me? is a zebra's prison the white stripes or the black?
and what's the deal with this schwarz- stuff anyway?
deb i looked in the mirror
and noticed
i dressed myself in black today
something is at an end
and though my mind
is unaware,
my hands knew what to choose

someone's going to die today
paultopia is beautiful 991223
valis invisible white 991223
deb someone did die

it was me
jennifer no, it was Jolie

Jolie's world is black and she makes it possible for me to go on living
alicia august twenty-seven, this year. my birthday. of course i had just started taking effexor three days ago, and it wasnt kicking in yet, so i was still all bitchy and sad. i wore all black that day. and i went outside to smoke at lunchtime, the way i walk, head down eyes up. and this girl.. i remember, she said to me "who died?" when i was crossing the street to go back inside. and she was with kim who i havent spoken to in an eternity. and they just snickered at me. and i cant even begin to explain.. see, neither of them knew that i carried razor blades in my pockets then..

..people are stupid.
mareberry i used to think things would work out eventually. whenever i lost, i told myself that someday i'd win. well, that never happened. you've won again. and now when i look at you, all i see is the blackness in your soul, the empty promises. and i fall. i'm falling into this place where i often dwell. this is my hell. why do i love you? why does my heart ache each time you lie and say you'll be here? i can't change the past and i have no future. let me drown in your lies and never rise again. i don't want to rise again. i just want it to end. i know you won't weep for me, but at last i'll be free. just let me be free. 000108
gianfry in a world that is defined by black or white...i choose to be gray. 000410
MollyGoLightly Nice around the eyes. But don't go overboard. 000410
fairydust black is the absence of color. So profound in a way,like the absence of color means so much to so many.It is my future, my past and my present. I may dress in bright colors, but I feel it in my soul. 000410
nameless if you want to come back, white in a dream that is black. If you could ever forgive me my love 000414
birdmad lipstick...

i need to buy more
emily the color of most of my wardrobe...i don't know why...maybe because it goes with everything... 000605
Brad purely pragmatic reasons are best, emily. hehe. Most of my wardrobe is under 10 dollars. 000606
emily ...i try to keep it simple brad...
Faerie*of*Udines Black is not a colour of certainity, just a shade looking for more meaning. 000616
silentbob i consider it a color because it is in the crayon box and makes up some very nice paintings.
its my favorite
iris Darkness. Comfort. Why is it that so many people associate it with death? I don't. It's my favorite. It hides my pain, my tears, and my occassional hate.
So what do people have against black anyway?
birdmad my long coat

(trenchcoat has such unpleasant connotations these days - damn those little nazi bastards)

i cannot wait for winter
when i may be resplendent once again in the coat that has seen me through many misadventures

hell, in the last eleven years
that coat has been the only thing that has never been lost to me

i forgot to give it its twice-per season trip to the dry cleaners last's horribly dirty...

the dry cleaning of the soul
Barrett Blackened is the end...
to begin whipping dance of the dead,
color our world blackened!
Barrett also: the color of the "Bell's Cherry Stout" I am drinking.
No light hast shone through this blood of the gods.
darkseiken black like Amapola's soul. 010108
unhinged brides used to wear black...

"i wear black on the outside because i feel black on the inside and i smoke clove cigarettes..."

"hey nicole---go cut yourself"

maybe i will
deb so blather is sad...? 010123
unhinged blather isn't sad

blather is just a smooshed mess of all of us
danielle occuring inside me too often. the occurence of emptiness. of blackness. dull and lifeless. i cant smile for you right now.
i cant say how i feel right now.
all i do is block myself off and paint myself black and camouflage myself in this darkness of mine.
jen*ever black was the color i painted my nails in eighth grade when bobby decided to revoke his love 010206
laura the sweetest color of them all, absorbing all the other colors. 010402
Sol my worlds exist threefold,
An existance without light with only unseen glory, power and trauma.
my fear lives here
The world we all by default live within
my body lives here
and my light world, dreams, fears, timeless concepts the unreality which occupies my mind reside in the furthest reaching of my worlds,
my mind lives here
Sol black does not give it only takes, its a selfish shade
it must be taught better
Casey what are you talking about?

Black is so a giver. Look at almost any painting and you'll see black. Black colors put their lives on the line every day so you people can enjoy fine art.

And is looks cool too
silentbob i like dressing in black clothes, that cover my whole body on sunny summer days
i like reeking of tears and second hand clove smoke.
i fall in love with everyone once i get to know them
it just doesn't seem to work both ways.
Oh my god your eyes are so big
the pupils so black
so dark round your eyelids, the lashes so luscious and long, socks could fit over them.
phil makes it easier to see white 010424
AB it makes it easier to feel the... 010504
Normaniac sometimes itīs night - sometimes we are all black. no differences - no racism - no individuality - no daylight. 010507
Black: asks What is behind this black_crosses_and green_tickles_thing
Kontrol spreads out?
colored thoughts I shall take the orange start :) 010513
colored thoughts I shall take the orange star :) 010513
inannalu She, Ath is black
and at last every space is black,
in each of our many nights.

