dallas the amount of space between the beginning of something and the end of something can never really be measured because the ending of something changes its own nature 980820
amy never ever forever. Will you Please quit saying that? 980907
Pacia name the well from which you will not..." 981107
eric never chew the fat with Shamu 981117
emily The lie that comes before the realization. 990130
adam sorrow...where are you now? i'll never be the same..without you here.. 990211
[marissa] the no-life, no-wind, no-song
empty, void and null. the cardinal
apostrophe to death.

a slip between glass.
ceorl not ever, well - maybe just this once. 990418
sillyelly the exact moment when i can live up to your expectations of me. 990505
daxle how can it always be getting closer but never touch? infinity is a complicated lie, I think. 990506
emsie "I've never lied to you once." But now you have, so everything has changed and nothing will ever be as it once was. 990704
throwingpunches@myself never understood what you meant
when you told me i was lying.
That's what's best about resentment
it all starts with never trying.
Nate Higgins What i used to think was an unchangeable inflexible law of nature: an anchor to build a working model of how the world worked. I now realize that it is only a lie for the maliscious to justify their self gratification and hide behind. 991030
Quintessensual always, never
say "never"
noel Never say DIE!! Never give up!! Never listen to any of those one line propaganda sayings!! Just Do it. 991116
trakie never

my heart leaps every time
i think of you...
then feels as if it's been shattered.
every love song on the radio
seems to remind me of you...
or maybe just the depressing ones.
it feels so good
whenever you smile at me...
then awful as i remember -
my love for you
will never be returned.
Claire Never and always are two words you should always remember never to use. 991203
marjorie somehow i grew up in never never land... 991218
hahaha NEVER! never! never! And YOU can't make me! 000106
Tess I took myself a blue canoe
To the day called zero
I leaned against a new-found tree
And called myself a hero.

Nothing doing, nothing done
emotions running over
How do YOU get your work done?
It's just a four-leaf clover.
deb malleable
keen watch

a love
robbed red


MollyCule what you say when you realize you are not in love 000509
lotusflower never say "flappyjacks". 000515
WoNDERGIRL never say wet in the company of 16 year old boys

(to whom "I love you" equates to "I want you to give me oral sex in the backseat of my dad's '88 oldsmobile.")

but god, do I love you
lisa_is_bionic Never leave me Paul. 000525
Therese never give up 000711
a.f love, hurt and memories never die 000908
ikon i never said i knew all the answers.
but i did.
i never said i was perfect.
but i was.
kx21 ***
NEVER is the MOTHER of EVER!!!.
darkseiken never shall I see the light of day again

never shall I be granted the happiness I once had

never shall I be the same again
Rebecca Never again a fool I will be. 001029
marissa lie to me again. 001111
kx21 NEVER trust anybody, including youself, even they have never lied to you in the past.

NEVER tell the TRUTH to third parties even they could be trusted in the past.
Rhin and i quote...

"never gonna be
never gonna be
never gonna, never gonna
be nothing more than me"
someday*sam never is like
only it won't happen
such a long time
if one waits
for it to happen
Fly NEver enough
How many times must i take the time to get to know you again?
Where will you be in a hundred years?
In my arms again?
Or floating around my heart.
Did we ever end?
Taken to seriously?
Did i give you enough, or did i give you too much?
Im sorry for my confusion.
Will the time come where we'll be at peace?
or will this love last forever
grendel given a straight answer
had a erason to believe
birdmad or a reason either 010202
G_wiz13 i feel so down i will never hold her in my arms and smell that beautiful scent again. 010202
Fallen Hero Never means nothing
Never means everything
Never means you and me
Never means we can't be
Never may never come
Never may never be
NEver may be forever
Sol always 010304
vampers never again....never i said....stay away....its no hurts bad....never again....i want more 010325
abms never to dream or never to have those dreamed fulfilled. or never to have the choice? 010405
Chrity go to:
c red hot chilli peppers 010520
n redhotchillipeppers 010520
ml i'll never again see the face of Josh 010520
unhinged i know we'll never be more than friends but a girl can dream. (and sometimes friends are the best things to be) 010520
betty you bad 010624
constella never again shall i love
never again shall i want
never again shall i trust
never again shall i touch

