smed princess. 000325
vega - I love you
- Okay
amybeary my best friend in grade school. the smartest person i have ever known. red hair, tall and graceful. 000409
moonshine "Yes, chode yes your my brother i swear even know where not blood related.How was that ice cream? Nah, i cant take a break right now. I have orders.What!? Who beat up Greg? They smashed his head in with bottles? Are you okay, I got that message you left. You said you ve been through hell and back.. whats up, You okay? Sarah.. shes done with you?I'm sorry chode.. damn its been a year. I dont think your crazy. Yeah, i know relationships..Don't talk like that, No, you dont want to kill yourself. Have you been drinking? Gimme that. Poor it out now or give it to me. What would me and jeremy do without you?Time heals I promise. yeah , sure.. we could go camping..soon." 000618
Vincent.Valentine There's this girl that I know named Sarah.
I really liked her a whole lot.
Then she ignored me and insulted me,
So now I hope she rots.
Vincent.Valentine There's this other girl that I know named Sarah.
I like her a lot too.
But she's nice, and fun, and she understands me more.
So I like her a lot more than the other Sarah.
Vincent.Valentine Jesus, what I put under Sarah last time was considered lame by some.
So, in order to defend myself against such an outrageous claim.
So, in the spirit of defense, I am obligated to say that I love Sarah.
She is the light of my life.
Without her I would not want to live.
I wait for her command and obey accordingly.
Actually that last part is true.
guitar_freak "Sarah! What's up honey?"
I cringe at the sound of my name
I mutter under my breath, then turn and say, "Hi! How are you?"
Fake-every word.
"Ohh...just wonderful, you?"
"I'm just great"
fuck you can shoot me now.
"Hey listen, I was wondering if you could hook me up"
hmm...looking better
"with what?"
"you know..."
just tell me asshole
"Yeah, I know, but how about some of this shit instead"
"Yeah okay"
sold to jackass in the preppy clothes
"Cool..umm give me your money then"
"ohh yeah! here you go"
hmm too much money = larger profit
"This is for you and I will see you around. If you need something else you know where to find me"
"all right thanxs dude"
"see ya"
indigo sarah and Kevin.... 010107
beccers they say i look like her-
Sarah McLaughlan, that is-
it was odd,
seeing her on a talk show,
because it was me up there,
my hair in a different shade,
my manerisms under a different name-
"hey becca's on tv!"
had to leave the room-
little too creepy for me
stupidpunkgirl she used to be my best friend
she was one of those girls
who slowly became you
she convinced everyone
including herself
that she was even better
and being me than i was
so she took a chance
left me behind
now she's nothing
....except herself
and there isn't much of a difference between those two
*spoons* sarah's gone... 010111
*spoons* Yippy skippy! i found her KICK ASS! 010124
guitar_freak confusing you're gonna have to explain that one to me. is that when i was gone? 010201
sabbie such a little girl
such a big hurt
such a brave girl,
fighting back
reclaiming herself
from all who claimed
they owned her

from the catapiller,
emerged such a beautiful bat.
psychobabe my friend, been through LOTS together, watches out for me, i watch out for her, we kick ass~

Ok nuff of this huiku bullshit, i cant write like that, lol
So how goes it whoever is a sarah in this world?
Enygmatic I asked her to the dance four times before she'd finally given up on finding a "real" date.

Her first "date" didn't want to go.
Her second "date" broke up with her friend.
Her third "date" went with someone else... the day before the dance.

Fortunately for her, my cop-out "date" sprained her ankle, also the day before the dance...

We had fun, but that's the last time I can remember talking to her for more than ten minutes.

Three weeks later, she found a boyfriend.

