emma another really good word. 981204
jake Smiles make life worth living. 990203
kate bush this curve 990227
Rainer that fake thing my mother always does when she sees me, as if she was laughing about me behind my back. 990315
jules people should smile more often. A smile can change your day for the better. 990318
kat i spoke to thee
with a smile and thou didst not
thy mouth is as
a chord of crimson music
Come hither
O thou, is life not a smile?

i spoke to thee with
a song and thou
didst not listen
thine eyes are as a vase
of divine silence
Come hither
O thou, is life not a song?

i spoke
to thee with a soul and
thou didst not wonder
thy face is as a dream locked
in white fragrance
Come hither
O thou, is life not love?

i speak to
thee with a sword
and thou are silent
they breast is as a tomb
softer than flowers
Come hither
O thou, is love not death?
ceorl irresistable, disarming, a visual caress

the lowest form of treachery when practiced by salesmen and evil clowns
SunnyGrace a gesture that can say more than words can express 990507
emsie When I smile, I know it lights up my face.
I think smiling makes people feel more comfortable.
I love how smiling lights up peoples faces...
valis if you do nothing on this planet but make people smile more than 10 times a day, you get free passes to the best rollercoasters in the afterlife.

at least that's what i heard.
nameless i try not to smile too much because i think it makes me look fat 991218
deb there's something about the way
you try to make me smile
that just...


just makes me want to hurt you
trakie nameless - looking unhappy is a much worse thing than looking fat. 991226
nameless to you 991231
king kai her smile is what my day is about 000102
old hick Steve had a gummy smile, man breasts and a stomach that I would describe as a "tummy". He had a midgets frame on a six foot scale. His whole desire in life was to be completely normal.

"Steve, are you circumsized?"
"Well...I dunno...what's normal?"
marjorie I have a pin on my army jacket that says "smiling on the inside". People laugh at it. I used to smile a whole lot more. But that was a different time. And now, if I feel like being silent, I will. And if my smile looks fake to you, well, then it probably is. And maybe you even deserve it. 000226
Midnight Bliss confuses people... makes people wonder what you've done...
amy this 000404
emily i love his smile
it's not just his mouth,
i can see it in his eyes and
feel it in his touch
KITTI smiles are soo fake
they only exsist so people can hide the TRUTH!!!
Equin0x Someone teach me how. I can raise the edges of my mouth, but I feel nothing. 000524
moonshine I smile a lot =] 000525
MollyGoLightly me too, doll :) 000601
Mimi I used to smile a whole lot but not so much anymore. I guess its a part of growing up.....why is that!! 000620
Rhianna i know people who do that.
i see them and i think...'lithium'?
my friend charlie always tells me to
smile. i think if it was that easy, i could have picked up on this bit of facial activity long ago! smile...schmile!
it's easy! but i must ask?
'what are you smiling ABOUT'?
birdmad they'll never tell you

they'll just keep badgering you until you paste one on

and then you'll know that they are doing the same
gwyllynne my smiles start from my toes and dance in my eyes with a mischevious sparkle 000717
CNoll Someone said the nicest thing to me the other day...I was feeling kind of depressed and I was just spilling my guts to her about all my problems and she was a great listener and gave greta advice. She said to me, totally unexpected, "Would you do me a favor?" I thought she was trying to make me seem important. But she said, "Would you smile for me?"
And my face lit up at the moment I heard that. No one had ever made me so happy for that one instant before. Thank you.
TomRobbins I send this smile over to you. 000814
Joana. Something I could never understand
How reality was never there to attain
Dancing across the mountains
Mocking my dreams
Theatening my being
And all of that while
This remained broken
Bright geometrical figures
Losing meaning and sound
All that while
Birds became muted by my deaf cries
Thunders were silent among those tears
Tell me if all of this time
There was any sign of blinding stars
As all all that while
I've been too distracted to care
fortwoitis It was only when August days
had nearly faded, that he at last
dared to dream of September
power through passion when it came from her face
it was like a tangible wave
of rushing euphoria
but also like a stab through the heart

a simple action
its meaning unclear
extension of friendship
or lust in the air

slowly it obsesses me
the tanned olive skin
the calm steady voice
the graceful countenance