all because of him

poor little child thinks she is in love
wretched man whore knows she isnt
late nights
locked doors
muffled moans
this poor little child is lost in a world of no hope or laughter
she has grown up too soon
she can no longer play child games
you see her in the back of the class
she is silent and hidden underneath a coat of pain
she never says a word to anyone
she will always want what she was denied
she will always know she cannot have what others do
she is never the same

poor little child one days comes
she never returns
lisaj87 Never is a long time. Does anyone really ever think of that when they say they will never... 010712
black-dyed gel product i do, and I never want to eat vegan food ever again. stupid vegans, tey should eat meat! 010713
yummyC but then they wouldn't be vegan.

I don't eat meat, but I'll eat eggs and dairy products and crap.

I'll never judge you, is what erica promised me.

That is my favorite promise of all time...
Aimee my mom always told me, "never say never" but if you think about it, the statement contradicts itself. 010713
Broken Dreamer God?
The Alpha...
The Omega...
The Beginning...
The End...
All inbetween...
CaveMan Somethings should last forever
somethings should never happen
all the time that is inbetween youth and infidelity we carry in our hearts
Not all can see what lies beneath the surface
All of the little dents, scars and bruises left on a wondering heart
Left by the footprints of others as they are walking out the door
. . 010802
bloodjetpoetry something we all wish. we are lovely liars and deceivers. wolves with pretty teeth. won't you smile at me? oh, that is a mirror ... 011119
sapphire_ before and after
past and present
what we all say sometimes

infinity is no lie,
it's just inconceivable
it is not that never means nothing,
it's just conceptual.
ClairE is a promise (and you can't afford to lie) 011212
ellen cherry charles add an "e" and mix it up, you get "veneer"
a slick outer coating
sometimes a disguise
shiny, at times garish
kerry never say never

sheesh, i am such a fuckin hypocrite
Lyra Points of time that avoid and envelope us, never is always and always in never. How can we say, "Never say never," when we say it all the time? 020113
girl_jane but never is a promise-and i never need a lie

fiona apple
glenn y not? 020311
reitoei never is not tomorrow, or the next day, or next year. it is final. it is never. the ultimate negative. never is hopeless and limiting, a resgination to fate and stuborness. 020317
me poop
faggit smelly
spelled like marmalade
who ste the ugly in stone
bad as words can be
can't erase the hate
Syrope almost as painful as forever, when compromised.
i dont like to think of things in terms of never, but it's true...
"you can never go home again"
*~wasn't home here when I left?
"i'll never be innocent again"
*~the moment she recognized her innocence, it was too late to grasp had been set free by its being defined.
listless never being vulnerable again. never let someone know more than the superficial. everything you say will be used against you. everything you do wrong will be used against you, just when you thought that it was long forgiven and forgotten.

never let myself be hurt again by someone who breaks me just because she can. and that's my only promise.
r poetry

Coke &
Boymansonbowie I know this time I will never talk to you again. This time it's for real. 020811
Perspective_Of_Soul When shall the thoughts be gone ?
These painful, twisted and sickly constant downfalls of mine.
When shall the sun that shines outside so mockingly let its rays fill my mind and soul with its warmth ?
When shall i find peace within this tedious world of mine...
jenna never before were things so blatently unclear. the shrill cry of your whisper woke me again. and somewhere between our connection and severance we have laid our feelings... side by side and end to end, impossibly vast. decipher t h i s t h o u g h t. 020926
residue you said you'd never leave me

but there you go.

i guess never failed to stay that way
poiuytrewq im confused 021003
phillip denial coping-mechanism which seems to come in at the most handiest of times.... 021026
p2 never and always
are words you should
always remember
never to say

