unhinged you could see me reaching
so why couldn't you have met me half way?
you could see me bleeding
and you would not put pressure on the wound.
YOu only think about only think about yourself....
you better bend before i go
on the next train to mexico

you could see me breathing
and you still kept your hand over my mouth.
you could feel me seething
but you just turned your nose up in the air.
you only think about only think about yourself...
you better bend before i go
on the next train to mexico

freakizh true.. nice song.
apparently wrote in here, as i remember.


i love my country.
people are kinda stupid, but what the hell.

and i love how we need to support USA for fear of being bombed/attacked "accidentally".

oops, we bombed a civil hospital.
oops, we bombed hiroshima.
oops, we killed ten thousands of afghans.

by accident.

i'm glad people are not its government.
otherwise i think we would be pretty fucked up by now.
daxle where the rich look down on the poor and laugh
where the natives are so beaten, stolen from, and diluted that they're hardly recognizable
where goverment is a game of money and justice is a joke
quite a bit like the US
cheer-up-emo-kid I had a match
but she had a lighter.
I had a flame
but she had a fire.
I was bright
but she was much brighter.
I was high
but she was the sky.
Oh baby I was bound to mexico.
Photophobe glittering I don't know much about,
Cinco DeMayo.
I'm never sure,
What it's all about.

But I said I want you,
And you don't believe me.
You said you want me,
But I've got my doubts.

Oh Baby I was bound for mexico.
Oh Baby I was bound
To let

Da - Da - Da
Dafremen Having lived here on and off for years, I have to say that daxle's statements are exaggerated half truths in that they are views of a different way of life through American eyes. This country has it's problems to be sure, but the rich give to the poor, the poor give to the poor and the starving starve because they are too proud to ask for food, not because it isn't given to them. The natives lose because they don't speak up, but when they do, they win...almost universally they will not let their spirits be stomped into dust and the fire of their passions be extinguished as easily as Americans will and do. La Revolucion, Cajeme, Chiapas...the people stand up when it is time, and as corrupt as their governments have been, when the IMPORTANT things were in risk of being lost, they stood up, almost to a man, and shouted to the Palacio, NO...NO will take no more from us. Which of us would do the same? (For the pledge of allegiance? No we would not let our oath of allegiance to big brother our protector be taken from us would we? Our rights to privacy? To not be taxed on our earnings? Who needs those rights!?)

In the states a four way stop is about WAITING your turn. Here it is about TAKING your turn. He who doesn't is left WAITING while the others continue to TAKE their turns. THAT is the indomitable spirit of freedom, what we ignorantly BLEET is injustice from our pens and corrals. But justice is slipping 5 bucks to the cop because you ran a stop sign, not 100 dollars and a day off of work. When the price of even PERCEIVED criminal activity is a possible reality, members of society take greater pains not to APPEAR to partake in criminal activities. Although I am a firm believer in "innocenct until proven guilty", Napoleonic standards have their advantages as well.

This is one of the finest societies that I have had the privilege to take part in, and I've lived in a few, on both sides of the Pacific.

Everyone's welcome to an opinion, there's mine.
freakizh here's my two cents for you daffy:

i agree a little bit more about what she's saying, though i know you have a point when you mentioned it was exaggerated.

poors do ask for food--
yeah, instead of offering themselves to work. it's a pretty fucked up country you know. i was having this socioeconomic class where they taught me that mexico's GDP is mostly located in the possession of 10% of the population of the country. funny. 10 millions' satisfaction are no way 100 millions' happiness.

justice sucks.. the laws are full of flaws.. just like when this drunk guy hitted a car with 4 girls at night.. one of them died. but it couldn't be considered a "cruel" or a "serious" crime because it needed at least 2 deaths. so the guy didn't went to jail, only payed a fee, a fee for killing. something among other thousands of cases, which are only the half of the reals one, because low class people are afraid of being abused by authorities.

government IS a game of money, as daxle said. those guys win 2,000 dlls monthly just for NOT doing their job..
and they said the national budget is low.. because they spent it in fucking hawaii trips!

not that i want the perfect country-- there's no such thing. but hell, sure i can complain about mexico's bad habits without any remorse.
ilovepatsajak that's where you wanted to go with me remember? i just want you to find everything you need in me. 020704
Dafremen What makes OUR view of a JUST system the correct view of a just system?

Do you realize that the rich are always complaining that only 5% of the people pay 96% of the taxes in OUR country?

