jeff fluid of life. the defining factor between a living creature and a corpse. is it not a thing of beauty to be revered as much as the swell of a woman's breast or soft hair? is it that the only time we see it, something or someone is being taken from us? 980905
Caine You can revere blood all you want; I'll stick with the breasts.
Owen Ty Kahle The Hebrews believe the soul is in the blood. Thus to drink another's blood is to have two souls. 990226
neil let the blood run free, and the spirit run wild! 990812
Colleen She sits down, crosses her leg, eats a nectarine while her blood drips on the gray tile. 991111
elimeny want it?
take it.
why not, you broke the source of it-
why not take the aftermath?
i would give it to you graciously...
just ask....
i already sacrificed my sanguinary tears for you.
take the rest.
go ahead.
i have no use for it.
so there.
Id know and tears and sweat. Mix'em together and whaddaya have? Something that doesn't taste very nice. 000106
mum I used to dream of shedding it. Then I created it; now everything has changed. 000121
Andrew the blood_coloured mess on the floor.
i cover my eyes.
perhaps i should clean it up.
what have i done?
it really is quite a mess.
girl watch how smoothly it exits my body 000326
medea I ask for it. I want it. I wait for it. I observe it. I live for it: the moonblood. 000407
kitti to me blood is the drink of all drinks
have you ever drank amnothers blood??
Marjorie So relaxing. 000711
birdmad it burns
it never stops
... ... 000711
Brad This word doesn't really look like that it means. This word should be the word for a droopy eyed dog. That's what it looks like. 000711
Tank since pucnhing boxes has become a past time of mine these last few days, i have finally drawn blood. such a pretty red thing it is... 000713
vix Wine of life. 000809
narc0ma the blood is the life.
i crave the blood of lovers.
i have had several lovers.
ive had not a taste of blood between them. not fresh.
we must not rule out the possibility that it could just be another form of male dominance. we are the animals, after all. never doubt this and never think twice before the kill.
ive hesitated too much in life.
time to let it flow like wine...
datura i bleed, they say,
because we are like the moon.
i think that's beautiful.
Ariadne drink my blood.
drink to your precious health.
yours in infinitely more important than mine.
cazzi blood running down my arm,
my spirit pouring out through the blood,
razor falls to the ground, and i die for the millionenth time, and another scar turns white, just to remind me every day of what i have done.
i will have 10,000 scars by the time I am 17.
Kelly blood will have blood 010119
Rainer I'll rather bite my lips open than talking to you again. 010207
Sintina My heart beats faster than most.
Blood flows through my body two or three times faster than it does through yours.
The Red Cross said so.
I don't know if my heart muscle is used to the pressure or if it will get worn out and stop working.
I don't know if it will shorten my life.
I really, really, really hope not.
Both my father and my grandfather died of heart attacks.
Deputy_Mayor blood always gets in the damn way when I am trying to cut myself it makes me cut myself in not so perfect lines. (ex: I was cutting a spiral around my leg and it got in the way and my cut isnt very strait) GRRRR.... stupid blood. GRRRR... Im gonna make this stupid ass kid bleed if he doesnt stop talking about porn. 010208
oodles Here's a random thought: blood doesn't go away. If you get some on your shirt, or in the bathtub, or basically anywhere, you can wash all you want, and it may look like you have gotten rid of it. But you haven't. It's there forever. Your DNA has left its mark somewhere in this world and it will be there long after you are gone. Just a though 010302
katie woke up this morning with blood in my eyes...

(the first line of the byrds' song "hey mr. spaceman" is actually: woke up this morning with light in my eyes. i once misheard it as the above, and i still think it sounds like that.)
Sol pendulous and ripe, lucid incarndnine tears precous and wasted, given and taken, pure and opaque, Lifes paradoxes are well represented by the paradoxes of its base. 010418
Casey sorry, I'm to tired to make up poetry on the spot....

It's kind of wierd that our existance relies on a red liquid. It just seems so simple
johnny west I can't even wipe my ass without sending fresh waves of pain through my shoulder. This is fun. 010418
Boymansonbowie1 sometimes i cut myself to see it, to see if i am alive or if i'm just dreaming 011004
in-sanity trapped
forced to follow a set course
being a drone of life
never once alternating from the set path
death sets it free
the knife
cutting through the skin
piercing the tubes that restrained it
the blood, finally flows free
theopco amen to that 011007
Tjousk doesn't taste like chicken. 011108
birdmad copper and salt and iron and water 011108
Inanna Blood is very close to the majority of water on earth, the ocean. Have you done any research on saltwater parasites? Parasites are shared unconsciously. Most of us cannot feel or see them sucking us dry of ideas. 011108
s don't be afraid of it. Look, isn't it beautiful...flows like's for everyone to enjoy 011128
Inanna Medium rare mmmmmmmm 011214
hey now! and fire 011214
unhinged if i could hide it from you
i would take the medieval way out
of my melancholy
old methods of medicine
that were proven to kill
maybe they would work
a little better on me
people have been trying
their leeches on me
for years
to no affect
i regret what i should have said
i regret what i never have said
i regret what i should have never said
and my scar_garden continues
to grow
one petal at a time
ClairE When we were about fourteen, Lisa said told me how she'd been jumping hurdles (literally), and bumping her shins so they bled, and then she observed, "Blood is bad."

