daf This is the third part of a four part series. If you have not read Perception_is_NOT_reality or Of_Fate yet, please do so before reading this. Thanks.

In the previous posts, we attempted to set the foundation for this next part, the nature of human freewill. In those posts, we first tried to show that Truth does indeed exist, and does not rely on belief or perception for its claim to existence. Truth reigns supreme and if belief and perception don't think so..too bad. Truth doesn't need them to.

We also attempted to show that the fate of all things in the universe is a return to their source. This goes for everything in the universe and so, sending a human being back to the sunlight and dirt from whence he or she came is not callous cruelty, but simply the fair and natural way of things. It is our fate, the fate of everything.

In the last post, we also mentioned that as human beings, we have an extra special offer, just for us. It isn't a FREE offer, it comes with some strings attached. This is a chance for us to avoid a return trip back to the elements that we came from. It's a chance to return to our source in a FORWARD direction. It's a chance to EVOLVE toward our source.

This is going to be the most difficult of the four posts. The reason for this has to do with our old enemies disguised as friends..BELIEF and PERCEPTION, along with their biggest contributors, EGO and MIND.

What you will read here is True. There is no doubt of that. I don't believe it, but I know it's true. (Now how funny does THAT sound?) I will attempt to explain what I mean by that further on in this post.

Because this subject is going to be so difficult for any of us to get past the non-dynamic duo of perception and belief, I'd like to start out with a looong story. As you're reading this story, if you could just imagine waves gently lapping at the shore, a mighty ocean as far behind them as the eye can see, we'll try to tie this all together.

This is the story of a farmer. The farmer needed some hands to work his land for the season, and so he put a sign out that said, "Farm hands wanted, good work, fantastic pay!"

Each week, people would answer his ad, and he didn't discriminate. Everyone got the job. After he had all of the hands that he wanted,(which were quite a few more than he needed), he sat them all down and gave them some simple instructions:

"Listen", he said,"I put this ranch together with my own two hands, and I know every vegetable, fruit and weed on it. I know where the animals live and which animals there are and where they are. I know every square inch of this land, where it's dry and where its not, where things grow and where they don't.

See, I designed this ranch, and I've done a pretty good job, if I do say so myself.

Things'll grow, and they don't need a whole lot of tending. What they need is love. They need lots of love and appreciation, but the place has grown so quickly and spread so well, that I can't do it all myself anymore. So here's what I want from you: love this land. Love it like it was your own, like you were me, and it meant everything to you. Help each other out, make sure you love every square inch and that you keep each other happy so that your love is always from the heart and genuine. Do that, and the land will grow, and it will provide.

In return you'll get three squares a day, a place to hang your hat if you like, and an honest day's pay, every single day. Plus, at the end, for those of you that do the job as I've asked you to, there'll be a pretty nice reward."

Well the people couldn't believe their ears when they heard that. It sounded like almost no work at all. One of the folks at the back of the group raised a hand and when the farmer nodded his head, asked, "That's it?! Just love the land? C'mon...there's gotta be a catch!"

The farmer smiled, for he had expected this.

"Well, it's not exactly a catch, but there are a few things you'll need to know. Call them rules if you like, all I know is that I've planned this out very carefully, and these are some things that seem to make things run more smoothly around here."

Then the farmer gave them a list of rules that they needed to follow. The rules were simple, but the most important was, when in doubt, to come to him and noone but him.

The workers went out into the field the first day.

Right away, some noticed that nobody was supervising them. They decided to take off into town and have fun until the end of the day, then they came back around supper time, ate their dinner and collected their pay. They did this every day for the rest of the season.

There were some who worked, but after they saw the first paycheck, decided that it wasn't enough, so they started stealing produce from the gardens and selling them in town on the sly to make extra cash. They continued to do this for the rest of the season.

