I love you all so much! I really do! I may not know the physical you, but you've let me know some of the real you!

XOXOXO to each and every soul, that conspires to blather here!
. . 010105
god back atcha, babe 010105
syd love_you 010105
silentbob ...but if i told you that you might think i was strange... 010408
alkalinepixie i dont want to admit that to myself. 010409
. why? 010524
CinnamonGirl we should've had each other for dinner
we should've had each other with cream
florescent light I can't help it
I simply go ga-ga over this song

You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you
You'd be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I'm alive
You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you

Pardon the way that I stare
There's nothing else to compare
The sight of you leaves me weak
There are no words left to speak
But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it's real
You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you

I love you baby and if it's quite all
I need you baby to warm the lonely nights
I love you baby, trust in me when I say
Oh pretty baby, don't bring me down I pray
Oh pretty baby, now that I've found you stay
And let me love you baby, let me love you

You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you
You'd be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I'm alive
You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you

I love you baby and if it's quite all
I need you baby to warm the lonely
I love you baby, trust in me when I say
Oh pretty baby, don't bring me down I
Oh pretty baby, now that I've found you
Oh pretty baby, trust in me when I say
sense only this time

you forgot...
mmm i love u so much, but i don't know why its so hard for u to talk to me... 010610
Becky I love you more. And I'm sorry. I'll open up to you soon. You'll regret you wanted me to. 010611
mmm no i won't 010611
keeper if only i could let the world let know that i love you in return, if only we didnt have to hide

at least im able to show you
Fire&Roses I thought about it before I decided. Deep inside I already knew. But i wanted to be sure... sure that it was you. Then there are the little things you do and every day I fall a little more. That smile on my face... thoses kisses on your lips... I love you 011004
birdmad it's still true

even though it has become very clear that i can never be the one you really want to hear it from
silentbob i'd carve these words on my side with a sharp blade to prove it was true.

OhMyGolly la la love you, pretty baby.
la la love you, don't mean maybe.
galutoid for sentimental reasons 011005
distorted tendencies For some reason, whenever you say this, it not only makes me feel happy and good.. it makes me WANT TO FUCK YOU SO HARD, SO HARDCORE...

p.s. I love you too.
whatever i_hate_all_of_you 011113
niki but we love you even more 011114
ClairE Ick.

My saying it seems to have no effect lately.

I think I'm gonna cry now.
ClairE I take it back.

Because I've been saying it so much and getting so much back.

Have_some_happiness. I've got more than enough to spare.
meyoui and so do you... 011215
kitten on drugs the 3 words i will never hear tumble off my lover's tongue 020102
kitten on drugs but those words bridge the chasm between me and you....

no matter how deep and wide that chasm becomes....

hold on to those words for dear life, and they'll bring us back together someday.
kitten on drugs and he finally said it...

i told him i loved him, and he asked, "you want to hear me say it too, don't you?"

i said yes...who wouldn't?

and he said those three words so tenderly, and so beautifully, that we both cried. we cried because we knew we didn't have to be afraid of being hurt anymore.

being loved is the best feeling...
kelli crane is not something you say just to hear it back 020112
birdmad you mean to tell me that people actually do say it back?

damn, i always just attributed that to the magic of special_effects or something

"...i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please, just ignore me."
kelli crane i can't ignore you. you didn't ignore me. and yes people do say it back. but you have to wonder if they mean it when they say it after you do. it's just a reflex. 020112
stevie wonder i just called to say ...

_types this with a brail keyboard_
mrsdavematthews davematthews DAVE MATTHEWS BAND dMb
Sarah ...is as much of a threat as it is a promise 020117
Annie111 "I.....enjoy being with you so much."