10% wealthy sounds like a much more even distribution to me. I was in a restaurant the other day. This guy started with a taco stand. He now makes close to $5,000 a day after costs. THAT'S the American dream and it happens right here in Mexico every day. Personal incomes are not taxed down here. Nothing wage related pays much...but then again nothing costs much either, explaining why T.J. is flooded with pharmacies where Americans buy pharmaceuticals manufactured by the exact same companies as in the states, but at a fraction of the cost we pay.

The criminal system? They dont believe in death penalties here. They believe in personal revenge. They don't wait for the government to protect them and protect their families and their interests, they protect themselves. They are self sufficient.

They don't believe in frivolous lawsuits, so costs remain low for all and liability insurance for companies is practically non existent. This, once again, keeps the cost of doing business low, keeping the cost of living low. You do NOT pay property taxes on a modest home. You do NOT pay sales tax unless the owner of the store wants to push his business' income taxes off on you. Businesses pay taxes on profits.

Many cops are crooked, but many are not. Justice is swift and reasonable. Live and let live is the motto down here, and if you're lucky enough to become one of the super wealthy, why should anyone hold it against you? (Notice how it's ok with some of you when it happens in the states...but not when it happens down here. F*ckin hypocrisy run amok.)

People watch their kids, they care for and nurture them and build strong family bonds. Folks generally a safe distance...but they trust. They lend, they repay. When was the last time you walked into a major grocery store and asked them to let you bring them the 10 bucks later?

It's certainly everyone's prerogative to go spewing about something they learned in "socio economics" class. Glad you're willing to take the word of a stranger who learned his facts from a stranger.

I've been immersed in Latino/Mexican culture for 12 years now. I've come to know that corruption is a reality in any system where there is a concentration of money and power. Duh.

But I've also seen how a society can systematically rape it's own people and have them bending over and asking for more and I'd rather take my chances with STOPPABLE corruption than THAT kind of systematic brainwashing of the masses by the corrupt in power stateside. I don't need a socioeconomics teacher to teach me what I can see with my own two eyes and hear from the lips of the people themselves.

Their words, deeds and eyes say that they are proud to live and die in Mexico, rich or poor.

We Americans only break out the flags for special occasions, like a wars, holidays or terrorist acts. We wave them like crosses at vampires, hoping that our temporary patriotism will make our fears go away.
freakizh good one daffy.
i would love to argue that but i'll have to surrender and let your words stay. nothing that may come up from my mouth may be as strong as what you said.. specially because i'm young and most of my comments are not that wellbased.

i know people love to live in mexico. i DO. the people is good, the place is great. however, there's something very hard about living, that makes difficult even for middle class (mexico's middle class) to survive.

our view of the system is not the right one as you said. there's no right or wrong, as in most of life's cases. but when you can sense that most of the people is dying because of hunger, that the average education is not higher than junior high, that the minimum wage is 3 dlls (proposed as a limit but it DOES applies in some cases), and our rotten culture's values (beer,fucking,living) can make you think that not everything is doing alright.

it happens everyday everywhere, and as a resident of the country i can assure you mexico is a good example of that.

if it doesn't sound that convincent or extreme.. it may be because we've been staring at the abyss too long that we no longer recognize it as potentially evil or different from the reality we all really want.

a kiss to daffy.
freakizh changing topic a little bit, in a more relaxed style, just for the record, i'll tell you more about those mexican law flaws that make me laugh so hard..
i read in the newspaper that DNA tests as evidence for cheating(adultery?) are not valid. if a couple is having sex in a range of 6 months, it doesn't matter if your child is identical to the milkman or even if your wife is pregnant from him. THE FACT THAT THE HUSBAND CAN FUCK HER AND KNOCK HER UP MEANS THAT THE CHILD IS FROM HIM. hehehe.

and about rotten values..

today i talked with my father. he's actually watching e.r. with me, but he's not looking at what i'm typing.

while we were driving to work, he told me that, to hire a person, he would never choose a person who's hobbie is black magic or favorite sport dominoes. neither he would pick a guy with artistical and social prefferences as results in psychometric tests because it may turn out to be gay. and according to my father, you've to think in long term effects, and being gay is a potential problem. and that's "not what a business wants and needs".

he added a couple of things that established him in the very center of racism.

meanwhile i tried not to look at him to the eyes, because they were filled up with hate and betrayal.

for those who don't know me, i'm a bisexual girl. so hypothetically, if i was never meant to be his daughter, i would never be hired to my actual job, nor even close to be my dad's friend.

it's sad, sad.