There were some who had been in the garden a bit longer, that decided that with the big boss safely out of sight, they could make their own rules. So they walked up to some of the other workers and told them that they had been sent by the big boss to supervise. Then they made new jobs for the workers to do, like pulling up weeds and moving plants from this part of the fields, to that part of the fields. Some of the workers listened and did what these ones told them to. Some of them went to the farmer himself, and when they told him what was happening, he said to them, "That's fine, you leave them be and go to this other part of the field. You just keep loving this land, don't you pull up or move nothin' unless I tell you so."

There were those who did nothing but complain and moan about the hot sun out in the fields and a few complained about what the work was doing to their nails. They complained like this for the whole season.

There were those who spent the whole day thinking about the BIG reward that was coming their way. And though they worked hard, they looked at all of the slackers and the ones that were breaking the rules and thought, "You'll see, I'm going to get my big reward at the end, and all of you are going to get NOTHING. Then we'll see how smart you guys are!" This they did for the whole season.

Finally, there were those who set out to love the land. And as the season drew to a close, they found themselves, not caring so much about the pay, not feeling the work so hard or the Sun so hot, but just honestly wishing that the Sun would come BACK up every day so that they could get back out in those fields and see what they'd run into next. As they got more and more familiar with the fields and the things that grew in them, they couldn't help but love them more, because love begets love. They soon grew to appreciate how much thought had actually gone into the fields, and the rules that governed them. They grew to love that way of life, until by the end of the season, their hearts were broken at the thought of leaving, and yet even more, they couldn't think of what to say to the farmer for having given them the opportunity to enjoy this little slice of paradise that he had designed.

At the end of the season, the farmer called all of the workers together and thanked them each for their time, and wished them well and bade them goodbye.

There was a lot of grumbling, for noone had received the "reward" that was supposed to come at the end, and that irked most of them, so they decided that they'd never work for him again.

But there were the few that had grown to love the land, as though it were their own and a part of them, had grown to love the farmer too, for they saw in every field, the care he had put into it's design and they couldn't love the fields, without loving the man who had designed them. As that love had grown in each of them, they had grown to love one another, for a common love forms bonds without wanting or knowing.

These few workers approached the farmer, and thanked him for the opportunity to experience the beauty of his fields. These said that if he needed ANYTHING, to ask, and they would come back...pay or no pay.

"Thanks for the offer," he said, "I'll remember you always."

Come next season, the farmer put out another sign. Some of the faces from before showed up; the ungrateful ones, but the farmer turned them away, said thanks but no thanks.

Some new faces appeared and he gave them work, on the spot.

Finally, the workers who had so loved his land returned, and he threw his arms around them, and said to them, "Oh you beautiful, beautiful people! I have waited so long to see my fields through your eyes again! Please, tell me what you recall, and then spend another season with me and tell me of them again! How my heart has ached for longing to hear from your lips of the beauty you've seen in my fields, through your eyes!"

Then they told him of what they recalled. Again and again they begged him to let them return to the fields so that they could enjoy it's beauty again and be with one another and help the new workers to appreciate the fields..his fields..their fields.

Then the farmer took them in his arms, and told them the greatest secret of all..that they had never left.

And as he did, they saw something that they had never seen before:

In his face, they saw the fields, and in the other workers, they saw the fields, and in their own faces they saw the fields. In fact, everywhere they looked, they saw the fields, and knew that what they saw was the farmer.

See, the farmer was all that there was..all that there had ever been.

To your belief, and from your perspective and born of your perception, you are an individual. In reality, however, there is only the Creator.

You are those waves, the Source is that ocean. You do not exists except as facets of the Creator. When you look into the eyes of another human being, realize that you are looking into the eyes of our Source, for that is what we are. We are our Creator's eyes, ears, heart and appreciation. To hurt you, would be to hurt a part of God. Like one biting one's own fingers.

However, that brings us back to the question of freewill. What good are fingers that do not do what they are supposed to do? What good are eyes that have a mind of their own and would go their own way, heedless of the will of their owner? They are as good as useless.

