auto cross reference system Surprisingly enough, some like Vegemite.

See frank_australia.
Annie111 i can't tell whether you are mocking me, or just throwing this out there.

Either way, it's cool.
cube We have a love/hate relationship with 'em. On the one hand, you gotta respect their moxie (balls). They are a nation of risk takers and that demands respect. On the other hand, they are almost totally ignorant of anything beyond their own borders. That gives them a narrow global perspective which tends to make all the other players in the game nervous.

Ya just know they like it that way...
Grievance i am an american.

I find what cube says is true. {{Sadly}}

From the time we are born, we are taught individualism is obtained by thinking mostly of oneself, striking out for oneself, living for oneself but also comparing oneself to others as a source for the definition of that 'indivdualism'. and that kindness and humbleness are secondary traits of the weak. We are taught not world literature, no, we are taught AMERICAN literature. Geography class tells us to memorize all fifty states and their capitals. World News is not only shorter than National and Local news, but on less, talked about less, and cared about less. Thousands of people die in terrorist incidents everyday, many of them more horrendous then the "september 11th" bombings. But since it's within the boxes we decided to draw ourselves in, it is millions of times more important. This incident is so important, that it gets referred to by a date... while if even more people die in Africa, they get referred to as an "incident" or a passive "tradgedy". And, in weeks time will be forgotten, when a year from now, this thing that happens in our own boarders... it will still be on the nightly news. And the thing that happened in Africa? Tucked away in some corner of history books that people will never look at again.

Patriotism is considered an ideal trait of a typical American. This sickens me, patriotism, sickens me. Patriotism says: 'I believe in my country, my people, the things CLOSE to me more than anything you will ever show me. To these people I will have more compassion, to these people I will CARE.' And if the question of how to treat other people arises? 'WHAT other people, we are a sovreign nation. we are strong. we don't have worrys. Oh, pity the poor. Look at me, i'm cultured.'

Most people where i live, don't even know that the brightest star up in the sky at night isn't a star, nor is it a planet. I tell them that it's a space station and they give me bewildered glances, as if the stars were too far a peril for them to concern themselves with except in wonderment.

Americans though are people too. And that is the fault of most of them. They think they're somehow one of the few real people, the people that have the ability to do something. They think that this power, is what makes people human. Well, something to ponder: people are people.

Before irrate critisms occur, know this: I try to view each human as a human. And then I take that human, and I compare them to things i believe are important. But, i don't think nationality is important. I don't think appearance or heritage or tradition is important. That individual will follow a course decided partially by those things... but also by what that person chooses, and what else that person has been exposed to. That's why the narrow sightedness of Americans could well be their downfall. They forget to look beyond the boxes they've deemed important. So when i am comparing this indivdual to things, i do something else as well, i compare them to values that i don't believe in, i adapt and change all my perceptions to the limit of their capacity to try and understand this person. And, i don't ever make a final verdict, a judgement. I leave the state open, and try and read their intentions more, if not as much, as their actions. whoever said, "intentions do not matter, only action" was a fool. because, intentions are the reasons they did what they did, and will formulate what they will do next. If history does repeat itself, than intentions are more important than actions, as they allow moderate ranges of predictability.

I'm sorry, if this was evangelist. I'm sorry if this was one sided. But, i find that sometimes, that is a great way to demonstrate a point. Conflict will often breed discomfort, and discomfort makes people change, or live eternally in discomfort. And people too often seek only comfort.

I'm not usually political, or a speaker of ethninticity. I'm again sorry. This was incredibly long, and if you read it. I'm either thankful or sorry. I can't decide which. Perhaps i'll let you decide.
oren I too believe that Americans, in general, are overly focused on themselves, but I have no problem with patriotism.

If you take a step back, you'll find that patriotism is just a subset of a larger, inherent, and very human trait.


In the average, "Western Society" human being, there lies a love of self that is manifested from an early age.

This self-love is evident in traits such as jealousy, greed, envy, and vanity, but then on to broader traits such as love of family, love of friends, love of community, and finally, love of country. These broader traits are developed as a person ages.

I believe these latter traits are positive byproducts of Self_Love, but the problem that arises, is that of the lack of a thing called, "Love Of Mankind."

As a person matures, he/she may reach beyond the love of community, into the arena of patriotism, but why not take that next step?

