mad madame mim Narrateur (parlé)
C'était il y a longtemps, bien plus qu'il n'y paraît,
Au coeur d'un univers dont les enfants rêvaient.
Et un jour arriva cette étrange aventure,
Dans le monde des fêtes, présentes et futures.
Vous êtes-vous demandé d'où provenaient les fêtes ?
Non ? Alors suivez-moi, voici l'entrée secrète...

Voulez-vous voir un monde étrange
Où l'on aime les démons et pas les anges ?
Suivez-nous, venez visiter
Notre magnifique cité.
Voici Halloween, voici Halloween,
Les citrouilles vont mourir de trouille !
C'est ça Halloween,
Tout le monde a mauvaise mine.
C'est normal ! C'est pour terroriser les fripouilles !
Minuit sonne... C'est l'heure du crime !
Bienvenue à Halloween !

Créature sous le lit
Moi je me cache sous votre lit le soir.
Mes dents, mes yeux brillent dans le noir.

Créature sous l'escalier
Moi je me cache sous votre escalier,
Doigts de serpents et cheveux d'araignées.

C'est ça Halloween, c'est ça Halloween !
Halloween ! Halloween ! Halloween ! Halloween !

C'est la ville de la nuit...
Les citrouilles chantent et les chauves sourient !

On plaisante, on fait des bêtises,
On ne sait pas quelle sera la prochaine surprise !

Au coin de la rue, il y a des inconnus
Qui surgissent des poubelles pour vous faire...

... Peur !

C'est ça Halloween !

Rouge et noir...

Homme en fusion
... Gélatine !

Quelle horreur !

C'est un enfer !
Par le feu, par la glace,
Il faut jouer à pile ou face
Et s'envoler à tombeau ouvert !

Arbre aux pendus
C'est la ville du crime ! C'est la ville du crime !

Squelettes pendus
Bienvenue à Halloween !

Je perds la tête, quelquefois je l'arrache
Avant de disparaître dans un flash.

Je suis le mort qui prend le mors aux dents...
Je suis le vent qui vous glace le sang...

Oogie Boogie
Moi, je me glisse comme une ombre noire
Et je transforme vos rêves en cauchemars !

C'est ça Halloween, c'est ça Halloween !
Halloween ! Halloween !
Halloween ! Halloween !

Mort-Vivant Enfant /Démon Ailé
Y'a des enfants beaucoup trop sages...
On préfère ceux qui ont la rage !

Mort-Vivant Père
On fait peur...

Mort-Vivant Mère
... Mais on se domine,

Morts-Vivants Parents
Dans le ville d'Halloween !

On plaisante, on fait des bêtises,

Maire / Chorus
Tout le monde attend la prochaine surprise !

Si Jack le squelette,
Sans tambours ni trompettes,
Surgit dans votre dos,
Vous ne ferez pas de vieux os !
C'est ça Halloween !
C'est la ville du crime,
Bienvenue à l'épouvantable épouvantail !
Bravo Jack !
T'es un crack !
Vive notre nouveau roi !
Jack la gargouille
Est le roi des citrouilles !
C'est ça Halloween, c'est ça Halloween !
Halloween ! Halloween !
Halloween ! Halloween !

Mort-Vivant Enfant /Momie
C'est la ville de la nuit...
Les citrouilles chantent et les chauves sourient !

Halloween ! Halloween !
Halloween ! Halloween !
Halloween ! Halloween...
lala maybe its me but i dont speak notenglish 000614
Alien Jourgensen They say:

"Why are you dressed
like it's halloween

you look so absurd
you look so obscene..."
whirligirl all hallow's eve, made me cry last year. something about seeing Darth Vader cross the street... 000614
gonut I believe that, upon ingestion, psychedelic mushrooms enable psychic links between certain personal inner aspects (demonic or angelic, light or dark) and their counterparts, aspects that exist inside other people. And this link is strongest on Hallowe'en.... the pagans and witches have strange authority over the way of things. That's why I like to stay home and watch 'The Shining' every single year. 000812
sabbie and they yell out of cars at me "halloween's 3 months away"
and they point and laugh.
so when halloween came around, in the spirit of things, i decided to dress like them for work.

