unhinged mike worships jeff buckley...i miss him...i always have the thought that i hope he doesn't hate me...i'm not sure why i think he hates me.

so real...that is the best jeff buckley song.

i wish i had someone special enough to share jeff buckley with in my bed....that's some baby making music. although kisses mean so much more to me than anything else...except maybe hands.
.... This dream you've ridden on turned the world to explosions... you need to be alone to heal this bleeding stone. 001205
unhinged ivet wrote a song inspired by jeff buckley it is beautiful and colossal just like the way jeff used to write...they played it on his birthday at the odeon and it was magical. those boys.... 001209
MollyCule remember when i moved in you
and the holy dove was moving too
and every breath we drew was hallelujah?

now that's some baby-making music. of course, i am so in love with this song right now.
unhinged jeff sings for 22 seconds straight at the end of that song...he is an amazing singer

my jeff buckley song of the moment is lover you should have come over

i miss you IMMENSELY mollycule
COLDandBLUEkitty ah!!!
i adore!
unhinged "i see my life come shining
from the west down to the east
every day now
any day now
i shall be released.
they say every man needs protection
they say every man must fall
yet i swear i see my reflection
so high above this world (?)
i see my life come shining..."
MollyCule and in the half-light where we both stand.
this is the half-light, see me as i am.

I'm always scared that there will never be anyone to stand there in the half-light with me.
johnny west The sky is a landfill
So you take another drag
nocturnal my stereo is apparently not a fan. I can play the cd in any other cd player, so I know it's not scratched. my stereo lets me listen to other cd's, but it just doesn't like jeff. technology has no taste. 010525
yoink his live stuff is the best. he gets into it in such a way that it makes studio music boring 010526
unhinged i heard live at sine was good. i think i'll have to look into it after that yoink. 010619
unhinged 'i love you but i'm afraid to love you'

i will spend the rest of my life being afraid to love
unhinged they released a new live album...yay yay yay yay yay yay

live a l'olympia

new live jeff
new live jeff
new live jeff
ear parcel because he's amazing.

because he had the voice of an angel.

because he died far too soon.
ear parcel oh. and one of the most amazing jeff quotes:

"i'm not with you but of you."
continuous ache unhinged, you've gotta let me borrow some of your buckley CDs. i wanna burn them. i don't think i've heard anything more beautiful or inspired. 020405
unhinged i will bring them tonight if we hang out...and hopefully we will 020405
god i just got "grace'
i just put in the cd player.
Photophobe loves Jeff Buckley nightmares by the sea... 020406
god still listening to it. 020406
misstree a friend sang "lilac wine" and put two people in tears... she claims her voice is bad... i claim she is an angel... 020407
unhinged so_real at the plaza cafe with two of the biggest loves in my life. i would have cried, but i was too drunk to be sad. 020407
mags heard a guy singing yesterday, 21 years old with his band, with a voice that could bring anyone - at least anyone remotely emotional - to tears. His voice frighteningly close to buckley's. He looked down a lot while people whispered he's gonna be huge. 030131
melted plastic spent his life repeatedly trashing his father in print, while privately torn between lovehate. insisted his music had nothing to do with his father's, but anyone familiar with tim's work could hear that jeff had chosen him to be perhaps his most important musical influence, learning dozens of vocal techniques, inflections and "gymnastics" from studying his work. tim was scarred by an abusive, alcoholic father, while he in turn was almost completely absent from jeff's life, leaving a gaping void that could never be filled. tim and jeff were both beautiful, gifted, damaged souls who perhaps never felt truly whole or deserving of love. one dead of a heroin/alcohol overdose at 28, the other drowned at 30. it still isn't clear whether these deaths were intentional or not. too many conflicting recollections, too much pain, "he was a free spirit", "he was reckless, not suicidal", just too much.

i like to think that, when jeff died, he went straight to tim. maybe he found himself in a small club in 1970 or '71, filled with starsailor music. together at last with his father, his dream brother, enveloped by transcendent, ethereal, indefinable music.

