monadh awaken the universe within 010727
Sol my soul makes no sound
heit? scythes through me
and waits
my soul heit
for time to come where heit may burst and burn through my skin
extract hisits purefire
and sing to the morning
the sun
and then
and now
heit whispers
and weeps in silence
at my incapability
to admit and attract
and for you to come to me
and with me and around me
and within me
soul whisper
soul whisper
leaves in september
sand in june
the skies of may
and the answer is shown
oldephebe freakin' fantastic! i'm being totally non-ironic ... another excruciatingly exquisite rendering - 030706
somebody 9-29-64 030709
* 9-29-64? 030709
xXShadow_GoddessXx Do you hear it...
Your soul...
It's crying...
It's crying because it's sad...
It's confused...
Locked away, locked within itself to never breathe the calmness of the pure light...
Your soul...never able to touch the purity of that light...
If you smile, your soul will too...
and the rain will stop falling...
ashmanzhou these soules they whisper not
they shout their secrets to the stars
and hope there is no one to
hear those pathetic screams of hate

we live alone
we die more lonely
we cry alone
we cant atone
for we are all corrupt
and cold
we forget ourselves
and whisper
those shadows to th'abyss
where they
cluster gathering dark
to fly
into our hands tonight
and make
the fury come unbound
to take
our lives into their hands
we hate
everyone we see today
it gnaws
at our soles and they
muffled screams of pain
we tear them from our heart
oldephebe i just can't get enough of the beautiful things you people write here
and hey look no meandering estuaries of blatherdom this time - (Whew)
oldephebe if the lines
of our lives
should ever touch again
i will know it
in the shape the air will take
i will feel that excruciating
you will whisper and i will be your
helpless vassal once more
my soul is your cathedral
your heart, your fragrant heart
your ambrosia soul will
uncut the cord
i will know it
as you will know it
in the shape of the sky
and dream incantations
i will
be unbound
once more
and all of my
coping mechanisms
all of my rococco
rhetoric and logic
will wilt into shadow
and i will wear
this naked armour
and i will
be yours this
time until beyond my
last aching
quivering striated breath
and the end will be euphoria
and it is a final
i am willing to pay
all of my praises and all my hymms
to heavens majesty
will curdle
weave your being
into mine once more
this is something
my faith cannot compete with
i fear
she is the only one who wields such power over me
pour your apostacy over
wet and muscled
trembling as i tend
to do when
rapture exceeds the
ken of words, of sound
my life
even these few
scrape against the door
and i begin to feel
the edge of it
once more
if i am fortunate
if my life
my faith
are fortunate
our paths will
touch in that way
our way

oldephebe damn it!

this is why i freaking hate opening that damned door!!

somebody here in blathere wrote something about a the sky being shale - yeah - bleed all this crap out and let me breath in the gray or grey or whatever - where's that convenient prophylactic? that's it ah, let's just numb everything all down - shale gray skies... ah

boy that imagery stuff really works i guess

pipedream i am bowled over by everything on this page.
this is more than a whisper, it is soul-baring and i am left speechless, tantalised, fascinated and in awe. a standing ovation for everyone...thank you for the glimpse into you.
nomme agrees with pipedream 030821
oldephebe maybe
i am
just glitter
can anly
ohh and ah
since the
child of blight
stared at
into the midnight of
her eyes
maybe i can only shimmer
yeah and here
on the edge of
this of this
stop pining for a pretty face
to call me back
call me back to life
ersatz (rest)
is that
whose that
is it
pour out the polaroids
and the candy kitchen frames
whose that
me -e
i barely knew his name
(" ")
how i
singing in the circle
of living light
behind the tattered
shades of splintered
light and the sheen
of a rainbow behind the waterfall
my muse screamed into to me
let me
and even the mirror
has these indelible
arcs of infinitessimal
the detritus of some collegial indescretion
and in the wings
i sought the refuge of
warm shadow
and she groped my thigh
and wondered why
did i pull away
no not today
she of the sandy hay colored
not quite dirty blond hair
her eyes are hard
in their quest
to finesse
a gentle excavation
let it be
hard eyes
soft thighs
breath a warm
and pheremones
in a shattered strobe
i bleed me ta be
not with the knife
this time
the she takes
and she abuses
let me be just a little
i'll gathere myself up again
let me see
behind those hard eyes
but she never could
never would
the escaped her skin
in the wings
finesse a grope
not this time
well maybe
i suppose
would want me this
if i didn't
sing your soul to it's
if i played the tuba
lots of
quarter notes
and rests
brown, blush and rose
if i didn't look
so deeply into you
it's not a move
or a subtle groove
it's just somethin'
that i do
look into to you
and you
but she finessed a ruse
and I
oh I
just liked
to sit in shadow
and let the muse
slip out of me
and tremble quietly
she wiped my eyes
how tender
and such hard earnest eyes
is that all
i did
is shimmer
is that all
i do is
i need something
you ta
not just
wonder if
he knew
how his
devoured me
i hung up
my life
hung up
you hear
a saacharine
see some
shade or simile
of somethin
you thought
you lost
and there it
was painted again
in the windows of my soul
it's the light
and the night
and funny hwo
hot it's breath can seem
break up
in me
churn a tempest
i braced againt
it's throe
such hard earnest eyes
and poetry in her hand
lyric poetry in her hands
and how i didn't
want it to be
the light the shadow the muse
somethin i could use
oldephebe several omissions i hope you can still follow the flow and intuit what i left out 'cause i'm really spaced now - will list the two or three omissions bu i think you can intuit them sort of..