I miss Sarah.
CinnamonGirl kill me 010604
florescent light Sarah is the 23rd most popular female first name in the US. 010605
sabbie "everything that you wanted i have done.
you asked that the child be taken, i took him.
you cowered before me, i _was_ frightening.
i have reordered time.
i have turned the world upside-down,
and i have done it all for you!
i am exhaused from living up to your expectations of me.
isn't that generous? ..

stop! wait! look sarah. look what i'm offering you--
i ask for so little.
just let me rule you,
and you can have everything
that you want...
just fear me, love me,
do as i say,
and i will be your slave."

silly sarah.
i would have said yes.
it was only a baby brother, after all.

not like you can't get more of them...
scheherazade my sarahpuff and princessgirl. kisses for her. 010818
Fire&Roses It's Sara. I'm still a princess. I don't need your crown. I don't need a pedastal. Just your love, just your touch, the sound of my name on your lips... Sara. 010820
saRAH THATS ME!!!!!!

Sarah = princess


HEHE the best name the best peopel all so happy n stufff
. . . "her friends are so jealous.." 010930
amy !!!!!!!!! the_police!!!!!! you rock, whoever just wrote that. 010930
yeahgwar My girlfriend. I love her. 011016
RAH Means Princess
But im not a princess...
but i am a sarah
but i preffer
i know another sarah.. and she is deffinanlty not a princess... just a whore
lookie here im not a princess either.
lol. more of a prince i guess b/c im such a tomboy. sometimes i wish i was more girly, but then im not fond of prissy girly girls. most of the ones that i know are also bitches.
Sarah I can't stand how common my name is, it's better than Sara_ I suppose.. 020112
kelli crane my name was almost Sarah. Then two days before I was born, my father plastered a house on Tait streeet and the cross street was Kelli St. Tait is our last name so he thought it was a sign or something. Now, I'm Kelli. 020112
sphinxradio my real-real name.

call me sally.

or sphinx.
kath the one i let slip away and will have to live with the ever burning question "was she the one?"
a woman who is everything i want in love
blown cherry Saw her again today.
The complete and utter feeling of relief sent me floating through the next hour.
Gone were the wheels, and back were the crutches, I couldn't have been happier if she'd been walking all on her own.

Why is it that the most beautiful of people always suffer the most terrible of fates?

I think she had a girlfriend with her,
so I guess I missed my chance,
but who knows,
I might have been wrong,
and at least she seemed pleased to see me.
And was I ever pleased not to see those wheels.
wish463983 I see sarah's face, as I cradled it once when she had stopped breathing, the neddle still stuck in her arm, leaking like a red-ink pen. 020811
soft serve is the girl
the one you miss
the one that takes you
and doesn't give you back
even when she's done
she keeps you
out of spite
out of jealousy
out of selfish desires
and lonely motives
and love
and you hate her
and resent her
and hurt her
but you don't leave her
because you love her
is the girl
Sarah. someone fallin' off a cliff in slow motion~ blissfully ephermel~highner then da normal planes ov metal awareness....plunged into da lowest depths ov depression (jus at times )where yr mind n body are nearly inseperable visit to both Heaven n to Hell! yeah dats wot she is~!dats Sarah.dats me! 020815
and-then sarah, curled up in a ball, telling me she wouldn't do it again 020927
david is the most beautiful girl in the world, and now she is with someone else 021011
kill rhythm bad news 021011
phillip does mean princess.
i do love her.
forever will i care about her.
regardless of what takes place.
i am a sucker
with a big heart
and i will get hurt.
megan i knew a girl named sarah once.. she starved herself for a living, but what she was really starving was the rest of us from the real sarah she had been. it was all so confusing, it always is when people hurt themselves for no good reason. she is gone now... but she'll always be in our hearts. love you sarah. 021115
rah sarah means to support to help people.i used to call my friend sarah as saharah means my support my power my enthusiasm and my every thing 021219
sigma Sarahs are beautiful and tragic and wonderful and cruel, they mean nothing and everything. It's all just a paradox. It's the first half of my first name and about a thousand people call me it, even though I ask them not to. I'm not pretty enough, and I'm no princess.