wishful thinking, maybe, but there you go.
unhinged and sometimes i think that in grey dim dusty bars where people still sing jeff_buckley songs for free drinks a little magic of what would have been jeff haloes everyone in their misty tears and holds them for a second chasing away the pain with earnest beauty.

some days i am really sad that i didn't discover jeff until after he was already dead and that i was probably too young to understand him when he was alive. he is on my top five list so i guess it will never be completed.
silentbob i listened to grace again last night before bed.

it was...fucking nice.
unhinged and you are forever indebted to me for that bobby. *smirk*

remember that the next time you see handcuffs or knee socks.

and then maybe someday you will have a sweet ass photo of me inside your head.
the carpet king just got the "live in chicago" video.

a little over an hour in, a few girls scream for jeff to play one of his father's songs ("get on top", which they mistakenly refer to as "get on top of me, woman"). his response is quite interesting; while insulting tim in pretty nasty fashion, he also makes it clear that he actually knows the song. i'd transcribe the exchange, but that would take all the fun out of it.

has anyone else seen this?
ClairE I got my first Jeff album! I got my first Jeff album! Wheeeee! Grace!

I was really longingly drawn towards the Cat_Power album but a promise made is a promise made and I promised unhinged that Jeff would be my next album.

My little brother let me play the first song on his CD player on the way home from my grandma's. By track 3 it was still on. By Hallelujah we were talking about the song. By Lover, You Should've Come Over my mom said, "This is a good album," and my brother echoed her.

MMMMMMM! I think I will listen to it again as I go to sleep (andtalktomylovefarawayonthephoneinthedark).
stork daddy seriously...when i listen to lover you should've come's like...that's how you do it. you take a request for sex and make it seem like it's about something else. this is the type of music that you trick english majors into having one night stands with 031016
unhinged jeffbuckleyfans_must_get_now


i try not to steer people wrong when it comes to music. if you like jeff and haven't experienced much of his live stuff or even if you have the new legacy edition of live at sin-e is the most wonderful jeff experience. now that none of us can have the pleasure of actually seeing him live this is as amazingly close as we can get. just jeff and his guitar in a little coffee shop in the village. damn man. fate can be a fucking cruel bitch.
jeff buckley they will accuse me of stealing from my father.
they already stand in baited judgement, waiting for me first move, waiting to dump their loads of garbage upon me.
I face them like the man he never was and say
"the only the I ever stole from my father was a fleeting glimpse!!"
the only
monee i remember when the tv said he was missing, i turned it off. for some reason i had thought he was already dead before then. it was a weird deja_vu moment.
i stopped listening.

i have an old clipping from a rolling stone magazine, '94 or '95, a picture of him with a flower on his head, and on the same page is a picture of mazzy_star. it says "generation next" on the edge of the page. it used to hang above my sewing machine in vancouver.
god it's never over 050521
unhinged my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
all my riches for her smile when i slept so soft against her
all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter
she's the tear that hangs inside my song forever

i spread the gospel of buckley
i converted at least six people while i was in music school at uwm

practically everything you would want to know about the life, career, and death of jeff buckley all compiled by one wonderful individual.

brought to you by

but sometimes i just can't stand to hear it or look at it or read about it; the wonderfulness that left the world way too soon.

in the spirit of james lipton, what i would like to hear god say when i arrive at the pearly gates:

'jeff is ready to give you your private concert now.'
unhinged still in love with him
more than ever
the words
the memories
the photographs
all i have left
of a man i never meant
who made art
that tears my heart
and heals it
all in the same swoop
a kindred_spirit
love beyond all means
i send a prayer
of wordless indescribable thanks
for how he changed my life
even years after he died

none of these words come out right love
if i could take the blue pill
that would bring me
back to you
just to be in your gloriousness
for one night
one bar
one show
i think i would swallow the_pill
that brought me in front of that
only i can see in
of those lucky enough to be blessed with your gloriousness

it twists my heart
to know
i knew you too late
and you could still mean this much to me
misstree some beings
make bargains
like those found in
hypothetical questions:
"you can make music that
touches people in ways
deeper and more soulful
than any other alive right now
but you will be gone
before you are fully recognized.
do you do it?"
it is the mark of
a true artist's passion
to say yes.

