The Truth The time has come to blow the whistle on "punks".

Ok, listen up punks, I am going to let you in on a little secret!

You are so proud of the fact that a punk rock image will make you an individual, and different. Someone who doesn't conform to the norms of society.

But guess what, if you gather all of the skater punks from across the land and put them in one place, you'd have a norm of society. All of you with your blue hair, and your little dicks and titties pierced are so blind to this following fact:

If you all look the same, talk the same, act the same, believe in the same concepts, and preach non-conformity. Guess what. you are trendy!

trendy conformists, all you want is to be accepted by the mainstream, while pretending to rebel against it!

I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but that's just the way it is.
The Truth Just a note: I am not saying anything about the music...I like (most of) the music. And I am secure enough with just being myself, that I can like the music without piercing myself or whatever else to conform to the mainstream punk image...I dress how ever I wanna dress. 010420
mmm fuck you loser. u don't know wht ur talking abouti dress punk because it best suits my personality, it is who i am. unlike you and all the rest of the sheep, who dress like you do because its cool. and as for the music, i guess you really are a dumbass, half of the music makes fun of sheep like you. 010420
The Truth The Truth sometimes hurts, I know.

It'll be ok... Don't worry, you'll grow up and realize certain things, are beyond your scope of awareness.
The Truth "If you wear the uniform, you're a member of the club."

--- The Truth.4.20.01
mmm yeah sure try and be all high and mighty... i may change in the distant future but trust me i'll never join you and becom a sheep waiting for the slaughter 010420
me I think this guy got raped by a punk or something..... 020426
ghost of blather past he went away (thankfully) when it was proven to him that like everyone else, he was only an opinion 020426
phil then, why am I the only person doing what I do? 020426
misstree gets sick of repeating herself for a good "non-conformists are just conformists" bitch-smacking, go to goth and fing the piece "in comparison". 020426
silentbob hmm

thats kind of stupid. because...
not every punk does things because he/she wants to be an individual.
for the most part its a rebellion against themselves. they want to be different from what they used to be. and not all of them have a complex about the mainstream.

you've taken a majority in a minority and attributed characteristics to all of them. and i really like how you just let everyone know afterward that you're secure with yourself and your individuality.
apparently you're insecure about SOMETHING if it caused you to outright attack a fashion.

anyway. this was directed at "the Truth" even though its a year late.

oh well.
phil comformity does not deal with just your outward appearence. It's a life spent ignorant. RIP RIP RIP
attempt to escape social class, free minds of hate, stare at sociality, and screw...everybody.
.-. .-.
._. ._.
silentbob and i don't think punk conformity is as bad as the other one. because... its like you kind of fall into the interest. some people don't actually like the music and say they do, but for the most part i think they actually do like it, for a while, and then they stop and just kind of stop caring about what they are wearing.

and its mostly 15 year old kids. its not like their personalities are the most defined things yet, they are still learning and forming themselves.

i don't care who you are, NO ONE was cool at fifteen
phil I would have to agree with that
maybe I shouldn't even be talking here, I am 21 and even when I was 15 the concept of a "fad" was vague
stacey punks are awsome! they are easy to get along with, and they dont go behind your back. this one guy i know hes a punk and he is the swetest guy ever! and hes hott! punks make the best boyfriends, they're fun, hott, and down to earth...they're not going to sit there and make fun of someone..well maybe occasionally they will, but not bc they r different. so always remember this....LONG LIVE PUNK! 030216
silentbob sigh
lets go over this one more time...

not all punks are the same...
not all are loyal friends who will stick up for you and wont go behind your back
some will
just as some jocks can be good friends and some preppie kids aren't assholes...

