unhinged yeah, well i'm disappearing again for a week

the beach calls

glad everything is going so well for you and your family. mexico or some shit is it? geez...
Dafremen Hey do0d! Yea Mexico...or some sh*t like that. Where are YOU off to again? 020606
unhinged just got back from north_carolina. at this point in my life i am supremely annoyed with my parents and i would have had a much better time without them but that's the way it goes i guess. smoking pot by the ocean at night is a wonderful experience. there are so many more stars in the sky. and our house had a most beautiful view of the sunset every night. a week from tomorrow i'm off to milwaukee for five weeks again. i'm having mixed emotions but i want to move out of my parents' house for five weeks cause they are driving me batty so it works out in at least one aspect.

i know you've kind of alluded to it before on here, but why exactly did you pick up and move to mexico? i know you are happier there and what not so it's great but moving to a foreign country is not a slight thing.
Dafremen If you knew the culture, the people, if you knew the way a person can REALLY own something down here. The way you can sco0p opportunity up in your hands and at the end have something worth calling your own, if you knew the freedom and the reluctance to allow ANYONE not even the government to take it away (the general UPROAR every time it tries), if you knew the way the people respect you when you are deserving of respect and the way that a person's word is still his bond, the way credit is freely offered and debts are quickly paid so as not to lessen the value of one's word. The way a man's family is sacred and his beliefs are his own, nevermind the largely Catholic population, they are certainly not Catholic in their tolerance for other ways of being and believing. If you could see and feel these things first hand, you would understand why I am here do0d. I wish you would read some of the things I have written again do0d..the one's about the nature of human existence. It's in there and it really is the logical conclusion to all of the searching that life has in store for you. I'm happy now do0d, more so than I have ever been, I would like that for you too. 020615
unhinged well i maybe the happiest or maybe 'least unsettled' that i've been since you've known me at this point. happy isn't quite the word for my current living conditions but at least i'm not horribly depressed. my relationships over the past year, while they have sunk to new depths of unbearable stupidity and pain, have taught me a lot and the new me is anxious to be on my own. one more year in youngstown (yes i am graduating college in only four years; yippeeee) and i will be my own woman finally so i understand your happiness in being in your current position. mine is not that far off and i am beginning to taste it. that and my friends are getting back on track to their road to stardom and it's so happy to see them so happy. if all works out and they get signed i could be a major label recording artist in the not too distant future. while i have had some lock myself in a public restroom and cry my eyes out moments in the past year the way up is getting more triumphant every time. i guess that's just another one of those insights_into_libra . 020615
Dafremen It's still coming do0d. I'm just not as afraid of it anymore. Cryptic? Naww...it's partly why I left in the first place. 020928
Dafremen unhinged,
I miss yakking with you do0d.
yer bud,
Bizzar Wrote me a very sarcastic email yesterday, or some time before it. I dont know what you were talking about daf... check ur email. 030927
oldepehebe wait..unhinged..you're a libra? ok then that explains it..(the it si someyhing good) 030927
Bizzar What the hell. Where is everyone on elevenation? No one has posted there in a while... :-(

Daf... I need someone to have a real convo with... where are you?
Dafremen Hey there! I've been having phone company problems. I understand what you're saying, but remember, getting a discussion board going is work. Check out blather red and you'll see what I mean. Participation is everything until the number of members gets to be significantly more than than the 14 that we currently have. So think of things, add things, supply ideas and respond wherever possible whether you feel you have anything useful to contribute or not. Chances are, your idea of useless information is someone else's idea of insightful. I just got done adding a bunch of posts there. I'm going to spend a few days this next week getting the board into something closer to the shape we want it in. Still reliant on the MSN connection until I can find someone with a handle on MySQL who is willing to invest some time in this thing with me. User24 has been willing and helpful, but very busy apparently. Plus our time zone differences make sychnonized efforts very difficult. Perhaps I'll go onto the vampire shift just to get it up and running. 031101
oE hello daf wherever you are. 041120
Bespeckled I made a list of some of my favorites from among your recent postings (post-"daffy's back"), but decided not to include them here after all - I'd rather not sway the opinion of another who may read what I am writing here someday, so that they may approach your words unbiased and as open as I always am to every word you write.

Welcome back, my friend, my buddy, my sorely missed do0d. You've been through a lot - more than I know and more than I can imagine, and so have I. I'm not sure about you, but I've certainly reached the point where I wasn't sure what was real and what was not, whether you were a true blue friend or a wisp of smoke in a blue wind. But I realize now that, despite the weeks and months between each cycle, we are there for each other in time's peaks and valleys and that simple fact brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.

