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The streets are cold
Colder than when they're empty
And the things we're told
As children aren't helping any
Used to know
That I could be anything I wanted to
I was a fool.

What were my dearest dreams
Came shat from slick illusions
The reality
In a tailored mass illusion
Reeks of misery
What exactly did they Teach us back in school?
What did they Do?!

Seems the soul is undisturbed
By the memory of what it was
Still our children's eyes remain
Reflecting what's become of us
Just behind the glitz and glamour
Heaves the heart of a twisted nation
Enterprising APATHISTS
On a SOLD OUT trip to obliteration

STOP filling my head with INFORMATION!

Sreets are cold
They've only gotten colder
And how far they go
Before the ride is over's
Not for us to know
Might interrupt production if we knew
Might dull the tool.

The mechanism's unconcerned
With the human waste of what it does
Broken yearning burns a lifetime
Then the beast is done with us
Underneath the network clamor
Feeds the soul of the corporation
Politicians HIDE their eyes
Down in line buying time at the TV_STATION
(They've got some INFORMATION.)

Step outside the hype and find
A hole concealing what it does
Feeding lies that shut our eyes
To the sickness it instills in us

Beyond a common rumble
Ripen seeds in the soul of a weary nation
Planted by their children's eyes
Growing tall on the promise of liberation!

STOP filling our heads with INFORMATION!
STOP letting them feed us INFORM˘_-- TRANSMISSION ENDED --

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming
..already in progress.

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somebody Ok who ever did this

it was siiiiiick! you kick ass
User24 Nemer Fads Inc... genius. 031027
grendel that's quite alright, i just ate lunch

but thank you.
Doar boobies! 031027
MCP Two suggestions:
-leave America
-don't watch so much damn t.v.

Fox News is bogus, so is Bush, but who's forcing you? The time to really complain about America is when they close the gates.

_ U_guys_rock 031122
not sure why how would leaving america help if america is bent on spreading its way of living across the face of the planet? 050511
Lemon_Soda I think we as a world need to be on the same page if we're going to get anywhere together. As for whether we have the right to or not or whether our way is the "best", let history sort that out. We're talking about battles and insurgency that cost 75 to a hundred per scurmish...how many people here can tell me how many lives a singal battle in the crusades cost? We not that bad off, and if it just so happens that America's way of life permeates the rest of the world, well atleast we'll be able to talk to each other. Have any of you seen the movie "Hero" with Jet Li? America is the King of Quin. Instead of saying "Our Land" say "Our Planet".

We, nor anyone else, is going to be "right" until they win. I am proud to be an american, but that doesn't mean I think any less of anyone who isn't. Our country presents a unique oppurtunity that literally anyone can take: You can do and be anything you want. Will it be easy? No. Will you have to work fo it? Yes. Will people oppose you, accidents stall you, and forces act contrary to your goals? Yes, yes, and yes. But guess what? YOU ARE NOT CHILDREN! There is no parent sitting around to give you what you want, free of charge. People succeed because they work at it. It's easier for some than others, but your not them. Your you. And if you say "what about those kids born to money, their set arn't they? Their born to success" UUUrrnnnnT! Wrong! They still have standards you can't even imagine placed over them, and they still only get the same option you have: To do what they want to do or not. Oppurtunities and advantages are gifts from the people who killed themselves to earn it just so they could give it to their freinds and family. Just like any of us, the recipients can honor that or waste it.

Are we right? I don't know.
Are we on the right track? Absolutely.

So I say bless America, my home, my country.
. *sighs* - very very deeply, while shaking head in great sadness. 050512
Lemon_Soda How can I say anything else without picking up and moving to another country? 050512
Lemon_Soda If you don't like the way things are going then get active! Research your vote. Vote in the first place! Start an orginization that will fight for and uphold your ideals. Anything and everything about our country is mutable, you just have to get the ball rolling. Its no good to just complain. Do something about it! Who knows how far you'll go. 050512
the star spangled banner still burns at the hands maybe your right. maybe the world will be better off when we're all slaving away in a unicorp factory to pay for basic food and shelter. that is the current trend in this country. its a trend being spread around the world.

right now, there's a farmer somewhere who fell for the lie. he just got a loan for a tractor he cant afford because it is supposed to improve his yields which means more corn. that supposedly means more money except for one thing- his neighbors are doing the same thing. so then the market becomes flooded with corn, the value of it drops and the farmer has to default on his loan. why? whats the reason?

