InCircles the world has turned and left me here in the garage. 000914
silentbob across_the_sea 000914
MollyCule I'm sorry for what I did
I did what my body told me to
I didn't mean to do you harm
every time I pin down what I think I want
it slips away
the goal slips away . . .
startfires flip on the telly
wrestle with jimmy
somethin is buba-lih-hih-hih-hih-hin
behind my bike
the bottle is ready to go

say it ain't so
starrrt fiiiiires urp 001024
Teddybear yesterday I went outside
with my momma's mason jar
caught a lovely butterfly

when i woke up today
she had withered all away
so more sighing in her brest
i'm sorry for what i did

i did what my body told me to
i didn't mean to do you harm
everytime i think i've won,
i think i've won it slips away,
there goes it slip away
teddybear damn, i messed up

I am so tired today...it's everytime i pin you down, i pin you down it slips away...the goal it slips away
alkalinepixie i talked fer hours to yer wallet photograph and you just listened. you left enchanted by my intellect. or maybe you didnt. 010405
yoink I listen as I calm myself into a cool rage of aural pleasure and mechanical excitement. Hitting me in the side, the red moon says "Hey, what's up?" 010426
Aimee If you want to destroy my sweater,
pull this thread as I walk away.
Watch me unravel, I'll soon be naked.
Lying on the floor, I've come undone
unhinged damn bitches cancelled their slot on the warped tour.... 010426
yoink leave me alone
i won't pick up the phone
and i won't listen to cio cio san
fall in love all over again
i'm alive like you so please
if you want to destroy my sweater
hold this thread as i walk away
watch me unravel, i'll soon be back to the good life
i wanna go back i wanna go back
and i don't even know how i got off the track
my name is wepeel
i've got a box full of your toys
we're fresh out of batteries, but the sea is rolling
like a bottle of beer
the wave is coming but i ain't got no fear
i feel safe
no one cares about my ways
in the garage i'm tired of having sex
so tired
monday night i'm makin' jen
tuesday night you've got your big cheese
i've got my hash pipe
i can't help my Jaime, I'm calling you now
i'm dialin' your car phone
please please tell my mama's mason jar
caught a lovely butterfly
when i woke up today
this is beginning to hurt
this is beginning to be serious
it used to be your drug is a heartbreaker
say it ain't so
my love is a life taker
she's all i've got
and i don't wanna be alone
my girl don't see me with these homies dissing my girl?
why do they gotta front?
but it's just sexual attraction
not something real so i'd rather keep whackin
why bother to getchoo
i can't believe
they don't make stationery like this
where i'm from-so fragile, so refined
so i sniff floral print
my mind begins the arrangements
but when i start to feel that pull
just as i was bustin' loose
i gotta go turn in my rock star card
and get fat and whether it's funny or not
and if you see her
tell her it's over now
you said
you remain turned away
turning further far away
to stay on a holiday
far away, let's go today
you're 19 days late
but still i wait
waiting and i must be all of these things
for i just threw out the love of my dreams
he is in my eyes, he is in my ears
your iq is 20 points low
and i'm no 6 foot hot look all american man
sad to say when i met you i was all alone
cold and hungry crying on the phone
you baked me brownies and said don't you cry

back at wilson high
i had two best friends
they lived down the block
and so it seems
only in dreams.
silentbob danny bought their new cd and refuses to listen to it until he's with me to hear it with him.

that's fucking HEART man.
jesse pure american rock and roll at its finest 010428
nocturnal yeah, my good friend cowboy just sent it to me over aim. it rocks. but what else would you expect from weezer? 010429
Crooty I miss you
And I wonder how you feel about me too
Do you miss the way we've been?

On an island in the sun
We'll be playing and having fun
And it makes me feel so fine
I can't control my brain... hip hip
frozen only in dreams
you'll see what it means
reach out our hands
hold on to hers
but when we wake,
it's all been erased
and so it seems...
only in dreams
nocturnal "I only drink when absolutely necessary, which is very often right now."
-Rivers Cuomo
sweetheart of the song tra bong Can't get enough of them ever.

Listen to them while driving, going over bridges, take my hands off the wheel 'cause I need that free space between my fingers. The water's the same inky blue as the sky and I don't think I'd mind falling in.

