jennifer I wanted to write a long thing of what I want to do
telling you all my secrets
and whispering in your ear
but this list was lengthy
and it took me long to think
so I will just list what I don't want

I don't want this to end
birdmad i know it's not the right thing

and i know it's not a good thing

kinda i_want_to

Kinda i_want_to

i'm not sure of what i should do.
chanaka i want to scream at you
shriek like a toddler and
kick in anger
drag my sorry butt across the
carpet because
you make me so mad
Barrett the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car. 001027
the devil yes, he does. 001028
Barrett I want to know everything
I want to be everywhere
I want to fuck everyone in the world
I want to do something that matters
the devil i'll show you how, but it'll cost ya. 001028
Barrett What if I let you fuck me in the back of your car? 001028
the devil that'll do for now, where are you parked? 001028
the devil i really don't got a car of my own. 001028
the devil i got like... 6 or 8 dui's 001028
chanaka i want to get in touch with the devil. we are related, after all. 001028
the devil i'm always here- let's talk! 001028
the devil dude- feel free to e-mail me.

Rebecca I want to rest in the shelter of the shadow of his wings...my rock and protector, my comforter, my king.
I want to hear his voice alive in my heart and not wonder, but know without a doubt, that he is with me, that his messengers protect me and that He will never let me fall into the pit of the deceiver. HEAR ME, I CRY OUT TO YOU, MASTER!
chanaka i want to know all
if i don't believe in god, how can i believe in you? convince me. i want enightenment
i like that song by the rolling stones
the devil rebecca-
hey babe, i understand.
are you hot? what do you look like? spare no detail.
the devil chanaka-
ask me anything.
actually, ron wood was just here!
god hey! what's going on in here??!!? 001030
chanaka oh, it's okay god. since i don't belive in you, i find it theoretically impossible to believe in the devil. everything's under control. the anarchist is in control. and i like vanilla ice cream. 001030
the devil nice cover, man 001030
god vanilla is good, but don't you feel that you're missing out? 001030
devalis live in your arms. 020823
D y a n n e I want to be in control again
I want to know what I want
I want to be able to be with the one I want and not think about anyone else
Instead I find myself with one and longing for another
then I go with the other and wishing I had stayed with the first
will it never end why cant I just be happy with one and not always want someone else why cant I just have better control
paste! give allergies to remote control funny cars back out in alaska, saying the same things about egg beaters that i did in 1921, over a broken loudspeaker. 020824
god word 020824
distorted tendencies tell you how i feel. 020912
jane i want to,
i want to be someone else or i'll explode
floatin’ upon my surface for the birds,
the birds,
the birds.

you want me?
well, fuckin' well come and find me.
i'll be waitin’
with a gun and a pack of sandwiches,
and nothin’, nothin’, nothin’.
you want me?
well, come on and break the door down.
you want me?
well fuckin' come and break the door down.
i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready, i'm ready

radiohead - talk show host
eddie monster die anne
did you ever consider the possibility
that your just a fucking slut
don't take offence please
i mean we all just want to fuck everything
it's in our nature
blue star fuck you. 020913
squint " " 020915
daxle kinda
(the desperation in that voice causes mental penetration)
birdmad maybe god
will cover up his eyes
~gez~ 1.hold you close on a cold night, thinking nothing can harm us.
2.lie on the grass staring up at the stars.
3.be able to see the thoughts of a world which i do not understand.
4.be with you all the time, without seeming obsessive or narrow minded.
5.to have a telepathic link with you, so i could send my thoughts straight to you, without the need of internet, text or speech, though i may use these as an extra luxury

wow, that last one is cool
je5icafletcher be everything
go everywhere
fuck everyone in the world
to do something that matters.

i like nin.
Freak skip school
drive to your place
quietly come inside
get naked
crawl in bed with you
and fall back asleep.
eddie monster reach inside myself and grab my soul, my personality, everyfucking thing my sweet god created in me by the neck and shake the living shit out of it 020930
~gez~ rub my hand through your silky hair. brush my other against your cheek.
lean over for a gentle kiss.
and be in heaven.

i want you there on those dark cold nights.
i miss you so much its amazing.
i want someone to hold when im feeling alone.
i want you all the time.
~gez~ damn, ive blathered here twice. i forgot 021001
eddie go to sleep
but i can't
Rhin sleep...me too. 021015
TDH have wee hour sex! 021015
angie not be a spaz. but then i guess i just wouldnt be me 021015
Bizzar I want to fall into you.
I want to leap into your arms.
I want to fall asleep in a bed of flowers, while you play on the back of my mind like a silent movie.
I want to breathe you in, and taste the brilliance you hold within.
You taste like falling rain
and the colors that the sun shin through it.
I want to keep the discovery of you all to myself.
I want you to be mine forever, and never turn away to something new.
And at last, I want to give myself to you completely...

