Dafremen "These are the people who belong to the realm of Prophecy, always peering into the future.
The whole universe is open for the searching power of their minds, and their inner vision sees the truth more certainly and more quickly than does the ordinary mortal. This peculiar insight becomes so great that it enables them to see what other cannot understand, and many strange and wonderful revealments come to these people."

- Professor A.F. Seward from
"The Zodiac and Its Mysteries Sagittarius Chapter"

"Yea Dad, it was in the old house", she said, "There were people running into their houses, screaming and scared."

"Why were they afraid, mija?", I asked.

"Because something was going to explode or because something was exploding. I think it was the Sun, I'm not sure. I just know that they were hiding and covering their heads, and they were REALLY afraid."

I didn't mention the feelings that I had had all of those long months ago, the feelings that had brought us to this place. It didn't seem wise to tell her of the fear which I had felt for so long before, in our other home; how it haunted me until the day that we left. I didn't want to disturb her dreams, and besides, those feelings were gone now, suddenly replaced by a new fear.

"Let me know if you have anymore dreams, OK mijita?"

"Ok, Dad. Thanks for listening."

"I love you mija", I said, then my hands started to shake.

I was sure, somehow, that it wasn't the Sun they were running from.

"I remember that they left just before that to get help", she replied.

"So who was left then? Just you and me?", I asked.

I needed to hear every detail, I needed to know if the 'nightmares' were more...if perhaps, this child of mine had been blessed..no cursed, with impossible visions, prescient dreams.

"No, Jaybee was there too.", she said, "We decided that we had to get out, but the soldiers and police were everywhere and they wouldn't let us leave the house."

"Are you sure that it was THIS house?", I asked, "It wasn't someplace else?"

"No, it was here, but it was on an island. An island covered by a city. There was water everywhere, it was dark and dirty."

I live on a mountain. A large bowl shaped valley, the Tijuana River valley, lies below, surrounded by hills. On a hunch, I asked my next question.

"Were there any other islands, mija?"

"Huh? Oh yea, there were..across the water, but there was something different about them somehow."

"How so?"

I was starting to dread each word that was coming out of my little girl's mouth at this point.

"They were covered with houses like a city too. There was no beach on the island, though. The houses just kept going to the water. The roads too, like they just disappeared down into the water. Streets, going past the houses and into the water."

The hair on my neck stood up, and I felt that I needed some air or a stiff drink right then. I instead thanked my daughter, then walked quickly out the door, and down the street. I knew that what I was about to see was only a formality. I had seen the same view a thousand times before, but sensed that somehow, this time would be different.

As I reached the edge of the mountaintop and looked to the valley, across the way I saw the houses, which covered the hills on the opposite side like barnacles. Roads that formed parallel lines ran vertically down through the houses into the valley below.

In my mind, the waters began to rise, obliterating my view of the river and of the entire valley area, leaving only my own hilltop, now an island, and another across from it, some 5 miles distant, where the house-covered hills had once been.

My mind's eye saw, as clearly as though it had already come to pass, the houses on the lower part of the hillside, now only barely visible at the line formed by the still rising water. Past the rows of houses went the streets, disappearing into the dark, dirty water.
Dafremen These signs, these visions that had been coming her way were little more than nightly fantasies to her. For weeks now, she had been telling me of her dreams, almost casually. Like most children, she seemed grateful that someone was taking her seriously, taking the time to understand and care about what she had to say. What she didn't realize was that my interest was not just that of a supportive parent. I had my own reasons for listening so intently to everything that she said.

For over a year now, I had been having similar impressions of my own, only mine weren't visions or dreams. They were feelings. In my youth I had ignored these gut instincts, only to find myself running head first into the consequences of doing so. Only after years of experimenting with these hunches, these intuitive insights, did I realize that they were more FOR ME, than against me. I am a man of logic and reason, the notion of prescience has always been repugnant to me. It has always appeared to me as if, in order for someone to know something in advance, those events would have to be inflexibly etched in the future. This amounts to a belief in fate, predestiny, and THAT is a notion which, to this day, I refuse to entertain. I have always believed that we make our own destinies, that man is the creator of his future, and that his past actions are the cause of his present circumstances. Learning to trust my instincts had shaken that belief at first, until I placated my skepticism with a logical explanation: Perhaps, it was my mind's subconscious activity that accounted for the accuracy of these impressions of mine. The explanation seemed logical, and in fact was. If my brain could take all of the information that it received and somehow put together connections that my conscious mind had missed, I reasoned, then it could calculate PROBABLE outcomes. What would appear to be impossible prediction, would then in fact, simply be subconscious guess work.

