Equin0x They're watching you - but I didn't tell you that. 000524
ponder on this It's not paranoia if they are really after you 011223
cube We should be so honoured
god koliashamba 020503
lani and jesse OMG i am scared, the world is not mine, the govermant is lieing, the goverment is being lied to, the lairs are being lied to, and the illuminati controls everything. what do they want from me!!!!! 040229
.fallen 23

"A flawless diamond, born of the ancient elements with such perfection that all those who saw it could only stare in wonder." -an old Illuminati quote ... Dan Brown wrote a pretty interesting novel about these guys .... Angels and Demons .. pretty nice, he even uses real landmarks and whatnots....
u24 majestic 12 040301
asdfghjkl does anyone care??????????????????????? 050624
smurfus rex If one is asleep, one might not care. But if one is awake, one might be more than a little concerned.

Consider the illuminati_tracking_numbers then decide between the red pill or the blue pill.
parallel university school of thought I am part of the Illuminati, and it's a lot of fun. Here's what we do: we dress up in white robes and then we go around at night and shine flashlights in people's eyes. The thing is, it's ultraviolet light, so whatever's white shines. It creates some really cool visual effects.
Once as went along our standard Path of Light, we came across this kid wearing a mask that looked strangely like a calculator, but with a streak of lightning down the front. He said his name was Harry Packard, his favorite band was HP-DC, and he listened to their songs on his HP3 player... etc.
Anyway, we wouldn't let him join us because he said that magic and science were the same thing, and we are like totally against that. Also the acronym thing was a little irritating.
We ARE watching you.
No, wait... that wasn't us, it was I.B.Mike who said that. He's also a computer, despite his claim to a fraternal relationship with everybody.
By the way, Alex Macintosh STILL insists that Fahrenheit 0.82 is the new infernored. I told him to think different. [The element of freedom is very volatile in the aftermath of division]. 9000? What 9000?
jane angels_and_demons 050814
jimmyjoe corndog what do you do when the system is out of control? find a group and say they are controlling things. that way you dont have to face the fact that the whole thing is a snowball that is too big to handle and theres noone that can stop it. 050815
Palindromist I tan, I mull: illuminati. 060202
sirflaccid Angels and Demons

Good book. I am still reading it. Almost finished now, however.

Do you believe they/it exists?

I do.
oren I read it and enjoyed it thoroughly. If those ambigrams intrigued you, check_out their creator's web site: 060203
Ridiculosi How illuminated could they really be if they run about, spreading fear and darkness over the people? Simply calling themselves "illuminati" does not make them so. When they have raised the low and equalized the playing field, then perhaps they will have earned such a title.

There may or may not be a secret group with such a title, but it is a mere misnomer.

P.S. Illumination and knowledge are not synonymous.
IGG also reading angels and demons.
don't like it as much as the Da Vinci Code
sab good gods children
dan brown, dan fucking brown... he's a terrible writer and just cruises on in on other peoples ideas, and badly.

go find yourself robert anton wilson, and the illuminati triology, then get back to me.

and for everybodies sake, go read the principia_discordia to put everything in its proper perspective. start hailin' eris, its just like catching a cab once you know how

is feelin' like a grumpy old lady today
Da Vinci Recoded It's Infra-Net...
It is The Matrix
misstree i'm gonna have to second sab:

go read thyself some wilson! and some principia_discordia.

at least get thyself some cliff notes.

i'm super cranky and will stop there before i start reaching for throats. very unplayfullike of me.
hsg "go find yourself robert anton wilson, and the illuminati triology, then get back to me."

great book. funny book.

i read an interview where someone asked r.a.w if his stuff was real or w/e, he said sthg to the effect of: "if a monkey looks into the mirror he doesnt see a philosopher staring back at him."

what a smartass. how nicely put!

p.s. never_whistle_while_you_pee
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