I seem to live for painful longing
those smiles mere tokens
of a higher purpose
and a collection of knives
for the assassin of the heart
deb i'm not asking for much-
just to see a smile
creep upon those lips of yours...
to watch the way
your eyes crease and the
corners of your mouth create little lines
instead of dimples...
you'd close your eyes for a long second,
sigh just a little,
that smile deepening,
and you'd open your eyes, fixing them on mine,
just watching the way i look at you-
i can almost hear you asking yourself
if you're really awake-
you'd blink slowly and put your
forehead to mine,
sigh the smallest, sweetest,
"I love you," that trails off at the end
like there's so much more to say
but you cannot find the words-
i know, because i'm at a loss, myself~
emsie lately, it's been more fun.
I'm happy now.
kate she makes me smile,
like crazy for real smile,
and for no reason smile.
and although I've already said much more,
and I'll say even more in the future,
that's really all there is to it.
squirrel sunshine from you
thank you
Tired wipe that smile right off my fuckin' face 001112
camille in the middle of a meadow with just a t-shirt and jeans on in a winterstorm, late evening looking up kissing snowflakes that glint of purple 001112
kx21 Various types, expressions, meanings, means, ...
negative to positive,
evil to merciful,
sad to happy,
soft to hard,
simple to complicated,
nature to artificial...
tourist Smile. Don't smile.
Frown. Don't frown.
Rage. or Bliss.
Realise this.
As you wear your face.
All the lines you make.
Will be the Wrinkles,
That become your mask.
All those sour old men.
Or sweet old ladies.
all started out,
as smooth skinned babies.
Just keep breathing
and you'll see it's true
What has happened to me,
Will happen to you.
kx21 Genuine Smile is worth more than a Thousand Words...

What is the easiest way to gauge whether your smile a true reflection of your BODY, HEART, MIND, ...; AND your LOVE?
pen cap chew if ignorance is bliss, wipe the smile off my face. 010109
stupidpunkgirl i had stopped smiling. i think it was for a little less than a year. i had nothing to smile about. i used to all the time when i was younger. then a couple of months ago, i smiled. a real smile. and i stopped and i realized what had happened and how foriegn it felt. and it was just a fucking smile too. how strange. but i missed how it felt, so now i try to smile whenever i can. 010110
justme and to think back, over the years..
i hear them all so clearly....

"what a beautiful smile", "you're always sooo happy","your smile lights up the room", "oh. i wish i was that happy"
"carolyn, what a great smile she has".

i never smiled for them and they never asked me why I was smiling. why?
because it made my lonely being feel better, because i was not happy.
silentbob overwhelmed with a deep repulsion for sights seen so commonly, now i have come to the walking enmity. assimilate into a culture of post morality, from what i've seen, i HATE humanity...
rot with repulsion. i'll write the world a brand new song. look upon your bleak creation, but is it truly me that's to be the human blasphemy? i'll set the world on fire and in burning light i'll write my first love song... and i will feel warmth. hide your eyes in heaven, in the lies. Believe. Relieve. I'll send the world tonight. Overwhelmed with a deep repulsion for sights seen so commonly, now i have come to be a walking enmity, for humanity, the human blasphemy, i'll end the world tonight.

AFI - Smile - from The Art Of Drowning
kx21 Smile is the Most POWERFUL Tool for WOMEN to keep MEN's Heart in the palm of their hand... 010114
er best thing EVER i could imagine what life is living for I wouldnt talk to someone who didnt smile I love eddies smile and james's and all boys's gee 010118
erin automatically triggers another smile 010118
pipergirl he says he lives for mine 010208
stark When you've got a clean smile
You walk with stile
unique butterfly i think i smile too much.
can you smile too much?
somebody commented about me.
they said, "oh the girl that is always smiling?"
i don't know if it was good or bad.
i can't help laughing.
i laugh even after everyone has gotten over a joke.
i keep laughing.
i feel so stupid.
or how about when i can't laugh?
when nothing seems funny?
i feel all this hatred.
yet i smile all day long.
aimee a friend of mine once sang a song to me and told me i'd "be a whole lot prettier if [I] smiled once in a while, cause even [my] smile is like a frown" 010310
johnny west Smiling feels good - when it's genuine. 010310
lost a kick ass song by TAPROOT. 010314
florescent light I love how he knows that it's me when the lights go off in the hall.
He leans around the corner with the knowing smile already on his face.
As if it couldn't have been anyone else in the whole world.
keeper smile please

