jennifer I pray that sleep will come soon
in the meantime
I strain at every passing car
every sound of distant footsteps
any inclination that you are here
and in time
sleep decends
and the night is fitfull
puncutated with mocking laughs
and guilt-casting eyes
and when I wake
I am alone
elimeny it's scary.
you are in that nightmare, and you know you should be screaming, but in the dream, no sound comes out.
like you have laryngitis.
like when the sea witch took away ariels voice.
but you wake yourself up screaming.
so it's similar to underwater.
have you ever screamed underwater?
there is no echo.
it's scary.
when you scream, you want that echo, you worked your throat hard for that echo.
and it's like in a nightmare.
and you wake up, and you
are scared.
and so you try not to fall back in, but you cannot keep yourself awake.
and there you are screaming that silent non-echoing scream again.
and it goes much deeper than a nightmare.
but if i were to scream to you, there would be no echo.
you couldn't slaughter the black horse that steals me away into my "dreams".
so there.
typhoid trapped at the bottom of a
lake full of reeds
i can't breathe
being chased by someone in a speed boat
maniacal laughter
dirt in my hands
reeds in my facesomething jumps on my neck, never mind, it's just a frog.
changes to
a large, candlelit room,
people huddled in the corners
a dark doorway.
i have to leave.
but i'll be back...
changes to
more running, more hiding, trying not to be found, and protecting those around me.
lotusflower it is real. 000224
calliope mazes. always mazes.
i run.
i can't see behind me when i look back. i know it's behind me.
i hear its breath.
i feel it on my neck.
its wind whispers what it wants in my ears
i never scream
maybe i do it just gets swallowed out of my mouth
girl then i wake up crying and the sound wakes you and you take me in your arms and you hold me tight and remind me that it isnt real and that i will be alright and that you love me and will keep me safe forever 000503
MollyGoLightly One night I woke up with a little "Eep!" and sat up straight.

I had a dream that someone was chasing me. With a gun I think.

So he touched my back and asked what was wrong. And I said (in my pathetic little-girl voice no doubt) that I'd had a nightmare.
WoNDERGIRL I have this reccuring dream that you've left me. So much for ridding me of insecurities. I'll always hold on to them. 000528
MollyGoLightly i had a dream last night that i was waiting on this really nice family. every time i tried to make their drinks, the glasses disentegrated in my hands, and the liquid disappeared.

i woke up sweating.
derek there is something just so delicious about running your fingertips down a women's spine down to the small of her back, and finding a tiny little pool of sweat just waiting to be tasted and lapped up, a salty little appetizer before a banquet... 000619
silentbob all the women in my life have told me nightmares they've had. stories of men doing the worst things to them, stealing their pride, making them ashamed to look people in the face.
i now know who they were talking about in those stories. It's YOU buddy. you're a fuckin sicko
you get off on women's fear
derek bobby boy, YOU is the f****n' sicko. Where you get your ideas that I enjoy "forcing" women in any way into anything, I got no idea. Somewhere in your whacko right side of your grey matter you have the ability to psychoanalyze; the key component of "psychoanalyze" being "anal", like your retention... 000621
girl for a while i was having a reoccuring theme in my dreams. i would dream that he would hit me or grab my throat ar kick me and i was terrified and deeply hurt. i would wake up crying every time and many times he would wake me. he was very concerned when i told him about the dreams. i was afraid to go to sleep. then oddly one night they just stopped and i havent had a dream like that since. 000811
vix Sweet dreams in a world full of nightmares.. 000811
psycho insomniac it consumes my thoughts and my dreams. it there in my mind and in the pit of my stomach everytime i close my eyes, and i feel i cant escape it. no matter what i do, it follows me...everywhere. i cant dodge it, i cant run from it, i cant hide my face and hope that it disapears... because sometimes my life is a living nightmare. and i think i would rather die than face it. 000829
Rainer What if I woke up the very next moment screaming and finding this all was only a nightmare...nice, not?
I wonder though where I'd be then...whom I'd be...with whom I'd be...would it still be nice?
I don't think so. Things tend to get worse at an average rate of each other minute.
sabbie i wake up in the morning
sweating, shaking
and once again tell the boy
"had a nightmare"

and he puts his arm around me and says "poor sab"

and then i tell him what my brain conjured up this time. chasings, prhaps. killings, rapes, tortures, accedents, isolation, hurt, pain, blood, fear.

and he looks down at me with worried eyes and says "whats going on in your head?"

and i shake my head, and i wonder that myself. how did i make an enemy of my own brain that it hates me so much that it entertains itself scaring me shitless several times a week?

whats it trying to say?

and why does it choose to say it in such frightening ways?
psycho babe wakeing up in a cold sweat, shakeing from the fears deep within my mind that lurk all around me.
Of abuse from men, being emotionally abused and physically against my will...the intense feeling that I am not here alone, theres something there within my mind that comes out and taughnts me...from within I scream...
help me....please
splinken I had this dream that you were trying to stab me with a pair of scissors.