It's a good thing that you float in the air. That way there's no way I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces.
Crooty rivers, will you marry me? 010513
Alexander Beetle eh 010611
black-dyed gel product I'm beat
beet red
ashamed of whaaaaaaaat I said
(what I said)
I'm sorry
here I go
I know I'm a sinner but I caaaaaaan't say no
(say no)
black-dyed gel product I love the new album, but Pinkerton is by far their best album. 010621
silentbob havent quite absorbed the new one yet. pinkterton and the blue one will always have a special place in my heart. 010621
black-dyed gel product I have so much weezer shit it's pathetic. I just burned 4 cds today. One of the early '93 demos, one of the rivers cuomo band stuff, one of all the summer 2000 new songs, and one of the current tour new songs, such as burndt jamb and keep fishin', and the green album b-sides. I now have a veritable encyclopedia weeztannica in my collection. 010622
sUper sLutstAr geektanic weezmacht 010829
marissa how stupid is it? won't you give me a minute? just come up to me and say hello. how stupid is it? for all i know you want me to, and maybe you just don't know what to do or maybe your scared to say i'm falling for you. i think i should get my head out of the sand, cause i think we'd make a good team and you would keep my fingernails clean, but that's just a stupid dream i don't wanna realize cause i can't even look in your eyes without shakin' and i ain't fakin', i'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon. 010903
distorted tendencies This bottle of Stevens awakens ancient feelings.. 010916
silentbob im going to see them on thursday with The Start and COld 010916
Aimee in the garage,
I feel safe
no one cares about my ways.
In the garage
where i belong
no one hears me sing my song.

Just saw commercial!!!

Commerical of another Mary Kate and Ashley Movie!!!

Stupid movie features the song Island in the Sun!!!

Olsen Twins are evil!!!

sweetheart of the song tra bong This truly proves that the Olsen twins are evil in its purest form.

It's all so...dirty now.
kerry i looooove weezer and rivers

there's a shrine on my wall and everyone thinks i'm a loser for even caring. at least i don't even like fucking britney spears, she's overproduced, she's silicon, she's barbie '01 and disgusting and they all compare us to her.

sometimes being shunned feels good.

"say it ain't sooooooo.... your drug, is a heartbreaker... say it ain't soooooo... my love is a lifetaker"
silentbob If i were you i would like fucking britney spears 011206
ClairE They covered Brown_Eyed_Girl. Sillyheads.

They sound like they are vibrating and about to fall apart. But the playing is good.
silentbob thats how weezer is, vibrating 011213
yoink they gave us a pizza once 020117
ClairE I heard they were serious guys. Serious photo_shoots for serious musicians.

I wouldn't ever have described them as serious. Earnest, maybe? Something not so deadly.
donaldson So I heard that they have over 15 or so songs recorded and will be releasing a new CD soonish.


I just got the last batch out of my head...
silentbob and are already working on the one after the next one 020314
silentbob they have fascinating videos on their website including the dancing tenacious_D merrily in underware across the stage during Say_it_aint_so 020406
Casey What color/name do you think a new album would have? The Red Album? The Purple Album? The Salmon Album? The Mother-of-Pearl Album? 020406
sweetheart of the song tra bong The fourth album (coming out mid-May) is called Maladroit. I've heard people say the music feels blackish to them, or silver. I don't know. It's more classic rock style, from what I've heard. These crazy guitar solos.

They plan to drop a fifth album in February...

Those boys are getting into it now.
Kate You once wanted me to sit in your car with you and listen to "Only In Dreams", and one day in February, I did, and those 8 minutes lasted forever to me. We kissed passionately all throughout the intstrumental parts. Now you're gone and all I have left are songs that remind me of you. You hated the Green album and said that the old stuff was so much better.

"If you want it, you should show it
Or you might act so monastic that you blow it. Everybody wants a dream, oh baby."
silentbob its so weird. whenever something occurs in my life, someone blathes about it first. i am listening to the new weezer cd that is to come out may 14 right now, and now someone blathes.

by the way kate, that sounds like the hottest thing ever.
sweetheart of the song tra bong I burned Maladroit in advance, yes it's true.

I'll buy it anyway when it comes out.

Kate, I've always wanted to do that. It's the sexiest song.

In other Weezer news...Touring the US this summer with dashboard_confessional!!!!!