its about individuality, not what you're wearing while doing it.
i love bubble wrap ugh...stereotyping is a bitch huh.....here we go,if your not ignorant and repugnent you can see that "punk" is basically in the eye of the beholder. it can be what you wear or listen to but its just basically being against a majority of something, not *just* different but intenionally protesting...in which case in the 80's when the *first* "punk" attitude came to be noticed: mohawks, leather jackets, spikes and obnoxious music is what left a on mark on societies view of different, just the look was protesting. but now days there are so many different styles and the world is so much more open to fashions that the "punk" style is no longer so different, its up to your additudes guys.and you people that stereotype the "punk" look annoy me. thats just my opinion dont take it offensively. later 030515
/anon I hate all stereotypes
but they do exist
at least in my area and group there are groups. They intermingle and are usually friendly to eachother (with the exeption of punks and preps who are polar opposites.)
these are the groups I have observed. Preps split off into sub groups of jocks at least they do here. I am a freak I think. Outcasts are the smallest group. They are the kids no one like. I feel sorry for them.

My area however is very rich so most of the kids here are considered preps but only by the other groups. I have seen that most preps dont try to be that or are proud of it, it is just normal life to them. Same with freaks and outcasts. This may offend some of you but this is only and observation and some inference. I think punks try to be different and not conform. That is not a flaw, just a trait. They defy society and the reason differs from person to person.

All of the kids in these groups have different personalities and none are exactly what the stereo type says. I know many friendly preps and punks and outcasts. I also know many freaks who are jackasses, and the same is true of all the groups. Some of the splitting may have been caused by the income of the persons family or just by how they looked and if they were attractive, I do not know. Again it differs.

Now this is all based on abservation and some inference so its probably different in different areas that arent so rich.
/anon Now remember I hate all stereotypes I wish they did not exist but they do so I dont complain I just try as hard as I can to stay out of them but its hard when everybody labels you as a freak! 030515
blow ass u bitch!! get to know ppl b~4 u run ur mouth!!understand that me beeing an individuall get labelled as punk i dont go strut it around n if thas the style of syuff iw ear n simillar 2 my attitiude hen thas fine!! n the god damn preps n this world wanna think they r so much better n so much dumber well get a fucking life n clue!! 030716
ferret i am whoever i want to be, maybe today maybe tommorow
you'll see me running into the sea
the dregs of glad, the dregs of sorrow
User24 ok, steroetypes don't just get made up out of thin air, they exist because of the majority trends of a group, but they reflect changes less; if 20 years ago goths/punks/townies/whoever were stereotyped as being something, even if the majority view has now changed, the stereotype will remain.

Stereotypes are a bad thing, generally, because, as has been said, they rule out the individual, typecasting people on no sound facts, and believe me, trendies are just as capable of individuality as punks or any other group, if you think they're not, you're the one who's stereotyping.

The reason that these groups exist is soemthing of a mystery; how is it that people who think in a similar way dress in a similar fashion, and like the same types of music and activities; surely if we are individuals, there would be no common ground; we'd all be out 'doing our own thing', however this is not the case; yes there are a multitude of new social movements (NSMs), but these NSMs are enjoyed by the vast majority of people - almost everyone belongs to a group. Is it our tribal ancestry? The need to belong? Even if so, the question of why still remains, we are tribal now because we used to be tribal is no answer, why do have those tendancies?

perhaps we are not as individual as we think.
mila I think your correct! I've always had friends who were "punk" but if i took them and made a group...we have one big conformity! i had a lot of fun reading your page. :-) 030930
misstree "similar sensitivities, similar tastes, ostensible conformity among unique individuals."