and i borrowed from a friend a pink and corporate shirt, and a black corporate skirt, tied my hair in a bun (decorated with a corporate flower) and went to work with a smirk on my face.

and everyone told me how lovely and beautiful i looked, and how much pink suited me. and its funny, cos ive worked here a year and they only tell
me this the day i dress as them. they never tell me how grand i look when im dressed as me.

and i thought that they might have been tricked into conforming to societies standard in fashion and beauty, or maybe they are just all stinky. so i went home and took all my friends corporate clothes off and put on my new and lovely dress and walked into the room he was sitting in and he looked up and smiled and told me how beautiful i am.

and then it didnt matter anymore.
splinken they were out of adult-size ninja costumes, so i had to dress as a french maid instead.

silentbob Deadkennedys

So it's Halloween
And you feel like dancin'
And you feel like shinin'
And you feel like letting loose

Whatcha gonna be?
Babe, you better know
And you better plan
Better plan all day

Better plan all week
Better plan all month

Better plan all year

You're dressed up like a clown
Putting on your act
It's the only time all year
You'll ever admit that

I can see your eyes
I can see your brain
Baby nothing's changed

You're still hiding in a mask
You take your fun seriously
No, don't blow this year's chance
Tomorrow your mold goes back on

After Halloween

You go to work today
You'll go to work tomorrow
Shitfaced tonight
You'll brag about it for months

Remember what I did
Remember what I was
Back on Halloween

But what's in between?
Where are your ideas?
You sit around and dream
For next Halloween

Why not everyday?
Are you so afraid
What will people say

After Halloween

Because your roll is planned for you
There's nothing you can do

But stop and think it through
But what will your boss say to you

And what will your girlfriend say to you

And what will people out on the street they might glare at you
And whadya know? You're pretty self-conscious too

So you run back and stuff yourselves in rigid business costumes
Only at night to score is your leather uniform exhumed
Why don't you take your social regulations
And shove 'em up your ass
Safety Pin Bird They say
"why are you dressed
Like it's halloween?
You look so absurd
You look so obscene."

Ministry from the the WaxTrax! 12" singles anthology.

Every Day is Like Halloween
silentbob What are you dressing as today?

i have my hair all teased with a little gel making it look a little spikey and i have black eyeliner and mascara on.
birdmad as the most hideous and frightful thing i could imagine.....myself 011031
niki I wore a sparkley shirt that says "DO ME RHETT"
he is in a band and always wanted someone to wear a shirt that says something like that at a gig...i wore it to school instead
oh yeah...and my lime green leopard sandals
Effingham Fish Today? Crap! 011031
10kai I'm not going to make a big deal about how I hate society and how, just to scare the crap out of everybody, I'm gonna dress "Just like they do every day" because corporate America sucks and the only thing that is really righteous and true is hanging out at the mall with my Poison Idea or Subhumans t-shirt on and watching people walk in and out of "Corporate Record America" with their happy little CD's of crappy music with big beaming smiles on thier faces while I mock them from the food court knowing that I might just possibly be the only person in the world who really understands whats going on in the world.


I'm gonna shave only half my face and go as "Guy Doing Demonstration in Epil-Stop-And-Spray Commercial"
psychobabe happy halloween people.
i love this day, its always so fun.

i'm wearing all black, black long skirt, black shirt, black long overcoat, and of course my dark red and black eye shadow and lipstick

i feel pretty : )
third degree bird Maybe, ala the old SNL sketch where Dan Aykroyd was the dishonest toy company rep, I'll be Johnny Human Torch...Oily Rags, a Zippo...WHOOSH...Flame on!