I'll see you around.

daf You will always be my bud too P&C...always. 050802
ILove Yea, it may be very well that I am running in circles, wasn't that the purpose of the stupid f***s who trapped us down here. It was pretty much a given we couldn't get out of this mess, especially with the religious electronic implantation. Now who the hell would choose this path, some sadistic group of control freaks. Now really, why would we? Have you been shown this? Yes, it is sure love will save the day, so we don't go and blow ourselves from here to eternity, but what we need is some f***ing freedom fighters. Yeah, lets just go on to the next level, the fact is we will still be trapped on this planet. Now, this planet is kinda nice, its nice to have a body sometimes, but when I want to go cruising the galaxy, well I don't need some mind controling freak preventing me from doing so! The freaks that put us here probably already destroyed themselves anyways, so lets concentrate less on the next phase in evolution, and get the f*** out of here! Are there any takers? I am sick and tired of being chastened or having instant Karma or whatever you want to call it. It is for sure most of us are good people, there are a few sickos, but they just had a heavier load of zaps from the freaks. The thing is, we think chastening is helping us learn a lesson. It is not! Yeah, that is why we are on a downward slope into blasting each other into oblivion! It makes no sense. I am sorry to ruin your blathe daf, but truth is what we need! All religion does is talk in circles, with hidden mysteries, begging for people to find the hidden answers. A total distraction. And guess what, in what name are more people being killed all over the world? It sure isn't the ones telling the truth. This deception has created more deception and now we have you daf giving us half truths. Why doesn't anyone just come out and say just what the truth is? Why all the symbols and half hidden truths. Just come out and say what you know!!! What creators, what purpose? Just a straight answer for once. But don;t be surprised if you can't. cause this is the state of man. We need freedom fighters! Calling all freedom fighters!! Yeah, we still need to love each other for obvious reasons, and if there were some spared the worst, thanks for the hints. Goodnight all! Sorry to ruin your blathe daf, but the confusion you feed is not cool. You preach: never teach your kids to lie. Well isn't half truths the same thing? Just make me understand daf, secrets lead to more secrets. 050914
ILove Can you please yell back at me or something. I really need to feel better too ya know. I wanted to tell you that those with the 9 influence piss lots of people off. I have a knack of doing that as well, cause we are usually concerned with the truth. We want to get to the heart of the matter. The number 9 vibrates to the planet Mars. (this is out of Star Signs)It represents aggressive action, courage and conflict. 9 is the number of originality and intiative...also the contradictive traits of vulnerability and naivete. Why we are always surprised by life. Jesus was a number 9 by name, and people think he was pussy footing around!! My dear Aqua husband, bless him, is all the time hearing from me: "just quite beating around the bush, get to the point already(quite huffy)". I really try to be good, but I am a freedom fighter. I hope you are all right tonight. Daf...your wife is lonely...it may seem like the dark side as been unleashed...she is just very mis-understood...soo lonely. I am not saying its your fault, it is not. Actually, I wrote something the other day, I am gonna come back and post it in a few. P.S. still not brave enough for my own string...you can kick me off if ya want! 050916
ILove Selma...And when it all boils down to it, after all we say that we pretend we mean, its all about me. When we put ourselves first all the time, there is not much time left for others, and thats what it has bolied down too. But really no one particular person is at fault, it is everyone, and everywhere you go. It is the parents who can't wait for the childeren to grow up, so they have the house to themselves. It is the teenager who thinks their parents are stupid, and knows they can do it better. It is the child who can't wait to do it on their own, from getting dressed to brushing their teeth. It is the mom who says, grow up do it yourself, to the dad who says grow up do it yourself. I am not sure if the circle will keep going around, or end with a bang. But all myself can do personally is try to change. If we could all have un-conditional love, then it wouldn't matter if we ever learned to do it all on our own, because we would have each other. But we have the mess some people make, or the toilet seat left up, or she does this or that, or he does this or that. And we can barely stand to be around each other. All the bad habits that we have no tolerance of do not show love to one another, it is no wonder we have evolved this way. Is this the lesson of life? I really don't know for sure, but there is an underlying current of love and not hate, otherwise why would we even try. It so much makes you afraid to fly, like a little bird who doesn't believe. And when you are one who keeps trying and never seems to get it right, well then look out, there is no one about. I think the solution to the worlds problem is un-conditional love. Now to just figure out where to start?

----- Original Message -----
Arwyn where are you?

i get occasional messages from you, but you're never here.
Christ without the cross I want to talk to you one day ILove. I have some truths that i could possibly share. You may love them or they may terrify you or you won't see the difference. If you ever find this holla back. 061011
Temporary Enemy of Daf What you did on the "Zeke" blathe was really very juvenille, but you cannot see it because you are BLIND. You said yourself that you were choosing not to read the entry there. Well, well, well. Ignorance is bliss, isn't it.

I don't really care whether or not you read this. I am blathing this for the sneering entertainment of everyone else.

After all, Roger Dafremen, closing your eyes won't change the fact that you haven't learned to construct cohesive rebuttals, and are guilty of most of the faults you proclaim in others. This is true of many people, but they don't constantly preach nor do they go about starting fires here.

It is clear that you rely on name-calling as a substitution for mature discussion. You seem to enjoy claiming that your incendiary words are really meant as part of some scheme, but I don't think anyone really buys that. We are not stupid. You are not the only person here with a brain, but you lost sight of that long ago, didn't you.

Your "tactics" accomplish nothing. You have won no converts, nor any major battles. You have driven more people away from, say, Astrology, than you have brought to it.

