jennifer is associated with the feet of the human body


that explains *a lot*
birdmad i am a pisces

and yes, when she wears that particualr pair of shoes, i want to drop to the floor and kiss her pretty toes...

but the time is short and i doubt i will ever have the privilege
Barrett I'm a Virgo, and I'll lick any part she'll let me. ...for what that's worth. 001112
j_blue i'm a virgo too, and i have dated two pisces, and thems was crazy mo-fo's

but i beleive in consensual licking...
Barrett I believe in "cunnsensual" licking. 001113
j_blue clever? 001113
tazfab i'm a pisces

and i dated a virgo

we're not that crazy.

a word of advice to virgos who think we're crazy mo-fos:

pisces feelings run very, very deep. a mutable nature endows pisces with adaptable and unifying
energy. these sensitive people are like the water that flows gently downstream, around the rocks
and obstacles in its path. pisces receptivity can translate into psychic energy. pisces knows all
and sees all but probably won't tell' all. the fishes keep the secrets of the universe within and
to themselves. without balance, pisces can sink into the whirlpool of emotion. this can bring out
hidden fears and insecurities. lack of ego-strength can make pisces feel dependent and helpless.
then they can fall into the martyr trap. pisces benefit by truthfully sharing their own
difficulties, feelings, and need. they need to remember that they too have the right to receive
all the help and support they are so used to giving! a happy, confident pisces brightens the
world and all our lives.
j_blue ok, whatever, virgos are practically perfect in everyway, all that shite is just a euphemism for being crazy 001116
Barrett Damn straight. 001116
Barrett Virgo's are quite humble.

he he he
tazfab is not about being crazy...when you have an usopporting virgo lover that only thinks about his needs, even when you're sitting there with a martini in one hand and a razor blade on the other...but sure, when they need their pisces they're there...but soon as you give to them what they need, they go on their marry way to the arms of another...we pisces are there for everyone, we put our own feelings aside..but when we need someone, a punch to the gut and a kick to the curb is what we get...

admit it, pisces are more in touched with their emotions than any other sign who had hide their emotions with excuses...
Rhin amen tazfab!
(I am pisces also)
Rhin did you know that the virgo and the pisces are opposite one another within the zodiac? this all points to a well-balanced match. they should bring out the best qualities within one another...

i am proud to be pisces. we are selfless, spiritual, compassionate, sensitive, creative, and romantic. i'm not sure that any other sign in the zodiac, could possibly top that!

hypothetical ? -
if you had no life-jacket, and you had to pick only 1 out of 12 people, wearing life-jackets, to share a life-boat with you, who would you choose?

hypothetical answer -
you had better make sure you choose a pisces, because when the storm blows in, you can be sure that this pisces would give you the life-jacket off his/her back.
j_blue someone is being a super drama queen.

sensitive, whatever. pisces dont even notice how self absorbed they are. they parade about life, thinking "how nice i am", and forget to actually be nice to the people who are supposed to be important to them.

and dont guilt trip anybody over what you do to yourself. nothing you can do will ever make people owe you sympathy or pity. what you do is total extortion.
splinken aw hell. i'd take a scorpio over a pisces any day. 001117
Rhin i prepared and deleted 3 rebuttals in defense. having said that, i kind-heartedly say: no comment. I should have directed my previous comments to the topic at hand, and not the statements made by the public at large.

my sincere apologies to those, i may have inadvertently, slapped with my fin.

rhin steps back graciously...
the floor is yours...
j_blue you got your nose stuck between too big rigs traveling at 55 mph in opposite directions on a 2 lane free way, thats all. 001117
pisces rat birdmad i am the fish, swimming two ways at once

i have more of a life when i AM being a self-centered prick.

the whole "nice" thing is a one-way ticket to Doormat_ville

i should know, it was another pisces who put me there last
ladyg i am also a pisces, and my best friend rhin is a pisces 001117
Barrett Hey, baby. What's your sign?

