psycho babe Hey everyone whos here!!!!! talk to me, I have all the time in the world!
really I do and its sad!
god in mexico hey there psycho babe. this is god. i am in cancun for a couple weeks for some r&r. i really am only fluent in chinese, english and palestinian. do you know any spanish?

please help me!
psycho babe dear god,
Hey, haven't talked to you in a while. I guess I have been talkin to the devil to much lately. So your at cancun? That kicks ass, i should go there someday. No, i really dont speak any spanish, some french though!
unique butterfly hey psycho babe.
i came back.
i have a lot to get off my mind.
SCOTT the cow kicked nelly in the belly in the barn-but why?

ok so ok then and all that-5hrs sleep in two days i hate insomnia but i like the strung out feeling is there a happy medium psycho babe? she who knows all and scares all. and hay, how bout them redskins?
psychobabe Dont know scott, what you been up to? Not much with me, just chillin, and chatting with you sexy bitch! Are you one of bobbys buds? 001121
SCOTT just stumbled on yall-don't know bobby
or much about history
don't know much about the french i took
and sing something ryhming w/cook

me sexy???? you are psycho you sexy blathering babe!
oh tryiong out for a comedy troupe tonight wish luck-good or bad
SCOTT hey psycho, by the way thanks for the email-and i just read what you said about the butterfly and wishing you were dead-we all do sometimes-i wish i were the living dead-sometimes i am, going through the motions w/out any feelings-dead and the

dread.., inside-come crucify the dread, time alone. oh time will tell, think your'e in heaven but your'e living in hell.

time breaths-sticky and sweet
wow-need sleep by babe!
guitar_freak psycho, i dislike Bahgia. Acually i dislike ma famille. I dislike them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Did you know that cold is a four letter word? Just like other four letter words, except it is worse!!! 001122
psychobabe ????????????????????????????????????????What about cold? Um alright guiterfreak, so I take it your meeting with baghia was a bitch?! Yeah I guess it could be, Hey I ttried to call, where were you? 001122
psychobabe Dam scott, I love the way you write and talk!
It all makes so much sence, considering that I practically am brainwashed by all these pills that I cant even tell what I feel anymore.
I hate the way doctors give you pills to make you feel something that you dont even feel for real!
Its all so fake, and that is why I cant stand doctors. I have diabetes, and I have to deal with the practically 24/7 Sometimes, its just to much......
SCOTT life is a struggle, and the pills only confuse the issue. i take em, and now i don't know where i begin, or end. You just gotta take it one lousy day at a time, and it ain't easy.

time breathes, trickling
silver breath-and seethes w/envy
it cries, and we die, slowly
while we linger,
on this desperate life
seeking (always seeking)
a new way, and a better day
our breath grows short
as our lives grow long
and every morning
we must go on

but why?

heya psycho babe, i likes your style!
psychobabe thats kool scott, i like your style to! It kicks ass!!!!!!! 001127
psychobabe heey scott, my buddy becca wants to meet you!?!?! She says,
"IT KICKS ASS!!!!!""
She's makeing fun of me, so i dont really care. But e-mail me soon
SCOTT hey yeah, I always like to meet new peoples, and power to them!!!!

so i'm sitting here, surrounded by light and dark
divorced from both
i have to find my thought
and go in search-
of a brand new way
gotta be myself
disregregard what they say

gotta go on my own
no place to call my home
less you count my mind
its not always kind
it bleeds at times
and seethes w/pain
and joy and love
it calls the rain
silver and blue
magic and despair
it fills my world
and swallows the stare
that i see in the mirror

i am smelling like a rose
that somebody gave me on my bday deathbed
SCOTT oh yeah,

ps-as kid rock sings

we take too many pills
they help
to ease the pain
SCOTT she's making fun of you?!?!?
how dare she, hhhmm dunno bout dat.

it's like having a gummi worm crawl through the plane that is swimming in your mind-it happens too often!!

