Dafremen Is this then, the challenge put before mankind by this so-called society? To see past the charade and DO something about make a difference? Is that all? So why haven't we done it yet? Is it that we have bitched and moaned about freewill and choice and freedom and God for so damned long that we haven't taken the time to noticed how very much of the first three Man has been given and how little any of Man's creations resemble the latter's eminently superior products. How very crude and wasteful are our designs and our creations for eternity's purposes. How frail and crumble-prone are our finest and most durable manufactures when timed in scale with nature's perfect, slow, gentle forever rythms...her dulce..her warmth. Whereas our streets are cold, how very intimidating our concrete magnificence. Millions of tons of steel, scores of floors in glass and ten thousand years of brass balls..down for the count in 200 years or less. Another dirt clod pulverized in the down-swing of time's immortal hammer. The universe marches on and on and on...(I can almost hear the children in the background going Ha hA!)..and still we build better mechanical eyes and arms and ears and, like infants we reach out to understand and when we can't we blame it on God.

If anything has taken freewill from us..it is MAN and SOCIETY. Look around you? Where is God? Where are those Creations that aren't the products of Man's freewill? Those gates are steel...made in the U.S.A, by Union Labor according to the stamp. Couldn't be God-made...his work is usually pearlier..more durable...less offensive to the eye and to the dignity. (God most CERTAINLY had nothing to do with the Crusades.) God's gates may be opened and closed at will. It is up to US to leave those gates closed, that must remain closed. We are given freewill by Nature and that is the Creator's way.. the Universe's way. It's been around alot longer than any of this crap that we've been doing for a blip n a half of the clock here on the surface of planet "Help! My Children Have Lost Their Minds!"

Is THIS then the challenge put before us?! To fix up what we f*cked up and stand up to those who would put up concrete mock ups while like puppets and guppies we go where the hand behind us pushes us to go? Is THIS our challenge? Or are we so NOT enamored of our freewill that we will content ourselves to waste it away like fools improving on the art of burning lives and Earth until we have neither left to burn? Look around you at these horrors and cruelties and madness and know exactly what it is that you're looking at: THIS is our freewill; we've had it all along. This is the best we could come up with in a few hundred thousand years..a "disposable planet, disposable people economics" based society. There it is..there is your precious freewill and mine. Is this what YOU want to do with it? Burn it away for handfuls of dirt and misery?

Not me...no way. This could be my only shot man..I'm going for it. I've got to..this is MY freewill, not God's, not society's...MINE. I'm not wasting it HOPING for a better way anymore. I'm STILL taking_it_to_the_streets and it will march on in any event, with me or without me. I choose to march along with these footsteps headed off the beaten path. Their barefooted patter leads me home. This land is ours to return to sanity. This is our society that "Man's" freewill has perverted and polluted.

Feel free to take it back.
k "You say got a real solution,
well you know, we'd all love to see
the plan.
You ask me for a contribution,
well you know, we're all doin
what we can." -JL

Indeed, this world is sick, but what can possibly be done?
And not even sick, because it's always been sick. I think we are just plain and simply at the end of our rope. The only thing that could stop this world's ways is imminent eradication.
The coming of Christ would be nice.
ferret America's not free, it's just "better" than most other places. can man give man freedom? 030906
ferret if one man wihses to ascend to a position of power so he can declare all men equal, is he not himself inequal? 030906
ferret is he better or worse? 030906
ferret there will always be those who will dissagree with something. what about them? are their opinions worth anything? if you were to tell them that your opinions are better than theirs or are right, are you better than them? are you equal? by supporting equality does one become inequal? 030906
Dafremen There is a solution. It's very simple: turning_away

Those that have been running the show have nothing without us.
Dafremen Noone should be given the power ferret. We should keep it tucked under our pillows at night when we sleep. It should be as near to our hands as our civil servants weild it as their offices should be that we might pay them a visit should they choose to abuse our power. Posse justice has it's place. The ousting of snakes from positions of power is certainly one of the better justifications one could come up with for it's application. Keep the power close to home. That simple. Federal government? Small office on a lighthouse run by a guy named Merle who basically just flips the switch on a 6 Gazillion Terabyte Per Second Mainframe Computer in the morning and then off again at night. THAT is the federal government.