The choice is this: live your life your way, believing what you would believe and following your ego, your mind's perception and your desires and you will return to your source..return to where you came from..OR

Release the ego, release the need to control, release the material portion of you and listen to the light within.

Listen to your connection to the Source. Those are the "nerve impulses" coming from "the brain" that is the Divine Will. That is the connection to the Source and that is your purpose for being here. Do this, and you will return, again and again..you will evolve with the human race until it finally reaches it's source..in an upward direction.

That is the Truth. Again, I have not released the self, so I have not come to believe it although I know it to be true.

I am still attached to the ego. A few key words should give this away.."I" and "have", "am." Funny isn't it? The smallest word in the English language, is the biggest problem facing the human race today.

You now know your choices, you now know that God is not singling us out for unfairness should we choose not to serve. In fact we have been given more than most of Creation.

We've been given sentient life, and we've been given the opportunity to choose our purpose during this lifetime. If we prove ourselves useful, then we will be retained. That is WAAY above and beyond what anything else is offered. Everything else, simply is what it is, does what it does and then returns to its source.

The final question might be, WHY? Why would God want us as personal eyes and ears and hearts? Why would God want us for this task?

This brings us finally, to the last post, which will attempt to touch on the subject of Divine Perception.

You appear to be waves, but remember, first, foremost and always, you are ocean.
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andru235 i liked the story. nice.

now i will tell an even longer story. it's simultaneous a pointless story and a story that makes every point. it is the truth and it is completely false, all before becoming true, then false, then true again, ad infinitum.

disclaimer: following discusses infinity with a finite language. prepare accordingly.

once upon a timelessness, there was an infinite continuum filled with sentient entities. the entities passed from one existence to the next, from one world to another, dimension to dimension. some entites traveled via their volition, their sheer will. some traveled by fate, following the river to the ocean. others travelled randomly, with no set path: that *was* their path.

some entities had to die to move from realm to realm. others merely had to imagine. some of the entities could only travel via boiuoaifhiawelism, which is difficult to explain, and beyond the scope of this document.

the realms of the infinite continuum were infinitely varied. no attempt to illustrate this would suffice; imagine everything you can possibly imagine and multiply that times (((10^quadrillion)^quadrillion)^quadrillion) and you aren't even close to all that existed in that continuum.

as entities travelled from place to place, sometimes they found themselves in places so remote that they could no longer remember what they were, nor where they were from. other times, whilst travelling, entities were able to retain familiar forms and recall their many lives as one recalls the days.

some realms were without the merest restriction; one could do or become whatever one thought (or didn't think, for instance). other realms were severely restricted; behaviour was dependent on various laws.

because each entity varied so infinitely, it became apparent that some entities were better suited for some realms than others. indeed, most entities couldn't even sustain themselves in certain realms. and preference being what it was, some entities found a realm heavenly that others had found to be hellish.

in one realm was a 'physical' system where the entities took on myriad physical forms. the varying forms allotted for different types of awareness; some had antimatter and gsaiojgsisticism, others had nuclei and agbtrjhs'ed, etc. many had a combination of senses.

in this realm, there were many balls of material which circled around flaming spheres. one of these balls, called "Hearth", had a curious variety of available forms. after many circlings of the local fireball, the forms morphed to allow 'brains' for 'thinking', in addition to the 'feeling' already possessed.

after much more circling, the brainbearers of Hearth became bipedal, and the bipeds overpopulated. then they began fighting a lot, while simultaneously tinkering with the laws of that realm.

certain bipeds realized that they could control other bipeds via various scare tactics. the most effective tactic was found to be limiting the other bipeds' awareness of the continuum, which up until that point, everything knew about.

generations later, nearly the bipeds had separated from the other forms on Hearth and considered themselves 'better', whatever that means. the bipeds now forbade discussion of the continuum for hundreds and hundreds of fireball circlings. many bipeds knew anyways, but were killed or outcast if they acknowledged this.

