mass transit suicide work the lot 010429
doctor eeeeeevil the result of simultaneous liver and kidney failure 010429
nocturnal I ain't no doctor or nothin, but pissin black just doesn't strike me as being a particularly good sign. hope it never happens to me. 010429
paste! confused with:

-licorice extract
-the contents of the very big bucket
with the midnight juice
(took three months of mopping the night; small mop, bad detergent)
lost i pissed a brownish color once. actually it looked more like chocolate milk. I got into a fight and the guy kicked me in the kidney. he kicked me hard enough to disharge blood into my bladder. 010430
x i felt kind of awkward handing over the sample tube, which was previously clear. i was in excrutiating pain and hoping they could help though, so i had to do it. 030207
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