Sarahs are to be pitied, or at least, you could pity me.
trixie I always thought it was the most beautiful name in the world, that it contained so much and was rich. I also always thought that no one else saw the beauty and majesty in the name, everyone thought it was ugly and plain. After reading all this I don't know what to think. Do people know the complexity in me? Or am I just full of bullshit? Ah the question... 030327
maybe thats my name. i am not sure if it is me. i hope i dont look like a sarah or act like one. its too plain. i hope i think more than that name. 030427
trixie to you Do all Sarah's act the same to you? Ya, see my name is Sarah and I'm thinking "okay, I really hope I don't act like that sarah because of this and that..." Actually, this is such a sarah thing to do... how can we actually think that just because a group of people have the same name that we are going to be the same, how can we possibly have the same downfalls and skeptisisms? Here's one thing we all might have in common... we are neurotic and daydream seeking people. 030430
saz girl who looks confused most of the time wishes people would treat her differently, shes does have a brain 030512
Paranoid_Kittie much can be said...i miss you. point-blank. not much can be done now that ur gone and im just here trying to cope. i know u miss me too. why couldnt we have worked this out? why couldnt you just not have been indecissive? why couldnt this have lasted so much longer? this feeling of happiness and bliss to last the while. a moment with you seems like forever in a sea of stars in my own galaxy which we travels to always when we were together. now that ur gone...all i have are my memories of you and which i will cherish until forever. these are our words...~*I picked out your star, turned night to day. A simple whisper from your voice, and i fade away...*~ 030625
dreamsicle beautiful yet sad
i imagine you at night
floating in the clouds
hair waving around
completely glowing
sarah my moon nymph
your palms outurned
offering to the gods
playfully nodding your head
sarah sarah oh my angel
please be in my sky
a thimble in time Dreamsicle: You write beautiful poems. 030625
dreamsicle thank you :) 030627
Sarah I am a wonderful person! And a hottie too ;) lol 030817
Sarah No good nicknames can come of this name. 030817
trixie sarie
sally (my grandmother went by sally)
and sarnie, someone calls me this...
jane trixie 030817
Sarah kill me Sarah, kill me again, with love
It's gonna be a glorious day
sarah but you know, ya gotta hate that song: "storms are brewing in your eyes..." whoever sings it, I don't even know except that people sing it to me to be clever and i hate it. oh well. it could be worse, my name could be augie or trixie or something. 031010
oldephebe Mclachlin is an angel..period 031011
oldephebe I almost come apart whenever I listen to one of her CDs

She is this amazing poet, singer, spirit

Death of a Rose oldephebe.....bulls eye...good throw by the time I'm not betting with you. 031011
realistic optimist saraH with an H was the most human and divinely so people i've ever met. i was warned by a prophet to remain friends, but i chose instead to date her and thus help her through some sexual trauma, to remember that sex can be ok and delicate and beautiful. i wasn't ready for her depth. but i cherish what she instilled in me, her many gifts. i still love you saraH, and i'm sorry that the stale relatinship makes being friends awkward at times. may you find the happiness you deserve. 031011
bob vila relatinship 031031
Epsilon It's one of the wonderful mysteries of life that my best friends have always been named Sarah. Beautiful Sarahs who were brave and more daring than I could have ever hoped to be.

First was Sarah L. A somewhat typical friend to a four year old girl, we were neighbors who played together frequently. We loved to play pretend or swing on her tire swing, and we were in Girl Scouts together. We pulled her red wagon around the neighborhood selling cookies at that time of year. At every slumber party we had, we watched Grease. But like all too many childhood friendships, one of us began to prefer association with the popular crowd. In this relationship, it was her. Every morning I sat on the bus, I would hope that, like old times, she would sit next to me instead of joining her new friends in the back of the bus. She never did.