Almost there.
daxle actually, I don't
we said we always would
I care about you
that's for sure
but love?
it's gone
searching i said it once to a guy who loved me and treated me great. it made him happy and i thought i was doing him a favor

then i said it to a guy that i loved more than i ever thought i could (even though he treated me like shit) and he said it back, thinking he was doing me a favor but i knew he was just being kind

who knew kindness could hurt so much

such is life i guess
ellen cherry charles Lately

it's been on the tip of my tongue...

but the weight of it pulls on me and leaves me mute
ilovepatsajak let's go to the beach 020131
idle sigh... 020204
villiness ME; So when are you going to tell me? (thinking he was going to tell me about how he cheated on me the night before)
HIM; tell you what?
ME; I think you know
HIM; ok...I love you
ME;OH do you now?(chuckling sarcasticly)
HIM; yes. I love you so deeply it hurts
ME; ugh...you make me sick
...but i hate you.
i really hate you.
ClairE Unfortunately should never modify it.

girl_jane I really don't have much else to say. 020331
ClairE too, he said.

It was like eating pomegranate. For the first time.
blown cherry I never really meant to say it,
at least not directly to him,
but my insides had become so raw.
Everything torn back and shredded.
So much bleeding and hurt,
that was so visible to anyone who looked at me long enough.
With all the layers of protective flesh removed,
I guess it just fell out.
Syrope more. 020601
blown cherry so much right now,
thinking about you all snuggled beneath your doona, trying to fall asleep,
but for some reason calling me.

Hey, I'm biting my tongue again.
youll_never_guess_who I used to look at you and fall in love with all over again but now I just look at you and all the pain of the past comes up. I don't understand. Back then when I would fall in love with you all over again it was closer to those days and now its farther away so you think it would be the opposite. I thought time was suppossed to heal all wounds. Maybe it just has to bring them to the surface first. 020621
cheer-up-emo-kid keith
jessie standback- the closest thing to perfect
christy- the supercute norwegian sexaddict
james- the bufftastic cherokee giggalo
aaron- the kinky asian bastard
Invisible Butterfly for the second time in my life i feel like i can't even comprehend the way that i feel and it so fucked up bc it just hit me all of the sudden when i was talking to sumone , and he made me realize alotta shit.the feeling inside me refuses itself to be wrong and itz taking control of everything including my thoughts...which doesn't happen alot. wow i can't write anymore i'm not even making sense to myself...i gotta go to bed 020705
phil the lowest form of expression for how I feel about you 020705
blue star I look at you and I see my life.
I see my spiritual journey in your face, and my search for happiness in your hands.
Your hair is the forest of my innocence, and the rivers in your eyes are resonating with hope of enlightenment.

You are my path to greatness, you are the thing that I wish to devote myself to.
kerry hello, i love you
won't you tell me your name?
Torch A frase that is so easy to say but sometimes so had to. You can fling the three little words around with friends because you know that you love them like a friend. But other times it is so hard to say it and you hold off not knowing the repercussions it will have. 020730
trin for as long as i live, i will never forget when he said that to me.
and i will never stop loving him.
blown cherry bites her tongue a lot these days Means I won't hurt you
or at least I'll try desperately hard not to,
because hurting you only hurts me more.

Means that I will protect and care for you,
as far as it is within my power.
It angers me so much to think of how such a soul as yours has been treated in the past.

Means I am yours,
for whatever cause,
for whatever purpose.

Means letting me drive over to see you is actually doing me the biggest of favours.

Means that I'll do everything your way if that's what it takes to hold onto you.

Means that all the purest emotions in my heart are devoted to you.
Mahayana :) 020801
trin its funny
how everytime i hear those words
i think of him
and how much i need him
and still want him
and to think
that he says those words
to her
makes me sick.
but i know
that he still loves me
even if we can never again be
i only wish
that i could focus
and listen to those
who say it to me now.
do i care about them?
do i talk to this about him?
i know i can,
he wouldn't mind,
but i don't want
to make things hard for him.
because i think he is happy
being only my friend
since I had to leave.
and to see him sad,
would make me come back
which is against all sense
that was ever put in this world.
eddie monster how could you say that
to me every day
how does something so carnal
just go away
i can't understand
cause to me
your love is still dear
and being a fool
is what i most fear
so i act like i don't care
about anything at all
my eyes tell the true story
as they reflect in the mirror
you have to see it
you must not care
eddie monster i love you!
i love you!
i love you!
what's your name?
devalis I have a smile
stretch from ear to ear
to see you walking down the road

we meet at the light
I stare for a while
the world around us dissappears

it's just you and me
on my island of hope
a breath between us could be miles

let me surround you
my sea to your shore
let me be the calm you seek

everytime I'm close to you
there's too much I can't say
and you just walk away

and I forgot
to tell you I love you
and the night's too long
and cold here without you
I grieve in my condition
for I cannot find the words to say
I need you so.