Or if i can find a nice clear plastic bag to put on my head, i'll be Johnny Spaceman

Or i can be a serial killer...they look just like everybody else, hehehe
mindfield of course, 10kai, being "righteous" and "true" by hanging out in the food court at the mall in your cool band t-shirts (bands which I guarantee at one time or another have received corporate sponsorship) in no way supports "corporate america". It also is an excruciating waste of time. How can you possibly be the only one who understands what is "really" going on in the world when you are just taking up space? 011031
niki hey third degree bird...
go as johnny invisible or whatever it was in an all black jogging suit
Sonya It's the holiday most children look forward to as a time to fully express their imagination and of course, a time to gobble down candies without remorse! I remember trick or treating until the end of junior high and each year was better than the previous one. Halloween is a time when you can be anyone or anything and you will not be judged. It's a time when worldly restrictions are powerless against one's imagination. It's a time when self deprivation takes a back seat to sumptious delights. When it comes down to it I'll always remember the costumes I wore that varied from Snow White to an angel to a pirate wench. They say Halloween is a children's holiday, but it's still alive in the hearts of every adult. It's a spooky and awe inspiring time of the year. 011031
CheapVodka this is my first time but hey, i just couldn't resist:

Misfits (or the AFI cover of the song) Halloween:

Bonfires burning bright

Pumpkin faces in the night

I remember Halloween

Dead cats hanging from poles

Little dead are out in droves

I remember Halloween Brown leafed vertigo

Where skeletal life is

I remember Halloween

This day anything goes

Burning bodies hanging from poles

I remember Halloween


Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Candy apples and razor blades

Little dead are soon in graves

I remember Halloween

This day anything

Burning bodies hanging from poles

I remember

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
psychobabe hell man i had one fucking fun halloween! 011101
Subterranean Visions was going okay, i didnt have a costume so i took of my shirt, and ran around in my beater as alabama man. i got some candy, and then i went to a concert. and then i saw tamara with john. hoo-fuckin'-ray. she smiled at me, i tried to smile back. it didnt work. im sure i just gave her a pissy look, but i didnt mean to. fuck. oh well, she ran off and probably fucked john some. yay. shitfuckasspisscuntwhorecockbitchFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK

now i feel better.
lost i went bowling with my friend and his family. it's nice knowing what a real family is. 011101
ellen cherry charles i like halloween
pretend to be a pristine queen
a phantom blowing on the breeze
an actress on the silver screen

substance, conviction, shared belief
sorrow, failure, worry grief

all fade into shadows unseen
dont have to deal on halloween
pETAH its nicer when its spelt HELLoween 020206
misstree oh, frabjous day! *sing songs* it's come-ing, it's come-ing.

last year, i shelled out $ from my own pocket to decorate the bar for halloween; some simple lights, a bunch of spider webs on chandeliers and casings, my eyeball pinata come in to visit from home, some glass crayons, got many compliments. decided that the scariest thing i could be was a nun... ended up as zombie nun, because the more dead things the better.

this year, i believe i have been officially summoned to a party where there will purportedly be much debauchery and a hand-selected portion of sweetmeats especially for me.

but what i'm really concerned about
is snapping up decorations while they're in season
and putting together a kewlies costume,
which may involve me being a charred corpse of some sort.

*sing songs some more* it's come-ing, it's come-ing
Cherry_Springwater I love Halloween. Candy,, and parties, and masks and dances and all sorts of wonderful things. Dressing up is the kewlist part, though. Can you believe we actually have a holiday specifically geared to be someone(or something) other than yourself?

Some of my favorite things to be are super heroes(Supergirl, catwoman, and Mary Jane Parker(so she's not super duper, she's still my hero)) a bride, a dominatrix, or a cute fuzzy animinal.

Go all out if you can. The more we put into it the better it'll be!
Mahayana trick or treat customs descended from a belief that the family dead would bring gifts or goodies to the children during their temporary return from the other world.

Gifts, food, and sweets were always the standard method of attracting children's attention to religious holidays, as is still shown by christmas and easter customs.

