i know i am
more than i seem.
i hate how i am perceived.
i could be more than meets the eye.
yummychuckle high 010708
shhh I am surrounded by beauty completely. You are an amazing thing. Our reality is what we make of it,
and so this very moment is lost and floating if I shape it to be that way. Every second that we have, we have a chance to change everything. Its like my life is being summed up in all these movies and conversations and books and art...there are so many perspectives on so many matters. everyone has a place, has a little slot that they fall into, we function as one entire being on a singular level so we don't realize it right now that we are part of a whole, but later it all comes together and we are just a mass. we are a system of noise light color potential matter, we are vulnerable to the throes of every day society. we are our own victims here. everyone has the decision to let themselves run their own life or someone else run it for them. when we walk out the door, we say to ourselves that we are leaving home and going out into theworld. but the world IS our home, and so we are welcome anywhere we are. on an astral plane you dont worry about mundane matters such as money. you can do anything you want and that is freedom. no matter what the circumstance, you can BECOME. we are at the point of "almost".... there is this spectrum of thought, there are so many different levels and so many different realities. life can be summed up in so many two word phrases that it gives me a headache.
phil today 020729
Reverend Lough In this modern day and age,
Western civilization has taken over.
The world,
The general masses
Have conformed to
Their god, their governments,
And their superficial,
Mechanical routine
That they call living.
The people of modern earth,
See black and white.
Right or wrong, heaven or hell.
They don't see what lies between,
In the Grey Area.

I Am the Grey Area.

Copyright 2002
Kristopher I am Jack's screaming headache. 021219
xle something to run away from 021220
among the rest i am...

meaning that i do exist.

i am elsa {among the rest}-- probably naming the different personalities within you is not healthy. i have this tendancy to name anything and everything.

elsa, lesa, lilaccutie, death by ink, mist fairy, morbid faerie, 27, Isabella, Margot, Cecilia. they are all me. and i am nothing but
jane nothing 030221
magdalena I AM: nothing
I HURT: myself
I LOVE: not much
I HATE: *you*
I CRY: dry tears
I FEAR: my inner demons
I HOPE: tommorow is better
I TALK: to myself
I LISTEN: to the voices
I BREAK: people's hearts
I SEE: my faults
I SMELL: the roses
I TASTE: the bitter aftertaste of a brutal fight
I WORK: towards nothing
I REMEMBER: better times
I SLEEP WITH: the sheets
I HIDE: my inner child
I PRAY: to a dead God
I WALK: to where the sidewalk ends
I DRIVE: myself insane
I SHATTER: my self-confidence
I BREATHE: toxic fumes
I PLAY: mind games
I MISS: my ignorant childhood
I LEARN: something new everyday
I FEEL: akward
I KNOW: only that I know nothing
I DREAM: of being awake
I HAVE: only myself in the end
I WANT: a hug
I FALL: in love easily
I AWAIT: for completion
I LIVE: for tommorow
I DIE: a little bit more each day
I FIND: little things amusing
I SCREAM: silently
I CHOKE: on my thoughts
I THINK: too much...and yet never enough
Eowithien i am something that i do not know of yet. i am a being but not necessarily human. i am a female thing. i am an object of others fun and games. i am in inadimate blob that sits in a desk, scribbling things and babbling quietly. i am someone that doesn't know their own name. i am. 030228
But i'm not telling anyone anything they don't already know.
:-* in dire need of some lovin'. 030228
Bizzar I am something completely different to you today than I was yesterday.

I am your girlfriend when its convinient... for you.

I am cheating on you everytime I do what it is you told me to do (hang out with MY friends)

You are a walking contradiction, and Im sick of being confused. Make up your mind: Do you want me around, or not?
celestias shadow alive 031012
x swinging in erin's backyard in the dark while her parents sleep ansd she watches through her window, unable to yell at me. i light a cigarette to enrage her further and guarantee that she'll slither out of the house as low as she can. off in suburban rest period down to the high school. swings, cigarettes, and addressing the most palatable topics of sex/objects and parental restraints. 031013
x swinging in erin's backyard in the dark while her parents sleep and she watches through her window, unable to yell at me. i light a cigarette to enrage her further and guarantee that she'll slither out of the house as low as she can. off in suburban rest period down to the high school. swings, cigarettes, and addressing the most palatable topics of sex/objects and parental restraints. 031013
User24 at work, mind a cacophany of thoughts as usual, it's becoming harder to focus on one task at a time, the amount of ideas in my head, it's all I can do to scribble them down here on blather, lest they escape me. 031013
User24 *phony 031013
endless desire the_one 031226
nonsensical lost in a daze of words swirling in my mind, on paper, in dreams and the tiny bits of conversation while read the dictionary. 031226
ethereal I am but a child trying to reclaim her innocence. And you still deny me the pleasures of being pure. These tests have me failing, when will I finally rise above? Fly. 040427
kookaburra i am kookaburra
hear me rawr!!!!
sbirdmad/s late_from_work, again 040427
jthemo i am?
no, i am nothing without what i wish to be.
you know that brief moment of silence during a storm when you drive past a bridge overhead?
the few seconds when the rain's troubling patter stops.
the one blink when you feel you might float outwards into sunshine again
the brief state of peace that the world grants you
that is what i wish to be
Borealis I am blasphemy incarnate.
maybe thats a tad presumptuous

but I'm pretty dang close!
ethereal no longer. 040429
Eowithien a lost little girl.