- paraphrased from someone i can't recall
Depressed The deep dark hole of depression always swallowing, swirling pulling you in. Seems like a bliss a good time you couldn't miss. 021205
sterling625 never have i ever.... have you ever played that one? well let me share... never have i ever loved this way. 030104
shadowfalls never touch anyone, they say. 030309
god never touch that lever...

niska ...seems to be your mantra. 030401
Clare There are many things you think you'll never do, & there are so many things you never contemplate happening. You do the things you never wanted to do, and the consequences are often the things you never contemplated xx 030625
carlita never again will i put myself in that position... never again. i went for a cruise with my exboyfriend last night. he's my first love, and maybe my only true love, but... he's married with kids now. not too long ago, we were sleeping together once in a while, and i fell right back into love with him... almost stronger than the first time, but more real, more mature love. for several reasons (his marriage, my recent break-up with his best friend) we couldn't be "together", so i always kept my options open. then i found my current boyfriend, and stopped sleeping with my ex. i'm absolutely content with my relationship, and i love my current very much. well, last night was the first time i spent time with the ex alone since we stopped sleeping together, so it was weird. very nice at the same time, because we are, and always have been very good friends. before he dropped me off at home, he asked if i wanted to... park, i guess. i had no intentions of doing that, and i told him just to take me home. when we got to my house, he grabbed me and kissed me, and i kissed back. nothing mroe than that, but the guilt about it is eating me alive today. i know that i didn't do anything TOO wrong, but i feel bad because my current boyfriend once kissed a girl and it almost ended our relationship. i always swore i'd never cheat on a boyfriend... is kissing cheating?? yes, to me it is. if my boyfriend kissed his ex, i'd be more than upset. there's no way he's going to find out unless i tell him, which i won't. i'm just afraid that he'll just know somehow. paranoia i guess. 030626
not important never
for anything less
than what you know is right
Imajika When my sister left, she never said goodbye. 030905
imposter never looked
never found
never moved
never left
never dared
never tried
never sang

always dreamed -- and occasionally danced
heknowswho. shush me not. you know how i've missed you
and your gentle words
how they caressed me
how you confessed anaphoric treasures
of astrology and jung
that thing you did with your tongue.

how easily never occured
when i thought that never was blurred out by those words i took as a promise..
something that could never be changed.

"i wont leave u,___"

reassuringly you protested
those words infested my thoughts
i managed to muster up some security
and gave u my heart..

what a fool.. what a damfool.
you left
you left
you promised me you'd stay
why did u leave..

i needed u to stay.
sylphide Never to have the pleasure of saying your name as often as i want to 031106
skye i never said you had to leave. i gave you a choice, and you chose to. so, don't come back after so long away and start accusing me of things that never happened. i've moved on; i don't care about or need you anymore. i'm no longer that weak thirteen year old that can't decide anything for herself. i'm so much stronger now; i'm someone better.

so, please, just leave
and promise you'll never return
tori never? oops.... 031115
anon. i will never meet any of you in real life.

that is so incredibly depressing.
Death of a Rose can't say it, won't do it. 031120
endless desire i am determined to live in blather one day.
i will just be another word floating in the blue space.
endless desire we will all meet one day
if we take the effort.
TheInventionsOfAKnight neverland..... 031123
me it'll never happen 031205
im introverted. do you really think ill type my na they say the man who's worth your tears, will never make you cry. i say, be that as it may, i have yet to experience that. many have come many have gone. many tears. many men. never one without the other. why? because i'm too bloody shy. there we have it folks. my story, straight from the canon. 040121
delial it's interesting when someone says "never" about something, then, years go by... and suddenly, that which they said would never happen actually happens in abundance. copious amounts of times. all of the person's own volition.
and i stand back and I watch the events unfolding and i think to myself:
"i wonder, what else
- out of all the things you've written off in the past -
will you white-out and write again, in fresh ink?"

