god i will wonder about you
later..... before the beginning....

i hear the rabbits screaming from wwaaaaaayyyy below ground. they tell me i should say these things to you. they are forever in control.

the pink-shell sky turns at once to black, then see-through all around.

the sun burns black... a lighter black
i turn and get my lighter back.

hey you.

blue rings occupy my mind like continuous oval semaphore.

two plus two equals five.
am i dead yet?

it doesn't really rhyme, but what the fuck.
goddess yeah, what the fuck, god?
i don't mind about the not-rhyming. can we coo it?
god coo it out like the wild pigeon you are!

i like to dance
without no pants.

i do a dance
to control the ants.

can we advance?
don't say we can'ts!

take a little chance
have toast in france.

my two aunts
spent my tuition grants.

my name ain't lance
nor is it nance

how's that for rhyme?
god i rub beets all over my feets
then i stand up and eat the treats
i show my purple feets to the people i meets
one stops by and quotes some keats
i turn up the street to buy some meat
turn up the heat to fry the meat
the meat is too sweet, so i give it to pete
he throws up his hands and screams out "neat!"
come have a seat, so i can fondle your teat
god i am a god-dog
but not a dog-god

or a guard-dog
guarding cape cod

i wound her up,
and let her rip

i found a pup
and named her skip

a moonlight drive
to an outskirts dive

and on the bill:
johnny and the moondogs, live!
god i don't think
will rhyme this time around
i think i will


the steps
of a towering obelisk

to the dark as a dungeon place
way up in the sky.
look up...

go outside and look straight up.

oops you just missed me.
miniver God was poetically repressed...

This explains a lot.
poetically repressed god i was repressed,
but then i undressed

and leaped around
and then i confessed,

"i am the best at being at rest."

craving of the metal west.
EECP It is a shame that you are not enough as yourself. 001213
god ain't it? 001214
god i wanna fly
like a turtle flies through the sea....

i wanna be
just as old
as i can possibly be....

i wanna learn how to read
swahili tonight....

but i'm not gonna
cuz i'm sitting on a platform
a mile high
and one centimeter wide....

god chopped a cat in half with a garden hoe
then i ran round naked in the snow

would've been cold if it weren't for my hat

would've been sad, but it wasn't my cat
god the end? 001218
daxle leave it to god to make me laugh on one of the worst days of my life... 001218
god glad i could help 001218
kx21 It would be the most Imperfect Poem ever found in the Universe.

And this is the least Perfect Criticism ever made in the Universe.
god no words over this part
no words over this part
no words over this part
god step into striped light.
(ok, i stole that one)
god there is nothing wrong with you
you are not ugly
money is only good for a little while
wrap yourself snugly in a smock with style
smith and wesson oil
florence henderson supports the brady bill
god everybody get ready to yell "surprise"! jesus is about to come in. 001224
kx21 God_writes_a_poem is as to
god yeh. memorize all this and i will grant you eternal life. 001231
kx21 Ideal as above.

Reality as below.

a_Poem, a_Bible, ... to PUT everybody to DEATH willing...
god very good 001231
god no words over this part.

god mutual of omaha
bulk death
porous people
big crotch
thrash around
free victory
victor's march
victor skelton
victor james davis

out in the territories
between blades of grass behind my house

tiny apples sit in the dew
with little people who look like YOU

they sigh with goggles on
they keep their eyes on

out on the inside we hide
and seek
with no furniture or walls

we find each other out
before the snowflake falls

before the beginning
after the end

we find each other out
before the beginning
that's when i'll see you again
. . 010105
zubin mehta i invented potassium 010224
camille God your good :o) 010224
Tank doesn't god write every poem..? 010224
god most of em. 010301
kx21 g1) The Holy Books

Can God write?
Will GOD write?

Given that God can write, God will certainly pass this task to somebody or something else.

Evidence for the above statement:

Every religion has its own holy book, and all claimed their's is the very Word of God, not dropped out of the sky but God-breathed, infused with God's power, as GOD communicated its plans, thoughts and intent through human writers of various religions.