This theory of mine satisfied me for many years, even through my personal discovery of astrology. Now my little girl, this precious, strong, but sensitive little person, had begun to knock my beliefs off of their very foundations with these dreams of hers. Each of them seemed to confirm the improbable future that I had felt, but ignored. As she went on, I could almost see my impressions of dramatic changes to come, being played out before me as she spoke.

"Mom and Noemi weren't there though. Neither was Zemo. It was just you, Jaybee and me and a bunch of people that I don't know who they were", she went on ,"everyone was like a big family and we all lived in this little town."

"Town? What kind of town? Like a big city? Like with a store and a bank and a main street? Describe the town to me, mija."

"No, it was different. It was like at the park that we used to go to for picnics. They had a big like, shelter-thingy.."

"A pavilion?", I interrupted.

"Yea, I guess, like that, but all of the people would come down and eat together there. They had houses all around the pavilion and buildings where people worked. There was always lots of talking and laughing and I felt like everyone was really happy there. I felt like I never wanted to leave. I didn't even miss Noemi or Zemo...or even Mom..", with that a tear welled up in her eye, "Dad, I don't want Mom to go away. Please tell me she won't go away Dad. Please?"

I pulled her to me and put my arms around her, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead.

"It's ok mijita, your Mom and I are going to be together for a long time to come", I whispered, trying to soothe her, "a very long time. Don't you worry."

In reality however, I wasn't so certain. I had come to see my intuitions brought to life in the dreams of my youngest daughter, and soon, those same intuitions told me, I would see their realization in the outside world. I longed for it not to be true, but all of my experiences with my gut feelings told me that it probably WAS true, and I did NOT want that. I did NOT want to lose the family that I had spent my whole life building. Did not want to lose the only woman that I had ever truly loved, the only one that had truly and faithfully loved me.

"Your mother and I still love each other VERY much, and NOTHING is going to happen to her", I reassured.

Question was, who would reassure me?
nuthinbut wet 021021
Dafremen It had been months since my daughter's last dream. She had promised to let me know when she had one, and I had promised to listen when she did. I took the time to begin this journal of my thoughts on the future, and to chronical what had been happening, both in my thoughts and in her dreams.

It is hard to describe the strange events that have occurred in our lives since the summer of 2000. Long before the flood wiped out our home, we had been planning on leaving. Still, our love of that place, the beauty of it and the comfort of enjoying what we had built together kept us from moving on as we had planned. It was the home that had kept us from leaving and it was the flood that finally forced us to leave. For me, the loss of that place was even more profound a loss than to even Mary, my wife. It was in that home that I had received the first revelation.

You would think that such a deep and spiritual experience would have occurred on a mountaintop or in the forest, in a meadow or someplace more suited to universal insights. Not this time. It happened in the bathroom, a quiet place where we often spent quiet time away from the kids. We were talking, Mary and I, when a sensation came over me, a singular experience which I can only describe as the lifting of a veil from over my mind. In that one glorious moment, I saw the entire cycle of the universe played out in my mind.

I saw the Big Bang for what it was, not what it appeared to be. I saw that it was, in fact a Big Blow, that the enormous forces compressing everything in the universe into one point at the end of the cycle, had created a new universe, a new time space bubble on this side. It was the release of this pressure and the forces behind it's compression that had created the expansion that we currently observe. Eventually, the energy would become matter, the matter would converge into large groups of matter and those groups would eventually be drawn into black holes. Those black holes would continue to be drawn into one another until everything in the universe, the entirety of all that is would be one thing at one point for one moment, unity. After that, the formation of a new universe. So it would go forever, and in fact, during that 3 second revelation, I was blessed enough to see 4 complete cycles.

