k most often it's associated with love. it's come to have a bad name. i have sworn it off. no more will i let this happen...for too long at least. 981123
thenestor Wow... someone actually got to "unrequited" before me. Of course it was you, Karen, because you rock.

Did you know that Anteros was the Greek God of unrequited affection and unhappy love?

Now you know.
i forget where "her love is the best kind, unrequited." 981231
-i- a word I'm overly familiar with.

It gives you that hole in your stomach, the ache, the desire, the need.

Never fufilled.
ricmariem its like its not meant to
you wanted it to be
when it not should be
its kind of uneasy because of the pain and oppposite feelings it brings
but its kinda inspirational
kinda, though...
trakie longing for love you know you will never have except in your dreams. 991120
sandi it really sucks, man! oh to be
in love,
unrequited love,
just *don't go there* my friends
jane Those whose affections we wish for could make it a little eaiser if they just. . . I don't know, went far away. . . 000408
birdmad closer , further away.
the feeling of never knowing which and never knowing where.

and worst of all, never really understanding why.
SomeoneElse Sometimes I think that if they were to make a new dictionary that had pictures instead of words, my face would be there in all it's infinate sorrow, staring into the silence of a screen door slamming. 000410
MollyGoLightly No reason to wallow in it. Plenty of other people out there, you know. And some of them are very cute. And they will buy you things, if you're charming enough. 000410
Philifledermaus As I looked upon her, the stalled machinery of my heart began to stir.
After 3 years as a loveless automaton, the wake of she who went before.

I filled with hope and filled with purpose - joy, but also fear.

Just yesterday i spoke to her - and when she left, spoke on - pouring thoughts into the night, gaining comfort from the air.

She enlightens and intrigues me, makes me feel more whole.
But without her I am smaller - fragmented, and alone.

(sorry about that, I'm in love and couldn't help it)
j_blue unrequited is the worst state to be aware of. i think how much i want him, how much happiness is never had. the universe conspired to throw us together, and we conspired to defeat it. who am i kidding, my devious tendencies left me when i was a preteen. if i am anything among these conspiracies, it is a victim. or did i conspire to be that? and what of the third man in all this? is he my victim, so that there could be some sliver of justice? i hate the way things are, i wonder what they will lead to. sometimes the whisper in my mind tells me to hope, but then i manage to convince myself of my paranoia, and do my best to forget it, to forget him, and to forget myself...
i want him, i need him. we are connected, he knows it. he needs me, is he ready? no, i dont think all the players want the same things. by that i mean loosely, i dont think we all want to be happy, i dont think we all want what we deserve. hell, i dont think i do.
MollyCule it went something like this -

Him - "I'm in love with you"
Me - "Umm . . . that's nice"

(long awkward pause)

Me - "I think I'm a lesbian"
apr!l "...in the end it took me a dictionary to find out the meaning of unrequited,
while she was giving herself for free at a party to which i was never invited.
i never understood my failings then, and i hide my humble hopes now..."
-billy bragg, the saturday boy
foolish girl i've never been so sure of anything in my life... i've never been so unsure of being sure, either.

the tv said, "we aren't ready for each other"

the radio said, "sometimes love is only sleeping"

the wallflowers said, "but i hear voices and i see colors... i wish i felt nothing... then it might be easy for me, like it is for you"

i said, "i can't tell you about my heart... i can't tell you for the closeness... i have a million and one thoughts... all of what i'm dreaming... just barely here... half way to alive."

i know and feel and eat and breathe the word unrequited too well... too much... right now.
Sir Bors so sure? 001113
chanaka my least favorite word
my most normal addiction
my everyday routine emotion
my drug
my poison
my pain
my love
unrequitedwoman Its the sunshine that makes me happy for a second, then fades when I know he's somewhere beneath it.

Its the dark clouds in the winter and the cold crisp air that sweeps my face and reminds me I'm alive--only to think of him and be dead again.

Its the laughter of family and friends that I revel in--and then forget when I remember his laugh.

