you keep it up."

"Thanks. I'll try. Thanks for stopping by...and have the best day you've ever had."
Lemon_Soda Nice. 081027
minnesota_chris you're really impacting people in a great way here. 081031
daf Yesterday brought one of the most moving encounters of this entire experience.

A woman stopped with her two brothers and honked her horn. I came over to see what they wanted and was greeted with both smiles and tears.

"I just stopped to tell you what a great thing you're doing.", she said.

"You're really touching people's lives whether you know it or not."

I thanked her, then she continued.

"I wanted to tell you about what happened to me the other day, and how you may have saved my life.

I was driving home after one of the worst days of my life, seriously thinking about killing myself, when I turned the corner and saw you standing there. I thought..'it's a sign from God' when I saw your sign. Just those three simple words, but I started crying. I really don't know if you can understand how much it meant to me to read that right then."

"Wow.", I replied,"I wanted to connect. That is the purpose of the sign, but to hear that it really made a difference...well that means the world to me. I'm so sorry you were hurting so. I hope you know that I really do believe that we can love one another..even if we don't know each other's stories. I want so badly for us to come together."

Tears welled up in her eyes again and she got a bit choked up.

"Well keep doing what you're doing and don't ever stop."

Her brothers nodded. Then they invited me for dinner some time. Of course I accepted the invitation.

Although there are probably a dozen more stories I could tell you about my experiences during the sign campaign, for now I'll leave you with that one and hope you'll understand how much I really do love you all.
Soma Daf, I want to say thank you to you also, because these stories resonate with me so very much. When I was 16, I was on my way home, with the very plan of suicide all mapped out. I was sobbing, crying. It was a cold night, and an empty one, and I was stopped at a traffic intersection. Two guys walked by and they both waved as they crossed in front of me. At the other side of the street, one stopped, turned around, looked me in the eye, smiled and waved again. He's the reason I didn't kill myself that night.
I imagine that guy is the same kind of person as you. And although I could never know who that guy is, I can only hope to thank those who remind me of him. I can only hope to try and "pay_it_foward" So thank you so very much for taking the time to care. Thank you so very much for existing. Thank you so very much for changing me from the cold and selfish person I was that night to someone who has learned to love, and to give, instead of take. Thank you, whatever spirit it is that resides in people like you and he.
Thank you, it is with great love and affection that I thank you.
. Like the whole love message.

but I'm looking forward to the day when being called a homo is not considered something negative.
In_Bloom Homo erectus, baby!
That's what we are
We love and one good hit can negate ten misses
Take it on yourself to allow one genuine hit to heal ten disses

...*cues the Spacehog to play for you
daf From another thread, on another site..but addressed as well, to each of you:

Hello again everyone.

I'd like to thank each and every one of you personally (and have started working on a list..which is taking forever since I'm doing it by hand) for your continued support of this thread..and for taking the time to read and respond. These things I do, day to day would amount to nothing in the end, if they meant nothing to anyone but myself.

Some of us are called idealists and dreamers as though it were an insult. A little thought should put that notion to rest. If anything, believing that we can and should treat each other better as a race is a badge of honor. Carry it proudly, for you earn it every day that you do what others don't have the courage to: care for your fellow human beings.

And is it so crazy an idea..really? I mean is it any crazier than continuing to live in a world ruled by fear..and greed? Is the idea of us coming together to support one another instead of coming together to take advantage of one another REALLY so insane as all of that? Our comedy is written in 30 minute sound bites consisting of clever insults. We have been killing each other over territory, resources and power almost constantly for most of human history with no end in sight. We'd rather watch people starve than do without more than we need or could ever use. And these things are all considered "sane" and "rational" behavior in our upside-down way of living. But wanting it to stop. That's "crazy", they'll say. Wanting us to care for one another..that's "stupid" and "naive" they'll tell us. Well somebody's crazy alright. I'll let you, the reader, be the judge of who.

