roxy in some lights he is venus in all her be-clam-shelled glory resting her weight on one smooth thigh, eyes looking off somewhere, extending one tiny, ivory foot, ocean breeze playing with her curly, foam-kissed hair.

other times i look at him and he is an ancient Greek statue bending in half at the rounded abdomen, wincing, his arms having been pulled off by harsh time. this is much easier to stomach.

he is victory with the wings ripped off. bloody and ruined.
urael i spent four years of my life chasing an angel. i couldnt help myself. he would pretend to give his heart to me and so i freely gave him mine and then he would break it and disappear. every time he reappeared it would start all over and he would break my heart again. i took to calling him my dark angel because he had a sort of haunted look about him. after four years of having my heart systematicaly broken i was finally able to let him go and resist his angelic charm when he returned. i saw that he was not an angel at all but something without feeling.
of all the angels that god had created lucifer was the most beautiful
dean-bean I know a dark-haired angel. She gazes upon me with dark eyes. I think she is beautiful. I hope one day we can fly to somewhere nice. I hope her wings are strong enough. I hope we make it there, maybe to Alaska 000330
apple once, but only once; and only for less than one second. . . i thought that i was an angel.
i thought that i had been sent down from the stars to keep the poor rich, and to warm cold hearts.
but then i saw that it was not so.
i had presumed only what i had wanted to presume.

if, for one single moment in my life, i have ever been an angel, it was because i had fallen, not because i had been sent.
corbin strange And if i wear dark coloured wings and am not beautiful, what then?
In fantasy and reality alike - a raven amongst doves... (or a loon among swans?).
I keep to the extremes of hot and cold.
summer comes and the candles on my table have wilted like dead flowers in the heat and it does not matter because nothing good ever stays here anyway.

Just me.
gregg we are falling shattered glass
through the water
to the bottom
glistening and sparling in the sun like the things you want to wrap your hands around as we turn, come here and touch me, squeeze me, breathe me...
Tiffa Circle me in spirals
hold me in the sky
tear apart my wings
fallen i shall die
jennifer sometimes I hear the opening strains of this song played on an out_of_tune_piano in the courtyard of the holiday inn
or I hear it lying in bed, before the first rays of dawn grace the empty pillow beside me
or I'll hear it on purpose, when I put on my headphones and force myself to hear it along with countless other songs that make me cry
I need to cry
I still haven't
jennifer sometimes I hear the opening strains of this song played on an out_of_tune_piano in the courtyard of the holiday inn
or I hear it lying in bed, before the first rays of dawn grace the empty pillow beside me
or I'll hear it on purpose, when I put on my headphones and force myself to hear it along with countless other songs that make me cry
I need to cry
I still haven't
silentbob i have an angel, ya know. Her name is Alicia Rae and she makes me feel like the only guy in the world, when i'm the only guy in the room, but that's all good, cuz i still love her no matter what.
She tried to tell me she wasn't an angel but she couldn't fool me, because i saw her with her harp once and i knew it for a fact at that point.
eruth be christina marie 000713
psycho insomniac we are the everyday angels.
we dont have perfect bodies and long, golden hair,
we dont have visable wings or little haloes above our heads
we dont judge and we always forgive.
we believe in beauty and respect all that is true.
and when we die, we go into you.
evi I know one. I remember him sitting next to me, his wet hair shining in the cold sun, his bright blue eyes sparkling in childlish excitement, making my fears vanish. I remember his concerned hands, softly helping me off the ground. His naive little white lies, meant to make me feel better.
I know he's an angel, because no matter how deep I look into his eyes, I can never see evil in them.
And that one time, when I was ready to give up, he hugged me so tightly I forgot my demons.
oodles Some guys are cute, some are good looking, some are hot, but there are a select few that are absolutely, indescribably angelic. They are so incredibly beautiful that they seem to eminate a glow when they smile and barely brush the ground when they walk. It is an insult to call them attractive. They are gorgeous. They bring Heaven to my everyday. Thank you, God, for my angel in Missouri Hall. 001114
kronoman I met someone at the dog show.
She was holding my left arm.
Everyone was acting normal, so I tried to look nonchalant.
We both said 'I really love you'
The Shriners loaned us cars
We races up and down the sidewalk twenty thousand million times.