Better yet. Let's just scrap the whole thing. There's got to be an island I can move to then you can all get back to throwing up your hands and going, "Well, what can you do?" While our future is being consumed.
niska we need a leader.

an activist to take us back to when we were in this for the sake of just living...
COB Do we expressly NEED a leader? That one man/woman in whom all the cherished hopes and trampled dreams have gathered and now hence endowed through some medium of transferance the One with the singular voice and vision and charisma to lift us, to let us be borne aloft upon the swell and froth and frenzy of our collected outrage and fervor?

I say we each one can make the argument each one of us is already endowned to not only shake our fist ruefully while cringing behind the closet door but to fling open the doors of power in the halls of injustice where EVER it resides and ride the crest of our own furies passion, or love or hope or whatever the emotion that is wed to reason and place the archangels golden horn in our mouth and blow.

I agree with what Dafremen has said. Let it be said that on this issue there is no debate between us. In this we are brethren, but I think this world is too full of followers and people willing to be led or looking for inspiration from something outside. As a teenager I began studying for the ministry and I even preached a few sermons. I was privy to the fallibility of these titans of the baptist church and in tandem various political leaders as well, in greater philadelphia and I was privy to the women who confused thier own emotional and physical needs and despair over thier husbands sports fanaticism and love affair with the bottle with what the man of god or charismatic leader really was.

Oh I begins with one voice such as Daf's or ferrets or niska's, one person with a clear conscience, a jaw set obdurately against the powers that be? How many of us have come back from the grave filled with the power of the true believer only to allow it to be uprooted from the ground in us as soon as an obstacle interposes itself between us and our goal. The Source has already put something ireducible in us, he's already given it to us.

Once, long ago there was boy, a young man who'd felt as if he'd lived several lifetime in a harsh and unloving wilderness of apathy and cruelty. The days glided by and he grew, he grew into man hood and middle age until there was no life left w/in, he died and was reborn again into the same waiting grave, the same flat surfaces the same feeling of living under the wheight of a dark sea - until he met her, until she filled him with the power of her love - and then for the first and last time he breathed, he LIVED he loved he felt something, he felt connected to another living thing, her very look eased the anguish in his heart that had become a totem of the abyss, it had become its' agent, its mouth piece until Her. But he placed too much of himself in her, he made Her his Goddess, his sustenance his nurture and when she, the radiant flower of his beating heart withdrew her affections why it almost killed him. It did on some level, and if you believe in the concept of a multi-verse he felt himself dying accross all other times and dimensions and realities and he wondered why this shadow, this echo of himself was allowed to not truly live but exist while hell's carrion flicks have grown fat upon my slow dying form.

So the man now many years hence has resolved, had resolved, will resolve at some later time (because Death will not give him what he wants, heaven and death torture him by letting him live) to never let love's total absolution and abandonement of self darken his door again.

Was i made just to chant what to some might me remarkable and to others ephebic and quixotic hyperbole?

I feel like every day I'm on a quest to gather up all the threads of decency left in this artless world and di sinething...I just don't know that something IS yet. The hope of redemption , of requited love of achieving that perfect symbiosis one more time gallops through my head at night like a great black horse devouring the ground underneath his powerful hoofs kicking up flint sparks that spray out from under neath him.

