farmfish um. yeah.

1. the last party i went to, i...................

2. there's my...................

3. ..........................made me cry.

4. a fucking idiot because...................................

5. this saturday i will.........................
jane one: the last party i went to, i ended up fucking a guy and a girl, neither to whom i was attracted. i guess i should stop drinking.

two: there's a wocket in my pocket

three: i made me cry

four: a fucking idiot because...
i'm actually not adverse to anyone right i'll pass on q four

five: this saturday i will probably party like i've been doing, wake up with my liver sitting next to me drinking a cup of coffee.
"shut up and get back in my body!"
ah, denis leary
Anna_Began The last party I went to I made out with my best friend's boyfriend.

There's a wocket in my pocket.

Life made me cry.

Every man I know is a fucking idiot because... no reason, it's just how I feel at the moment.

This Saturday I will wish it was next Saturday and then actually wish it were two Thursdays from now.
Anna_Began(concerned about plagiarism) My sincerest apologies to Jane. I won't allow myself to read previous answers to the blanks before I answer because I don't want to be swayed in any one direction. The wocket is all hers... it just popped into my head. 030708
jane oh god, don't worry about it at all. i think it's cool that we thought of the same thing. it kind of pops out at you, doesn't it? 030708
sweetheart of the song tra bong 1. The last party I went to, I did something no one knows about except the person I did it with. Not sex related. There's enough party sex on this page already.

2. There's a spider in my bathtub.

3. A song on the radio made me cry.

4. A lot of our world leaders are fucking idiots because far too many reasons to mention, and this will serve as the extent of my political complaining for now.

5. This saturday I will be wakeboarding and driving the motorboat on a glacial lake.
sixteen 1. the last party i went to, i hooked up with a delicious boy.

2. there's a scary sounding mystery creature running around in my yard...

3. seeing my Dad cry made me cry.

4. Mouse is a fucking idiot because he thinks ninjas are better than pirates. pshhhht.

5. this saturday i will be hoping that my dad leaves me alone with the house again so I can have another party.
delial 1. the last party i went to, I had a shirley temple. and I sat next to my drunk brother who was drinking a fruity thing that I could smell every time he'd say something. mm strawberry

2. there's a song in my head right now: magnetic fields - promises of eternity

3. thinking about past_relationships and the bad_luck I've had with them made me cry.

4. adam is a fucking idiot because every single word out of his mouth is a lie, and I wish my friend had never believed him, because we'll probably never speak again due to his actions and her gullibility.

5. this saturday i will be getting_nervous over - and maybe packing_for - my trip to see someone I haven't seen for a year
x 1) The last party I went to, I played with rubber stamps and laughed at the yuppie/hippy hybrid people.
2) There's a hole in my soul.
3) Something made me cry last night. I wish I knew what it was.
4) The old person is an idiot because he/she finds theirself to be wise.
5) This saturday I will go to the Warped Tour and probably not enjoy it much.
carlita 1. the last party i went to, i hosted.

2. there's a tampon in my crotch. (sorry... it was the first thing that came to mind)

3. moving made me cry.

4. rumpel is a fucking idiot because it is just a simple fact of life.

5. this saturday i will sleep all day.
endless desire 1. the last party i went to i went just because i was bored and needed a life and it was nice to catch up a bit. i didn't hook up with anyone at all and i am sure that he is glad to know that.
2. there's nothing in my tummy.
3. (she) made me cry.
4. i am a fucking idiot because. i can't let this go.
5. this saturday i will be working on a garage sale to earn money.
bufflehead 1) the last party I went to I called a two-year-old a "little fucker" after he ran over my foot with his tricycle
2) there's a movie theatre stub that's already been through the wash twice in my pocket
3) my cousin's dog dying today made me cry
4) all the the jackasses who signed recall petitions for Gov. Davis of California are fucking idiots because they don't get that this is just another insidious way for a rich conservative asshole to buy his way into office
5) this saturday i will try to persuade my sweetie to run off into the woods away from his family and fuck like wild beasts
frAnk the last party i went to i hosted with greta.
it was the annual robin hill summer gala.
we had grolsch in pint bottles with porcelin caps and margaritas with contreau, made by one of our guests, gustavo, who was born in mexico.
there was a live band set up in the cool, construction paper green grass and chinese lanterns hanging from the graceful branches of chokecherry trees. there were children being led around the paddock on our haflinger pony. there was french brie and shishkabobs of shrimp and filet.
there were candles on the fenceposts and a fire blazing from antique brick ovens and a stone pit with logs for seats.
there was dancing. there was complete celebration. there was revelry.