and i'd love to blame mexico's culture for it, rather than accepting that my father is a total and complete idiot.
daxle Sigh. I'd love to give a complete counter arguement but earlier I decided to give up my point just because I didn't want to jog my brain by going into the details of plant breeding so I certainly can't see working my brain for this. Can't I just be like 90% of people and stand by my views without ever having to back them up? Can't I just say "this is right and that is wrong" and not realize that there are no absolute truths? Sigh.
No, that works. There are no answers, therefore, there is no reason to argue.
daxle and speaking of songs titled mexico, I recommend beck's
and I'll just throw in that I know a lot of people who have lived most of their lives in mexico and would highly disagree with daffy- take that as you will
freakizh :D

it's not easy to be hanging around without any bases

hugs to daxle.
Dafremen I have an entire colonia here that would disagree with you. Most of them probably don't have more than a Junior High School education, but they make more than 3 dollars(about 5.50 a day is minimum wage...50 pesos...they make more than that...much more) and they see their kids every day and they know that they love their lives here. I have a friend who is a fellow American and who I have known for 12 years, but who has lived here in this colonia for 15 years. Can you believe it?! 15 years. He loves it here. There is a bar here. Go to it sometime. It's called El Nuevo Perico. It's all Americans who have become disillusioned with our system as it stands now and have decided to live down here...permanently. (They call themselves locals...get it?)

I met a guy the other day. Ok, now THIS one is gunna kill ya. (Makes me giggle anyway.) He shows me one of his collector cars. It's called a Kaiser Darrin. (look it up) THere were about 400 of them made. THe guy bought it for about 28 grand and when he's done, he'll sell it for about 60 to 75 grand. He rents three warehouses for his business/hobbies. They cost approximately 1000 a month...apiece. So I figure this guy, is making good money. living the American dream...right? Yea, well come to find out...he lives across the canyon from me. In another colonia on THIS side of the border. Heheh...MExican-American dream. I REALLY don't know where all of these starving people are...but I believe's just that I know better...ya know?

(Side thought. Christian Children's Fund moment: Guy in Obregon Sonora Mexico, drives his brand new, 4X4 truck up to a poor family's house to pick up some letters. He drives away without leaving so much as a bag of rice. He then sends those letters back to the families that requested them and collects his check from CCF. Heheh guess the capitalist way is catching! We've done so well in spreading the inspirational message. CASH is king! Right? Right?!)

This blathe was brought to you by Pacifico...a Mexican beer, brewed in a Mexican brewery, by Mexicans.
daxle maybe it's my fever, but your last story has failed to make any sense to me... people requested letters? huh? what?
brought to you by pacifico co-op in davis, CA; where we discovered that although it was clever to buy pacifico beer, it's actually kind of blah tasting
freakizh daffy,..
always, and i meant ALWAYS there must be some kind of exception to our generalizations.

some mexicans are lucky.. some others don't.

but no wonder why we're still a third world country.. people can make their dreams come true according to their courage, no because of mexico's good circumstances.

and if i still have the guts to dare you, no matter how young and whatever i am, because i see it, hear it, and live it everyday. and something about what you've said about this, doesn't quite fit.
Dafremen First of all, to dax:

Yes when you say "I would like to sponsor THIS little girl in Mexico with my Christian Childrenīs fund donation." That is a request for a photo of the little person and letters from them. (My father sponsored several in different countries.)

Furthermore, I agree that Pacifico is blah. So is Miller Genuine Draft but some of us canīt afford to buy Guinness, Bass Ale, Koenig Pilsener and 1666 De Kronenbourg like we used to (10-15 bucks a six-pack is steep these days).

However I will assure you that Pacifico is the shiznit if youīre buying one of the brands available here in Caguama size. (Bout a 32 Ozer) Glad you got over it, stick with Schlitz.

Freak: I am TERRIBLY impressed by your persistence and very sorry that you feel something is wrong with my assessment of Mexico. There is very little wrong with my assessment. The U.S. of A. is as corrupt as Mexico, it just costs more to buy a piece...thatīs all. Capitalism taken to its logical conclusion means ANYTHING is for sale. Including the cops and government officials.

There are more homeless people per capita in San Diego across the border than there are here in T.J. on this side. Iīm not sure WHY that is. But it is.

Weīre still looking for all of the starving natives and I give em a few burritos if I happen to run across one. (Lot harder to find down here than up in Southern California. Up there they practically mob my car when I come by with free food.(I wonīt watch my fellow man starve. Not if I can help it.))