We need the kind of leaders that will teach us to lead ourselves, and lead others asleep in the Dream to seek out truth and justice in ALL things, to take a stand against this exhausted post-modern ironic world
Oh It begins with one voice 050131
Why was he allowed to exist, not TRULY live, while Hell's carrion flocks grew fat from howling moaning the deep abyss of despair in him, black birds growing bloated by feeding upon everything that I've ever been, ever done ever felt trapped, still trapped within the well the psychic prison my body/mind had become. This body has become the repository of all those things, little mad amok faces of me pounding on the door screaming honor us, let us go, set us free, awaken to a new dream a new life of light that you can have, all the hordes all the lesions all the things i never permit myself to see or say filling up the well 050131
dreamer What's done is done. It can't be taken back. We will never be back to where we were. You will always remember things I have said, you will never truly forgive, lest you try to forget. If I say it with a smile, it was not meant to hurt you. If I said it with a scowl, it still was not meant to hurt you. Can't you love me in spite of me? 050307
pSyche I take it all back
Is is chemistry?
Is it your pheremones
subtly seducing me?
We lie
Our bodies wrapped one around the other
and your breath skates across my skin
I can't help but feel
a bit breathless
I can hear
Your heart racing mine
I can smell
Your cheap cologne
My eyes drink
your every line
My brain remembers
every piece that makes You
Your pale cold hands skate across
my sunkissed flesh
raising goosebumps
We talk till the sun goes down
and we laugh at your jokes

I lied when I said
I never loved you
I think I just couldn't comprehend what love was yet.
sadefasefaefaes i grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland and since then i have lived in many different areas - mostly in Maryland but in other states as well. I have seen a lot of injustice , poverty, inequality, hate and greed. But I have also seen patriotism, genuine compassion, selflessness, love of knowledge and justice accountability and many other noble attributes in my fellow Americans. The later are what i appeal to here on my site. There are so many things that need to be fixed here in the U.S. that we can't afford to worry about much else. And without the help of citizens like us, who are interested in improving our nation, holding leaders accountable, helping those in need, and taking action in general on behalf of liberty - freedom will be lost. Sure, you might say "that could have been true during the last administration", but the fact is that liberty is always hanging in the balance. And it is up to us to tip the scale in her favor. Take Action. I have listed (and will continue to add more) links to activist, volunteer and humanitarian sites to help you get involved. Join my site , follow the links to volunteer, stay politically active - because that's the best way to keep from getting railroaded by those in charge. We must hold the line as a political counterbalance against corporate interests and politicians who (mostly) only care about themselves. Join the fight for freedom, and take back what's rightfully yours !

Voting in any type of election, from local elections to Presidential primaries, provides an important way to voice your opinions regarding elected leaders and overall policies; voting also helps you decide your own future by electing a person who might reflect your own views. The ability to vote exists as one of the most cherished Constitutional Rights that many fought for, marched for, and died for over the centuries.

If the right to vote no longer existed, the country would no longer survive as a democratic nation, and would be completely totalitarian. By not voting, you give away your right to influence the government. More importantly, not voting takes away the "will of the majority that governs this country, and replaces it with the will of the minority". The Twenty-fourth amendment to the United States Constitution states that: the right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State. Because this sacred right has been guaranteed to all citizens of the nation, you should take the initiative to vote for someone/something that reflects your overall views.

Voter turnout has declined over the decades, however it has had a slight upward trend over time. In a downward spiral, it becomes obvious that not all eligible voters are using their rights as defined in the Twenty-fourth amendment. To test the trends of absentee voting in the United States, many tests show that when eligibility increases, the absentee voting does not change. This tendency demonstrates the need for more voters to participate in elections and, if they cannot attend the polling place, they can submit an absentee vote to voice their opinion. Approximately twelve percent of eligible young voters take the opportunity to vote. Furthermore, other forms of participatory citizenship include different ways to get involved in elections and educated in all political measures. To increase your overall knowledge, you must research your candidates, political party, and overall election. A good participatory citizen would know the details of the election and get involved in town politics. Town meetings, local elections, budget allocations and school organization help provide information about local elections and democracy as a whole.

A person, such as yourself, can vote in order to get information across, elect officials, and voice opinions as to the future of the United States of America. The right to vote has proven to be difficult to achieve for all races and genders throughout history. However, now every citizen has the right to vote in any election and, therefore, should exercise their vote.