But life moves on, and I met Sarah Y. A mother's worst nightmare! (Well, mine at least.) I was in elementary school, and I was amazed that her parents let her watch rated R movies. She would read me ghost stories out of her books (the kind that weren't allowed in my house) and make up her own ghost stories which seemed all too true in her century old house. When we played at my house, I always had to warn her that foul language couldn't be used, and that supper mustn't be eaten before the grace is said.

After Sarah Y. came the next installment, Sarah W., the Sarah to whom I remain somewhat close. She had an uncontrollable amount of energy in her tiny frame, and was, like, OBSESSED with Disney World. We had many good times together, like the time when we were ten years old and her mom took us to their cabin up in the mountains for a weekend. It was more freedom than I had ever known.

There were other Sarahs I was close with, namely Sarah M. and the other Sarah M., but these three are the ones that throughout school were the ones I had slumber parties with and shared my Best Friends necklaces with.

I wonder if they think about me as much as I think about them.
sylverquiklight A girl I have always dreamed I would meet one day with crimson hair and icy blue eyes and pink supple skin that dreams of foxes on occasion when she sleeps but to this point has eluded me where are you? 031219
realistic optimist sarah_with_an_h 040125
Cincinnatus I love Sarah 040311
person sarah. that's my name.
say it again, it sounds really lame.

somebody kill me. i'm rhyming.
*shoots self* x_x
otterpup i feel so confused
she made me laugh but she was untrue to her friends

and i'm not claiming i'm any better cos i got my hands dirty and went behind her back and told them what she said. i knew i shouldn't have.

but honestly, what did she expect?

i just want to stay as far away as possible. and i know that people think it's admitting my guilt. but i just don't want to be near the spiky poison of someone else wishing me pain.

i wish they hadn't said anything to her. i asked them not to. i asked them not to. and they said they wouldn't. i thought they said they wouldn't.

i hate people hating me. it makes me feel i'm bad and wrong. i'm just human. i maybe did a stupid thing, but for her to say she's testing me, and that i haven't changed in two years, is she right? is it fair?

i don't want to think she's crazy, i don't want to think anyone is crazy. i just want her to like me.

am i so naive? i don't want to play those games, i don't understand them. i don't like them.
spiffy it's an annoying name to have. there are way too many sarah's in the world. and i am no princess.

i also kinda like it though. i couldn't imagine myself with another name... except spiffy...
cpgurrl possibly the coolest biffer on the planet 040811
Tea me 041018
Mandida Sarah Michelle Gellar is the best actress of all time ;) 041125
Garcon I love her. 050202
fille she loves you 050202
Garcon If I ran to your house
would you smile?


would you hear my knock
and recognize me instantly?
you always could feel
my hands
over your

and would you take me
and follow me to driving rain?
we could search for hours
for a thunderstorm

and we could stand beneath the lightning bolts and chilling rain
and i'd be happy
happy in your arms.

i'm sick of waking, screaming your name..
i'm sick of these stains on my face.
i'm sick of clawing at my sheets until i sleep
i'm sick of missing you. i'm going insane.

and if i stole a car, and honked the horn outside your door
would you trust me?
we could cruise the streets of DC after dark
you know i've always kept you out of trouble

and i'm sick of waking, already dialing
i've got your picture on my wall
you know that all i've wanted
is to have you here, next to me, at all

