deb i lay there in my bedroom
for he never showed-
and as i tried to fall asleep
watching the way
the light reflected
on the plaster up above
i had an urge to look outside

and i saw that gorgeous car of his
with an even more gorgeous him

stupid me-
i was too surprised that he came over
to get up and change
and answer my door
and FINALLY just get his number
on my own

but at least i know
he really did
want to see me

and that's worth a smile
or two
or three

Jenna ...and I must be lonely?

Well, yeah. Lonely and needing to write a paper on the use of color in a essay and a poem for English.

I hate English. If it wasn't for blather, I would now despise the written word.

Damn college. Damn sleep schedule, that makes me sleep until 2:00 PM so I won't be able to sleep again until 6:00 and I will be worthless tomorrow.

Still without my work done.

I know a lot of people love college. I still don't see the point. But I'm here right now, for better or for worse.

And now, I have a paper to write. Au revoir.
Jenna I am the only one blathering, at this hour, perhaps.

I have been up all night studying for my 8 am final. No more is going in.

The people that went downtown tonight (lucky bastards) are just getting home. They are drunk and loud. And fun to watch.

A car has been sitting in the parking lot for almost an hour with its flashers on.

I wonder if it is occupied.

A fog has settled over the whole landscape. It diffuses all the light. The light mist coming through my window keeps me cool.

Birds are singing. Is it that time of day already?

And me with no sleep.

Fli tweakers, criminals, and security guards litter the streets at 3:00 A.M.

then we have lonely romantics blathering anywhere they may in hopes of making "THE" connection to "THE" one!

Yep, just tweaks and some boys on the beat!
daaaa the computer easing me 021117
your plague. liar. 030602
endless desire 3am ((matchbox20))

She say it's cold outside and she hands me my raincoat
She's always worried about things like that
She says it's all gonna end and it might as well be my fault
And she only sleeps when it's raining
And she screams and her voice is straining

She says baby
It's 3 am I must be lonely
When she says baby
Well I can't help but be scared of it all sometimes
Says the rain's gonna wash away I believe it

She's got a little bit of something, God it's better than nothing
And in her color portrait world she believes that she's got it all
She swears the moon don't hang quite as high as it used to
And she only sleeps when it's raining
And she screams and her voice is straining

She believes that life is made up of all that you're used to
And the clock on the wall has been stuck at three for days, and days
She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway
But outside it's stopped raining
mona loves you I really like that song even though I have never really listened to the lyrics, but that doesnt mean I dont know them. 030621
User24 yeah, I like the song too.
who's it by?
girl_jane endless desire tells us who's song it is at the top of her blathe.

Or I can be simple and tell you, Matchbox 20.

I should start going to bed earlier...
User24 ah, but


doesn't actually tell me much unless I know that (s)he's referring to the song.

thankyou for clarifying. (I could have sworn it was by KLF)
User24 unless we're talking about different songs.

which I think we are...
User24 yup, google confirmed, KLF did "3am - eternal", and matchbox 20 did "3am"

I've not heard matchbox 20's one.
girl_jane the lyrics for the matchbox 20 song is endless desire's blathe :) 030621
endless desire ooh sorry, didn't mean to make it confusing. i'll be sure to clarify :) i do my best not to post too many songs but it seems that i relate more with songs than any other thing in my life. i love how a song can mean so little to you one day, and everything to you a week later. i live for music, espcially lyrics. so, for the record, it is from matchbox20's first cd, yourself or someone like you. i would absolutely suggest it to anyone. it's my favourite cd of theirs. 030621
User24 no, I'm just slow, it's wuite obvious if I'd actually bothered to read... 030622
Nyx its 3am, my clock is burning... I feel like time has stopped and can't decide if thats bad... I'll always be alone, stuck at 3am. 040925
sahba is when the music stops playinga and the world drops on my head reality fazes in my tired eyes making sense. seeing what is and so at 3am i realize i am still far
from everything and everyone

times will change
they have too
brought to you by 101010 http://3.am
florescent light 3 am, and I'm up
I'm always up

text messaging you
emailing you
and frantically begging you to put me to sleep

'can't sleep again?,' you grumble

'don't know why'
the pledge i like 3am. actually 430am is my favorite time of day, but there wasn't a blather for 430am so i'll post about 3am instead. its almost as good. but its too far from dawn. i like the pre dawn sky. i like the dark purple and dark deep blue, almost black, like someone spilled a whole bunch of paint across an otherwise black canvas.

i get really creative at this hour. i graffiti at this hour, and my most creative and daring works come at this hour. i wake up the next day...or sometime i just stay up...but anyway, i'll wake up and be like "man, what was i thinking? i would never do that again..." and come 430am, there i am, running down the middle of route 1 with a can of spray paint in one hand, and a stencil or two or three in the other, painting here and there so the whole world can see what i have to say, all the while hoping that no car comes over that hill, because at this hour its most likely a cop, and i already did 25 hours of community service, i dont want to do anymore.