I bet you'd think that's funny.
SC OTT ok, nightmares are simply our fears tricking us into negative actions or habits. psycho babe and all other women need to break em!

lots of men act upon their feelings of inferiority by lashing out at women, because they are too frightened to deal w/them.

Babe, do not allow those phantom dreams to disturb you, you must allow your mind to ease into a state of calm. try laughter, every time you are afraid, or subjected to nightmares, remember that i am a man(a straight man) who just so happens to be ovulating!

i have also come to the conclusion that i must bear my own children!


tourist It's never the boogie man or monsters,
for me the scary things seem to be apparently civilized, cultured men in suits and ties. I'm with them being accepted as one of them and then I realize that they have commited horrible acts, such as murder. Yet they have no remorse only power. Once they realize that I am uncomfortable with them I become a danger and they seek to destroy me as well. I wake up now.
tourist RE: DIEING in a Dream
Some people think if you are killed in a dream you will actually die. I can attest from personal experience that this is NOT true, having had several dreams in which I died. One I remember being struck by a car.As a ghost I informed my mother not to waste money on a funeral because I was alright.
Don't sweat hitting the bottom, nothing's gonna happen.
And if you can realise you're dreaming you can cause things to happen, Like flying, or getting the girl of your dreams( no pun intended ) but if you do the latter you'll have a wet spot in bed with you ,trust me on that one.
start of a pretty big downer Theyīre roaring, theyīre screaming, theyīre laughing..... Iīm..... I................... 001230

zero angel with needles
poked through our eyes
and let the ugly light
of the world in
and we were no longer blind
and we were no longer blind
DannyH Fingers, a little more spidery than usual. So perhaps I should tell you about the meat puppet I saw last night in the time just before drifting off to sleep. Made me a little sick to see it I don’t mind telling you. It was jiggling on its string in the pitch black dark with its sharp raggedy little claws jerking forward rapidly. A seconds image, smouldering on my retina as I opened my eyes pulling sharply out of the first stages of sleep. It was mocking and vicious, dangerous and sadistic. For the second my mind was projecting that image, some maverick faction had clearly gained control of my imagination. Working to its strange and inexplicable agenda this terrorist group of synaptic connections launched a surprise attack when I was at my weakest. A warning, a lesson? What did this part of my brain want, what was it trying to do and why? What dark motives do I have buried deep within me that would make me want to appal myself? There is no answer because the image fades in a second and the culprits are beyond interrogation.All I am left with is the knowledge that somewhere some part of my consciousness wanted that picture to be created and shown, and some other part wanted to watch. Some small detail of the subconscious horse trading going on inside my skull no doubt, something my waking eyes were not meant to see. Your secret is out, dark part, I now know you can draw and with enough effect to shock. Will you now draw something for me? A commission at my bidding. Will you turn your fiendish instruments over to my command to benefit us all, or would they be useless or dangerous in my hands? Come with me, nightmare maker and let us create beauty together out of the stuff of night terrors. 010423
Rhinna Black-Dove (January)
Tori Amos

she was a January girl
she never let on how insane it was
in that tiny kinda scary house
by the woods
by the woods
by the woods
black-dove black-dove
you're not a helicopter
you're not a cop out either
black-dove black-dove
you don't need a space ship
they don't know you've already lived
on the other side of the galaxy
she had a january world
so many storms not right somehow
how a lion becomes a mouse
by the woods
but i have to get to TEXAS
said i have to get to TEXAS
and I'll give away my blue blue dress
she had a january girl
she never let on how insane it was
in that tiny kinda scary house
by the woods
girl when i went on my first 8 day stretch at work i started having work nightmares. in some, i overslept and slept through the whole time i was supposed to be at work and then someone would come to my house to fire me. in others id come to work without my uniform or id be there alone and it would get really busy or the kitchen staff would go missing and id have 30 tables screaming at me asking why their food wasnt there. it was horrible, but more horrible than the nightmares was the nightmarish reality that even when i was asleep at home i was still working. 010808
girl i have a lot of apocalyptic nightnares. ive had them for years. it makes me nervous 010808
unhinged i had a nightmare of sorts last night before i even fell asleep. i closed my eyes and i was just traveling through this huge crowd of people. every now and then i would stop and the scene would freeze on a certain group of people that i usually knew. i opened my eyes and said 'this is fucked up' and when i closed me eyes it started all over again. being totally conscious and having a nightmare is a really strange feeling. 010808
psychobabe *loves her early work* 011101
Norm My nightmares end before I die but I don't wake up. I've never woken up from a nightmare and remebered it. Not recently at least. 011101
*silent screams this is my nightmare...itz called life. i'm starting to think the only way to wake up from it is to leave...permanently

i'm screaming on the inside agian...can't stop my world from falling apart...