(sorry, couldn't resist)
he heh heh
ladyg blah blah blah, you are just jealous of the pisces, we are very unique people, we can see deep inside the soul, we can feel and sence how other people feel without them saying a word, we relate to everyone
our main concern: we feel for others before we feel for ourselves
Shugarhi I'm a pisces and supposedly that is why I am so in touch with my intuitive side...

It also explains a lot of other things...
Dafremen Pisces people are truly the precious people. Ever hard on themselves, poor Piscean people often lack self-esteem.

Pisces people are EXTREMELY generous, sometimes to a fault. It is NOT unusual for a young Piscean to steal in order to have something to give away to others. They must be taught early on to be more selective in their generosity.

Piscean people invariably need to know WHY. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Could very well be the call of the Pisces in his/her natural habitat.

They invariably feel impelled to finish something which they start. They are extremely hard workers, especially when they feel that their industry is appreciated.

Intelligent, helpful and practical, Pisces people are one of my favorites.

For some strange reason, Libras and Pisces are often attracted to each other's personalities. This is unfortunate as they are extremely incompatible. Librans HATE to give reasons for their actions. Pisceans always insist on knowing the reason behind a course of action before embarking on it.

Einstein was a Pisces.
. he he 010524
nocturnal can't get along with 'em. too goddamn sensitive. just in case there are any aries out there, trust me...don't even attempt it. leos and sag's are much better matches. they're more fun. 010524
sphinxradio hmm. my horoscope is never right. maybe i'm not really a pisces, although i have to admit it can be enjoyable. 011215
*~K Jesus was a pisces.

i am convinced of this. there's no way he could have been a capricorn; they're too ambitious.
if christ had been a capricorn he'd have tried to take over the world for sure.
pisces only take over the world by accident.

Dafremen Pisces people are escapists. Drugs, alcohol, video games, movies, books, shopping. Whatever it takes to remove the unpleasantness of the reality of their lives from their minds. They are the first ones out the door when the yelling starts and the last ones to draw undo attention to themselves. Curiously, as averse as they are to making a scene in public, many are theatrical as hell and they make excellent actors and actresses. Perhaps its because they prefer the fantasy to the reality. 030215
karl the weed im a pisces. 030902
Freak yup, that sounds like me 030903
Bizzar My baby... secretive... escaping to his own world as much as possible. Emotional... as our 2 water signs tend to be.

I love my Pisces.
birdmad i've ignored my insulin all summer
i want to knock down a bottle of something harsh and feel it burn
no reason like an open wound.
i've never heard it said better.

i'd give anything for a giant, full-body bandaid.
Tiare I'm a Pisces too and I've been engaged to a Virgo. We get along great. We're still really good friends. I could be crazy in the relationship, but he was just as nuts. So I don't know if I buy into all the stereotypes. This is like zodiac bigotry. lol 040216
Lost All the pisceans I've met are very fashionable. Not always, but in their case, it points to the fact that they are extremely self consious, and care a lot about what the world thinks of them.
They seem weak, somehow. Nothing I can point to though.

Guess what sign I am :D
kookaburra wow thats really kinda scary, cuz im super self conscious too. im am paranoid about people laughing at me.
i escape using track, i like to believe that i am running away from my problems.
im so compassionate that i feel bad for the teapots and chandeliers that we throw away.
yes i am crazy (see above comment).im also pretty creative when i want to be.

BUT IM NOT SENSITIVE. not all pisces are sensitive...i've only gotten my feelings hurt twice in my life.

but wait a minute...i dont even believe in this stuff...why did i come here again???

"he said wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo."
story of eau my mother. my sister. the prosthetist.
an odd boy who calls me bi-weekly.
the intense fear of zombies.
the guy i met last night.
my north node.

i need sleep.
Raine Sometimes I find things in boxes or drawers from the past (my childhood or something of my deceased mother-in-law) and I just look through it and then put it back where I found it. Like out of respect for the memory.