Keep up the fight. Itīs something to look forward to every time I come to blather anyhow. Entertainment and not half bad entertainment at that.
: )
freakizh well..

feels good to impress someone to the point that its defined as terrible.

entertainment is over now. i don't feel like arguing with no facts and mere appreciation of what i see everyday. everytime you come back with new names, new dates, new numbers that reflect an image of mexico in your mind.

its great you see it that way.
hope you never meet our starvation.

i'm gone from this topic.
daxle well, I lived in san diego for 18 years and it took me all of a fraction of a second to answer your ponderings about why SD has more homeless than TJ (in your opinion, granted).
simple- the homeless in south SD came from TJ... if you're gonna be in that situation you might as well be somewhere where you can milk the system, and that just doesn't fly in TJ
a secondary reason is that in TJ you can build a shack wherever there's space as long as the policia don't feel that you're scaring away tourists, whereas in SD their pretty vigilant about making sure that all bums sleep where they are visible (so they can be harrassed more easily)
Dafremen Yours, dearest daxle, is an absolutely A-typical caucasian argument. Iīm delighted to revisit it again so long after having left the Midwest.

You are wrong of course. Absolutely wrong. 90% of the welfare roles in the state of California are United States citizens...born and raised and 60% of them are white. The homeless? Oh trust me chicklette, I see them...I see them daily. I feed them, I talk to them and I listen to them. By and far the vast majority of them are white folks. By a HUGE margin. They are mostly vets, homeless from other states and the mentally challenged. They are NOT mostly Hispanic.

Latinos would rather live 12 to a room than be homeless, and they would rather WORK than not. Youīve (apparently) been taken in by either propaganda or pure, simple caucasian conditioning. Let me guess? Can I? (I may be wrong...youīd never admit it if I was right.) You think that Latinos and Blacks are lazy...especially Mexicans and PARTICULARLY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Right? Oh Iīve heard from your kind before. Sheltered in some box of caucasian folklore, you know your world through the mythologies that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The same myths that I heard when I was growing up. Course thank gawd I learned that tamales donīt come in a wax paper wrapper. Thank gawd I realized that little_brains want what my fellow caucasians are afraid of losing....control.

Nice. I couldnīt have gotten this discussion to a more revealing point if I had wanted to.
daxle What the fuck are you even talking about. You didn't lead to any point. You guessed that I was racist, and let me fucking tell you, you guessed wrong. Get that through your thick skull. GUESSING DOES NOT EQUAL REASONING. Do them math, dear. 020712
daxle Let's get to the next part then, shall we? I never said that the majority of homeless were mexican. God I can't even believe you would be so empty and irrational... you had seemed so intelligent previously. Is slander really the only way you think you can win an arguement? In fact, I wasn't even arguing with you. I was just stating what I had seen in my life.
Next, you gave statistics for California. San Diego is very different from the rest of the US in terms of the Mexican population.
I personally would not rather live with 12 people to a room than live on the streets if I was in San Diego. I don't think that says anything about my work ethic.
What did I say at all which made it sound as if I thought mexicans and/or black people were lazy? God... I am so disgusted with you right now. How could you even pull shit like that? I happen to know that both mexicans (esp in SD) and blacks have to work twice as hard most of the time to get half of the credit.
In my opinion, you are the one who is living in a delusion. However, you're welcome to it. But I'm not just going to stand here while you say totally slanderous, irrational, and generally fucked up things about MY view. Piss off.
Dafremen Now THAT was entertaining.
Was wondering how long it would take.

Now we're both on the same page.

Meaning that if we BOTH refrain from saying irrational things like:
"the homeless in south SD came from TJ..."
"if you're gonna be in that situation you might as well be somewhere where you can milk the system, and that just doesn't fly in TJ"

Things that make it sound as if you believe that Mexicans came up from Tijuana to milk the American system(which of course is ridiculous. Why would you believe such a thing?! You wouldn't of course.)

Things that make it sound as if you believe that there are more homeless in San Diego NOT because it has great weather, but because it is adjacent to the Mexican border and Mexicans come up to the states to rape our economy and our welfare system. If we would BOTH refrain from making such irrational statements...perhaps people wouldn't get the wrong impression of us. Course I never thought for a second that YOU felt that way. I was just having fun with the words. As usual.

You do have a really nice twin in there somewhere too, right?

P.S. THIS is why you will remain at the top of my list of favorite blather_book characters. Always something entertaining to do. : )
daxle I do have a nice twin, but surprisingly you never seem to bring her out of me... 020713
Dafremen Perhaps it's the dark one that needs the time outside. Maybe my Libran nature senses that and tries to coax her out in the name of fairness and equal time.

You are a dear character anyhow and whichever twin you happen to be(choose or not.)

And THAT is about as much sappy sentiment as YOU're going to get out of me. Now where were we?

OH yea...ignant redneck! How dare you badmouth my brown-skinned brethren?!
daxle they're my brown-skinned bretheren too (surprise!) 020715
Dafremen They would be regardless of race, you know. We all come from the same place and we're all going back there someday. 020927
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