the bipeds declared that only this one understanding of the continuum was 'true', despite the fact that the continuum was inherently varied and above such a limited concept as 'truth'. after a time the bipeds had deluded themselves and forgot that 'truth' was an invention of...bipeds.

many bipeds came and went, experiencing sub-standard sentience during their visit. while visiting, many were convinced by the power-system that there was nothing more to sentience than that which Hearth presented. meanwhile, the bipeds began a secret war on the other entities of Hearth, but that is another story.

after more circlings, the bipeds became socially fractured. some knew of the continuumm, but had such different descriptions that they fought anyway. others did not know of the continuum and were unnecessarily afraid most of the time.

but the continuum has its mysterious ways, and when the bipeds died, it welcomed them back into the continuum with welcome 'arms' - or, as was the preference of some entities, with unwelcome 'biscuits'. everyone's different.

some of the entities were like, "well that's fucked up. Hearth would be an awesome party spot but the current attendees are trashing the house. i'm going back in...maybe i can help." but by the time they got through birth and childhood and adolescence, it was difficult to remember what the point of this revisitation even was.

eventually it was discovered that there were infinite parallel Hearths, just like there was infinite everything else.

existence was a mysterious gift, and like every true gift, it was given without strings attached. the mysterious creators were not limited by the petty shortsightedness of brainy bipeds, after all.

in one of the realms within the continuum was a magic gate that led to the place where the creators were. turns out the creators live in another endless continuum, a totally different infinite infinity.

and of course, many realms of the continuum have creators who have unwittingly created "new" endless continuums. usually one has to fully depart the current continuum to enter the next; so it is fortunate that entities are fully transferable.

in some realms, entities became spiritually enamored with one another. often they would travel together from life to life, from realm to realm. and the great thing about the continuum was if one lost track of another, one merely had to wait out the current existence to reunite. *whew!*

sometimes entities became trapped between to realms, and acquired deformities of various sorts in the realm they arrived at. on Hearth, for example, there became a problem with bipeds that went on homicidal rampages. after that life, the violent entity would inevitably feel remorseful and invite the victims to its home-realm for a party.

you see, every entity has a home-realm, a realm where it is able to attain unlimited heights of sentience; usually there are kindred entities for whom that is also the home-realm. of course, for some entities, the home-realm is one of solititude.

to enter some realms, one must get permission. other realms can only be reached by forcing one's way in. yet others must be arrived at randomly. depends on the entity, really.

from some realms one can tangibly sense other realms. in other realms, one can only intangibly sense other realms. Hearth is found in the latter.

entities arrived at Hearth from all sorts of different realms. some arrived by choice, some by force, others by accident. some came seeking a kindred spirit, others came to experience the peculiarities of that realm's physical mechanisms. (there are many other places with various physical mechanisms. most entities, if such a thing could be quantified, prefer abstra-physics to plain old physic realms)

one particularily nefarious biped on Hearth declared himself the son of 'the' creator (as if there is only one!), and started directing everyone to his home realm. gullible entities later reached his home realm, found they did not like it one bit, and left for their own home realm. (sometimes the greatest pleasure of travel is arriving at home.)

the followers of that biped also became frightened by a so-called "hell" to which they would go if they were bad entities. what they didn't realize was that this "hell" place was the home of sado-masochistic entities and others who are into that sort of thing. as with any realm, there is nothing to force one to stay; but in some realms, such as Hearth, early departure is frowned upon. the bipeds call it 'suicide' and won't help one another with it. in other places, early departure is expected. i guess there is no accounting for tastes.

the problem with Hearth was this: for some entities, Hearth was home. so it was careless of the visiting entities to trash it. the vats filled radioactive junk were particularily unwarranted. fortunately, infinity always can offer new homes.

still, there were several prominent bipeds on Hearth who found themselves blacklisted from the parties of other entities because of their recklessness. at least, until much later, when the continuum forces them to "kiss and make up," as the bipeds of Hearth say.