the heat escaped her skin
something palpable
not to be spurned so lightly

um and i need you ta see somethin more/deeper in me than just what you suppose
takes you up and out of yourself for a while - yeah that's what i think i should have saidto her or wrote
she's not 64992 or any combination thereof - prattle, you sully the sacred space with your prattle -enough
oldephebe that song came on again
and if
i keep on listening to it
will come apart
jezabel that's beautiful. 030822
Dafremen Come lover
Tap upon my screen
Come now then, wrap around my skin
Come help me breath
Please click the corners of the windows
Popping up inside my brain
Help them be still
Then take your fill of what my heart may have in store
But remember this, if you will my bitter lover:
I'm no open door
I'll walk away
Just turn away to face what fate may call the consequence
I won't repent or bend my knee
To be a part of this
Still there's a spark within my heart that sputters
Stutters first and then
Begins to burn again
Its tiny flame leaves one to hope perhaps
For love without the pain
For a soothing taste of drops less bitter
Bitter hints
Betray the silence dropping
From my bitter lips
Replayed the final consequence of being this
Doing this
Then chased away the memories that leave a stain
Reflections that remain are all but washed away
In the flood of raw emotions twisting
Twirling in my brain between the tides
Below the highs, above the lows
And where it goes from there
It seems the future only knows
The present, I'm afraid
Has never seen that distant road
And the past knows nothing more than what was left behind.
oldephebe somethin' steals so
quietly over my soul
like the nights breath
slipping sweetly in ta me
like some ghost
sat itself softly on my shoulder
and unfold its dark secret
in the concave tomb of my
she had egypt eyes
and a roman nose and
and oh..
let it all unfold..
pipedream y'know what, 'phebes m'dear, (urk, too many apostrophes in one line, tsk tsk) you sound very mind-blowing when you reduce yourself to core words..a word per line, single syllables- its a stripping away or down of all the fancy gauzy layers of verbal pageantry to find an absolute gem glowing away softly inside. you might want to keep that awareness alive, use it for impact, or when you're feeling really bare..but i just wanted to tell you that the impact is wonderful. 030831
oldephebe thanx pipedream - i'll take those comments in the spirit in which they were extended - very articulate and incisive critique - had an english prof that once said something very similar to me - so..i guess my feelings dictate the way the words gush out, or tumble.

gotta keep honing and hammering away at this thing i guess

x didn't anyone ever tell your soul that it's not polite to whisper? 030831
nom sometimes it is polite to whisper 030831
mon sometimes it's not 030831
oldephebe my Faith taught my soul to stand like stone, to stand quietly in the maw, in the midst of chaos - that is if i step out of the tactile, and eschew the emotional - the spirit can teach the soul - to speak softly, O make my mouth a fountaain of circumspection - the spirit teaches the soul to assert itself gently without rancor - this is what i aspire to - some days i commend my mind, my life to this verity, and other days i can be this irascible, petty thing - hmm what shall my soul say to me tomorrow?

