biggidybfnh somebody had to continue the conjugation. and i'm a foul mouth.

working on other people's website is fucked up! my whore ass friends get fucked. when i couldn't go to work because i was fucked up, i got fucked out of a day's pay. see the difference in positivity?

maybe we should all try to think "up" some stuff, if we raised the heights of our thoughts, would our days be less fucked? would i still have to go out on the weekends and get fucked up if i was already up?
Nate Higgins That warm glow that softens the edges and raises my opinions of anything and everything that comes to mind lying in my bed just before I realize you aren't there anymore. 991030
mike Pushing it in and out.
It's not what you think.If you're on the verge you're pretty much fucked. If your deep in the tube...
...you're fucked. Does the word offend you? It's just a word, like pretty, or ugly, or FUCKED. Think happy thoughts.
Being alive is like being fucked in and out of sleep. I can't help but think that my mind has fucked my body-or is it the other way around.
erin I'm totally fucking amazed??? where the hell am i now...how did i get here and how do i leave? 991211
want to be everything 991216
king kai she is - in the head - i swear it! 991230
deb i'm fucked in the head
and the world
knows it

and poor jen,
my now-soggy shoulder
Rob I don't yet feel vindicated. Unfortunately. I fucked it up. Sorry. 000113
The Apologist up. Big time. 000123
erin the psycho jipsy his friends are cool they're cool kids

you can ride with him

damn he doesnt like me, he's good at math i love boys who are good at math
he wanted to be friends, but i was like no, we had sex. you had a small penis.
adam up little stories to entertain you. 000229
amy fuck
Nrky6dee9 FUCKED!!!! YAY!!!! 000325
misty sometimes I wonder if we'd still be together except for the sex 000330
WoNDERGIRL They should invent an antibiotic that doesn't interfere with the function of birth_control pills. Because now, you see, I'm quite fucked. In more ways than one. 000528
MollyGoLightly uh oh. 000528
WoNDERGIRL no worries, it's all good 000528
silentbob Feeling fucked up in a fucked up time in a fucked up place, does not necessarily make you fucked up...if ya catch my meaning.

Things are fucked:

Meaning: Everything has ceased to remain sensical. Things are beyond fixing. your brain is being stressed. your temples are throbbing and you can't stop the pounding pounding pounding.

Fucked: Where all rail service...terminates.
Nine Volt Jesus up beyond all recognition 000705
Santos something the originator of the last post needs to get so she will stop FUCKING SHOUTING and mellow the fuck out 000710
Liquid Goblin I have never been... SO WHAT I'M NOT UGLY... FUCK YOU!!! LOL 000815
Snakeyes we're all fucked whether we like it or not.
we get fucked without even knowing it. we get fucked without even feeling it.
most of us would get fucked over & over again & most of us would get others fucked up.