I am a Pisces married to a Libra. He says we have the perfect marriage because I am a saint (sometimes an angel). He loves me and would never take advantage of my kindness. Because of him I have gotten stronger and am now able to stand up for myself. Something I could never do before.
*~K are sushi eating pisceans cannibals? i've always wondered. heh. 040802
unusual for me What sign is everyone.
I am a leo.
I am also bossy and creative and bossy and a leader and bossy.
How about you..?
no reason problems with commitment. 041119
acidshank wow. im a pisces through and through. and i love it. i know a libra friend and we attract, but its not compatible. its so sad :( . i know a pisces though as well, and we get along so good. deep connections. but then again we are both sensitive,self-conscious,shy, and i think, have problems with comitment.
me and my sister are both pisces. im more the character of the sign, but we have a strong connection. pisces is definately the strongest sign there is, in connections anyhow. i was sooo generous when i was a child as well.thats sooo fucked cuz everything fits. like with the libra thing. o wow
cry cry. i love you pisces sign :) im so happy .oo ooo
DjStar ---------------------------------
Pisces people are escapists. Drugs, alcohol, video games, movies, books, shopping. Whatever it takes to remove the unpleasantness of the reality of their lives from their minds. They are the first ones out the door when the yelling starts and the last ones to draw undo attention to themselves. Curiously, as averse as they are to making a scene in public, many are theatrical as hell and they make excellent actors and actresses. Perhaps its because they prefer the fantasy to the reality.
no reason i've been wanting to surround myself with beauty and comfort and relaxation
duvets, soft pillows, flowers, warm walls
and i just want to stay inside and not come out
i am such a pisces
question_mark cancerians are best friends to pisceans, they just float around together, cancer protects pisces and is never irritated with them and pisces soothes and calms cancerian emotions. 050128
witchesrequiem 2 Fish swimming in opposite directions....
enough said...
Ladies .... they are either going to swim in a circle in the wrong pond to long....
or you got a great guy....

keep them away from alcohol...most of the time and drugs all of the time...
Mister Brightside I dunno.

I'm starting to prefer the memory of addiction to the tedium of almost constant sobriety.

when i get into that stuff, at least i know what i'm getting into and have no illusions other than the ones i'm volunteering for by doing it.
moime Hey that gal was right,
this does sound like astro bigotry:0

Not "all" of us are soused up drug laden alchies, in FACT, most of us (Pisces)AREN'T.

What I think it is, and don't quote me on this, as I can only speak for me and those I've seen in life, Pisces are so sensitive, their awareness and knowing of others so deep, they often end up a bit overhwelmed. Some,having to medicate themselves, via pharmecueticals and the like. But I don't mean like drug addiction. I am talking about the weight of the insight and understanding they bear about others, PLUS the accompanied feelings that go with that.

That's can be a lot to carry, when you're just trying, like everyone else, to deal with your OWN stuff.

I know for certain Pisces aren't "crazy", and only called such by those who were bitter about them, or scared by their keen perecptions, or just others reading (and believing) Internet stereotypes, and other bigoted myths.

By and large I am, to some degree, more or less I'd think, most of the good stereotypes of Pisces, and very few if any of the bad.

We don't aspire to "insanity", or "coping" via addiction.

We are prolife in every regard and sometimes that pains us deeply, when we see what others suffer and for some, what life has become.

Maybe, at times too, we are your nagging conscience.But, we are NOT to be mistaken as 'weak", only foolish people and others who may be too busy or confused on us would talk in such ways.

I don't really follow astrology much anymore, because we are to follow the Maker not the creations, but I can say a silent antiPisces bigotry is just unenlightened.

Don't wish to debate this, just wanted to say this, I also think cancer the crabsters are THE coolest;)
jane i didn't know that thing about the feet. but it makes sense, at least for sarah. she has the most unique feet i've ever seen. 050223
Ethan Im a scorpio and all i know is that pisces are the most caring people ive ever met and theyre hurt very easily and dont deserve it so leave them the hell alone if your going to use them or abuse them because theyre easily used. 071014
unhinged interesting; the natal chart daf drew up for me said that my moon and several of my other planets (3 or 4) were in pisces and then i read descriptions of pisces and many many things fit. too bad my sun is libra since they are supposedly incompatible. it would make all my internal conflict plausible somehow.