(McLochlan, Sarah)
blown cherry more and more and more all the time
so intoxicating are you
Rae i don't even love myself... 020824
Liz this voice inside
sometimes I can hear
drives me insane
unable to steer
I stumble around
lose grip on what's real
tear scars to my skin
I can't seem to heal
this devil inside
is simply called 'you'
leads me astray
instead to help through
people know what to say
when I simply don't
they keep on walking
when I know that I won't
I want to get out
need time on my own
but you pull me back
and still I'm alone

I can't seem to find
my way far from you
so I'm begging you now
please lead me through...
distorted tendencies I have a hard time with these words.
They are just not in my expressable vocabulary.

It seems forbidden to say them anyway.
merbein I'm scared. What is this site? Who are you people? How did the "you" bit know I lived in Smith Street Merbein? And why did my sister's e-mail address come up? I would love you but I don't know you. 021110
wizodd So many people, so little time to love them. 021110
. I listen to my dad complain
about his wife and I wonder if that's what it's all about.
dankman as i get up out of bed
and fight the voices in my head
they've been screaming louder everyday
to get me to admit what i'm afraid to say
my mind is not what it used to be
all beacause you looked at me
unfortunately long ago i've chosen a life
that now is evergrowing with issues and strife
i have 2 bright stars and a wonderful wife
i thought it was perfect,beautiful and true
until that moment i looked at you
and now i seek solace in the words of a song
that i pray will help me slowly get along
cause in their words of sorrow and pain
i can try to hide my own personal shame
of living a lie with someone who cares
yet no longer do we have dreams we both can share
so i sneak a peek at your beautiful face
and dream hopefully for that other time and other place
i drink and smoke to help me through
as the days roll on more increasingly blue
i struggle to decide what i should do
beacause i didn't know love until i met you
eddie monster i love you
i love you
i love you
whats your name?
me i dont say it enough to my family. 021201
Bizzar words we havent exchanged yet. Its been 7 months, were stronger than ever, so why cant u say it? And why am I afraid to?

I want to scream outloud that I love you!

...guess Im afraid of the response I might get.
Annie111 I never stopped even though for a while it seemed that way. You are like a woolen sweater. Warm, delicious, scratchy and itchy against my skin. It takes effort to convince myself I can ever feel this deeply about someone else. 030305
dondeestanlosjaguares . . .is only the beginning before i can kiss you. i_love_you is just a way for me to say it in three words, but i could write a poem, or i could write a song, or i could leave the page completely blank, it all means the same. . . they are just words which cannot compromise the full power of what love is, and what i feel for you.

. . .is not the only way i can show you with my mouth. and is not the only words my mouth can utter to tell you so, and definitely not the only noise i can make with my mouth to show you that i love you.

. . .and it is as simple as that. words that can mean so much and yet can never mean enough. like the first time i said these words you, i was so jittery, i felt like there were butterflies in my stomach, and those single seconds of silence that came after i said it (followed by a little gasp) drove me insane.

. . .and i can't say it enough. and every time i do say it, i mean it even more, like if i were building a pyramid, and i stack one on every time i say it. each time i add one on, and it keeps on growing. but i know that i could stack forever and it would never mount up to how much i really love you.