what makes the continuum so excellent is that every entity is totally correct. this often annoys other entities, especially in the realms where you must determine your travel plans before death.

in many cases, the entity decides upon the circumstances of their next life while in the current one. thus, their will becomes their fate. in other cases, one 'decides' after dying, in a way. if an entity is tormented beyond its personal threshhold, the home realm becomes the automatic destination; some masochists aside, of course.

some realms exist without time. others have time that expands in fifteen directions. some realms do not have any dimensions, instead utilizing 'kflantopogotiortikol', whatever that is.

every entity eventually creates its own endless continuum(s), into which it may travel, or not; some entities could not care less and avoid their inner infinity at all costs. others, upon discovery of the internal, forsake the external realms entirely, and as a result, the internal becomes the external and the external the internal.

the creators created entities in their own 'image'. a since the creators are infinite, you can figure out what that means for the createe.

hooray! infinity for everything!
Swami Vivekanada "Most men will not walk away from the creations of their own minds willingly. The self won't allow it." 050725
andru235 what a relief, then, that our minds can access infinite realms :D

it really is easy to assume there is only one thing; including choosing not to know. to choose knowing that there is 'everything' forces one to accept things one disagrees with. yet to 'know' anything else, is, in a sense, settling into the safety of simplicity.

curiously, if one accepts infinity, one may still embrace all the simplicities of the finite, without the annoying trap of having to overhaul one's philosophy every time one's understanding shifts.

"but it's even easier if you acknowledge knowing nothing!"

balderdash! it is utterly impossible in our current form to know nothing. you can deny your existence all you like, but there you are, existing. retreat into the nothings is a fun experiment in abstraction, but the only evidence we have that there is any 'nothing' whatsover is the fact that it doesn't exist anywhere.

accepting of everythingness reconciles, well, everything. accepting of nothingness reconciles, well, nothing. accepting something specific reconciles something specific, but the rest of existence remains unaddressed.

everything. it's what's forever.
andru235 - and -

you can reconcile disbelief in everything by believing in it; that is, if you believe in infinity, then you must, accordingly, believe in finity also.

(...paradox delights, does it not?)

yet finity can't explain itself. inevitably one must resort to circles...perhaps this is why we are drawn to it? people like mysteries...
daf Have you ever watched a baby discovering its own toes and delighting in its own ability to use its fingers?

So it is with the intellectually gifted as they explore the ability of their minds to craft new "realities" and "theories" out of thin air. And when two of these intellectual muscles meet? Ahh well they are much like teens who must compete, with their newly aquired muscles. Like the girls who must primp, preen and compare their newly aquired "figure-age" with the other girls. (Dating being the "Decathlon" event of such adolescent competitions.)

Just as a pecking order must be established based on physical abilities and asthetic appeal...so must a comparison be made of intellect among the intellectual. Why? Same reasons. Its what intellectuals have. Our intelligence is our shield and our sword, and so the old animal-pecking-order-combat crap is brought to the intellectual table as well. Sad, but true. This is what intelligent animals have to offer: the same as brute animals, just harder to detect.
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Christ without the cross Yeah. You guys are interesting. I love humans. Like little ants playing in an ant farm. You can be reassured that nothing you can concieve can ever hold a candle to the infinite which is God. You can travel a million miles into the depths of your minds and guess what will await you: INFINITY. Keep digging. The ant farm is endless. You will have a lot to do for eternity. That sounds like a pretty decent heaven to me.

I think you all are right. You guys are at different places in the continuum. But given the fact that this continuum is infinite no matter where you are there is infinity in all direction which puts you in the same place don't you think.

Well, intellect is good. All things are good and you humans are amusing. Follow your heart earth-lings. Put the h in earth back where it belongs. Remember you have three parts, (humans seem to forget sometimes)the mind, the body, and the soul. Don't get caught up on just one part (especially you intellectuals). Love you. God Bless
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