There seems to be a wall at this point for most people. Maybe it has something to do with becoming overwhelmed by the sheer scope of this planet's problems.

We live in an ever-shrinking world, and that is why more and more people are beginning to gripe about patriotism, which has been a wonderful trait for any country who ever needed to fight for its freedom.

Patriotism can even hold several countries together in an effort to uphold freedoms, and it is a wonderful trait indeed.

The fact that so many people are preoccupied with their own country, and not involved in global issues, could eventually lead to global problems of great magnitude, however...

There will ALWAYS be the need for patriotism. Focusing too much on global issues can lead to problems at home.

Some people are better at dealing with global issues than others. Some people, and thank goodness for this, are better at dealing with the issues of the country, the community, and the home.

I feel more Americans, and other Western cultures, should learn more about the "others" out there, but to sacrifice focusing on their homes, communities, and countries in the process, would be self-destructive.

Were the peoples of the pre-global media days "uncaring" because they didn't seek out information on faraway lands? Should they have stopped their daily work in order to find out what was happening in Asia?

We are living in an age where EVERYTHING is available in the way of world news. Does that mean we should stop what we're doing and start neglecting our lives in order to try to "fix" the problems that plague this planet? For some, yes! For most, no!

Just because we now have the ability to hear about global issues, does not mean we should be expected to do something about them. I think it is a noble thing to take on the causes of foreign lands, and I praise those who do, but we can't ALL be doing it.

Just a slightly different POV for ya...
dB What really gets me is how they are hearded like cattle. Well their minds anyway. No offence to most of the blatherers here, there are exceptions to everything.
But your typical 40+ baby boomer type american is so easily guided in the way they percieve things.
Did you know that 60% of americans over 45 believe that Jihad means "Holy war of terrorism against the United States".
Too much CNN i guess.

From the outside america seems like a large expanse of land famous for being so absorbed with itself that when it goes to other contries it forgets that other people live there too.

The whole patriotism thing... well, we all know that story. When is that photo of the firemen putting up the flag going to stop being everywhere I look?

I don't know. Just don't get it. When did they become the new master race? The rest of the world tolerates them out of a quite unspoken fear. The fear of the madman with his hand over a big red button screaming "BOOM" over and over.

Yet, many americans I know are smart, intelligent people. there are great speakers and artists, who have no say in the country, who seem to have given up.

Every election year less than half of you go and vote another moron in to replace another, or re-elect the same moron because the opposition is just as bad or worse.

And my little country here is so happy, EXTATIC even that our PM is going to meet your president in march. Hardly even a headline over there, but over here it's been in the paper every morning.

I don't know who is worse. The madmen with the button, or those who crowed around hoping to steal a couple of the madmen's marbles when they aren't looking.
Grievance Oren:
I agree that patriotism is a subset of self love.

And I agree that we shouldn't drop everything that we are to help others, as you can only help others if your in a position to do so, if you've first helped yourself.

I also agree that people tend to take self love in steps. and that people put these things in a heirarchry, label them, and list them in order of their importance.

In my POV, it's not that people don't reach up far enough in this heirarchy, it's that they CREATED it in the first place. Patriotism is, "love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it" or "love and devotion to one's country."
By putting this first before that of people, or, by putting it in a heirarchy at all, even the words existance... it means that you will care about yourself more than others. That is necessary sometimes, but it shouldn't be enforced into everyday living.

Family is one of the first things we begin to love, unless they don't teach us love, then we learn the other side of the world. Sometimes, it is better not to love ones family just because they are YOUR family. But, at the same time, not lose faith, knowledge, of PEOPLE. Even people are put in that heiarchry. People put themselves in the ordered list just above every other living thing, we put ourselves as the most important living thing.

When you are a patriot, you are saying that to you, your country is more important than another country.

What I'm saying is, countries shouldn't exist.
dB That's a good point.

Patriotism has also replaced religion in some respects. Although both grew up along side each other, in western society one is more recognised than the other.
In eastern society they are almost the same thing (free Iraq in the name of Ala (spelling)).

There is nothing wrong with patriotism, in that to be proud of ones echeivements or that of ones country is cool. but when it's mistaking pride for superiority that's when things get messy and the rest of the world takes a step back from the offender and gives them a quizzical look.

Why are we always patriotic about OUR countries, and about OUR people? why can't we recognise the great things about the species, and be proud of ALL achievements, rather than taking the stance of, "We invented submarines, god, and ductape. What have those africans ever done?".