/anon and user24's posts earlier made me notice something about stereotypes and such... there's a difference between saying "punks are this and that" and "lots of punks have this or that in common." the metaphor that won't leave my head, especially with the example of high school groups, is the difference between holding a three ring circus and making sure everyone is in their proper ring, and letting people play in a park and what different trees they choose to shade them. and even then, you get to see how different people repose in such shade; stalking about like lions, laughing at the leaves playing, climbing vigorously, or just simply milling about.

the moral of the story is, don't shove people in cages. they're much more fun to watch frolic in their natural environment.
"poser" so ive been reading alot of the comments made about punks, most of wich are harsh!.....can we say STEREOTYPES.....i agree you should get to know someone before you pass judgement on them, its pretty fucked, i listen to punk music, punk music has become a very big part of my life over the last 2 years, so when i was walking through the mall the other day and a "PUNK" girl whom i have never seen before in my life called me a poser, i laughed.......it was because of my piercing, my AFI shirt, and the simple fact that i dont look like a "typical" punk, which in some ridiculous state of mind ppl think that if you dont look a certain way, you cant enjoy a certain type of music.....its complete bullshit!i love AFI because its the "cool" thing to do...give me a fucking break.....i listen and dress the way that makes me comfortable with myself, i dont do it for other ppl. and i do notice just going shopping ppl dont understand and they like to talk shit! and as far as tattoos go, i love all of my tats, and i wouldnt get rid of them to save my life, its me expressing myself, on myself.....i dont do hard core drugs(only cigs and alcohol), i dont have sex, what else is there? i love who i am more than i ever have in my life, i like being the only one out of all my friends, that has tats and piercings, and listens to punk!......its who i am, and it took me along time to find myself....i went through highschool, being the abercrombie girl, and it literally makes me sick to think of what i did to be part of the "in" crowd....i never want to go through it again......stop ragging to ppl because they are who they are! 031002
"poser" another thing to consider, you could be missing out on an awesome friendship/relationship with a really awesome person, if you judge them! 031002
misstree indeed. a closed mind gathers no ideas, a closed heart gathers no loves. 031002
misstree 'course, a closed mouth gathers no foot, but i've got a whole collection in the back room... 031002
once again misstree, you make my day...

ANARCAMEL Hey..whoever you are..you know why the Punks are laughing about you...because you are a fucking stereotype!!!you just dress different..but thats not everything!! You know you go to mall..I bet to Hot Topic..to all the fucking capitalistic FUCKERS...Look I bet in two years you will have changed...but whatever..

Punk is not only about rebelling against society..at least we see all the fucking lies..and if only punks would be left...then at least anarchy would work...at least we are free..and FUck you..true PUNKS will never die!!
dksmv um... define 'punk' then?

is it the shock value, attention seeking?

or perhaps the "don't give a crap" attitude, tell me, exectly how would a world run by 'the punks' work?
User24 I think (though am too young to -know-) that the punk movement originally came about (at least in the uk) as a rebellion against the social and working conditions of the 1980s, under good ol' Maggie; interestingly, a lot of Punks were middle class, educated people, often politics students.

Whether this is true or not, I cannot tell, having based this blathe entirely on heresay, anyone care to fill me in on the more detailed aspects of punkage?
silentbob well, you could always visit " punk " and you could hear the same opinions repeated over the years.

it's weird to read this and realize that the same arguments i had when i was sixteen are being had by other people who didn't even know what punk was when i first heard of it.
just as when i was sixteen having those arguments some other guy was like "man... lets talk about something else now."
and they were having those arguments when they were sixteen, before i ever heard of it.
and when you get busy with your life and preoccupied with real things like money and all your friends growing up and dying, some other person will be saying "FUCK THE PREPS"

and you will sigh and say, "man. i'm glad i don't have to worry about that anymore."

but secretly you'll wish you were younger again, when the biggest thing you had to worry about was what band was on TRL now, and how much it pissed you off.

i am just now starting to experience things beyond who called who a poser and whether they are or not.

the other day my friend mike told me he was talking about something he learned in philosophy class in front of this kid.
and this kid said, "yeah well..." as if it was a retort, or a challenge, "Philosophy doesn't mean shit if you don't apply it."

i guess in a manner of speaking he is right.

