amy the lucky guy who embodies the months of july through november 980907
emily jason...nice fella. he dressed nice and talked nice and soft. you could talk to him forever the way he talked; soft and calming. i remeber that fella well. 990122
drue doing handsprings over rolling green hills 990205
parsley smile. leather coat saxaphone beauty. 990420
R.A.I.N. Late member of Pennywise

Unreal Bass player
roxy beautiful sebadoh boy

bad ass bass player insanely normal

am i insane to know that he smokes winstons in a box?

or am i insane because i know his address?

will i ever see him in person again


it's not stalking if you're going to marry him
BoofPixie it's a very dangerous name. it's the beautiful boy who threw wads of paper in your hair in 6th grade science. it's the boy who gets alcohol poisoning at every party. 000311
moonshine Jasons the boy with to many piercings to many tattoos. Jasons a Dj. Jasons daddy is a lawyer. Jasons a daddy. He likes acid oreo cookies, and he thinks he gets everything he wants. Hes been around the world, and he doesnt mind one bit being called a 24 year old brat. 000602
Silent Bob Jason is the guy who wears a hockey mask and kills people when they come to Camp Crystal Lake and for some reason they say it's Friday the 13th even though it has nothing to do with it.
lets get WILD ON THE BEACH WITH JASON THIS SUMMER AS WE SEE FRIDAY THE 13th PART 694: Jason takes The Florida Keys!
arin is a hoochie mama's boy! 010418
lil red girlie my favorite boy name

jason is everyones nice guy
adidas soccer shorts
holds your hand and kisses you on the porch
never takes advantage
so where is he now?
10 bad boys later
jason has evaporated
carden jason is the name of my british buddy/bestest friend. i love him like a brother 010420
Miner Jason; From the Greek word for 'healer'.

He is attractive, athletic and usually even-tempered.

People seek his company

And who am I to argue with a coaster.
Fingers Hmm... very interesting website. This Jason seems to enjoy surfing around at all the looping craziness. Crazy. Sophisticated. Call it what you will. 010515
nemo jasons this guy who use to be in my guitar class, he offered me a ride to a rave. thank gawd he did. he loves sublime and the colour orange and his ears.. well the stick out the sides of his head. dont tell anyone, but he's got a flawless body if you ask me. thats jason. 010605
florescent light Jason is the 24th most popular male first name in the US.

Kentucky, North and South Carolina all contain places named Jason.
yummychuckle yo. that is true:
"He is attractive, athletic and usually

People seek his company "
yeah. i seeked his company. in fact i didn't wait til my boyfriend fell asleep on jasons bed to start fooling around with Jason.
short blonde dredlocks
perfect body
nice lips
nipple peircings
tongue piercing
ear piercings (everyone talks about how big he got the holes when i mention his name)
hes a sophmore
moms a bitch. they kept saying, its ok shes bipolar shes just crazy (ok.....?)
he kept staring at me when i stared at him and we knew later we'd mess around.
he massaged my feet while i was making out with Logan.
he does crazy cool things with his tongue.
logan is so boring compared to him
and i wish wish wish jason was my boyfriend.
but logan is.
i hate it.
jason is a raver skater pothead
who kisses well
Logan Jason was one of my best friends, I lived with him when my mom kicked me out, but now I don't know what to think.
He fucked around with my girl right in front of my eyes, without me even knowing... Hes a sneeky bastard of death. knowing now what I know, would I have ever been his friend?
yummychuckle OH FUCK. 010624
yoink rammagaysrunaround 010624
Casey the jason i know is evil and a bully 010624
burden He screams, "Hug me! Love me! Be my son or nephew! Use this meter stick!" 010624
anyway what a cliche!
boyfriend's girlfriend and his best friend
happy ending?
I doubt it.
boy likes girl
girl likes boy's friend
boy hates friend
friend hates girl
oh well. things wouldn't have worked out anyway.
anyway what a cliche!
boyfriend's girlfriend and his best friend
happy ending?
I doubt it.
boy likes girl
girl likes boy's friend
boy hates friend
friend hates girl
oh well. things wouldn't have worked out anyway.
Aubrey Jason is the drug dealer my best friend was practically in love with. He never actually knew her very well though. Now she has moved on and he is off at some college or something. 011023
unhinged stupid dumb fuck 011023
sigh goddammit jason. i love you. 011103
Effingham Fish He's never been as cool or as good as he's thought. The difference is, now everyone else can see what I always could. Except him, of course. 011231
ellen cherry charles
Jackson Ho
blown cherry I stayed with him last night.
He seems short on friends right now, and that's what he needs more than anything.
He has women falling at his feet.
I kept telling him he didn't need to sleep with me, he said he didn't need to, but it would be fun.
I laughed. I'm sure we've both improved in 4 years. But tonight will not be the night to find out.
Even the coin said so, 2/3 times it said so.

So you finally left Helen.
And for once she left you unwounded, you show no trails of blood.
It's a shame I don't mean that metaphorically.
She was killing you, and you know that.
Just like Kate before her.
We both do this, we both go headlong helplessly into situations that drain us of any light and hope we had, which, knowing the two of us, was never a lot.

I fed you, Potuguese chicken from OGalo.
We looked at the lights.
First from the roof, then from the park.
We sat in silence for ages.
Good silence.

So Nadia dropped her boyfriend the minute she heard you were single eh?
And then girls would just 'happen by' your office once word got around "Jason's available"

We both know how many guys would kill to be in your situation.
We both know it only makes it harder for you, standing out the way you do.

We would never have worked, you and me.
We'd just spend our time together in silence sharing in our mutual melancholia.

