groovinkim to me, "rave" is about experimentation * innovation * open mindedness * diversity * celebration with a focus * community * and, of course, the music 990618
emma baaaaaaad music. 990618
emsie I love raves so much. They're just so fun. There is a real sense of community and happiness there unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's alot of fun. The music isn't "baaaaaaad", it's good. 990620
MollyGoLightly around here its just kids in costumes with pacifiers in their mouths and enough money to destroy themselves in style. 000322
Sunny pretty way to die. ive got better ideas, but, if it makes you happy 000526
NIC NOO fun fun fun fun fun
you have to be careful cause you like it too much and then you get into trouble...like that dude in the paper. 1 pill each day for four years then on one weekend, 30 pills. WOAH. tHATS not good for the seratonin in your tiny human brain...now is it!
NIC NOO fake community 000706
Seth Let's all go out, dance a little, and check out the chicks. Peace, love, unity, respect is the ravers motto, but most ravers hide behind that phrase like a shield. Instead of trying to be peaceful, and respectful, they bitch about how the man brings them down. Government versus the kids. Society is evil. What they need to do is grow up, get a real job, and start paying taxes. Costumes indeed. They all wear masks, to hide their real selves. The girls are desperate for attention, for reasons unknown. The guys have hard-ons and are more than willing to pay attention to the girls. Yet they lie, and talk about how it's all about the music. If that was the case, they wouldn't talk to anyone, they'd just dance. They wouldn't form "crews",as they call their little groups, they'd just buy a few cd's. They wouldn't use drugs to be cool. "Dude, I'm rolling face." What a crock of shit. Ecstasy is evil. They should all drop 50 hits of acid, and sit in a closet for three days straight. Or, better yet, find a sensory depravation chamber. That'd be fun. I've been going to raves for a long time, and I've only met two people who actually knew what it was all about. One of them had never been to a rave before. His thoughts... "It's like a bad prom, except the music is louder, and the clothes aren't as classy." The other person is an actual raver, and he's taught me quite a bit about true love. He's taught me how to respect people, how to be at peace with myself, and how to unite with others. I try to teach others. Unfortunately, people don't want to listen. Does this mean that I'm the one who's wrong? Perhaps. All I know is that I'm truly happy, at peace with myself. No drama, no fights, no arguments. If I am wrong, then I'm going to keep it that way.

The journey continues.
psycho insomniac right on seth 000829
stephen peace and harmony with others, immersed in the wonderful sounds of electronic music. live free. peace, love, unity, respect. :o) 001029
meme whatever...all you negative people have to fuck off....thats all bullshit. where do you go to Party's at?
If ya wanna go to a real party come to HAlifax Canada. we will show you what it is all about
grendel until dawn