In the name of self-preservation and fear, just a small portion of our race has built a wall (the Great Wall of China) which would stretch from Los Angeles to Tokyo, some 5500 miles (8850 km).

In the name of competition rooted in "fear of the enemy", we have sent men to the moon and returned them to Earth safely.

In the name of fear we have built machines of war, and national security which defy even most of our modern minds ability to comprehend.

There are so many more examples of what, various tiny PORTIONS of our race have been able to accomplish, simply because we were afraid of what would happen if we didn't do those things.

And yet, inevitably we are told that mutual compassion is "impossible." Not only told that it is impossible for us to come together, but we're then told that it would be silly of us to try. Why? How silly is the idea that we can treat each other better? That we should stop hurting one another so that we can stop fearing one another? That the accomplishments of a few insecure nations wouldn't be DWARFED by what the entire human race could achieve TOGETHER? How silly ARE these ideas?

Any sillier than building a big, winding 8800 kilometer wall for protection that these days is all but useless for defense?

Any sillier than spending billions of dollars to send a handful of people to bring back a few hundred pounds of lifeless rock and dust from the surface of the Moon..and then forgetting about the project altogether?

Any stupider than amassing an arsenal large enough to wipe out the entire planet several times the cost of TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, then later scrapping those weapons because we changed out minds? I mean, were we actually so naive of the patterns of human history that we believed that we WOULDN'T change our minds?

Fear. So much fear out there. Fear of the unknown. Fear of different ideas. Fear of loss. Fear of obscurity and fear of failure. Fear of embarassment and judgement. much fear out there. And it pains me so to see all of that fear. Because here's what I've also seen:

I've seen the aprehensive looks of strangers change to smiles and handshakes..after a few kind words and an expression of love with no string attached. I've seen people I never met before, come up to me..unafraid..and tell me how much that little three word phrase has meant to them. I've watched love heal wounds, seen care build bonds and known compassion to heal broken hearts. I have seen these things. I know the power of being the first to reach out with an open hand instead of a clenched fist. I've seen the absolute power that love has to turn strangers into aquaintances..and to turn fear into mutual respect and understanding. THAT is true power, my friends. And there is no bomb, or wall or rocket or amount of money that even comes close.

So perhaps, as I've said before, this IS a battle. But it's NOT a battle between them and us. Because there is no THEM. There is only us..all of us. No, this is a battle between us and our fears. This is a battle between primitive, outdated ideas of survival and ideals upon which our very survival depends. This is a battle between me and my insecurities, just as it is a battle that each of you who care to, must fight within yourselves against the ghosts of past rejections, insults and embarrasments. It is a battle that we must each fight with our memories of violence, pain...and betrayal. It is an epic struggle against the tragedies brought into our the way that our race has lived and still lives to this very day.

I wish I could say that it will be an easy battle to fight. On the contrary, this may be one of the hardest fights we've ever fought. For some easier than others, but simple for none.

Still, there IS hope that the battle can be won. For one of the great advantages we have in this war with our past aggressions is that by its very nature..our strategy ensures that we do NOT fight alone. We have each other. And as we extend our hands in friendship to the rest of our people, slowly, but surely..there will be even more who struggle alongside us. It's inevitable that we will win. Oh they may have the armaments on their side: guns, bombs, insults, fists and money..but we have love. And love, as anyone who has experienced its power can tell you, is ultimately disarming.

So keep fighting the good fight. You're in very good company..just look at the hundreds of people who've responded positively to this thread and realize: that's just a drop in the bucket.

And please, never forget that it's not stupid, silly or naive to think that we'll get there someday by trying. What's foolish is to think that we'll get there by NEVER trying.