Then came the words and the tears. Unknown words dropped from my mouth as Mary looked on in confused amazement. The most eloquent and glorious words on the unity that is the beginning and the end. So many other things fell from my lips in those 5 minutes. I was unaware where exactly they came from, I only know that they did NOT come from me, but from something much older and wiser than I was. At the end, I was stunned by what had happened. My heart was filled with joy for what I had been given, but also with shame for having searched my heart and found myself unworthy. I further proved my unworthiness by rolling and smoking a joint in an attempt to still my trembling hands. Mary left at that point, still unsure of what had just happened. We only talked of it one time after that. I'm afraid that she saw it as madness, the start of a nervous breakdown or something of the like. Perhaps she was right, one could hope.

If only it had been that easy. I would have gladly taken madness over the responsibility which I felt that I had been given. I knew then, that my search for truth was drawing to a close, that the teacher that is the universe had begun to confide in me with the pages from the answer key. I felt a fool, a child entirely unprepared to shoulder that sort of responsibility. I still do, but have at least begun to prepare myself. Nothing could have prepared me for the second revelation, the revelation that would start me on the path to my own self-purification. The road to making myself worthy for that which I now feel must come. Still I am a child, following the teachings of a feeling inside, and hoping that the path which it indicates will not lead to my losing my way, or losing my mind.
nuthinbut a dream within a dream 021026
Dafremen "Sure, I've been waiting for you to have another dream, mija.", I stopped writing and looked up, having waited months for this. Uncertain, I had started to worry that perhaps all of my preparations had been in vain. I had long since given up the weed and had even stopped drinking my beloved beer. Full-time sobriety hadn't come easy so, in a way, I was glad that the "visions" were still coming.

"Tell me about it", I said, "What happened?"

"I started out crossing the border to look for Mom, but it was different", she began.
"I think it was in the future, because the walls were much higher or something. It was scary, like the city in that Batman movie."


"Yea! Gotham City..it was sort of like that, sort of like Quake", she seemed relieved that I was following along, as if reliving the dream was a profoundly uncomfortable experience for her.

"So I ran down this long tunnel and ended up in this junk yard place. It was full of old video games and stuff. Nobody played those games anymore, noone wanted to. They kept saying that 'the days of indifference are over' and throwing more TVs and games and stuff on this big pile."

"Who was there? Anyone you knew?"

"No...wait..yes! There was this guy that I knew from someplace. He was throwing Nintendos on the pile and smiling."

"Who was he? Where have you seen him before?"

"Umm..I saw him in a barbershop once. He was a customer there", she replied, then snuggled closer to me, "It was in the future too, Dad."

"What was?"

"The barbershop, I saw him in a barbershop in the future. I remember the guy who was shaving him saying that he had to hurry because it was almost dark. I looked outside and I could see the sun going down. I don't know why, but that made me scared."

"Everything's ok, punkin, it was only a dream", I assured her, then added, "Thanks for telling me, though. I'm really glad you did. Your dreams are important to me."

I wasn't about to tell her how scared I was. Wetting myself scared. Getting into my car and driving as far away as I could scared. The more her dreams matched my feelings, the more scared I became, the more sure I was that we were to witness a profound change in American society, in human society.

In a way, the fear was reassuring. It was as if her dreams and my heart were telling me that some time and in some way, the days of indifference WOULD be over.
Dafremen I'm about to drink the beer now. Everything is telling me not to. I'm supposed to keep my head clear and I'm supposed to keep my intuition clear. Damn it! How am I supposed to just shrug off what I felt tonight as I was walking down the street? My surroundings looked the same, but they felt different somehow. Like nothing was really there anymore. Even the people felt different. Correction: SOME of the people felt different. Some of them felt as real as always.

What the hell is going on? I don't know why I even ask. I know the answer, I've been waiting for it all of my life. Still, the thought of all of those people! It's not their fault that they've been raised with the wool pulled down over their eyes. If only the changes to come could spare them.

As I came back home with these two 32 ounce bottles, my oldest daughter Jaybee pointed toward the banquet hall across the street and said, "Ay famosos alli, Pa" (There are famous people there Dad.)

All that I could think to say was, "Not for long."