dammit, i miss my vinyl collection
(always wished i could afford the mixer and the extra deck too)
Salvatore There are still some of us left who DO go for the music. You can't find parties that play music that is anywhere near the quality you find at a decent rave. I go for the music, I bring my friends I show them what its all about, what its all _really_ about, listening to good music, actually _feeling_ whats going on around yourself, and immersing yourself in your own little piece of heaven, whether you think the other people there are posers and fakes. That doesnt matter either. Only that you are there for you, and yoru one true love. 001202
Seth. I love them. 001227
eisengrim raves are what you make them. set an example for others. 010215
Markavelli A rave is a place where you can go to have fun and listen to excellent (usually) music. If you have fun through dancing about and respecting the music, that's great. If, on the other hand, you have fun by being a candykid, rolling, dancing around frantically, giving back rubs, and just generally hanging out, then that's great too. Who are we to judge anyone else just because they use a substance that the government says is bad, or because they dress or dance or talk in a way other than ourselves. This NON-judgemental attitude is what raves are really all about, hanging out, having fun, and not worrying about having to be judged. 010311
senfx to rave or not to rave.. a lonely friday night is worse than a hungover saturday morning. 010508
nemo i am so confused with the rave buisness. the new kids go for the drugs, its obvious. and the people who oppose that in everyway possible say those new kids bring them down. well everyones bringing everyone down... its the same party, cant we all just party? 010605
artie it was and will always be about the love. Love far transcends the rest of PLUR. When you love someone, you will also show peace, unity and respect. once i saw a slightly altered acronym that went peace love nudity respect. that was pretty funny, though the stereotypes always seem to get on my nerves. i love raves. i really do. 020603
josie Raves, in my experiences, are the most open of books i've ever been granted the pleasure of reading.
The momentum and the emotion behind raves internationally cannot specifially be defined.. we say it's all P.L.U.R and so on.. but when so many politics begin to get in the way, we cloud our visions of what was once a happy place and tarnish it with negativity.
We all remember what it was like at out first rave, our first pill, the high, the complete lack of judgement, the sheer and utter enthralling emotion behind movement. I'll never forget that.. but i do also remember in the fury of psyching myself up for parties and people and pills i lost that feeling. I began to let go of what raves really meant to me along with everyone else i knew. We all started dying out because of petty moments in time that never really meant anything to anybody at all to think of it now. But it wasn't until we took a step back did we see what we were doing to ourselves, denying the right of happiness without the tarnish for so many people. I hadn't been to a rave and just gone and met a million people like i always used to. It's a community, a rave community, whether you're in it for the music or alternate reasons.. you've become a part of a raving culture that shares a unique vibe unlike any other. (For those of you who havn't got firsthand experience, hey and even those of you who do, be sure to watch Better Living Through Circuitry.)

PLUR to you all out there, i'm merely a mellow raver in Sydney Austalia, hope you all find a little piece of me in this we can share.

WE are the makers of magic, WE are the dreamers of dreams =)
illumina S.S.U.N. hey all you crazy cats, allthough most of you would not know me since when I left the province I was just beginning to listen to electronic music about seven+ years ago (time seems irelevent to me) anyway's I'm comming down for the holiday's and wanted some things to do while I was in the halifax area, allthough I'm not focussing on dj'ing right now I have a little colection of hard trance, progressive and techno records allong with allot of trip hop, ambient and psytrance cd's (allthough I don't know if any of you respect cdj's not that I want to get into any sort of disscusions about that) but to get to the point I know nothing about your scene and if you want to hear me that would be cool I am basically doing this for fun, so I won't charge anything but if you want to feed me beers that would be much appreciated, so if anybody is running club nights, parties(ie:raves I hate the word it's not very well understood) or even your house parties I'll be there as long as you have decks and or cdj's i'll be there allthough it's not required if you feel the need to feed me beer I'm up for that. like I said i'm really not focussing on dj'ing I'm a local Ottawa promoter and know my scene very well so even if you want hook ups from the Capital get a hold of me. to contact me you can log on to www.xvi.com and my member name is (illumina S.S.U.N.) grab me there or e-mail me at illumina@goatrance.com or you can even icq me my number there is 126837759 but you best bet is e-mail or www.xvi.com......peace hope to hear from all you cats......... 021022
Arthur Allen Gleckler RAVE (WPI) v. 1. To persist in discussing a specific subject. 2. To
speak authoritatively on a subject about which one knows very
little. 3. To complain to a person who is not in a position to
correct the difficulty. 4. To purposely annoy another person
verbally. 5. To evangelize. See FLAME. Also used to describe
a less negative form of blather, such as friendly bullshitting.
emo This weekend on Saturday I went to a party. A rave At the same place I go every time. In all honesty its not for the people and its not for the scene its not for the music. It is for the drugs.
I took 1 pill of ecstasy when I first got there. I bought two one for me one for a friend. Then I saw a boy I had med at a previous party in a lobby at marriot hotel. His eyes were rolled up rolling in the back of his head, his eyes were half open. His mouth was shaking. His jaw was shaking. I was shocked by the way he looked. So sick. Making out with a friend or a girl he had just met. Last time he made out with someone too. He just sat there. Basking in his roll in his high in his body defense against the drugs chemicals gohe didnít know what he put into him self. He ate it. That little pill . With 30 different chemicals speed. Heroine cocaine bleech meth so many things. His body was fighting off the chemicals. He was basking in his bodyís fight to keep his mind alive. To keep himself alive. There he was there he sat . eyes bulging out of his head for a second to realize who I was. Kept rolling even after. The young girl he was with. She wasnít high. She looked nervous scared a little. Worried for him. She was the one who had told me how many pills he had. Eaten. When I say it like that pills he had eaten it makes me think that this is even more sick. Having fed this to yourself. To let your body try and fight to keep itself alive. Whne you take in the chemicals your body is going into shock. That is what made him feel like that.