Then she amended her statement. "Well, blood is bad when it is outside of you. It is a very good thing inside."
she is shed so that i can lessen the pain of my pent up regret and longing.

is let to prove this is not a dream. i am real. i am worthless.

is thicker than water. let it sit and it will seperate to the bottom of the tub.

is beautiful. watch me bleed. i will be beautiful for you.

so pale. so untouchable. you cannot hurt me now...
shiva from you and from me

with plenty of smiles and frowns to go around
Micah Il sangue?
Dunque lei desidera parlare di sangue?
Nessuno di lei sa il vero significato di questo liquido.
Io ... l'.
E dopo che un amando me, porta un amando lei.. Lei me sono... il suo SANGUE il mio. Lo prende?
"Sono un vampire... s, un vampire. Ho paura la luce me regoler sul fuoco".
Non niente adesso per favore, la fermata di parlare del sangue che lei sa assolutamente circa.

shhiva in that lost night I bled to you.
I belive that my desire was so strong in those moments, my love for you was so pure and true that God wanted to join us forever.
I don't know why we are still apart...
maybe it's my fault...
I'm sorry.
*~K something about it...
i cut myself, sometimes. well, many times.
it's all about love & fluids, life...
somebody else said that once, too.
i just..there's this need in me, soemtimes, to see it, taste it..a thirst. i need the anarchist flow. & when that happens, & it does, i have to cut myself, or i go all clumsy, or get into a fight somewhere... it needs to be flowing, so it does.
i used to use it to mix tempra paints, too. now i use a combination of blood, jism & egg yolks...
i roll the egg, til the yolk can be held in my hand, then i poke it open just alittle bit, with a needle. the old icon painters did this too.
& of course, if you HAVE a needle, it's so easy to prick a finger, too...
blown cherry on my lips. I still taste it on my tongue. 020218
Freak I do it to see the blood 020505
Daria Do what?
And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them.
(1 Kings 18:28)

see? the bible DOES promote selfmutilation. everyone can now joyously further their scar_garden s, safe in the knowledge that they have gods permission.

thumbs up for god i say
"such a beautifully tied up piece of rope, kind that fits exactly round your throat. wonder if you'll ever care."
Sailor Jupiter The life that flows through me
The color that makes me ill
I bleed
sometimes I crave to bleed
sometimes I hate to bleed
But apparently it's originally blue
inside you
Blue is a pretty color
But like most things
when I expose something pretty
it turns ugly
as the outside hits
Crudelis bloody regret

thick, pure, red, and sweet
it is to me what is your meat
i rely on this, it controls my life
fangs aiding me, no need for a knife
when it enters my system and fills me
a tingling sensation occurs suddenly
i am being born again
with the power to kill 1,000 men
seconds later i see you fall
i gave you nothing, yet i took your all
i'm begging you, forgive me, my Queen
a regreted sin committed by lovesick blood fein
though i can guess that i am your opposite of bane
because you get great pleasure from pain
suddenly i notice my vision turning stale
the only thing before me is your flawless pale
the floor beneath consumes my tears
for the first time in my 900 years
phil YAY! WHOOT! 020704
Rae i was out to sea when i took the blade to my arm. no matter how deep i cut it wouldn't bleed. 020811
alora In the army they told my father that they weren't able to 'type' his blood. It was of an unrecognizable type. 021003
distorted tendencies Felt so good mixing our fluids, rubbing skin together..

Hurt me again in your beautiful sadomasochistic way..

I want it so bad.
altair i am so scared of blood, it terrifies me. it makes me feel helpless, like someone is stabbing me in the neck with a chalk-tipped pool cue, stabbing my bones. it feels, white. it feels, gray. blood is pain, is white, is gray. 021115
trixie blood is pain. it coarses through my body and kills me with every single pump. And no, I'm not some pseudo-intellectual type of evo kid who likes to think that my life is tortured...although i do like to indulge... I am actually in physical pain right now. My back stings with a sunburn and I am detoxing myself from a painkiller that i have been on for a year. hard stuff and it causes more pain than it is worth. 030401
Tyler What does blood look like in a black and white video?