Many others here have learned from one another but you appear unable to do this. You just want people to learn from you... alas, you have so little to teach, except by way of a frightful example of what not to be. Furthermore you display such a severe disregard for the feelings and opinions of most others here that I must caution you against visiting a psychologist lest you be christened a psychopath.

You are the preachiest of the preachy, yet you do not follow your own advice.

You are clearly desperate for attention, so here I am, giving you some. Here is a bunch of negative attention. You have, by far, the most problematic and over-inflated ego of anyone here. Spare us this crap about your having renounced it, because everyone else can see right through that.

You want attention, eh? Well, here it is. It is sheer disdain. It is disgust that the others here have for you. I am preparing a little compendium of your increasing megalomania, but I am not doing it for you, I am doing it for everyone else. Why? Because it is really very funny. And at the same time, kind of sad.

You have made yourself the target of a joke. You are not a new Jesus. Nor are you troublesome enough to be an anti-christ. You are just another lost man, lost and angry and arrogant. In and of itself, that is OK. There are many lost men in this world who are angry and arrogant, but you have this messianic_complex that is seriously misplaced.

Most of your "wisdoms" are debatable, or they are of high-school-level complexity. Your emotional insight into others is practically nil. The main reason for this is because you do so much preaching but so little open-minded listening. Change that.

Countless persons here have said these things to you, including several others this very day. Therefore I am not naive enough to think you will give any thought to these words, even if you do read them.

I am deliberately insulting you as part of my secret plan. Had you shown a little more respect over the past six years to the others here, I wouldn't feel right doing this. I believe everyone is entitled to some reckless arrogance now and then, or even most of the time. But you - you are pure conceit, and without the goods to back it up. Worse yet, you have continually spewn venom while complaining of this very trait in others.

So, now you will be my online punching bag, until A) you make some apologies, or B) change your ways or leave this place, or C) enough other skites request me to stop (say about 10 with tenure), since I, unlike you, am capable of hearing what others have to say, or ZZZ) I get bored.

[Yeah, it's pretty crappy that I am requesting another skite to go away. I've never requested that of any skite before, except for the spammer that begot captcha. Note that I did not ever request kx21 leave. I guess Daf has become to me was kx21 was to certain others.]

For starters, you owe an apology to Zeke and Unhinged. You'll have to apologize to at least two others beyond that (note that I am not seeking an apology myself). I doubt you'll be man enough to do it. Indeed, I doubt you're even smart enough to see why you owe them one in the first place.

In the meantime, enjoy the negative attention. It will seep into your dreams. It will hang upon your mind. It will sink into your spleen, whatever the hell that means.

You will say you aren't affected, but you will be, because I will it. My will is tremendous. But I am merciful. All you have to do is quit being so poisonous, or go away and stay away, or do some apologizing... then all the bad juju will evanesce in seconds. Until then, you will gradually succumb to a creeping sense of self-loathing unlike anything you've known before. And between you and me, Daf, we both know you've felt some horrible levels of self-loathing.

You really aren't all that, "do0d".

You cannot help but feel it.
minnesota_chris I suspect that this temporary enemy of daf is, in fact, daf, which would make him the permanent enemy of daf.

Or the anti-daf. Ooh, daf and anti-daf, using the same keyboard!
They call me Truth that is an interesting theory. He would have to be a schizo or pretending to be one or this could just be another attempt at being clever. I wouldn't be surprised by any of these. 080531
dafremen Heheh. Not guilty. But definitely guilty of wishing the "temporary_enemy_of_daf" the best. It's the universal antidote for bad mojo. ; ) 080620
Lemon_Soda Good to read you again, daf. 090326
u24 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3S07rUjplE


you rock.
daf Sorry to be gone so long LS. I didn't change my number to avoid anyone, by the way. It's been a long, hard winter and last year's harvest consisted mostly of freedom and its accompanying unemployment.

Not sure I still have your contact info, but if I do, I'll look you up ASAP. Let me know when happy hour is and I'll try to catch you then. ; )
daf 24,

hey u! glad you enjoyed it. I've been trying to put together the little tidbits that have bumped into me along the way. Who knows how much longer any of us will have to share what we think we know. Don Juan said that "death is an adviser" in that you never know which moment will be your last. Might as well live, speak, act and learn as though they all are, dontcha think?

thanks again for the encouragement.
hsg "death is an adviser"

socrates (peaceful_warrior)
they share some sha_mannerisms

they're clowns...
and they make_fun_of their audience.
a kind_jester if you can get 'em to laugh at themselves.

living every moment as_if it's my laughed.
hsg "Castaņeda's Don Juan, saying: "Death is always with you, actually behind your left shoulder. If he touches you lightly, you will die. Until then, he's your best friend." " 090705
Bespeckled Hey friend. It's been very long. Just a shout into the oblivion to see if you're there. Miss ya. 101008
Doar Hello my friend,

know that you will always be what I have called you, my friend.

and know that if you should ever want or need someone, i am here for you, just as you have been there for me.

i wish you and yours all the best m'DoOd.

take especial care of you and yours.

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what's it to you?
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