Love from your brother,

hsg you are love(d) 100411
daf Hello again everyone,

I hope you know by now how much this crazy (and hopefully not too creepy) old man loves you all. Thanks again and again for taking the time to keep this thread and the message it contain alive. Did you know that even your encouraging words are as helpful as anything I've ever done? It's true. With every positive response that you post, someone out there gets the impression that "Wow..maybe this isn't so crazy after all", when years of living in a cold world might have convinced them that caring about the strangers that surround them ISN'T something that rational people do. And, of course, every one of your responses has fueled my desire to keep trying to spread the word: we don't have deal with the harshness of the times alone. We have each other.

European Fox:

You'll find the answer to your question (Why do I do this?) on page 74. But let me clarify and elaborate (since you've provided the opportunity to do so.)

1. No, I've never taken my daughter to do this. But I've told her about it and sent her a copy of the CD. She approves.

2. I don't really take free stuff although it's been offered many times. I've accepted a free pizza once, but only after repeating again and again that I didn't really want anything for doing this. (They said they'd throw the pizza in the garbage if I didn't take it, so in the end I gave in.) I've also accepted free bottles of water in the middle of the summer when it was clear that the folks had already paid for the water..and after's water. (If folks ask me if I want anything from the store nearby, I tell them "No that's ok, I'm alright..but I appreciate the offer." )

3. We've been doing things the same way for centuries. A quick look around reveals that it's working in SOME areas (technology comes to mind), but it's failing miserably in other areas. The most crucial of these being the coming together of our race.

I can't be the only one who finds it at first absurd, then later alarming, that we are willing to spend YEARS of our lives and the lives of others in the pursuit of a "better mousetrap", but we spend VERY little of our society's resources figuring out how to heal the divisions between the members of our race. And isn't it funny (and not in the amusing way) that we'll spend billions feeding, clothing and immunizing people to keep their bodies alive, but the only time we lift a finger to heal their hearts and alleviate their fears is when we're afraid they might walk into a mall with a shotgun?

Human hearts should be a our number one priority. Broken hearts and those who have given up on other people are the number one cause of most of society's ills. Humans who are afraid of or indifferent to other humans are the number one cause of: war, famine, poverty, exploitation and stress..not to mention all of the illnesses caused by humans who care more about money than other people. (Tobacco companies: cancer & heart disease Fast food companies: Obesity & heart disease..etc etc the list goes on and on.)

Are these bad people who do these things? No, of course not. They are confused, miseducated and acting upon that confusion and miseducation. "Money is all that matters" is what they've been taught. Money/power = success? Excuse me for saying so but..B.S.

I like a little money in my pocket as much as the next guy..but if I have to harm another to get ain't worth it. Every harm we commit in this life adds to the mess. And man, if it isn't a mess after thousands of years of this power/money hungry attitude we've been preaching and playing.

But what if the people you were hurting were say...your mother..your brother...your friend? Would it be so easy to pull the trigger for profit/advancement/advantage then?

That's why I do this. Because I DO care what happens to you, and to me and to future generations to come.

When and if we ever get it out of our heads that we are strangers to one another, bonds will form between us that will deter the worst of what we do to one another in the name of "getting ahead." And who knows? It might just be that working together in the spirit of cooperation turns out to be more powerful than fighting one another's efforts in the name of competition.

Just a few thoughts.

Have a great you've ever had.


daf (from another thread in another place at some other time)

Hello again everyone,

I'd like to thank you once again for keeping this thread alive. Your comments mean so much, not just to me, but also to others who are looking for confirmation that there ARE good people in this world who DO care. We could all use that sort of reassurance, so again...thank you so much for taking the time.

I would like to remind those of you who are inclined to turn this into a religious thread, that it has NEVER been my intention to have this thread become a billboard or discussion for one religion or another. In fact, the discussion of religion here is antithetical to the purpose of the YOU ARE LOVED campaign.