i dont think i feel anymore alive than at 430am. i like the freedom of being stealth enough to go wherever whenever i want. i feel like i can just stand back among the world and watch without being noticed. like the angels in "city of angels". i think its what its called. the one with the guy who was in gone in 60 seconds, and all the angels stand around invisible but they watch everyone. i feel like those guys.

i wish it could always be 430am. everyone asleep except me. i am what goes on when all you are in bed, i am what is behind the scenes. if you hear sirens, the cops are chasing me, if you see graffiti, that was me, if you feel like someone is watching over you and protecting you, well, most likely it is God, but it could also be me. do not worry, i am not dangerous, and will not rape or rob you. i only do this for my gain. i am harmless. sleep well, and think about where i was when you were asleep. maybe one day i will see one of you out there. you probably won't know its me.

i might look like that scary white trash missing link, but if you talk to me i'll open up, and you'll realize that those guys in hoodies walking around with spray cans and stencils, the guys the rest of the world see as menaces to society, are actually nice people, and are deep as sea, free as the sea, and can teach you more than 10 thousand books. i think i speak for all graffiti artists.
unhinged three_words blather_oracle 090515
my name it means nothing to the_pledge, 5 years ago: that was amazingly inspiring. I guess blather_is_graffiti.

3am is not too insanity-provoking. But a bit later is wonderful. The only good thing about finals is that it's an excuse to walk home from the library at 6am as the moon sets and the sky turns back to blue, black to blue.

Birds. Newspaper delivery. Custodians cleaning for the morning. 3am til dawn.
Toxic_Kisses Technically,
but close enough

Still wide awake, think I'll go drown myself in some nightquill. Ok well not literally.

Hummm that makes me think of "art"
art seems incredibly undefined I've noticed, I'm sure that been the case as of always but considering absolutely anything can be considered "art" Blow your bloody nose into a fancy napkin staple it on to two adjacent pieces of jade green dyed styrofoam and ta-freakin-da(!) low and behold it's ART!

Meh admittedly I've never really studied art, so yes I do get that I don't really have room to speak on the subject to any real degree (no really I get that), yet I do wish I understood why slapping together randomness suddenly made it worthy of being deemed "art" or well Art without the sarcastic quotation marks.

Wheeeee! thoughts at 3AM, no doubt I'll read this tomorrow and go "WTF?!?" bc most likely what I just said above probably made about as much since as a peanut butter and foot fungus sandwich eaten by a squid playing black jack with a tranquil supernova.

ha! tranquil nightquill!
Go Me!
u24 Hey TK

Check out the museum of four in the morning. Beautiful stuff.


Toxic_Kissed Didnt start watching your link until 3PM

On the dot

I had intentionally waited bc it felt like the right thing to do with this blath.

That and having seen the original,


I thought that was the link youd sent me to, which actually did cross my mind before I started to write the previous blath. Its a pretty happy coincidence that you and I thought similarly ^.^

Id actually had the original on one of my MP3 players some time ago

And by one of I mean that I have MP3 players meant to be based on one subject/feeling alone

For instance:

Sleep Which use to have Walt Whitmens Leaves of Grass on it but now just plays soft instrumentals.

Anger Which I obviously listen to when angry, but also if I want to do an intense workout.

Shower! Which is happy upbeat music I listen to every morning when I take a shower.

G.I. Jane Which is simply the movie G.I. Jane put into MP3 format , bc yes I like the movie that much.


T.E.D. / Documentaries The last documentary I listened to was about Saber Tooth Tigers and the last TED Talk was about compassion kills which when I listened to it reminded me of my obsession, although truly thats not unusual, nearly everything has a round about way of linking to him from one angle or another. Kevin Bacon is only interesting bc his last name is Bacon. And of course he much like the most of the human population loves bacon.

I can even link him to Art Garfunkle and art made out of poop.

Art art art.

Although what originally made me think of art was Red E.O.I. in a_painting_you_should_see but what made me think of _Abstract_ art was Kx21 not sure I can think of a more abstract person really, which ~then~ led me to think of the above blath and then what went unwritten about poop art (seriously that was once an actual thing shown off in a real museum, google it) bc of something he most likely wouldnt want repeated and then led to the fact that my obsession named his first cat Garfunkle, but not bc he knew who Art Garfunkle was. But there it is, Art Art Art. All linked together from one angle or another.

But the mix tape that Rives talks about leads me full circle Back to E.O.I which is where the Art thought originated from, admittedly I may be presumptuous but it def sounds like something she might do and that makes me smile. Hummm, wonder if they are infact one in the same person, E.O.I. and the lady Rives talks about. Would certainly make for quite a small world indeed.

