koti lovely finger painted eyes and a smile from ear to ear, he was everything beautiful and clean. there are many times in which i cannot find the words to describe this wonder, no matter how soiled his hands and face become...slowly corroding and drifting away, leaving behind a fragment of his skin and soul, suspended by faith and faith alone...
why can't you become what you were back when you were still whole? and when will you see that you are still loved by the girl you set aside.
perhaps soon, you will see from greater heights and our fingertips will touch again, and once more, i'll be a stolen dream. 3
MollyGoLightly seth is smug. ususally, seth has money. seth's hair is generally a dirty blond. he has a cute face, straight teeth, drives a truck. 000323
Brad Right on all counts Molly... this is my brother in law to a T... scary... 000324
maruku this man seth
of whom they speak
in dreams and whispers.
is he a key?
is he one of the

all i can see from this is blood.
and pain in the past. a pattern repeated.
awe. fascination. doubt.
psycho insomniac seth is my boyfriend... and he blathers very well. i, on the other hand, am new at this. but with somethings i learn quick.

my seth has brown hair,
he wears glasses
and he doesnt drive

i love him for who he is
Seth I tried driving. It didn't work.

Hmmm, what it means to be me. That's a tough question. Named after the third son of Adam and Eve, my parents are pretty religous. Which is strange, my mom being Mormon, and my dad is Methodist. I never could quite figure them out. They like to play catch with their children, though, which is even stranger. Provides for entertainment sometimes.

Anyways, back to me, being as my name is Seth, and I have my own word on this web site, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I don't know why that is. The ultimate ego stroke? I think that's it. Even if your not talking about me, you are. That's a trip.

I live. There's a real trip. Sometimes I breath. The space in between each breath seems like an eternity, when I think about it. It's fun, though. So's gardening. I have a rose bush. It's pretty, the flowers on it fade from a bright red in the center, to yellow on the edges. Or maybe it's the other way around... Hmmm...

I love people as well. Well, most people anyways... Actually, I don't love too many people. I love those people who love themselves. They're hard to find. Especially in this day and age. When everyone around you is telling you that you aren't good enough, it's hard to experience love. Then again, what is love? I can't say for sure, but I hope to find out. Tommorow.

I just started a journey with a beautiful woman. Women. The most perplexing people in the world. They even confuse themselves, which is really strange. Or is it the guys that are confusing the women, in order to better control them. If women weren't so confused, they would rule the world.
Or maybe I'm the confused one. Perhaps if I weren't so confused, I'd rule the world. Wow. Epiphany. Okay, enough is enough.

The journey continues.
PinkPanther :) 000902
psycho insomniac ahhh! now thats just confusing...damnit! i hate when guys are right :)~ 000902
silentbob Her new boyfriend is named Seth and he likes me, I'm told. and he's totally understanding with the fact the she is in love with John. she won't let him stick his tongue in her mouth, it's weird, he's told.
he likes the bouncing_souls
psycho insomniac i dont think seth realises the effect he has over me. when he looks in my eyes it's like he looks into my soul...deep within. i cant explain the feelings, so i dont expect him to understand.

But what i dont understand is why i'm so nervous when he touches me, and i dont know why my heart races when i see him. could this be love? maybe so, i just dont want to screw it up and be back to where i started. being alone is a horrifying thing. it can make you go mad. people need to feel loved.

i am very happy with him. he makes me feel loved...he makes me feel needed. i've only known him for a few weeks and i can honestly say i've never been this attached to anyone so fast. it's kind of scarey, though. he was right when he said females are confusing. we confuse ourselves to the point we cry and take everything out on the world. we call that life... guys call it PMS.

i just want him to know i will never turn my back on him and i will never take my own problems out on him. i want him to know how much i care, and i love him... yes, i know i love him.
Seth From the very first time I looked into her eyes, I knew she was the one. Her soul was laid out before me, her essence poured into me. I knew everything about her that I needed to know.
Yet she is afraid. "Why?" I ask. The very moment I ask that question, though, I know the answer. It is because everything that she sees, and everyone she talks to are anti-love. "Don't fall in love." They say. "It'll lead to nothing but hurt and pain." Then there are the people who've hurt her already. How do I help her cope with the pain? I don't know the answer. Perhaps that's just it. Maybe she doesn't want my help. Hmmm... Perhaps I'll talk to her about this.
My time grows short.
The journey continues.
Seth I love you, too, Kara... 000904
psycho insomniac It's been a long time I let someone consume my thoughts... and dreams. These feelings are new to me, even though I've been in other relationships. The feelings I have for you are genuine, and deep. They feel so real. I can't explain why I'm scared.

When I close my eyes I can still see the image of your face, feel your hands and taste your lips. It's so comforting to me to know I have you in my life. I feel so safe, but nervous.

I'm not ususlly so shy and nervous, though. When we made plans to see eachother for the first time, I didnt sleep at all that night. I just say on my roof thinking and not knowing what to expect. I didnt think you liked me, so I was upset after you left. But then you actually called me, and not to tell me you didnt want to see me anymore.

And it's more than your wonderful personality, and your good looks. It's the way I feel whenever I see you, and when you touch me. After the first time we kissed, I thought I was dreaming. I wanted to pinch myself but I was afraid I would wake up if I did. That seems to happen to me alot. Something good comes along but then disapears so quickly that it doesnt even feel like reality. Thats why I'm scared. I dont want to fall and have no one there to catch me.