Some of you are Christian, no doubt some are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Atheist. Perhaps some of you have other religious beliefs that I failed to mention in that last sentence. Well, I'd like to assure each and every one of you that, whatever you believe is fine with me. I love you all equally and without prejudice. Another of the great tragedies in our society is that we insist upon dividing ourselves from one another. Christian, Muslim or Atheist? Conservative or Liberal? Goth, Punk or Jock? Men vs. Women. Rock, rap or country music? Tigers fan or White Sox fan? The list really does go on and on.

And has this policy of division REALLY helped us all that much? I'm not talking about whether or not it is a good thing to have so many different opinions. The more opinions the better, opinion. What I'm asking is..this: Don't we have a better way to approach each other besides focusing on what makes us different from one another? What about all that we have in common? What about the fact that we are all human beings traveling through this same time...on this same Earth ?
What about the fact that we almost universally wish to be respected..or at the very least cared for? What about the fact that each and every one of us wishes to find some measure of happiness in this life? And there are so many others. When you strip away the things we disagree on, you'll find that the vast majority of us are very much alike in so many little ways.

The one thing I've noticed, is that most of the Christians (and I'm not trying to single you out..I think it's fine that you feel so passionately about your faith) have told everyone here how God feels about Jesus feels about them and so on..but what you almost consistently and universally fail to mention is how YOU feel about these fine people.

Ok, so you want to share that God loves everyone. Great. But do YOU love them? And if you are one of those who feels that God is doing his work through YOU..then how exactly is God supposed to love everyone if YOU don't take the time to love everyone? Did you really think that it was as simple as just believing? Do you really think that it's ok to talk about loving your neighbor, but not to actually do it...unconditionally? And what sort of expression of love do you think it is to tell a person that it's YOUR way or the Highway to Hell? Am I saying you're wrong? No. That's not for me to decide. I can't tell you whether you are wrong about heaven and hell and God and Jesus and judgment and punishment. I can't tell you that you're right either though. What I CAN tell you is that the more you stand on your soapbox pointing fingers and condemning everyone who doesn't share your beliefs to hell, the more like background noise your message is becoming to the members of modern society.

In your faith, you had an EXCELLENT example of how to move people's hearts. And yet, with some very fine exceptions, you choose to ignore that example. What's that cliche saying again? What would Jesus do?

I'll tell you what I think Jesus would do. He would love people. He would love them despite their differing beliefs, regardless of their social status, and almost certainly..he wouldn't stop to point out who was going to "Hell" and who wasn't. His message, whatever your interpretation of it, was spread brilliantly and quite effectively by simply SHOWING people that he cared for them. We could all learn a lot from that simple, yet revolutionary idea.

So finally, I'd like to ask each and every one of you that you PLEASE not use this thread as a vehicle for spreading religious dogma. There are plenty of other places for you to do so. You could even start your own thread if you like. I think that would be great. I might even post on it if you were to do so..who knows?

This is a place for us to set aside our differences for awhile. I hope you understand and will respect that..please.

Thank you so much.

Doar are still loved.
despite the arguements.

don't convince them.

including the others that doubt.

they don't need a belief....they never have. they "need" someone that believes in themselves....

Doar are still loved.
despite the arguements.

don't convince them.

including the others that doubt.

they don't need a belief....they never have. they "need" someone that believes in themselves....

Doar are still loved.
despite the arguements.

don't convince them.

including the others that doubt.

they don't need a belief....they never have. they "need" someone that believes in themselves....

Doar are still loved.
despite the arguements.

don't convince them.

including the others that doubt.

they don't need a belief....they never have. they "need" someone that believes in themselves....

j you_are_forgiven 100826
Doar d00d, you argue most passionatly,

and i tend to agree with your poignant points. but I do have to disagree with some of your suppositions.

People are variables, yes for the most part they are sheep heading towards the fenced pasture. But they are human and they do have a choice, to become human or sheep. I believe that they want to be human, that they have a concious thought that makes them human and not an animal. Don't corner every other humble soul. We do have feelings you know and we do have choices to make. Don't stand on your pedastal and shout at us.