you look so sexy when you do
carden keep never know who's falling in love with it 010423
lost my girlsfreind says i should smile more. My teeth are prefectly straight and everything but I still dont smile much. The only time I smile is when I am laughing. I have no reason to smile. I only smile when someone does something stupid or maybe when someon compliments me in a funny way like saying nice ass or something. I smile then cuz im a guy and it sounds funny when a chick says it to a guy. 010424
Miner Keep smiling... It makes people wonder what you've been up to. 010425
nocturnal favourite song on the new weezer far. I just got it. 010430
like rain. your eyes looking the same in ten years as i turn to you in the calm of chaos

imagine holding you in the middle of a kitchen laden with the fruits of hope
ladybird Nessa's smile is shy and gentle
Carolyn's smile makes me giggle
Niamh's smile is always a little guilty
Damo's smile is too serious
Kevin's smile is hard to earn but worth it

I think I smile too much but smiling is infectious
Shugarhi ...for the camera 010515
forever when i see you i smile but you don't notice that, when i am talking with you i am happy but you don't know that, when i walk by and hit you i smile, but you dont know that 010603
forever If you tell me to smile. the only thing i could do or say. is that i would say. "I forgot how" 010614
tiny snapdragon infinitely more complicated than tears 010710
Lindsey i would like to sneak up on you once, and capture you the way you reall are. scowling at me. at the camera. at the life you're so close to touching, but can never fully grasp. 010723
Smeagol wipe that face off your head bitch 010723
Casey Her smile can kill any bad day. I never thought mine was very good looking. But her's was beautiful enough or the both of us. But I could never ask her out. I could never tell her how I felt. I could never capture that smile. 010723
Fire&Roses It's the second best thing you can do with your lips.

Before I met you. never, but now, always. One could say you taught me to smile, but that isn't it at all. You are my smile.
niki the only attractive curve on my body 011019
tit got that happy feeling in the pit of my stomach
so scared to let myself smile
think im crazy
yeah me too
too bad i took german
too bad i took french
too bad i took spanish
too bad i never took woman
cause i cant understand a word you say
are you even speaking?
sometimes im not sure
i get lost in your eyes, ways, letters, jasmine
cept they arent you, they are hers and hers and yours and hers
all swirled up in to one neon light.
so bright i cant see past it,
even if i look away
its shadow is burned into my eyes
and my memory
if i cant see you, or understand you
how will i ever know if its safe to smile?
ClairE Damn you. I do feel better now. 020114
hmmm.. i've been thinking all day
sitting by this window
remembering how the smile on your face could make me blush
and i cant comprhend
how someone with your eyes could ever disapear
and break your heart
wiley-e In the mirror my smile looks almost friendly. Maybe i'll go outside and try it on someone else, maybe you... 020228
distorted tendencies It hurts to smile, because I have nothing to smile about. Give me something to smile about and I can show you that I'm not dreary or depressed. I can show you radiance. 020228
and... his_smile 020322
Ariadani when you smile at me,
i can see the joy in your eyes.
the way you dimple
the way you touch me.
your kisses delight me.
i smile, because you have brought me joy
and i love every minute of it.
i feel like euphoria
has swooped me up,
and refuses to let me down again.
how can i say no to you when i want you so much?
there's always tomorrow.
and the day after that.
and i can make myself wait.
there's too much at risk,
and i can't mess up,
lest i ruin it all.
someday, i'll wake up to you.
but for now, i'll be content with your smile.
florescent light walk softly
smile loudly
Avalanched iv been sitting here, remembering how you used to smile, how i could pick you out in a croud just by that glow eminating from your face. How i would walk down the hall and see you croutched down by your locker, smiling at nothing and to no one but yourself, or id walk into a room and you would be there, smiling, for no reason, atleast no reason that i knew, but even when i saw you cry you were smiling, i dont know how you did it, but you were always smiling and it ment to much to me, it enabled you to just say a million words in one instant and still say nothing at all 020323
blown cherry Lukey said I should do it more often.
"You're prettier when you smile"