because the only material thing of real value is land. the banks know this. the corporations know this. the government knows this. thats why they have been buying large tracts of it for decades.

if you do not have a place to rest your bones and a place to grow food, you must reimburse someone else for those things. that means that if you are not a land owner, you must pay someone who is.

theres simple solution right? buy some land.

wrong. in this country, unlike most other countries around the world, once you own land, you must pay taxes on that land. of course property taxes have never gone down, so you had better account for that as you are planning for your savings. what does that mean? it means you will die before you are free. you will slave away for dollars that dont belong to you for the majority of your natural life, just to own a piece of land that will be taken from your kids when they cant afford to pay the taxes.

what are you so proud of? the constitution of the U.S.? me too. but our way of living has nothing to do with assuring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we havent safeguarded anything for our children. if anything we've been selling out their freedoms one by one, decade after decade.

what are you so proud of? did you know that the vast majority of those who come to this country do so because it is a fat, cash cow? did you know that they use the money they earn here to buy land and build homes in their own home country where they know they'll actually have something to show for all of their work?

and who can blame them? we say we have freedom, but code our buildings to death. we talk of liberty, but tax our people into poverty. who can afford the "american dream" in america anymore?
there is no american dream in america. its all a big put-on. the american dream survives in other countries, not here.

when you say that spreading the american way of life is a good thing, your asking the world to believe that giving up their freedom for clean streets and slick technology is a good trade. it isnt.

land of the free? two words: patriot act

home of the brave? two words: homeland security

where is the country i love? i dunno, but its not here anymore. i'd leave, but the people i love are trapped here, some by their own ignorance, others by circumstances and still others claim they are filled with patriotism. true patriots wouldnt just sit around and let this happen to the country they love. the last patriot died in 1869. his name was daniel f. bakeman. he's probably rolling over in his grave right now to see what we've done with the freedoms he fought so hard for back in 1776. shame on us.
of its own people . 050512
freedom means your time is yours not theirs the vote is a joke. "theres a system that is very lucrative for those who control it, so lets all vote their puppet politicians out of office, im sure they wont mind. after all this is america. the will of the people is what matters! power to the people!"

no. they control the media. they control the government and so they can not only make rules that "corral" the people into whatever direction it is they want them to head in, they can also directly sway the opinions of those people with very powerful "spin."

"but people have a choice!" you'll say. sure they do, and most of them wouldnt know what to do with a choice if it came up and gave them large type instructions. so instead, the corporate/media machine tells them what to think. they like that. it saves them worrying about it so they can go back to being good consumers- earning and spending, earning and spending.

can you win against the majority? well? not in this country you cant. and since, by definition, the lower end of the intellectual food chain belongs to the majority, brainwashing the majority is as easy as A B C (or CBS or FOX or WLS or KFRD or The NY Times or the Chicago Sun)

what your dishing out (probably with the very best of intentions) is the same rhetoric youd been spoon fed ten thousand times before you were even old enough to vote. "land of opportunity" "rock the vote" "freedom of speech"

save it. most of us grew up in the same media environment that you did. we've heard it before and it just isnt true.

in the same way that the media holds up every crime to the primetime crowd in order to put the fear in them, it also holds up every success to motivate them to slave away. "you could do it too. you could be a millionaire like this guy. this is america, the land of opportunity."

what they fail to mention is that, much like the number of people that are murdered each year, the number of success stories are but a fraction of a percent of the population.

yu literally do have a better chance of winning the lottery than of being financially free in this country. but dont go out and buy those lottery tickets just yet, they take about 40% of that too, right off the top, then your taxed another 10% at the local level and by the time your done, whatever youve bought had such an inflated price and has depreciated so much since you bought it, that its practically worthless.

so yea. go ahead and vote. i do. but unless youve bought the hype and the machiavellian brainwashing, dont expect to be on the winning side of any election.
Lemon_Soda Yes, i do believe in the american dream, just like I believe in god. Just another form of control? Maybe, maybe not. There is and always will be infinite things one can point at and say "things are terrible" but can you find just one thing to point at and say "this is great"? Perhaps your right about all of those things. Maybe the system isn't perfect. Maybe we are being "controlled". Whether thats the case or not, I still have a job. I still have a family that loves me. I have hobbies and freinds. I eat well, I get to see movies, play games, go to the hospital when I'm sick, attend the spiritual denomination of my choice, go shopping, and pursue the arts. I get to look forward to seeing my daughter for the first time, go attend agility meets, writing my books,and buying a house. I can call my relatives to say hi, or catch a plane, train, or automobile to visit them. I can't wait for my next qualifying test in Gong Fu and paintball with my cousins. I clean at a free healthcare center where anyone can go for treatment. People will rush to help me if I'm caught in a burning building or a car wreck. I have a recycling center I can go to. I have city protected trees that make the air smell sweet while I'm jogging. I have a garden that I weed and the foxgloves and bleeding hearts are just coming in. I have a computer that I can discuss whatever I like with people from around the world.

