jennifer I wanted to hold you tonight
seeing your fair skin
showing under the blanket
I wanted to reach out
and touch you
my hands playing a soft rhythm
across your chest
and if you woke up
make some silly excuse
that neither of us would believe
so I just watch
letting my eyes trace the outline of you
your chest
drinking in you
your soul
your presence
your everything
and you will never know
but I will
and I will keep it as my own
my secret
my love
hahaha I know something you don't know 000106
jennifer he found this
when he reached his hand into his pocket
but I know he grinned
and rolled his eyes
because he knows
Fluke you think if it's a secret no one will harm it and it will be safe
i think if everyone knows there's less chance of it not being real and being stuck in my own mind in my own imagination if i'm not reminded every day...
a secret a., hidden, revealed to none, hidden, mysterious, -ive 000313
talkerBack only valuable till spent 000614
yourself i have a secret. i carry it day and night. sometimes it gets so heavy i have to sit it down somewhere, usually on someone elses tired shoulders. but eventually i have to pick it up again, and deal with it like a child. but im an adult now! where is my freedom? this secret has locked me away. call me riker for short. 3 down, 15 to go. hike! 000614
george shit 000614
boston t party pssssst! im sacagewea, pass it on!!!! 000614
the devil may care That every time she speaks, I am a captive audience

That every time she walks by, my train of thought de-rails.

That anything she asks, i will agree to.
jennifer 000614
Silent Bob What do i do when people ask me what we do when we're alone and it isn't until LATER that i feel i should keep it between us? I tell them things and i get afraid maybe she doesn't really like that. we've never said anything before. I think i'll speak less. 000614
MollyGoLightly everybody! tell me a secret.


i like secrets.
Tank i do love you and i lied when i said i didn't know you loved me... 000702
misstree i don't know if i want you
but i might, so i have to keep it
until i can cut the ribbon
and open my heart
for business
february 3 1996 no one knows my christmas day secret
head lowered even lower hiding from the present and presents feeling unworthy of everything and anything and will i ever believe on God and all that he has in store for me and will you ever believe on me and i think i can never get out for hiding myself because of a drought in speaking and thinkig and all that everyone else wants me to be help me i am drowning just past christmas eve.
february 3 1996 no one knows my christmas day secret
head lowered even lower hiding from the present and presents feeling unworthy of everything and anything and will i ever believe on God and all that he has in store for me and will you ever believe on me and i think i can never get out for hiding myself because of a drought in speaking and thinking and all that everyone else wants me to be help me i am drowning just past christmas eve.
Dafremen The second you're not supposed to tell, it becomes a weight around your neck. Like a pair of tiny hands prying at your lips from the inside, begging to be released, but NO. It's a secret! 010219
chanaka there is no one more important than the keeper of secrets. everyone has secrets. everyone must tell their secret to someone. there is always someone who is entrusted with the knowledge...the secret keeper. 010219
katie listen.
do you want to know a secret?
do you promise not to tell?
let me whisper in your ear,
say the words you long to hear:
i'm in love with you...
Undone I have a secret... 010423
unhinged i love you but i'm not going to tell you how much. 010423
valis gimme a rumor any day
a maybe
a secret
to wrap round my head
like cotton candy on a stick
i'm sick of being sure
all these science jockeys
on the right side of their equations
crushing the round earth flat
gimme a hopeful winking
potential lie
til proven guilty
erin a word used to cover up everyones innermost thoughts and regrets....a word to hide everything your ever done that you wish you could take back...A word that shouldn't be a give into the temptation of one...secrets suck anyway 010529
Erin I love you but if i tell you how much it may frighten you...... 010529
The Editor I tell you it may frighten you. 010808
Die Simcoein My love was a secret?

Then you must not have seen what I saw.
Inanna Secret
Made for a man -but meant for a woman
Put it on your pits
Aimee "it's okay... I have my own secret weapon shhhh don't tell any one" 010817
transatlantic Only you can take it away.

