google.com In the US, with the atomic bomb development still underway, it was decided in September 1944 to use the bomb against Japan. The United States wanted to force Japan's surrender as quickly as possible to minimize American casualties. In addition, the United States needed to use the atomic bomb against Japan before the Soviet Union entered the war to establish US dominance after the war. Further, the Americans wanted to use the world's first atomic bomb for an actual attack and observe its effect. For these reasons, those in charge were in a hurry. Shortly after successfully testing history's first atomic explosion on July 16, 1945, the order to drop the atomic bomb was issued on July 25.
Based on this order, a field operation order dated August 2 called for the attack to take place on August 6, with Hiroshima to be the primary target. It is thought that Hiroshima was selected for the following reasons:

1. The size and topography of the city made it suitable for testing the destructive capabilities of the atomic bomb, and for confirming the destructive effects later.

2. There was a concentration of military troops, installations, and factories in Hiroshima that had been spared previous bombing.

lycanthrope he learned about nuclear war in history class, and it hit him fast like the flash picturing all of those citizens knocked down like dominoes, and slow like radiation the implications of it all. if the world could end at any second - if the world could end at any second - why try to be better than the poor, smarter than the dirty streets, why try to marry the better homes and garden girl? what good was holding out for a gilded tomorrow if all that waited was the one second you realized you were wrong in. sudden payoffs suddenly struck up their allure again in the nuclear age like he imagined they had in the savage carthage past of our ancestors, and it felt natural, right. he wanted something extreme, permanent - his life savings on red or black and then done forever. these little accumulations seemed such a horrible way to be good or evil. especially with the end of the world looming. then again, maybe it was best for his own sanity to hold out, to try and keep the world from poisoning him. maybe that flash would be beautiful then, a brilliant new last moment, not a prayed for end. if he was pure, if it had no more meaning to him than hearing rain forecasted and seeing sunshine, maybe he could escape some of the damage. maybe by trying to change the world against its momentum he could keep the world from changing him. but it seemed, with the world like a moving wall of light, a losing struggle. 040413
lycanthrope and then...a losing struggle, well what was the point then? what was the point of all this holding back? shouldn't he be out fucking until he caught something? a child or a disease, death. or god help him, the most modern of all - both. a diseased child, born into medecine, into limitless procedures and adjustments. there was nowhere to stop, except that flash of light. 040413
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andru235 for the moment
that brought fame
i wrote a song
born from my shame

my power is not
meant for nukes
nor reactors;
both are flukes

that you had to feel the wrath
of an actinide's dark path
brings me as much pain as you
unhinged was the rubble of the city reduced to a measurable one tenth or in other words decimated ? 071206
. afterwards, it was certainly a mere spectre of its former self, uH 071206
unhinged my grandfather machined parts for that bomb. i wonder if he ever felt guilty. knowing my grandfather, probably not. 080113
epitome of incomprehensibility 75 years since the atom bomb - otherwise I probably wouldn't know this city's name.

I wonder how it is to live there and meet people from other countries who only remember it as "Oh yeah, one of the cities that got nuked."

A hopeful note: there's at least area where the post-WW2 "never_again" slogan held true. Nuclear weapons haven't been used again in war (as threats, yes; as actual weapons, know). Let's hope that continues.
e_o_i Gah. How did I write "know" when I meant "no"? Why couldn't that happen on a silly blathe?

Je ne peux pas ecrire en anglais, c'est terrible (English is my first language, btw).
unhinged my grandfather also died with at least three different kinds of cancer two of which were probably directly related to his work on those bombs

karma can be swift when she chooses to be
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