Geezus. Bottom's up.
somebody you really believe this don't you? 030730
bandersnatch there is no reason not too.

i get "hints" of things to come, but they are all minor and insignifigant events. but still when i look back on those words that popped into my mouth without me realising it, or dwell on a random factoid i picked up years ago i realise that it was telling me what was to happen.

for me it is alwase short term and small, but that dont mean its the same for everyone
Dafremen Wow. So insightful, and yet a sudden outburst and you're all po0shy. You didn't just want yer own blather stalker, now didja? Well...here I am...now whatcha gunna do? 031018
oldephebe i have always known ever since i had that apocalyptic dream i referred to in er what the hads of man hath wrought or some other blathe...that our minds are connected to a divine prescience..and that some of us refuse to see or respond to those intimations .. and some of us attempt to found our very lives upon them..man i've totally lost my train of thought..but still yeah i do believe that there is another level of apprehension that adumbrative evanescent glittering phantasms and fugues that is hidden from most of us.. or that some do not know how to begin to invoke the gift or interpret the scrolls unwound in their spirit...i do not have this gift or even a sense of hieghtened perception ..but as i have written elsewhere in these pages several women whom i love and cherish have been stricken with this gift..

phil can you even remember your past correctly? 031019
Dafremen Every moment of it. The present is a moment that upon which shines a light. This is the only part of the causal plane that can be seen or perceived at any one time. There is more, there is the past, and there is the future and they are one. The physical brain is incapable of perceiving any part of the totality of time but now. Not even the past. The memories that remain are only snapshots of now that have been selectively perceived and stored away.

Yes phebe, there is more, because future and past and now are one and the same. I really can't explain how I've changed since yesterday, since I don't understand it myself. THis book is more than a book. It is something profound and...it changes you. I've only read 11 pages and I now feel a connectedness to the things around me, and yet...they are unreal. They are as they were and will be. (Wow does that sound crazy or what?) This is sincerely screwed up and yet pretty damned wonderful.

The name of the book is the Shayarit Ki Sugmad. Find it. Open it. Read just a bit and you will be changed forever. Houston, I believe we've found it. It's real, and it's reachable. K, gents...enough spending time here with you...see ya tomorrow.
nomatter Stu thinks he's a prophet. I thought it was all a big fuckin joke. I laughed in his face. 031020
Dafremen Correction:

The Shariyat Ki Sugmad
celestias shadow that was amazing. seriously, daf, i don't think i've ever read something like that before. it frightens me like nothing else, and yet it's exciting at the same time. i think i need to read this book. 031025
Noise The Time is soon... 031112
Dafremen Yes..it is. There are a lot of messages to be delivered still. A lot of souls that will dissipate if they aren't warned. A lot of bodies that will go back into the Earth come the cleansing waters of the Awakener. 031112
Noise A warning will come to all. I think the real questions is whethor or not they will listen to their instincts. Thats what this is all about anyway, going back to what we had before with the knowledge of what he have now. 031115
daf A return to Eden with freewill's consequences known. 031205
myriadmoods shall blow with the wind, to other fools to breathe and take in and dream foolish dreams that they too are false prophets. 040112
Alfred I would rather wallow in a rut full of pig intestines then give any considration to these delusional attempts at mysticism. How hard you pathetic dreamers work on setting the foundation of your fallacies. That is my response to this waste. When will you people move beyond your illusions and moral contusions. Roll your sleeves up, lace up your boots, build something that generates wealth, value. Stop wasting everyone's and your own time with these illusions. Dafremen sounds even more delusional than oldephebe. You people need help!! 040112
Noise "build something that generates wealth"