Perfect loneliness -only you can go there.
silentbob This is my new favorite picture. You're on your stairs in the canadian north. your toung peeks out beteween sticky lips, red with inquisition. some black frames rest at your ankles which you can hardly see in the bad lighting on the pring.
at the bend of the stairs is a sleeping cat and the knowledge i'll never get to run my fingers thru its fur, or thru u.
So this is my favorite picture. With one eye open and your bangs cut short and white walls reflecting the stairs, ive got a picutre, now i need a frame
Emel "Kat" your gaze can cast shadows upon me
it can stop the rushing blood in my veins,
your lips upon mine can chase away sorrows, wipe away all the rains.
the touch of your skin against that of mine can halt the unrelenting passing of time...
and don't utter a word my love, don't speak; for your breath, i know, will imprison my soul...
and i know tonight, when you knock at my door, your simple demeanor will capture me whole.
so imagine the agony i must live through, when i feel the burn of your skin against the fabric of mine...
and the inconceivable torment i suffer as you glide eager hands over well kept secrets of time.
Kat and Galina Here is a secret: VENOM ABOUNDS INSIDE PETALS OF ROSES. 011106
phil I'm all alone 020128
Scarlet some are better left unknown.
i have a friend who lives in secrets.
she is a compulsive liar.
and i doubt I actually know anything about her but that.
but if things in her life are that bad, that she has to create lies to fill her life with, and she needs me to believe the lies, I will.
that way i don't have to know the secrets that are so bad she has created another LIFE just to hide them.
Sky C. Bulkington Secrets are always about love, I think. I have a crush on a boy and he doesn't know it but it's hard not to tell him because the way we met is that he was like, "You are one of my personal heroes." But I still think it would be bad to tell him. Love is always a secret, sex is always a secret, feeling close to anyone is always a secret. I think this is dumb, but I cant help it. 020213
Mateo Boston t Party, You kill me! 020213
pritheemydear tj killed a snake, thats his. 020606
devalis is it a secret if everyone knows it but nobody talks about it? 021014
megan in the secret,
in the quiet place,
in the stillness,
You are there.
in the secret,
in the quiet hour i wait,
only for You.
Cuz' i want to know You more.
megan i've been your best kept secret... 021216
p2 see: blather_is_my_greatest_secret 021216
p2 strong enough for a man
ph balanced for a woman
a_tame_fox Voici la fille qui suis-je,
En cœur, âme et ésprit,
Et elle dit que beaucoup d'elle est moi aussi.
Nous venons bien ensemble,
Nous discutons et rions,
Nous pensons et autrefois nous pleurions

Mais, c'est pas ensemble;
Comment être ensemble avec soi-même?
Et nous sommes la même,
Car musique est la voix de l'âme,
Et tarot sa miroir,
Et les deux disent que nous sommes
La même.

Donc je suis égoïste,
Car j'adore moi-même.
Ou plutôt je veux dire ma même,
Ce fille, pour qui j'ai un secret.
C'est très simple: Ce qui est essentiel est invisible à l'œil.
Nous pouvons voir clairement seulement avec
Notre cœur.
feeling horrible now that its done m.lynne
this shadeofpink
dave's girl

...these people know my secret. two arent in contact with him. two wont tell. i'm safe.
glissade secrets can shred your soul from the inside.

The truth will always come out... the question is how valuable is your soul to you?