i can't find my thoughts
or the dreams i send
got a fractured spirit
but its on the mend

have too many visions
phantoms through my mind
they scream w/echoes
'til i finally find

the empty dreams
that once were real
that life has crushed
w/thoughts unreal

but i still go on
w/my mystic ways
i am filled w/wonder
every day

life cannot break
what it cannot find
the powers that be
i have left behind

i am seeking new ways
from a future past
though i was crushed
my spirit is too vast

for the demons of dread
to crush w/spite
i am invoking my power
to blind the sight

of demon dread
and phantoms real
they see me now
and now i'm healed

i'm finally ready now
to go on again
to you my friend
this message i send

"we are golden dreams"
"don't give up"
"even though it seems"

"that you can't go on"
"you can't survive the pain"
"i'll lend you my strength"
"and so will gain"

"a brand new way"
"for you and me"
"we'll find a new way"
"a new way to see"

wow, guess i am blathering today!
silentbob hi scott
im the bobby she was speaking of in an earlier blather on this blathe.
how ya doin, king cheese?
psychobabe yeah, everyone is writeing in here! No one ever writes in here!? You guyys have made my day, much better.

Hows is hanging bobby? haven't talked to you in a while
silentbob oh its goin pretty good
same old same old
still kickin around here
ya know how it goes
SCOTT HEYA BOB, feeling and doin' like a three cheese pizza, which means
i got no idea but it sounded good at the time.

heya psycho babe, glad to hear you like the attention, it is a typical human need, ya know

somebody please pay attention to me!!!

or not

later ya'll

"the killing of the past, and coming back to life"

I am on my way, but what a way to go about it. Bob, if you are so silent, how come the blather? I know, if I can't understand your silence, I can't understand your words. that's cool.

heya psycho babe, just peeked at the ask god, and you are right about him. He's ok for a guy who happens to be a hypocrite (read the bible sometime)

I'll get slapped in a bar in San Diego for ya this weekend, later.
psychobabe thats kool, aight peoples I heard a funny thing today.......but i cant remember what it was???? Hm,blank memories, ah the feeling. Such a splendor, not knowing whats going on, dont try to make sence of this, but i have no idea what i am talking about. Anyways, hey bob, hows the goldenfinger Cd, I heard its really good, i like the anne difranco one, sarah showed it to me, and i like the way she does her stuff 001130
erin the psycho jipsy what is all this? have i found my home? 001130
psychobabe um, no this is MY home. 001201
SCOTT its a home for anyone who needs it, right? wow, heya psxycho isa back and wondering, u ever held a friends hair back for three hous while wishing you could wash "it" off your arm 001204

blue is the thought that thinks itself
erin the psycho popsicle juice but i'm a psycho babe too. i'll pay half the rent, c'mon! 001204
skankfires S#$*&! 001205
SCOTT there are times
when the heart wears thin
and glasslike reflections
of the truth
appear to be falsified
and imagined w/the heart

babble blather babble
psychobabe hey, if i let you live here, then you gotta pay half the these days, everyone use it very carfully!!!! But yeah, this is the house of psychos, to recover, rest, and play hard! 001210
SCOTT sometimes
at night

i run the other direction,
thru shadows of silver
gleaming w/fearsome fateful
glances-taking strength

leaving doubt
unique butterfly hey hey. i'm talking to ya. yup. erin here. you know. the one that you sat next in study hall. i moved to missouri, 'member???
i betta go.
psychobabe dude erin of course i know it was you! come on, how could i forget you! well yea, i haven't really written in blather for awhile, how are my fellow blatherers??? 010119
marty Hey, Babe.

Whatcha doin sittin
here all by yousef?

Frumious wants to buy yez a drink
Thyartshallshant Hello Psycho Babe. How's it going? Good? That's nice. I'm like you were (assuming your not still), I have all the free time in the world and no one to talk to. I just sit and blathe and chat and blathe and check my email. I'm attracted to writing to you because of the inclusion (why am i writting with such big words??) of the words "pyscho" and "babe" in your name. You and I can get along. I'm taken (ha, it scares me sometimes too) but we can still be friends. I enjoy masturbating, blathering, making jokes, masturbating, and just in general doing not much of anything. Well, see ya around sometime, laters - Thy 010119
SCOTT hey babe, sup? how was yer xmas/new years? mine? was in a hospital for "suicidal tendencies" still should be i think. almost out of strength
did my comedy act on the 2nd of jan and the 20th, did ok but did not have the ability to feel anything but depressed
nor do i now, sux huh.
think you once wrote that you hate when doctors give you something to feel someway that you don't-me i dont care anymore-
kindness is a fools pursuit, creulty a madmans, i lay somewhere between right now
Thyartshallshant on hiatus A suicidal comedian. We should make a club Scott. 010123
SCOTT great idea, ya think we could get the overdose prone to join? 010125
Thyartshallshant I can be persuasive! When I'm not stabbing myself in the leg! 010125
SCOTT tell ya wha, i shall do it for ya
you can whap me w/a hammer, norse style