Do you not close your eyes
when sleep comes to you?
jewish negro i'm kinda black 010528
. your bloody boring then 010529
z idiot 010529
Dafremen "My teacher in art class told us today that black and white are NOT colors."

"Oh really? Did she say whether or not Gray is a color?"

"I think she said that gray is a color, I'm not sure."

"Do YOU think that gray is a color?"

"Umm yea..I guess so. Is it a color?"

"Well I think it's a color. Of course I think black and white are colors too."

"Well if black and white are colors then gray is a color too. If black and white aren't colors then gray isn't a color either. Or is it?"

"Let's look up color in the dictionary:
Color - That aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of the light reflected or emitted by them, definable in terms of the observer or of the light.

So it sez here that if something reflects or emits light and the light is different after hitting it or being emitted through it, that that thing is a color. That sure makes black sound liek a color and white too. Even gray even."

"Yea, I guess so. MY teacher just told us that."

"Well you tell your teacher she is wrong. Tell her your dad said so."

"Yea sure dad. Umm can I go outside now?"

"(Sigh) Sure."
silentbob "I know some day you'll have a beautiful life, i know you'll be a star
in somebody else's sky
but why
why can't it be mine?"
surrealchereal but maybe it is your's
why won't you touch me?
I am too shy
I am hurt too.
It's dark in here and safe.
I need this place.
si si, how bout u?
my heart is not black, just empty
surrealchereal black and empty,
is so much better than crushing pain.

isn't it?
ten mad pearl black birds "and now my bitter hands
cradle broken glass
of what was everything
all the love gone bad
turned my world to black
all i see
all that i am
all that i'll be"
phil The sun, may at FIRST appear to be yellow. But it turns out it is in fact the color of everything is black. 010719
jewish negro i'm kinda black

i'll be back when the sun burns black
sapphire_ yes, beautiful

what they call a color yet it is the absence of light
what u cannot find on the spectrum but burns with such depth, power and intensity

the color that Night claims as it's own

wrap me in it's embrace
purevision black cat in the night shade of the moon 020406
jewish negro tonya, arched and ready to pounce

(i'm kinda black)
blown cherry the cyinc paint it 020407
tonya quack crack snack 020408
incognito dark dreams
i havent had a nightmare in five years.
i don't miss them
lisa well, this is depressing now isn't it ..... blatherblatherblather 020521
jane whenever i think of this colour i think of the rolling stones' song paint it black. such a good one. and then i think of that movie, stir of echoes.

damn i need to go to word association or something
no reason staindcantdothatsongstaindcantdothatsongstaindcantdothatsongstaindcantdothatsongstaindcanttothatsong!!!!!!
please no...say it isn't so...
tonya i'm arched and ready to pounce

(he's kinda black, you know)
jane fell on black days
is my favorite soundgarden song
who knows but black is both the absence of any light and the combination of all colors... 020728
burden man, blather attracts all of the crazy/depressed people. ooh, wait, I'm one of them. 020728
jim_starks I've used the line before but i'll use it again.
I wear black on the outside because black is how i feel on the inside.
radioactive talking parrot i once said that to my dad and he told me that if i was depressed that he would ground me for a week...i had a great childhood 020729
Bagshi The Rev. Al Sharpton shot my mom in the face. 021023
Rhin according to Newton's theory...

BLACK (which is not a color at all) is the absence of the wavelengths of the visible light spectrum/ROYGBIV.

WHITE (which is not a color either) is the combination of all the colors of the visible light spectrum/ROYGBIV.

visible light spectrum: red(R), orange(O), yellow(Y), green(G), blue(B), indigo(I) and violet(V). each color is characteristic of a distinct wavelength.

GRAY - a color is at its purest when no black, white or gray is present. primary, secondary and tertiary are pure colors. a color without hue is achromatic or monochromatic and will appear gray. so, in theory, i don't think that you can define gray as a color either. gray is the value of any hue.

'it's a color because i can see it!' what the hell is that? i think for the most part the term 'color' is used carelessly. the definition for 'color' that i am partial to is:

'a phenomenon of light or visible perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects; a hue as contrasted with black, white or gray.'
axled as i understood it, white is a color because it reflects the whole spectrum, Roy G. Biv in his entirety...
red is when green is absorbed etc. (btw, the opposite is why plants are green)
so gray (50%) would be half absorption of the whole spectrum, and by the fact that some light is reflected back, it would be a color.
Rhin the sources i have checked told me differently. however, those sources may or may not have been correct. i wasn't even sure if i agreed with them, but after coming up with the same thing from a few sources, i decided to go with the flow. oh well. color is some tricky sh...tuff. 030116
Kristopher Most of my clothes are black. Mostly t-shirts. But one of my prized possessions is my black suit.

I love that thing. Black jacket. Black pants. Black vest. I normally wear a black dress shirt with it. When I do wear that shirt, I wear a brightly colored tie and hankerchief with it.