The study...of Philosophy...that is Philosophy class. Doesn't mean shit... if you don't...do the homework and do well on the test.

we're not talking rhetoric here, or claiming to be changing things or anything.
he wasn't talking about "The Philosophy of Punk"
he was talking about something they discussed in class.
and this kid...
who probably hasn't done shit in his whole life, let ALONE applied ANY of the shit he probably preached...is challenging him.. to sound cool.

take from this what you will
lissah to each is own? why, as humans, cant we let others have something that makes them happy, just for that sake? is some kid having blue hair or being "punk" really offending anyone? why do we have to belittle someone elses culture? thanks TheTruth, or at least your warped, biased view of it. 031031
silentbob Agreed.
It's better not to care.
if something makes you angry, that's your problem.
Scabed Angel Well to tell you first, I am not punk, I am gothic, but I have friends that are punk, and there is nuthing wrong with it that I know of.

We dont lable each other "that i know of at least" but why all the stariotype here?

That is shit i think (talking about the lableing) you ppl would be better off if you didn't lable others.
Scabed Angel everyone can get along if there wasnt lableing, but if you want to lable no one is stoping ya 040112
tyger Actually, The Truth (and some others) are correct. In an effort to avoid conforming to a norm, most people end up just conforming to another norm.

This is offensive, I believe, because most punks strongly value "non-conformity". It is distressing to be faced with the idea that one is not living up to the values one has set for oneself.

Most social scientists consider even non-conformist-type cliques (like "punks") to be groups easily identifiable by outsiders, and which possess their own social norms (like "non-conformity" *grin*) which can be as rigidly enforced as those of society at large (ever heard anybody called a "poser"?)

This was not meant to put anybody down at all. I just hate to see people ignorant of their own behavior. The more you understand about yourself, the freer you will be in the end.

This has been a public service announcement by your friendly neighborhood social psychologist (who studies group behavior for a living and who was once a "punk" herself and who once thought she was a non-conformist too and who still finds the vast majority of the standards imposed by others to be arbitrary and stupid - including those of the "non-conformist" groups. And she doesn't have purple hair anymore but she sometimes misses it.)
Scabbed Angel i used to have blue hair as a punk and then pink, but i am not a punk anymore but i still have friends in that group, but i am still a non-comformist though (and i hate the damn government) 040115
chitocrack what the fuck are you guys talking about 040424
chitocrack to be punk is to not give a fuck
so fuck you
retarddddd this retard screamed out of a bus at us,
'im sick of you punkass kids!!!!'

