old hick Ya know how they say that they save the best for last? Well, this is not true in BYOB-Top-Bottom-Nude-Eighteen-and-Up strip clubs. So if you want a young girl for a private dance DON'T wait until last call before all the strippers have to go home and wake their kids up for school the next morning. But if you want an older woman, go ahead and be patient. She's coming. And what she lacks in youth she more than makes up for in silent desperation and dissatisfaction with her choices in life. 000127
BoofPixie i remain in silent awe of all the strippers i've ever met. 000311
laslo just make sure you always look into the stripper's eyes, where you will find who she is instead of who everyone else wants her to be 030924
misstree i can't look into stripper's eyes. one, the majority that i've met are people that i really don't want to know; two, the exceptions to that rule are so cool i don't want them jiggling for my benefit and buck; and three, i can smell all the different inherent mental tics of their work, and looking into their eyes makes it stronger. 030924
Lemon_Soda I've never seen a stripper and I don't want to. I don't like the proffession, I refuse to pretend its show buisness,it makes you ungrateful for the love you have, and it prematurely raises your expectations to impossible levels as far as a partner goes.

Go back to school and contribute.
thespacebetween i once had a boyfriend who left me after 9 months
then he went out with this 18 year old girl named liz. she had a baby...
she was a stripper...
i still to this day dont see what he saw in her
she was even shorter than me
and she just looked dumb.
i used to want to be a stripper
not for the money ( i have plenty of that)
but just for the experience...

liz ruined that for me
ill never look at a lot of things the same again...
Death of a Rose private intimate love stripping is ....

cold shower...cold shower...

i'm going out on a limb here so feel free to bring the chainsaws...

you gotta do what you gotta do...pays's unfortunate if they don't want to do it but see it as the only way they can get by...some actually enjoy the power rush....some are dead in the eyes while doing it....when it is all said and done...they are people as well...yeah...yeah... i know it's all been said before....besides they usually are friends with large man mountains..

okay what was my
lemon's always going to be around....highly left to unenlightened young men.
Death of a Rose oh and great for taking old paint off of chairs. 031130
Lemon_Soda You touched on it, and yay, their people to. I'm not attacking the sex industry, I'm attacking strippers in particular. You like dancing erotica? Do a burlesque show. Because you like it is the only reason I'll except, and even then I'm not happy with it. You need the money? There are plenty of jobs out there. This one is just the easy( and demeaning) way out. you always take the easy way out? I could care less about porn, erotic films, calvin kline commercials, and hot stuff paperback novels...thats dumb...


always the easy way in Hehe 031217
misstree why is it so looked down upon as a profession, precisely? spell it out for me. not agreeing or disagreeing with anything just yet, pure curiosity. 031217
stork daddy college doesn't just pay for itself you know! 031217
unhinged my exboyfriend was a stripper when he lived in las vegas. he liked to call himself a dancer...*shrugs*

he made good money. who am i to frown?
Death of a Rose whoa, LS. Like I said, if it's a private show, i'm there.

this is almost like posting


i love our culture.....don't even get me gas left.
girl_jane I dance in private because I like to dance. I sway and roll my hips and upper body.

I've been thinking about this for a couple months. If I do it for myself, why not make some money out of it?

So I went to a strip club on my birthday to see what the girls do. Most of them don't even really dance much...which was unfortunate. I'm also more in shape than the majority of the women working there.

I'm still considering it, and I know I want to take one of the classes offered to learn how to do lap dances and such. Even if I don't perform for strangers, it'd be a nice skill to have for any special guy I happen to be dating.

I wouldn't really consider it something to be frowned upon-

I'm a very sexual female. I like sex. I like bodies. I like to move in sexy ways. Why should I be ashamed of that?
girl_jane I start waitressing next week. If it goes well, I'll continue waitressing for about 3-4 weeks, then I'll have my audition. The crazy thing is, I never thought I'd be looking forward to this sort of thing... 040424
minnesota_chris then I am definitely making a trip to California. I'll wear a big blather hat. It'll be my first trip to a strip club. 040425
girl_jane California? If you're talking about going to a strip club to see me...I'm in Missouri... 040425
minnesota_chris oh, oops. Missouri then.

ha ha the show me state.
JustAnotherPairOfTitsAndAss I hate the way women are objectified...looked at as sex objects instead of people. A stripper isn't respected and being a woman that's just yet another example of some guys not learning how to respect a woman. I'd like to think that my self worth is based more than on just my body parts. Of course you have the right to do what you want to do or what you have to do in order to get by, but isn't stripping one step away from prostitution? You are selling your body for money... 040425
girl_jane Before I start, I'd like to say that this is not meant to be offensive or even mouthy. I'm just stating my thoughts about what you've said. When you read it, hear my voice as calm and rational. That's how this is all meant to be.