Did i just define life?
kitten on drugs i got fucked the other nite.....it wasn't making love, it was very animalistic, very raw...i got fucked, and i liked it 001121
j_blue i've done it, where you hear that slapping sound, it wasnt all that though 001208
kitten on drugs oh, there are nites when it's the best thing ever...that slapping sound is priceless :) grrrrrrrrrrowl...hehehe 010125
Stephen You're really FUCKED when you realize the guys you're talking to about that illegal thing you're up to are FBI, and there's a new southern, redneck FBI Boss that thinks it's still the 60's who's George W's first big mistake, but not to worry, because his military mis-appointments will start something somewhere to heat up the economy, but but who cares if 2-3 thousand, twenty year olds get killed over dollars, right? 010127
Jiz NOLA That all of you people are strangers
That I hoped no one I knew would read what I wrote
But they did, that's fucked up
Now I feel exposed, uncomfortable, like my most inner thoughts have been publicized, I'm pretty much fucked right now
Not to mention that I'm just plain fucked up
But that's beside the point, someone now knows what I intended to express at the risk of NO ONE ever knowing, shit
I guess that's all fucked now, as am I
fucker fuck, fucking, fucked, fuckable, fucker, fuck!, goddamnit, i can't think of any other ways to say it. please help here. 010202
god fuckable fucks fuckee fucktastic fuckfest fuckwad fuckball fucknut fuckhead fuckface fucktacular 010203
god fuckable 010203
jackie what we did for hours together
how i feel now without you
Tim!!! fucked was my heart after you finished with it. now i think of ways to fuck you back, Bitch! 010411
inferiority_complex what i manage to be without doing 010411
inferiority_complex or at least without having been 010411
balishagimous kris got fucked up the ass...
then well, you know, he got a little pissed off.
loki after kris got fucked up the ass mark got down on his knees and sucked kris off royally and he swallowed too 010527
thor after kris and mark had their homosexual experience together they figured that they liked women a whole lot more and went out to the local bars and tried to pick up some loose women 010527
odin in ancient greece prostitutes han the caracters for "follow me" imbedded in their sandals as a come on to prospective customers 010527
juice newton i want to participate 010527
sickgirl theres only three persons i want to get fucked from... two of them dont even live in my city 010724
florescent light if you ever drive your car off a cliff, don't bother buckling your seatbeat, cause man, you're gone. 010812
timster on a recent night out my mate asked me how i felt and i said "i feel fucked", he then said "what you mean you feel that you've been fucked up the arse?", i said "no i just feel fucked". He said "what do you mean", i said "i don't know i just feel fucked can you leave me alone". 011011
ice why do i always fuck things up 011114
ClairE What I am. Why can't I ever get my work done? 011201
whoknows b/c youre a slacker and a blather-head.
just like me =)
Mikey When you get fucked over by someone you care about, or thought you did. Sure, so what? fuck it, fuck them and fuck the guy thats she's been cheating on you with up. Learn from your mistakes? Not this time,not my problem...but then again, hindsights always 20/20 020304
birdmad fubar 020304
emo I feel fucked.
I remebered those nights
lying in my bed.
Letting him touch evey inch of me.
I'm probably too young

He walked away from me. Trust me. It will be alright.

It's better off.

I showed him.
And now it kills me to think, could that be why he left.
To find others to be with.

i wish i was colorblind.
Everything would be grey.

I still love you.
I think i will always love you. A part of you. The grey in you.

I am fine.

How could there be only one for each of us?
I never let anyone in. Pulled my out from inside.
I didn't feel like my world collapsed. I am fine.
juice libra 020304
eddie i haven't been fucked in forever
four years eight months
any one looking for a outlaw
not much to say
only memories
masterbation is a science
i'm a pyro
fresh air
where are the brick walls, barbwire?
everything has changed
too many bodies
pop culture is fucked
FUCKHEAD my brains on copius amounts of drugs and i somtimes feel as if my paranoia is taking over my life. the paranoia is also what keeps me away from the land of sober boredom......... 020711
xxx I haven't been fucked like that since gradeschool. 020720
eddie me niether 020721
melissah when "screwed" and "made love" just doesnt fit, you just got fucked. 020801
Kat Some people are so completly fucked up that they don't even know it or they say they know it and they take it as a complement. In my opinion the worst possible thing anyone could do when you're mad at them is to take your rageful insults as complements. I'm just so mad at people for being like that...maybe it's worse that I'm like that occasionally. I guess it's easier to pretend everyone loves you when you're being cussed at, but it's really hard to get over being mad about something when the person you're mad at won't allow you to get all that anger out. Maybe it's selfish to think people should let me yell to make myself feel better...but honestly I just wish they would. 020802
clearrecrd you are fucked 020802
blown cherry Chest tightly clenched,
face all distorted with tears and pain.

Knowing I'll never be good enough.
pensais fuck man, i'm fucked. he said to me that night on the porch of the drug dealer's apartment.

we railed too many lines to count that night and were too fucked to do anything but smoke. and the coke blew up our egos so intensly that it was all we could do to sit there and stare down one another.

so fucked that when the girl came in, bleeding from her arm, we just sat in silence, while cigarettes burned in our fingers, and people bandaged her up and yelled. no, we can't call 911. the cops will come. instead they gave her a few rails, and a package, and sent her into the bathroom. and i didn't see her again that night.

too fucked to go see her, to fucked to process the circumstance in my head. just fucked enough to watch the city twinkle in the darkness and realize that a piece of me dies everytime i get fucked up. i think a million pieces of me died that night.