Does life get any better?
silentbob got the flavor(?)
how i miss you
if i only once could kiss you
i'd be happy for one moment of my lifetime id be there

in the water
pouring over
me is growing
ever colder
make me happy
for one moment
of my lifetime
i'd be there
kerry if i were to kiss passionately to any weezer song it would be either "say it ain't so" or their pixies cover of "velouria"... mmm... though "only in dreams" IS a very sexy song. 020430
silentbob i was worried maladroit wasn't gonna be any good, after listening to the songs

but now that ive seen them live and perform some of those songs again, im really excited for the cd to come out and to buy it and listen to it
kerry 5 days to go 020509
angie is god...i really think so
my name is jonas.
mykel and carli :) wonderful song
surfwax america
across the sea
nocturnal yeah, I'm listening to maladroit right now. it's a little different, but I mean, come on. it's weezer. it's great in that weezerific way. 020510
kerry hey nocturnal, how do you have maladroit? did you burn it? i think it comes out on the 14th... 020511
Kate I have Maladroit also, my friend Paul burned it for me. Somewhere online they have the cd available for download and a great deal of b-sides from the recording of it. I'm quite a new Weezer fan and haven't heard Pinkerton yet, but Paul says that this cd sounds like Pinkerton. I was expecting the ultimately catchy songs of the Green and Blue albums, but got something much deeper and almost darker but still mind-engraving. My favourite tracks are "Keep Fishing" and "Slave".

"It's just the thought of you
In love with someone else
It breaks my heart to see you
Hanging from your shelf" -- Keep Fishing
silentbob i disagree. i dont think it does sound like pinkerton. it sounds more like the green album to me. if it were more like pinkerton thered be more like...harsh noises and keyboards and more personal lyrics. the lyrics feel really impersonal to me, much like the green album 020511
kerry i was hoping it would sound like pinkerton... someone said it would because it was, i dunno, more experimental sounding. pinkerton is my favorite of the three, they're all good but green just feels emptier to me. listening to it makes me feel sort of hollow.

that makes me really sad to think it won't be as great as blue or pink...
nocturnal yeah, I downloaded it. my friend didn't come through like he did for the green album and do all the dirty work for me. I didn't even hear about it until (I'm so ashamed) I saw the dope nose video on mtv2. the second it was over I went arunnin' to my computer and started downloading that bitch. as far as my humble review, it's really only like pinkerton in that it takes a few times listening to it to start to really like it. I feel the boys have been gradually becoming more and more guitar rockish...if that makes any sense at all. maladroit's just another step further in that direction. 020511
silentbob and in my opinion, that is better than the green album. i agree, it feels empty. whereas, maladroit doesn't feel as empty.

we can never have pinkerton again, because we already have it once. however, we as fans must appreciate what they do in all respects. unless they flat out de-evolve into a complete twisted sister cover band, in which case we will stop purchasing the cds, and just hope for their family's sake that their condition will end eventually, maybe send flowers or donations to the Rivers Cuomo Mental Health Fund.


anyway. the green album was good but not in comparison to their other cds. maladroit can't be as good as their other cds, but it can be pretty fucking good if you make it your own and take it personally. try. i urge you to try. like i will try. i know it inspired me to try harder, there was more interest, after i saw some of the songs live. it rekindled my desire, and i had heard the songs before, too. and suddenly they sounded great.
kerry thanks for the advice bobby, this tuesday my dad's running out to get it while i'm at school... i can't wait. i read an article about =w= in spin magazine today, it was pretty good but the fact that the writer played them up to sound so poppish kind of freaks me out, i mean i consider myself to be a pretty huge fan. i know you'll understand where i'm going here because judging by your blathes i can see you're a pretty big alkaline trio fan... it was alkaline trio right? and i mean with all the commercials on mtv and the buildup of this new album after Green's smash success is a freaky thing. i realize that there will never be another blue or pink but the thought of weezer actually selling out truly terrifies me...

just wanted to get that out, it's really been playing on my mind a lot lately.
reitoei weezer, weezer, weezer. i dont grok the massive appeal. 020512
kerry ha. i wish there wasn't such a huge appeal... 020513
silentbob the first time i saw weezer was on mtv way back in the early/mid 90's. they were popular then. when pinkerton came out, no one liked it and weezer folded up and it was forever before they released another CD. but while they were on hiatus, slowly but surely pinkerton began to get an underground appeal, to the point of a cult status. They started touring US again with the_get_up_kids and ozma and other such bands and slowly have gotten bigger and bigger. as soon as the green album was released, they were enormous and legendary and all that.

