jennifer conversation about the waiter...
jennifer: I'll bet he still lives at home in his parent's basement.
deb: trailers don't have basements.
jennifer: oh, yeah...
andrea where i met mel
& went to think
about the night

copyright 1999
MollyCule I have spent many a night in Denny's, before and after working there. You might think me boring, but rilly I'm not. It's just that this town has decided to have virtually nothing for the teens/20s to do except sit around in Denny's. Our only other options are Pukin's or Eat'N Park, or driving to Akron or Cleveland. Or crime. We have a very high crime level, particularly on Saturday nights. 000517
birdmad i personally like what is commonly referred to as the "gay Denny's" on 7th Street 000517
MollyCule wasn't aware that there are "straight" Denny's in the world . . . we don't have any here, trust me. 000518
silentbob she fell in love with him because he took her to Dennys and told her about Ani Difranco and got her into countingcrows and just charmed the hell out of her.
Then he told her that she was a crazy attention-starved lesbian and basically stopped calling her.
Just to capture a little bit more of that glory she'd continue going to dennys without him and she'd get all teary eyed every time a countingcrows song came on the radio.
typhoid they could make a killing if they sold amphetamines (well, couldn't anyone?) 000702
klarchen There are no "Dennys" in Kanada.

Although, I enjoy many breakfast delights at "Dennys" when I venture into the United States of America.

Oddly enough, in Kanada we have a uncannily similar culinary institution

Interesting...very interesting.
stupid bird tricks Denny, Humpty
Humpty, Denny
moonshine I think the waiter was a vampire 000921
j_blue my god, there really is a gay denny's everywhere 000921
the faaabulous birdmad Bordered by Missouri road on the north, Osborn road on the south and nested between Seventh avenue on the west and Seventh Street on the east is Phoenix Arizona's own modest and quietly unoffical "gay" district with a variety of businesses and their clienteles all in varying stages of being "out"...along with everybody else

although personally i think it would be cooler if the place was more like Castro in SF...but the "Gay Denny's" and the 307 Lounge more than makes up in campiness whatever else it may or may not be lacking.

and if your weekend plans say that you absolutely HAVE to just get out and dance, there is always a short drive down Central Ave into the heart of Downtown to Crowbar/World.
(especially if your not fond of the scottsdale attitude)
d i frequented Denny's about 3 times in three different states. The best time was in Reno, NV after burning man. Crowds of dusty, burnt, bewildered people with playa hair, eating 'civilized' food for the first time in about one week. 000921
moonshine Sounds like Robin and I, In olive Garden in Reno after B-man. I still had the works on, paint. She was as dusty as antique. Drinking vanilla cokes, as people gawked. 000921
moonshine I'm telling you now, Its a bad sign when the dennys waiter has his tongue in your ear. 001010
MollyCule klarchen, there are Denny's in Canada. The hotel in Niagara Falls that I stayed in last year had one attatched to it. 001116
misstree spent about a year in a Denny's... first time i went there, i gave the 500-question purity test to 15 total strangers... ended up on shrooms with the waitress about a month later... many strange times, when there was nothing better to do than drink coffee, so that if you were going to be bored, at least you would be anxious and bored.
like now.
unhinged hhhhmmmm....i thought i met the love of my life in denny's. i spend way to much time in denny's when i should be studying or sleeping or something. drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, we used to go there after larp and that was where i realized amber wasn't the bitch that i thought she was. she can be psychotic in a loverly sort of way but i didn't realize that then. when i go home, i go to the denny's near my house and it's just not the same. no molly, no amber, no bite marks, no slaps in the face, no curious cops, no timkoland. just wendy and my little brother and the fairy. and i can't stay at denny's still 4am when i'm at home cause i have a 1am curfew at home even though i'm 19. my dad has control issues. i have physical love issues. actually, i think i have a lot of issues just because noah says i think too much and he is right. blather pages, blather pages, you are a wonderful thing. when i type my monkey mind out in some world wide connection it seems to slow down slightly. s..l....o.......w