there's a longing in my heart to fill in the empty holes where all blood has drained, where spirits have flown like birds leaving for the cold, dark winter.

the beauty of spontaneous discovery makes me cry. but most recent it is simply missing my dad. he passed away a little over a year ago and i fucking miss him.

i'm a fucking idiot when i am selfish and dominate conversation with my exploits or stories about my life. i want to know who you are, what you do, what you like. so i can know what to give you.

this saturday i will take rodrigo to the pittsburgh international airport. he's flying back to san diego today. when i get back i have to go to a clown show/birthday party for a little girl named lexi in somerset.
crimson 1. The last party I went to, I recieved and electrical shock and got wasted.
2. There's a dick in my bed.
3. Nothing in particular made me cry.
4. God is a fucking idiot because I said so.
5. This saturday I will do something yet to be decided.
misstree 1. the last party i went to, i don't remember, as i've been an incurable barfly as of late. it was probably eiher an after-hours (which i don't think count) or the pirate party when pirates_of_the_carribean opened but we were too drunk and surly to go.

2. there's a bee in my bonnet and i'm pretending i don't know why.

3. the united way presentation at work made me cry.

4. misstree is a fucking idiot because she doesn't know when to give up.

5. this saturday i will probably sit on my ass, maybe get intoxicated, maybe do some cleaning, as i do all my partying during the week (most of my friends work food cervix).
reue 1. the last party i went to, i didn't have that much fun... had to hide myself from others

2. there's a emptiness in my life

3. I made me cry.

4. I am fucking idiot because I am so messed up.

5. this saturday i will be helping move crap out of my step-mom's house.
unhinged 1. the last party i went to, i fell off the wagon. i got really drunk and high and heard today by some boy i barely know that he likes me that way....

2. there's a empty feeling in my apartment.

3. knowing that all they needed was to get out of youngstown (from personal experience) and knowing there isn't a goddamn thing i can do to help them now made me cry.

4. sam is a fucking idiot because he thinks saying 'i love you' makes it all better.

5. this saturday i will go to my 8am class, practice, probably come over here and dick around on the computer, go to ee sane for thai food and then probably go sit in my apartment all alone.
1. the last party i went to, i danced my ass off and had SO much fun doing it

2. there's a small green alien in my head that is eating fruit loops and humming 'somewhere over the rainbow'

3. My dog dying last week made me cry. A lot.

4. Someone I Will Not Name is a fucking idiot because They Need a Brain and I Love Them Nonetheless

5. this saturday i will study pre-cal and economics for my midterms that begin monday. also procrastinate a lot.
misstree yay! i get to go to a beer tasting on saturday! *happy dance* 031001
phil 1. the last party i went to, i lost my mind.

2. there's a girl in my class.

3. Sleeping made me cry.

4. Phil is a fucking idiot because he don't know shit.

5. this saturday i will really lay around.
blah-ze 1. the last party i went to, i am not exactly sure what i did, but i am sure it was not good. everyone is giving me snickering looks.

2. there's a quarter bottle of rum in my belly

3. everything made me cry.

4. me, myself, and i is a fucking idiot because i am procrastinating on my life by ot studying

5. this saturday i will work from 3:30 in the morning at a supermarket bakery and blow all the money on stuff i can't even remember what
Freak 1. the last party i went to, i drank wayyyyy to much.

2. there's a thought in my head

3. Lukus made me cry.

4. I am a fucking idiot because...just because.

5. this saturday i will probably get drunk. (yet again)
niska 1. the last party i went to, i... got hella pissed and laughed with people i haven't laughed with in a long time.