pipedream right now my soul is getting a hefty stopming-upon, hopefully it'll come out all right... 030901
jane my

oldephebe pipedream - i wish i had the words, the ken to wash away your spirits ablation, and yet i realize that this is a solitary crucible your spirit must endure, one of countless you will endure upon your journey - your words have ministered to me..so I know in your depths there is kindness as well as steel..and look there's some light glinting off the steel, sparks flying up and out of the hammer blows, there is my second wind, in those striations ..by being torn I'm learning to find Life in those seams..but i cannot speak for your spirit, nor fathom your interior or external experience..I hope such a being as yours will soon find a respite...
in that my heart is with you pipedream
Boyd it's strange isn't it...
there's something different about tonight
i look for places i've never been
for things i've never seen
isolated walking though the dark
when a cold sprays me with his shadow
the only lights here are my pain
the darkest lights here before the dawn
rapped in the cold, late at night
i open my eyes and it's cold
living is easy when it's night
but there is a stone black light
hitting me subtly at first
slowly expanding to an ora of light
the warmth creeps around me
glancing off me yet keeping me surrounded
teasing me softly, with its own song
the song embraces me
the warmth encumbering me
filling my dry, parched, soul
i close my eyes in natural fright
i see the storm breaking in the middle of the night
the warmth thrives within my veins welcoming my soul
it lifts my body up and i float to the sky
it's the moon, speaking to me in the middle of the night
i can see the wind coming down
speak to me... like the wind outside
hear the rain fall, see the wind come to my eyes
see the storm broken
there's something in the air tonight
can you see it? do you hear it? perhaps...
it is all around; surrounding me with it's embrace
floating... face to face with the moon
it reveals all my pain to me.
showing me my pain, rather than feeling it.
i can breath a normal breath now
the pain is gone. i have a reason to forget; with no regret.
oh but what's that i hear?
it's a warm breeze flowing past my ear
there's a sound with the breeze; i hear a voice
i have a strange familurarity with this voice
it's music to my ears, glorifying the warmth i feel
the realization sinks in... it's you...
speak to me baby, in the middle of the night
as you bring face to mine, look into my eyes
be not afraid, you are not alone
speak to my baby, tell me your emotions
the sky is breaking... it's deeper than love
i know the way you feel, like the rains outside
speak to me, heart to heart... soul to soul
bring your mouth to mine...
each other's souls we will hold
oldephebe there is such an openess, an initmacy to your writing..extraordinary..peel off another page..won't you?

Boyd i would love to peel off another page... i just dont know what to write. what i wrote before was a life changing experience for me. i was driving down the road late at night on my way home. i was listening to some very beautiful, almost theraputic music. i looked out the window to the left as i went by this lake. reflecting off the lake was the glowing moon radiating its beauty to me. i dont know what it was about the moment, but for some reason i stopped my car in the middle of the road right there. i dont know the name of the song i was listening to, but it was speaking to me. [[this song had no actual lyrics, just instrumental]] as i stared at the moon and listened to the song, i felt as if these words were just flowing out of me as if i had broken some telepathic barrier. it was such an experience and feeling so unlike anything else and so unique. i just started writing and thats what came out of me that night....

so... i can try to peel off another page for ya... just gimme a little time and i will have something... i hope...
marked . 031104
wingedSerpent my soul?

i took it to the vet and had it de-barked so it would shut the fuck up and leave me alone already
pipedream this page never ceases to enchant me, to re-acquaint me with the wonder enclosed in so many souls that shines through here...and i love you, 'phebes :) 031105
oldephebe pd i just don't know what to say..you are an AMAZING orchid of arresting beauty..yeah..beautiful soul..
pipedream you push my cynic away
even when it's swallowing me up

i'm an orchid...how pretty
endless desire oldephebe--
"my soul is your cathedral"
oldephebe endless - thanx but it is no more beautiful than the heart rending song spun out of your celestial sorrow shimmering so wondrously at the edge..

Doar . 040727
puredream there are these little flutters
within my heart
that fly out in musical measures
quarter-note wings

lying on my back
watching the clouds fly by
i see black ruled lines
and tiny black dots

running with the wind
and tugging at the silence
i can hear beauty
in all it's incarnations

when I spin round and round
finally falling to the ground
the dizziness tossed throughout my head
echoes dreams and makes sounds

looking through your looking glass
seeing the pale blues and greens
feeling the warmth of the sun
hearing the song of the world

with each tiny step
each mouthed word
with all of me

the songs I write
the phrases I hear
the music that I play
whispers of the soul

whispers of my soul...
pete if i sent you a letter, whispers from my soul, would you read it? 040729
what's it to you?
who go