So if they "Sold out" they probably sold out a long time ago, when their first cd came out. but i don't think anyone minds, because they are still good and they tour almost relentlessly. weezer provides, so i don't really see where they could go from here that would be considered selling out
kerry well i guess when i say selling out i mean the music quality drops to a kind of filler. i don't want Rivers' goal to be trying to get his videos on trl or to... i don't know what i'm trying to say. i mean i DO know what i'm trying to say but i don't know how to say it. i want them to keep making music because it's mUSIC and because it's GOOD not so that they can make money, is i guess what i mean. and of course i don't know what's going on Rivers' head... obviously. i don't know if Green was intentionally impersonal, if that was his goal to shield himself and maybe not make the same mistake he did with Pinkerton, if that could even be considered a mistake... and i don't know where i'm going with this anymore. i mean maybe he thinks exposing himself is a bad way to advertise his music.
i do know that i would like to see some more of pinkerton's raw emotion poured into the new songs...
ok now i realize what i am sort of trying to say. i guess the lack of emotion to me is a sign of "selling out" but please don't take me literally of course, for the songs to be hollow and empty, in my mind, puts them in the same category as most of the other mainstream bands whose music just doesn't feel real to me.
kill rhythm i used to be really into weezer, after pinkerton came out, but a while before the green album came around. i was all excited about the green album, and then i got it, and liked about 2 songs on the whole thing. and i just stopped being a real huge weezer fan. i mean, i still like their old music, but i just dont like them anymore. i dont know if its "selling out" that bothered me, because i dont really care if people say that a band sold out. i will listen to music regardless of what people say about it...like when offspring came out with americana...that was the album that made me first start to listen to them. and everyone said they sold out. oh well, i liked it. now, it did upset me when they went on MTV and gave a 14 year old 1 million dollars because she answered a question about brittany spears, and not even about the band..but i guess thats for another page..back to weezer.

if i like the new album i will buy it...but i havent been too excited about it. i only knew because of blather, i wasnt aware that they had even come out with any new songs.
silentbob dear kerry. i also wish theyd put some of that nice pinkerton emotion into new songs.

dear Ms. Kill J. Rhythm. They always have new songs. it was always just a matter of recording them. they have a lot of unreleased material on the intermanet
meh ROCK ON!!!

rivers cuomo kicks ass. he is a genius. mikey is the best. welsh on!

suvy ROCK ON!!!

rivers cuomo kicks ass. he is a genius. mikey is the best. welsh on!

Kate Ah! Rivers shaved the beard! Yeah! In my own opinion I think he looked tremendously silly with it. Main picture at weezer.com.

Tracee, my mother gave me permission to go to the concert (!) as long as one of us brings an adult supervisor. So, does your mom or someone want to go? I almost had Marilyn to take us but she's going to a Buddhist retreat that week. I'm not sad anymore.
trin i just gave up my pit ticket to see weezer and dashboard confessional to save a friendship. it was one of those two tickets, three people situations. so why do i still feel like shit? 020730
squint say_it_aint_so 020730
kerry maybe you feel like shit because you knew it would be an awesome concert.
which it was, and i am sorry you couldn't be there. the pyrotechnics were amazing.
by the way, where are you?
nocturnal not to rub it in, cuz that seriously sucks and would piss me off beyond belief, but tomorrow I'm going to Houston to see Weezer and Dashboard Confessional and I'M SO PSYCHED!!! I saw dashboard last summer with alkaline trio, but this is going to be my first Weezer show EVER!!! yay me! otay, that's all, kids. gots t'go pack. 020731
burden in Maryland, the version of 'Only in Dreams' they played made it possible for me to die a happy man. my favorite song for a solid 6 years, and then they go and do that to it. my faith is restored, and then some. 020731
trin actually, i'm still going to the concert, i'm just not gonna get to be in the pit, i'm gonna be on row L with the friend that I didn't want to leave out. by the way, i'm in houston, so the concert is tonight. i'm totally psyched and in the end, i'm glad i did what i did. 020801
Glory Box "i'm dumb she's a lesbian"

see, I have the opposite problem.

everyone's a little straight, why can't she be a little queer.
silentbob i love you glory box 020827
myplasticmind they are coming out with a new song about boiling grapes in the freezer while singing puddle of mudd songs....

hahah ok not really.
adumb rock_music 021012
celestias shadow i just fell in love with the video for keep fishing. i already really liked the song, but somehow the muppets just, just.....i mean, who else would put the MUPPETS in their music video?? rock on 030901
silentbob maybe saves the day would if they could have booked them 030902
you sometimes you don't realize how much a song means to you
i lost my blue album along with all my other cd's about 6 months ago
i didn't have the money to buy any cds, but when i got the money i swore that pinkerton would be the first cd i would buy again
but they didn't have it so i bought the blue album
and when say it aint so came on i started just sobbing uncontrollably
i don't know why i just felt like it had actually happened to me and it was just so sad
i don't even want to know what will happen when i get pinkerton.
Piso Mojado i_went_to_the_weezer_show_and_you_didnt 041010
s_e_m_i_n_o_l s_e_m_i_n_o_l 101005
what's it to you?
who go