lovers lament you think i have no life because i sit at Denny's every night and drink coffee. and what do you do in this shithole that is so productive?
get trashed?
that's what i thought.
danielle, the psycho bitch, introduced me to Denny's for the first time. And allyson ,the raging slut, how could i forget you, you who were the cause of my heart ache in high school. great friends, i'll tell you.
danielle, you were the one that turned Molly and I against each other. you knew even then, didn't you? knew that together we would be a force to be reckoned with? knew that together we could share a power, share a mind. where my mind lacked, hers would take over, and vice-versa. yea, you knew that. so you tried to keep us apart. . .
and it worked.
but at Denny's, we tore down the walls that you had so carefully built, we bonded through our lovingly guarded hatred for you.
nothing ever really worked out like you planned, did it?
unhinged you are following me around today....

i laugh out loud in the computer lab listening to given to fly by pearl jam
COLDandBLUEkitty i still remember that smile on your face, as we sat there, and talked about nothing. but you tryed, so hard, to make me tell you my thoughts on things. i was shy, and didn't know how. i'm not so shy now, although i still have a hard time knowing how to say the things i want to say. but i remember, you sitting there. trying, so hard. and i remember spinning my fork, and sipping on my coffee. what i would give for that moment to be now. i'd handle it so differently. the person i've grown into wouldn't just sit there and wait for you to tell me you loved me, something that never happened. i'd tell YOU how much i loved you. 3 years have passed, and your still john stanton. your still my friend. i still love you, and i still long for dennys. 001203
unhinged ok the freakiest damn drunk was in denny's tonight and felt the need to talk to us...we tried so hard not to laugh in his face but after awhile we didn't fucking care anymore.

"do you find me attractive?"drunk bitch

"would it hurt your feelings if i said hell no?" me

"so that was what my dad has tried so hard my whole life to protect me from." me

it honestly started to get scary. thank god tom was are you doin tommy?
lovers lament to comment about and quote further the hideous drunk that unhinged is talking about:
his name is steve, all quotes are his unless otherwise specified:
"Suggestion: never trust a man"
"Have you ever done Coke?"
"i've done a couple of gummers"
"where's my razorblade?! i'm gonna fix their coke!!is this a felony or what?"

"do either of you ladies find me attractive?"
"would it hurt your feelings if i said
HELL NO?!!!" friend, asking mollycule if she'll go out with said drunk guy
"i'm a lesbian"
"can i get a ride off you, katie?"
lovers lament dammit, i hafta re-post all of that cuz i messed it up 001204
lovers lament corrected blather.
all quote are by steve, the hideously drunk, coke-obsessed moron, unless otherwise stated.
"Suggestion: never trust a man"
"have you ever done cocaine?"
"i've done a couple of gummers" me
"if you've ever snorted what i've snorted you'd trip out"
"i've been with 3 people when i've been sniffin coke. you don't understand how fast the tongue moves" (this in reference to eating a girl out)
"you don't understand how fast the pussy drips"
"a man who is drunk is better at licking pussy than a man who is not"
"you smell like a vat of alcohol" me
"where's my razorblade?! i'm gonna fix their coke!!!"
"is this a felony or what?"
(later on)
"do either of you ladies find me attractive?"
"would it hurt your feelings if i said HELL NO?!!!" unhinged
"my dude kinda likes you" steve's friend to mollycule, trying to hook steve and molly up or something.

"i'm a lesbian" mollycule
"huh?!" steve's friend

(later still)
"will you give me a ride home, kt?" my boyfriend, tom, to my friend kt
"i'll give you a ride home" steve
"i'm sorry, that's not the kinda ride i'm looking for" tom

unhinged i'm missing you all terribly...don't expect me til wednesday night...damn finals...damn school...i think if i tried i would hear the moonlight sonata tonight...humpf 001210
black hole i guess i'll have to drive 40 minutes every now and then over break to visit my niles friends...if you think theres nothing to do in niles, just try living in north lima... i wont be able to stay out till all hours though...unless i stay out until 8 am or so...i could just say i spent the night somewhere... 001210
stupidpunkgirl where we meet is dennys
where we live is dennys
where we know is dennys

when we talk it's at dennys

where it happens it's at dennys

she is so special and she's at denny's
stupidpunkgirl annie told me she started hanging out at denny's because josh wilcox did.
when she was younger she thought josh was the local god.
now she doesn't because she knows him.
she told me that i was lucky to even had made out with him, and a lot of girls would be jealous.
i told her that i didn't care about that, he was still gone.
she agreed with me on that.