You seem to be discounting all of the good things, the things that most people take for granted. I grew up in a country that let me experience and look forward to all of these things. I will not say you are wrong. But I will not say you are right, either.

Act to improve and change that witch you donnot agree with. Inaction is indecision and indecision is a decision non-the-less.
Lemon_Soda As for me, I'm working in real estate to raise capital that I can redirect to education, the local humane society, my church, and abused women. 050512
andru235 it fascinates, that a blathe titled "feed_the_beast" has lead into a discussion about the american state union.

it makes me inclined to mention the reversed pentagram built into the streets of washington d.c.;

or the strange symbolism on the back of the bill, novus ordo seclorum meaning "new secret order" (more or less);

or the height of the capital obelisk being 555 feet above surface and 111 feet below;

or the establishment of a church in the middle of a desert near a salt like, based upon a letter that is obviously a sham;

or the pricing of so many things at $9.99 (our eyes see upside down before our brain flips the image), though we are told this price is meant to confuse us that is obviously a bullshit explanation, because it would be much more confusing if everything was priced randomly ($8.34 and $23.58 would take most people longer to add than 2@9.99);

but i won't mention it, because i've already heard the dismissive arguments a zillion times, and though the list goes on and on, it is not my job to illuminate the relatively unilluminated illuminati.

by the way, the only beast to be feared is a beast that thinks it is a civilized being superior to beasts.

have a nice day.
who chose this way of life? you want to hear about a good thing or two? sure. heres a good thing or two.

there was a time when you woke up surrounded by those same people that you love. the difference was, that you werent obligated to give up half of your waking day away from them in order to survive. in fact, you worked together to survive.

one day, you would pick berries, the next you might catch some fish. you would then maybe gather firewood the next day and when the season came, prepared for for rainy (or snowy) weather.

nowadays, we spend half of our waking lives away from the ones we love, doing the same thing day in and day out. we fill the little time that we do have to spend with our families staring at a box in the corner of our living rooms telling each other to "shhhhh" so that we can hear what the rerun has to say or running away from them to be with the adopted strangers that we call friends.

want some more good stuff? we now pay people to show us how to do the things that used to be our natural, daily lives. we pay thousands to wilderness outfitters and summer camps just to go back and relive the sort of life we walked away from when we walked into this nightmare.

what are you so proud of? the things you mention as being "the good things in your life" are not much more than what a slave had in his lifetime-

surrounded by family
food clothing and shelter
a job
and strict discipline up to and including a beating if he stepped outside the lines.

what are you so proud of?
dafremen Although I think our anonymous friend makes very good sense, still, Lemon Soda's most legitimate point still stands. You cannot affect positive change with negative words. Don't tell me what's wrong...tell me how to fix it.

Don't show me how the world sucks, show me what's salvageable and lead me down the path to its resurrection from the smouldering rubble of this mess that we live in.

Is our friend right? You bet your backside he is. This is lunacy that we are living, of that there is no doubt. But shouldn't it be obvious that, having been raised to obey and follow, the majority of society's "sheep" will not rise of their own volition?

Give them a light, show them a way, give it substance, breath possibility into it.

They just might follow that vision; knowing that it leads to a better way.
Lemon_Soda "what are you so proud of? the things you mention as being "the good things in your life" are not much more than what a slave had in his lifetime-

surrounded by family
food clothing and shelter
a job
and strict discipline up to and including a beating if he stepped outside the lines. "

Arn't these all we had when we were living out in the woods? I bet we even got a beating if we didn't do the ceremonial feather dance right or mocked one of the oral tradition stories with a funnier rendition. You say these are all barely what a slave had but their also all we had when we lived the way you say we should be...there was wars and abuse then just as there is now, just like games and songs and love, sweet love.

Whats the difference besides attitude?

I happen to work with my mother and father and sister in law at the office, and I work for my brother and his wife part time at night. All my time away from them is spent with my gong fu class witch treats me like family and my freinds whom I love just as much. I'm around the people I love all day long. I don't really watch tv THAT much, maybe 5 hours a week and I've never "shhh"ed someone outside of a movie theater. And I don't know about you, but I've never done the same thing all day everyday. Not once did a single day repeat itself.