great act, pain and comedy as one
representative of our so-called culture and beliefs

psychobabe, where art thou?
psychobabe hello, i am here my friends. just not had much time for myself or life in fact. :p oh fucking well, listening to my fav. music, Mariyln manson, ICP, Rancid, Jack off jill, ya know the types, their allllllllllll great!

"take your hatred out of me, make your victim my hate, you never ever believed in me, i am your tourniquet"

"They slit our throuts, like we were flowers, and our milk has been divoured...when you want it, goes away to fast, times you hate it, always seems to last, just remember when you think your free, then crack inside your fucking heart is me"

In the words of my friend manson to you all. Write to me soon~
unique_butterfly hey, sup katie.
its erin.
i'm bored.
i was talking to holly.
she and i have been e-mailing a lot and well, when we actually talk on msn, there's nothing to say.
there's no hot topic around here :(
well, i'm feeling inspired.
that's why i'm here.
to write.
a lot.
too many thoughts.
psychobabe hey hey! Someone wrote to me!!!! :) well yea, havent done much lately erin, what about you? things here are pretty kool, my friend brian came back from new york, and we've all just been chillin, write to me soon again, bye! 010313
unqiue butterfly katie!!! i love reading what you write! it make me feel so good!! i miss all you guys!!! my eyes are burning from my contacts right now... so yeah. its weird, cuz i was think about you and cory and holly and stuff and then i get on here and suddenly think BLATHER!!!!!! so yeah. i got this really cool shirt the other day. its black and sleeveless and it says angel on the front in silver and devil on the back in red! now i just gotta find somewhere to wear it. haha. talk to ya latta. 010320
unique butterfly i thought of more to say... hmmm... how strange... not. ok, i'm being weird. anywayz, i'm dizzy now. its 10:51... yay... i don't know when i'll actually get off this thing. i think soon. i feel like i'm gonna fall down. haha. guess what i'm stuck doing again? taking more standardize test shit. well they call the "standford 9 test" but whatever. you know the guys here are so cool... they don't care what you wear, they're all fun. there's this one guy that i met ONCE at somebodies house and yet he says hi to me every time i see him... ooooomg, he's cute!! he has dark hair that's spike and the tips are bleached just enough that his head appears to be turning gold!! there's also this guy that wears abercrombie and fitch *gag* but he's not a jerk believe it or not. everybody here is just, i don't know, sorta friends, but even if your not, you don't act like an ass to them all the time... but i miss you fairmonties. nobody is like any of you. *sniff* i better shut up and go. bye bye. 010320
psychobabe hey hey people, just sittin here being myslef. what you all up to? whoever is reading this. I'm not happy, but i'm not sad, you ever get those times when you just feel....nothing? or you just think deeply? well i'm in on of those moments, where i can just type and type and type, you get the point. well, here are some lyrics from incubus, and manson, and whoever the fuck i can think of in my lost pathetic little mind....

"sometimes i feel the fear of uncertainty, stinging clear....and I, i cant help but ask myself how much i let the fear, take the wheel and steer...its looked at me before, and it seems to have a face, with a haunting mask that feels, but lately I, beginning to find it out, that i should be the one, behind the wheel...
Whatever tomarrow brings, I'll be there, with open arms and open eyes!
Whatever tomarrow brings, i'll be there, I'll be there"

what do you think erin? does that sound kool? yea, i love that song, its from "incubus~driver" i really like that song, its explains sooo much, and the singer is so filling with his words! i cant get enough, its like....he helps me understand it all, all the frustration, all the anger, all the happiness...