[thus the dead relations become the good fairies of the little ones]

|| crack_between_the_worlds ||
phil all I need is a ski mask 031022
hey now! im going to be trinity

i kick so much ass
that's fucking lame.
be something dead.
hey now! youre just jealous cuz i can kick yer booty 031028
a girl with nothing to say halloween is fucken awsome you get candy i love candy its like the best thing ever 031123
Syrope its good to have my best friend back
it wasn't the same without her

so tonight we prowl

a pimp & her wench
fritz Tom’s Halloween party is band tradition. It always has been and always will be. It’s always the Saturday evening closest to the holiday, not Friday because it’s marching season. He says that it starts at six, but to Tom’s parties you must show up at least unfashionably late, so it really starts a little after seven. It’s more fun to go in costume, but you don’t have to. We all hang around for a while. Someone always goes streaking, three people always get in a towel fight, and Tom’s dad gets pissed at least once. Party Boy shows up, we put on a porn groove, and he rips off his snap on pants. He’s got the leopard thong and all.

After everyone shows up and gets settled in it’s sometime past ten. We get a good fire started in the fire pit on his deck. Someone brings stuff for smores. All twenty or so of us sit in a big circle, and find everything plastic we can to add in. We also throw in a decidedly large amount of treated wood. Once it’s all good and burning and highly toxic we make smores and toss in more plastic cups and maybe some gasoline. Then we sit around through the small hours of the morning, telling stupid stores and laughing so much we fall over. Everyone loves everyone and we don’t fight.

In theory we’re really not on drugs.
emmi turning 21 on halloween. now that is scary 051012
fall metal frames wrapped in blue garbage bags
veins drawn of glue
mistakes covered in glitter
a face that will shine
eyes outlined deeply
with a gown that will drag to the floor
and shimmer.
no reason i don't know what i'm being or doing. but i want to be and do something. 061019
devilbunny This year I dressed up as a cutesy gothic lolita girl. It wasn't exactly scary but I wanted to wear the lolita dress that I made. Maybe next year I'll just be a slutty faerie or angel. I want an excuse to wear glitter. 061110
REAListic optimIST the cow costume complete with stompers, pink bow udder, and eyeliner spots and mischievous "mad" eyebrows just sort of came together perfectly, as was the pattern for the entire evening.

delicious dancing music, the most amazingly decorated twisty glowy wire trees and black thin and curly tree-bin -posts; not to mention the entire alice in wonderland room.

seeing friends and beautiful people all fucked up and masquerading, including a few I hoped to see - all sharing this incredibly surreal and beautiful experience.

And somewhere amidst the death and play, masquerade and macabre, and the layers of identity, I found the sweetest love and she made my heart come undone.
pobodys nerfect I'm having a small halloween dinner party for some of my family tomorrow. It's something i never did before, but always wanted to do. This year, i felt i really needed the distraction, so i thought "why the hell not?".
The menu includes eyes of newt (tortilla roll up thingys), devilled eggs, a nice chicken & veggie stew, broomstick breadsticks, "candy apple" cookies, and pumpkin ice cream sandwiches. I'm even getting into the spirit of it by dressing up as a pink bunny. Maybe if i can find some plastic eggs, i'll throw in a basket and be a pink Easter bunny. =D
no reason i want to be a fedora-wearing someone or something 081019
Mahayana blather_marriage 2014

{Jack & Sally w/Zero) The Nightmare Before Christmas: our own version of the characters.
flowerock I was a "...great big festering neon distraction..." mraning i just wore neon black light reactive multi colored clothing and a lot of glitter. And I am glad that we went out to the party. It was quite an adventure getting there and once there we found some genuine and loving souls, good music, and everything we could have hoped for really. A super cut pug puppy even puked on my face the next morning as i slept hung over on the couch... karma for my unexpected puking that night I suppose, tap _ water makes me vomit now apparently. 141102
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