I dance by myself. I dance with other people. I enjoy my own body. Why should I be ashamed to show it?

Day to day-I am a t-shirt and jeans type of girl-pony-tails and not much make-up if any at all. I am not a slut by any means, and I am certainly not a whore.

The whole "selling my body" thing-you can look at it that way if you want. The thing is, I'm at studying theatre right now. I consider myself an actress. Before I decided to be a theatre major, I thought good and hard about whether or not I'd be willing to do nudity in shows. I decided I would be willing.

While working at the strip club, I have a different name. I am whatever character I create. What those dancers do actually does take talent and a shit ton of confidence.

Actors and actresses get completely nude for some scenes, and I'm not even talking about porn. The dancers are required to be wearing panties at all times.

As far as the respect thing goes...the guys at the club respect the no touching rules-and that's good enough for me. I wouldn't date a guy I met there-honestly, I doubt that's allowed. If a woman is stupid enough to get involved with him, that's her problem.

Plus, I respect most guys, but I'd still see male strippers. That doesn't mean I don't have respect for males.

I know that I am more than a body. Believe it or not, I do have a brain that functions quite well.

What I think is sad is that these women aren't respected. They're human beings to. Most of them are not doing it because they have to or because it's the only thing they can do to get the money they need. They're there because they want to be; they enjoy it.

It's the idea that society has stuck to females that we're not supposed to enjoy our sexuality. I say to hell with that.

It's not something I'm doing "to get by." I want to strip because I do it on my own anyway, so why not make money doing it? It's a show. It's a performance. People always say, find something you enjoy doing and then find a way to make money doing it. Well, for now, this is it.

It fits my schedule. The people I'll be working with are hella nice, and it's a safe and clean place. Not to mention the money. I've known people who've worked at food chains in *much* worse conditions and for a lot less money.

I would consider myself a feminist. Woman are powerful. Our bodies have the power to create and carry a life other than our own. We're intelligent, and a good number of us know men's weakness.

If men are going to allow themselves to get stupid over a naked girl, then why not take advantage of their stupidity and take their money. They're allowing themselves to be manipulated.

*No offense to any of you blather guys out there-I'm not saying all guys are dumb :)*

As far as it being pretty close to prostitution, I disagree. It's the girls who say they won't sleep with a guy until they've been out with him so many times, or for so long, that remind me of prostitutes.

Everyone has their price. The guy just keeps spending money on her. Sure, he could be interested in a relationship, but you know a lot of the guys are thinking about getting to her pants eventually.

Let's face it, chicks do the same thing. I'm not going to waste my time dating a guy I wouldn't *eventually* sleep with. But unless I care about him, I respect him, and I'm in an exclusive relationship with him, there is no way in hell I'm going to sleep with him.

Sluts are closer to prostitutes than strippers.

I know this is a sort of rough argument. I haven't had to defend my choices until now, although I knew I'd eventually have to. Thanks for the preparation.

Just next time, use the name you typically use on blather. That was the only thing you typed that offended me a bit.

For those of you wanting to reply to this, please remember that I didn't mean *any* of this to be offensive or rude. I was just calmy stating my thoughts.
girl_jane PS-Chris-You made me laugh really hard with that comment.

PPS-Re-reading what I said about guys getting stupid over a naked woman-That sounded pretty rude. I wanted to re-emphasize that I didn't mean it to be at all. It's the guys who see woman as objects that are the stupid ones.

Not all the guys who go to stip clubs are stupid cave-men. Some of them really do respect the dancers, respect the art in dancing, and respect women in general.
stork daddy there are many interesting things to be said on this subject. i'd tend to argue towards the pragmatic side girl jane established and further elaborate the idea that sex is a currency in many "acceptable" avenues of life and further question why affection is okay to pander but sexuality is not? people who give sex out (in any of its forms) are often looked at like scabs crossing the picket line, willing to work for less than what the union is demanding. not only that, at least stripping isn't camoflauging its sexuality or its using sex in commerce. much more disturbing are the inclusion of sexual images in commercials for products which seemingly have little to do with sex nor warrant any overt implied association with sex. (although technically there is a connection between beer and sex and so i don't mind so much those commercials). also, i don't think there's anything wrong with admitting that girls and boys have different strategies when it comes to marketing themselves, and achieving what they want. there are certain standard sex based strategies, which generally work. oh i'm being very obscure. i could go into this argument and blah blah blah it until it was sufficiently sound, but the only reason i even decided to blathe here was to tell girl jane that i'm saving up bus fare to MO. of course, that could take me a while because stupid cavemen don't get the greatest salaries. 040426
girl_jane Thanks for your support Stork Daddy. And as long as you respect the women who return your respect, you are not a stupid caveman. 040426
JustAnotherPairofTitsandAss I respect your response, but I differ in the way I view the world. That makes neither of us more right or wrong than the other. Being a stripper is your choice and I never meant to imply that all people who do it are desperate in some way or another. If you choose to embrace your womanhood in that way then more power to you. I just know too many people who have other reasons.