secrets become lies
secrets can destroy relationships
secrets can mean the end of your world as you know it
gerti rouge Erase our remains from the concrete;
Our secret was too hard to secrete.
Now drop the hand of who you are
To leave with the stranger in the doorway.
realistic optimist a_tame_fox and gerti rouge.
it would seem that the frenchies are the ones who made my mind palpitate.
amazing wordplay by both of you. i intended to write my own, but sit here immoble from your collective words. sometimes it is better to listen than to speak, and i suppose, especially on a blathe entitled secret.
tame fox ie neesh thanks RO :) just got that one published yesterday. 031009
realistic optimist *bounce* *dance*
yay! weehee!
much happiness!
with a magazine?
in a book collection?
do tell!
neesh actually it doesn't mean much to get it published, they'll publish anything their members send in to them, all i had to do was have the guts, and be a member. it's in mensa's poetry special interest group, Lyriq. but still it's cool to see your name in print :) 031009
neesh course now other members get to tear it to pieces :-/ 031009
gerti rouge Why, thank you. 031009
brent A hint of a scent of something long forgotten
a new approach to an old enchanted gate
My key is trembling in my trembling hand
The king of the beasts you love to hate.

It enters looking for the throne of midnight
Where it can rest its head on the cushions of the queen.
The realm is better off minded by the stars
than by pretenders in their evening garb.

I watched and wrestled with the way to say this,
with words that tear and claw in bare display
How much I need to see the secret trail,
that you with life are hiding day to day.
bluten a secret world in a secret personality.
dominant and submissive traits. the dominant personality is always aware of their other half.
but the submissive doesn't. memories lapsing for years, maybe decades, until they come back to the dominant and remember everything.
submissive. what if we spend our lives in the submissive, living a different life with different thoughts. i don't remember what happened for four years. one to four.
everything else is clear.
maybe i'll wake up from my submissive and find everything has changed.
. . 040229
white_wave i discovered the secret to not overblathering! do not assume that because the monitor is turned off to save electricity that the computer does not function. then i go merrily on my way to do something else, yet in the back of my mind i'm thinking "God, i'd really like to blather some more. and then i'm back.

in others words:

when i shut down, i shut up....
ambermoon if i told you it would no longer be my secret. 040229
illusionary_reality however hard i try to shut it all inside, the words always seem to come tumbling out. it no longer remains my secret, but the secret of the world. 040426
Eva nadie saben
es mi secreto
no se les digo
hay pensamientes
entre cada quien
que nunca puede ser de otra/o
Elizabeth so man
have secrets
and i
am just
but man
do i have
puredream I am a secret. I won't tell anyone. 040527
cherise i think people are catching onto mine. one person realizes that s/he occupies my mind constantly, then another and another... i love everyone. [you] 040628
lou call it a whim, a passing fancy, whatever you wish, but it's still there. and just between us, i dont believe her. secretly, i want to find out for myself. i think i will... 040731
Syrope are we done tiptoeing? 040829
Syrope it was different when this was something we shared
now it's me smearing my blood on the walls and you not noticing til 3 weeks later
it's aggravating and humiliating and it just...reinforces the bad thoughts i've been trying not to have

i'm gonna need a sponge
patience i don't even know why i am making it such. 050315
Rx am i holding in?
do i know what i am doing?
Is it the right thing?
should i?
or should i not?
i am confused on my own little secret!
jordie i get my lisence (license licsence license) today and the first thing I'm gonna do is drive to my hook-ups house and buy some drugs. 060523
jordie i get my lisence today and the first thing I'm gonna do is drive to my hook-ups house and buy some drugs.

(license licsence license)
phil Sublime
a hit of green weed
not what I need
to get by
waiting in darkness
in a happy place
'cause I'm waiting for the sun
98 degrees
I can feel it come
a sip of water in my hand
I feel the glass
and thank my friend
sitting here
reading my thoughts
on a sunday
I've got time to sit and wait
a couple days of intense stomach pangs
drop the glass and as it falls from my hands
I see my plans fall to the ground and mix in the ground
someday those plans will work themeselves out
I'll be traveling to Virginia
and some sunday day I'll be reading this poem
thinking of my secret home
that nobody knows
with someone special to watch my eyes roll around
waking me up from the sun bleached dreams that swirl in my head
someday I'll be dreaming again
thinking and reeling in
on some sunny day
in the ancient tree by which I rest
a can of lemonade in my hand
disposing of my thoughts on paper so I can see them clearly
and wish away the pain of those many days
sitting wagering the facts against the palm of my hand
I get a call from my woman
it lasts 10 minutes and 27 seconds
she says she loves me
and this weekend wants to see me again
and I want to see her now
but it is impossible
because I need to watch the kids
but if I could
I would live in Rome
in a beautiful villa
where she could stay
le diablo blanc halfcut 070110
auburn I am so glad you're not a secret anymore. 071104
Friend of Speeegles plaplaplapla! ahahaha!!!! 071105
phil Cold plastic silent phone call
Mouthfuls of laser scratching the disk of traffic jams and crashing chicken machines
What has become of someone so close to you that you can't call them now?