i hope you know how much you are loved by those who never had a chance to give you their love while they lived. it wouldn't be right if you didn't. you are thanked in a hundred half-dark rooms and half-lidded eyes and hearts swelling and squeezing. i hope you met poe, and he thanked you for ulalume. i hope you met cohen, and he thanked you for haleluiah. i hope you met billie, and she thanked you for lilac_wine. i hope you meet me, and i will thank you for buckets of tears and a swollen heart and knowing that what you made, could exist.

thank you for saying "yes" when you were asked. i love you for it.
unhinged rip_jeff

ten years
ten motherfucking years
nobody knows what could have happened
ﻔﻑﻋﺞ ﻵﮔ& ﻔﻑﻋﺞ ﻵﮔﺖ ﻀﺼﺤﺲ! ﷲﭗﮓﺢ ﻩ ﻬﻵﺯ!

ﱡﺈﺔﺴﺴﺀ ﻫ ﻲﻚ...
Jim E. Handtrucks are you sure you didn't mean to put that on the cat_stevens blather? 070606
;-) no !

he yold me to put colour in it :-D
yell *told* 070606
unhinged is the top searched song on itunes because of american idol.....

poor poor jeff, i bet he's rolling over.
ever dumbening ew. it gives me the same feeling as when robert plant tried to justify selling out zeppelin for a fucking cadillac ad by saying that it exposes kids who never heard of zeppelin to their music. someone please hand me a ream of paper to write down all that is wrong with that statement. and ew.

i first learned about jeff buckley in a candle-lit piano bar called lafitte's blacksmith shop in new orleans, from a woman named cori, who liked to bite and scratch, and be bitten and scratched. _that's_ the path to jeff buckley.
ever dumbening favorite lyric:
Parading in a wake of sad relations
As their shoes fill up with water

holy f, jeff.
unhinged that is one of my favorite jeff songs

the verse that didn't make it on grace is my favorite:

every inch of me is full of pain
oh you should have come over
my broken bones can smell the rain
and they're aching to recover
too young to hold on....

(and i've heard several douchebags try to cover hallelujah...i don't know if i even want to think about an american idol contestant attempting it)
asher sang/wrote the soundtrack to the lives of so many people he'd never meet. mine included.

Bethany has the difinitive version of every beautiful song.

Who cannot be forever changed by "hallelujia".
"But remember when I moved in you and the holy dove was moving too and every breath we drew was hallelujah"

and if I could have an ounce of his passion, I would be forever free.
unhinged passion doesn't set you free
it enslaves you
amy i had his CD for a little while, but he did drown, so i didn't hang onto it.

i'm thinking it wasn't a cold and broken hallelujah. it was too sad of a thing, i guess.

excellent artist, though.
Caroline 452 saw him live at a little place in hollywood that no longer exists.

someone shouted out for one of his father's songs (love from room 109) to which he held up his middle finger.
someone then shouted for "freebird", to which he held up the "devil horns". everyone laughed.

he ended with a version of "kangaroo" that lasted, like, an hour or something. he pogoed for almost the entire end of the song.

such an awesome show.
unhinged still breaks my heart 110322
unhinged check out the biography 'dream brother' if you haven't already

about six years ago, i went nuts on the internet finding everything i possibly could about him. i still want to go to memphis and visit the plaque where he fell into the mississippi and the plaque by the tiger cage at the memphis zoo.

he will always be one of my top musical heroes.

about a month ago i heard a band from chicago called nick miller and the neighbors and nick miller reminded me very much of jeff buckley, down to the solo guitar/vocal routine he inserted in the middle of the set. but also his guitar playing and singing were pretty stellar. on my way out of the bar that night i crossed paths with him and said 'you reminded me of one of my heroes tonight.'

'really? who?'

'jeff buckley.'

nick miller said something like 'yeah, that's what i was going for' with a humble smirk.

(my usually accurate memory fails me on the exact wordage; i was rather inebriated on weed and gin and beer and dancing)
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