Why, why did they send her
over anyone else
how should i react
these things happen to other people
they don't happen at all, in fact

when you're following an angel
does it mean you have to
throw your body off a building
somewhere they're meeting on a pinhead
calling you an angel
calling you the nicest things

They said they have a space program
they say you can't hear; there's no air
sometimes i think i kinda like that and
other times i think i'm already there

gonna ask for my admission
gonna speak to the man in charge
the secretary says he's on another line
can i hold for a long long time
i found out she's an angel
i don't think she knows i know
i'm worried that something might happen to me
if anyone ever finds out

when you're following an angel
does it mean you have to
throw your body off a building
somewhere they're meeting on a pinhead
calling you an angel
calling you the nicest things

They said they have a space program
they say you can't hear; there's no air
sometimes i think i kinda like that and
other times i think i'm already there

when you're following an angel
does it mean you have to
throw your body off a building
somewhere they're meeting on a pinhead
calling you an angel
calling you the nicest things
steve My angel Katrina... I daresay she is the greatest. And not just by dint of her looks either :) 001117
grendel ahh, so you know a Katrina too...

hehe...small world this

and laden with coincidence, too.
j_blue i call coincidence cosmic_regularity 001117
kronoman There is no such thing as coincidence... Everything is some design.

And why, why in the known universe was my name posted as 'steve' on that one? I'm not steve... I don't even know a steve. But I posted that. Go figure.
jennifer it's sacreligeous (sp?) for Dave to wear a crucifix 001201
peyton I honestly met an angel once. I real life angel.

He was quite plain looking, and wearing a business suit. There was nothing extraordinary about him except for his ability to tear steel apart with his bare hands.

I'd just had a car accident, and was trapped in the car at the bottom of a ravine. There were three others in the car that heard the squeal as the metal roof was ripped right off the car.

He took my hand in his, wrapped his arm around me, and said, "Come on.. everything's gonna be alright."

I'd never believed anyone like I believed him. He lifted all four of us up and took us to the top of the cliff. It was pouring rain. All four of us swore we saw the exact same thing.

This is no heresay. This happened to me. I remember it from MY memory. I was thirteen years old.

When we turned around to thank him, he was gone. The lady who stopped when she saw us go over said that she never saw anyone. Especially some balding man in a business suit, in the pouring down rain.
just a punk i am an angel in wolves clothing. one of these days i will earn my wings, and with those wings i will fly away to where i am truely happy. 010326
Morelen Fallen Angel's Flown Away. 010327
florescent light When I looked into the mirror when I was a young girl, I really believed I was one.
I think it had to do in part with my snow white complexion.
My friend and I made these beautiful wings, with gold glitter, and we'd run around my house with them on, pretending to be waves of magic.
I still think I am an angel- I just have to learn to tap into my powers.
Denna He called me Angel,
he thought it was true.

Then I did what I did,
and I do what I do.

After all is done,
he said "I forgive you."

I wish I was an Angel,
I wish it were true.

But I did what I did,
and I do what I do.