I've decided I'm not going to rush into this one and screw everything up like the others. I'm going to let things go at their own pace and do what feels right. I guess I'm just not used to the affectionate attention I recieve from you. I just want you to know how much I love and cherish every second we spend together. And I will try my best to make you happy.
the muse jesus judith iffy and blu. or just aaron seth you bitch. its jesues here. you know who i am. *grin* hehehe. wonder if you blather anymore. i haven't been recently. anyway, about seth, well he likes colors, and he paints, into games, life and philosophy. a friend i have had for a long time. he hates when i bitch andcomplaine, and when we get together,i stop caring and he starts, he said so himself. he's a little insane, but i can't say much about that eather *looks in a mirror*, um yeah i realy can't say much about that. anyway seth, u suck and i'll talk to/about you later. *hugs* 001202
Seth I need a car. 001203
psycho insomniac it's okay seth... you can have my car. 001205
psycho insomniac aaron... you need help, you goofy little bastard. 001205
evil-G Dearest Seth,

I never meant to hurt you, my darling. I just didnt think it was fair to you to have a girlfriend be so distant, and insecure. I was so scared of failing and everyday I drifted further apart from you. I would catch myself crying when we were together, because I relized that you needed more than I could give you in this time of my life. I'm just so confused, immature, and scared. I have to make myself happy before I can ask you to, and I need to learn how to live without a mask. I have been hurt many times in my life, some of which were my fault. I'm not blaming you this time, though. It is my fault that it had to end...
Please forgive me, I still love every inch of you, inside and out.
-U know who
evil--G "And it's more than your wonderful personality, and your good looks. It's the way I feel whenever I see you, and when you touch me. After the first time we kissed, I thought I was dreaming. I wanted to pinch myself but I was afraid I would wake up if I did. That seems to happen to me alot. Something good comes along but then disapears so quickly that it doesnt even feel like reality. Thats why I'm scared. I dont want to fall and have no one there to catch me.

I've decided I'm not going to rush into this one and screw everything up like the others. I'm going to let things go at their own pace and do what feels right. I guess" =insecure and scared
fucking drama
Seth I will always be a space cadet. It's in my nature. 001227
Seth It's been awhile. I've fallen, thanks to a few well placed thoughts that I've had. I disconnected from reality, again. I tripped on acid, again. Here I lay, zoning out, wondering what's to become of me, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. It's so hard to pull myself together. In the mean time, I feel nothing. No love, no pain, no guilt, no happiness, no pleasure. It's as if I've fallen into a dark hole, from which I have to pull myself out. I could always just stay here in this whole, and revel in the darkness. I could just start using people, the way that they use me. That would be far to easy though. Instead, I think that I'll just start over again, this time, with a little less fear. I need some music. 001227
kara god... i miss you. i miss talking to you, i miss hearing from you. seth, do you forgive me? do you hate me? do you think i used you? please tell me...
maybe i dont deserve a answer... what i said (and did) was wrong.
christ i need to grow up.
Allison Seth is my friend, or was... I don't really talk to him that much because I can only talk to him through email and such.

He told me about Blather and I was very confused. He told me that I would eventually figure it out on my own, and I did. I'm starting to understand it. It's making a lot more sense to me know and I enjoy it.

Seth has showed me into the world that an average teenage suburban girl doesn't see. He taught me to be more open and that complaining is a waste of time.

I don't know how much he likes me though. I'm known to complain, whine, be over-dramatic, and ask too many damn questions. But I'm so young and he knows so much. I've learned so much from him.

Seth, if you're out there, I just want to let you know that I think you're one of the coolest guys out there. You're so creative and smart. You don't do the whole cookie-cutter life thing either.

Thanks for helping me to understand life.
CheapVodka Wow...reading that made me cry...

I clicked on it because my boyfriend's name is Seth (only he spells it sEth) cause he's a smart ass. But he knows he has a great ass.

Anyhow... I don't know how long ago all that was and if y'all will ever read this but love is not something you mistake for anything else. If you feel like you love someone and it's real, I assure you you'll never second guess it. I love my sEth because he's beautiful and he cries and he has the perfect nose. I've never thought for the tiniest second that I wasn't in love with him. I've always known it to be true. Even when I was scared of it, when I pushed him away, when I left him alone, I suffocated without him. So this is for him and Kara and Seth. Love is love and you know when you've got it. You can't accidentally think it's anything else. 'Cept for sometimes it feels a little like hunger...but then that fades when I eat a cookie or something.
sEth I read this quote once. It talks about how love is not easy. There will be anger, tears, pain, forgiveness, and such things. But its when you want to be together despite those things. Thats when you know you truely love eachother. 011102
CheapVodka i love him 011105
ClairE Mine is just "nice"--one of those guys you can't describe in any other way. Cheerful, cute, polite, he is awesome.

Everybody *hearts* Seth.

(Oh, and I'm not in love with him. At all.)
A ha ha, claire.

i don't want to write anything yet.

Maybe when something develops.
Annie111 Is not confusing at all.
He can make me smile in spite of myself
Reminds me that there is still optimism in the world
That love is not dead
Everything I thought was stale and old is
So alive when he looks at me

And I can see my heart on a string
He fits where he should fit
Makes his bed
Is what they call in real estate, "a rare gem"
silentbob the name on this nametag 011205
celestias shadow my seth is exactly like claire's. Well, he's not MY seth, but he's my friend, and the only seth I know. He was the only one I could talk to on Friday night. I think he's more special than I realize, but I'm going to a concert with him and some other kids tomorrow. Yay. He's a beautiful person and I love him. 031116
mamabug my beautiful blue eyed baby boy, he's going to be two this month. He's my heart. 041001
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl seth green.
class actor.
he is in party_monster
a film of sex, drugs and drag queens.
god i know of a guy named seth, but this dude is a douche. 041003
linds i miss my seth, well, i guess he isn't my seth anymore, it has been awhile since i last saw him, but i really miss him 050325
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