2. there's a... large sum of money in my... bank account (and it's all owed to someone else... *sigh*)

3.he ...made me cry. lots.

4. he a fucking idiot because... he acts like a shit all the time and i love it.

5. this saturday, i will... score, more than likely.
celestias shadow the last party i went to, i helped a bunch of my friends make 4 pies which disappeared in about 10 minutes (silly boys!) and then watched mulholland drive with all of them. it was nice.

there's a hatred for my bio teacher in my heart.

watching johnny cash's music video for 'hurt' made me cry.

geaorge bush is a fucking idiot because {this really warrants no explanation}

this saturday i will go shopping with my friend to buy halloween stuff.
ClairE 1. The last party I went to, I got drunk for the first time ever. Some guys honked at me when I was walking home and when I gave them the finger one of them called me a drunk bitch. It was awesome.

2. "There's a kitten tangled in my hair" is an awesome line.

3. Everything, at one point, breaking up with Jon, finding a dead animal, getting my period, hearing about the war and Columbia rocketing down, and rapists, and thinking about my aunt dying, and being alone, and being all made me cry.

4. Claire sometimes thinks she is a fucking idiot because she is only human.

5. This Saturday I will be in Rochester with my friend Joanna, who has lots of plans for me, and I will be starting a well_needed and deserved week_long break.
Adriana 1. The last party i went to, I saw girls puking in the sinks and peeing in the showers.

2. There's a phrase from "Heathers" in my head: "Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw"

3. Leaving my family to come to Boston made me cry.

4. The anonymous person who wrote "Jesus hates fags" on Brian's blog is a fucking idiot because he follows blindly something that he has probably never questioned.

5. This saturday i will get my passport photo taken.
ethereal 1. the last party i went to, i got so drunk that i got high, then i got even more drunk. That resulted in a lot of memory loss. I almost remember dancing, but i don't remember petting everyone.

2. there's a spider in my doorway.

3. ashley made me cry.

4. hamish is a fucking idiot because he think he's intelligent.

5. this saturday i will be working my ass off for the old people again.
pete 1. the last party i went to, i was very drunk, and very high, and threw up on the floor because some one pushed the washroom door shut on me when i was trying to go in so they could wash there hands. I was perfectly sober after that

2. there's a drop of water in my water bottle

3. sadly nothing recently has made me cry.

4. chester is a fucking idiot because he has lost his self identity in a girl who controlls him, who he made to controll him, and he must be lead around by a leash to do anything

5. this saturday i will start writing a 15 page essay, procrastanate, and seek the welcome distractions
pete i really shouldn't say that about chester, he is a good guy, except when his girlfriend is around.. then he is no longer a human, but an extension of her.. its disgusting.. and she isnt even a bad person.. he almost forces this upon her.. so maybe he is a fucking idiot.. but.. i hesitate at that 040310
1. the last party i went to, i didn't seem to be touching the ground when i walked.

2. there's a fridge in my driveway.

3. The centipede made me cry.

4. Mr. Moron is a fucking idiot because he can't help it.

5. this saturday i will try to be still in friday.
1. the last party i went to,i was blinded by the strobe and hit my 'date' in the head with my elbow, hated the crap early-nineties techno music and left before the party really started. hmpffff.

2. there's an ache in my knees.

3. nothing much makes me cry any more.

4. the government is an idiot because they're chopping down the trees to make underpasses and it kills me to see them marked like they were at auschwitz.

5. this saturday i will be trying to study and getting excited about a trip im making next week to islamabad; going for a conference.
white_wave 1. The last party i went to we sang Christmas songs on our knees behind the couch because we thought we might be off key.

2. There's a skip in my step.

3. The "Titanic" always makes me cry.

4. I am a fucking idiot but i would be bored of myself if i weren't.

5. This Saturday I don't have to work for a change. So hopefully i won't be doing much besides sleeping and deejaying at Dance_Jam. *imagines rhythms filling her soul*
whitechocolatewalrus 1. the last party i went to, i opened one present from my mom because it was my birthday. i hate parties.