I don't know. Maybe I'm just arguing symantics here.
sean I like Americans. From a distance, or when viewed as a whole, they seem stupid, ignorant, arrogant, narrow-minded, and completely, totally self-involved. Many of them are.
The country itself is far from perfect, and far from being the ideal bastion of 'freedom' that most Americans seem to believe it is. (...and are in fact indoctrinated to believe since early childhood.)

But even so, these are problems with the nation as a whole. Sicne moving to the USA, I'm realising that it is wrong to judge an entire people by the actions of their government and the shortcomings of their world view.
I like Americans. Although I wish they'd be a little more open minded.
phil "america's top story"-no soul to sell
the 60's......................Vietnam
America represents.....Marilyn Manson
and the home, of the, whopper!
phil rights...............change 020219
freakizh i have a nice question.

why do people of the United States of America call themselves Americans?

people who live in Colombia, Canada or Uruguay are Americans too and they don't live in the USA, but in the continent America.

it is all so simple and hierarchized (spell check?), and them *poof*, someone comes, looks at the order of things as a bitch, and fucks it all.

(mere curiosity.
no offense.
a bit of agressive humor.)
freakizh see: no_offense

dear USA:


with love,
your loyal/scared neighboor
sabbie im afriad of americans

might have been david bowie once
AAM Semi-relevant Monty python quote...

'Grim Reaper: Shut up! Shut up you American. You always talk, you Americans, you talk and you talk and say 'Let me tell you something' and 'I just wanna say this', Well you're dead now, so shut up.'

gotta love monty pyton....
us rules I have to say that Americans kick ass. Although I have a Canadian boyfriend and I love him very much, I do not really like a lot of Canadians. I think that they are so jealous of Americans. Its because we rule the media, just take a look at movies and television. We have the best army in the world. Your army is a joke. I have been to Canada several times and most of the Canadians, when they find out that I'm American are rude to me. It's because their jealous of my country and cant understand why their parents brought them to such a fucked up country like Canada. All those gun laws you guys are talking about, at least we have a real constitution and the second amendment guarentees freedoms that your country only wished they had. Your country is a joke America rules and we will always be the best country in the world. So stop saying things like gosh, Americans are so concieted and arrogant, when you know that really your thinking, God I only wish I was an American. 020824
pilgrim We are 1/6th of the Global Population
We Consume 2/3rds of The Rescouces.
*nat* mainly crazy, mostly fat, and according to my boyfriend i sooooooooooo sound like one of them. no thanks im happy with being english. They have produced some of the best and worst bands in the world 020825
*nat* like. heavy shit man, not heavy cool wicked.
And he has the cheek to call me american!!!!!
celestias_shadow i'm an american. our people- yeah, as people go i think they're ok. they're human, what are ya gonna do? a bit self-absorbed, but i don't think that ever killed anyone. on the whole, i don't mind the people, except the idiots and the patriotic freaks and the people who drive SUVs (which admittedly is a very LARGE percentage of the population). our politicians are awful. our president is an idiot. what more can i say? speaking as an american, we americans are generally normal with a few brilliant exceptions, but on the whole, as a nation, we suck. 030220
dB Funny how Canada has a pissy little military bit they have good healthcare. If you feel that having a big military makes you cool, think again.
It simply makes you a bigger target and a bigger threat.
Candy I'm afraid of Americans. I'm afraid of the world. I'm afraid I can't help it. I'm afraid I can.

Oddly enough I am an American, and yet in this day and age, I'm afraid of them, and afraid to be one!
minnesota_chris too much cars and hostility 040219
Smurf It's funny how Americans think canadians are jealous of them.
It's funny how Americans are always boasting about their military.
It's funny how Americans are always boasting about their Country. It's funny how Americans have a special kind of pride, it's the only country in the world that makes their children swear an oath to their flag.