After all is done,
Angel's not me, it's you.
Sol without hope or fear, settling, snoelike dark light and pure, smothering and life stealing, giving and holding, and insulating from pain, golden black, purest olive, sunbrowned, airburnt, perfected, flawed, hopeless, failing, dying, immortal, eternal, momentary, windborne, timetorn, lovelorn, emancipated, liberated, liberating, terrifying, deliberate by design, uncertain by sight, insubstantial, smokelike, solid, ice warm, fire cold, burning light, shadowed night. 010422
shADy you swept me off my feet, made me realize and respect the true me. I want to love you. Take your beautiful soft hand into mine and never let you go. I want our tyme together to be forever. I want you to know that I will never hurt you...ever. 010605
Mana even angels need help flying 'round
let me hold you
and i wont hold you down.
transatlantic He's an angel. He thinks he's like the rest of us. Protector, defender. He would only know if he realised how much it would hurt us to lose him. 010823
aleno leave your prints upon my heart
and we will sweetly never part
angel fallen down for me
footprints from a boy whos the
Aimee I once dated a guy who kept telling me I was an angel. I'm not. And I told him so... now that I've broken up with him... I wonder if he still thinks that of me... I'm no angel... spawn of satan is closer to it no matter how good I try to be.... 010915
distorted tendencies the way you appear
dark light fallen enlightened
Bizzar is what I hold in my arms everyday of my life. Is the man I love, and I thank God everyday that I have him. I love you. 010918
silentbob Every time a homosexual comes out of the closet, an angel gets its wings 020308
Saint Silentbob, you just brought tears of laughter to this old queen's eyes.

I've got cheeseburger all over my monitor i laughed so hard when i read that.
silentbob i'm glad 020308
stacey and i said, fly on my sweet angel, fly on through the sky, fly on my sweet angel tomarrow im going to be by your side 020513
cocoonqueen yeah SB that was strangely gripping. [[[*a twilight znoe moment*]]] 020514
chiefnewo i am the angel of death
and it is time for you to pay
only death can atone for your sins in life
blue star aerosmith just made me weep out loud. 020622
purple punk Why do you call me "sweet angel"?
I'm no better than you
No higher than you
Just scared of you
Yes, you did me wrong
But not from ill-will
Just your indecisiveness
Which is worse than the drugs or the dealing
But I find myself falling in love with you anyway
Why do you think I'm scared of you?
You saying your a bad person, that you don't deserve me
Screaming inside myself, I'm no better than you!
Falling in love with you
Calling me "sweet angel"
Rower1 I have a best friend who is away at the moment so i sent her an angel to watch over her, but the angel came back, and when asked why it replied 'Angels dont watch over angels' I have an angel in my life who every day makes me smile in a way i know everything is going to be ok with her. I never knew true happiness until i met her, now im lost without her. I love her and she has a heart of an angel, the skin of an angel, the eyes of an angel, the only thing she hasnt got is the wings...but thats ok because everyday this friendship takes me higher and higher, if she holds on i will make her fly. But hold tight, its not all bacardi and coke in this life life. 020804
isabella i am a girl 021016
~gez~ you came from heaven but bought it with you. now i feel as if i am in heaven, all the time, with you

my little angel
neesh This perfect being knows anguish:
This life, this earth, isn't for her.
She can tell it's not fair, nor free
And it pains her.

And so it is I'm her angel,
Her hope and comfort in the dark.
Well I guess someone has to be,
To make it all

Just that little bit bearable.
And I'm glad that that someone's me,
Because I love her so, and she's
My angel too.
ItGirl I could be your angel... just give me my wings... I could be your devil... down on bended knees... I could be your good girl in my lacy lingerie... i could be so bad if only you would let me... 030708
Saphfire She is beautiful and she is pure. She is true and she is real. She is free and she is loyal. She is loving and faithful. Nothing can stop her and there is no comparing. Her beauty is mesmorizing and her love endless. She watches over me and shows me the way. She guides me through life and holds my hand along the way. She'll never betray or be untrue... Believe in her and she will guide you too! 030714
no reason i chained my angel to the eavestrough
it was november and i think i pissed him off
he's mad but i don't care
you're my angel, so there

i figure it's only about sixty more years
so come on angel, stop all the tears
come sing me a song or two
whatever it is you angels do
James T. McRae on the 8th of November 2003 my angel fell. She fell from the heavenly regard I had learned to regard her in and became distinctly human again. I wish... oh whats the point. 031110
pipedream ' just call me angel of the morning, angel
just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby...'