but if you dont get what i'm talking about, then dont even ask me, cuz i'm just thinking, but write laterz~
unique butterfly katie... hi. yeah. i know those days. it almost makes me want to cry on those days because i don't like feeling nothing. i HAVE to feel something. that's just the way i am. but i was wrote up above, that's was stupid. hehe. i don't even know for sure what i was talking about, but anywayz, i g2g. bye bye 010410
psychobabe hey erin, whats up? nmh, sorry i havent written in here a while, just been thinking, and haveing things to do.

ryan is gone once again, he had to go on tuesday, when the cops came and got him at johns. Depressing. Its ironic, that before when we were dating, he was sent away a week after we started, then now, its also been a week before we was gone. Depressing.

maybe i should just go and write in the topic "depressing" or something. I wrote in "he" "hurt" and lots of other ones. they can show for themselves how i feel and felt. But nuf of that, people are not writeing in here anymore. its just you and me now biaTCH. lmfao~ ok laterz~
psychobabe hello jeremy, lol 010412
The~Shadow- - hey. never wrote in blather, kinda weird. free of speech and constant words, rambling on and on and on. What's on your mind, something kind, nothing cruel or mean........ :o.... hello katie 010412
The~Shadow- - words of wisdom, and thoughts of pain. suffer through life like never ending rain. hear the cries of children weeping, look above to skies so blue, wondering if your thoughts were ever true. Amazing poems of myth and wonder, when i write, a million ponder. To the thoughts life and spirit, one might think to never here it. blather off and blather on, continuous speech of words never gone. Once again i shall part. Remember always, "Parting is such sweet sorrow." 010412
psychobabe dude! jeremy i'm gonna cry! that was so awesome what you wrote! you just let go and wrote what you felt, and it was beautiful!

sorry i admire great writers, and its great. I love blather for that, because its great, people can read what you write and its pure poetry.
grendelbirdmad this is good.

i like it.
The~Shadow- - can't you sence the feeling of life. so powerful like the blade of a knife.
what has the world come to these days.
all a blunder and words like a maze.
no such thing called freedom anymore.
all the life's beauty ripped and tore.
privacy is a thing of the past.
nothing you say will be heard or last.
so the resort is this.
writing your mind about things u miss.
blather is the way to go.
just so no one can say no...........
The~Shadow- - Candle. lit. burning. bright.
So beautiful. Attracts my sight.
Look into my eyes. They are the window to my soul. Hypnotizing ones ability to think. catching your thoughts and making a link. I have felt the presence of another being. so gentle and so fragile. One might call it an angel.. one might call it a ghost. o well. maybe it's me. Docile and free. Son's of liberty, and women of faith. Here me out..... for i will guide the way. misery is sorrow. Put yourself through it not. Think of happier worlds. beyond your imagination.. Water falls and raging rapids. Forests of green and skies of blue. Fields of neverending boundries. children playing.. you and me... Once again..
shut the window of my soul. come again. i'll be waiting..
The~Shadow- - Don't be depressed..... It gets you no where.. This world is practically there. On the verge of no where. Don't be depressed. Think of things that you like and make you laugh. No one should be depressed. You are loved. and you are hated. You have lost a loved one. or you have a loved one. The mind of a person is nothing but a maze of truth and lie. Deception and thruthfulness. Please. depression is one thing you don't want to get into. it sucks you in like an angry tornado. and throws you somwhere you don't know.... Please. think of things other than......depression.. 010413
psychobabe damn you jeremy! damn you!
lol, your writeing is great, you are a true poet in my eyes. ;)
But enough of that, anybody wanna know what i did last night? it was FRIDAY THE 13TH ADN IT KICKED ASS!!!!!!!! I HAD SUCH A GREAT FUCKING TIME!!!!!!!
I cant say with who, but it was soooo fun. I probably shouldnt say what i did, but that was even better. There was a concert, and align, sub set, grimace, soforth, and ever do randy played. The lights were like the music, beating with its every pulse, and everyone was in pure exstasy, lol~
but if you wanna tell me something about what you think of it all, go ahead, its not like i can stop you~
unique butterfly hi. its me. erin. people worry me. really worry me. i'm thinking about people at school... so yeah. that's all i have to say now. bye 010418
psychobabe ah yes, some of the lyrics from staind~outside, one of the best songs made ever by them.

yes we all know echother here, but that doesnt mean we cant welcome new people in with open arms, thats what blather is all about, you could piss the fuck outta someone, but then state your mind while doing so. Its great.