i wanna wake up from this nightmare...even if it means forever..
MDogMA My recurring childhood nightmare
I wake in my grandmothers farmhouse in my customary bed. Walk into the kitchen to see everyone there even carry on a conversation with an uncle before deciding to explore the corn field. As I'm walking i lose my sense of direction momentarily and turn around to see a dark cloaked man in the distance ambling my general direction, playing a violin. His sense of evilness is so strong to almost be pallatable. I run, i run so hard in the dream that often i wake here exhausted but on the occasions that I continue i make it back to the farm to see him walking inside the frount door with his back to me still with a violin cocked over his one shoulder. I enter the side door and search the house for any signs of my family even getting brave at one moment to run right past him in the living room standing in the corner, searching the house, he doesn't even notice me, just continues to play. Finally I get sick of searching and I ask him where my grandma is. I am ignored, I speak louder am ignored all the same and just as I rip the violin out of his hands demanding an explanation his hood falls open a little to reveal a pit of absolute black, and he screams his scream is so feirce as to violate the air around us and the front door bangs open and the air trys blowing me in to the void. Just as i fight my way to the front door i see my family lying lifeless at his feet as i turn to retreive them one final push sends me flying into the darkness. where i suddenly wake in my customary bed to begin a day with a walk in the corn field. I havn't had this dream for a while, but i probably wouldn't mind I do remember that the song the stranger was playing was strangely beautiful, but for the life of me I can't remember the tune.
Freak one, two, Freddy's coming for you... 031022
who i am doesnt matter anymore before christmas 031022
mak nightmares have always been realistic for me. never any monsters or fantasies, just people and everyday fears. as a child i would see the dream through my own eyes. now, i'm more of an unseen on-looker. the frightening part of most of my nightmares now is that someone else is being hurt or tortured and there is nothing i can do about it. 031228
celestias shadow thank god i don't remember my dreams anymore. the last two nightmares i had, i woke up and either shook, speechless, for ten minutes, or cried for twenty. neither experience was pleasant.

Deomis They are there
Every night
Haunting me
Toss and turn
Cold sweat
Fluttering eyelids
Wake up
To the real nightmare
Of reality
jlymry327 nightmares
bad dreams
perhaps im not ready to write about this
im afraid i cant do my dreams justice in short sparactic blather
no, needs to be thought out, analyzed

given proper meaning
steganography slipping into sleep, the water rushes round and the cold seeps in trees reflecting in the moon's gray light reach out scraping dead hands across pale arms mist rising takes shape and fills the space choking the feeling to nothing waves start building, pulling under, and it's dying through the water the stars are shining swimming in their places 050707
jlymry327 if i could only be that much closer to perfect 050721
sab last night i dreamt i was chrity

faceless, unknowable, hunched permanatly over my computer in the dark, fingers joined to the keyboard, driven to post those fateful words, over and over.

go to i_have_words
go to i_have_words
go to i_have_words

mindless, screaming, nothing left inside but this one driving need
sleepless i used to have this dream as a kid. it was a reoccuring one, and amplified when i was sick.

it was this unbearbale feeling of moving. and so i'd grip the bed sheets as hard as i could, demanding my body to stay where it was.

then i would just get this super intense feeling, that i was sliging off the bed.

sliding up the wall.

i always willed myself to go back down, but it never worked.

i would slide up the wall, slowly, like some force was mocking me, and drawing out the discomfort. and then up the wall and across the ceiling.

it was the most terrifying thing ive ever experienced.

i never actually moved. i dont know if you know what its life to swear you are up on the wall, scared out of yur mind, and still moving against gravity, begging for the whole thing to stop. i'd wake up and be shaking for hours. i wouldnt sleep for the rest of the night.

sometimes something will trigger a bit of the feeling. even now. i'll be walking down the street or something, and something (i dont know what) triggers this part in my head, where i get the vaguest bit of that sensation, like nastalgia. and even tho its the vaguest bit, its enough to make me stop,a shudder, and take a minute to regather myself.
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