Its the pain of consuming every moment of life asking why you are? why I am? and where are you?---when knowing somewhere he thinks of nothing

Its defeat, its love, its loss, its betrayal, its pain...but its beautiful. I'm always reminded of my favorite novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles...when a homely old maid look at her friend after glaring at the charismatic young man in the fields....and said..."But, it is Tess--the one he loves."
marjorie when you find not what you need
but what you want
and what you want is not what you can have
but what you need is what you get
and rather than what you wanting coming to you anyways
as an added bonus.
hah.. you get the picture.
it's a cracked little mirror
with daises painted on it
while everyone stares and stands around
talking about degas
unhinged maybe i should go build an altar to anteros with a drop of my blood and a clipping of his hair and the picture...yes of course the picture. no altar would be complete with out a picture. i know the perfect one...that one she took where you are smiling just so, the smile that no one hardly ever sees because it's so fleeting that she captured at just the right second. damnit...i'm obsessing again. but how can i help it? i mean honestly.... 010529
Christy One of these days, I'll take the liberty to ask, dauntless and intrepid as I look you in the eye: Am I the participant or merely a spectator?

Oh, and ask I did. He glanced at me surprised and replied ever so casually, "Why watching is what you do best, though at one time the issue did concern you." He trailed off, embarassed, and I understood immediately.
monadh kept from the rains of your heart

you said you never brought me anything greater than sorrow
but you, the deepest of my heart's ease
softest of delights
you with the ocean in your eyes
and castles in your soul

my Swallow's song in january
Glory Box and this time it's not my love that's unrequited, but hers.

It's not my heart broken in two, but the slick blood of another, coating my sensible hiking boots.

It won't come off.
silentbob ihateyouihateyouihateyou 011004
Glory Box She: I'm in love.

He: I'm in love too!

She: Yes, but you picked the unrequited kind. Bad for the skin.

Dis I act cool and unaffected, but really, isn't that the time-honored tradition? Who can forget smooth, smooth Smokey Robinson,

"Outside, I'm masquerading
Inside, my hope is fading
I'm just a clown
Since you put me down
My smile is my makeup
I wear since my breakup with you..."

Nothing's changed between us, really, so I wouldn't even call it a breakup. From the day I met you,
You always slept around.
You seldom called or wrote.
You were always 2000 miles away.
Why should any of these things bother me now, so suddenly, for no reason at all?

Because they do. Because inside, my hope is fading. This time I think you might have actually forgotten me.

Damn you.
Dis Oh how you hate when I rush to judgement.

Don't you know how I see the world?
Not through a glass darkly,
not with eyes of fear or anger,
but with wide eyes, rapacious and lusty.

How short life is, how sad to be left waiting.
Your voice is a sweet sound, and when I cannot have you, I long for just an echo.

Do not censure me when I become impatient. Soothe me.
I wish I were with you.
That's all, my dear.
oppressed_youth World's worst adjective. Ouch. 020809
no reason or unrealized? one can always hope... 020809
unhinged oh they realize. trust me. and they chew it, spit it out, and step on it. 020809
Aimee it's the worst kind of love... especially if you both know about it. I loved a boy like that once. He used it to hurt me. told me he loved me just to get into my pants and the next day when I asked him about it.... he said, "i just meant it like a friend." it's amazing how cruel people can be. pity for him though. he missed out on a great girl.. 020810
angie sometimes my imagination runs away with me
sometimes my emotions take my thoughts as captive
sometimes i hallucinate
sometimes i get paranoid
sometimes i just need you to call and tell me you love me
sometimes i sit and wonder about my past

i am completely amazed that i was able to find a love that is pure and true

unrequited love is never a word i have had to experience...
because i have never loved anyone else who hasnt loved me
i have never loved anyone else besides you

i know you are really busy
i just need you so much right now
little things
an e-mail
a note
a message on my answering machine
anythign to keep me going because it is all i really have right now

i have cried every day since sunday
i am crying right now
i cried last nite
i cried yesterday morning

i know you don't have a lot of time
i know you love me
the pure thought of it keeps me going
it would just be nice...
to recieve a reminder that i can
touch see hear

i have a phone card now
i haven't called because i don't want to leave any more messages with me crying and crying...
i wish i had somewhere to go
some way out of here
a car

all of our kleenex are gone

circles and circles and circles again
got to stop spinning

it is only 11:20 in the morning...
i am not supposed to be this sad

bethany requite

damn fool i say love me damn you
jen I left Maryland after I called him. He wanted to hook up before I left. I woke up 2 years later still in love with him, regretting that I never said goodbye. Funny how time passes so slowly when your in love, but so quickly when your apart. I wonder if he still loves me..... 021225
jen ...afterall, don't "they" say "If you love something turn it loose...if it comes back it's meant to be..." or does that not apply to me? Or is he waiting for me to return after he let me go? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH MY LIFE? 021225
jane why am i the resented one 030618
celestias shadow i returned it to the store unopened
as it's happened a few times to me
RedArmageddon What happens when that feeling of impending doom reaches out and lets you go?