I know for myself, i have prolly pissed MANY off, but i could give a fuck, cuz its the way i am. Sure i feel therefore i am human, but i'm not going to sit here and just not say what i feel or not give a damn. Its me. Its who i am. Except me.

(sorry, one of my open moods today~lol)
psychobabe what! use your name? fuck that dude, i came up with this name looooong before 010420
psychobabe its quit alright, you never really know on blather, lol~ 010426
psychobabe i am here. alone. no one to talk to. oh well. I have my blather. My feelings. My love. MY needing. I dont care anymore. Such a long depressing day. Its raining outside. For the past week. Seems like the worlds been crying. Dont konw why... 010503
unique butterfly katie!!! omg, this is weird! hehe, let me explain.
i'm having problems with a guy here named jeremy and i just went the jeremy page to write something about him and guess who's name i saw!!!!!!!!! i was just like, wow!! how weird is that? freaky man!
anywayz, the second pic of john you sent was so cool! you looked different in the one of you and hiedi...? just different make up or have you really changed in the, um, 4 months i've been gone????????? dude, i hope not!!!! anywayz, better go. bye.
psychobabe dude, hey erin, your like the only person whos written in here. lol well i made a website for you! its

just for you, so yea, lol laterz~
unique butterfly katie... where are you... *imagine that said in a soft singing like creepy voice* hehe... 010620
psychobabe hey erin, sorry i havent checked up in here, no has been writeing in my thing so i decided to give up and say skrew this its to depressing. Well your not going to be back for a while, so i have no one to talk to...all alone as usual :( 010705
unique butterfly *sniff sniff* katie's sad... i'm sad... the whole world's sad... no really, i'm not that sad but i'm sorry things aren't goin' so good for ya. i have nothing to say. i'm tired... my eyes hurt from my contacts, yeah... well, i better go. bye bye. 010827
psychobabe HOLY DEVIL ALMIGHTY! someone actually wrote in here! you konw how happy i was to see that erin!!!!!!! OOOOh your such a nice friend : )

anyways yes things were bad i was sad but now i'm happier. You konw my stages of depression they will just sneak up on me and kill me at times. But talk more laterz dude:) bye~
unique butterfly hehe, yes, i know. i'm so nice. j/k, lol. i'm bored........ school start last week on monday here, but it's actually been going pretty good. it would be going better if i did my homework, but oh well!! bye... i'll write more later... maybe 010828
psychobabe *siiiiiiiiigh* 010917
psychobabe such pointlessness i feel
towards these days i face
Pointless netherlands
i'm obstacled with
procrastinating more and more
not giveing any hope
Stareing into an abiss
not careing where i am
man fuck it
this is such fucking bullshit
psychobabe interesting 010930
unique butterfly hi, haven't talk to you for a long time... i'm so bored... my life is so empty... yeah. i'm not depressed, just bored.. i need something to do. 011116
psychobabe dude i've looking in this topic and no one has written for so damn long! thank you : p, aright your bored, and empty, hm.......ways to help i dunno? things here are different, different people, different things and yea many many different changes. hows things there? 011116
Norm When I think about psycho babe I imagine a red head with big tits. I don't know why, but I do. I really like red heads. 011117
psychobabe heh ya know what norm, your right as scary as that is. I have dark red hair thats shiney in the sun, and yes my friends have said i have big boobs
*its just a thing i have lol*
your pretty good at that *smiles*
Norm Wow. I am good at that. one for one. 011118
unique butterfly sup katie? stuff. i hate that word. yet i use it all the time. stuff. hehe. it sounds so weird. say it out loud. stuff. lol. i haven't been here forever, but i need to sort of, well, vent about stuff. anyway, guys are crazy. that's my problem. plus i'm paranoid, but hey, that's me. anyway, i'm gonna go. byez. 020122
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