i saw you the other night at denny's
you still come here
you should be somewhere else by now
you sat as far away from me as you could
i still don't know why
and you aren't interested to hear about me and coldandbluekitty's plans to get our nipples pierced anymore
you used to
what happened?

also see: denny's
daxle I think the last time I went to denny's was when we left without paying because
1) it took over an hour to get the food
2) the food sucked
3) the waitress left us there for over an hour afterwards, not checking up even once
4) random acts of hoodlumism help me pretend I'm not a nerd
so, I guess I can't be part of the club
unhinged i've been to dennys five times since i've been back and no one was there.

dennys is dead.
mikey long night. house party. only place around to get "food". of sorts.

another long night. only place around. trying to get everyone out of my house so i take them all to dennys. this one actually has a bar! thank god it keeps everyone occupied. the bill was high but it got them all out of my damn house!

i love dennys! or waffle house back east :::drool::: or Shoneys all you can eat breakfast!!!! i worked at Bi-Lo grocery store in TN was a shoneys by the store at 6am we'd get off work after working all night and spend the morning raping Shoneys breakfast buffet.
mikey wish i had someone to go with right now actually! 010309
florescent light I love Denny's.

They always screw up my order.
One time I ordered a banana split.
They forgot about the banana.

One waiter there wears glasses, but they're not perscription, they are just for fashion.
He let me try them on.
I left him a big tip - even though he didn't bring our food out at the same time. And mine got cold while I waited for the others.

Last week I went on a date.
He took me to a really nice Italian restaurant.
Afterward, he asked me how I liked my meal.
I told him - it wasn't Denny's, but it'll have to do.
He laughed.
But I don't think he really got it.
Rich snob.
el fagtastico I am the queen of Dennys. 010510
unhinged dennys has no queen
she is a state of anarchy
it was like old times tonight...we laughed til our stomachs hurt and smoked way too many cigarettes. and she kissed me :swoon:
sweetheart of the song tra bong I can make a Dennys menu sing.

unhinged we sat there tonight with the few exceptional anachronisms and it brought back all these old barely remembered melopictures from my freshman year in college. the whole larp crew was there but there was loads of unspoken shit on the table between us. those of us that used to be addicts weren't any longer and those of us that weren't found the comfort the smarter ones had abandoned. there were the old enemies and the new, the same old smiles, flirtations that had gone beyond the innocence they used to have, the feeling of parallel dimensions lurking in my heart making me unmeasurably longing. that was the way things used to be and there was nothing i could do to make it that way again. back when my life was simple, back before i truly hated myself, back when sharon was the worst pain in my side, back when people didn't blatantly ignore me, back when i still carried hope in my back pocket. i can't say i would do anything to make my life simple again because i guess there was a reason for all of this as sophomorically philosophical as that sounds. love tinged with bitter regret and odd years is a strange thing. all that unspoken shit webbed out in soft lines to all the people around the table making a spider web of years...everything i learned about life was a shitty cup of dennys coffee. 011015
stupidpunkgirl i don't go there so much anymore.
people have changed, and so have i.
i spent a whole year there spending almost every day there, sometimes there two or three times.
the record was was eighteen hours, same booth, same sitting, same cup of coffee.

when i go back there, it's with different people.
some of the waitresses are still there, some have changed.
carla will be there until the day she dies.
some of the old people are still there, talking about life, but forgetting that they need to experience it outside of a resteruant to actually have life experience.

i've been there through hard times and the happy times of my life.

i always knew denny's would change when they finally notices the letters were missing on the outside sign that you could see from the smoking section. one day it changed. and that was a signal to me that it was time to go.
Lumenia Almost every night for my first 2 years of college, I'd get the call: "Hey, you wanna go to Denny's?" After I'd thrown up for the first time in years after eating their food, I should have gotten the clue to stop going.