- because money is happiness right?
Connecting..the.dots.. I wonder if taking_it_to_the_streets and this whole thing turned out for you. 040611
Alfred Money is an abstract term Money is a facilitator. Producers build engines of commerce that create Wealth. Wealth=employment. Wealth equals the means to unburden our public and private institutions of compassion so that hard working people can take care of themselves. Producers need no pacifiers such as prozac or the poisons of narcotics and alchohol to ameliorate objective reality. The true hard nosed business mind sifts every thing through the abacus of cold reason. BusinessThink. The Producer of Wealth is able to harness resources, be it human or commodities as capital and creatively and aggressively build a self sustaining engine of commerce. The business mind learns to rescript his/her cognitive pereceptions that empower him/her to grab percieved impediments by the shoulders and invite them to get on the train or get out of the way. 040622
puredream Alfred would I enjoy like more if I didn't dream? Can you promise me this? 040622
puredream *life 040622
mood ring hm. alfred is back.
( it could be a different alf) 040623
kookaburra could be, but i doubt it... 040623
sab jonny, dont leave me this way... 040624
lacunas coil why do we always stand an watch as they kill our prophets? 040705
dafremen How he could, out of the blue and with little or no provocation, have told me who he was is beyond me. Still, he did.
He asked if I knew anything about my past lives. To this I explained that I knew of one, but that I really couldn't discuss it. His response was quite open..almost too open.

"I know 5 of mine.", he smiled, "You know who I was? I was Luke."

I wasn't smiling..on the contrary, I knew that what he was saying was true. I could see it in his eyes and a very old feeling came over me.

When he visited our house last night at midnight, he was unaware that we knew of his presence there. Apparently, he has since taken up astral projection, among other bits of so-called magic.

When the missus got scared and asked me to turn the lights on, his presence was confirmed in a sychronistic burning out of the light. The hairs on the back of our necks could have supported a serving tray loaded with bricks.

So Luke, aka Lucas, aka Lucifer aka the Chosen One of the Dark One was here and he was tempting me with the prospect of a business partnership. (How very typically ironic and semi-poetic of him.)

This was the beginning of the regathering. Who would have guessed that a little no-town in Northern Colorado would have anything to do with it?
dafremen I awoke this morning with that feeling again. This time it was directing me to get up and leave. Where to? I couldn't say.

"I have to go, love", I whispered into my wife's ear, then got up to get dressed. Where was I going? What did this mean? Was it somehow related to the 3 messages I had been all but forced to deliver? There was only a slight feeling of doubt in my mind, with no doubt in my heart, that this WAS indeed related.

"Where are you going? It's too early. It's still dark outside.", she replied groggily.

"I'm not sure. I think I'm just going to see the sunrise.", which is exactly what I was thinking, "I'll be back."

No reply. She'd returned to her dreams...while I prepared to walk into mine. What IS this?

Leaving the house, I began walking toward my favorite sunrise watching spot, a little hill about 1000 ft. above sea level, overlooking the Tijuana River Valley.

(This was the same spot in which I'd seen that horrible vision of disappering houses and dying people. I had since had a dream in which I'd seen people looting the underwater jewelry stores and banks, using garden hoses as makeshift breathing apparatus. Bodies bobbed and floated around inside the buildings in a ghastly cavalcade of death, deacay and predatory fish. I woke in a pool of my own sweat that night. Screaming, crying, shaking.)

Now here I was, about to embark on who knows what for who knows why, simply because of a feeling in the pit of my stomach which insistently poked me saying..."GO."

I didn't get to the hill. Instead, about 2 blocks from my house, when I thought I was going straight, my leg told me otherwise. My right leg picked itself up and planted itself firmly to my left, forcing me to make a left turn. I was stunned, but went with it. I found myself going down the hill, looking for signs, feeling for direction, hunting for clues. It was approximately 5:30AM. What would possibly be walking around at this time on a Sunday, save perhaps the occasional lunatic on an unknown quest to who knows where?

Then the improbable happened. Continuing to walk forward, I saw a man with a dog, and a girl jogging. (Neither a common sight in Mexico.)

What felt so significant about it, is that they were walking in opposite directions, and appeared in my line of sight (on oppostie sides of the street) at PRECISELY the same time. At 5:30 AM? Synchronicity. This must have been what I was looking for. The only question was...which way? Left or right? I reached the street and looked to my right. The man with the dog was nowhere to be found. The jogging girl was still jogging however, and so I turned left.

After walking approximately 3 blocks, I saw something that made me rub my eyes; the shadow of some ironwork on a fence, combined with other shadows was forming my intials on the ground in front of a house I had never been to...

(to be continued)
(z) (on some days i am the false prophet.) 060919
. flood 081201
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