me tell me how to manufacture blood 030627
not me bone marrow 030627
star of blood + water = a glorious crimson mess- added bonus bloody footprints leading out. 030930
me! blood...vimpores love it!! so do i! 031020
me! i meant vimpires!! 031020
Death of a Rose vampores are slightly smaller skin pores 031020
Mizuko wake up with blood in your eyes,
youre a stoner
wake up with blood in your mouth
youre a freak
wake up with blood on your bedsheets
youre a slut
wake up with blood flowing freeely from your arms and wrists,
no one cares about your flaws.
Death of a Rose oh....I see you have the 67 vimpire model....stylin 031023
bluten that's what it means. bluten. german verb for bleed. bluteschande. bloodshame. makes you wonder, doesn't it? blood seems so endless when it pours out, but just when you need it most, it's gone. regenerative, but not until it's too late. 031025
TearsofBlood Blood is the beautiful crimson liquid that pours from my body as I slit my wrist. Blood is wut I let free so i can die. Blood is the last thing i will see. Blood is the beginning to my finally end. And suicide will save me from all my pain and suffering for good. 031126
BitterSweetDream I love the colour, the satin river that runs over my skin
Its beautiful, the crimson. The red from deep within
I love that I control it. And that I can say whats mine
And last of all its hardly noticeable, well, most of the time
govinda what a relief it is...
seeing your blood running down my arm and dripping from my fingertips...
leaving me all empty.
and finally dead
Flex Fucking cutters, get over yourself, you either fucking kill yourself or shut the hell up. 040128
oooo baby! what a powerful pose of hardnosed contempt ooo the great oaken breast of your chest! I'm getting so turned on. I hope you're an equal oppurtunity poker or pokee!! 040128
oldephebe to be corrupted and deflowered and set free, staring deeply into darkness' eyes and feel the sharp edge of a knife knowingly knitting it's fear in you and at the same time as your clutch your soul in horror you simultaneously feel as if you've reached, damn that - surpassed the summit of your erotic the instantiation of the vampire as corruption of history blah blah who among us could uphold the ideal of human purity (is THAT ever a non-sequitor) in the face of a charisma that exceeds our imagination..the realm of romance, power, malevolence.."oh dark sire of all my passion" we seem to want to breathlessly say, and yet the bounderies between good and evil (oh such prosaic notions child! oh but i did not know - come clear away my darkness)ahem..the bounderies between them bleed profusely the balconly of our rectitude and rational authority breaks away far too easily - officiousness and the whole governing rubric that kept us safely strapped in to this servility.. gets SERVED - I mean but at this juncture do we definately desert or irretrievably abandon our humanity when we yield our necks to this erotically charged transmutation?...from the first momentwhen those immaculate instruments of his/her teeth graze unbearably upon our jugular the moment becomes framed in fire - So are we just inaugerating another phase our inate and inextricably diachotamous and essentially fallen nature?
So when we receive this illicit bliss bearing the imprimature of a so called Dark Divinity we are bathed in the splendor, the scorching splendor of It's Marrow and Meaning, in eternal fidelity to the shadow branded into template writhing flesh.
prosac pusher calm the fuck down! 040128
oE *dapples a few Zen etudes upon embattled ones ear 040128
oldephebe "Blood..." She said to me.."It's all in there. Let's you know whether your livin' or dying.." I tried to overlook the fact that she was in the midst of one her pre-menstrual manic phases. Clearly there was something she was trying to transmit to me..the author of her pain that was now manifesting itself in the physical plane. She was never one for metaphysical meanderings. Something deep within had been forsaken. Was I the cause in some guiless way even of some of the imbalances w/in her life. Was I author to some seed of her pain? Did I fail in not honoring or helping her to nurture the hidden aspects/glory within her because sub-consciously I felt I might lose a part of her irretrievably? I had a vague impression of this dynamic but then I was far too young or just unwilling to clear the path. Every month she combated the blood-fever and I endured it with as much understanding as I could. Sometimes we have to step aside and let our women be who they need to be, to find those unacknowledged or neglected parts, the parts that we can't fill but at least perhaps be a beacon or a participatory agent in guiding them to begin their won path to healing...
oE *own path 040129
june Fuck this then. 040129
taffy crimson beauty
the paint used in only the finest artwork
oE true. 040219
margie afriendo just showed me a photo of a girl that just killed herself, I couldnt avoid to think that I want to do it and I want to bleed and see my blood running throgh my veins an feeling how my solu stops crying 040317
oldephebe *immaculate instruments of..O god! how this thrills my heart..let me impart everything in me, let these wild moments let every wild moment become prey and promise to become like a talismanic rudder to your immaculate instruments of depravity, more sterile sex, no more to be this pathetic dessicate under the suns burning eye...i will crawl upon my haunches and then..wait no more dead bed sepulchre sex...when i come back from the black i will be more, i will be made of all things crawling upon the roof of more surrogate and supplicant and subserviant to her whims...she will collapse into my arms when confronted..her last unwholesome breaths will be wet upon my tongue, my mouth..a final, and ultimately brittle echo of the very thing she so spectacularly tried to give voice to.."haven't i given your unsavory predilictions voice my child? what? have you nothing to say about that? death got your tongue?"