-link to declare yourself.com



Our Mission

We are people from across the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Our purpose is to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. We investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. We received the Nobel Peace Prize for our life-saving work.

With more than 2.8 million supporters, activists and volunteers in over 150 countries, and complete independence from government, corporate or national interests, we work to protect human rights worldwide. Our vision is of a world in which every person - regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity - enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.

Founded in 1961, our organization has campaigned successfully in recent years for the International Criminal Court and a UN Torture Treaty. Through our research and action, governments have been persuaded to stop human rights violations and change their laws and practices. Death sentences have been commuted. Torturers have been brought to justice. And prisoners of conscience have been released. We ask you to join us - to take action and stop human rights abuses wherever they occur.

The Movement

Amnesty International has a varied network of members and supporters around the world. At the latest count, there were more than 2.8 million members, supporters and subscribers in over 150 countries and territories in every region of the world. Although they come from many different backgrounds and have widely different political and religious beliefs, they are united by a determination to work for a world where everyone enjoys human rights.

AI is a democratic, self-governing movement. Major policy decisions are taken by an International Council made up of representatives from all national sections.

AI's national sections and local volunteer groups are primarily responsible for funding the movement. No funds are sought or accepted from governments for AI's work investigating and campaigning against human rights violations.

Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) is one of many country sections that make up Amnesty International worldwide. AIUSA members elect an 18 member national board of directors to represent them. The board of directors employs AIUSA's executive director, who manages the staff. The staff works to serve and supports the members.

Global Reach

All International sections participate in decision-making by sending representatives to the International Council Meeting. The International Council is a gathering of representatives of all sections, which meets every two years.

The International Executive Committee carries out the decisions of the International Council and takes overall responsibility for the conduct of AI's affairs.

The International Executive Committee appoints the Secretary General, who is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the international affairs of the movement and heads the International Secretariat.

The International Secretariat provides professional expertise and support to the movement. It guides the organization's day-to-day work but is not authorized to make fundamental policy decisions.

-link to amnestyusa.org

WORLD VOLUNTEERS (hundreds of different volunteer sites listed)

Volunteer Action inspiring millions

The 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers, first launched in 2001, offers an exceptional opportunity to join a global effort to reinvigorate the spirit of volunteerism.

Many entities, from all over the world, are already planning an exciting array of events throughout 2011 to showcase the diversity, breadth and depth of volunteering worldwide, to raise the profile of volunteering and to mobilize many more volunteers
- link to worldvolunteerweb.org (lots and lots of activist and volunteer sites here)


The Green Party of the United States is a federation of state Green Parties. Committed to ecology, social justice grassroots democracy and non-violence, Greens are renewing democracy in the United States through community-based organizing without the support of corporate donors.

Greens provide real solutions for real problems. Whether the issue is universal health care, corporate globalization, alternative energy, election reform or decent, living wages for workers, Greens have the courage and independence necessary to take on the powerful corporate interests opposed to reform.

The Federal Elections Commission recognizes the Green Party of the United States as the official Green Party National Committee. The Green Party of the United States is also a member of the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas and the Global Greens.

The highest Green Party decision making body is the Green National Committee, composed of delegates from each accredited state party and caucus. We are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters and regular citizens who've had enough of corporate-dominated politics. We devote our attention to establishing a national Green presence in politics and policy debates, while continuing to facilitate party growth and action at the state and local level.

The Green Party of the United States was formed in 2001 as an outgrowth of the Association of State Green Parties (1996-2001). Our initial goal was to help existing state parties grow and to promote the formation of parties in all 51 states and colonies. Helping state parties is still our primary goal. Our growth has been rapid since our founding and Green candidates are winning elections throughout the U.S.

-link to volunteer for the green party


This November, voters have a choice: We can return to the failed policies of the past, or we can continue building a stronger future. We can go backward, or we can continue moving forward.

The stakes in this November's elections are higher than ever, and the Democratic Party is making a historic investment to help elect strong allies of the President who will work to keep our country moving forward.

-link to volunteer for the democratic party
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