also the attraction to cancers and scorpios makes more sense now. often times i think my pisces is stronger than my libra, especially in my adult life. often too sensitive and too generous; in that way i am much a pisces.

my little shit nephew owen is a pisces on the cusp of aquarius. and he is a very sensitive little boy. also very honest. i have a strong heart tie to that child. kindred spirit old souls we are.

we had gone to disney world with my niece and nephew the first time they went. they are going again next month. my dad was talking to him about going to disney world and he said something about my dad coming with. my dad said 'oh no owen; papa isn't coming this time.' he looked at my father all sad and dejected 'i'm sorry papa.'

or on a lighter theatrical note:

my father was talking to my sister on the phone and owen was trying to get at the candy drawer. he asked for some after he had already raided the drawer and my sister told him he had to put it back because it was almost lunch time. he wouldn't put it back so she went to take it from him and he said 'well i didn't want it anyways' and my sister said 'owen michael are you a b-r-a-t brat?' he looked up at her with all sincerity and said 'sometimes'

our pisces connection grows stronger everyday
no reason "pisces people worry" 081029
ungreat Because he's an aquarius, and I'm attracted like a fish to water. I can't get enough, I wrap my arms around him when we sleep and bury my head in his chest because i can't live without him. I hear him moan in his sleep and hope he's having a good dream. I can't help but be hopelessly attracted. 081030
Ouroboros He is on the cusp of 081030
unhinged even more precise conflict:

your sun sign is what you want to be outwardly. my sun is a libra.

your moon sign is what you are internally. my moon is a pisces.
no reason is a moon sign the same as a rising sign?
if so, mine is cancer. cancer's not one of my favourite signs.
but i guess i was born in a watery time.
no reason free will astrology horoscope this week:

"In the out-of-print book In Portugal, A.F.G. Bell defines the Portuguese word saudade as follows: a vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist, for something other than the present, a turning toward the past or toward the future; not an active discontent or poignant sadness, but an indolent dreaming wistfulness. In my astrological opinion, Pisces, it is imperative that you banish as much saudade from your system as you can. If you want, you can bring it back again later, but for now, you need to clarify and refine your desires for things that are actually possible. And that requires you to purge the delusional ones."

it's kind of amazing how bang-on these are sometimes. i've been trying to do just that for my own sanity, but my issue is, what if, in "giving up" on things for the time being, i miss my chance? how do we know things aren't possible?
dafremen Pisces, Sag, Virgo and Gemini (the mutable signs) tend more toward skepticism than the others.

Of course anyone who believes that their newspaper horoscope has much to do with astrology has never taken the time to look into astrology. The type who prefer to take someone else's word for their facts. The lazy and dependent who you'd swear are the opposite. You'd be wrong.

Regretfully, that is most people. And for as long as
Nothing In = Nothing In There
the empty headed will smirk and dance around the piles of astrologers' heads in the usual choreography of human posturing.

See also: answer_for_astrology_skeptics
no reason for the record, i personally don't usually take horoscopes to mean anything, but it throws me when they happen to be really accurate (the free will ones are, more than others. apparently the dude is an astrologer?). and i have looked into astrology, so i'd have to disagree. 110829
unhinged all this time to myself since I moved and still have no freaking job is pointing me back to my internal piscesness.

maybe its all the meditating I've done this year. maybe its the seemingly psychic things that keep happening to/with me.

the last two serious relationships I had were with aquarii. Is there some connection between pisces_and_aquarius maybe? cause the libra in me often doesn't get them.

funny how a lot of skites, especially those of us still sticking around after all this time, are somehow or another pisces
no reason yeah but i'm a REAL pisces (ha just kidding)

i get along great with aquarius (the guys, specifically) as friends. apparently pisces + aquarius make really good friends, not necessarily relationship-worthy connections though.

i think the libra-aquarius connection would make much more sense in that respect
ungreat He, a water carrier. Me a fish.

No matter what I've done, or how far I've tried to get, I can't help but be pulled back to the water I came from. I'd die without it.

What could be more natural than a fish in the sea?
what's it to you?
who go