So I had bought one pill orange clover. Two . For my friend and I.
They were not uppers . Not uppity like I wanted not enough. So I looked for me I needed more feind for more. I needed it to have a time there. To feel that way I could remember feeling there before. To release. That feeling for those few hours made everything else drift away. Meaningless. It made the war. My parents no money no job boyfriend who donít care meaning less. It made my self respect meaningless . It made me forget. Forget who I was and where I am. Who I was talking to . What I looked like fucked up.
It made me the coolest kid in that place, it made me want to dance. I couldnít dance all that I could think about was getting more drugs and feeling high

So I found more. 10 dollars for me and my friend. He payed I got us a pill we split. And he got the smaller half. More for me. They were the kind porto had. Eyes lolled back in his brain. Total body high. Feeling everything on my body intensified and hyper. Zooming is all that matters now. That is all that matters. To keep my roll. To keep my head higher. Not even dancing . Dancing is too hard to do when your high like that. Its not about dancing, its about the high. And I just kept thinking, porto took four of thoseÖ
emo So then I go to talk to tj and we end up having a long talk. All about why I wont date him. Though I can never really tell him that. I jus twant to be his friend I tell him. But he doesnít care he doesnít see that. Pushing . Pushing. Always pushing. I feel interrogated. Torn and distraught. I lie to him . I keep him in my life to use him. Like I am a leech on to him. But he knows it. He calls me on it. I tell him no no I wouldnít do that to him. Lier. I am doing that to him. I am using him. I donít care about him. And his problems or his atraction to me. I donít care. He can get me into the club for free. Gives me money that I bought the pill with. Gives me a place to sit and someone not fucked up enough and just to talk to. But I donít care. I donít care about him. At all. I hate him . For the way that he makes me feel. For the shit that I put him through that he puts me through. He buys me a rose and puts it on my car. Third. I confide to him. Stuff that I pull out of my ass. I donít even know if it is true. Was I raped. I donít know. I wanted it . I think I did. I think I wanted to be raped. He tells me that its not my fault and I can never blame my self . Fuck you tj. I donít care about you. You donít even know meÖ you only see my face you only want me to be pretty and happy.

So then rose is there. I can t tell think she isnít joking. Still donít know if she was. Weird that I say yes. Did she expect me to? Want me to? Or just said it for kicks? To show me she had the one up on me? So I said yes . Ill go ill come along. In the car. thatís when I think she didnít mean it. They so donít know me. None of them do. I cant remember their names . They tell m e twice. The drugs steel my memory away. I cant even remember what I did last week. Jon or josh I still donít know. Awake I am but falling asleep I feel like I could just sleep on this person I donít even knows shoulder. What does that mean. im fucked. Up . Ii donít even really know them and here I am. Josh or jon is nice. He buys me a coffee and I walk with him through the store. Nature food. Pure simple. No preservatives. No hormone beef no pesticides. No chemicals . Nothng unnatural . Food designed to keep your body pureÖ this is the purest I have ever felt. Fucked up beyond comprehension I donít even know what awaits me at 8:00 am in the morning. So I help him carry the coffee through the store and pick out the butter crossant roll for his friends. We are on the way to his house just down the road. In Amherst. Josh has a nose rign and dreadlocks hes got triple 5 hoodie and (sporty shoes sneakers with commercialized character.) And a couple days worth of facial hair. I notice his teeth yellowed and mallow. From drinking and smoking too much. He is a little over weight too. I wonder where that came fromÖ

So then there is kyle and his birth mark on the side of his face. Kyle is missing a tooth in the front side of his mouth. He is wearing torn up dirty dirty wrecked pants. He said they got that way from break dancing. That night. He had a head band or a visor on . And a vest with lots of zippers and straps and snaps on it. His pants said caffeine.But he had brown eyes with something inside them . Something intelligent. Something puppy dog ish and something in them . Something attractive.
emo de∑bauch∑er∑y ( P ) Pronunciation Key (d-bŰch-r)
n. pl. de∑bauch∑er∑ies

Extreme indulgence in sensual pleasures; dissipation.
debaucheries Orgies.