Is this a good demonstration of God's love for man?

Are there any rewards or incentives for the original writers of the Holy books given by GOD?

g2) The contingency plan

The Bible was written over a period of 1500 years, by more than forty different writers, on three different continents. They addressed a wide variety of subjects....

Is the use of multiple religions and different writers of each Holy Book a GOD's contigency Plan?
god I had a dream of curvy goat thighs. That dented slightly into the sunset of bologna upon where people who called themselves great such as kufu the pharoh sat and wondered about me and if I would grant them desires of their heart or sit and smirk with the desire of patience which grasps my very entity so i decided to stop using punctuation then i did away with capitals so stop using them morons i am sick of talking to you pathetic little oh scratch that i mean insignificant urine drops i'm on vacation 010306
kx21 A proof of God' wisdom:

It is best to use human writers to translate GOD's Grand Plans / Holy Thoughts into Holy words / books for the sake of human beings...
kx21 to dipict and beautify GOD's Grand Plans / Holy Thoughts into Holy words / books for the sake of human beings... , 010306
kx21 Next Wisdom of God:-

It is best to use human Preachers(s) to add more colors to the Grand Plans / Holy Thoughts for the sake of human beings...

And there are many more Wisdom of GOD or so called of God's love for MAN..., which is coined by someone, for the sake of God...
satan contributes a few couplets dad's vacation photos
make human brains explode
the image of the universe
or the flowers by the road
the slideshow bores the angels though
i really hate to say
but the worst part of the whole affair

the souvenir ashtray
angel baby and then he ripped off his pants
"ya wanna see what goes there?"
i told him his offer was flattering...
but i didn't swing on those tadpoles
"whadda fucka wanna!" he screamed
i wondered if he had ruptured a vocal cord in the process
like harry nilsson recording Pussy Cats with john lennon during the latter's infamous Lost Weekend
soon we were naked, the night engulfing us in all of its stupidity
praise be unto he who shoots his wad into Folger's Coffee tins
it's all about control
the whole damn thing
god bulk death 010519
god then lennon walks out with a maxi-pad on his forehead and says, "how do i look?"
"like a jerk with a maxi-pad on his forehead", the waitress replied.
prophet with divine knowledge god was a sadist
until satan shot him dead
and all the little sadist bunnies
cried in their beds
god duck skeletons, duck skeletons....
crunch neath feet
traipsing across glossy mall floors.
should we stop at the gap?
i'd rather cut your head off.
unhinged but within all this 'for the sake of human beings' things get fucked up and we all fail to realize that. so god wrote a poem. just because you realize that doesn't mean you know what it means. it doesn't mean anyone knows what it means. it's just in a state of being. my key lime pie yogurt contains no pie crust and i just ate it with a fork hoping to change my perception of the green mucous looking substance. i watched you fall into the sidpa bardo and recited all the words over your dead body. but i was thinking somehow you couldn't hear me. and i tattooed the characters onto your dead body hoping they would catch you before you fell. fell back into another body with a new mother and a new fucked up adolesence and a new even more fucked up middle age. i loved you even in the bardo and hoped someday i would run into you again. god wrote that poem but i still don't understand it. the preacher couldn't change it into something human for my sake. it was beyond human; he almost reached nirvana...almost. 010819
pinkish God's Haiku:

you good for nothing
disrespectful human shits
just stop blaming me
god herbie hancock and alfred hitchcock
drove off the dock and into a rock
spilling a crock of amber bock.
now you must hock your frock,
lock the jock in a room full of socks to the tocking of the mock clock
god blorting_thru_antimony on a hyundai blood hood hot summer red night in green_darkness. apple on a wire in formation thru the blue black nothing that didn't happen. a shadow of nonexistance would obscure the notion not yet thought until later. if it were to be, surely the sky could talk. 011128
god foil balls dingle in the void. i knew lon chaney. it was a picnic next to the annex for the retarded and crippled. i don't know why they were grouped together. hardy boys books and little debbie cakes. an eclipse. freeze-dried ice cream and wet, elongated sleeves.
racism and the blimp.
god will_oldham left town in a grey lancer equipped with ten years worth of clamato. he traded it for ten years.