. . .and for now, being so far away, there is nothing more to say. . .
dondeestanlosjaguares now you say it back to me. . .my heart pounds in my chest. . . 030626
molly is gone there was this boy
a mess of a boy
and our relationship was painful
but i loved him
and one night
in the dark
he looked at me
and said,
"i love you"
i stepped back, startled
those words were not meant to come
from this boy's mouth
i said, "what!? are you sure?"
and he said, "yes"
"well, i love you too"
in that moment was a magic
i had never experienced before
a likeness to perfection
but you know what?
he didn't really love me

"they all just want to bone you, you know"
Dafremen Duuuh! Three easy words that lead to the magic prize. No emotional baggage when you wear your heart on your...dictionaries don't contain enough words to describe the sort of dogs that most of my fellow men are. 030626
birdmad i dunno, maybe it's because i'm a sap, but i still sometimes find myself thinking those three_little_words about women who have long since kicked my dopey ass to the curb and even a small handful among those who gave it up to everyone else but me.

but it's not like i've been any kind of saint so i guess i can't complain
dorky_me i love you so much but you will never love me i love you so much that ive carved your name in my wrists i love you so much i lost it all for you i love you so much i dumped the love of my life for you i love you so much now cant you just love me back for once...?thats all i ask for one day i would do anything give anything up for one day to be with you and for you to love me like i love you 031122
nomatter I think I love you, but then again I think that if I have to think about it, that means I'm not sure. I think if I really did then it should all be so clear. I lust you. 031123
Death of a Rose should never be said....just expressed. 031124
phil you've all seen the cat?

phil http://www2.b3ta.com/i-love-you/ 031125
pipers what's the sarah mclachlan song called? anyone?

three words i've never heard from the right mouth.

what mom said when she was saying goodbye on the phone when i was out of town; it made my heart sing because its one of those things you don't really say because its such an obvious given, but it was fantastic to hear it.
jenny enny dots Troy because you love me and we both love to watch Mystery Science Theater. 040118
shilohlives Scary isn't it....I'm not gonna tell you 040512
JustOnMonday He told me,
"For everyday I love you I will shed a drop of my blood. I will bleed for eternity."
I hope he does.
love & hate my precious angel, my one and only, my katie. For eternity, and that i promise with all of my heart which you hold. 040914
anne-girl I had the song "I can't help falling in love with you" stuck in my head all day today. Never a good sign when I get all... crappy or mushy or whatever, especially since the universal he was staring at her - another girl with red hair.

Bubble i love being in love 040918
hsg if i would just choose to stay in love everywhere i go. thats all i want to know. i want to unknow whats not love. i have no use for unlove. 040919
unconditionally still. 050318
. the_games_we_play 050323
*Amy* why I love you if I know I don`t like you and you don`t remember me??? still it hurts sooooo much!!!! 050324
blown cherry is too confused From looking back at this page, I guess you could say I've seen a lot of tongue biting over the years, only this time the tongue isn't mine.

I just wonder what words are being held back. I think it would be presumptuous of me to assume our words were the same. But I'd like to know all the same.

for tongue biting
peyton you never know if it was love

until it's over
peyton I do.

really does. No matter what you think. Or how evil you are.
highanddry "I love you" he says. "It's just not exclusive or untainted."

"That's not love" I said.

"I don't sense God when I talk to you."
dries&hardens the gap between i and you
grows with every seemingly false intervening syllable
yet i keep trying to learn a language you understand
the symbols and sounds
in all this push and
pull you back from falling
nom i said
and i meant it
with all my heart
stork daddy i said and it meant all my heart 070105
siann a heart's cry
out from the ether of oblivion
reaching for that one person
i love you
nom i don't know what else to say 070130
nom i don't know what else to say 070330
blah i love you but i lust after naked asian chicks on a 2d plane. 070331
nom i don't know what else to say 070504
d i love you too ! 070504
Isaou "I love you"

"I know"
;p know what you silly thing, don't call me darling and make me go insane over the holidays. 071008
.. i will go wondering on my own, think of you and then have vivid out of sight collisions with someone in my fanasy world. 071008
shit i must give myself a break, and i used to know how to, i just go for a walk on my own, but now i feel i have locked myself in.

i don't like it not at all.
Isaou luff, luv, wuv
hsg i_l_y is seeing clearly.

Y L I s ee in genius.

Yes. That's correct. You love me. 081202
LoverOfLight *Looks over my shoulder toward a distanced past murmuring* 081202
HaveAHug Yes *you*! The person reading this.
Feel loved today because it is real.
lunatic jesus spread_this_meme

It means lick_my_christ.
. make sure you love some one that's not full of poop. 100227
. too

what's it to you?
who go