There are those like you who enjoy doing it and do it for that reason. There are others that are completely hollow and dead inside. There are others who do it because they have no choice. I've known a bit of all three.

Speaking from experience I know of at least one person who frequents the titty bar, strip club, or if you will gentleman's club every Saturday night. I also happen to know that while you're giving him a lap dance or up there on stage embracing your womanhood he's looking at you and thinking about cutting your breasts off and playing with the blood. He'll still respect the no hands policy because he's not stupid enough to make a scene. Besides, nothing's really pushed him over the edge yet and he's still taking his medication.

Also speaking from experience I know a lot of guys who are looking at you dancing and thinking slut, whore, ghonorrhea machine, or any number of other things I've heard on through the years. They still enjoy a show though because afterall you are just another pretty face and who's going to turn down a show like that?

There are those who actually respect a woman and who see the art in what you're doing. A lot of guys can even look past what you're doing and see a bit of what's on the inside. From my experience it's about 70% "idiots" and 30 respectful guys.
pheather i considered becoming a stripper. i certainly have the moves. if any blather men are up for a game of strip poker, i usually lose more than just the game. 040426
girl_jane Thanks for not thinking I'm slutty or desparate:) 040427
u24 "...i wanna spit in their faces, but I'm afraid what that might bring..."

see also, lyric_quotes
girl_jane I talked to Luke last night. I can't break up with him. I think I've just been trying extra hard to distance myself. I told him I'm waitressing at Eye of the Tiger. He's ok with me waitressing there. After all, I don't get naked, and the clothes I wear are the clothes I'd wear to go out-nothing overly revealing.

My mom called today too. I knew she'd ask me about how work was going, and I knew I wasn't going to lie to her. So I told her. She's not happy with me at all at all right now. I told her the truth-that yes I am working at a strip club, but I stay completely covered, and the clothes I wear are all clothes that she's seen on me before, and never had a problem with them. She said that if I started stripping she's quit paying for anything for me. I figured that's what she'd do. I told her I wouldn't, and I told her I'd start looking for another waitressing job. There should be positions opening up since people are leaving for the summer.

What I told my mom I'd do, I will do. And if I started dancing, it would mean losing Luke...and I really don't want that to happen. I'd rather make those two happy and keep them around than do something that is probably just a phase.

So, given the choice of keeping the people I care about or stripping, that's pretty simple.

I'm keeping the ones that I love.
minnesota_chris it would be a strange way to meet you, anyways. Not that I didn't think about it. 040428
Novice . 040428
skippy i was a stripper. now im completely de-sensitised to everything. sex has no meaning. nudity has no meaning. nothing turns me on anymore. nothing is sacred. I used to be capable of very erotic shows. Months later, i could still do it if i needed the cash. i havent re-gained my sense of privacy. Im not modest again.
How do i re-sensitise myself????
minnesota_chris stop showing yourself off. Stop having sex for a few years.

get some mental purity too...
Brazen It's not about selling sex, it's about being paid for your sexuality. A lot of the time, the men I dance for aren't just there because they want to squeeze some tits, they are people who lack basic human affection and I am happy to provide that for them at $5/minute. Lap dancing is therapy and I enjoy making connections with men who just don't get the kind of personal attention we all crave and I am worshipped for it.

I am not a prostitute... I am a fantasy, a friend, a confidant, an entertainer and a therapist.

Yes there are drawbacks to stripping (not the least of which is the stimga attached to those in my profession) but I find satisfaction in my job because it's what I do and not who I am. Besides, it's a great ego boost.
misstree talking to the dj last night, he half talked me into auditioning. i've always stayed away from it because i dont look like a barbie doll, but i've also seen dancers much larger than myself. i'm a confident, intelligent person, well used to using my sexuality for profit--ask me what percentage of drinks i buy for myself, for starters. the crew there is fantastic, and it may be a job environment where i can come closer to being myself than most others. waitresses whore out their personalities as well, only they have to run their asses off and refill ranch dressing on top of it. i'm already somewhat desensitized to sex (it's bored me for quite some time), and have no problem with public nudity.

it's been suggested that if i do this, it will keep me from getting a real job. with 30 just around the corner, moving on up is indeed on my mind. but if i'm going to do it, it's going to be now. it wouldn't last forever, heck, i wouldn't even expect it to last terribly long, but i'm having trouble coming up with reasons not to do it, aside from the little bits of extra jiggling on my bod.

i'm going to have to think about it for a few days, and i might not know the answer until i audition, see what it feels like. it would certainly be a new adventure.
devilbunny You better hone your handjob skills if you wanna land a job in the Red Room. 061110
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