So funny. I wonder why no one's laughing.
pete they have too many big guns and missiles and could kill us all. thats why we don't laugh to loud. 040420
Smurf If the USA wasn't so powerfull, no one would care if they were so ignorant. But they are, so we do. 040421
p2 and what countries are you guys from?

ps- canada's socialized medicine is a failure
Strideo I agree. Canada's socialized health care isn't anything to be all that proud of.
Smurf Why do you say that? I'm not very knowledgable on the subject so please enlighten me. 040421

check this out,
of course its biased toward libertarianism, but so am I.
Smurf You were right.
It's very biased and they're statistics are such bullshit, not that they arn't true, but tey are statistics after all.
p2 see: socialized_medicine 040422
Smurf Interesting.. 040424
lamo i hate us rules
what a wanka
"canadians are jealous of americans"
im australian not canadian and i know that our prime minister is sucking up to america and everyone hates him for that you guys all think that your bloody fantastic and that your the smartest most noble people in the whole fucking world mabey is youd pulled your head out of your arse and killed people like the ignorant us rules here then september 11 may never have hapened

the thing that really pisses me off is that it isnt good enough for you to have all your damn yanke crap in your own country you import it to ours so that australians start loving americans its horrible you have to listen to people quote mindless american crap all the time

i dont really care about that america calling thingy but i bet it must really jerk everyone else because then you have to be associated with them. you poor buggers

hey all you dumbfuck proud american stop being so fucking cocky and ignorant or all your people will probably end up dead

americans really piss me off so they can go fuck themselves!!!!
Strideo "im australian not canadian"

no! really? I'm glad you put the "not canadian" part on there because I would've thought you were both. duh!

"the thing that really pisses me off is that it isnt good enough for you to have all your damn yanke crap in your own country you import it to ours so that australians start loving americans"

what the hell are you talking about? are you talking about American products? if we're importing them to you pal it's because there is a market and you guys are buying them.

"its horrible you have to listen to people quote mindless american crap all the time"

I asume this is a separate sentence since you didn't use any punctuation. quoting what though? commercials? movies? try and be more specific, that way you'll come off as less of a dumb ass.

"i dont really care about that america calling thingy"

what do you mean? America calling thingy? do you need help writing this?

"hey all you dumbfuck proud american stop being so fucking cocky and ignorant or all your people will probably end up dead"

Okay, so I'll be cocky and informed but it still won't make a difference to you jackass because you're so ignorant you couldn't write a clear and concise paragraph.

"americans really piss me off so they can go fuck themselves!!!!"

Awww, its okay bucko. Maybe you'll get over it one day.
sixstop woah. . . .spicy. . .

Who put wasabi in your BLT?
sixstop Might as well add some Habanero of my own...

I find it funny that talking about how much you love your country and how its true that most of the world either wants to go there or become like it is there makes you deserving of having suicide bombers 'take you down a notch.'

get bent.
Planet Orgy americans are the planets gumbo!!! *stop eating all the shrimp!!!* 040516
minnesota_chris strideo, don't even talk to people that stupid. It's like getting into a poop throwing fight. 040516
kookaburra *hurls poop at chris and strideo*
hee hee, this is fun..
ethereal american/canadian classification sucks...
the only thing that can be tied to the name american is the government...
likewise for canadian...the governments both suck so where are we now?

I'm pretty sure that governmentally speaking (new word) neither can complete because they're too flawed...economically yes americans rule...same with war type yadayada...but canada doesn't need an army so it really doesn't matter too much if it sucks...

being canadian or american doesn't mean you act a certain way or are incessantly arrogant or live in an igloo...being human does...

hmmm lets hate all humans:)

cause you know that'd be smart...

man im really irritated... i don't even know what to say anymore...arg.
luminesence it is worrisome to see that the only delineation you can make between these to nations is $$ and War (HUHN!!... what is it good for.....) They are of vastly differing histories.... and thus are vastly different... everything makes us who we are.... EVERYTHING!!! We are, in part, who we are and nothig changes that.... we are, in the other part, what we experience and what we remember, and THAT changes everything! We don't have near the same history so can we have anything slighylt similar in our present? Just a question.... 040517
minnesota_chris a-absolutely NOTHIN

say it again!
kookaburra WAR!!
i despise,
cuz it means destruction of innocent lives gonna go do something productive now...
sixstop cuz you know. . .they weren't attacking us or threatening to kill all Zionists before we invaded Afghanistan of Iraq....

...oh wait, they were.

There goes that innocent lives observation...
minnesota_chris I'd want to kill a zionist if they were bulldozing my house. I'd probably be up for it if they were bulldozing someone else's house. 040519
sixstop because... you know what its like to live on the west bank... 040519
minnesota_chris you can give me ad hominems all day long, it still doesn't make you right. Or pleasant. 040520
sixstop so whats your contention, here? You have no substance.