him and i? we still fucked that night, in a blur of ego we got over ourselves enough to commit the act.

but the fact that we do this: that human beings kill parts of themselves and their pride for excitment (or whatever we do it for)?

that's fucked.
Boymansonbowie You left me and now i am just fucked. 020816
king kai i am - in the head - i swear it! 020901
Rougy had it done for screwed blued and tattooed sometimes good thing sometimes bad she fucked me better than he fucked me and rarely does the priest declare "I now pronounce you fucked" but I'll be fucked if I can think of another fucking word fuck 020911
BASE oh shit I just go fucked, fucked over and passed by, didn't they fucking see me, fuck that shit I'm really fucking pissed off. Some bodies about to get fucked up, really fuck the bullshit, I'm on the verge of fucking someones shit the fuck up in a matter of fucking seconds with no fucking time to fucking waste atleast theres no fucking time that I can see to fucking waste or I wouldn't be so fucking fuck up right fucking no, so fuck off... 021010
rougy good thing/bad thing (usually bad) 021220
Rickster The crimson sky cried tears of blood, the raindrops glistening off of my Plate Mail. The blood was running down into the runes etched into my armor, almost as if it had a mind of its own. Looking up to the sky, the blood storm was amassing. Red bolts of lightning stretched across the sky, they shot through the clouds with deadly means. The fire that burned the castle to ashes, was fast approaching the last remaining farm house along the outskirts of the kingdom. Many had come here as refuge, to bruised and battered to continue on with their journey. The last remaining knights stood in the field, trampled crops lye scattered across the field as far as the eye could see. Smoke billowed forth from the crumpled ashes of the castle, no fire by man could have destroyed the castle in such a manor. The knights shook uneasily as they watched the massive storm grow yet bigger, and it begin to approach them. The knights no longer having much to fight for, begin to flee to the barn where the refuges had all been placed in. Only twenty men could be seen that was left, the others had all be killed. It was a vicious attack, no army, just a storm that appeared above the castle and begin to rain inferno down upon the castle, destroying it quickly. They closed the barn doors and begin to panic, the tension in the room was sickly disturbing to anyone near its presence. A sickening taste was in the air, it lingered like the smell of rotting biles. The people, and knights-alike begin to cluster to the back of the barn, hoping that they would be safer there.

The storm approached the Barn, and paused briefly. Three red lightning bolts came down upon the farm house, disintegrating it into ash, and dust. The people screamed inside of the barn as they heard the house exploid into oblivion, nerves were on edge. The cloud moved forward slightly, to be partially over the barn, a ray of light appeared over the barn, not appearing to hurt it, yet. A hole in the top of the barn begin to appear, and the people begin to see a bright light. They thought they were saved, being the pathetic mortals they are. A ball of blue energy emitted from the cloud and shot down through the hole in the barn, and landed in the ground. A pulse of energy caused the people to fly against the walls of the barn, rings of lightning begin pelting those still lying on the ground unable to move. Their flesh begin to sear as the lightning came in contact with them. One man was struck when the ball had landed, his face was now melted off and only a somewhat red substance remained over a skeleton of charred flesh, dripping onto the ground. Two remained alive, barely hanging on by a string. They looked around them to see the chaos, fourty people scattered through the barn all shredded and burned, the smell was so horrendous it made their eyes water. On the barn wall lay three people, melted into the wood with a line of melted flesh going down the wall onto the ground. The cloud begin to shake violently and make a very loud sound. It burst into what looked like a firebomb, it incinerated the barn and the occupants inside like they were gunpowder, the exploison shook the world. Rings of fire could be seen from anywhere in the sky, the earth that once held a kingdom of peaceful people now held a crater the size of the moon. For every good, there is an evil. So sayeth the ways of the Gods.
guy on shrooms fucked is the key word when describing that which was lost in the battle to every ones particular preference in the knowing of fucked without the verb being said enough the fucked out with painless sleep comfortably numb 030119
pilot mike the runways behind you
the fuel's on the ground