Thank you for showing the the link U24, I like the trip it took me on and I certainly would of never found it on my own bc as I stated earlier I thought I was already aware of it. So as is usual, your amazingly awesome ^.^

Im also now slightly more curious about Lynx cats now. And off to google I go.
TK and as is usual I make a typo

epitome of incomprehensibility Thanks u24 (u2) 4 the link. A bit rapid-fire on the info, but fun.

Alas, I'm not the same person as "LD" in the talk. I'm neither smoking hot nor do I have the library call number system memorized. I'm working at one this summer but only as a lowly assistant, stamping books and such. In the early 90s I was a little kid torturing my fellow school-bus passengers by singing the song "Antarctica" from Sesame Street's at the top of my lungs - also an early obsession. Antarctica, not lungs. Though lungs are useful.

I have read a book by Wislawa Symborska. I came across it in a different library. It had the Polish poems on one side and the English ones on the other. Some of its subjects were September 11th and things falling off a table. And something about a dog. I wrote down the Polish word for dog in a notebook somewhere.

4 AM vs. 3 AM? For me, 3 seems the middle of the night, while 4 errs on the side of morning.

Tuesday night I stayed up until 3 reading, feeling non-sleepy: first a very cheesy novel by Victoria Holt, unearthed in the moving of books (the heroine gets in a shipwreck and has to be rescued from a Turkish harem) then some essays at the back of a Norton Critical Edition book (I figured the novel itself would be too interesting but the essays would put me to sleep.)
e_o_i is abstracted now Also, I had the thought (but not at three) that you can have match visual art to writing for certain styles: both can be realistic or fantastic, satirical or romantic. But I can't really imagine a written equivalent to abstract art. What would abstract writing look like? Would it have to be complete nonsense? Or poetry that's close to non-representational, like Gertrude Stein? But her repetitions remind me more like music than visual art. Maybe something with a pattern, something rich in self-reference rather than references to the outside world - that would be like kx21's philosophical writing here, minus the links to specific political events. 140710
e_o_i (or maybe me when I don't edit: "have match" indeed.) 140710
Toxic_Kisses Hi Epitome Of Incomprehensibility!

I never occurred to me that you had memorized the library call number system, I just vaguely remembered from reading a few of your previous blaths that you happen to be the daughter of a librarian and a literary major as well as getting high marks in music that the Dewey Decimal System /poetry /music/ thing might possibly be something that would cross your mind to do, not that you had already done it. Everything just seemed to connect when I thought about it, then again maybe Im remembering your blaths all wrong.

Although until I read what you wrote here Id never given 3AM vs. 4AM any kind of thought, but yea what you said makes since to me. And I agree lungs are indeed quite useful which is why I celebrate them daily by not smoking =)

The closest thing I can relate to poetry + books + youth is that when I was in the 5th grade I stole the Big poetry book out of the school library (I dont have the book anymore but I think it was titled something along the lines of Early American Poetry For Children or some such and it was about 4 inches thick, oddly I clearly remember measuring it as a kid). Whenever we got the chance to go to the library it was the only book I ever checked out and as such nobody ever got to check the book out bc I always had it, I wasnt trying to be greedy and selfish I simply really enjoyed reading through it. Besides when I would show the book to other kids they always seemed disinterested which was rather disappointing. Anyway when I found out we were moving I simply kept the book. More often than not bc we were constantly moving it usually stayed in a box with some of my other books bc its easier to pack when everything is already all boxed up. Anyway the last time I remember seeing it I was around 20. I wonder what ever happened to it, would definitely love to read through it again.

So yea nothing so exotic as translated polish poetry. Although were I overly patriotic I might say something along the lines of Pish! If its not American then its not poetry! or some such. Its actually been a while since I cracked open a poetry book. A few years ago I went to my local library hunting for poetry books but they were pitifully thin on options so =/ However it had not occurred to me until now to check out the library here. Although Im quite angry at the library here for their complete lack of organizational skills. Sci-fi books do not belong sitting next to westerns sitting next to mystery books. You just dont do that!!! Ugh just thinking about it is making me angry, and their Graphic Novel selection is absolutely pathetic! Actually you know what, I think Ill just Amazon some poetry books, Im not stepping back into that lame excuse for a library again, they make me angry.

As for abstract poetry thats definitely a question worth pondering.

Now if youll excuse me I need to find something to distract me from thinking about my local library.
TK Typo:

as well as getting high marks in music that the Dewey Decimal System /poetry /music/ thing might possibly be something...

Should Read:

as well as getting high marks in music and as such that the Dewey Decimal System /poetry /music/ thing might possibly be something...
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