I normally wear a red tie, because it is evil-looking. Red is blatantly evil-looking, but blue is subtly evil.

Think about that for a while.
minnesota_chris so you would rather be blatantly evil than subtly evil? I suppose yellow and green would be just mega happy colors then? 030116
Kristopher Yes, yellow and green are mega-happy colors.

I also have a purple tie and a white tie, but when I wear the white tie, people think I'm in the mafia.

Which is kind of cool. *S*
Kristopher Actually, I really like the blue tie over the red as far a being evil goes. I mean, I wore the red tie when I was the Executive Devil, so that was kind of expected. But the blue. . . let me explain it this way.

People who have seen both versions of the movie 'Dune' will understand. In the modern, Sci-Fi Channel version, the Harkonnens (standard great enemy) wore red. All their clothing was red, and Roman-Empire themed, so double evil. But the seventy's version the Harkonnens all wore blue body armor. Blue; cold, calculating. . . subtly evil.


Okay, I'm done now.
i ll take a walk outside pearl_jam 030117
Rhin yellow & green together remind me of Drop Dead Fred. red & black together remind me of blood and death. 030117
minnesota_chris I am neither evil nor calculating, but I wear a lot of blue. 030117
god black_urine 030118
megan it's become a calming color to me. but i also like all the other colors too. 030118
angelA ribbon tied up in the bun.
clothes ironed out nicely.
it use to be pink, barbies,
and my little ponies.
colors darkened into confusion.
Me ? 030418
Rose A true wordsmith.

A dictionary regurgitated into poetry.

A sort of slam literature.

nomatter "you should die your hair a lighter color. the black makes you look so sad and dreary." 030915
carebare I have all shades of gray in my wardrobe, but today it was black for me
It was an announcement of sorts,
that I can be unlike the rest
I wear it not to express great saddness,
or to be different by being the same
Black is not sad; it is sultry and sexy
The "little black dress" denotes a date, black underwear betrays thoughts of desire to share
No gray bras. Only black.
Seems appropriate to reflect the thoughts in my head by concealment.
a girl with nothing to say whats wrong with black people there actuallly quite nice black is something that is always seemed to be looked down at black can be a happy color too 031017
Jay Fidelis a time of peace. a time of unity. a time without fear. that is the darknes, in its prime essence. a safe harbor. without the dark, who could hide you? who could you turn to when the road gets rough? the darkness is yoou light and hope. It will cloak you if you know it well. befiend the darkness, for you will not wish to feelit's wrath upon you 031201
reue goes with everything :D

i wonder what the real reason is that i like wearing so much of it
when i'm not wearing a black shirt i feel so strange, so self-conscious... like everyone is staring at me and that i'm some horrible monstrosity
Strideo a dark void . . .

as naked as death its self . . .

oE to: a girl with nothing to say - i so agree! 031202
. fugilin 031202
me feeling a little black today 031216
not funny but still a joke f'ing pedophiles. 031216
MeKoy Hell i fell black everyday. Black is like a love to me i dont know why but i love the way it looks
why you ask it so plan
if think its because if colors couuld judge they couldnt judge it because what it looks like in the outside because its so plan.
So i say i am black at least inside.
its all i wear its now even the color of my hair maybe someday it could be the color of my tears.
but yet when people are black in the terms of how they dresse. people judge you because i guess are heads are just out of wack
... black and red - party
red red black red black black
love & hate Black is the heart that used to beat inside of me for her. 040426
... ______________________8888__8888888
________888 8OO888888OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO88888888888___888
__888__MOOOOOOOOOOOOM8888O888888888888OOOOmOOMm88888 888888___8888
___88__MOOOOOOOOOOOO8888O88888888888888888OOOOOOMm8 88888___888
mood ring dude, face it, your site is in german.
and nobody cares about it.
mzz black is beautiful
black is depressing
black is intimidating
black is struggle
black is blind
black is nothing
black is everything
black dude i dont care wether you care or not 040930
silentbob is an upside down anarchist symbol actually supporting order and goverment? 040930
shivers burnt 040930
Turkey Black. What is it?

Color, or not color? Absence of light?

Who cares.


Is black darkness? Is darkness black? Can black be anything other than darkness? Can darkness be anything other than black?

Screaming in darkness, scratching the walls. How to get out? Where is the door? I can't see somone let me out what's happening why is everything black I can't see...

Nothing. No light, no color. Fingers find no purchase, tight space enclosing.

Can't breathe. Walls closing in, ceiling crashing down, no floor beneath, falling into nothing.

Crying. Huddling against the hardness. Cowering. Screaming into silence.

...hush. You'll wake him.
emmi this woman in my class was harping on about black empowerment. it was a 9 o'clock class and she had smeared cream/liquid foundation on her face unevenly. it was noticably lighter than her skin tone.
woman, what are you talking about? what are you trying to be? black or white... make up your mind.
try it try blather_black 070509
xianificent I am your friend, knowing that what I can't see still exists 070731
. you pain me. 070808
lost can u point me to blather black? 080515
what's it to you?
who go