As for paying to go camping and wilderness etc. you have to pay to learn anything you didn't learn growing up. All of those knowledges and skills where inherent because we needed them to survive our environment. Thats not our environment anymore. We have a replacement set of skills that has evolved right along with our culture.

It will always be easier to blame someone or something else for our problems. Why take responsibility when you can shove it off on the government, or god, or the whole planet? The culture of victimhood is overproliferated.

It just seems to me that people are incredibly unhappy, upset, and distressed about their lives but arn't willing to take the bull by the horns and fix it. I was there, I know. I'm here now, I really know how good it can be if a person will just decide and do it.

Balls to the wall.

Each and every one of you has the power to make life everything you've always wanted it to be. Your enemies are fear, anger, resentment, hate, regression, dependency, and loss of hope.

You've got it in you, I know you do. But only you can do it. Nobody can make you. Nobody can do it for you. And I swear, if you show the strength of character to walk a better path, to sow flowers and fruit, to give freely and ask little in return, to speak happiness and fulfillment to everyone you meet, I promise others will follow.

What am I so proud of? The world that gave me you and all the potential you represent.
and there you have it mission accomplished. 050520
oldephebe First I'd like to say that there are a LOT of great points on this page. My props to Lemon Soda et al.

I'd like to veer off a little in a different direction. There are cultural constructions out there that defy, that are impervious to impassioned and or moral and or spiritual appeals. There is a class or there are classes of people and cultures that regard the style, the pro-forma projection of hate, hostility, terrorism and stalking in all its forms as an emblem of the "style" in wich they've chosen to construct thier personas and express an ethos that is NOT substance. They do not stalk and flare thier canines in order to seek justice or some kind of truth. It is merely done to ride the intoxicating waves of group hate imposed upon one individual who refuses to be inculcate, or emotionally primed to respond to a hostile environment whe he is out numbered and the depraved deranged individuals are merely looking for that slenderest and yet legally plausible pretext in order to pummel into the dirt
, his bones crushed and blodd pouring out of every orifus. (sp)'
Stan Whyte/oldephebe There the siesmically and hormonally unbalanced young, the under and or unemployed there are those with miserys ceaseless wail filling the desert of thier twisting soul.

there are the young who are having thier neuro-chemistry, thier brain chemistry altered profoundly by a kind of baptizism of hate and torment. By having them participate in this psychotic, dreadful consotium and campaign of death threats, insults and the repetitive and vehement and vociferous ejaculation of the following phrase :"you fucking faggot, fuck you, kill you you fucking faggot." Now it doesn't matter that the person the object of one families hate is heterosexual what does matter is that the phrase is delivered with such poisoned passion thatthose hearing it will believe the sexual preferance to be true even if they do'nt agree with the torment. Tides of torment have I ridden blather. Tides of it. If anything happens to me...you folks will know the cause.
oldephebe As it gets worse, I will post a full account of my oppression and prosecution on this and other sites as well. The police in the 14th district of Phila, namely one detective is in possesion of the facts of the harrassment and terrorism I've had to endure. The Philadelphia District attornies office is as well. As yet the terrorism and stalking have not yet turned physical, but once you get so many people the taste of blood, once the drum major feels the intoxicating and abusing legnth and breadth of his/her influence the appetite is like some filling thier veins with opiate magic. Power and is unchecked abuse is truly evil, but truly intoxicating.

I wa chased out of one neighboorhood and now even in the current neighboor hood my tormentors and thier families have continued the campaign.

z the beast is quiesent 050623
oldephebe My what impressive webs of contested meanings we've weaved here in blather. Some of them are probably more contiguous not just in proximity and stylized rhetorical or linguistic carriage...but also you know ah...*we sling our sociological perspectives right out there as if we're inaugerating a new epoch of thought or philosophical innovation or something (*and i am probably referring more to myself than anyone one else...certainly no one on this page...cause this has nothing to do with feed the beast or the "age of the narcissistic psychopath as a product and instrumentality of constructed meaning and style by a media conglomerate that is invested in the dehumanization of the human in millenial america"...wow that could be like another fraudulent thesis statement for a degree program or something...blech...

never mind

quiesant though..good word Z
you spelled it wrong 050625
z quiescent 050627
spanked until my rearend ran red with blood quiescent

what's it to you?
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