Cast a prey to each wild moment! Dead echos reborn to prey upon the world of light. (if i may pilfer and paraphrase a bit of marlowe)
oE Oh and margie - i really hope things get better soon..or at least you find your ballast and become the beloved daughter/creator that you really are.. 040317
margie living a lie,
living in pain,
living blind,
living grey,
living quite slow
watching it flow
love & hate my drink of choice, something i crave, a taste i cannot resist. Funny that you told me once that that is your fantasy, very funny. I can make that reality if you let me. Your craving for blood is just like mine, say the word and all of mine is yours as i bleed for you every night here without you. Such a waste, that i taste it on my lips but you miss out, i want to share it with you if you will let me... 040511
mimsy bat Blood is so important.
it is so magical.
if you where stranded
and had nothing left in the world,
you would still have
blood in your veins.
to take someone's blood
without their permission
is a horrible crime.
To have blood
offered to you
is a great honor.
why do you think
there where blood
because it is so important.
oldephebe i totally, i mean medicine ball to the groin get the whole slow flow searing soul weeping itself slowly into flames..wanting the burning to stop, the granite plod..the gravestones for eyelids..all that..soemthing euqally as desperate for life in me always pulls me in..lights the trembling candle...wipes the frost from the soul is still weeping margie but not so loudly, not so unbearably..but i totally get everything you've shared..i hope things are more bearable for you...
kimmyness ...yummy! :) 040622
death i love blood, when i cut myself to get it to flow out of my body it feels like its taking my pain away. i hope one day to cut myself so deep that i have lots and lots and lots if it leave me... 040717
direwolf tell me, is there something you can add to blood to stop it congealing in air if you, say, wanted to keep a container of it? 040731
Seor Muerte lusty odor bright red
slippery slide down temple staircase
twisted strands clinging to my neck
i am averse to blissfulness
chaos seeks me tempting me
tempting me... time to hunt again...
skin rattled bones hanging for all to see...innards consumed at boiling point of silence after all the screams...i am sedated by the flow
floating like so many discarded debris
on the river face...
Staind_And_Souless I owuld have given you my blood, my life, my soul. You gave me pain, a blank stare, and showed me your back as you left. 041024
me hey, direwolf, it's called an anticoagulant. go find a mosquito. or a flea. or any damn parasite like yourself, and stop being a bloody (sic) attention seeker. 041101
mike fill up a cup with the blood of an enemy, have a drink to the good king vlad 041115
direwolf Haha 'me', you're funny, you are. And with a name as original as that i now see the reason why they should have lifeguards for the gene pool. 041225
Syrope the smell was enough

i'm just so tired
Julian Otero Blood is the river of life, both mortal and inmortal. Through blood we are saved from ourselves by the shedding of the blood of the Lamb of God. Through blood our darkest fantasies become reality, and our dreams take form and smell... 050319
Tenra blood is the fire that flows through the skin
burning the corruption felt from within
blood is the life and blood is the pain
a stroke of a knife and nothing remains
ceiling map What a colour! designed to impress and intimidate 050828
noname what is it with cutting yourself? self harm or whatever you want to call it. Blood is meant to stay inside you, not to leak out. To me, that is like losing part of your soul. Plus it must hurt like hell.

I know people who cut themselves. They wear bangles and things to cover it up, but it doesn't work. Physical scars are nothing to be ashamed of, but the scars inflicted in your mind must go far deeper. You'll never forget when you used to cut yourself. The marks may fade, but the scars will stay, deep inside you, forever. Now those are the scars to be ashamed of.

I'll never try it so I'll never know what its like, but it doesn't just affect you, it affects everybody around you, for ever and ever. Keep your blood inside brothers and sisters.
me its what keeps you running... it keeps you alive. its like water for chocolate. ha ha ha. only kidding 050916
siempre liquid sun,
natural to hands and feet when healthy,
good in the throb of the loins,
better in the flush of the face, especially when granted admission there by way of the expansive bosom, where it is most joyful
HidingOnTheWall erotic 060306
krupt i want to let it all flow, onto the floor for everyone to see. the warm sensention trickles down my wrist like warm water. then i look down and see its rich color and rub it on the pale white skin. my heart has worked hard to make this juice of life but all im left to do is let it out so my eyes can appreciate it... 080116
krupt tinight was the first time i stuck a needle in my arm, but not to put any foregin substance into my body, i wanted to draw out my live juice... i wanted to see it in its purist form and spray it back all over my arm... yeah i know this is wrong, and i know its fucked up but i dont care, this is how i wanted to feel... 080117
oren bath 100327
what's it to you?
who go