angel of the morning
olivia newton-john

and the saddest song in the world...
hostess who is the moon that i sing to?
who in this town is tall enough
for me to lean my head on in comfort?

i have spun too far in my spirals,
there are so many who have
placed me at careful distance, aware of claws.

i am blessed that there is one
who speaks my language freely,
who has thick, warm pelt
and easy smile. he shares it.
pipedream Where do
Wrinkle-haired angels go
When they lose their wings?
Do they hurtle through the sky
And burn before they hit the ground,
Becoming a drop of salt in the
Sweetness of rain?

Or do they quietly brush
Their hair out and knead
Their shoulders into what
They were before,
Re-moulding themselves
To forget the memory of
To fit back
Into the previous
dormancy they
will never be snug in
shroud be my angel, and never stay,
be my perfect shining star,
be my fading light of day,
my life, my death, my avatar

sleep easy, wherever you are, i will always love you
pipedream oh, copyright me up there. :P 031117
the red baron girl, your angel, ur my darling, baby.
closer than my peeps, u r to me, baby.
yeah i wrote that.
shaggy aint got shit on me
Chaos can somebody send me an angel, please? i think i have quite enough demons, thank you. i really would like an angel, to look at me, to look into me, to hold me, to love me, you know. take care not to send a demon disguised as an angel. i've met him quite a few times actually. he looks at me with beautiful and deceptive eyes, eyes that i'd like to scratch out of his beautiful head right now, and i'm oh, so mad at you today. why did you up and leave? why haven't you called or said hello? you know how deeply i feel.
sometimes, demon with the angel face, you are much more than I can bare.
oE pd - yeah..that oldie but goodie from waaaaaaay back in the dizay

yeah - it sucks when angels fall..but we shouldn't put them so high up on the many times did i have to re-learn that..
myriadmoods God he looked like an angel, when we first met! twenty years later almost, and I know I was basing his beauty on my idea of an angel. he was and still is my "angel", but his demons have shown me that he is no angel, but a mere man, that I will always love, now with a demon tatooed upon his arm, he calls "my demon", we wander through this earth in awe of the real angels.Fighting the good ones, by following the bad. sometimes we know when the good angels have done their work , as we are bound together as one,and no demon/bad angel/fallen angel, will ever take away the beauty we see in god and each other, although falling is not just a trick the angels have pulled on mankind, but me and him, we keep falling, but we know we can always get back up, unlike the fallen angels. Thanx God, for him and the lesson. 040112
pansy flying angel with silver wings won me over
since then I followed the path
that was written in golden letters in my heart
I felt strong enough so as to face all
fierce dragons and invisible ghosts of my soul
but I didnít want to burn bridges from the past
and I slowly diminished into darkness
Seeing it not, believing in shining future to come
But I was not to see it - alas
The shadow crept into my soul
Leaving not a single sign of life, not a single attribute of it
Taking air with him it allowed
my soul die silently,
I want to gather all that was left from it
-but thereís not much of it
only broken feather from the angelís wing
pinkroses and whatmatters? if you pay close attention, fallen angels never break. they only go far away, fallen angels are never broken, they just let you love them, and then they fly away. 040312
emmi angels make heaven feel so very close to us.
but for them, it's sad. because they're fallen down from heaven.

you can always apart the angels from the rest...they are always sad, but in a way that is heart-shattering.
you Angel or Demon? 040505
darlink our love kills me its not enough to lie to me you have to have wings and a halo to make us all believe, should have known that all of my Angel's intentions were to decieve. 040514
no one There was an angel once, who fell. If you saw her walking down the street, looking like everyone else, you would never guess that she had held the universe in her hand, all her strength and power and dreams, and let it go.
The girl who had always been sad and lost in the world joined the ranks of society wearing a newly acquired plastic smile, while the grey night sky above mourned the loss of one of it's own.
love & hate My angel is lost. She has pulled herself away from me. Maybe i dont deserve something so pure, so sweet as my Katie. But i love my angel, with all of my heart and with everything in me that i have to offer. What can i do, what am i supposed to do without her, i cannot fly, i cannot sing, i just sit here and cry these silent tears until she feels... 040722
Splinty Whoever shows you true love, true caring will always be an angel in your eyes...