we thought this was highly amusing and proceeded to throw paint balloons at the windows. we were quite drunk that day.
April Poser Goth, Punks, everywhere I see them… It’s the people who try so hard to be so different, simply turn out to be just like the other million that are trying for the same thing. The only way you can be different in today’s world would be make your own clothes, listen to something that is out dated or people have yet to hear of, and well follow your own rules or some weird great wise mans… I think I am a great example of this… But I do not refer to myself as being punk. I am Junk. I am the scraps of what punk used to stand for, combined with the wise ways of homeless train hitching blues man, and a touch of what I consider krsnas charm. I am fucking getting tired of people calling me a poser, or some freak. I do not like stereotypes… but if you have to find the need to judge me than do it right… I stand for JUNK CULTURE… I’m not punk because I believe in Anarchy (which for you pathetic little so-called rebellions, it is a form of government the opposite of democracy… Meaning the people have all the power and make all the decisions and not just a few rich snobs that happen to be lead control of the government
(CONGRESS). We still have the President and such but they are only there to act as our kings and be kind enough to speak for us. I just wish people would be smart… get things straight before they speak… So many ignorant people just wondering the streets claming to certain things… believing and speaking up on certain topics, and they make us look terrible. The so-called Goths are another example. People, people, and people the Gothic’s have been dead for about 6 hundred years. I do not see any young extremely religious people today wondering around in big beautiful gowns that flow like water, as they move against the ground. Or Gentleman that are so kind and so god conscious that they would kill anyone who causes harm to another, or speaks the lords name in vain. Today’s society is full of ungrateful little bastards that think complete freedom can come from the lack of rules and the non-belief in a god. What ever you are, or call your self … just stop trying so hard to be trendy and fit into today’s society. It’s not worth it. Just be yourself, and you can enjoy life for what its meant to be.
*Amy* so hot and atractives! 050315
winner so hostile.. must be jealousy. 050430
love.the.hate haha i love the punks at my school
one of them drives an escalade
the other's dad just bought him a new jeep
ive really only met a few real "punks" in my life
its not about the clothes, the angst, or the need to feel differnt
its about what you belive in and what your going to do with that
going to punk concerts in a polo shirt and jeans and still hitting up the moshpits with a kid with a mohawk makes my weekends
real "punk" is someone who doesnt take what society will say is normal or what is not normal
they will take what they belive in and live it
FUCK the ramones had some conservative views and people worship them
a high school punk is just another product of society who needed to fit in somewhere and they banded together
Ha do you think your punk? I BET YOUR NOT! i hate the stupid ass goths and people at my school
OH i cant understand them their lives are shitty HOLY SHIT yet most of them never will have to work a day in their life
fucking north shore
off topic a bit but it represents the truth
the american punk youth died once a corporation decided they could make money off of it
So if you consider yourself punk and have shopped at a store called HOT TOPIC or ones of that nature that can be found in more than 2 states
well im sorry you are feeding the same corporations you say you hate
If you really think that your fighting a good cause against democracy becuase you hate the "fat cats" in washington and want the people
THE REAL PEOPLE of this country to decide its own fate
i want you to think about the 3 stupidest people you know and ask yourself "would i want them to help decide the fate of my country" 99.99% of the time the answer is no
A perfect government cannot happen and cannot be obtained no matter how loving and caring you are for the world
if you were put on top you might do some good then want it for yourself
human nature
Punk music is awesome
i love what some of the people belive in
human rights
animal rights
idiocy in the government
i agree with all and to those who do too and have the balls to fight for it power to you
without real rebels no stupid rich upperclass depressed shits would have anyone to emulate
wow i really ranted pretty well here and i doubt it makes any sense
but the point is
rich kid
dont lable yourself or anyone else
creating lables is how millons of people kill each other every year
any ISM is created because of lables
just be sure to respect your fellow man and woman
Rx # Slang.

1. A young person, especially a member of a rebellious counterculture group.
2. An inexperienced young man.

r u a PuNk ?
mrrrrrrrrr I'm curious if anyone here actually has any idea what 'punk' is? Not that it's even something you can classify, afterall you can't classify any fucking person alive, because they're human and not a label.

So when you think of Punk do you think of a fashion?
do you think of mainstream pop (pseudo punk) bands?
Skater kids with a bunch of teen angst?
Crappy bands that were once respected in the underground punk scenes but sold out and are now being heard on the radio and MTV and Much music?
Has anyone here been to a local 'punk show'?

there is some quote that says "a punk is a flame that never goes out"

Punk isn't a type of person, a fashion, music,(although sometimes those things are a part of it) it's a whole philosophy. A whole sub culture, if you will.

Punk is a political stance
A way of living.

"punk" is about helping others grow.

It's about creating an international level of solidarity.
About anti fascism, anti predjudice, anti capitalism,activism, feminism, D.I.Y., self determination, its about revolution, creating community, and its about having fun living a collective lifestyle with your friends, it's about having passion in everything you do.

And most of all, punk is just a word with a huge meaning. I have only defined what I consider 'punk', and sure it's probably different to everyone.... and ya you should only rely on yourself to define a word, because language is interpreted differently for everyone.

I hope knowone here just assumes punk is what you see angsty 'non conforming' teenage hipsters/scenesters trying to be a part of. Only ignorance would jump to that conclusion.
its so, so , sooooo much more than that.

z see:
- - 100615
what's it to you?
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