Thanks Lukey, and for once it's from someone who I know has a totally unbiased opinion.
iheartyou your welcome.

you shouldn't forget next time
because you never know when the nicest thing someone has ever done for you,
is about to get beat
and you never know what i'm thinking
and you never know if it'd be warm just like fleece
and you never know i might make you smile
because i try
even if i don't have to
i want to
i want to say

you're welcome

and i want to say

and i wish i could say
see you in the morning
as i closed my eyes
knowing that you'd hear
because i like to whisper
and use my two inch voice
knowing i would say
when i opened my eyes
and your smile was there.

night Chester.
AlmostAutumn she said
"its been a while since i have seen a smile like yours:
i said
"its been a while since i smiled"
Almost Autumn "its been a while since i have seen a smile like your" she said
i waited a few seconds then said
"its been a while since i have smiled"
optic discretion Smile, you'll make the world a brighter place. 020516
I am pink... I am at my immortality in this hue... 020517
Mahayana one of those full on pinkish-red gummed all teefies smiles that when your grinning at me you seem to make our world...


[!let me see those teefies baby!]
god my teeth are kind of yellow. 020617
poeticmisfit "'s just not the same when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face when you know you lied yourself to sleep to make it better..." 020723
ahlahlahlah and those words in all their shadowed condescension slid from my mouth like so much saliva from a bulldogs...and i said,
its so much worse than you know
so maybe you should smile
once in a while
Liz when my boss told me to smile more often, he told me I should practice in front of the mirror... like I'd be some cripple concerning this... I guess I never fully got it... what's more important - a real smile, or a practiced one...? I guess we know the answer... do we...? 020914
jenna "the source of a true smile is an awakened mind." thich nhat hanh 020924
Tayrona Mendez Chassagnez Angelina Jolie tiene una hermosa boca muy sensual very very sexy,she is beatiful, she is the best 021126
RadariG A smile is a fickle thing
like a red rose
but having a smile means nothing
unless your brain is smiling too.

I try to smile
to smite the frown
but I can't.
It would be a lie to fake it, I suppose.
Smiley Mike Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu;
When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.
misstree sinister 021126
me smile though your heart is breaking. smile even though its aching. if there is a cloud in the sky you'll get by if you smile through your tears and sorrow. smile and maybe tomorrow, you'll see the sun come shining through if you just SMILE. 021221
megan the sun, the moon, that little daisy out in your front yard even. a friend's hello, a kiss, a letter, salty tears of joy, a hot mustard pretzle, a grandma's hug, an absolute. 021222
lie down those who smile when things become bad are just hiding . Those who smile after a rough state are truly happy.
Which one are you?
sugar its universal. everyone understands matter what ethnicity. its usually used to represent happiness...uncontrollable happiness, but sometimes it could be filled with mischief... 030220
GibbyPhD You make me S.M.I.L.E. (Savor Many Infectious Love Expressions) 030411
giovanna anthony's weapon against me. 030512
a girl with nothing to say lots of stuff makes me smile 031017
reckless poet i smile
a smile that shields these tears
not like it could be understood
it's a happy and sad smile