I think that is the perfect definition.
emo The Rave Party

I feel no pain there.

Booming electronic music pounds my ears

The outside world doesn't exist or matter for
six hours

the poisonous drugs flood my system
i trip out to lasers
kids with twirling glowsticks
ghostly pale men and women ;
reverting back to childhood
spaced out.

And I am in it for the drugs. Hell yes.
Can't find this feeling anywhere else

6 hours on exstasy; as
my body fights
off the
i ingested

struggles against heat exhaustion and dehydration

to keep itself alive; that is the

euphoric feeling....
your body dying keeping itself alive.

Sense of community is lost in a ravers jaded world.
Sense of love and peace

infested by
cliques; in the midst of 'unity'.

candy kids and jungle kids

'pierced queer teens' stomping to jungle beats

kick the habit

then see if you can find yourself between these walls
with these

aliens on steroids;

bewildered and lost, with
rotten memories.

I have. I can't find my place anywhere else.
emo raves are just disco with an ersatz '60s overlay 030630
User24 happy hardcore is cool.

mind you, I say that about almost all moosics
AntiRaver PLUR - Peace, Love, Unity, Rape


Raver bitches are easy. Once you get them on E, they'll do anything. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go put on my raver disguise and go hunt down some 12 year old asian girls.
Jon Pullen Raves are the closest I've come to being home. To having hope for the human race, believing that it's going to be all right.

What is it to me if you want to poisen your body slowly? Everybody does it at the bars too. Life's what it is. Respect others for being what they are.

But then do I tell my friend when he's had too much? Why is it my business, who should I be, what should I know, should do, should love?

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. You have nothing to fear - there's no one to destroy you here or anywhere.

They tell a lie, that you should always be afraid. The drugs are what they are. We use lots of chemicals that affect who we are. I don't go for the drugs.

I go for the music - and yes, I play - fingers dancing on imaginary keys, so I look strange, but the whole point is respect and accept.

Seems like all my life I've been looking for acceptance. So I found it, what's it to you? You hate my world and all it stands for? Drugs are nothing but evil coming in the back door you say? I say that's a lie. No evil was ever had in getting high. It's what you do with it, you be date raping drunk girls while you're telling me I'm wrong for wanting to smoke a little and listen to some songs that be rocking the house

so I'm dreaming - so I'm in trance and lost without meaning? I never know where to feel at home - it's strange to not understand humanity and where I belong.

Am I human? I must be.

Raves for me.
ouicestmoi you got a pill? 031225
essence times have changed, it's not what it used to be back in the dayz. underground parties, somewhere in the warehouse in the outskirts... the mappoint, the search, the anxiety, the line, meeting new friends, lightshows, glowsticks, the pounding drums and driving bass as the dj mixes one powerful hard trance track into another... best tunes in the world... feeling that if the world ends today, you wouldn't care because you're here, with your friends, having a time of your life... fear of getting caught... when cops show up to shut down the party, but they leave and the party goes on... hell yeah. party till dawn and further, until you can't dance anymore and your ears are ringing... some raves with two or more rooms with different music... going from room to room for a change... trance to house to hhc, drum'n'bass to breakbeat to chillout... damn! then you get in your friend's/girlfriend's car and just drive around, go home, cuddle up... next morning wake up, have some orange juice and remember last night... and plan for the next party.. hehe... damn, now it's all gone commercial, most of it. i miss old raves... 040517
come back there's a "rave" tonight in "the hood", but knowing this town it's going to be all top 40. a pure excuse for drug use. I should take the whole town to my city and show them how it's done. 050121
h raves are my favorite of all things 061123
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