But I'd always say yes, and sit there for hours waiting for everyone else to get food, and drinking Coke until I got jumpy and paranoid. It always took at least an hour to get food, even if it was just toast, and I still waited with my Coke and listened to my friends' ideas of what sex was like and got tired of correcting them. Denny's was a waste of time.

I cheered when I drove by its empty, dark building for the first time, no more 2 dollar Cokes and 4 hour "study breaks" that just left me miserable when I got home at 5 am and had more homework to do. This has been a year of freedom from the black hole of Denny's, because nobody wants to drive all the way out to Country Kitchen.

Although, I do have fond memories of the time we went there for breakfast the day after a dorm party, and the sun was already setting by the time we got there.
allie it's curious how everyone associates Denny's with socializing more so than food. Not that any of it's actually edible...and the coffee is usually bottom of the pot scum...but sometimes the most cracked out waitresses will give us free pie if we sit there long enough and count our change. they probably thought we were homeless months ago, when we spent almost every 3am of the week there. it doesnt get much better than the three c's 030608
endless desire christmas_at_dennys

it is a song
that always makes me sad.
what if you had to spend your christmas at dennys?
i'm always sad when i see those people there
eating alone.
i've never eaten alone at a place like that.

they closed the cocoas near my house
and as i drove by one day
i saw a man standing outside of it.
just staring at the sign
and the closed building.
such a hopeless stare
and i began to wonder if he had anything more
to look forward to than going to cocoas that day
having a cup of coffee
or piece of toast
and if he had anyone to go home to,
because there was no one in his car in the parking lot.
he was there alone.
with his cane and sweater
and hairless head.
poor old man.

niska the breakfast of champions... 030609
unhinged we had migrated to a dennys closer to campus in the end. mollycule and continuous ache had disappeared from the picture. it was me and kt and noah sometimes. and there was the time that pj and brad followed us home...which was obviously stupid and all kinds of scary. the last time i sat in dennys i thought to myself 'i'm so glad this is the last time.' it just wasn't right anymore. and noah wanted me to stay; was talking about how i was his perfect partner. but the guy i was dating had once a long time ago dated the girl that he had just been dating that he had spent the whole four years i knew him for obsessed over. and at the mere mention of me kind of dating him, noah flipped out so at this point, the last visit to dennys, i didn't confirm things. i was stoned off my ass, but that was normal by the end. and me and noah had psuedo-philosophical conversations and drew all kinds of attention to ourselves from the waiters and wannabe thugs sitting in the smoking section. but that was the thing i always liked; turning a bunch of tables of separate peoples into a late-night community. when the perkins in boardman started to be open 24 hours we went there instead because the late night menu was better. we just drifted away from dennys. and i read those OLD entries on this page and it makes me sad. i miss the dennys in niles when we owned the place. those were my days. 030911
nomatter Sitting in your truck. Out a tad too late. No where really to go. What are we doing. Wishing the denny's hadn't closed. Black coffee and Marlboros. Maybe in another time. When I'm older. 030916
MollyCule The Denny's in Niles is dead now. Abandoned and boarded up. 030930
emily lois 040203
stork daddy it's always the right time for a grand slam 040203
jenny enny dots ahh, the sweet memories of being young. to have coffee and mozzerella sticks where all the "cool" people went after everything was closed. today it means something much different. moons over my hammy, feeling faint for no reason (and almost passing out on the queen of england's face on the newspaper). and i can just never get the pancakes to come out as good as their's. 040203
fritz Spending two-am at dennys eating cheesecake with a cup of hazelnut coffee, listening to the demented ranting of the people around me. My band, still in marching shoes and sweat soaked uniform shirts. It was the last game of the season, and festival was up soon. The cherries on the cheesecake tasted like alcohol. Our marching show was perfect this time, just in time for the photographer to put an image of us in the paper. Brian had lost a button, but you couldn't tell. 040501
hsgatincamail skateboarding in the parking lot a little over a year ago. 040624
jane we worked on our debate there -the one off of howe avenue has a study room in the back 040625
imaskitzo I always get smothered seasoned cheese fries from dennys... mmmm 041031
Jeca give us your weary
your traveled
your poor
your high, drunk
and still sobering up

and we'll give them coffee at 3:00 am.
Casey no more dennys here. Village Inn now...and pie 060404
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