I agree with the same message you are trying to empart, but don't sermonize, ok.

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unhinged if it wasn't for blather, there would have been many hours, days, weeks, months, years where this realization would have been lost, gone. 101005

So it's winter here and the weather as usual, is miserable. Standing on the corner with the sign is not only terribly uncomfortable, but I've been getting the feeling that standing on the same corner has saturated the drivers-by. They still honk. They still wave. But not so much as before. I imagine it's kind of like making chit chat with your next door neighbor. At first, it's alright, but EVERYDAY? Talking about the same thing?

So I've decided to go door to door, placing this note where it can be found:


Hi. My name is Daf and I just wanted to let you know that, even though we may not have met, I care about you. That may sound crazy, but please read on and I'll try to explain.

In my 42 years on this planet, I've watched us grow colder and more distant from one another. We've been hurt, taken advantage of and imposed upon so often, that many of us have responded by hiding our hearts from strangers; reserving our most positive, human side for friends and family. It's not hard to understand why we feel the need to put on our "public armor", but I certainly wish it weren't so.

It may seem reasonable to hide away the best of what we are from those we don't know, in order to avoid being played for fools, but in the end no good can come of it. As the distance between us grows, we come to view each other not as people, but as objects, threats or opportunities. It doesn't take much of this before it doesn't seem to matter how we treat those we don't know, because their lives and situations don't seem real to us anymore. As we treat each other with less and less regard, we become even COLDER and MORE distant from each other.

It's a vicious cycle that we've gotten ourselves into. It's a pattern that has transformed us from a society of people working toward a better way for us all, into a fragmented collection of combatants who take what we can from one another, achieving little to nothing as a people or as a community. We've all heard the saying, "United we stand, divided we fall." These days it seems like we're on the losing side of that equation. How far we'll fall, I couldn't say. But the consequences to ourselves, our descendants and our society promise to be devastating if we continue on this course until we hit rock bottom.

I don't want that sort of world for you. I don't want that sort of world for your children, or mine.

Still, if we do nothing about it..if we refuse to take steps to change the way we feel about and view each other, that is exactly the sort of world that the future holds for us all. Then, the best we'll be able to do is to equip our children with their own "public armor", teach them to wear it and hope that it's enough to protect them from the madness that we will have left behind.

They deserve better. You deserve better. And so I've left you this message letting you know that I do see you as a person..and that I do care about your happiness, very much. At the very least, I hope this note will, in some small way, restore a bit of your faith in humanity and make it a little easier for us to acknowledge one another, rather than simply sharing the same space.

Just so it's very clear, I want nothing from you but your happiness and have no desire to make you uncomfortable or to intrude on your privacy. It just seemed important to let you know that someone out here loves you, as a brother loves his kin. And I mean that. I really do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, it means a lot.

Have a great day, the best you've ever had. And please remember that you ARE loved.

workinprogress. every last one of you 110101
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perfectly_chaotic Thanks for the reminder 110102
sedrftzsxdc Daf, it means alot to me, thank you. what a beautiful idea. keep up the love, man. theres not enough peace, love and understanding in the world, and just think about how much better it all could be? is being? will be! thanks again *huggs*

loves you all
perfectly_chaotic you_are_loved even if you do not want to be. 110721
Death of a Rose Daf,

Much love my friend, much love.

IGG This is a beautiful idea and thread. It reminds me of an event that happened a few weeks ago.

I was on my lunch break from work and saw two ladies with signs that said 'Free Hugs' standing in a small shopping square in the centre of Manchester.
It wasn't for charity or religion or anything like that, just to give people a nice feeling and a way to connect for a few seconds.

Lovely. It's another example of small but incredibly important ways of reminding us that we're all connected, whether we think about it or not, and to remember the great things about being alive together now, and forget the negativity that is so forceful and so prevalent around us ever day.
Doar daf_love_ya_brother

much love from the ether and molecules.

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