watching the altimeter
spiraling down
kss royally 030627
Misty fucked slowly silently starry eyed ...
lay her down inside me and a slip of the tongue tied one hit wonder
mysticspiral I'm incapable of simlpe success
I'm desperately trying to destroy myself
I'm a college student
I'm an alcoholic in deial
I'm a straight A student
I'm a stoner with excuses
I'm a runner
I'm a smoker (though only socially... what does that even mean?)
I'm often religious
I'm fucking my boyfriend, often without condoms
I'm collapsing in desperate sobs hoping for the red wave to come again
Now I'm sitting in a dark room
Full of self loathing at the way i've intentionaly fucked myself
I long to clear my head
I'm fucked and i have no one and nothing to blame
archer87 except the world who fucked me up or fucked me out. Fucked me out, out of my life. The light that was once my life is no longer mine to shine. 031002
tonightiscream What I wouldn't give to be fucked, to forget how fucked I really am 031020
Death of a Rose oh.....fucked downward spirals....wrong door. 031023
celestias shadow he runs away, he's gone, you never see him again. they lock him away, he's gone. he pulls the trigger, we close the casket, he's gone. 031025
falling leaves we had gay burglars the other night, they broke in and rearranged the furniture. 031115
inadvertently When we fucked i was only with you sometimes, and thats all the more sad for me. 031203
lawnmower_midget_mocha la la la la 031205
kisston fuck you for fucking me when i didn't fucking want to be fucked, you motherfucker. 031219
fierce_otterpup we made love
and it was beautiful

but as soon as it was over i wanted to claw out my insides
he'd injected me and poisoned me
taken me over and left me with a cloying paste that needed to leave

my body shut down

it left an irritation
like a mark of his being there

i've been trying to get it out
without touching it
without daring to for fear of being too revolted
now it bleeds
my nails form claws and want to rip it out
all of it
make it leave
cleanse and purify
for now i am infected
anonymous * and you think that's fucked...

Early this morning it was discover that the words that once expressed themselves on the blather page are now missing! The massive public outcry for justice that soon followed has prompted local law enforcement to mount an around the clock hunt for any punctuation that might have seen the rhyme take place.

On the federal lever a World Wide Web search for any suspicious sentences that might be harboring the missing words is now in progress. A spokeman for the White House said the president was concerned but said that everyone should remain claim, lock all their doors, chill and listen to some rap-music.

Later in the day FBI agents stated they would do everything clause-able to bring the perpetrators to justification. Furthermore, once apprehended, under the direction of the States Attorney Drew H. Wrigley they would seek nothing less then the most severe sentence. Wrigley finished by saying, "Justice will be done and the people are calling for nothing less then Capital Pun-ishment!

These comments were followed by local authorities saying , "We have no reason to believe the missing words have been harmonized in anyway despite the eyewitness testimonies claiming they saw broken sentences all over the page. Concluding they had every confidence that the missing characters would be found and returned safely to their home-page soon.

An earlier report presented by on-site investigators concluded the possible murder weapon, found on a desktop, was not related. The weapon was then reveled as just another tasteless text file containing a new Bobby and Peter Farrelly screenplay. Authorities well aware of their previous callous assassin on characterization had suspected the brothers were once again masquerading as actors-slash-directors-slash-writers and committing unspeakable crimes on literature. Fearing the worst - critics of the brothers speculated they might have eaten the words as part of a horrific plan to later spew them on unsuspecting movie-goers. However, a further examination of the contents of a nearby trashcan labeled "recycle bin" believed to have contained the cinematic vomit only revealed a turd in the form of an unrelated Internet porn advertisement that had been discarded there.

Both agencies sighting recent rumors of mass erasure, inappropriate abbreviation and underworld ties to the famous alphabet crimes as being totally un-font-ed and highly unlikely! Personally, this reporter smells a mischievous critic or misguided editor at work here - but that is not the opinion of this network station.