look what you got, lying here, on the floor
you know you got me singing in my room at night?
you know i'd give you anything under the sun
just to see you smile.
twiz I love you Sarah 050215
sardd i am sarah: i think too much and love unconditionally.
my old friend is sarah: she got pregnant and killed her baby.
my friend is sarah: she was better than all of us and forgot us quickly.
sarah cant describe us all....maybe names are insignificant after all
bricks stupid wannabe feminist attention whore 060312
bricks stupid wannabe feminist attention whore 060312
superchick. Sarah=Princess, my first born child. boy oh boy what a fitting name for such a child. 060312
Ouroboros she just doesn't know anymore 060312
the awful truth i miss you. 060716
Ouroboros is going to thailand in october! 060717
little sister I have to appologoze.
I didn't think I'd miss you,and then this happened,and i know you'd tell me exactly what happened, and tell me where i fucked up and tell me where he fucked up, and tell me that i let myself be a piece of ass, and I'd drink a bottle of wine, and tell you i'm sorry over and over because i called you a whore and slut, because you slept with that guy. You slept with that guy and at that age i had barely been kissed. and now i know why you did it with him. You didnt want to be that 40 year old high school english teacher that every one knows is too prudish, and has never been laid. and i'd apologize because thats the reason i did it too, and not regrets, because well we both generally liked the guys we fucked at the time we fucked them. and i'd say i'm sorry over and over, because i cursed you over and over. And youre not here to collect my regret and apologies, youre not here to let me cry. I miss you more intensely than i thought i could, but at the same time for the first time i'm happy for you getting out of here.
Dozyn2 Once I new this wonderful woman,
her name was Sarah.
Unspeakable was the word Love,
but I still felt it for her.
We've drifted apart,
but love for her I still have.
She'll never see this,
it would be beter if she had.
starryair an empty bottle
of green
bursts in the air and stays there
I Love always. I don't know why. You do this all the time. 100612
ungreat I check your facebook almost everyday. It's like I'm expecting it to change or waiting from some post from you. I think about calling you all the time for advice or to tell you something funny. I think about what I'll tell the baby when he asks why we don't have photos of his first birthday. I still talk about you in the present. I use euphemisms to explain your disappearance. I don't understand how I can go through life never being able to hear you again. Without someone who gets our inside jokes.

But you've moved on, without me. You've simply passed away.
ungreat I had a dream about you. We were both in the hospital. I have no idea why but we were. Separate rooms and everything. Our parents come to pick us up but you had died. All they took were your clothes but I went back to your room and took a box of playhouse dolls, and stuffed animals, and baby books. Because you know hospital closets are huge and that's totally what you bring when you go to one.

I woke up shortly thereafter and all I could think of was calling you about what an absurd dream I had had. You dead. Ha.

Wait... You still are. I miss you so much.
ungreat There is still a hole in the exact shape of you where my heart and soul meet. I got caught in a carousel of grieving. Never catching the gold ring, spinning without stopping, heart and stomach aching, grieving. How is it you're still gone? How has it been 2 years? Your photos on my wall remind me that my children will never hear your laugh, or hear us cackle in unison. So many things that make me uniquely me, were so uniquely us.

Everyday my heart beats and it's always saying I miss you, I miss you, I miss you.
ungreat every day. 140913
flowerock I don't know you, ungreat, and I find myself hoping your sarah story here is just a story... I feelike it might the reality if life for you though. I would hug you if I could, I cried reading this, I can only begin to imagine how I would feel or oush forward with any kind of functionalife any tune soon fter such a loss. I think that the only thing that would fuel me to keep going is knowing that they would want me to keep going.
ungreat Three years. I see your face in the mirror sometimes. I hate it. I feel age creeping up on me. I hate it too. What's after 31? When I get there, what's next. You always trudged ahead of me, a half decade into the future. What if history repeats, and there's nothing after. My tracks stopping abruptly. What if. 141209
Ungreat I heard a song on "the aging hippie" channel as we call it, and made me think so vividly of dad, and how when we do whatever we're going to do with his ashes we should play it. Then almost as vividly all I could think about was you, and this song blaring in my ears. How we used to fight in the back of dad's shit brown malibu whenever clapton was on the radio. How my threenager has our laugh, and when we laugh together it's like being with you again. And I'm crying my eyes out now just like I was in the car.

I miss how trustworthy, nonjudgemental, and calm you were. I miss your silly half laugh, I miss your need (my need to) to be be excruciatingly correct, and split the hair, I miss your good kind heart, that you must have gotten from our father. I miss that we'll never chase eachother around the retirement home in our 80s.

We were supposed to live forever.
the jeemee mah freen 160727
what's it to you?
who go