I know the easiest way to get over one thing is to jump into another, but so soon, so soon!
Helen is not gone yet, you know there are more confrontations to come.
Please give it at least a week, pleasepleaseplease
Please don't hurt
You think you fuck up and bring everyone down?
I fuck up and can't save anyone.
They fall like bowling pins around me.
Spinning and tottering and I bowl straight through them pushing them over the edge.
I don't even know what I'm talking about.
Maybe I'm talking about me.

You and your beautiful eyes, eyelashes too long to be real.
Cute frowny face.
But I don't know you like those other girls do.
I only know your darkness.
I only know your misery and pain.

Those girls aren't going to get that far are they?
blown cherry I really think he should just stop sleeping with everyone, but I know that's his way, and he wouldn't be Jason without the unending list of sexual partners.

I know I called you, but I think you got more from seeing me than I did from seeing you. You really ought to just call me when you want to talk you know. It's not as though I'm going to expect sex or something.
If I want it I'll ask straight out for it. I won't lure you with friendly and caring conversation.

Though I can understand that may be a concept you're unused to.
werewolf you don't understand medea, i had to do it, i missed the fire in your eyes, the death on your tongue. 020428
blown cherry I want to say thanks for being around, even when I refuse to sleep with him :) 020513
kill rhythm 2 homecomings
2 sadie's

before jon came along, i was obsessed with jason for a long long time. its sad really...
blown cherry Jason: "But what does it mean??"
Me: "If I knew what it meant I wouldn't find myself in almost exactly the same position."
Jason: "I think it means we're fucked."
kerry kind of miss the way he used to come down the stairs and stop dead in his tracks at the sight of me. staring. sort of nod, "hello." and he was nervous but i don't know why, i never did anything to him. his hair had turned coarser, wavier over the years, it used to be so soft. his skin had darkened, yellowed, like old paper and i remembered tapping his shoulder when he were little and finding delight in the sparkling gems of his eyes. jason, the quiet one, always the overlooked twin. 020613
touched by god emerging from the underworld
with a new name.
kelkel my man, that comforts me, and at times is far to accomodating, but I love that about him, a hard worker, a sincere person, funny, I love my Jason 021222
yummychuckle He died yesterday in a head on collision with a drunk driver.

Same one I blathed about before.

I fund out after I came home from drivers ed and set down my notebook, in which the bookmarked page said "The odds: You will be killed in an air crash: one in 4,600,000. You will die in a fire: one in 40,000. You will die in a car crash: one in 125."

*blink blink*
yummychuckle man have I changed in the past couple years.... 030212
yummychuckle see also:
killrhythm my jason :) its kinda weird how things work out. 030217
bunnyboy you are mine. 030513
oh nora i wish i could stay pissed off at you forever. i know i still love you, but im so not going to be the type to be all desperate and beg to be taken back. thats just sad. 030614
jackson she loves you so much that she wants to die
she loves you so much that she wants to kill you
there was always no end to what she would do for you
what would you not do for her?
what would you do for her besides break her heart?
jason you take everything from her
nigredo oh quit being so hard on yourself. 031217
notme pollock 031217
wild tarsier jason is the guy that got fucked over by his girlfriend he loved her so much he spent time with her as much as he could but she decided his best friend was a better catch that fuckin skank!! 040723
love & hate my brother 040723
whitechocolatewalrus no, he's my brother. 040723
silentbob jason is funny and weird 040723
pete one j was traded for another, and the life of the kitchen continues 040723
TK (J)uly

My first official boyfriend, I was 9 he was 11, we never even kissed, we were both just too shy, he gave me a heat shaped like a rock our first valentines day together, I think I may still even have it some where.
typo heaRt 040906
*sigh* rock shaped like a heart
some times my fingers just dont type whats in my head properly
olympia the best man i know
tender sweet motorcycle poet
who loves freedom
who speaks to nature
who takes my hand to help me jump across swamps
who walks around naked
and crosses oceans
and makes sure that i understand that he loves me
yet i have my doubts
boy a mindless pices of crap your older dumb fuck wit programe a basted with no dad a one arm solder trying to rurub his small dickleeee 060623
twisted_existence if you were to fallow a seemingly endless trail of words, starting anywhere and ending at two tiny letters, i and f, you will come across this:

"if only we could
right here and right now
would we
would we give in
to our sense of lust
for a single moment
of selfish desires
would we chance our friendship
and lose all that we have
or possibly gain something else
if we could,
right here and now
would you?"

this is everything i wish i had the nerve to say to him. but i feel the moment passed that night we sat outside of work, and over and over again, back and forth we went:

"what do you want?"
"what will you give me?"
"whatever you want."
"whatever you have to give."
"but what do you want?"
"whatever you want to give."

and what a silly soul he is, that boy, who cannot see that all i want is to be the cause of his smiles, which make his blue blue eyes sparkle so.

and they say that friends make the best lovers. but if it were to go all wrong, would we lovers be able to salvage this friendship? it is more dear to me than any love ive experienced in my 20 years, and im not willing to take that chance.

but oh! how beautiful our passion would be! it could never be anything less, and yet, and yet, and yet...

i wait with baited breath for those small allowances that can be made between two friends as close as he and i...

the nudges on the shoulder. the goofy faces and honest laughter. the trust and the respect

the goodbye hugs, which are ever so sweet, and always hold the promise of "i will see you again".

alas, again is never soon enough. but never again would be the death of me. but if i must die by anyone's hand, god grant that it be him! at least i know he would be gentle...
laced I am Jason 070602
did jason = jackass
(not you)
laced thanks. I can be sometimes, but I try not to. 070825
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