2. there's a bow in my car.

3. I made me cry.

4. My stepdad is a fucking idiot because he is a liar and an extremem egotist.

5. this saturday i will be at my dad's house doing nothing and i am very excited.
doar 1. the last party i went to, i don't really remember what happened.

2. there's a pin in my voodoo doll of you.

3. I made me cry.

4. He is a fucking idiot because brain damage.

5. this saturday i will be meeting two other skites.
DannyH 1. the last party i went to, i found almost indescribably dull. It was a vegetarian barbecue. Nuff sed.

2. there's a hundred and fifty pounds in my Pokerstars account

3. My girlfriend's meanness this morning brought on by the anxiety she felt at having to get on the tube to work after a terrorist attack made me cry.

4. Tony Blair is a fucking idiot because in a very indirect way he made my girlfriend be mean to me this morning.

5. this saturday i will have to go to work on the tube and it will be my turn to get scared and say something mean.
p2 1. the last party i went to, i... barely spoke
2. there's a party in my pants, and you're invited
3. reality made me cry.
4. that driver is a fucking idiot because s/he's driving slow in the fast lane
5. this saturday i will... play ddr
Toxic_Kisses 1.) Ifelt uncomphy w/ all the drinking that was gong on (I had a cup of water) and didn’t understand why every one felt the need to talk about how wasted they had been at some previous point in time (since when was being wasted and acting like a stupid idiot cool? Let alone something to brag about w/o an ounce of shame?)… Also I…was recognized by some one I’d never seen in my life. How odd it is to feel and think your invisible only to have a stranger point out that your not.

2.) There’s afamily of roachesin mysink.

3.) Sad movies, books and songsmake me cry.

4.) Iam a fucking idiot becauseI have all this ambition and yet do nothing with it.

5.) This Saturday I willmost likely wake up from being asleep the night befor.
ClairE 1. The last party I went to, I clutched a bottle of champagne and watched my friend smile beguilingly at many a guy, alcohol_love swelling her heart. I told myself, "Maybe I should give up on boys for a while," and actually meant it. I took her and another home in a cab, left the stranger out at a strange corner, made sure my friend opened the door to the cab before she puked her guts out, and then tipped the driver a beautiful amount.

I then wandered into the apartment below me and watched the boys engage in some drunken homophobic bonding. Happy_new_year.

2. There's a space in my heart. I'm not quite sure if it's empty or not.

3. I tended to like it more if it had made me cry. Plus, I had finally found someone who didn't understand that.

4. I wanted to call him a fucking idiot because it makes me feel like I'm in control. But it's not true at all.

5. This Saturday I will not be working. Thank God for spring_break.

This Saturday I long to throw open the sash and let March in, but I know I'll only find lion's paws.
oren 1. the last party i went to i didn't know anybody and my wife had some serious RBD.

2. there's a fox in_my backyard on occasion.

3. Reading an original poem to my wife, Friday night, made me cry. She started it though.

4. My general manager is a fucking idiot because he cannot lower himself from his high pedestal long enough to see that no_one gives a shit about anything he has to say.

5. this Saturday i will visit my wife in_the hospital.
pSyche 1] the last party i went to, i felt awkward and out of place

2] there's a bottle of ketchup in my refrigerator door.

3] That Jerk made me cry.

4] Katie is a fucking idiot because she lied like mad to make me feel sorry for her.
5] this saturday i will do the same thing I do every Saturday- listlessly wander the internet.
lucy 1. the last party i went to, i talked to no one and it felt very fucking awkward

2. there's a lot weird thoughts in my head

3. that movie "crash" made me cry.

4. the whole world is a fucking idiot because we just are.
green tshirt 1. the last party i went to, i held their baby while they finished cooking lunch. he fell asleep on my shoulder.

2. there's a page in my diary that i can't read without crying

3. the telstra ad made me cry.

4. john howard is a fucking idiot because he thinks a health economy is the same as a healthy country

5. this saturday i will still be procrastinating
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