Submarine's light shining up through her body's eyes
Tears of life for balloons
Can you catch the details I am expressing?

Pain in your feet and laughter buried deep and forgotten
A ghost stroking through the mounds of dirt on ages face
Trembling the earth of makeup and residue of laundry day
Like every moon crescent passing through the day
Each tick of a dead man's watch
Kindly caressed from his abused love
A messy strip of bacon in the diced stew
Where are your emotions now?

What comes to me, what lifts me up, that has not been pushed down and buried in my shit?
The angels cringe in their holes covered by a mask
Glistening drops of blood dribble up the tree trunks of celery, fallen underground
The crater of rabbits full of trees tempted into blackness
Memories shining madly back up the heavy chutes
Memories blocking the view
Why couldn't you just tell me?
Whiskey Breathe.
one. two. three.

It consumes my thoughts.
Run and hide?
Too easy.
What then.
Chase him down?
Even if I could.
What would happen next?
He'd see me.
They would.
Sit quietly.
They won't know.
No one will know.
If I just
Sit down

one. two. three.
betrayed Secrets cause pain. unimaginable. Secrets cause war. suffering.
Secrets hurt, and secrets cry.
Secrets make my life go from picture perfect to hell.
Rob You told
what you did not tell

You trusted
with your feelings for

Well I have a secret
I am in love with
In_Bloom For what's it's worth:

I remember every flirtation and every innuendo you passed to me
And it's not that I didn't want you back then, from the time I laid eyes on you and heard your voice to me
That wasn't it at all

How to admit I was too afraid to let myself even think of falling again?
Now to admit that I have, even fighting it all the way
I am

And now of course, you are afraid and we are reducing into forces pulling then repelling
So good it could hurt... so they say
help me agggga...nee...... i burnt my eyes so bad with this old lamp thing my mums got in her cupboard, i was stupid, i looked into it for about 15 minutes, thinking it wasn't working anymore, but now it is obvious it was cos my eyes are in a bit of a bad way now.
fuck. shit. fuck. what should i do?

i guess i thought it might make me feel better but nothing fucking works. just gets worse.
jane-o-pedia Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: hidden, unrevealed
Synonyms: abstruse, ambiguous, arcane, backdoor, camouflaged, classified, cloak-and-dagger, close, closet, clouded, conspiratorial, covered, covert, cryptic, dark, deep, disguised, enigmatical, esoteric, furtive, hush-hush*, mysterious, mystic, mystical, obscure, occult, on the QT, out-of-the-way*, private, recondite, reticent, retired, secluded, shrouded, strange, under wraps*, undercover, underground, undisclosed, unenlightened, unfrequented, unintelligible, unknown, unpublished, unseen, veiled

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: something kept hidden, unrevealed
Synonyms: cipher, classified information, code, confidence, confidential information, enigma, formula, key, magic number, mystery, occult, oracle, password, privileged information, puzzle, skeleton in cupboard, unknown
distant perhaps I am done keeping our secret. you said you love me but it's secret. "i need to know you love me" you said.

but i don't. i can't.

i can't be happy, can't love some one who won't allow me to tell the world.

it's a shame...even she's on my side.
leif I have so many. And they grow in number and depth every day. 121023
leif I have so many. And they grow in number and depth every day. 121023
what's it to you?
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