only time will tell, right? i'm dying to find out.
taintedluv NEVER is a long time, why don't we say eternity?
Reality is...all we have is the here and now, make it count!
manny i guess you are your own odd ball way but ill never be even in real life 040419
mannY what IS real life anyway 040419
Stephanie Wow. This is a really, really interesting page. I don't really understand...maybe I will some day. 040425
what movie was this from again?
i forget.
pobodys nerfect *only knows "never surrender" as being a line from a corey hart song, and
"never" as being a song from the movie
"footloose" =/
seven well, so it seems there are many more interests for you. So many available that want you in return. I wonder what will come in the next years. Will you grow bored. I never want to ponder the possiblity but now more than ever it is on my mind. 040511
orchid75 never think that the love of your life
will be all that you'll ever need
for in your greatest pain,
your love may prove weak
or just decide
that he doesn't understand what's expected of him,
why he must do what you expect of him
and maybe he'll simply do nothing
and you'll feel so cold
and empty
and all alone
clementine you will never be what i want you to be. 040614
Borealis I will never be what I used to be..
for now we will count this as a good thing
montreatgrrl i know
i will never be
for you
silentbob i will never pet your face again
never feel your body against mine, all flesh and no blankets
i will never call you again with the same empassioned longing
i will never rub my fingers down your body like i did, three times
i will never kiss you again the way i used to, never feel my tongue in your mouth, wrap it around and get tied
you will never push yourself onto me in the way that suited me best
i will never see you again
not the way i want to
specialk i need your arms around me, i need to feel your touch
i need your understanding, i need your love so much
you tell me that you love me so, you tell me that you care
but when i need you baby, you're never there

on the phone long, long distance
always through such strong resistance
first you say you're too busy
i wonder if you even miss me

never there
you're never there
you're never, ever, ever, ever there

a golden bird that flies away, a candle's fickle flame
to think i held you yesterday, your love was just a game
a golden bird that flies away, a candle's fickle flame
to think i held you yesterday, your love was just a game

you tell me that you love me so, you tell me that you care
but when i need you baby
take the time to get to know me
if you want me why can't you just show me
we're always on this roller coaster
if you want me why can't you get closer?

never there
you're never there
you're never ever ever ever there

lying bastard
broken:shattered never lie like that again
never fool me and pretend
never leave me crying
in the rain, never complying

i never thought that we would end
but never happened last weekend
so never say never could be true
but you never said that, did you?

never happened again today
i forgot what i could never say
i never said that i hate you
i never cared enough to slate you

and all those years never occurred
either i didn't say it,or you never heard
i never said i love you because i didn't feel
feel that without you i'd never be real

so now is never and i've moved on
you still exist, but you were never so strong
but you will never change, you won't
you'll never see you'e such a cunt

never was a lie, i'm in love with someone else
but it seems you will never understand what you really felt
and after all the shit you did and all the words you never said
it's over and i'm happy, what we never had is dead