Please say you'll take it...
Bizzar shin = shine

I hate when I do that.
niska ...but you know what concerns me isn't you, or me - it's they. and they have the final say in the end, don't they? i know that's what drives you, anyway... 030401
flipchrist i wanna shove tic tacs in her mouth and then kiss her untill she puke again 030423
trippingdaisy leave everything
erase myself
start over
D y a n n e I havent been to blather in like forever and I was just messing with the go button when I found this page which I blathed on about a year ago and I dont know if your still on here But I would like to say that Im not a slut you must be like the biggest jerk in the world I was a virgin when I posted that and I am still one and even though I dont put out I now have an amazing boyfriend and I am very happy with him but before him was about 3 guys I couldnt decide between even though they were all very nice and completely interested in me no one else I never said I was having sex with all or even any of them and I find it extreamly distasteful that you would assume that 030906
once again I wanna run through the halls of my high school I wanna scream at the top of my lungs:

I just found out there's no such thing as the real world, just a lie you got to rise above.

jezabel find you and
yell at you and
kiss you deep and
surrender to you and
drift to sleep next to you and
wake up purring,
knowing you were mine.

paranoid martyr singing days of the phoenix i want to i want to i want to staaayyyy 030907
smurfus rex i want to be able to read other people's thoughts and hear their internal dialogue...

...mostly so i'll know how she really feels about me.

[this is where you say, "figures..."]
crimson I want to be a faerie, a tree, a fish, a druid, a mermaid, a phoenix.
I wish that I could run away to Spain or India or Thailand. Maybe move to Mexico.
I want to go crazy and be institutionalized. I want to get lost, not caring about anything and not having anyone care about me. I wish I were catatonic. I want to get so high that I can't think or remember.
I could be the lead singer in a local band, sexy in vintage clothes and a raspy voice. I wish to be individual, free, and able to do useful things. I want to know how to fix what's broken and write good lyrics. I wish I could be a force of nature or an element.
I wish to be artistically talented. I desire the ability to do henna art, and paint nails well. I wish I knew the exact details that make every snowflake different and how cars run. I want to know more about light and color and balance.
I should learn how to mix drinks and become a wise and bitchy bartender in The City. I don't want to live in The City, though. I wish I could read minds and I wish that I was edible.
I want there to be no God. There should be no government; I wish that anarchy could work and people were capable of living in harmony.
I wish I could join green peace and make people happy, be better with language, help fix the world, feel like I have meaning. I could make people realize. I want to have healing powers.
I desire cool hair and makeup; feeling beautiful and running around naked because I like my body and don't care. Yet, I want no makeup or body. I want to be water. I want to always be clean. I want to live underwater.
I want to stick with things and be self reliant. I wish that other people respected me. I want to find someone on the exact same emotional and intellectual level. I desire wisdom.
I yearn for a ghetto blue car with booth seats and my Dream Boy, who knows about pain and life and loves me for what I am and what I am not. Who sticks around through my arguments and scars and storms. I want to sleep whenever I want to, and He would always drift to sleep beside me. I want warm skin and slow breathing.
I want to be 6 years old. I possibly would like to be stupid. But I want to read everything and do whatever I want. I wish I wasn't obligated to do anything.
I want to destroy my ego, or turn to ash and float away. It would be nice to be invisible. I want to be ignored and left alone. I wish I could melt. I want to bleed tears or at least cry uncontrollably.
crimson I want to stop wanting and make up my mind. 030925
. wow. 030925
once again beautiful... i wish i had your vitality. 030925
x burn 030929
acidshank get fucked. in every way. well. not all. heh. heh. im not a slut here
hsg ke
Bespeckled Bend over and let you slap me.
Kiss you everywhere.
Let you bite me.
Let you pull my hair.
Feel your fingers in my mouth.
Feel them everywhere
on me and
inside of me
Take it fast
Run out of air.
Feel your fingers on my neck.
Feel you choke me.
Be lifted up


against the door,

Say yes when you ask me to marry you.
Wear a white dress to the wedding,
have 7 bridesmaids and a tea-party bridal shower.
Feel you take care of me the way you should.
Sit with you alone for a while sometime,
not even talking,
just sitting and feeling your arms on my shoulder,
holding my shoulder,
keeping me yours.

Have your babies - they'd be immaculate.
(With your features and my features; we'd breed demi-gods)
See my children grow up strong and beautiful,
the stars of their peers,
the envy of their enemies,
the loves of their friends,
just like us but better because they have us to raise them and each other for support.
Have two sons - the boys all the little girls gush about, charming smiles and devious eyes, athletes.
Have one daughter - my princess, the apple of my eye, my beautiful reincarnation of me, a daddy's girl, the most beautiful girl at school.

Let you make love to me on the beach,
half in the water,
half on the sand.
Feel you rise inside me with the rhythm of the waves.
Slow and steady,
romantic even.
(The hard stuff can wait until we're inside).
The beach is for lovers,
slow and purposeful, long and deep.
Doar just be a better man,
no....scratch that....
I need to be a better man.

i have been searching myself not for articles that would keep me from being but for the things i have always wished to accomplish or BE.

my heart is getting weak,
i am convinced of this daily.

what is left of this life should be a peace towards others,
this life has been speaking with me and i haven't listened.

i am learning to listen to
the thoughts that have been locked up. they have been telling me to love. isn't it the age of my thoughts or the form in which each though takes...but each though does talk, trying to get me realize that i have only a small amount of time to make amends with myself. it does sound selffish and i do know the history of myself. it is only myself that can try to be better and i will be better.

i have within me a love that could circle the universe. it is contained by my past but it is still there. i have love in here, but i don't have love out here, except for a few who see past my past.

my diary here, is for you all.

my peace is here,
my love is here,
you are here.

unhinged tell you to forget it
forget it all

but i know that's impossible
FA113N Say it.

Yes, I_want_to_say_it
what's it to you?
who go