SomeoneElse This is the real curse of being a Woman.
One can never quite sigh enough.
One can never quite cry enough.
One always has too much.
One always wishes to crawl in one's shell on days like these.
I wish I could type from under my desk...
whrilgirl if only everyday could be this much fun... like removing half of your emotional range. 000716
uberbitch for one week out of every month a constant state of barely repressing a harrowing scream. also feeling maniacally happy and energetic...but this is rare. usually it's harder to wake up and brush my teeth, get dressed and generally live. crying is involved too, sometimes over nothing at all.

tips for men: DO what we say at all costs. There are times when it's ok to just ignore your ego and go with the flow. And, if you feel like keeping the PMSing woman in your life, it would behoove you to do so. Be kind. Bring us low fat chocolate frozen yogurt (because we're complaining about how bloated we are, but are craving chocolate at the same time). If we need to be held, hold us. If we don't, it says nothing about you or us. It's a temporary thing, please try to remember that. I know i'm often sorry for some of the things i say and do when i'm rabidly PMS-y, but i'm too pissed off to care. And, one final thing....this is the most important of all. Do NOT EVER tell a woman that she is acting PMS-y. If she is, she will probably kill you. If she's not, she may spare your life, but it'll take a lot of apologies to calm her down.
startfires it sucks when you have to say to a guy you've just met, "uh sorry, you can't really go down there today." 001005
CinnamonGirl uberbitch for one week out of every month, you make it sound like being drunk or something 010618
ClairE I really do start crying unexpectedly.

Not at nothing, though, it's just at what I can will myself to walk through most days of the month.

I become uber-AngryQuail. Pretty scary.
no reason ugh. definitely a curse. i was really pms-y yesterday and i feel bad because i was pretty bitchy and i think people were offended. 020211
poeticmisfit rage, peace, anger, joy, quite, loud, mean, nice, confusion, hurt, happy, smiles, hugs.

overall? it makes me feel out-of-control and frustrated.
it scares me.
phil today 020729
Scorshie My mom
used to tell me
I was pms'ing.
When I really was.
Man, that pissed me off.

But really,
who can rise above the CRAMPS?
spathic mother of god. i've damn kicked through walls because of PMS..(at least i think it was) nevermind that boys do similar things out of whatever motivates their frustration (boobs or lack thereof, more often than not)...i geuss my point is that we're all motivated by hormones to greater or lesser degrees. now hand my my chocolate and get the hell out. 031011
shivers ouch,
that pretty much all it means to me, oh the horror!!! im always hopped up on tylenol. i hate cramps. argh
pipedream no, what i think is worse is some stupid know-it-all guy friend saying oh-so-smugly, "scientifically, there's no such thing as PMS". yeah, RIGHT, that scientist was probably a man too!
and men PMS just as much as women do, i have tested and proven this theory. they so do.
i like having the PMS reason for being pissy, it almost makes up for having it in the first place...hehehe
job bunch of pussies, ignorant, anonamous!! 040528
emmi 3 out of 4 weeks, i fear that one week... i dread it, knowing what is coming, and knowing that i can't stop it... knowing i can't turn my back on my womanhood, my body- even when i try. 050919
yayaya its making me so incredibly horny 060823
lantaren/venster not so much pre as post menstrual syndrome.

resulting in some verbal diarrhoea (why am i spamming people with so much random crap? its like all these words just keep coming out of my mouth), and the urge to yell at my roommate and her boyfriend to shut the fuck up and get out of the kitchen already you incompetent fucks.

although to be fair, i want to yell at my roommate to get out of the kitchen most days. you may be the girly girl of the faculty, but you dont know anything about cooking or cleaning so please dont even bother. and shut your fucking door while you're at it.
unhinged don't touch me
don't talk to me
don't piss me off
re_alisma practically derailed, potentially once a month. thankful it's not as terrible as that each and every month. 110413
re_alisma don't worry it only gets as dark as a gas chamber. 110927
thieums Pancake
flowerock pretty_much_sucks
(ouch, cry, bitch)
(In this life I am a woman, in the next I may be a man, best enjoy thus body while I can. OR when men act like they have a bloody uterus, man_bitches)