but don't let it fool you
you must look real close

this smile of happinesss has seen the hard times. if it fades for a little while you know it will shine again
emmi he was lying on top of me lying on our bellies with his hands holding mine under the pillow and his head on the pillow facing mine, looking at me with his eyes half-closed and sighing happy sighs. he looked so happy.
i was staring at him through the dim light in wonder.
'what are you thinking?' he asked.
i want us to be like this till the sun comes up and through the window. i want to be everything he wants me to be. i want to be able to kiss him whenever i want to. i want him near me, all the time.
my mind is a jumble and i feel so happy i can hardly believe it. but i do, because it's so real.
'you look nice when you smile' he says.
Syrope i find myself smiling so little around you ...which is odd, because these days i wander around campus beaming at nothing. i convince myself you don't like how silly i can be, so i try to be more serious...but when you get up in front of the whole class to rearrange and invite me to move to a different table so we can sit together...i have to smile. forgive me. 040218
ethereal and here i find myself.
touched by you.
where have you been for so long?
hermia why do older men get to tell younger girls to smile? do they ever say that to boys? never.
i smile when i wish to, not when commanded to. on days when i feel like a disenchanted, bitter, 40 year old woman, i'm going to look like one, goddammit.
white_wave i want a whiter movie star smile. i think my teeth are kind of ugly. 040222
minnesota_chris teenage women are the most beautiful thing on the planet. That's why they say that. 040223
sarah never cease to smile, you never know when someone could be falling in love with it. 040315
lou_la_belle i smile so i wont cry
i laugh so i wont sob
i just wish i could be happy
i should be
there's so much good
so much beauty
maybe tommorow will be better
mona loves you god that smile
its a smile that kills

you keep it to yourself for so long and then

out of no where

your cheecks rise, your lips part, and it takes a power more than my own to keep from falling

falling for you... again
mona loves you cheeks... lol, damn that just ruined it 040419
Borealis no 040419
lou_la_belle i think the greatest thing i did that day was make him smile. yes thats right. not my music, or my 'dancing' or even giving sage advice to a close friend... but making him smile. its the greatest feeling in the world to take someone out of that 'blue funk' and get them to smile. i love doing it. to anyone really, but it was nice that this time, i got to do it for him. 040514
lou_la_belle i think the greatest thing i did that day was make him smile. not my music, or my 'dancing' or even my so called singing, but making him smile. its the most wonderful thing in the world to make a person smile when they're so far from being happy. this applies to any person really, but i was glad that i got to do it for him...:) 040514
lou_la_belle oops...ithought it didnt work the first time... oh well... 040514
lacunas coil i was sitting on the 85 on my way to the Mackenzie-King stop so I could get to work. the bus stopped to let a girl out at the ottawa u campus stop, and i scanned the people waiting for other buses. she was doing the same. slowly our eyes met and we both smiled, finding someone else with the same habit. as the bus pulled away our eyes were torn apart. 040704
love & hate Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by...
If you smile With your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile if you'll just...

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you'll just...

Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by...
If you smile
Through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you'll just Smile...
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you'll just Smile

For my Katie...
xXx Though Your Heart Is Breaking... 040704
czmember i like blathering_poetically 040717
out of context He grabs my face and tells me to smile because I don't do it enough. And when I do, I become his "little ball of sunshine." 040717
estarocks ouch. 040720
hsg always a slight smile on your face and an eternal energy in your heart 040924
f i did all my best to smile
Mahayana [we all smile in the same language] 041214
apocalynx hey, i'm smiling. i'm laughing, too, look, this boy is happy so, that's normal so, as long as you're smiling
the whole world
smiles with you
kosh i knew a girl at school whose mouth was naturally in the shape of a smile. you could never tell what she was thinking and when she spoke it sounded strange 050827
camille 060319
danielle I knew I was in trouble when I tried to remember the last time i smiled because I found something so deliciously cheerful that I wanted my mouth to reflect the way I felt, and I couldn't I could only remember times where I smiled because I was supposed to 060610
australian highrise I'm surprised. it's so corny. please elaborate.

I'm crazy, but I still use good spelling and grammar. I still SMILE when the relatives come round. I still tap my feet to music I hate[inside][just because you like it]

I want to wimper and go home, please.
hsg full_circle 080701
oren Charlie_Chaplin. 080803
. . 110103
hel words i read here make me smile in that particular way that i get nowhere else, like a secret joke that everyone can laugh at, but only we truly understand
words like: you've equisitely encapsulated whatever it was that i was trying to say

nondescript and perfectly apt

wants to meet you
what's it to you?
who go