In a possible related story; It was confirmed that the logic from the lyrics of Trick Daddys' new Rap album were still missing? Sadly authorities on that case conceded that there was little hope of a recovery. Comments on how common sense can be protected in future album releases suggest Trick should attend a few night classes and at least get his GED.

kitten not-so-on drugs is definitely fucked. 040318
Mandida right now I am fucked out of my mind,... by fucked I mean fucking drunk!!! 040330
tchiseen they say noone dies a virgin in teh end life has fucked them all 040421
blue star emotionally, mentally, physically, musically, sexually, chemically, academically, primarily, vicariously and finally. 040422
thickcherri I love the word fuck. You can use it has almost any part of speech. I also love the insights expressed on this page. No one dies a virgin because life has fucked them all. 040529
thickcherri I think that fierce_otterpup is seriously disturbed or had a bad fucking experience. Sorry man... sucks to be you 040529
phoenix the first man was allowed to do so. the second, well, he wasn't allowed... just bad sex... not by choice. and the third man had a one day pass.

so... two out of the three dudes i got fucked by were not bad.

two outta three ain't bad.
chews&chews geez guys stop saying fuck and say flack..it's better!!! oh and by the way

chewsandchews say flack not fuck.....btw

phil still just a random bump in the night. 041201
the lette i guess fucked means pain. and sorrow / guilt / self-hate / destruction / black-eyes / broken pots / and the red eyes staring down a black drain. 050212
dandy - Move.
- You're a sunny little chicklet this evening aren't you?
- I'm trying to brush my hair. Your head is in the way.
- I'm sorry. Next time I'll make it transparent.
- As transparent are your irritation?
- It's only reflecting yours darkly
- Tired of the dark? Strike a match, not a pose
- You're my match but I won't strike you.
It takes two to light up the night. I'll rub the "nots"
out of your shoulders.
- Now is really not the time.
- C'mon you've got more hangups than a coat check.
Let me slip you something more comfortable.
- Let it drop
- The shorts?
- Can you get your mind out of your pants.
- if I get yours into them.
- And you say I'm hung up on things for too long?
- yes and I also say I am well hung, wouldn't you agree?
- Honestly, how can you even th-
My day has been bad enough already without your
suggestions to make us late. I need to have unassailed space
to get my head together
- and a little massage wouldn't help?
- Fuck you
- yes, please.
- Laith, this so not the time. My peace of mind is utterly shattered.
- You're a broken woman. I can help you heal.
- Listen to me it's my peace of mind that's
- Shattered? yes, can you lend me a shard
with sugar on it
like rhubarb?
we'll be like kids dipping, licking, sucking
- Appropriate since you suck anyway
- Any suggestions on what I should suck on?
- Incorrigible
- At your service.
HOTTBRUNETTE A girl can get fucked up the ass or in the virginer. A guy could get fucked in the ass. Also i guess you could concider it getting fucked in the mouth with a penis...both genders can do it that way


A girl was getting fucked in her ass, her virginer, and in her mouth as she was giving a forth guy a handy!
purplevelvetjacket inside my mind and inside my belly its like a big bug eating up all the good stuff will there be anything left after you have fucked me? 051107
panicaitlin if all the oxygen disappears from earth we're all... 060603
. what's a virginer? someone who keeps and sells virgins? how wierd would that be? what do you do with the spoiled returns? perk of the job? is there a vacancy? 060605
. adam fucked eve. they begat cain and abel. who the fuck did they fuck? they must have fucked eve too. she must have had daughters and the guys must have all fucked them as well. no wonder we're fucked. 060605
*Amy* if you don`t know what is like to be kicked when you`re down, wellcome to my life... 060605
Blargggg! The feeling of my stiff hard cock up your soft, juicy cunt! Oh, its amazing! i want to fuck your arse now! 060606
tiffany he looked me right in the eyes and he fucked me. he only did what my i wanted him to do. 060625
xs ﻔﻑﻋﺞ ﻵﮔﺖ ﻀﺼﺤﺲ! ﷲﭗﮓﺢ ﻩ ﻬﻵﺯ!

ﱡﺈﺔﺴﺴﺀ ﻫ ﻲﻚ...
ungreat I'm so fucked cuz we fucked, and now i cant fucking get over it. 070810
f thats called guilt, what you gunna do try to step back in time or whip yourself so that you bleed? 070810
jenneke definitely fucked. Hope the train stations aren't too cold. I am not cut out to be homeless. 080120
karyn they aren't bad, if you've got a blanket. 080214
unhinged the ignorance in this country is staggering


(and all you women that voted for trump are a special breed of stupid. i'm not saying you should've voted for hillary cause i did not agree with that vagina either but women voting for trump is the worst kind of dramatic_irony)
what's it to you?
who go