I will use my uterus for good, not evil. It will not speak for me but it will empower and teach me.
epitome of incomprehensibility Sometimes I wish my feelings followed logical hormonal patterns. I've been talky and overly bothered by things yesterday and today, and there's no menstrual hormones to account for it. Most likely I've not been sleeping long enough. And why am I craving sugar? Chocolate almonds and gummy candies and all those things that brought calories to my teeth when I stayed up nights trying to finish my Master of Uselessness degree.

And when I have my period, I never know if my stomach will hurt beforehand. Sometimes it hardly does, and sometimes it really does. The uncomfortable heavy feeling is always there, boringly predictable, but I don't like not knowing what other pain to prepare for. Cycling helps relieve cramps, though, when running can be too tiring.
unhinged cats claw

get some
flowerock We've used cats claw for other things, I didn't know it was helpful menstruatal shatoo. I will read more about that! thanks

I feelike I am noticing that alot of blather folk are female, for some reason I just assigned "male" to many of you who are apparently female, I am happy to find that the female gender is well represented here ; )

today is a day off of "work". I slept in, cuddled with my puppy, walked puppy, ate dark chocolate and dark chocolate truffles with peanut butter for breakfast... now figuring out what kind of productive things to go do... but they're all frustrating stressful e things and I don't wanto pms all over the general public.I'm already making frustrated noises at the stove and computer... but they don't have feelings... do they?
unhinged there is some stuff on the internet but ive noticed it lessens my fatigue and cramps significantly and maybe helps a little with the mood swings. i take 40 drops of tincture in water twice a day (if i remember)

it supposedly works by thinning the uterine lining, so is also considered an herbal contraceptive.

ive been mistaken for a male numerous times around here ;-)
flowerock pretty mean, shit.
problem's mostly self
possibly my solution
pre manic symphony
post manic shitstorm
probably mostly shitty

in full force. chocolate bars dissapear into my mouth, I do not hesitate to speak my mind without thinking, I wanto punch things but restrain myself, except for the taxi that almost hit me and some other people in the cross walk.

I got in a yelling argument with a gross smokr bitch and he gross smoker bitch friend because they refused to stop smoking where I have to stand and work, They were actually blocking my way to my work station and the information for customers. finally after she was spitting distance from my face I told her to go kill herself and her child by the curb as the law requires. her toddler had walked up and she was holding her cigarette next to his face. the law does indeed state at the cutb and if no curb at least 15 ft from and entrance/window /exit and she was infront of both my door and window. so I made a sign about it...
unhinged if you are outside, the cars driving by are polluting your air more than a cigarette. you should make a sign telling people not to drive around you. other people dont deserve to be polluted by your emotional toxins either. we all pollute at some time or another. save the hostility for something more important.

last month i was self_destructive at best. i had to stay home from work cause my mood was so fucked. i think i might have worked it out. i hope. fingers crossed.
flowerock cars are much worse, this is true. tobacco smoke is more directly bothersome, makes me cough and sneeze and smells more strobgly. I was polite until they began yelling in my face with smoke in their mouths. I've never had so many hostile encounters where I live. from people or from cars. I did over react, it's not the way I would have liked to handle that situation. I reacted and without much thought. Unfocused, emotional. maybe I should switch to the instore position to avoid cigarette smoke, I just really hate it . most people are respectful with their smoking and I am thankful. maybe it s me? I have lost much of the patience I had so much of. 140812
flowerock Sore
flowerock I'm glad I have small breasts, because they swell up to twice their size or bigger during this time and it is painful and annoying... how do women with large chests do anything? I have to hold them when I run or my whole chest feels sore as if I did a ton of push ups. 150618
small boob guy i'm glad you have small breasts, because i like small breasts. 150618
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