Can you hear the ocean at night?

Do the birds sing in California?

There is no shelter here. And no one no how neverything calls my name. All my life, I have wasted my gifts for a false sense of a dream. Some girl I met and her wonderful, wonderful scent.

But I can smell the smoke now.
magicforest smiles sadly 031107
fed up toture abosloute toture.
it's jsut knowing that person really doesn't give a damn about you.
"I Love you, but only as a friend"
All that crap.
Death of a Rose wanting to infuse her in one glance, to have her shake with longing,
bleed her when i'm lost
hold her when grief comes,
watch her smile and sing,
breath with her,

stabbing myself for this wish
delial I would rather spend an eternity with him as "only_a_friend" than spend an eternity without him because I can't get "what_I_want."

I love him so much that it doesn't matter to me anymore what my title is. Not to the point of "I'll die without you," because I am not without him. We're good friends.
I feel lucky to know someone like him, who can make me feel this way. I'm glad he cares about me, even if it isn't in some of the same ways.

Friends are forever, anyway, right?
Relationships usually end weird, things mess up, and friends don't stay friends the same way they used to.
At least this way, I can be secure in our relationship.

Though I don't think MY love will fade for him any time soon. But at least he knows I'm a true friend.

I feel so much more at ease with things lately...
fed up i'm insane with jealousy!
I hate this.
hate him!
Wish he'd just go!
but don't want him to!
fed up there are too types of people.
There are those who adore and those who are adored.
fed up there are too types of people.
There are those who adore and those who are adored.
fed up there are too types of people.
There are those who adore and those who are adored.
nisus All love in my universe is unrequited. As a general rule. 031222
gamine maybe it's the easiest kind of love, if you really think about it. in that it's not love at all. an illusion. or delusion. too often pining is thought of as passion-- in my mind anyway. i think i must enjoy the perpetual possibility of love because i don't often desire the reality once i have it.

sad, i guess.
no reason i always expected to be on the other side of it
this side is difficult and strange for people like me
camille whispers

phil make me feel all right
and take me away
unrequited catastrophie
seems to follow me
at car speed
catapulted the

untiligiveuphope ... 050414
Lost I see her every day. She thinks I think of her as a friend, I think. 050611
girl from ipenema "dark and tan and young and lovely, the girl from ipenema goes walking by....but when he smiles, she doesn't seeee" 050611
me thoughts that stick around long after I want them to leave. Things that shouldn't matter but mean everything to me sometimes. 060512
birdmad or satyr my loves have always been thus, thankfully though this has not been the case with too many of my lusts 060512
me and that very well could define the problem then. 060512
WingedSerpent actually, lust and its pursuits are where i learned to fall back when love blows up in my face

i maintain just enough heart to play the charming rogue since anything more was like running around with a "kick_me" sign
theboyupstairs another she for me,
But I didn't do anything.

I could of. She wanted me too.

But i DIDN'T.

And now I don't know if she is pissed or what...
pSyche "The night has a thousand eyes,
And the day but one;
Yet the light of the bright world dies
With the dying sun.

The mind has a thousand eyes,
And the heart but one:
Yet the light of a whole life dies
When love is done."
unhinged kicks me in the teeth
and breaks my heart
yet again

but i just keep reminding myself:
people don't know unless you tell them
and most people are too afraid to ask
there is a light that never goes out and in a darkened underpass,
i thought
'O god my chance has come at last'
but then a strange fear gripped me
and i just couldn't ask
Mesila Strange how it's always UNrequited, never "requited". Strange that it only refers to love. Stranger still that anyone can survive unrequited love. 070711
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