confused about your choices.


missing my special someone horribly.
pete i am here, sitting in this room that is so usually full of sounds of cheer and socialization. i am here alone, it is a little past noon. i am seemingly unemployed, luck decided to frown upon my last 'for sure job,' allowing it to fall through on me. i am hurt. i am alone. i feel new, as if the tears that fell as i lay on that couch in that lonely apartment freed me from who i was and allows me to become who i am. 040503
skinny eternal
Connecting..the.dots.. over dramatic

and sometimes drastic
lacunas coil i am not time grown old, i merely grow old with time. the world may spin beneath me every day, but i spin along my own way. i am not the sun nor the grass. simply i grow and sprout and bloom and whither away. 040611
nonlucid I'm not so sure about that one 040702
JustOnMonday I am your hopes, dreams, friend, love. I am yours. 040804
daxle i_am_becoming 040804
f i am yours always and forever. 040805
TK Arithmophobic 040901
rock on wrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrong
peppermint I am wrong? Hmmm, I'll have to think about that. 040906
god i am the missing link between john denver and ornette coleman. i am the oatmeal of destiny and romance. i am the burning skull head that visits your sweetest dreams and squirts oatmeal of of it's eye-sockets
i am invincible
i am woman
maybe not
kidblink I am Sunday morning wearing pink converse goodness.
I am try anything once.
Deomis I am as changing as the sea
I wonder what makes the sea tides change
I hear the ocean waves- chrashing thru my brain-
I see my own reflection in the waters
I want to know just who I am
I am as changing as the sea

I pretend that everything is okay
I feel my sand castle crumbling away
I touch the broken walls of me
I worry that nothing will change
I cry as the water washes my castle away
I am as changing as the sea

I understand that I can't change everything
I say I just want to change a few things
I dream of escaping my mind's confines
I try to get away
I hope that one day I will know how
I am as changing as the sea
tr I am what you will never be... 041218
pSyche I am a complete idiot.
damn it. why do I have to be so stupid!
I didn't mean it that way! It was a joke...
Why do I always hurt them!?!?
I cannot do anything right sometimes.
I am useless.
Piso Mojado so far away from right now at this moment i am covered in fat i am dressed in purple i am listening to house i am loved by someone i am so young i am so old i am alone i am full i am drunk i am in christmas lights i am typing to stave away the emptiness that i so often deny (that i have denied exists this very day) i am a crappy writer, but my need my desire my insides must come out in this puke of my unmediated soul i am in this moment i am here again and again i am moving forward at a snails pace i am loved i am understood i am still myself i am a daughter i am i am i am still on blather after how many years and my writing hasnt improved at all blather is still a social competition realm that i have lost i am too young i am over my head i am not read i am unsure i am not prepared for these older men i am not enough i am not anything i am everything i am lost i am still here barely breathing i am tipsy i am ugly i am a shadow of what i could be i am a beautiful skeleton hidden in flesh i am a pseudopsychology major i am a pseudo student i am blech i am awe i am in awe of these amazing people of my friends i am unsure of why they bother (dont they know) i am crushed by these truths untruths of inflated deflated ego i am terribly alone and terribly ugly i am struggling i am i am i am here but i am repeating i am like everyone else i am starbuck mochachino nonfat extra dry i am uncomfortable first date (but he doesnt notice) i am the only one awake in my house i am spew i am garbage i am ego feces i am too much food stuffed and restuffed and shoved outside and told to shut up i am all of these i am none of these i am rising despair 060115
*Amy* I am the favourite of God and Devil 060305
I am. I am. 070611
Indonesian "iam" in de basket

my favorite dish !
r. m 070730
unhinged most always
hsg sitting patiently, working to change my mental_weather before i expect the world's weather to change for me.

i hope i don't lose sight of this.
i will_not lose sight of this.
i always remember this.

i am not a victim; i am a choice, my choice.
Ouroboros All that stress has dissipated in the last week. All that stupid job stress and driving in LA traffic stress is gone. I am back to being me. I wake up early, I watch the sun rise. I eat delicious food and converse with others. I watch the birds. I do yoga in the afternoon. I ride my bike all over town. I watch the sun set. I read. I think. I feel. I am 080205
ever dumbening i am

gonna give you some james-is-jealous-of-you stress! haha

keep up the good non-work.
little wonder back? 080208
dafremen ...Who said that? 080209
no reason fleeing the continent today! 080626
MARQUEE oren ♫/MARQUEE I_said... 080627
steampunkrock therefore i think


in practice, this proves false
hsg ^^^ or simply those who do not think do not really exist.

i am...

what i identify with.
lux a mess. 081002
In_Bloom Hungry
But I'll lay the banquet for you
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epitome of incomprehensibility I am inspired by the pretty triangular flag above my words. I am the pledge of allegiance to the country of Canadian_hypocrisy_maybe that drives me to indulge my libertine excesses by buying a 300g bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips but not eating them all at once because that would do unpleasant things to my digestive system.
Also, I hope for peace.
fishawk Love 141105
Doar And will be. I will not bend or break.


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