(composed, by me based on true life wowee)
Altar ...knows best. 041020
Melisandre When you say never you instantly doom yourself to saying or doing whatever followed it. 041116
tinkerbel i met a woman at a train station almost 7 years ago. i hadnt seen her since, until last week. NEVER seen anyone with so much radiance. she is the most real thing that has ever happened to me. why did fate cross our paths again?... she is my one true thing. im 20, shes 81. JOYCE CARMICHAEL i savour every second i spend with you. you are true and honest and pure, you make me feel. you have made a difference in this world, a very small but very difficult thing. you will NEVER be forgetten. i will NEVER forget you as long as i live and continue to live to be inspired by your whispers of truth 041129
tinkerbel i met a woman at a train station almost 7 years ago. i hadnt seen her since, until last week. NEVER seen anyone with so much radiance. she is the most real thing that has ever happened to me. why did fate cross our paths again?... she is my one true thing. im 20, shes 81. JOYCE CARMICHAEL i savour every second i spend with you. you are true and honest and pure, you make me feel. you have made a difference in this world, a very small but very difficult thing. you will NEVER be forgetten. i will NEVER forget you as long as i live and continue to live to be inspired by your whispers of truth. you are my oldest friend.... my one true thing 041129
LessonsFromAngels Never say Never! 050112
tr Now or never!
Never, I'd say..
? never, never, never again.
but then...maybe, for what would it help to try
never, never, never again?
nothing. not much anyway.
so what would it hurt to try
never, never, never again?
me, of course. only me, but still.
because my life is gone anyway, no reason left now. just a body that will think and feel and live
never, never, never again.
it didn't work the first time.
i didn't push myself hard enough. close, but not hard enough...
will it work next time?
guess i'll never know if i try
never, never, never again.
my heart was broken into a million pieses from a love that never existed.
never, never, never again.
my soul was shattered by an aimless hate that didn't have a better place to go.
never, never, never again.
my voice was stolen by the roar of the others.
never, never, never again.
the empty shell i call my body could let the years go by till it's old and worn and weary, but
never, never, never again.
? never look back 050226
io why not always? 050526
L. A. dangelise i could hear all their murmured thoughts riinging silently through the air

I wish she was never born

never thought my life could harbor such cruelties
z never never 051207
Fey I thought you said you stoped lying to me? That you would NEVER do it again? I should have NEVER believed a liar. 051217
gc never thought i would have such fond memories of such a painful time. I think I am somehow defective. 060126
emmi over the past few months i have accumulated a lot of nevers. i'm wondering what there is left for me to do. 060417
QuietChaos Never is now,
Never is then.
Never is infinity,
And back again.
p0etictragedy xx you said;
things will not change.
not now, not tomorrow
not next week, not in a year
we will always be..
in love
but you never said..never
and you never said forever either
jazna ''It is never too late''
I once read that on the back of a bus seat.
It was a magical moment.
f if you've got a small dick, you've got a small dick, there's not much we can do about it sweetheart.

i'm just lucky that my GP has a massive one that only grows when i go near him.
AnnE you were never

..i think..

the person she imagined
someone this time last year my thoughts were: I would never talk with you again. never hear your voice again. never see your face again.

never. never. never. this word bludgeoned me.

it was in winter that you came back. reached out for me. pulled me in tight. for nearly a year now, I've had you in my life again. I felt the familiar warmth. that safety. that happiness of your friendship.

I've lovingly rubbed the cord that binds us together since you've been back. overjoyed to see you at the other end. overjoyed not to be seeing that stretch of gaping darkness I grew to know so well, the darkness that, in your absence, that cord stretched into.

unfortunately this story is in the past tense. your face is no longer visible. your cord is stretching back out into the unknown. this time, I watched you disappear. you walked away.

what this has taught me is that I can't ever really say "never" about anything. not about you. because for years I thought I would never have you in my life again, but here you've been.

you've disappeared once more, yes. but this time, I can't say that I'll never see you again. I was wrong the last time. I could be wrong now. but I can't seem to find comfort in that.

I'm tugging on the cord, resting my ear against it. holding it between my teeth. there's a lot of slack. you've gone far. I just wish for once, you wouldn't leave. I wish you thought you had reason to stay.

but no, I won't say I'll never see you again. because not even never can apply here. I don't know what does.
Syrope this is me you're talking to
me, the one who really knows you
me, the one whose heart you've broken

less and less curious as the days go by. 21 days to make a habit. i hate that i've had to shed you in layers, and you stepped out of me like stepping out of a doorway. both ways are final, mine just takes longer. the curse of having really cared, i suppose.
no reason i just hardly ever feel like this
and it's such a waste
it's just always a fucking waste
no reason this should've been under "hardly ever"
or "fucking waste"
squishyfish squishyfish 120302
squishyfish squishyfish 120302
squishyfish squishyfish 120302
what's it to you?
who go