Everyone's an angel sometimes

white dimity feathers outstretched
upward as the wings unfolded
beneath the dreamywisps of clouds
that hung low in the mid-morning sun

the figure cascaded, as if by some faint blow
of the wind dancing as the sky breathe
she looked down, ivory rays illuminated
as she swoop side to side with such grace
then transcending into the coolness, dissappears...
tr "Don't call me angel" I told him and he smiled. After a while he said:
"You may not remember the time you let me go first. Or the time you dropped back to tell me it wasn't that far to go. Or the time you waited at the crossroads for me to catch up. You may not remember any of those, but I do AND this is what I have to say to you: today, no matter what it takes, we ride home together."
and I smiled and it wasn't that bad being his angel, was it?
Sandra Angel, you looked like, over 20 years ago, yes we still are beautiful, but not angelic, what is a human that appears to be an angel to me, as I place you in the mind of my angel, you are trying to be erotic, no, I am wrong you are trying to take my soul, and I rather like it my angel, my all that i can never forget, and you whom still apppear to me years or days later, an angel, with dirty wings, but nvertheless my angel. You saved me, I am alive not dead, my angel I love you so much, forgive me for being biased against you, a fool in thoughts words and deeds, love me, and never leave me in spirit. 050224
reue i saw one, days ago
i was gonna type something about her, but i just remembered

she was just standing there, at the corner of 3rd and lincoln. a long green tacky skirt and a nitted hat that couldn't help but let her dirty-blonde hair flow out.
she stood there patiently, listing to her earphones. she had a pleasant smile on her face, not excited - more like content. bouncing to her unhead music she made her way across the road and soon after she was gone.
Sirius (quoted from TSO) An angel came down that night to the earth...but time it was short he had to as he flew back over the land...a gift of his lord was there in his hand... 050513
(_) remember when i called
you an angel once
as you appeared in
the doorway so pretty
floating and i stopped
crying you were here nownownow?

strange to feel
like that again the waiting for
you outside the drawing room
but real life too almost
hear us drifting a tiny bit
apart and i reach out blindly
for hair i want to touch
and come in contact with a computer screen.

having such a tedious conversation
makes me scared what else
can be taken away.
because i feel you leaving me maybe
slipping from your pedestal
evaporating into smoke.
or am i the ghost? haunting
you angel but i just really
want to see you it seems
like you are months late instead
of an hour like that other angel time.

oh please have image solidify
into touch skin sound of laugh voice
and realness again nownownow.
Litttle acid rain drop An Angel
in disguise
is good for nothing
but in my life
and as I dream
the stars will cry
above my Angel
Angel above I
TrueMe Angels are only human.
No matter how angelic they appear,
They are still fallable,
They are still flawed,
They still make big mistakes.

And every once in a while
they will help you see life
in a new perspective
with new ideas
with new tools
in a way that will astound you.

May you be so blessed to be touched by angel.
Isolina do human angles have wings ? 070306
TrueMe Yes - but they are invisible as is their halo. 070306
Carillo oh .. 070306
Ouroboros In a black file folder I found your Remaining letters and cards, cards with Covers seemingly poignant and wise.
Bleeding through the backside of
Bleached recycled paper, I could see
Your thin scrawls in unceasing Black-inked lines.

I left your letters un-reopened,
Your words un-reread, and
Dropped them all in the black crate
To be recycled in the bright morning,
fast approaching.
argh blather messing with my perfect formatting 070521
Isaou You 071003
piss off you 071003
what's it to you?
who go