tin minutes ring hollow in the clear winter morning, the ground frozen to a glazed crackle, without a speck of white.
cresentwhench Sad cats lookin around.
Stuck in a pound.
Should have frowned.
Took out my money, paid by the pound,
Got a nice snake snack, soon to be shit on the ground.
phil I can touch mutual of omaha with my tongue 021104
fred hydrochloric a tin of compound_hash for what ails ya

eat it, wear it never fails ya
god whales in plastic bags, sopping wet and pressed against the glass of a dingy ramshackle storefront on a cold deserted street. windy and trash-blown, the water hangs between frozen and liquid as it falls from the bleak expanse of sky. 030609
endless desire i hate whale noises.
i am sure i have said this before.
a girl in my english class had a cd of them.
i borrowed it
and listened to them
in my room
just because i knew it would make me cry.
and i hate crying. just hate to cry.
i no longer hurt myself physically
but emotionally.
c o n t r o l
why do i need it so badly?
i feel as though everyone is stopping me from hurting
but who can stop me from killing myself
from the inside out?

. . .except me?
maybe i should stop myself.
i woke up this morning
and thought i loved myself, for once.
it was a wonderful feeling.
but anyways, i hate whale sounds.
there is nothing more lonely in the whole world.
endless desire oh and nice poem god.
how funny. i'm calling you god.
god don't hurt yourself. whale noises suck ass. remember, if you can't be free, at least you can be cheap. 030609
endless desire hahaha thats great
"dont hurt yourself"
of course god.
i always do what god tells me to
phil every five inches of a circle
is always a diferent size
if that 5 inches is added to a circle
2 feet
or a mile wide.
phil he writes them on a phone
the chord is very long
he writes them on a wall
pees them in the snow
each cursive dot
every j and every i
writing poems inside of letters
he writes on every drop of rain
some are done with color
others in the air
god bless you, phil mckracken 030613
god this one is one line long 030716
ferret don't do what god tells you to do, do what God tells you to do, some advice i could use... 030716
god bad advice fer sure.

ummm. uhhh. a poem...

fritos and tito's
and barleycorn wine
janet and michael
were doing just fine.
janet lost weight and michael
went mad.
janet showed her tit
and michael turned white.
latoya and reebie silently stalk the night.
jermaine went to germany and then he came back.
tito went to law school then got hooked on crack.
tito jackson could a similar fate befall Law Guy or story daddy? 040921
god anything is possible with the right budget 040922
sameolme Well I've taken a look at your poetry
and all I can say is.....well......
You did a really great job with the birds and the bees and the stars and stuff.
god they're ok i guess... 040922
the awful truth that no one can read 061225
the awful truth Lyrically light spills from listless liberties
Lazily lounging and longing for little
Rhythmically rolling from the tongues of the restless
Ceaselessly hounding a life that will fit them

Flowers fill up the fields with their freshness
They fall in the fall and they feel so forsaken
yet freely they form new existence in springtime
they're always alive,
always remaking.

People are part of the picture, NOT pointlessly -
Picture a poem of words, flowing endlessly.
Nonsensical syllables, fluttering entities -
no sense is made.
And who wants to read the thing?

People fit into the poem like stanzas or lines, or words,
or even letters and
everything else is part of the poem
and without any words, line, or stanza
it's broken
the poem's half finished and never complete
till you add every word, line, stanza or repeat.

Each chorus is timeless and constantly echoing
and each verse is timeless, not linear, just cirling.

the poem don't start
and it aint gonna end
and its all we can do to enact what we can
of the poem
pick your word, line or phrase
and just repeat that one part
and that is the Way
that we can't seem to find;
oh, we're so lost
but it don't have to be so.
You are your own boss.
what's it to you?
who go