That you can and should kill Americans every chance you get, yet you say war is good for nothing?

I don't have to worry about being 'right' when next to you who makes no sense at all.
minnesota_chris I don't like it when I or anyone else is being crushed. And that violence is a natural response to subjugation.

so obvious an argument, I thought I didn't have to make it.
shower singer Look, if you don't like Vegemite, you're just not eating it correctly.

It's not jam, people!
sjstring amber waves of grain 040723
zionist And that violence is a natural response to subjugation.

Thus the modern nation of Isreal was formed.
globalfruitbat ok, I love our neighbours to the south. (that would make me...CANADIAN.) i've met some really really friendly folks from the USA (and I work in a tourist store--the fact that I think that ANYone is friendly is a strong testament to them--good ambassadors for your country, the people that i've met have been fro every part of the US)
Today, I had a tourist come into my store--which is an Irish Imports store (I get a lot of "Do you have to be Irish to work here?" and variances on that witty remark...) so we carry irish jewlery. Which incluse Irish/Celtic crosses. so this guy says to me "I thought you banned crosses in Canada" and i'm thinking "maybe he's thinking about the edict in France where any religious adornments were not allowed in schools? hmmm..." but SAID "Um, no." and HE follwed with "yeah, I heard that Christian radio is banned cause y'all think it's Hate Speech." (I could hear the Capital Letters when he said that). So I told him that that wasn't true, but COME ON!!!

oh, and we once had someone ask where to but totem pole seeds. Totem. Pole. Seeds.

This rant having been said... Americans are well educated, funny, articulate, innovative and friendly. And I work in a tourist shop, so I know.
kx21 ***
* The Value of American Hostage

Year 2004 versus Year 1979


an American Hostage held in

a) Iraq (2004 -Nearly_'70_foreigners'_taken_hostage_in_Iraq)


b) Iran (1979 - United_States_Iran_hostage_crisis_Nov_4_1979)?

Specifically -

Which is higher: a) or b) ?

Tell one that...
globalfruitbat hey, ay know what kx21? I vowed I wouldn't interact with you cause you just turn everything to be about yourself. But you piss me off. Not for any reason within myself that I need to examin, but because you disregard everyone else and propagate in a really annoying way.

So ha. I choose.......

C)--you cannot place a value on a human life. Which, I think, is the point that you are trying to make in some round about way, but seriously? Stop it.

Not that I think you will listen to me, as the only person you listen to is yourself.

Now I've typed myself much more annoyed than i was before.
I'm going to play in the sun.
kx21 Oops...

A_Point_in_time to "Spin" one's Soul in the circle_of_concern of Freedom_and_democracy:-

U.S. ... 050104
WMD Politics_21k 050104
radiochu Americans are people too. all people have flaws. the flaw of Americans just happens to be the fact that we're excessively proud of how far we've come in our short span of existence.

think of how we got here, anyway. it's not like we just settled down and took over. for us to be so heavily involved in foreign markets has to be a result of them letting us. there is no commerce without consent. how we got to be political leaders I have no clue. all I know is, when I walk down the street, I don't see people who greet you with a 'hi, remember to be snotty and arrogant today,' I don't see people who go out and say 'we're the best country! yeah! everyone else sucks!' (granted, there are those people, but they're not literally everywhere) I see people who are very concerned with what goes on other places, who have very definite opinions, and who are just kind in general. mass value judgments on the country only make people mad, they don't make other people think you're right. all America needs is to stop putting so much of an emphasis on the material.

I've made no sense.

forgive me.
Xindaris America is too big of a country to be looked at as a whole, aside from federal government. People in the West are different from people in the East; people in the North are different from people in the South. One could find it amazing that even with all these differences, we've only had one civil war and have somehow managed to be the country that everybody stereotypes and hates.
Parts of America's constitution was based on the Bible, like it or not. (Murdering is illegal in both). That doesn't mean every person is a Christian or even wants to be a Christian here, like it or not.
Even so...
Each person is an individual. Ethnics and country and religion can never replace individuality, although all of these tend to build upon what that individuality represents. (Even being completely the opposite of what a person matching your description is stereotyped as is still being affected by that stereotype, by negating it.)
z i did not post any of the above blathes. 070604
what's it to you?
who go